Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 7, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1916
Page 5
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STERUW^ILLINOIS. SATURDAY, PAGE FIVE, and BUYERS •Auction Days Are Here and What the Auctioneer and the Farmers want are ! KIDDKRS AM) BUYERS "flow am I Bid" RIDDKRS AND BUYERS HOW to I.-I-! hlilileJ". tlow tit «"»•! lui\(t«. that is the o,ne.«t|on for f-n-i and the an. Iiot""-r to fettle Thi re are many wa>.«, Imt ,« i." ,.n|v RIGHT WAV. I'i tst, Ihv farmer ian f.o on foot and tramp for d,M f. oyer In* ieiM-ijjc nciL'Miotliond an- 1 iv\Jify |.y pciroiial calls all his nei^h- , or* mil!' ft 'lends that h«- i* uoin« to hn \ • a sal-- Put that Is too jdnw and latiorioi'H and eo><th a method. That has none. S«'iotid, the farmer i an take hl« h..|*<- and butty and notify his friends" iHid_jtj:hihb"i? ; ._iiL.~L'i'liiL_ii_ Ul '' K ' u ll '''\» !! »- "»"' '"* '- M «<'inn t-< hfiW nn ntu-fit'H Tltrtl 4» l"«o "low, "too to.-itly and dot'A. nut .reach far eiionit h. - '•• . ,~> ~"\ : ...Tldrdr- 1"! can..take lib; .mito nn K" >•« . much. fa.«ter Hum .lie can leach all hlft liciyhlioiH in ah MI! three days. Mm the roct of hin time, I'amdine and tlt-prei latJon of tiles and ma- him-, piake thai tneth- od out of the .pn-»tlon. It doex icruh far enough. It costs too . ... Poiirtli. lie eaii.'liii'v'e t.lll-i pr'Titid at The C.aWttr office, a! (lie Uiltm- riricn,n« laH year despite thehit;h .-,,«> "f ^fot-K, which has mo|.» IHan diuihlid. and jipi-nd a week piittini; th 'tii up. This m.-thod in' h€«tter t Jin n any of tin- t,tin-is l!ut i'' not sufficient, y. piflh. tin' farmer iloen tint rrach'sln tti'tny buyers and bidder.'* <i;< hn m i d). 'nidi • * he al'<o i HUM his adv en iseim-nt in full for full six dm M | lesion" to IdMVale in Tin- Pail' C.aKette. That method of ad\.'l!l tin: M.H hen "ten times a* man', hlddeis and buyer* a* call ho itMi'lnd an\ i.jlier way and cost K less money than any other metli- --That i- Die RIGHT WAY, The GaV-ette ilues-not callILlherluhL 'peVleiiei: TiaT demoil.«t I uled it to he the 'BEST AND CHEAPEST METHOD. BIDDERS AND BUYERS In oth.t word*. .Ui..JiiM ,hr!der< Mnd. buyer* The O.t*et!c adver- llHilie Km-- fa) outHide the ieai'li of *'<*'' oills* or hand hllK I CIMOU il Moll, nation 01 any other method. In thc.-e'days of the and. and natd main mad* men travel twenty i" forty tnt!e» to hid on ofTer- , ii»:« at amtlotiM that th«- ipt |..n m tin- ad\ erUwmcnt in The ' <5:»/eM«' m.i !,"• tfic.m think they wijnt. __ Tile fanner* neighbor* will be at [lie nale. lie doe,«n'l nivd'to worry about thi-ni. P.nt he want* more than a neiKhhorhood crowd and e\ei\ man u ho call he attnicled !hroii«h The (!a;M'(te to come Horn over me neighborhood holder l.s either a bidder or a hiiycr.. And llie hldder i.t , Just a^Jm pm tanl aj^the buyer. The man del"- tn |ay mole for the Itorxe or < ow i*r luvtMhal is belnu Hold, To make M'H ceHSl"ill iilli tii tltf the farmer ,'ihould let The (.aX-ette ' print ev.rv ".;ood point about- hi* uood stuck that can he wild for it and ulll Inform' ih»> man frouv'a- tUHttuu« .that foinethniK "<-x- He ri':»d« hi« >-aper in the q.uiet of the 'home, when his chief |iiiwl!ie,-.> In to read. lie ttill lai'i- pas! a dni'.eM corner^ tilled Wltli am lion hilN in hin auto and tieyer yif them Hut ulicu he- Kiln duwtl t|i lead Ilia J-Ueiliujf Pally -(Jav?t»tle h" makes a IUIHIII. HM of reading tlie auction Kales as well as the othi-r l'jirmrr,x rail <1o any and all kinds of advertis'lntr they desire aiul Ii all help». iiut unlr.s-H 'ttifr Uh'e The. U;!;;ello and print their full hill" (h..» are not attractInp nil the riitltUTH nnd huycrs in their territory nnd Ke!tln« the mom that their Hale hiiould hriiu; (hem. «oe man from a distance often hidH up llie total .receipts of a 'mile mote limn a -Im/idred iloljarn. evcl y in CLEAR PROFIT to the Wise and proKleKHive farmer Who ailyertised hiH am lion in The (.axette. without fear of (he cost, realixinu that one —liiddci—would pa)' Die s-.linli ads >'l-<lnlliM lull and rn.uhr a pmlil l>e r . W i. THK BEST ISVKR f NKWS IN BRIEF ~j' CLASSIFIED BATES f- r .. , . *.- »>* . ^i ' i 'ii in-' i II . .-.rji.-iii-.-iT.-Jin Ji:-- : —--' - .J . i i ... . .nnm.r ' ••-I*"- f '• •TWIN CITY AUTO COMPANY OWE CENT A WORD MISCELLANEOUS .; V U \ \ H '! > ! M * \ : HE HAS NO WORD Knov*s Nothing of Gtrnrd Bringing Qtrmnn Message •-:!' .] Pi- - -I :\ j'. «>.• s ; pi,-.--.i•,; r: • :' !' i - - r n ' ' n 5. s \ ; i a ! • u ill addt •••--.- a i''•!«•• ! i; a \\ ( .?}'!!! II tV'tt' f ft!' 1 U o.-.'-.m \Vi!- = .n In- 'i, at J ,.'< '.;, K !!a-- !l .|[. I.'lM IV |-it;l \\ f "•!'! t:ni!. A Isi!',- •-::(* Ii I .! ! 1 1 J •- * H ! ; -M ? *' « ( - >!II fil^ J''"'<t i tins. t.f!i!i;inir ui!h lull! iliruiiir ' !•! i'!' 1 ' '-' i'i- MI Ml thr 'iMItl'-IM ;..'"V-- WALL STREET DOUBTS Xf-u YI-I I.. N V , '•'!. 7 \V.<iU ^lur ' ;• i .ii'! '-' i i'i'. Mil; il'iiii.-t!! ) •• n i |.|i.j.,i.; i! - !,. l'|. M-i'i 111 \\ li'i'I, '.it llit |ij.. Tl!ti! ! <'' I'll- • ''.(!,. ltl:il'vlt 1"'l.i;- M til 11 .1 I i'l'tiv i'-l '.' "ff->IM \ i «'••! V '.MIS I'i II' I ll M i'l> I' 11 II" ':''! Mli'lt i..(il,cil ii; .nil tin iiJ'i'M .(•< :i »n:lil;«! hV'.Vr ' s!'ir\ wiii'i .-UH! .' • fv-.titf'.! it Life as It Rcitlly Is. Ijifc !'^ Jdi-t \viri! VM« inal.i' It. It Is nil in.vstt'i'y, .«n\i' tn J'H- nlinli'SM ; no fiisk, «:t\c In Ihi' im!''iii'!il ; no s' Ing, i:avc to th'' MHfn!. 1'i.rtcr. Better In the Trenches. ltoi" ..... "Tin 1 two shlllln' tahl^ rt'liolt 1 . »»t? T.'ilto in.v udvlcf. ami don't yott tmic'h It. I'vir nlociil the fooil '4!r« -ftir rUisc «u .tvvanlt ycara. _but It'fl n Jirnt-nt Innt nnrt I' .in-. HI it!" A. Ui:: !lt;sn:u v ' I' rili'i \viil .i!!- t:ii fii OM -.||. -: in.) .'f th" t^!:itiil-li!il> HI. Ill li/i-. In i H «!lfi S:»ni-.i>-l }-').i:iK. Iti-- I'nti •- ii. <!li in nf Km k l-';i iiK. I"i .t !'• w ii-im; ;itn( i,w U(>!l vt-t^'-tl -in tilt" Sii !<•••• i m! ff tlif work. T!H' h.irk jut! i»f th.- --lur*- :iiiil i!i--]i!;i: iimin is rn.-nl»- int" ;i Mlifili sin. P. fi. i-:. •,i(>ht)fit<>ii i^fiii- i-!i--ttii'ii! nf ili--' .li.linHti'ii 'l.ntiilx-r .''" "f Kiirk r;ill.'-. ;i well Ktiiiwn !iit-<iiii^-> lit. in, Mr, M'liii «ut!'-..-i !»!i; f.nrn fii'i! ti.i!). H'-lll jK" s sit OBITUARY Mrs Celistia Bii«ih MI'S. 'V!j>:!;;l I'^irtli'tt I!:i«ll Mnfii • -'.', I -it in Nvw V'irlv .she < Mfil' 1 w< #{ «i!!i her 1'iH tilt' ;iu<' "I t\v>'l\»» ;m<l lcc.:it< il III -J'liln. St!<- v.i:- iiv;iri li'd !•> l-M\\;tr«l Mur'li (><( J k :. t-HtV !i> tlifn t'hioll tilnr- i hltil- II ii «*•!€• I.-.IMI, t!irf>> ii»i\ in« j.H'Viui-.H- Iv j.iiiau,.,) i,i.\(.n'l, tier four (!mu;liwrp anil t>vd «-OIIH \voru «.ith In r UurlliK i t.i^.!:i«t il:iy«. Hfn> w is ii .wotnun »!' i 'lit 1^1 i.-tn U"ith ntol in 5(iit«' cf hiT (!••• linitsi; v(.iri (mil >i«'«-n vc.r?' ai'tl\<-. Th" i!. -i ,i.-'<".l !c:i\ CM six rliililrcn i u i n! \ - ic'ir i:i,nnl"cliilili i'ii ami Iliir- t\ -m:"' ai".i! • tUnml-ciiUilri'li t-i-i tnp? Wh. i, ! Attv -TtTr-:-r r ; \ !•••• :n-d f i ir ( t - !M I,' .-.1 ..f :i loan H lit \.IIJT- p.ur..(ia-.-.-\ H, h. C ,V;.t!..i!.il Rink I',!. I;:. . . oru n.i;psTftATi:i» CATA- f» cf-x|il:t!n« how MI- Ji-at h the i'T tr.'idi' qtiirMv mailed free i- Parixr Cu!t«>K<-. Chirriu'o. |U. 71-'."'.* WANTED INTKMJiiKNT MAN <>|t \V<».MA.\ T< » ttaVel ;IMI| appoint I'H.i! I -i jil -i • . lit -l lives fr,-r. ), ndiiv.: !!.>!!•• .\iia-- mofiihs oi»iitr;>rt i:iiariiMt'-i-int: iN|"-n«'i and *1S a n-. . k Pf.'M >•!•-.)) !!)!.!'• M",,^,.. Philadi -IphM. M!* SALKSMAN <• \P.\P. LI.: f-PiVIAI.TY !ii:jf]' t'it Illiiioi". t-'tap!" ui! IK «,v and ' *>v<-ept|on;tl It-titi" 1 Varancy Mow. Atllaetivo eoiiimH»iott ('i«!!- ttftrt. J.T.'i veeklv fur 'i-.v-pi'ii^e* Mil«'« I" Itivi.-r (*»,. »;i-li Carl in I 'Mis , cir«\ fid ml, i ». !«,'!* SAI,K~~ PHKSM vtanddi-il. six.e 1L'. .An >our fall dn "-ii!;il;lin t.',il\ liiti--iy-late 47! - .' • !Tii-n nt aid to , J'riec t~ «" nir. !!;irrln' lln of 'av- in' no r'xpi'riont'nl wnltln'. yots'd 'nvo a 'pollhlcr nu-nl In th« triMu-hrn ,nny unv of tln» woi'U. sir." — I'usaltiK Show. When Pullino «. Nail. A n.'ill partly, out thiil threaten* tn rciilt j our* _hsi miner lunidh* heft'iv ilr/iu-iii;..'. «l!l MXiii-Mwi'rt eoim> out t-n.s- llv if MnicI; :i (-harp blow first. It .starts tlif m>l. :tml then It come* i'lisy. S;uiu> thlttt; with ft herew. If Ml^ .lohii Kohl went to Chi.afio today for a short, yifit with rclath Ks. •"'" j^| ' t ari...~\ mii»- K U'lay -Kpe.ut...1 Ju;.. djLV .ill Patl Cuin-dnck \\cnt to }..ii'1;iv for a '.i'i! \sitll ft ii tidn. '. .Ml". M;i>Hi" ,M< Kinne\ Is "peiidllt^ a lew da>N-in Cii.ic.-u:n with ft'ieiidx. _ H»ine ain'.c'd hotne today from Sj-rinufield \shete they ait-.-iuh-d the lilatid l,o,l,-.e ini-ctlnu of tlie l^astctti H.iM. i'hallcH (! Si-idel will I'-aVe totiiKhl fnp- Mrwirstn; Cnlv~ - n'hrrr hr^TvflPnprnd The vvinTt-r^wnir lifs dam;.h*ers, .Mfs«.. A. P. I'inif-tcad ami .Mff. W. M. llcn- r;.n I-I.A vci; IMA\I > ,\T ,\ IIAI:- uaiii. ".Man and nif>- vepaial'-d. 1'laVl rn !!•••'( I'e . «n.ld qiii'-l-,, \\'iite iMihl's I'lano i:\cli i Hi'"-, i The 'I'ri* I'ity I'iatio Ihuist.) .Mi!!edi,i-\-i!le. -Mnf-H-.«n-t.r f..!"v II! ^' ........................ ^S'-'n* (^adill.-ic; one Pal(,'e .'!*; an<l one Paine »fi. All have electric «it:iM"r ninl el.c- trie IlKlitiH and in llrcl -• laiji condition. A. ,1. Ptatt'« (>arai;<-. 7,*,«f To Gel A Home . iM.uM'ii-v j,,,n '1 iii'll Ijlin.!' (hi n|- ntn!;! 1 j> (ii ><! |';\\ iticn Itclicr. \VliMi you |>;i\ fi'!il.,\iiu nr>' !iii\ dm ;i t'«u- some one else \uu \\ ill m-vcr own if. 1 FIRST ' NATIONAL BANK / HELP WANTED—MALE FOK »AL«--FABMJ[,AKDS MAPI, MissoPiu PAHM. It" CASH VVVN 'r i; i, i ;\ n ;i M i ;M -r ;P PAHM .HH! $'i monthly; no intcrc-t or taxes: i |.,,,,| <\,\\ | n !ii ,ta». f't.NJ. hii;lilv productiye land; clo-c to :i l»ii; I . S3-H4* inarktt" Write for photoura|i!'« and ; _ _ _ -—.-.--.— full iiifonr.ation. MIHIUCI A-17. N V WANTIOI * I.enrri harbor trntle—Hlg" ' r.stf Those Who Have Used The Gazette The lint bejow '-is only a partial llfit of farmci'H and others, who ad\ ci t!,«ed tlii'tr auction sale in The (iaxetu* last year: peter llermew l^rtil Schulcr " Thoiu,pson Itros. . JOM ph Maxwell. Mrs. Ih-nrictta Mrs, Christine .1. A. Hiorilon, Adrnr.» ' \ ' Kvelder !•'. A. Hoilj:e.s Hichard Covel \V, M. llopkiiiB J, II, t.aymiui, ,1,, P. Pawson /* Henry \\'i» Wm, Povd N. P, UaxmiJHttcn ..utto Jlruus Heu Alutlu'VVU iXr HtuiH .lotm llcalon U'alter P. Auytin II, ,\1. .lOhcrty W. K. llopkiiiH .Me.Mahon «V 1 John HaKcrman Mlackmorc Hros. . Mrw, ,), Ii. Coole.y, H. Htiy and John HtdnH ; . Kxr. (}, .incoliK - ,lom«ph-II; Kshh'mnn Jolm rirldloy ft Mon <;co.. i;, li.'iiuicini I'TCd, i,i'llo.\ TV'cMHllawn I''urm Co. A. W, I look Kd. KlM'KH Krfd IU Wiirner . liny UTX'Inrlr llrookH' Urns. . (leo. II. t'a«HCH8 Klmer Oyi'iraMh .(. f. Ajfen —Ml'f. .Mi'lie .1. S.. I .rrmtff" .I.-N, Kcccl. 10. A, AHlilint,' and A. It. .lohiiKon ,1. H, Mr«. PrainV Handiill Henry ,liicohn U*. P, I'tlcy and Charles Mnleay .11. .1. and P. U. Piill'H Pan! AiiKtwi Lapp K 10. Hammer Norman I', Dywon • Paul licelivxtn Mrw, Jolia Dampkcn \Vm. Ueldean .Montgomery Pollock \Vm. T. A t'. I/. Stinson, Aihnr. . Mr». N Adinx. ,lames Ussru Mat hew Jittd Mrs. >S, Ii. Ne.weoniei Wcinri* h HroK. A. it, 4telt?.e| I- 1 , o. Hinnley •••form 1 IX Hrown Mt.s, I p. .M. Melt Itell *li;|i lesi. Hosfi and Ijnrelirll t Sr Kline I 'Yank .hu-iih.s Harry It'. John and Uremia n . I-' lid 1 1 iHrllill.siill o| theie laiiiu^iH ha\i- ru'ii lln-)r aiietinn" ud\ ei I slA «!H>M, «ml wont-of Ulem iiavu puhll;.]iei] it(e)r t'llj hill It Paid Them-~It Will Pay You. llrf-f" I ioe«s not Tilwcys . work, but If It wnrl,« onrc In twi-iity it Is \\orlh knowing, i':i't-lt?— t«y utnl WILD BILL'S FAMOUS SMILE CAN CHANGE INTO A FROWN Hugh Jennings Tells How "Fighting" Disposition of New York Manager Showed at Times. According to Hugh JcimlnKH, the IH % troll maiiiit.'!'!-. who had several yciirs' w Ki ho a and .Mattel .laeoha. of .rcncy, ha\e returned home fn">m a three weeks' vHM with fticiid.s and relatives"in Haxtliut^. Net*. • - Mrs. 'Andrew Wilson, who has been i|Ulte i!i l« repotted tn he runViil"M'iiiK: and is now able to be out daily. Vh/n!c~ Tader, \v?i<»- IfjiM been par- tiMlly paral>/:<'d is repotted to he *lrad- IPaward Cruse motored-to Cliieano on hiiHin,-.- today. is fmffrrini: from an abM'cs.« on her nei.'k.^ The HuperllUcO.diMd ,of thf H. I>. * K Ht.reet Car Company, will leave Htindnymorniiu: for Atlantic City, when- he will attend the Atneiloan Klcctrle liail- way Association 'Convention.' xrvv I'-itu SAI.IV- -rciu;. i;x- traeteil or in eofnh \Vilt deliver In Sterling aial .lloek Kali". I.. HOIIHI-. Hell !i^till. (.'all tnornitii,', noon or K'-nd one i!i>Ua l!o>; -U'x, |{u< k I'OTATOPS A. SPKCIAl.TV IN CAR lot* from growers t" ni'-rchants. Por prlct M wlie or \\rhc. OIIH Kurij.'.nir, I'etroi!-, Alliin. ' .Sl-s,"«* .ui: SAIJ; i I.M; i-'nu-o TOCKIM; ear in u-odd ciuidiliun; J-'. N. I'ates, Hoiin,! i;ro\.', HI. ' , x>-S7 exjicrli-nec wlih the Kiihji'ft of tht« otdi, hnoklof lltiit fiitnotts Knilto .of Wlltl "HH1 has lost his Mnllo on any 'number of occasion.*," 'wi.s Iluwlilo. "1 cnn recall IIUHUTOUS In^tnnceH when tin 1 Tlp-r's were (l«htln« for tho JH-H' limit 111 tllllt IU11 11HI7, !!«)!», 1 UH Of t|MJ ItS llhl any of \\w of tin. Kcvcrul wcokw In Jho season of rs were In front, but they on tho Mnckmon." Thfti cnino ti Hcrlosi \vltli Cleveland. Just CORN CARNIVAL Will b»~ Held Wednesday, at tho East Colpma School. Preparations an- heiiiK conij.dpteil for llie corn carnival to he nivt-ti all"iliiV \V."ilnc>d-i.s. MCI. II, at the Colotnu it l-'.ini- H.'boolH are iaklmr part KOH SAI.I-; OXK TKAM MPI.KS. • 'heap if (akin at oiu-e. i-'.-ilr, llel) AVflV ItPN'T, tMt PAY i. i '«t--)'KH act e for land, wh-'-n j ">i can bti.\ o,'i' = of the h.-."t farm- in SI'-ph ; -n-'_.. th" liaimer a^rO'iilture count %; of I' hoin * for j'tS f i(t p.-r aer»- '{''n acte 11 all'b-y.-l |-ich"»ioll. Hnlt.ihle' for \VANTKD-.HPNCII ANI> >'-^'» lll t - mulderfi ant! m«'ii to learn muhltllK ,.. i'-..'. ...... - -- *«>, *.~ tamed here. like* H>ftem of war- tii-r Cnitrprt in t bt» -I ''-- >^----«'>3 hrancu_ f.-«-lii, f .N and ^liops. Write for catn- I.ii!. Tri-City Barber C,ollf«o. It.lii (<tre.-|"'-Moline. Ill, oats. I'.iin 1 . cotton, dailjinc poultry.'! -on acre-* in ••..iltlvatlon; balance pa.«- i 'f""'": ' llful l'> ! '""'''*- , tnti-, L' «ood set* improyi-yiM ntH, K>»H\ iielKliboi-M, orchard, market, «i tmlis in oil belt. Part 1erm.«. ',<",, P.alanee fan* l< funded if not »H rept-esenti-d. . Cood St..july wf.rk. I't.itt M.ilhahle Iron \Vork-." .foltei. Ill, FOR EENT MiST- AP.tU'T TKN PAY< Ad*. lu-lvyieii l-'ifth and TVnih Axennen, ir.rm- t'eil sweater. Uewaid. OPKICK HUITK. JOHN Harphatn Block. IU'11 phono 776-1. 61-86* WANTJS1* ; \VA\TK!» Til UKNT KAU.M, AI!<>rT ' i-ti'r-TiTrT^rTn.'iir I'inl lll«h HtoeK', -fei d and illlpiemeiilH Will. (.rive lihl-ral »»iiare. Kxperlciu-eit farrmr. \Vnte ",S" eare liuzeiti-. U'A.\TI-:P TO In- the onrnival and «rs> the Hlyl-rdalo, u-aeher, .\lif<,s Amy HIvltN; Swan I.iiko, . traeher. *titt<* I'MHh Ifayne.s, and Kant I'olomit. teaehi-r. Mlsis Anna. 1. Inn. Thf ptoyiam h:m -not yut lieen eoiniih''U'<l tnii will he ready for puMlcat Ion Jhc firm of tlie wei-k, Th«' followtni; m«'i) will vIvc intereKHnwr talkn: Prof. A»M- t'ln. fonnty Snpt. II, P. Price, and It, 1-1 1-IeJl'Jr.lckjJ. .. /\!h!e(M'_ JJpurlH Will lit' tin' chief t'litertalnmeiu of. th« raorn- IIIK. and u pieulc dinner will ht> nerved at noon. At 2; 3D tAloek "ttm program will In? T.his school I>ini8'e Wl—be iilied '"w-'Ull dilTeiellt- of the children's* work In the four UJf*. feri'-nt j Considerate Stateeman. ; "Of courso you hnvo .voiir own Ideas About what tho govern'mi-nt ought to do In a crlglt£" "Yc«s, Hut 1'ra not . awythlnR. Maybe Uio govern- ninnt mil' to-act -80 there won't bo timo to listen to all the I covlA mako ou tho eub- Joot."— Wnshlnyton Rtnr. THREE W A ROW White Sox Blank tho Cubs For. Good ' Meuiure , 111, Uet. Joe , ,l.n l»s ill SOLDIERS BACK /Second Illinois Infantry Arrived in Chicago From Springfield Today, 'Idcax'i, ,IM, I'tcioln-r 7. Th< iiip iif Chicago troops .arrived lo- Wi'iit Upt'li » ha'Mnij i.iinpaye Nes.- : ,|., v fiuin Sprim:ticld Tlicy were the tfnlay. and now the White Ki^ need ,^ t ,c<>iu! Illinois infantry of nboni i.ouo old> one more vlclory t« flinci'i lh» ; men and they value in three i Chicago .ti is-eball fhrJinploii-shii'. ' M-.«ln- ;',-,,-,, m S) i inKlield. \vlu-re they \ven ly bei HIM' u| three doubles dcli'/ei c.i by "(lie -taiuflll hiilltll Md>' uillllcld- er, llie \\hile Ho\ i,»ked in their thin! stuiijslit \ictory met Ihe. Cult», .and i! |h«» pni e iMilltlliUes flu; M-fit-H \\t!l lie over lonlslit, The >,coi y \\u>; .'to u. and'SinK«tn!i Joe M preil two rinii.-t :,u:i,' knocked tlu> othci otic ill- . • . Pp lo SvHlenhij JaekHoll had onl 1 onw me.iwly little ft ralch hit tn • h's _.- .-'.-' credit. No donbl he felt ham'slut'ed Lpuis.V/. Hill i* Now Legally in Charge liver'.the hf.ite of jillaiis The -I'lrsl • of SIOO.000,000 E*tate. he w:»* up he u. ted an if mi. uVUuu i "HI. (•,,,,). .Mirut,. o»:t. 7.'•••• Pom'' 1 - W. tu il^lit -ill IUK yvrui'm-H in one afict- , (j ,, ,,,..{„. v M..- ( iiy pa.sjied .into c<.i:-..|ol liooir The t.coie l>y Ituintij-: i( (\j. .J|i';,) t.unt nun cya.ale iti-VuH l'.i' ( :cr, White Ho\ . H 1 1 1*0 1 M «l ' :!.•>""'j,,H^,. j Hill, b.titder 'and pi ...i ! i- a li). i 0 II O O II miiN .l.'lHit asiil v< (ttv'lied'J liein parade lu'Hic armoj-y._ ,\U of liie Holdicr : bov H are iu:h-| th.-Hi t.herc urc 'Mien t' 1 W AN'TI3L>-~T.O li U- Y UKK I : ,l »O'TT-1,15H ami all kimlH of junk. Will call fui it. It. • l.annfoni. . Jioth phones. - - ........ ----- ........... ..... -V03-K?* WAXTKD— flnCO.ND-IIAXD. AUTO- price LOST upi-TN KAPI-: WATCH,-i;oi,i> i'a,"e. l,e.;Ve (l,t J'aKKl'tt'^ I'rut; Store nnd tei.-e|yc reward. s 'i* ^ _ ..-a v« •! )it , ,jT7:KNT AI'"Ti:K NOV. I. STUK'T- A H.'lj ^ ',,,',„'[', ,„' -7-i-oom lioiivr- on ear HtU'. -~^j fall al I 1 10 Kii-t Fourth St. r'r«'<l W. n-ri;.. *3-*6* PUBLIC SALE. n the .John IN null home- it 10 a. m., 'lead. KJlnaled '„' lidleH MMllh of Colcla, 10 inllesi nnrtluvect of St.erllo;: iind I! VhlleM northe.-iMt. of Morrison, the fo|- lowini; properly: 10 Head of Hiirses- I Itlue riVitt Perrheron mare, -I year." old, weitiit,'. 1.1'Mi; I Kt'ey IN-'rclM'ton i;eldln»:, 3 yearn old, weight I,I'M); I' l'i ; rrticron nwrt 1 ?'; " yrnn ! fiit PI:NT SIX-I'.HHM MMPKIW lioiiKe. One ,l.d«.ek ,- from car llnf. Am.^ Put k hold. V; •'' i:'n!.t Kant Tldnt St. i 7U-84* - itKNT- PPPNIHHKP HnOM, !>.',.I-'ir«l Ave. SI-83* "ill iq:NT 'l'Wi> CH'n'NI' Pl.OOH flout riM'in-- fiirninhed for li^'ht tiouM.I«-« Mrs. C, !•'.' .Smith. «08 Pol-nth. Ave.. ^*!,5 )it HI:NT i HOOMS. CALL |uii7 Piftti. Av«\_ . ' _. h2 ii, will pay the • Alito KOI) nil kinds of r«n»HlrH. thn fiTrTiillor. TioTFt 3HtJ FOR SALE RSAL EI5TATE b'OH DKK1HAIJLH- 9.-HUO.M fifxlh Kt. lit 409 Went Sixth .St- j [irtce. rsti I'OU SALK r,-KOO.M HOPSIO, Colt- jier lot, loili Heyenth Aye., Kterlim;. -i , N S1-K3* Ort SAI.K (Ht UI'IXT-- lloU.SH AT 310 Kaxt Thlnl Ht..Hock l-'alls. hot foFwaTe, "I,. rrWlie.4er.-~ 7' No. fi rnlxcil, S!>; Cample prado weight 1.000 each; 1 Ijuy mate d'river, j |.'»i|{ itKNT- STHICTl.V •- fni niched front loom i»-| lis T-'in.- location... Write "A, R,'"' S2-83* I -I \-< a rn, olij;_. .1 lU'ey. Pi-riJitii .a i'j""year*-old. weight l.ft&ti; ,1 hay HH- 4ian man 1 , 3 yearn old, AVI iuhi' I.f.'Mi; I wor.nil h(i.r.*tc, 13 year.s old.- weight I.pio; 1 frivy. mure, 14 years old: 1 Foil KKNT I'PUNI.SHiri) , UOOM,.. with- hoard, 'i >,'enilemi-n preferred. . nuilc. Kooil workur, \veinhi ^0 Head of 8heep- 10 head of i;ood | .t |.; a! 4| Seventh, corner lal'Ke ewi'H WJIPbe breddiy day of f«a|c^l :.i hint sprint,' Jainli.". and 1'l '•«. i t»\v»ld ram. Farm N, ont 1 3 weeiioii and one -i .section; ;--1 Oilv«*r, with-(*• mower, 7-foot cut, side dilivry lui> nike; foot dump hay rake; Peering 'ilrnler. cut W, acren. 8-foot tnit, ten- ^ue, trnek^ HncceH.H manni HELP WANTED—Jb'iJM) t-KHiiK. -plow*;--1- Oliver, with *.»<I t.o|- ii.'r'i r ri VoP\'k I "\Yt\~ TO VS-~" 1rIT pr T * trv - t -^h,- r rrt^^^^ Mm-; I pnlyerli'.itn,' inUTuw .or surfaee '•' s "' . "",,;.„...,„'. . -„ xatf ' v-ulllvaior; DetTO hay loader; Peering J!21L^™J- . U——-^ U'ANTKP A Xi:.\T, CIJOAN HOPSK- ' keeper In eoumry, ily. Hell phone, L'il7*U,'!. ne In funt* ' S3 llayt-H coni plainer, with wire; '.' rlti- WANTKD- <UIU. OK Wo.MAN KOH n corn plow*. 1 , \ylth .shoveln. | housework in family of two. No, ;i mixed 17: No. ;i uhite No. 4 urfl . . JiarUfv Sample "j '.',•»! 7S. ....• .••7-%: Stnnd- i 1 I7'i. : Urahd Uttiuur- Murtiiw plow (m!\v»;j s r n--vva«liin« or ironioK. tliKh W;IK»»S., t AH|iiti\vall potato planter; I fotir-.j Apply at oiH'c to MJ-K. John (touli) :jor><t' Iloov'er dlfjKer; 1 potato eutter; j HalKtoii, ^IM- Kant Chamlu-rlaln St.. '^ Jscfllalor -rhoh Mind; Chatham fannhiKJ Ijlxon, 111. Phone KfiHK, ' X2-84 -,4 nlll; llin-o AvjiKoris, with hlnh wheels! . --------------- .',, --------------- --- - ---- - • ..... • "i extra Ifilile hoxex. M, loiiKiie »\!th lop; MpiiitK wii.«on wheel- trtii-k v\aj-a!ii: aay rack lunl hox nick comhinoJ; tM<n-|. STERLING CITY MARKETS, 'd I/ally.) (Monoa Dillon Company-) STERLING BOARD OF TRADE Maxwell atul Qnlnli'va'n Mcuihcr itivirtl of Traiin, . HI., Oel7 PUT, Low "Clow '•Wild Bill" Donovan, prior to tin- r l*ij;cf-N"itii ciu:«jictnc»t the Clcvchiiul .„ leiitn hud played thrtV gome.H \\itii the AihU'lic* a>nl had H.HCI! fn-cond ,«lri!ti; piit-|-,cr?i. When Dot mil .showed nil l lav Nap:* h;nl Joss, HliiiniU's, .Muon'" l,U->,'- mid Mcnjhjird really and, \vc «cn» heiitc» in iht'ci' '.; • • the third .S.-HHC I .\l«•!>.! a fc« ja\\Ht;: with AiiiiH' Jo•»'-«. Hill joiiifdus and iijjn iii't'Tward Uhoadey i'd in. Then !>•.'<• J'siyne, ihc Cievi>- i'S.OS No ,'! yellow" corn • . s;It New Nn I yellim . m n . . ML \\ idle o HH .Mi No. ^! mixed n if !„'( V,'-hi,,it, No -' . .1 Mi, llyn ...• ,._,,}. ,. !>n. f , . • . UUi Live Stock, (J'lppcrt Uroii. vfe Cue.) Cows family of four, one ax cook, nml ono y\ as M eond inahl. No WahhilJK OP -irtmlnu. HlKl'<'«t wapew offeriMl, A|>« jdv at onrc to Mrs, II. '(Ii HoynohlH, 1:07 Cah-na Ave.. iMx.oju... IIJ,,. Phono- in,'.-;.*, . ' 82 » 84 •k;. Ste'rliiiK Portable com elcvatot ...-i!S .feet of'-ihirK^ i"t huriie. ^iasii •.•> ciiKinc; -I pump Jack; laiK< >h'cij « trrnlc; 7irilk tank; !''<• ho\; Mack- : •-- - -™ —• ..anvil and vine; for we; itrind- W'ANTKD S tilK'I.S Tu WOHK AT done; luitiil corn Hlieller; 2 «ood hay [„ jioultry house, fl.fiU to f^' per day, op<-.s : , «>ai'li Itin feet; 1 hay cai.rici: Id( i'.dl I Sell 171-1, S.-S6* • iVood track; 3!) cfMtieiit b.|ocl-,-i, plat- j " ,~~"~ J T[;r'r7".' .ViTJ" • '" . ~~ "JT"* Arcade l,i(i(ndry. VI tf't fl.. . . C*«*OO seed potatoes, l-'idl M-t of j 'l ; 'i "'" fuinUiire; 1 PeimiHular htird I . ,. . . •out Ntove, lar^e f*l}!e; 1 Pcnni.snlaj j ' n ., •> T r\ A rv -THIreka <-IiW4l ".-u' ; ri;'u;e. "Jiiilll OAR kQAJU- T.Tr;-.-;Ttfirttfttj:rT-uH" (Htbrllm? . Oairy ..,.,.. $ 7. t»o sj ii. MARKET. Hlore.) M It i;.'r.." CHICAGO STOCK' MARKET. Chlra«o. 111.. Oi •(" 7 ' , , |'.».|.i»':l I" Tlltei lui« « man I'M mf • "Tinliiii;.; (ov\ard .!';(> lu>, ho-yell.'d ; t. UH P ' ..if" it,, s .;: Ill' !•' II tli.c. P V\ iliialn- i ' J 1-1 n - iii-'!- '<• ti '< '•! p;:tti-~.-,.li.. t I's .Hl.v >liui <>lii-l H _ creamery butter ..,..". ..3Si D«lry— Whplei»le. •)ahv ImttCr • ............... ........ Sp« "'refill i'j4};K ........ , -.•,,.,. r: . , "i.v -New II«nl.lctttii-«v per "clury, each .... "in.'Ulnhe|'*i. each i HC r.c ..35r . ..r»c (iilotn-r '-'I l'< -S^ ;r,Ciirload <ip clioicc '.\i ; w York a|iple:i, which I am ;r: n f & yK •&•,- ',.!;:,;• n : ; :; i ri • ^< • • ^v.-: ON -,-..M -MTUKKT •libber Href, 4 t job Miewi: one ^'-piis' tender iiiad call, with .thill-- and pole; team hartn'MH,' all I i-j inch: Si yuk, 1; ap|.u^ *r^tt-i^^ hni'iieHH; i hre>ikiie.> •olIai-H, etc.. Terjns*: AH nijin-i uf jnd under. ca*ih, Ov» ~r> T i'TirTir""nTr"TiM'"»irt'ir^''WiTr'Ce"irnT-7ii'^t at ti'i. from date of *a!.-,, paid -vln-ii dnc. If-not m paid ','•;• wiH i» •hair.ed. • H, 1». Hurrinnii.n and Ward 'com, Auctioneer^. 'M. K. \V-ilKcr, cicii; O. E. PEUGH, Proprietor. . eyeiy .Sainrduy giving away Tooth Powclt«r. immc. Atl- HL. 24 HEAD QFCATTLE. A I MO at'- the wam«? time and Hie !.'..:«; I . I , >, ;I.,VN, -:•'; " "/.- ^>" ••: ; .. . ;v.t i i clkrn vx '-j : V.; - K., :/ .vilnti- S'.. ','; V(. i;,i i- -,:i'.- " No ' .' miv'd U'a,f h-ttuce, Ih ,.., !lcei»,- hunch ,,.,,..,,, "it'Ccll |H'ppeft«, dozen New cald^'UBc, Ih. •,.,., * ':- Fruit. ^rarigeM, Cuiff,, doiicn , I AMUunSj <}or,i>u ,. Tomatoes, l|j. .., *we«?t poIjtl.Kia. '! llu*. . •RUSSIAN Official Stotoment Snys Pu - : -Has Lost 6,<MX),QW, Men. P'.-iUii. <:,/i, 11. i. V l-:n'.,-.'i;j 1,4- ,,u;.ii»,'t!j|,i ini'ii dmiiif. the lu'.it t\\ i<> i .} JIM- n.:i- I ••-.ij ikm ..._!'.!.!.;••..u^Mi'fi-r' !<">i tin! ti.r- r-i,:.:.;| .. • • i ••>' - U? i. i:,.-!itji!*|'ii iv '.' .fr;-.'.'c,.. .Jin' U\n I'll <-|:-,, -ili-l .i-'ltW iderslwiied Vyjll sell "I hend of caithf, l\vo-yeai'ii»UV«teCr». wi-ijihiiu; around .,OGU; 7 .vi'lirling-Mtecrs; \3 heifers, part if these art* heavy springs., Al*.i u few tood.hull*. GEORGE SCHNEIDER. ' STOCK SALE, * P'-liis.; oyelhtiH'ki-.l I w i!l, .*,. II .al pisbm i.ilc'un my fiirni, i mile ca-t <«|' Cult-tii. i mi)i',-i'hi)!Uli uf Mtltett.'cv ill.-. ! t mdeis . -•oMh'-ii.^ ,,f SlerUii^-, FHIDAV, OCT.; ij). Ilurlcfis I'eWiN evei\b-:'..1> at t.u.oa,l ah.- iniiiit diatcly after ..n-Hcad of j .ViUt • falxe.i by. jiiij'e '• "a i i! •-..m." i.iavy .pitiiMei>; two »->cai '.lii lteilVr>:' is- '-\ car-'oiii s(_r(.'l'.x;-.^^ e;i| i.... , me' Siiort ' lorn -bull', 2-.years old. -f.-.tia! ti-inS' ;' \Vard Cl'g'm,- J. '<'. Cl'-i'i Aiu ! t>m. c| 1-1 '(. i''-: Hno\, i.'lerk. ' •• . ARTHUf? OEETS. , ; . u, i. i: : ;. '•;'!'»._ i i ' STOCK SALE. The 'iinde.rfd',;iu-d' vv';>l hold .1 .'-ti-''i. .-,il.- II ti! v - pl:ic.' i. f l-i •:.;.;.,"• '. -A '-• Illll": • -.ini-iiw,-.,t. ,,f poi... ,„ • VVEDWF_SOAX,« S.W; Lehman, M;D. Special offic* coniultant, iind diieaiet of women and oh!ldr«n. w. K, DUNMORE; Eye «ni|',Hcs»!th GLASSES CORRECTLY FITTED rn«nUL TBHUNa » B. Third A. q> HUBBAEP, Have purdiass^d tjie^jlno.. 8j.Arfy_ fi0ld note* of th« Original Survey of Sterling and Rock'Fallf, ROBERT, W. BESSE Sterling, Ml.

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