The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina on January 31, 1949 · 13
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The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina · 13

Charlotte, North Carolina
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Monday, January 31, 1949
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Aa -Binl PATSY JONES will come to Charlotte next Sunday to rove to crippled children that hey may be able to stand on their wn two feet—if they're willing o try Truth to tell Patsy isn't much o look at She is a little rag doll nd like most rag dolls she is limp helpless and a little vaant-eyed But when Patsy is wearing her special braces and wide-footed aluminum "duck shoes" she is a different doll entirely and can stand up alone as well as anyody It is her job to show children who have been paralyzed or otherwise handicapped that they can do the same Patsy travels in the company of C Robert Warburton who is national divisional supervisor of the Milton H Beilsy foundation Mr Warburton will he here Sunday for talks with all persons interested in the rehabilitation of paralysis victims He will be at Hotel Charlotte from 10 am to 3 pm for free consultations with all comers Mr Warburton a nationally-known expert on rehabilitation schooling says the rag doll idea has been very successful fri starting children off "on the first and ND SECTION CITY NEWS SPORTS SOCIETY MARKETS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING AND FEATURES FOUNDED 1869 111) U IN JJEIJ ibb9 CHARLOTTE N C MONDAY MORNING JANUARY 31 1949 PRICE: 5c DAILI—mc 6u NUJ Haulms RETAIL sALEs FoR 1948 sEr mat CO RE heater Owners To Open Meet Today $16 MILLIO A TT T T CI rrk T711 Sentence Sermons ev Paul E Allred First Wes-an Methodist—Paul declares in or 2 that in the natural con-ion man's understanding is darkd man is alienated from God has heart-blindness The natuman looks on the things of God foolishness He does not undernd them because they are spirally discerned Nothing could be re pathetic than to see humanity orant of God unlike God with appreciation of God But Paul s not leave rnan in this deplore state for the believing man omes spiritual and discerns ritual things and has the mind Christ With this spiritual inligence we know God and our ture has found a field of operan with the Divine V M B Prince Williams Medal Presbyterian—Three times Israelites were called on to ke sacrifices to build God a use The first time was the tabaele in the wilderness Just out slavery On the march to the mised land yet they gave so erally a halt was called to the ts The second was the first tern- (Solomon's) Vast stores of alth were given and hundreds thousands of men were used e third was rebuilding the tern-' that had been destroyed by a all impoverished remnant that urned from the Babylonian cap-Hy This required the greatest rifice None of these structures re erected for the mere pleasure building or for architectural auty but for the glory of God d the progress of His kinIclom sus said My house shall be calla house of prayer for all nans There was a definite connec'n between Israers mission and houses they erected to the glory God pleasant voi Miehael Gib lin Assumption On an inst tholic—We can never fully tin- thy words rstand or express the xvord Is this a de ye" After 'hearing repeatedly try? Am I s necessity of love we should er different n to the Person who is love tones on oc ose very nature and faintest the Spirit ath is pure uncreated all-ern- certain the acing love We place great stress my ministry personality Let us consider the ment is my endor of One whose personality is two-edge sists purely of the mutual love qualification the Father and the Son The ministry do rld's greatest geniuses have knowledge en their talents to bring some then perhap ncrete expressions of the elusive am making ture of love But the finest prod matter of sin ts of art have only a faint glim- look for that er of created love Small wonder man desire at the Holy Spirit warns Seek pleases Gad (Excerpts from sermons preached in Charlotte and Mecklenburg county churches) not the things that are too high for thee and search not into things above thy ability If mere human love defies capture by the most clever artist poet or musician who will show us Uncreated Love? We will never have a portrait of the Holy Spirit except the idea of heaven If by His grace we obtain a ray of His dazzling beauty we are more than blessed What His beauty is we imagine from the price paid for His coming for Jesus said If I go not away the Paraclete will not come Rev W H Wheeler Chapel of Hope Episcopal—Probably the most frequent question asked of ministers is If a man die shall he live again? Is there an immortality? Where can I find definite proof of the future life? We may not prove the fact as we prove a problem in algebra but it is more difficult to disprove it Men have always cherished the hope of immortality The wisest and noblest have believed in it His friends asked Socrates where they should bury him -ifter death and he replied Anywhere you like if you can catch me He knew that real man is not flesh and blood but spirit God is a spirit Man made in God's likeness must be spirit too clothed now in garments of mortality but destined for immortality Our Lord's positive assurance makes our hope of immortality sure He has the authority and refers to immortality as an indisputable fact If it were not so I would have told you Rev Mitchell Faulkner Pineville Methodist (delayed)—In Ez 33:32 is found what seems a profound insight into the difficulty with much modern preaching Lo says the prophet thou art unto them as a very lovely son of one that hath a pleasant voice and can play well On an instrument for they hear thy words but they do them not Is this a description of my ministry? Am I a professional entertainer different only in eternal overtones on occasion? Is Christ alive the Spirit present the judgment certain the kingdom a reality in my ministry? If not Ezekiel's judgment is my own But this truth is two-edged Even if the above qualifications are present in my ministry do I listen in conscious knowledge of their truth? If not then perhaps through blindness I am making the gospel ministry a matter of simple entertainment and look for that which pleases the human desires rather than what 'outh 9 Is Winner On Heidt Program A nine-year-ola curly-headed moppet from Allentown a last night successfully defended his musical title on e Horace Heidt Youth Opportunity program which was madcast from the Charlotte Armory before an estimated dience of 4000 enthusiastic persons Young Tommy Check who bangs set of drums with youthful aban- his crown The four competitors n and a keen sense of rhythm exhibited a class which could easily as declared the winner over four have given them a first place in her contestants selected in Audi- numerous other competitions Per-pus in Charlotte and throughout haps Tommy had his closest call orth Carolina The winner re- from the Selaha Jubilee singers a ived a check for $250 and the right Negro group from Raleigh who renappear on the national broadcast dered "Lucy Brown" This group tain next week to compete with made up of four voices with guitar intestants from Miami Fla where a ccompan iment is composed of e broadcast will originate Merman Ruth Alan Bunn Melvin The versatile drummerboy whose Colden Junius Parker and James Inbals or roll of the various drums Gorham ! utilizes gave his rendition of Another versatile performer was i11 the World is Waiting for the young Larry Hurst 12-year-old acinrise" to retain his title He had no easy task in holding (See YOUTH Page 3 Col 3) his crown The four competitors exhibited a class which could easily have given them a first place in numerous other competitions Perhaps Tommy had his closest call from the Selaha Jubilee singers a Negro group from Raleigh who rendered "Lucy Brown" This group made up of four voices with guitar accompaniment is composed of Merman Ruth Alan Bunn Melvin Colden Junius Parker and James Gorham Another versatile performer was young Larry Hurst I2-year-old ac patsy Jones To Pay Visit To Children In Charlotte PATSY JONES most difficult step—trusting themselves to stand alone with the aid of braces and the 'duck shoes'" LEADS ALL NORTH CAROLINA AND SOUTH CAROLINA NEWSPAPERS IN NEWS AND FEATURES Ili FL 11161(111100 OTHER LEADERS TY ITY IT Y ITY Boston Man President of Theater Owners of America Says Television Most Serious Problem Facing Industry BY DICK PITTS (Observer Movie Editor) One of the most serious problems facing the motion picture exhibitor today is television according to Arthur H Lockwood of Boston Mass president of the Theater Owners of America who arrived here yesterday to attend the three-day 37th annual convention of the Theater Owners of North Carolina and South Caro lina Already in the larger cities like New York and Washington movie houses are noticing a decline in box office receipts attributed directly to television Mr Lockwood pointed out and naturally such competition is causing mounting concern With the improvement of television broadcasting and reception it naturally follows that this competition will become keener and movie attendance less he said Mr Lockwood recalled the scare radio gave the motion picture industry some years ago and how radio eventually became a complement to the industry rather than a serious competitor But he explained television is not a parallel because television offers visual as well as aural entertainment "And on a day like today" Mr Lockwood said gesturing toward the cold grey sky and hint of snow "the average movie-goer would much prefer to stay at home by his television set and avoid traffic parking problems and the expense of a theater ticket" CHIEF PROBLEM Television's chief problem is programming he said and films naturally are the answer: therefore exhibitors are discouraging producers from selling their old films to television because such sales cause inroads on the exhibitors' box office and eventually cuts down returns on the producers' current and future product Most potential threat of television Mr Lockwood said is phonovision which is now in an experimental stage Phonovision means that the television set owner can call his telephone company and order whatever motion picture is available The telephone company enters a charge for the service and makes it possible for the set owner to see the picture in the privacy and coin-fort of his own home Another problem facing theater exhibitors was pointed out by Herman Levy general counsel of the Theater Owners of America That is the amusement tax which is far out of proportion in comparison with other industries he said EXCISE TAXES The excise taxes which includes amusement cosmetics leather goods luxury and other taxes account for one-sixth of the national income Mr Levy said What wth increased operational costs -La the fact that the exhibitor can ill afford to increase the cost of admission to "the poor man's entertainment medium" increasing amusement taxes are working an unfair hardship on all exhibitors Mr Levy declared Among other industry leaders who arrived yesterday were Gael Sullivan executive director of the Theater Owners of America and Andy W Smith Jr general sales manager of 20th Century-Fox Film corporation Approximately 500 exhibitors and guests are expected to attend the convention which began yesterday afternoon with registration and get-together parties at Hotel Charlotte Altec Service corporation gave a cocktail party at the Variety clubes clubrooms at the hotel late yesterday afternoon M G Thomas division manager was host The board of directors conducted routine business and made preliminary plans for the convention business last night MEET AT 1:30 B M ' The opening meeting will be held this afternoon at 1:30 o'clock on the mezzanine floor with President George D Carpenter of Valdese presiding Mayor H H Baxter will deliver the address of welcome and Edward J Haley of Raleigh will respond Roy L Smart of Charlotte will introduce special guests After appointment of committees resolutions and nominations Andy W Smith and Arthur H Lockwood will address the convention on subjects pertinent to exhibitors A luncheon exclusively for exhibitors' wives will be held tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock at Chez Montet Hosts will be A E Chadwick vice president of Motion l'ic The Greatest And Sublimes( Power Is Often Simple Patience VXrVMMk:V kr ehartoitt 40 ACE CAMPAIGNER ACE CAMPAIGNER Jimmy Lemmonds 15 on of Mr and Mrs F H Lemmonds of Morrocroft farm is prov ing to be one of the ace March of Dimes campaigners Jimmy shown at the convalescent polio ward at Memorial hospital with Miss Abbie Shay special instructor for the children of the ward has already collected more than $132 in the anti-polio drive The employes at the farm brought him their donation8572—Saturday (Observer Staff Photo—Dumbell) S ' ' :' :: Mecklenburg Points For Its Polio Goal Mecklenburg county today faced a post-deadline appeal IC) reach its $100000 goal in the war against polio Officials of the March of Dimes campaign were prepared for an ex- what short of expectations as cold tra week's effort after a final tally winds and drizzling rain kept many of funds late Saturday night show- off the course But 143 members of ed the campaign still more than the club each of whom paid $1 $61000 short !minimum participated in the game Meanwhile state headquarters of The project was promoted by J H the National Foundation for Infan-(Funny) Orr golf professional at tile Paralysis at Chapel Bill an- the club flounced that active solicitation --41------- would continue until North Caro- I tivs lina citizens had contributed $1 FATAL million A number of communities had attained their goals by the January I 31 deadline but there were many like Charlotte that found it neces- sary to continue drives for funds to"To 111115 QUERY fight the crippling disease I i it TOTAL OF $38368 e Saturday's record collection of I m Ia o inent Charlotte Womar $1056251 pushed the county total Prominent to $3836886 and there were a Succumbs in Hospital number of week-end events that were expected to yield funds not Funeral to Be Today e yet tabulated t Action of St Martin's Episcopal a church spearheaded yesterday's ac- Mrs Enna Gordon Query widow ri tivities in the campaign of Dr R Z Query Sr of 1201 Rev C Alfred Cole the rector Kenilworth avenue Charlotte diec had called a special meeting of the at 4:45 o'clock yesterday afternoor church's vestry in the interest of in a local hospital after a loni the March of Dimes yesterday morn- period of declining health ing s A daughter of James Marion The vestrymen it was learned Cheek and Julia Tilley Cheek both approved a proposal to have Rev deceased Mrs Query was born in I Mr Cole write a personal appeal Chapel Hill June 14 1884 In 1905 to each member of the congrega- she was married to Dr R Z Query tion In the letters Rev Mr Cole as Sr a widely known physician who will k his parishioners to mail i died in January 1939 Much of her ib t contributions o the church or t life was spent in the Steele Creek bring their donations to service next section of Mecklenburg county She Sunday Sund I was a member of Westminster Learning of the move March of 1 Dimes spokesmen expressed the branch of Covenant Presbyterian church I hope that other churches would Survivors include five sons Dr take similar action Richard Z Query of Charlotte Mar TO DISTRIBUTE CARDS ion F Query of Greenville S C Contribution cards will be distrib- Robert M Query of Atlanta Ga uted today in local public schools James S Query of Morganton and according to Drive Chairman Bill 1 Erwin L Query who is a student Parker The youngsters will bring I at Duke university Durham two their contributions to school to- daughters Mrs P W Patton of morrow and Wednesday This phase Nlorganton and Mrs W M Ottley of the campaign was made possible of Charlotte two sisters Mrs T S by an order of the city school board Norman of Chapel Hill and Mrs relaxing its policy of banning solic- L W Gordon Sr of Union Level itations in the public institutions Va also nine grandchildren A total of $280 for the March of Funeral services will be conduct-Dimes was provided yesterday aft- ed at 3 o'clock this afternoon at ernoon in the form of receipts from Steele Creek Presbyterian church a benefit concert presented at Pine- ville High school by the Pineville by Rev James B Ficklen pastor of Westminster branch of Covenant Men's chorus Presbyterian church Interment will The program which elicited pro- be in the cemetery at Steele Creek longed applause from the large au- church The body will remain at dience because of its artistic merit was given under leadership of Rev the funeral home of Douglas and Sing until just before the service A Mitchell Faulkner pastor of Active pallbearers will be David Pineville Methodist church who is I C Cauble L W Gordon Jr Vic- director of the Pineville Mens tor Shaw Jr Baxter Wilson Jr chorus The chorus is composed Paul J Brown Jr and Lake M chiefly of members of the Pineville Men's Service club which formed Byers Honorary pallbearers will be P J Brown Sr Joe Boyles the unit as a musical and civic group 'of outstanding nature John Youngblood Dr C Graham Reid Dr A Rhett Gunter Dr H Dr Henry G Bedinger pastor of i Stokes Munroe Jr Tom Earle C Pineville Presbyterian church spoke I R Jackman W M Porter and briefly and prayer was led by Rev James B Watt Howard McGinnis pastor of Pine- -or ville Baptist church The concert MULLINS BANOET TONIGHT was hailed as an excellent example MULLINS S C Jan 30—The of effective community service Mullins American Legion hut will An 18-hole blind-bogey golf tour- be the scene of a ladies' night bannament sponsored by the Myers quet sponsored by the local Lions Park club Saturday and yesterday club tomorrow The "Citizen of the yielded $169 club officials report- Year" will be named and awarded a ad last night The total tell some- trophy (See THEATER rage 8 Col 2) ed last night The total tell some "14' w'w7"177"74 Prominent Charlotte Woman Succumbs in Hospital Funeral to Be Today Mrs Enna Cordon Query widow of Dr R Z Query Sr of 1201 Kenilworth avenue Charlotte died at 4:45 o'clock yesterday afternoon in a local hospital after a long period of declining health A daughter of James Marion Cheek and Julia Tilley Cheek both deceased Mrs Query was born in Chapel Hill June 14 1884 In 1905 she was married to Dr R Z Query Sr a widely known physician who died in January 1939 Much of her life was spent in the Steele Creek IaiOtatdstA6L-ktotilNlibtlOikOalleg holavo: 105 ElIOLINAS HOSPITALS ON IIPPI1011E0 LIST American College of Surgeons Recognizes 82 N C and 23 S C Institutions Government Hospitals Also Included ---tb The American College of Surgeons has placed 82 North Carolina hospitals and 23 South Carolina hospitals on its approved list for 1949 according to announcement made by the organization yesterday All of Charlotte's hospitals — the Charlotte Eye Ear and Throat Charlotte Memorial Good Samaritan Mercy and Presbyterian—are on the approved list The 82 in North Carolina and the 23 in South Carolina are in addition to the following government hospitals in the two states which have been surveyed and approved by the American College of Surgeons in the last year These are as follows: North Carolina — United States Naval hospital at Camp Lejeune and Veterans Administration hospital at °teen and South Carolina -'-Station hospital at Fort Jackson United States Naval hospital at Charleston United States Naval hospital at Parris Island and Veterans Administration hospital at Columbia The fundamental principles upon which the organization's standard for hospitals is based are as follows: I Modern physical plant as- miring the patient safety comfort and efficient care 2 Clearly defined organization duties responsibilities and relations 3 Carefully selected governing board with complete and supreme authority 4 Competent chief executive officer or administrator well trained in all phases of hospital administration with authority and responsibility to interpret and carry out the policies of the hospital as authorized by the governing hoard 5Adequate and efficient personnel properly organized and competently supervised 6 Organized medical staff of ethical rtompetent physicians and surgeons 7 Adequate diagnostic and therapeutic facilities under competent medical supervision 8 Accurate complete medical records readily accessible for research and follow-tip 9 Regular group conferences of the administrative staff and of the medical staff for reviewing activities and results so as to maintain a high plane of scientific efficiency 10 A humanitarian spirit — the primary consideration being the best care of the patient The North Carolina hospitals on the approved list in Addition to those of Charlotte are: Yadkin at Albemarle Randolph at Asheboro Memorial Mission Aston Park Nor-burn and St Josephs at Asheville: Grace at Banner Elk Western North Carolina sanatorium lit Black Mountain Cabarrus County at Concord: Duke Lincoln McPherson and Watts at Durham Hugh Chatham Memorial at Elkin Highsmith at Fayetteville Mountain Sanlarium and Hospital at Fletcher Garrison General Gaston Memorial and North Carolina Orthopedic at Gastonia Goldsboro hospital at Goldsboro L Richardson Memorial Piedmont Memoria St Leo's Sternherger Hospital for Women and Children and Wesley Long at Greensboro Pitt General at Greenville Maria Parham at Henderson: Patton Memorial at Hendersonville Ilickory Memorial and Richard Baker at Hickory High Point Memorial at High Point Mecklenburg Sanatorium at Huntersville Guilford County Sanatorium at Jamestown Memorial General at Kinston Leaksville General at Leaksville Blackwelder and Lenoir at Lenoir Gordon Crowell Memorial at Lincilnton Baker-Thompson Memorial at Lumberton Ellen Fitzgerald at Monroe Lowrance at Mooresville Grace at Morganton: Martin Memorial at Mount Airy Petrie at Murphy Catawba General 41b (See HOSPITALS Page 8 Col I) Neal Gusta Donaldson 50-yearold Negro of Route 9 Charlotte died yesterday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock of injuries received when he was struck by a Seaboard Airline railroad passenger train yesterday morning opposite 2259 Old Monroe 7'ond According to a city police report Donaldson was walking along the tracks and did not move off the track in time to keep from being hit lie was knocked down a 30-foot embankment 1 -f - - - - - -- -: -- $16 MILLION GAIN LISTED DURING YEAR Total of $186980000 Is Reported For Advance of 95 Per Cent Over 1947 Wholesale Houses Do $633235000 Business Or Gain of 13 Per Cent Over Previous Year Charlotte's retail sales in 194S' reached the record total of $186980000 a gain of $16 million (95 per cent) over 1947 The Observer's research department reports Charlotte wholesale houses in 1948 did a $633235000 business the department estimated This volume was $72 million better than 1947 or a gain of 13 per cent The Observer's estimates heretofore have closely approximated the annual Sales Management survey figures issued each May Such increases in Charlotte retail and wholesale business the department pointed out are reflected in the city's bank debits The 1948 bank debits here totaled $2855742000 a gain of $387523000 (112 per cent) over 1947 the department estimated Back of this healthy increase in the business volume lies the increase in the "per family buying income" which in 1948 advanced 52 per cent Based on preliminary estimates of the Department of Commerce the per family buying income in Charlotte during 1948 was $6848 or $343 per family more than it was the year before The city 's "buying income" in- Ell cludes the total of all wages sala- is Captures Aries dividends interest payments and government payments during the year Ellis Captures Championship In Trap Shoot Dean Ellis won the champion-'hip in the trap shoot of the Charlotte Boat and Gun club Saturday on the club reservation on Catawba river The archery championship was attained by Joseph Miller Many other contests also were conducted with Will Lowery and Joseph C Short serving as chairmen of the comtnittee on arrangements D W Locke is president of the club Approxim a teI y 300 persons were present for the variety program In addition to the emitpetitive events and varied recreation slipper was an enjoyable phase of the outing A dance Saturday night was the closing event M C Ballard organized the musical program in which several noteworthy numbers were given The John Sisters proved particularly adept as accordionists Iwo Ministers Are Ordained Two young men were ordained in the Baptist ministry yesterday afternoon at First Baptist church Rites of ordination were conducted for Rev Henry Randall son of Mr and Mrs A R Banda!' of Sylvania avenue and for Bev Colt R Troutman Jr SOT1 of Mr and Mrs Colt R Troutman of Crescent avenue Mr Troutman who next May will be graduated at Southern Baptist Theological seminar y Louisville Ky recently WPM called to the pastorate of Tillnefi Station Baptist church Louis-Ville Mr Randall a student al NVake Forest college has been called to the pastorate of Ashley Heights Baptist church near Aberdeen Rev J Marvin Crowe educational director and assistant pastor of First Baptist church Nervcd as moderator at the ordination service and John C Fletcher Jr educational director of Pritchard Memorial Baptist church as clerk and led the prayer of ordination Rev H I Ferguson pastor of Thomasboro Baptist church was examiner Dr Claude U Broach pastor of St John's Baptist church preached the ordination sermon Bibles were presented to the two young ministers by Rev Morgan Gilreath student at Southern Baptist Theological seminary Louisville Man Walking On Track Fatally Hurt By Train Engineer Frank Billingsley of Ellenbor told police officers that he was traveling at approximately 30 miles an hour and that he had sounded the train whistle in warning 'le said the Negro moved to the right to get nut of the path of the train but was struck by the side of the engine Conductor of the train was P O Mc Ewen of Hamlet Donaldson was carried to th Good Samaritan hospital where he died a few hours later HE OBSERVER LEADS IN CITY AND ALL DIVISIONS OF CIRCULATION - LOCAL ADVERTISING - NATIONAL ADVERTISING - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING PRICE: 5c 1)AILY-15c SUNDAY roruLATIoN AT 140000 The Observer's research department estimates Charlotte's population at 140000 or 30640 These estimates include the population taken into the municipality through the r xtrnsion of boundaries January But outside the municipality reside many thousands of other families for whom Charlotte is the buying center As compared with the estimated 140000 city population there are an estimated 1250000 Carolinians within convenient shopping range t(lf) miles t of Charlotte's stores and within easy reach of its service establishments That wholesale volume for 1948-- an estimated $0:13235000—indicates the dependence placed upon Charlotte wholesalers by retaileri throughout a vast area of the two states The city's unprecedented retail sales totaling Slati million in 1948 (as compared with $125 million in 1940 and WO million in 1947) are indicative of Charlotte's growing importance as a center where the needs and demands of Carolinians may he satisfied TRAFFIC PROBLEM Such volume of sales lies behind the city government's traffic problem behind its efforts to expedite the flow of an ever-increasing numher of automobile vehicles bearing shoppers to and from the stores and service institutions Ilow much of Charlotte's retail volume romps from out of Charlotte? All anyone knows is that it is exceedingly large and is growing much larger and represents 40 per rent of the retail Volume arcording to Charlotte merehants some of WhOM get more than 50 per cent of their volume from cities and towns other than Charlotte And with it grows the eity's WWII to satisfy customers' needs Charlotte stores are continually remodeling and expanding and constructing DPW facilities That explains in part why its sales volume continues to grow healthily end the stiles volume explains why the torvx and institutions are able to expend and remodel IliEDIT UNION ClIAPTER Charlotte Chanter of Credit Unions ivill meet hi annual session at 7 o'clock this evening at Kuestel"s restaurant ivith Bruce Wingate president presiding Officers for the new year will he elected Special guests will include Mr and Mrs Wehster of Greensboro Mr Webstr is managing director of the North Carolina Credit Union league Washington— Virginia— North Carolina— Georgia— North Carolina— W Howard Halsey Plit Warner 11Idg Washington D C hired a secretary and says "1 always get the best results from your paper of any in the South" Witham A Cooke Louisa Va sold $ farm and says "A man came up and bought farm 3 days after ad appeared" S R McFachern Midland N C had 15 replies and hired a teacher Waynemboro Veneer Co Waynesboro Ga had 12 replies and hired a veneer man F Crowson Statesville N C sold 12 corkers and says "results best ever bad" litEMEMBUR — Wherever you live OhgerVrr 1'ant Ads bring restilts ' : -±" ' - :lfs(:-§:?1" sii:::imii:1:1kiiii csiii:gmo:F:mtrrmik::::::::3:4::xs ::: : ::vs ip10-i-1P:i:'i'gi'i' 1 :'41:'::':::::::::'':::'":'31:gt$Ng::iF':-::'' " -- '-'IA4 :i'i Ai!::!':':-'ii!::-iil'Elit'iiat:':::'i'::':''!:P::'k':1(4pVP: ''''':l' tw:4m:m?::::i:iiii:a:!E::::::::::i?ti?:l- -- :‘:--::::ii:E::?:x:!:::::i:::&4:::::?0 $:ik:::)::N::::::::::::::i::::oi::g §':-:-a::::?:::::-::-::::-?::i:::i:::::::::x1: )z:: Q::::-:s::::::::::::::::::::::::::'::::§Kiiiiii: ::33Kss r0:::4::::::::::::::::": ::c:1::: : ''''''::g': : -'-' ':::::i':-::::::::-::::::!:":'': ::: :''!5'::ii:':i::i:i:':ic--: " '''"''''''- ' ' :':':: :::::::: !::: ': ' '':- :::§:i::::i:::M-' - - 1:::':::: : :4 1 - 4:''::' 4:'W::5°''''''''' : rSIC70':A:' :'QVi "" At ' ' '':::: :': : " 4' ---:''''' - "' '41 : '':: :' '' ' 4:ta- -ttl :::i ::: ::)'0 : - ti k -c::::24 :: :: : :"g : ? ::':::f' z 'ii z': e ' ''' ' '' ----::: ':: 'k"'::-:::'k-7' ''-s : "-': :::: : ! :4 ''":s1 ':-' - ':::k:::::::t!::s":- s4c13 ' A:- !?' A '' - 1 475 :i !ks ' -ki' '1' e 'k kk s ' i -4 ''''t' ''?' - -V44 : i- v ‘ o:zktp4-7 -:--?:1) !!" :4::-:- - - --0--- 7-- t4 ---:: :-- :- - -: Ai i - 4 ": Ili' 410::::rfs4 ' :: ' u : -kg: : -'31 --- - - : --- ' s: : 40e '' t :$ ' - 4i ' : ::t : i 4: — ':::: - :''T90 : :': ::i'?:- — ' ':'::ix:4':'f':f: ' ?:':::'41''?:i‘: ' : :: : : :: : ' ::::::S'1f:: c:-: : ::: ': - 40: - :-: 1 : : :: A 14Siiirt f 4v - : 1 : :' '-: ''' f f 44W A t 1 E :: :: J i f ' I si ' sii ' i : ' 4 4' 1' - ::i i 0010 - ! : : : :11:1111 ' i''' ' ' N : : : : : '? 4 : ' ::: ::::::: '''4 :' ::a: : :?'?:1 : q : ::::::?:1 - : : ' - 4 -' - ' 4!'t":'-' - 11111 : 1 4e:'444 :'':4:mif : a ic a o s ri 111 us ko al s' rr er ts all tt all ur ity ril re ut d I a ns Ti ho Gc ev tho rsta ye ose att acir pe enc 1 sis tho rid' en ncre turd So r o at t A a 1-1 1 oac die Your set o n at as de her I ns I oath ived PPE ain ntest e brc The 1 mbal util 11 th nrise He h a -- -- HE OBSERVER LEADS IN CITY AND ALL DIVISIONS OF 1 CIRCULATION - LOCAL ADVER- 1 TISING - NATIONAL ADVERTIS- 1 II alwAilfiliUgallaill!limAamiaibiblisamidamilmalaillaiiiiAA11Alad indimitimogmAmed—iIKUA 1' - "Olik ww ND SECTION CITY NEWS SPORTS SOCIETY MARKETS CLASSIFIED ADVER- Ticimr: A NI n cc A-rtinre - -

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