The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California on September 9, 1961 · 5
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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California · 5

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1961
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State Okehs Gift Of Books To Filipinos SAN FRANCISCO — AP — jover the burning of surplus The state board of education texts arose in Sacramento yesterday approved giving 303000 surplus California reading textbooks to the -'Philippines Republic " The books will be shipped from San Francisco on a navy Vessel later this month ’ The board also approved donation of 228000 readers to the United States Information Agency for distribution else- where The books were among the 970000 readers on hand this : spring when a controversy ? Senators Set 'Bracero Bill r I Vote Monday WASHINGTON — UPI — The senate will vote Monday on a two year extension of fthe controversial bracero program permitting importation of Mexican farm workers The bill which has been passed by the house would alter the current bracero program to curb competition with American farm workers and to prevent exploitation of the Mexicans A total of 315846 Mexicans were brought into the United States last year under the program which was started in 1951 The bill would extend the program until December 31 1963 Debate On Wages Before adjourning for the weekend the senate debated at length an amendment by Senator Eugene J McCarthy (D) of Minnesota designed to raise wages paid Mexican farm workers His amendment would require that braceros be paid at least 90 per cent of the average farm wage in the state where they are employed or in the nation whichever is less McCarthy denied arguments that his amendment was designed to establish a minimum wage for farm workers Calls For Repeal Senator William Proxmire (D) of Wisconsin said the best way to protect American workers from Mexican competition was to repeal the braceros law The Mexican Government requires that braceros be paid at least 50 cents an hour McCarthy said his proposal would bring the Mexican workers 65 cents or more an hour Senator Kenneth Keating (R) of New York also pushed his amendment to require that farmers seek American laborers under the same working conditions before recruiting Mexicans Votes Due Monday Votes are scheduled Monday on both amendments Senator John G Tower (R) of Texas said the McCarthy and Keating amendments if adopted would have ta “very devastating effect on Sthe bracero program” California public schools ordered 439000 of them for supplemental use The readers for grades one through five were adopted in 1954 and replaced this month by a new reading series Mail School Salesmen Must Have Permits The board also set up procedures for the annual licensing of correspondence school salesmen in the state Granting of the licenses will require from the salesman a $1000 bond fingerprints photos and references Statewide Testing Plans Are Approved The board also approved plans for putting into effect soon the statewide student testing program authorized by this year’s legislature The program is designed to evalu ate the effectiveness of teaching For results list with Mac-Bride Realty Co GI 2-3601 (adv 4 Teens Are Convicted OfSFSIaying Court Leaves Tobacco Heir In Marital Puzzle Carrillo Remains In Critical State THE SACRAMENTO BEE Page A5 Saturday September 9 1961 yesterday of first degree murder in the death of a Marin County school teacher William P Hall of San Francisco They also were convicted of second degree robbery for taking $225 from their victim Lary Magee 16 Michael Kilkenny 17 William Castillo 17 and Alexander Robert Hall 17 the last an orphan all of San Francisco face maximum sentences of life imprisonment They are spared the possibility of a death penalty because of their ages William Hall 27 was attacked in San Francisco’s Dolores Park on the night of April 29th as he waited for a streetcar He was slugged and stomped and left semi conscious on the tracks A J line trolley ran over him Because robbery was involved the youths were subject under the law to a first degree murder charge SANTA MQNICA — AP — Actor Leo Carrillo 81 re-ATLANTA — AP — — To- jftnd that her actions worsened niains unchanged in his battle bacco heir Richard J Reynolds a serious lung ailment I against abdominal cancer His She countered that he is an physician’s report was issued alcoholic (last night She sought alimony of $200000 annually or a settlement of $6 million The jury granted alimony of $1042 a SAN FRANCISCO — AP — today had double marital trou-Four youths were convictedble following a Georgia Supreme Court ruling which voided a divorce from his third wife Soon after a Georgia superior court jury had granted' month him a divorce from the former je divorce was granted in Muriel Marston the tobacco May i960 and last March millionaire took a fourth Reynolds married Dr Anne- bn“e- marie Schmitt aboard a ship Reynolds marriage status in the south China Sea They was not made clear by yes- are reported to be traveling in terday’s state supreme court :£urope ruling His attorney said Where To Live? — Read Bee To Let Ads to find most desirable vacancies (adv "PARENT TRAP" "THE LAST SUNSET" Kehles on McDonald's Farm i 2-2908 FREE PARKING "LAST TIMES TODAY” LEStlE CARON MAURICE CHEVALIER NOW! ENDS TUESDAY Melina Mercouri DRIVI k-MTSTSOO ON FREEWAY AT ROIEVlUl Vt "3 FEATURES 3" "LAST TIMES TONIGHT” WflttMO ‘Jules Dassin Today At 1:00- 4:19 7' 38 10'52 Plusl 2nd Laugh Packed Hltl ROBERT MITCHUM-JACK WEBB MARTHA HYIR WM a “ U II 5 ANCi NUYEN Today At 236 5:55 914 earlier when asked what would happen if the divorce were voided: “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” In granting the third Mrs Reynolds a new divorce trial the state supreme court cited numerous errors in trial court procedure and tabbed some of the evidence as irrelevant immaterial and prejudicial to Mrs Reynolds Reynolds claimed his third wife nagged him constantly COLONIAIJ aETY iTOCETOH WVi 6t 4 4o "CRY FOR HAPPY" Gin Ford - Donald O'Connor "GIDGET GOES HAWAIIAN” James Darren Debra Walley smMizM IMP DRIVE-IN THEATRE irnr — ttwI 3 HITS IN COLOR LATE LATE SHOW STRICTLY A LAUGH AFFAIR! For Action list with Mac-Bride Realty Co Gl 2-3601 (adv m FILMED IN SACRAMENTO Behind-the-scenes story f a fabulous woman I M-G-M Suswi Hayward WALT DISNEY'S "'PARENT TRAP" — pirn — "PICNIC" with Wm Holden A Kim Novak Parent Tran Shown 7 30 week nights Continuous showings from I pm Sat and Sun linos )ZHEB CO-HIT Rory Calhoun Maria Canale SECRET OF MONTE CARLO In Color m sT DiSfJStf "ENDS TONIGHT" STRICTLY A LAUGH AFFAIR! raiT DiSriEf CONTINUOUS FROM NOON ADULTS ONLY! SEE: LOVE RITUALS AS PRACTICED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD! UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE! "lilL" ! In Eastman COLOR — St3SISa-BSEffiM lMWRWimaM0kil Mfek'MMW Top Co Hit: Robert Mitchum "Lost Time I Saw Archie” 3RD FEATURE: Audio Murphy "HELL BENT for LEATHER" Times: "Parent Trap" 12 00 2:31 4:57 7:23 A ’4 DOORS OPEN 11:30 AM SAT AND SUN RUNS CONTINUOUS ALSO WHITE WARRIOR STEVE REEVES AND SECRET OF PURPLE REEF JEFF RICHARDS BRIGITTEi BARDOT OH PASO HTS W A - 5-4944 MATES OPEN 7:00 - SHOW 1:00 FIVE SENSATIONAL HITS!! SHOWING TONIGHT WALT DISNEY'S ACADEMY AWARD WINNER "HORSE WITH A FLYING TAIL" Indonesia Proposes To Move 15 Million ? JAKARTA — AP — Indonesia plans to move 15 million residents of densely populated Java and Bali to outer jareas of the archipelago in Jhe next eight years SWIM! "SUMMER FUN IS NEARLY DONE" the Hosiivmi: svnnn( pool IS STILL OI’EX VERNON & D STS ROSEVILLE CALIF TONIGHT 9:30 to 1:30 DEL REEVES Dacca Recording Star back from Nashville Tenn mVI COCONUT GROVE BALLROOM Biggest Shew end Dance In The Valley JAYRCBl PLAYHOUSE 4j lUSTtHI JOSEPH LLEMm os sail 'PmlTE MM-a-M Tl OKMLVMFf HlilM NOW I "DORENE” PLUS "NUDIST CAMP" Girls — Girls — Girls MIDNIGHT SHOW TONIGHT ROYAL THEATRE 526 K Gl 3-9647 Adults only Sacramento Inn Plaza Arden Way Curtain 830 pm Adm $190 inrl tax Reservations IV 3-3198 DANCE MODERN AND OLD TIME TOMIiHT MAIN and BERKELEY Odd Fellows Dane Club HOSEVILLE ’ v dmwm 'avX NOW PLAYING FRI & SAT "GETTING GERTIE'S GARTER" OPENING WEDNESDAY "UNDER THE SYCAMORE TREE" First plftv in JaRb’g new ed nite series FOLLOW THE CROWDS TO THE LARGEST EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT DANCE IN ROCKLIN STAR-DUST BALLROOM Just off the Highway 40 Freeway I Vi Miles East of Roseville 4th SENSATIONAL HIT "THE TRUE STORY OF JESSIE JAMES" 5th SENSATIONAL HIT ALAN LADD in "A BOY ON A DOLPHINE” ADULTS 9 CHILDREN 6 12 2 CHILDREN UNDER 6 FRI ENDS TODAY! CARTOON FEATURE "ALAKAZAM THE GREAT" IN COLOR —CO-HIT— S "ATLAS" TONY MARTIN feature guest star of Fall Fashionata 8 :00 pm Thursday Sept 14 Memorial Auditorium Tickets 155 Hale’s Downtown Fashion Desk 2nd Floor Arden Fair Accommodation Desk 1st Floor MATINEE: 1:45 EVENING: 5:15-8:45 HOW 5TH GREAT WEEK! KIRXDOUGLAS-IAURENCE OLIVIER JEAti SIMMONS CHARLES LAUGHTON PETER USTINGV'JOHH GAVIN -TONY CURTIS technicolor SUPER TECHNIRAMA 70 lenses at panavision NOW AT BOTH THEATRES!— GATES OPEN 7:1 S KIDS UNDER 12— 35c A STRICTLY A 4 LAUGH V 1 WALT DISNEY waylay ”“ waylay j !!!LLS“M1US Ci TECHNiCOlPR’ 'OHM KEITH MM ly MtU Vt(U tNXiMM C M fWi Owwi PmMchom I AaIaN K DAVIAAatlAA PLUS DONALD O'CONNOR GLENN FORD PLUS 3RD HIT FEATURE "BRIDE OF DRACULA" ’CRY FOR HAPPY" 2ND HILARIOUS WEEK!!! srn n s ITfrlLQM 1219 K STREET PHONE Gl 29001 THOUSANDS OF SACRAMENTANS HAVE ACCLAIMED IT’S THE MOST HILARIOUS COMEDY THEY'VE SEEN IN YEARS!! m Rock Gina Hudson Lollobrigida Sandra Dee Bobby Darin i Walter! Slezai Aim WIM i 5 T4NLFV SHAPIRO M MMJDlCt WCHIIN M k ROBERT MULLIGAN hmtm h HENRY WILLSON c t ROBERT ARTHUR i ncunsco-rounos-iuoui ram® i mm iww isuimtmm mu COMPANION FEATURE! ! ! UNFORGETTABLE PHONE Gl 3-9013 2 ACTION HITS! SWIM WILLS PLUNGE 4328 Auburn Blvd OPEN DAILY Neon ’til Night for picnic RESERVATIONS IV 7-4142 ON A FURLOUGH FOR GIRLS— GIRLS! At Native Son's Hall Now Air Conditioned tonight To Music with a Beat At 924 llth Street 9 to 1 AM Adm $100 Ne Rock 'N Roll AND W M LESSMAN’S DANCE ORCHESTRA GIGANTIC WEEK! FEATURE TIMES TODAY— 1 : 254 18-7:11-10:04 SUNDAY— 1 : 00-3: 43-6-26-9: 09 VAVARDr VV1 JT& WAftui hv column PKMIS presents STARTS TOMORROW Cont Daily 12:15 PM HERE COME THE FIGHTING FURIES OF THfcPACIFICI Tonight 6:05 -7:50-9:35 EXPERIENCE IN SUSPENSE ANO TERROR! BWSr SIiehCB A UMVCttAtlN IRNAT QNAt RtllASl ALLEN BARON MOLLY McCarthy LARRY TUCKER There's No Limit ToTher Off-limits FUN J CHC® PECK-MID N1N ANTHONY QUINN ni TH-CCU:50FflAVAR0!K 0 OPEN 7:00 PM - SHOW BEGINS AT 7:45 TONITE!! am wo® C9I M iiw : STANLEY BMaH-AMTHONY QIWLE IRENE RMYS GIA SGMA JAMES EvWE IN FULL STEREOPHONIC SOUND s ' S V ” ' V V a k VA V- i f-- -VA j i REDUCED PRICES MATINEE TODAY TIL 6 PM J lOncmaScop£ COLOR by DE LUXE BMM1 Bmmwi WmClrnr mm DOLORES Mimas One mScop£ ftcmovmiM p ticnP m m nr con m K ar RlCHWVt DAMt WutDDfflUNCHtM Fruit ridge Rd A Stockton Blvd Dial GL 7-2308 3 HIT5 TONITE! INjPfc CAV BJTIOKaOMRhM iSCooper-Kebe ONLY MMSI WKOWRCTE 'PSYCHO' COULD JOII pint TO! lAt THE LAilEo EDCS — ALSO I — Eeuim HAROLD Hicnrs theYOUNG SAVAGES I Mila West of Tower Bridge Dial FR 1-7103 INATHEATR& Oft Arden Way No Sacto Dial WA 2-9361 3 HITS TONITE! At Both Drive-ins! LATE SHOWS EVERY NITE! I WALT DISNEY 1 Hayiay Mnyiay MIUStMIUS —3rd Hll In Colon— MARILYN MONROE OON MURRAY IN "BUS STOP" TECMNlCOlPA- Pricei Thu Engagement Only — Regular Admission For Adults And Juniors 250 For Children 6 lo 12 — 2ND ACTION HIT! — Greatest Racing Film ever made I M-G-M pawn ROSU Psw BILL TRAVERS GREEtWiEir " ED BEGLEY 0011 Stem 1ACK BRABHAM "STnT1 — 3rd Fealurol— EL RANCHO ONLYI TONY CURTIS GILBERT ROLAND IN THE MIDNIGHT STORY’ —3rd Featurei — STARLITE ONLYI RICHARD WIDMARK IN THE LAST WAGON' IN TECHNICOLORI TTTTmux Rim'WiiwM'Mw ESBSSS&iCS I

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