The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on April 10, 1949 · 87
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 87

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 10, 1949
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Bpnt Tpnehpr of M94ST to HpppIvp Quiz Kid Award Ezio Pinza Carnegie Hall Guest Star Sunday April 10 1949 THE MIAMI HERALD 21 E By MARIOV AITCHISOV BARITONE Ezio Pinza who has forsaken thi Met and con-cert stage for tin time being In favor of "Smith Pacific" tin npw Rodgers -Hammersteln mil-slral Will pay a visit to Car-nejri Hall at 7:°0 tonight via ARCAVQAM For hi selections he announces "fl lacerato spirito" from Verdi's "Simon Fnccana-jrra" Ievitski's "Ho You Re- member?" and Flagler's "Le Cor" Ha will sing tfl arrompanl-nipnt of Dr Frank Black's rnnrrrt orchestra with GSJM Hamilton as musical rum nu n tator The Ofthfttfl Will also play the Polka from Srnetana's "The Rartered Bride" Crieg's "March of th Dwarfs" and Schuett's "A La Rien Aimee" WljVMRH ©P the Quiz Kids' fourth annual COTlteSl to dettr-mine ths "lint Teacher" of the Sunday April 10 1949 WQAM 560 WIOD CLIP FOR HANDY REFERENCE me 610 WGBS eis 710 WMBM 800 A HtWVCC 1070 WMIE 1140 WFEC 1490 WHAT MIS 1360 WWPB 1490 WBAY 1490 WLRD Denote network 939 Mil 7:15' 7:45 Reveille Muf 8:00 Raws 8:15 Herald Funniei 8:30i 845 9:00 Muiic Time 9 : 1 5 1 9:301 9:45 " 10:00 Israel Menage 10:15 10:30 Mattertlnser 10:451 Newt Muiic Voicei D' wind Baptitt Hour World News Story to Order Eternal Light Radio Pulpit Circle Arrow Guest Starr Revival Hour Muiic Newt Sunday in Miami Back to Cod Am Catholie 7:15 7:451 Organ Moedt Chriitian ScienceRainbow S'geri Renfro Valley Eddie Lemar Country Church ewiih Musical Sswt Cold Gate Scandinavian Go'den Gate 4 Church oi Air Songs of Land 1:00 Sunday Roundup News Talet 8:15 Tale for Tots 8:30: 8:45f " - 9:00 Gotpel Singer Newt Green 9:15 Army Symphony Art Green 9:45 9:451 " 10:00 Army Symphony Newt Green 10:15 Art Green 10:301 10:45 Choien People 11:00 Fine Artt Quartet Newt 11:15 " Marjorl Gueti 11:30 White Temple Home Sw't Home 11:45 " " 1 200 Organairet Newt 12:15 Newt Stylet In Mutie 1 2 3 0 Sun Musical 12:451 " Eddie Duehin 1:00 Amer Almanac Sun Serenade Mut Cavalcade 1:15 Editor at Home 1:30 National Vetpert Chi Roundtable Travelairet Central Baptitt String Serenade Beach Prtsby Newt Ranger Joe Pto Platiorm 1 1 00 Religious Sere 11:19 11:30 11:45 D'Artega Pret'tt 12:00 Mel Matinee Melody Echoet Claude Thornhill 12:15! 12:30 Old and New Italian Fantaty Italian Fantaty Neapolitan 1:45 Travel Newt 12:45 Newt 1:00 Modern Mutit 1:15 1:30 1:45 Newt Green Art Green Newt Bookt Mutie Newt Town Geo Towne Our Neighbor 'i&aata! ammw hJbT SaBamaHra mnamamamBK I 2 00 World's Week World Aiiairt Symphonett Neapolitan 2:00 Curtain Call Newt Kayo 2:i5i " " 2:15 Sammy Kay 2:30 Mr President NBC U Th Sammy lay lanta Lucia 2:30 Tomor Preview Wayne King 2 45 " " " 2:45 Let't Walt 3:00 Harriton Wood 3:15 Betty Clark 3 30 Quiet Pleate 3:451 4:00 Ted Mdlone 4:15 Dick Todd 4:30 Opera Album 4:45 NBC U Theat Philharmonic On Man't Fam Quit Kidt Santa Lucia J Bible Studies 3:00 Concert Far 3:15 3:30 At the Opera 3:45 Guy Lombard Curtain Call Npw With The Star Robert Merrill Choraliert Philharmonic Gopl Singer Skyw'y to Start Church ot God 4:00 Studio Preview 4:15 4:30 Rhythm Reason 4:45 Ronald Celman V M Theater 5:00 Piano Playh'se 5:15 5:30 Sunday with You James Melton 545 FZIO IMVZV guest $oloit roar will be on hand to rs-rne her auard when the erudite juveniles com on the air ovpr NBC-WIOD at 4 p m She I Mis Phyllis Haag of Washington l ' MM she'll tell the audience what she expects to do with her prize nionpy of $2500 Also appearing will be Phyllis Tp Steinberg of Washingtoi'k vhn wrote the nominating let-tor responsible for her teacher's selection FIFTY students who hae parsed then- final examinations will be honored in NRC University Theater's first "commencement everoises" to he held in ronnpetinn with the 230 D m bmadrast through NBC-WIOD Or John V Tivlr picsl- tSeiil of t afTsrslt of Lotrio illi' w ill ill In rr I In- com-inenceinent address during the the program's Intermission Melville's "Mohy Dick" Is to be the dramatic presentation with ti reei and stage player Henry Hull in the starring role IN ANTICIPATION' of Pan- American Pay lieenis Ta lor is entertaining a trio of latln-American Student! ss well as three high school young people from this country as his Week-Mid with Music guests Hp will rhat With them during the in-let mission of Now York Philharmonic Svmphonv'3 concert 3 p m CBS-WGBS May O'llare ltamos of Ha-vana harpist pupil of Marcel Crandjany nt Itiilliard is one of the three special visitors Pruno Waiter will conduct the orchestra In Beethoven's Fifth and Sixth Smphonies in connection with his cycle of that composer's works CONCERT pianist Constance I eene steps Into the guest spot of Piann Playhouse at S p m ABC-WQAM to play Chopin's "The Maiden Wish" and Chasins' "The Srhwanda Fantasy" She has studied with Serge Kousspvitzky GregOT Pintlgor-kv and A brain Chasins and made her Town Hall dotal in If) 11 Representative of the jazz contingent will he Joe Bushkin and In-between there'll be Cy Walter and Stan Freeman in Berlin's "I've Cot My LoVi to Keep Me Warm" and "The I'iccolma" for his detective of the WMrki emcee Win Flliot has paged Robert iiaag Interpreter Of ABC-WQAM'l The Sheriff of Meath Valley to serve on Quick as p f'in-ii at 5:30 p m MPS W K AT w CANADIAN' tttlent Will lend a hand to Jamee Melton'i Har 'est of Siars for flip half-hour muslra'e through NBC-WIOD from V10 to fl p rn 6:00 Drew Pearton 6:15 Mon Headlinet 6:30 Greatest Story 6:45 7 00 Curt Mastey 7:15 7:30 Carnegie Hall 7:4S 8:00 Stop the Mutie 1:15 8:30 8:45! Catholic Hour Martin-Lewit Horace Heidt Harris-Fay 9:00 Walter Winchell 9:15 Louella Parsons' 9:30 Theater Guild 9:45 10:00 Thatr Guild 10:15 10:30 limmie Fidler 10:45 Geo Sokolsky 11:00 Tomor News 11:15 Passing Tho'tt 11:30 Dance Orch 11:45' 12:00 Sign Ofl Fred Allen Henry Morgan NRC ThMtr Album of Mut Take Leave It Who Said That Nevs Clilton rjtley Living 1949 Broadway Beat' tt Family Hour Oziie-Harriet Jack Benny Amot 'a' Andy Sam Spade Lum V Abnr Helen Hayes Mitt Brookt Lii with Luigi To be Ignorant C'lingw'd Nwt UN Action Dance Band Italian Mel 5:00 Evening Newt 5:15 Marin Band Hungarian Mut 5 30 Spirituals 5:45 Wavy Show Talet in Quarter 6:00 Candle-Silver Red Crott My Serenade Sign Oii 6:15 6:30 Rainbow Rendex 6:45 Sign Oii News Sign Off News Dance WOAM-PM HI metacTrlef T:55 a m to M midnight WGIS— Mi MJ me acrcles S a m la 11:11 n m WIOD-FM 73 mesxeTelea 8 a m to HMI a m WKAT-FM M1 mmrtrlfi a a m ia 11:11 p m WWPB-FM 1015 IMff Hfvrlfl full time HERALD FACSIMILE EDITIONS Monday thrautti Frldav Tia WpAM-FM 10:00 le 10:15 a m l:SO ta 1:00 a m t SO (a I 45 m 1:00 to 1:15 t 5:45 ta :00 m Newt Cugat Xavier Cugat Camput Quis New Armn Kay Arm en Sports Panorama Revival Hour Newt Dcnten Bill Denton Baseball Baseball Baseball Waits Album Geo Smathert News Sport Liv a Littl Sign Oif GOOD MORNINGI WFEC 1220 Miami' Newest and Brightett (pot on your dial Mm Whol Family' Entertainment Center listening All T long WFEC I Newt Angelut ! Chrittian Science Chapel Hymns Coiiee Tim Tabernacle Glory Quartet Modern Mood AP Newt Free Will Bapt Chamber Mut lit Christian Prophecy Voic 1 tt Chrittian Shelley Hair Organ Music Intermezzo Trinity Meth Trinity Meth Allapatiah Bapt Jewish Holiday Over Jordan AP Newt Cugat Pretents Lutheran Hour Wayne King Dick Haymes Wm Shirer Musically Trt Home oi Today Liberal Rel Jim Amech Echoes Onr Town Simon't Band Nodima Hour Bill Cunn'gham Southl'd Singar Vt Want Know " Coast Guard Newt Jo M ChappI Rtndezveut Juvenil Jury Hawaiian Songs Mus Artiitry Myttery H'se Sunday Ser a True Detective Ave Maria aw a The Shadow Selfish Giant at Quick At FUih Itwish Forum a Roy Rogert Italian Hour e tt Nick Carter Sinner Concert Th Falcon Spiritual " Guest Star Mayor oi Town Manhatt'n Mood Newt Reveri Mut Italiana lit Chrittian Evening Concert Smoke Ring Under Arrt Betty Le Taylor To Be Ann Jimmy Fidler Proudly We Hail Twin Viewt " Secret Mittiont Newt Evang Evangelistic Caballerot Dance Orch " I I aaw-'-- amj BamBmaamMmk"" " ' ' " r " m ' - rm"- ta I jfj aMsamV J aBTBTaBW- aTar iSasmaml HtMalBsaAI' aa aki dgaMama - mamaam 'Saaksi mmaV P'' i Newt ' Dance Orch Weather Gray ! Barry Gray Gray to 1 A M Interlude Keep Tuned to WBAY ior th Finest in Musie and News Program Hi-Lite: Mutie in Pain en "NOAH'S ARK" Daily 9:30—11:1$ AM Newt Every Hour on th Half Hour Tour Record Requettt en Mutie Room Daily 3 to 5:30 Thit Week Feature a big Doris Day Contest Hillbilly and Cowboy Daily 6:30 to 130 A M 6 30 to IP M Tor Better Listening Keep Tour Dial at 1490 WITHOUT FH K Frequency Modulation It's Only Va A Radio Don't Buy Vt A Radio Get FM Sign On New 3:00 Al Trace 3:15 Franki Carl 3:30 " 3:45 Eddie LeMar 4:00 4:15 Tim to Dane 4:30 " 1 4L45 Tim to Dane 5:00 5:15 Listening Class 5:30 5:45 Sunday Saloa I 6:00 1 6:15 Lenten Mutie 6:30 MS Sunday Serenade 1 7:00 7:15 Sport 7:30 News 7j45 Symphony Hall 8:00 ! 8:15 8:30 8:45 Symphony Hall 9:1)0 9:15 Choral Airs 9:30 " I 9:45 Clastic Concert 10:00 10:15 Organ Moods 10:30 New 110:45 Salon Serenade 11:00 Sign OH 11:15 Music Till 1 Adv ftclctcl IJftlcniiig REDHEAD BLONDE AND BRUNETTE schools of beauty are represented by the Fordone Sisters who sing with Perry Como on NBC-WIOD's Supper Club In that order they are Geri Margie and'Bea Soprano Nora CJrennan of Yancouvrr will be heard with Melton in "I'll See You Again" from Noel Coward's "Bittersweet" Vancouver Symphony orchestra members will play under lr Frank Itlark's baton Players Will dramatize the atory behind the ballad "When You and I Were Young" Written bj Canadian school-teacher George S' Johnion TH K STICWtK -inn' Of city that dies is unfolded through the experiences of a bride and grOOm on their honev- moon in "The Weed" In which Rette Davis will Mar for Family Hour at 0 p 01 CBS WCHS The script Is from the pen of Arch Oboier W tt MICH AS w e aihnirp the breed we can think of nothing ress handv to hae around the hoie than an elephant though It would certainly be a pet of distinction Anyway It's the latest addition to the list of prizes which Stop the Music is offering for identification of its mystery tune at 8 p m ABC-M The winner etui pick it up anytime after April 14 at Louisville Whid is qttlte convenient a tickets tO running of the Kentucky Derby are eleo hi Bert Parks' jaekpot ' i civic oruK v house In Chicago will set the stage lor Theater Guild on the Air at 9:-'!0 tonlghl when Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew" will be pip-ented Over ABC-KQAM Joyce Iteitnian has been cast a the ehlOWlell Katheiine with Kurgpi-s Meredith as the young groom Petrnhii (JO fold Ievv a composer and conductor of original hack-ground music Test Your Horse Sense By BR GEORGE W CRANE Score onp point for a correct solution to first five problems The Inst problem counts 1 2 Which one of i e general grouping? Cab (alley Ray The Hall of Fame at Cooperst one think of which great athletel Grasaje Oetcli Ruth winch one of the following r le palette and brnsli? Waaner Titan a tip-hack should make Chippendale Wcdfffl tXtd The formula for dry ice SO 2 CI' 0 act of the fie points word is Inappropriate In Una Cabin Ht Ti should make Hem psey his living with Brah rn s one think prill Open Pattern is Indicated by C2 BeettoM rn larly of Itotted Sx iss w hich of thett ? NO 2 AMicn you're tinhappv hecar e ' nu lack new shoes Just think of the veteran who lacks fact find jrOU'll gain emotional perspective To show further that men can become great In spite of bandicapa try to match those listed below with their liabilities You deserve onp point for each correct judgment (a) Milton (v) (b) Beethoven ( ) (c) R I Stevenson (x) (d) Thackeray (y) (p Julius Ceaaar () Score yourself as follows: 0-1 Kpllepsjr nirndnc-s Insane wife Deafness Tuberculosis poor i-ti average nperior fMO retry superior (The answ er to this test Is on this paste i Scholarship Is Offered TALENTED young baritones residing anywhere in Florida are Invited to try out imme-diatp'v for a upw annual I nl-versity of Miami voic scholarship The scholarship according to Dr Arturo di Filippi of the university's voice dppartment and head of Miami Opera Gui'd is valued at 1800 Auditions will begin at once The winner will study with Dr di Kilippi at I'niversity of Miami music school and gain practical experience filling minor baritone roles with the guild and singing t-ntlre roles with the junior guild Singers coming from other cities to audition must par travel expenses and all expenses while here di Filippi nald Auditions will continue until a winner Is found Teachprs or students mav write to the Oper Guild maestro at 625 S W 2&th rd Station WFEC Goes on Air Station WFEC makes its how on the air today at IL'20 on the dial It is operated by the Florida East Coast Broadcasting Co with "Whole Family Entertainment Center" as its slogan The new station will begin its Sunday broadcasts at TJSS a m coming on at 8:45 a m Monday through Saturday and signing off at ti -r p m Lee K Beznor is general manager of station WFEC whose studios are at "0 X E 71st st He W a a affiliated with station W'KNT in Milwaukee before coming to Miami Emphasis in many of the WFEC programs will he on community news from areas such as AllapeSt tah Miami Shores Miami Springs lliittle Kivcr 54th st Edison Center North Miami and Opa Locka Detailed schedules will appear In 'i'iie Herahl) beginning alonday ri'RREXT EVENTS "Is AYire - tapping N S I es-arv?" Arthur Garfield Hays Charles Grimes People's Platform — 12:30 p m CBS-WGBS "Cancer Research Today" Dr Charles B Huggins Dr Leonard A Scheele Dr Milton C Winter-n i t z I'niversity of Chicago Bound Table — l£0 p m NBC-WIOD "Military Assistance" Gen Omar Bradley Assistant Secretary of State Ernest Gross United States in "World Affairs — 2 p m NBC-WIOD Drew Pearson's Predictions — 6 p m ABC-WQAM Walter Winchell — 9 p m ABO WCJAM A'ARIETY Lydla Perera's tale of a tw inkle a wrinkle and a periwinkle Storv to Order — jfelB a m NBC-WIOD Nat Weltz to conduct forum on "State of the Book World Today" Books and Music — 12:15 p in WMIE Edward Weeks to examine works of A E HOJS man Editor at Home — 118 p m ABC-WQAM Melvyn Ioulas guest of Tex McCrary Skywav to the Stars — 4:30 p Bin CBS-WGBS Milton Cross to discuss rfcordings of Verdi Wagner Thet and Cluck interludes Opera Album — 4:30 p m ABC-WQAM Barbara Stanwvek guest of Tack Benny — 7 ' p in CBS-WGBS Shirley Booth with Fred Allen — 8 p m NBC-WIOD Symphony Hall to feature Piano Concerto No 1 by Brahms Sibelius Symphony No 7 and Wagner's "Seigfried TdvH" — 8 p in WLRD Arthur Treacher gue-t of Henry Morgan — 130 p m NBC-WIOD Joan r born Madpe Evans and Henry Morgan on panel for Who Said That? — 10:30 p m NBC-WIOD "Operation Co-operation" Living — 1919 — 11:30 p m NBC-WIOD a DRAMA "The Devil Dolls" House of Mvsterv — 4 p m MBS-WKAT "Hear No Evil" The Shadow — 5 p m MBS-WKAT "The Case of Death in the Dark" Nick Carter — KM p m MBS-WKAT "Murder Sets a Killing Pace" The Falcon — 7 p m MBS-WKAT Arthur Cassell with Helen Haves in "Mv Little Bov" — 9 p m CBS-WGBS June Alh son and Henrv Koster i n "Musk for Millions'" NBC Theater — 9 p m NBC-WIOD RFIIGIOV "The First Commandment" Rabbi Ferdinand M Isserman of St Louis alrsnsgc of Israel — 10 a m ABC-WQAM "The Ruler Who Redeems" Radio Pulpit — 10 a m NBC-WIOD "Liberty versus Security Th- Israel Tabak of Baltimore Church of the Air — 10:30 a m CBS WGBS "A Cross against the Sky" Dr John Sutherland Bon-nell National Vespers — 1:30 p m ABC-WQAM "For Those Who Have F-'aith" Msgr Fulton J Sheen Catholic Hour — fi p m NBC -WIOD "The Betrayal and the Crucifixion" Oreatest Storv Ever Told — 6:30 p m ABC-WQAM SAMBA! Craw lord to be Louella PsrsOCIS ABC-WQAM r levved by 9:15 p m IT Kaltcn- ir If you con waltz you can learn the Samba quickly at Arthur Murray's 767 41st St M B V r- S)7I3 PICK UP DELIVERY 3 MONTHS UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE MID CITY?So£ NE StCOND AVE HONE 7-7615 Kiiijjslon-AIiatni Flights Kingston Jamaica — Regular service between Kingston and Miami was established April 1 by the British Caribbean Airways Ltd Flights are scheduled for every Tuesday and Friday with return trips to Kingston on the same afternoon Hoor it today "Thej Betrayal and Tha Crucifixion" presented by iSreatesit WQAM AT 6:30 P M TONIGHT! STARRING JAMES MELTON America's Favorite Tenor Sunday 5:30 PM EST OVER WIOD Tune in your favorile NBC station at 5:30 PM EST every Sunday for lames Meltoa Frank Black the International Harvester Orchestra and Chorus and famouo guest stars Music Drama radio at its hesi ! INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER BURGESS MEREDITH JOYCE REDMAN in" The Taming of the Shrew " You'll eniov thi hilarion romedv ai freh and entertaining torldv a when Shaitea-pnre first penned it Theatre Guild on the Air WQAM 9:30 P M prrtmntd by UNTTED STATES STEEL Pop Platters on Parade Eddie Arnold Album Focuses on 'Mother' Bv CKORCE MAN (il'S MOTHER'S DAY Is tunefully commemorated by Eddie Arnold In an album "To Mother" recorded hv RCA Victor "Mother" (A Word1 That Means the "World to Me) "I Wouldn't Trade the Silver In My Mother's Hair" (For All the Cold in the Worldi fnd "That Wonderful Mother of Mine" are included in this album Eddie also sings with guitar accompaniment "Bring Your Rops to Her Now" "My Mother's Sweet Voice" and "I Wish I Had a Girl Like You Mother" RCA Victor sends ss "The Best Deal in Town" on the new seven - inch saucer with Spade Cooley King of Western Swing and his hand "Spanish Fandango" is on the flip over "If You Stub Your Too on the Moon" from the latest Bitig Crosby picture "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" is sung by Frank Sinatra with the sizzling Phil Moore Four Frank gives this song s fine twist "When is Sometime" Is on the reverse side of this top - rate double header a seven-incher by Columbia GKNE KRl'PA aims to drive the Woody Herman herd right out of the bop parade with "Lemon Drop" This is top hop for Krupa fans Frankie Ross does the boppy vocals on the seven-inch Microgroove by Columbia Flip for "Similan" "I Get Fp Every Morning" sings Buddy Clark for Columbia coupled with "I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore" Earl Hagen and his orchestra spin along with Buddy on this neat Columbia record "I'm Through Calling Everybody Darling'' is a new song grooved by Al Trace and his Shuffle Rhythm orchestra with Bob Vincent doing the vocals A I and Bob wrote this song themselves "I Had ly Heart Set On Yon" makes a perfect coupling for this Columbia disc "Hurry Hunv Hurry" and hear the Three Sons really pound a solid polka for RCA Victor The Fontane Sisters singing trio spins along with them "Ballin' the Jack" is on the flip over BIIR GILLESPIE changes his tune in an interesting instrumental solo waxed for RCA Victor Diz blows a straight horn with vary little orchestral backing In "Lover Come Rack to Mc" t'oiild Ibis hp the 1pi of lliing he premised nt long wlien In' iio thai lie is going to try for more melody? Freddy Martin and the Martin Men do a fine version of "The Little Old Church Near Leicester Street" for RCA Victor If the address "1400 Dream Street" arouses your curiosity on the reverse Tony reminds us that this Is the place "Where we'll live and love" There are some alert piano passages on this side For the lies( of foolishness we spin you "Mr Sears and Mr Roebuck" Dorothy Shay and her Kin-folks take pen in hand and give the catalogue people her male-order "yotl Broke Your Promise" is the typical Shay lament on the coupling This is a Columbia recording A 1AM FOR II m 111111 kl cooked Up by real jazz musicians in the album "Sylvester the Seal" In this recorded story of a seagoing pelt possibility by R('A f'ssamtr' fS B?L amattas Saa aS BaSk'- BkMvtSS aBsw x sl EDDIE ARNOLD tmgtr-guiiariti Victor Sylvester blows his horn In the distingulsed company of such stars as Bobby Hackett Joe Marsala Will Bradley Peanuts Hucko and Cozy Cole Thpse great atara of jazs simplify and improvise to score s tuneful earful Vaughn Monroe does "Riders in the Sk" on a Victor label This cutting will warm up your turntable even though it departs from conventional pop format style It tunes to your heart with folk poetry and simple orchestration 1 Burl Ives does the same title in a turning for Columbia records Burl's version fills the horn with even more genuins folk tradition It's a pageant in music and a hit to come in ths near future "WHAT'S MV NAME" Is the title and Billy Eckstine does ths warm breathing on a hot waxing by MGM Billy makes a su-perl) try with this his first all-round excellent record Alto sax rans will welcoms Marvin Johnson's hot horn needling of "Amnesia" and "Hey Lawdy Mama" for Capitol The rhythm comes in big chunks and the drummer throws a kitchen sink at the stretched sheepskin in "Amnesia" and what comes out— an earache yet "Hev Lawdy Mama" is worth the price of the record "Don't Ask Me Why" and "Wrapped up in a Dream" rtn Victor star the Deep River Boys For a rich baritone solo try the "Don't Ask Me Why" side "Tennessee Border" rides with Red Foley n a Decca disc for I a folksy dish It's top warbling by Red all the wav through the i hole to tne other side wVsers l "Candy Kisses" is nwaitin' Lost Cities Fon ml The rediscovery of io-t citjee of the ancient Mayas is going ahead at rapid pace in Chichen Ita I'xmai and throughout Yucatan reports the American Express Travel Service Horse Sense Answers l cb lOthrrs ere nautical tfrmsi S Banc Ruth J Tliin 4 Dntied Swill Fib- rie in curtains) S COS (Carbon dioxide) 6 iai Milton Blindness Cw) (t) Ben-hovrn -Dfafnrss (v iri Stevncot Tu berculocit ') 'ri' Thackeray insar sv if e (X) 1 f ' CVasar- Epiirpiv vl alseTecth plastic ONE opplii :olon fits liknve for wsksprmif p roper chawing Rao I comfortl Try Oentui'-az Money-back guarantee 5°&08' ttubesatdruggittt niaTTayri sagae VETS -LEARN- NON-VETS Air Conditioning Refrigeration Electricity ENROLL NOW For Classes New Forming We Help You Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility ELECTRICAL FRAME "° INSTITUTE 3240 N W 27TH AVENUE PHONE 3-1746 AVIATION BUILDING $2795 IS ALL FOR HUSKAMP'S PLASTIC SEAT COVERS ASK US--WE CAN PROVE IT THESE COVERS ARE CUSTOM MADI TO FIT YOUR CAR TUDOR FORDOR CLUB COUPE ONLY ' tHSlft yrami 9onw ax &j&JJm $2795 t

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