Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 7, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1916
Page 4
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fAdE FOUR STERLING. ILLINOIS. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 7.1916 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD S ' X t V ' M ' ' : ! > \~ \ ' \ '•; t'i-,1,!r >..-•' t uiU t: ' '' '••- -' •'••' •'• i ! > \v. i;.!; ' \ I vi ' '.'•'• •• --• < ^ >•'. t;.M'--; •- ».•! I'-sMr >-. • - < ifl». /•-. !U ' '• • • ' 'S »:':;,( Sti . •< ' " '.-,., I-'." .-K » I •':•'.- -' M.•'!•'• TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION Jly Mail, Out_siflf of S**rh«(j aruf Rock Fj^fjif Anyyvticrft tfi tHf* Un*^**^ ...• St*t«* or Carts^s i year !:i a-! 1 . in< •• . t ' ^* rnoni};« in .'I--!-, fi' •• - '•- '• IJ»-«R thrin His. in.'tsth" i"-r ttionih .'."•- fiy Carrier In Sterling or Rock Fall*, t >' or by Mail »t the Sterling or Rock F«ll» Po»toffice On*« year in ml vane*' *•' "" ' Six rnnntbr In advance- ......... :.'"•" • •• Thre<? months in ndvarfe 1 "i Onn month in advance.- t'. ^ By the week, pavnble to I he carrier :1" ''"' _^_ ^_ ^,, .^.v..^., -^..-.-- J i, . [ ; j t:. f f; ll- • t ~ '.<'•' '•> iti* •>.!.' •••* !.>n-, . -i-i > • ' ' i *'!.-; i ;» 1 >;t . e.-t ,.. .*;.,! s ;» 5 ,,'-•-, \h V, )! ..«!! :it!.| LI.-: • •-•• w ;':; '-•• TI;--) •: r!'' '' 1 i i • . .- I \ >, ,-..'!: i *,RO8P£RITY srt't *5 HI •• $'« > »• ;n.'i ••»,.,,- 'I'.. . =;.!;. v, •-:•'! : , - :>•..< !,. , ,, 51-.;.. ~.M.. f. A..,- ,,.'. «l;,. :_Ji. rn I!,"' !..-.- i,.-. 4 • > . i -- ' * • > i | • 1 M . ' i ' ' 1 ' * * ' S ' f. -••« -'••*• f ! iv •! , ! IM- f 1 jVtT}i<n. : )I *„;., t',"it fVi *~'1\ ' -'>fn*- Th'i( run; ,r* ?* , "••' "•'!,-" !n fn. ; .vj ?•'•'•• ' '. .-,..' ?;... I ••'»• '•' , , •,,,,,,. J :.-'••:•! - f i '•'-•-! 7K-:-t • •<' rr- f- ••!:,,-! urs IM: h... -• "," ;: t MM : at- i 'ni!-'ll J^ttdc-i is rti'if' f ;. <? > .t.-e.i n '.v;i r 't muyi fi rminrll* i.'irrlt "T of Ui the '(l4H<-«f !I1'< DIDN'T WANT US IN In reply lo ihi- off repented st.-i!t>- f-Vport olfjrinl lnoiT,<l!i' ncl- Ihcni. th'T**- f -.!*tiK' f • iTit-nt that I'rcsidetit \Vil*"n lm« kcic ti« out of war the llepublienn tijp1l"ii- T(l( , Mlt . ;tt ,<niiie* . ftl (ommlftee h;i« r-VolM'd the r--m;_ _,.,(,,,,,.,, j ,|, (s , <,* r F«-«tioti Mr Wil«<ui didliot k'cp (,,,.,( ,i v p.irtM of i<:!ij;i! munitions. tiis Mijif'Ih'S for I-jiinM 1 ''. h-tX'«' fo>i- T |>i»r «-cnt of UK- ls iD'Uloti, Tiiirinc 31.7 ,kcep \i# out, ni'in out r-i.t of the total Either make vuu or K"-p UN out I""*,,,,, rt «, ; ,j \ (i , r );ii(, w.icn tiurmal war. l!'*ih viife.« ii«-< i-.fedly nn-l ill"- : ( ,,,,,)$(j,,n-* |-it-.y?rih-d, 'the exports of tlnetly watiled u-i to k-e.-p out. N« -|i her ; U|f , l:( , u ,, v ,, |1 ,,.-,,,, rt ,-,irle-i ; itnoimtf.l to l"-ni-fi! / WHERE WE'LL ALL STOP / Th- proprietor ot o^- ,,r y<, n tUe tip(i|fie. in--tofii ir» bis e.«saii||<!,i>, rnenf. \lt> lia««, (ti additif-n, rnivf-d the uaf»*-« nf the ecm|i!oyee.M rone»r'n(>d. and !m« Kheii noiit*- that any of thorn who n'loney from |>«tK.ns, ,for nr>r- vices rendered in t fie regular conrnn of 'duty, ^^ ill Im di«charjri'd. i There will naturally' be a demand for the rtariK' of the hotel in <|nrsl!nn, bul the rnntterj of must (»> I" «• < Into Ill yt-t\r e did l '" 1 j-emtijiK .luni- '3i> t IHI'.!, with the war In Klime. "file Amerie:tn fn" Wlltit to tfel in V> " bad no i-«-:i<"-ti ; (ul| (,!_,«;{, «lie exportK nf tu K' t in and every n-a.-'on |o stay out ' Tb" alii- •* wan'ed our ammutiltion, i HUl»plle.«, our niolus. \Ve have hi mi ; more valuable H. "them on! than ":;,,, ,,, j i.;.;,|.,, j;i, v;,;. Tlml 'Kain wont,! Ihft war . .',.,, ,,„. W . II4 ,.* ,,, ,,ver'u r-iilli<ui and An IHiiMiation Is made ,,f ihe tic t ; n,,,.«t 'iptarter tiien for a year at'i -M .'HitotilUcil to $L'.7v!-.20;i,- u.iin in !h<- «'.\-|»i>i'f;»tli)n of 'tl'jIcH iilniii' amount - tiii • thnl MeKlnlvy n bdo\od <\;\) for i -ai-li worklnjr 'lay. Ho mi |, oder lie ilhl not want war, .,,,,et, Spain.. ..Jtu h«--Ul .tin" -u«. li»i»+r-««i-- hle, llr>^ttie ( | (lenpel.lteiy to ke»')ij, the ooiiiitry 'out of war. He had in*en > j»v| ttmli. tn war muti- ,fvtirF. tint th,r mfirr «: Is O'|lially Jltlpoftatit, It widely known tit the brflve- arid onter- t'tiwinif proprietor, CAUGHT ON THE FLY ('hlcaRK showed her patriotic «plrit when shf offered joli* t, ( tier soldif ; r- -tii iris ::-.\ < u Tf-.-:t>- iu.Ui...,»-,. fm ^...^l^s^,.^ ^ .-••• :- Mr.". Nisiii l'..t!e-r !.'i:!.i h l',.v.'e -Nit,i IV-rkins. M.iti- ;ui."l Itit-i. .I.trru-* and r-:ll-/.jiticrti t!ejn Jenriio M,I?T!H-W nccompanist. Sob. ,Mi».-* V.MIIH;. .-jccompri- uie.ij l,y Mr« Nina r.itte.r. I'oon Si'j;c-- Arthur ''arl^on n;n! Hnv ANNUAL CALENDAR Of the Woman's Olnb Was Distributed At the Meeting this Afternoon. NEW SHCK TIME hoy«! wh« eamo Imr-k from lhr> htinlor Joh|e«.«. X,,t only offered johs, hut off. re,| tlii'tn wo lihi'inlly (lint iiltnofit any kind of a |ohles« solill. r ,'nn pleU out the kind In- like.H. i:\t-ry diiy'meii Hot all over the eity, find t;iutzi'tt»t «t a of time fry t r .iuiy. find ttr l>«iy fnr thnn h;is a * *>ii>otvd by mi overu helmimr. maj.«rl- j.. nil ,,, supplier for th*< arrnles, tin-re ty. His people li i'd tJit-It (..n-i»U nci - j,.,« ht'cfi j»erlini«! iidlitiK off in other <. The IO.«H in ordinary exports^ In htm they would have followed him, anywhere. Yet with nil KM to ^ ,i« diMlnuiiUhcil from war eStp«-rtn, McKlnlfy could not j«t.-ive off war. he] |( , t ,)„, f'tuca c-ould liol hold back I In- tide of puhlhj jj.Vs,;: iii.les, opinion. Nobody in ihi* wnntfl war. The lieiniblicnn committee Insiptttj | 11|(% , n ,. total IUFH would reach tho that When war \\ua inevitable tt A<-n««f ,,,,, !))|)U •„„„,„„, it ( $2,700,000,000. Tho •tn- ';rrp tl« rnrtrrT lum Y,,;7~r "men wliTch HtlCtl n lOSS Of yenr of 1916 timoiintinl to yiioiilil llio HUildcn cml- thi- war result In tho return ovpurtH in tho normal, therwV the ',' \Vliy ,'" Nobody knowsi: Hal>it ptohnhl.y It Is tip rttmli en- thii*ia.«m nvi-r the MK ponnant 'l la -t '-I t" ht« played «n r.-sr away from homo anil- wrms to ho -eonredod i,,,, T!H> nim-teenltt annual calendars of tho Wtetlint; Woman's Club were die-, Iribnted thi«< afternoon at thi* first meetiiii: of the ^f.'iHon of IMlii- Iftl". I.iko all prei:i'it!i!i: ones they are very attractive and tell -fxplielty thf events for tile t'ontinc year, the program oirt- line the namrs of itx mfinlMTM, those who "nre .deceased, (hi- coTixtittil ion and by- law.-;. The Hlerllriir Woman'M Clnii wa« fir- uanl/.Mltin 1>'.'^. Joined the State Federation in IV-ID, and the DlstVlct h'«-d- 1'iation in I!»ii3. Tlie. club monllimd are the Hr.ft and third SattirdfiyH In the club room, at »;30 o'chM-k. Fre if the State Federation, "IIMiioK" The officers of tlir- club are: President- Mr-«. H. S. l\«-'hr. Kirxt Vice I'resident-'Ml HOMECOMING DANCING PARTY. /, —. j The Delect danefnj: party plveri by. Social Wa« Enjoyed by 125 PeopleJthe f ii^d T-VII..WJ. Tmirsday ew-nin^w-a« ' Lust Evening 1 . . ',• ' , » wlbAL NAMED from t>aKB !.> The "home cutnliiK" social i;iveli,by <f I'reflbyterlan l«nlics' Aid ,«toc by a f«lr crowd." Hull's r. nr-.«t.r)t fumtHied ina»i(» ,-^ (-ni-e by f\{*t remark*. concerning union foro tho «(nrt. It mny ho poralMo to mateh this weather, lint nher IrayfUng o\e r moit of: tho rnnriiry Wo ttuixl remark wo novcr met nny »uch pl.u-o. Did you? 'MlHS Kdith '\'i>''<- 1 'resident" .Mrs. Stark '. Mrfi. t'. J|. hit H derided to join the tittle* hilt It Ifl rHldpnt Mho would like t<» \Vlth-all the people..! thin countiyj , A| .,,, .('trade would thiuw out of cm« a^iiinxt War it .would be ju^t about '»-" j ,,),, V i m .iit i- ap|«filliii>r. im|Mip«lble for U ilhon t*. «d H.H Into wat j 1_ rxcept bv t.,,1...- n,onu.,,eut ; ,l blunder,; A FORTUNE FOR A MAID . I « (<t ' nt ;> th^.rm-c the lant L «, -lt-'w^s-rTn'-MrKtntr r --rTr-trrTr7r-nK7";\-^7 m '--lT~ t 'm from - lbt» wlm---- — out. This nation i« not ih lluf"! Jatuille« >acriiiic-d un Inhcrilnnco «jf «nv OIIC'M inan'w vjill and purpose. ;(„ niariy Ins mother's 1'Yench ntald. >lr. the wntllUelll ot the n hole people a<* jcali.s llli.'llll.H to. Hat'l'IflCO \'ery tew of »» may know what It fortune h« Should in fliHiiiC to keep country out of trouble The one Kreat •jiiewtion the vnleri need How to i mixider in vvhat will Unt many a ninn knows what It> to win the «irl oC his heart. ltejwe<'li the. fdrl and tllO fortllllO. few .men'In love would find It, hard to ficrmuny IHIH Cut 'down th»> alloxy- anco e>f print pn|it>r that may foe uned In np'wspnpor*! to one-hnlf the usuTil prttportioiiK. l>(»th love and fortuno, could r«»m»-«. \Ve .will; be in more dntutor nfter tho war IM over than w« ore.! '^Vhy should not a mlllionairo'N HOII now. Thlf* couniry will be thr* "«< % j.mnrry u, maid, if ho loves her and rich. |,eae«>rnl nation If twelve orj | 1IXIM )ljm fifteen powerH can unite to crush £.L_O<Tniun>' wliat i» t«> tiro*enl them irom tinlUng .to bara.«N thin, country and many complic<ttS«t«-t!+Ht it will e iire4it di|ilonuu:y and a HtrnnK of (otvf if ry to ovcr- Tin* chiiiiee* are that thin pno »vho HUM been rnnkini; h«?r ..*>.>* II - UvlliK is, num» worthy thnn tho l)oy tejp Kh»< rniift he eai able, cnltunnj and Dillon. K, Ma rev, Corrox|iondinu Secretary- Mrs. Hoy A. Crawford. Trwi surer— MI.HM l)ai»y llarphani, HI I' Standing Com.aUlleeM: rshiu—, Mrs. Hay Ort-ene, l''riday aiid ciitirch affHIntlonn, the blfK'k«mlth'» union. : What the church itM-ds In 'pep,' ViiiReP iind more" T fJeTui»," tie " LIOHT ALL VECHICLES (itorkfofd Hopubllej Tlu; neepHHlty f<»r si law' compelling •nt nlKht hn« freiiuently been piuintod wit, nntWiH forcibly ImpreHKei upon IIM by tlie tragedy of hint Simdny un the Trask .hrlilK<-> road when come. That I.H the rencon thune who have HhoiititiK for prepanulncMH have WorltitiK m> earnestly, A combination of the powers now ilermanx'-. c«a»W . eatdly Bend Htm — mitJ s »br Amortra taM VVP could get -In s iib «-riiiple u« hefore ID tyslNt. It in ti-iu- we huvo trvaties that »hoiild pr<>- t*»ct us but when the t\ur ' Hplrii IH inrnpiint treaties anvtoin into anrt trampled in the <t»«t. ilil nut hav«> held tJio ptiico xttT* had. . , ilow tni(n.v doll-brained daushtprM of rich, T*<hotiK who .tlu'Mf money- mlKht lirayi> hwii gUltV<TJjr-|)aye their »on marry, of love, 'think you, or as (*a|f<0/l« of .I'Miienlly Ujving, n» IH on<- RiM'kfonl iiMin'. wan killed. - TJ^mt-— why- ii cfirrluut' or .-rltf v «h-i*'iid ho permlttfd to irnvt;t at nlKht 'lildiiK our ... t <vri> '.» .. wll Iwut ...... Huhts nt any khid, H "Is ImpoxMlhlo to nnder8tand. 'ICnna Suavely, Mrs. J. IX So«rlal---Mrs. John Platt. .Mrs. W. P, ttenson, .Miss* l-'loreiioe K, PcnnltiKton. I'ronratn — Mrs, Chun. Ha«le, Mrs, Ifalfle .Kbcmtle. Mrs. D, L. IJjit'kwotth. ;- Wm;"-.trrirrsr -MtBH r/iirnTrsylnr, ~ --Mn«. '!, K. HlMhoji. Mrs. A. !•'. Moore, Jr.. Miss Kdnit Jtt'od. 'Philanthropic— Mr*,' Hay (ireoie. Mrn. I'reston Crandon. Mi«« Cora If. Coe. Houm'" Mi*,« MafKarft Hiuc. Miss ICntma K. Davis. Mrs, 1C. LeHoy Gait. Hefre.HhnienlH ••— Mrs. (leo. DttMurray, Mrs, Dora Mrs, CeeU'Weleh, N'omlnatitiK- -Mrs, F. W. flonons, Mrs, .T at Hickfor . ,,'«.;.';" ; '"'-''"^'f-i i r iilntl l!^'^:: 1 : ,.. -i «,»«-„„,„,«. wn.l it veiy cnjoxable alluir. Jt l»e* ~" ' KHfi With -jtn-rl:ttmrn1r-t'-trn1r-5lTprrr.-" - "iVil'iiJ" J "iii" """" the menu of which comprim'd ulm»pt _, Anxiety and Jiineti. every irnamnable «,,,,a thin* ,„ cat ofT ^ " ( ^ '' f p; 1 !^"'"^ t^ ^ T^ ' "''^> "»«^ '^e the old downtown , • hat tho hunKiicH, imnRimtlnn <-ould , J" * |M ? '"• L , 1>! > »'«'y«Jcl«n iimlef- i rliurch ^ whlrll , mv ,, ,, <)m , Krral •„,,„.. J dream of and which wa« enjoyed hv ^"ndn Us ll«»!in K am! he»IU,-«lvinK lttf , lfi _ ^ t ,,,„„ _ bell ^ h , i'-V,"" 1 „ power If he can rnrry elimfulnofvi'j death by .ihe rt-muval ot rich meniberH I ollowuiK' the Cupper, a i-ropram wa.« into the *lclcroom. If hix-iinifirortso (t- to th« H oi(urbs.' mUd l»r, \V. II. Hrown, Kisen by talent fn.m the commit(.•;' In lil.s patient. It is hotter than n-hifd-i "n layman from the \vWiern Aventio \ very niniiflitK fc-atut,. was a mnaic ,,,,,,, v . AMX , rtyi on 'tluv ntller Tiniul. :«'hnrch.- 1 HtorniK r.J Indiana- 'ceHH^uf an evan- ' in hiH city. "Old are wun» out f o^Ucmbvo Qlas* Stoppers. It lifted hnppnis that n "Kins* stop- ^"m'^^r%,»s. ^:rT;^^'^±i"^ n a,.,,«. ::,"";,,;,r",';,,;,i;;:;'r':::T,;', r ,,r,'; r :;; ^ ^OH.V,'^"-£™'™$s£££r u , the church, with a stramre and wond- pf niitlclpntlnjj evil Is- one of tins most j „,,',,,,$_, E' ^v,", «Hl"ni erful array cf' portraltH of pre.-;fiil. Ctmifnon,^evil JHK! senseleMH or Imhlts. L,,,,| i n ;,ft^,. nt ," he «aid. rs taken In by sotio ii.'iy«, all f which were riumt oniertaJnliiKly ex- by .Mr*, l-'retl HoiiftiH, whil r-J Mr. I Hac Shorteit Name. Piam^i by .Mrt. KredHonctiH, whib Mr. I Hac Shorteit Name. v „ i, .ifteAhnppnis! that n K!».« Hton-~" her hunhniid V perated the ,efie, tor Mr. I, .. fisherman In Hawaii, Mrf'thf j ^f^^g,^ ,,hd« nnd rcfti*™ to that enlarrrr-d the photo* ,„, the B name In tho world, lie wins ! ,.„„„. $& ylcMI , 1B Iu . |fn< , r „, pf , rm , n ., sU H. excellent mu»ie W',, ai,o e,,- 0V( ; r p°f ml ° f -X***>-** «^»i^}-flon DOT-ibrce. N«t-tltl«.-lt-OCCttM,— •in. i M , in m miiHii W.IH aiKo n tacliu cn v. us hpadlluo wr tem cnn i .«.,«iL ., •. „, ...» ,.,,.,. ,_ , - : iloAi)ltal Room—Mr*. J. l*\ 'K MiH« Klla ^ r, Alr«. J). I* Miller. Joyed. Mrf». I.uella Head -and itowenkralix favored the unite with a. piano diiet, Mlwn (Jrace Wheelor M'HK with her tilwayn enjoyable voice mid Bplrit, and a new (iddition to the milrdcal talent of the church and nttest. y, us hpadlluo wrltcru cnn j try Itoimfib th neck oftho Uottleln.hor j n-tifi-r tiiilil the neck Is thoroughly .1 . ; hantvd. ^Then tlroji n few- dropH of oil Lett Them Paw Freely. : UM * c ^w,' «l i*i tit.r» tho hottle; l<?av<« It IIIIH hi'en noticed that the-wolf' ll s<ntlt ' $ r - v? D»lntito8, flnti you wll! :;,"';rKi, 1 ,;; n ,he^Tr:*;': «**«**• *»* »»«"^«« <»*«»*« ^, tlmttht? » ( ^ r wni crtra ° oct ,v.' II. ciliuiHiunc. uhoMo vl.dln H..ICC. ~ bt - *'««"• Olobtf-Democrafc ^-l.. , -. \V tloriH were welt ,Heh-<-ted and drivers ty- jo 1 t horwe-drawn velik'i«',H I Avr.o i)ua~luuilb tier OWTT TfiTa" wny*,' v There l» nothhiK ««.» dlsgustlnp .to- clear Intelllnvtice UN a. Melf-collStltilted arlNtoctiicy of money, which despises labor, hold;' in contempt pecple who •i.ure m iHiv.K themselves ut*oful In the Tho (Jnsu'tto ha* never felt wo have; world nsnl would, if It could, thrattlo nny fear ii« a people from Hermany! For and !St Service Equipment Call Forster &Sons Funeral. Directors ay C«lt»- f B«ll No, 9 ' int«rMtate 9 love. ~~" > • r -_.-i"..;v"Lm~ '* It (ti to ln> a.-s.suiiied that these young Mhould carry side ~.jmd- irtil, llghtH. It IM viol at all Kafe, ax Sunday'K- ncvi- ill-tit •'•prove*', to dupond ut>6n the «roiii< Ihnitm of tUe iuitomobilo to n>v«-al tlie presence of the vi'chtclo to the rnotorlHt. - — The horHi'-ijraWn vohlole ix iieldom 'ii iintTI lint mniorlHt l« dlriHitly ut»- on It. • If carried lampn many .•iccldctueH ei.uld ho avoided and human life and limb Hfivcd, The latv Hhouhl be n wtate-wldo one; for It Iw* ripiutrciit- that many. ilrUyru of IHUWM think HO little nf their mit'eiy *nd that of othcrw (hat they' will not K" to HoHidtal Ht-nevdlent—.Mm. H. J Coehran. Mr*. U. It<.%Vi j n.mi'er, MTK, Haiii- liel Wetzel. !>.'.. K.'Wyj-m, Mrn, Nevin l.onx. M|HB Mabel Wheeler. J'uhlic Imuwve'intnt—"Mrttr Wine, Mrs. Edunr WoodH, Mr*. C. K White,-Mr«:- K. AV. Wheeler, Mt*.-«.- I'rexx i'orre,-<pondcnl~Mr.M. I.. I,, Kni- nioitH, ' _" Deptity Trexiniirer—Miss Jennie 1'ow- eii. ••" -' ' '""- : 7 "" "" —Mm L. L. KmmoiiH. Club Meetings. prnjiram were eiwdred. KollowhiK the program a. notrTfiFTionr w«ii enjoyed. TAMPICO DANCE A Number of Twin-City- People- Were j "" FIND WAR IN FARM HOUSE Sterling Pcor.le Mjide a,relightful Excursion To PololOiL Thursday..* . .-*? • the t.roj>hlj\. .of uwplo who ha»c sacrificed a .fi honestly marry must luvo <<ach inn r 11 nix. If i*o, tin 1 haciifice is mnall, ineaH- utcd uitli iht' K'liu ' l,ove. without ,i penny, In- heller titan ;<ll tli<" -money in tho world, without h>ve. . DIG NOISE—LITTLE WOOL Thf .;:o|diei•• hoyji an? returning from Bell No. ^ Interstate 19t tln> border, tMilHidc of the ex|ierlence ! tin", ; u'b'. rc4 in at tual duty <HI a war fuotMu;, but Hot • Jn actual service, «!nflt,i.» been aecnnip'liKhei). Vifhi i.s >till nllve' and active, evidently wmK- f<|tttppiiiK Ihelr vehicles witli proper Unlit;* milcHH lorcod to do Ho, ANNUAL INDOOR FAIR Which IB Being Hold-At Erie Is i II1 aalHANMOUAL!. THE-'PliOPLF. INDIVIDUAL SiiRVH 1. TO FIT YOUR -NLEOS" Friends and Money Proving To Be Very Successful, The iiiuiital Indoor fair oi the Kile Woinan'H club opened TburHilay even- In^' urnler tlie IIIIIMJL favrirable'Condi- ti«iiiM. 'i'ln< iileai went her. t'ioiv roads nnd beautiful inoonlinhl. all Nerve a.-^ Oct. 21—Kduciitiotial Day. " ' Nov. 4-—S*iffrnne Way. Nov. 18- Address. l>ec, i' Hawaiian Day, Dec 1 . 18- <!entlemen'H Nteht. .Inn. UMtiHlcal.. .Ian. I'd—-Aii<lre»H Keb. 8-~L.ti»clHHiii. -March .1' : fivic's^Day. March 17—.St. 1 'utrlok'n 1 >ay, Ajirll 7—HoiiHi-hoid ICconomlcs. April 21— ! Aprll HevelK and 'Klortloh. May ',!• Introduction of (JtTiccrH. July 7 , IttislnesH Meet I m;. ' There lire L'lL' club members nnd It is thought thin number will be iiicrea.s- cfl by.'Hevt'ral ,ut the moetliiKu us they l»nigrcKH, There arp tweiity-one of Ihe member.s .jivho are charter bohiK menibefM Hlnce Jin Since (in oruanlxatlon in The daiicinii iiarfy iir 'famjilco la n't - venlUK proved to be an'attraction for • i . .. , iiKuijL_jif—diii—joniutter Kcnerutlon - if •"*- ' ' the Twin City, who like tu trip the i . fantiiftic. mm'* orrhOHlm fur-|- Wonldy,.,, believe it; „ war mumirn to nlHhed the miiMi<'. Sumo of. thow who ; „. our m , x| ( . 1 ,, llltVi ,„,. IlltJi the riliM at i|tiarterH. ihlnjj ! Horse pintblM of course, tlliu olockw, iiii^iiv^i % *«\:- III 11 mi^ , t. 1 ' ri 111. tri-Ltiitni: f^llir< i.., j.» ( «» ttiit** i*i,tt,tt> fit t til t t • * I I * * i -*- i ^ •itti-nded wei-e the • M!K«.^ Vlon-n,-,. ' county, the hlKKeMt tlllllK liorst- |lls|bl« of course, MtlU «l.»ckH, .cmnS/ 3?nry- W Inm' Edith M I e ! Jl^.S "a "u/'u- K s rl T K 'T' i™*-™"**™*:'*** -^ «' I'm,. Wnni' 1 unvie s'ue Hrv-mt • imthini; ubout U.' hu to verify ph.slve known lo modern .warfare. 1 aura J row Kv • wi.n^l V^,^; t the rum, r.. on Thursday afternoon, a Kn..,. g |. m^t.^J^-b^-..^^^-^^ ^^-tS™^^^ J "'' a V"'^'"' M »-"-i rWlmVniT On the waUljr fninii. IH triil r,a,ViTH,"MeJMt^.~(Te<ii : ^M7il^ ^i.T'i. T* iior™ T*T!'", and "'*^''H'''^ tW «^*^* lrtH ^* i ^*H^^^*H 4 -^^H4^v ,, ,.,.., ,,,„ ..... , .wniei. witll.U. I A .Miller, at the Wheel, of Mrn. Wamnlev HH lieuteminl in war tha l.autH, MeMMt'M. (!e<irKi l Mann. Wil-: xl . Ham Kane, Walter (Jlffniw, Richard u;Merra, 1C. Kane, n«rur (i^./Troy. John ; Dancey. Herbert Kllday, Harry Heal. ' 'flnil ' Wt . Hlh ,. r Hiln , lly . . rfft<t- A h|m , •The! of In fact, the whole upper floor. (Seise and Howard Stanley, MRS. HENDRICKS Mi»» Belle Roth Entertained at • China and Linen Shower, MlhH Helle Hoth, of Ra«t Kmirth-Ht: ty—f i U'TiilH hiHl eveniiiK ™ '* \U- must amend Lowell. \Vnat IH «o rare iunl Joyous, As u hrlKht day in October? land now contimu'd as u labor of love. , Home are'jiiftH, many are pui«hused, Uind thiiB y«nr by year the collection ..- Kr«.iw«, What will become- - ot - thin - — follo.winy niettibei'H havu dlt-d: " this iiuhiccnii'iii.s to number country and towns and with a large r«pr'c»'''n-Hi-fl«m j -rtf— ffite-jH'oplp the- nil- IM'T? cn would like to.*makc uiom-s loin tin 1 btlior of other ipeii. Tin 1 ue\t lit-^j thing' 'm iiyofjie'that i.-> dltortiim \van well tilh-d un I he lirsl 1 1 1 K h t . • r 1 ! lie~ vi IT« (*«» i Jf TVi i iViir VvaS"~\V'ii i ir nled by th« huntl. which fur'n- d lino mimic throughout the «>vi>- nltig. A. mimher of ri*wttli'iii» .'-ft'oirt theiv wwo also pinHi-iii. ,Tlh? uuditor- rlum Htu«e is tilmt off fuoni- thu-jTKtl-n room by meijiiH of' th«< drop curtaiii and outf. Hide JN Minted v\jth chairs. |j-y • piiyiriK'' ten cents e-X'tra nil' wiry wish to -do wo may occupy ihi« tieitiN and • iMi-joy u |iroiiiam of music both \jjeui and Insh'tunenlat, diietw. Mrs. hiiidle J'J, Johnson, July .S3, 1000. Mr«. Anna Whippio Dillon, April, i:iti:{, - '• -.--••- " Miss J''ranceK Itohertx, AUK: !>, I'JUfi. Mrs. Hurl W. WilHon. Nov. 13, I'.MM;. Mrs. Tliodore lljiucy, July to. Ijiu™, MI-K,, Alfred Wt)rthln«ton, J'-etj.. 8, t»«».--—— -...i-i.-'-. _„..:„..• /„:..-. Mr«. f., L. Wheolcr, Jun,. Id. 19U'., Mrs. C. R lloldridKe, April 13. tfilS. MiKKl Annie Holland, Oct. 1». I!'I3. Mrs. Lueila flill Aliick. AUK. 23. ' Mr«, D, N>--l''oat«»r. Dec, ta 'l»lfi. Mi honor of Mr*. LeRoy llentli icl(«, a ! a ! " 1Hy liult ' "'enter of industry, cross- bride of a few week*. The affair was i ^ ''".V-!l i ! fU ' r '•"•«•«*. tlrsl ..Su»;»r, .ft'f- at 1','lkhorri and In the distance,' HeriTwe «o. up Tiling north on Free- I museum w^jcii the ownorsi pn«« nwny" port road, past Stone school, then Pen. f" ,., • > » ' • -v ' _ rose, past Talbot school, thnm K h old f," , * U W™ ,' .V": 1 -^'^"* </'«-' Kanronlvllle Us ruinous sbaekn on.... ^""n "!'*'• " >n " k ' nK :. PrOV ' K '"" n l.,,-v.iif.i.. ....,,....; ...... .'...... -f»l' "H« JW'IWIimtMil |.I'c.serV|ilion, The a HiifpriH*. china «nd ilne,, «n,, w ,, r . and ! I 1 , 1 '!; ' <tlfr j' 1 ". K!ancin K Mrs. lle,M>lcks received a .number of 15ll f fi »I" proves away bcatltiful id>icks received a .number of fWeuents. The |ire,HentM were . and at lln<7npires of Poli'i to the fill ilM .subject ih |ii'c.serV|iiion, The \ nded to N. (J. Vnii Stint Nir'his.efficient coni-iileration. No . one knows better win-re this valuable, a rs».'iii«I OMK'H! IOKO. A rcuiKter shows plenty of visitors, wmietlme.H thirty a placed on fhe table In the shape of a j :U1<l ? )lla "- v "'""^ '»«'» » 'iirse yardj,,. iy hiiKe w'eddln« cake and The room was j ,' ll . OUH 'V li:ll> »- "'"I "u( .buildiitK«, * *nnd tall pines and other tree* throw- I 1!itlllil| K «» alfectionale farewell to ^ prettily decorated - In cosmos. The cyenlm,' was spent Informally and •"*„.'*; llr .' n! "' sl "»«'e. i j - _ - • . " ' ' ' ' ---*-- ; 'PJl I U 111 » ll IV i-»*1.\ n'froKlinieniM wet'o isci'Vcd, rtiiu IM. the t,—nnd WM (011) (lolitc h,"- s| *. We IllriU'll Hit' IliiHe jof our I'alge to tlie |.iiHnlin> a jonco welcomed by Kranls and Henry '''"""' ll1 1>y " ''nulder II|OIIK the load. -V A OC»lirOT 1 ¥\¥ik.TTk.Trw j^'"""*'"!'. - proprleioi* of the d.imain. i I"" :<l ''^ - 1 ," 1 ' lll!Htl 'I* 1 '""- "William Dar- I^AKJbWJbLL DINNER Their mother's ftither, Hull, came It, ('">'• kill( ' <l ^ til1 ' Illdianw. isa- Hrected .—™- ..-' ' . ithiM VcKioli in 1S.15, and ill IK-17, ihe| y U "' ''"'o lii»l"lical Stirlety." IVih, Wai Given Last Evening For Mr. and j father nnd nuMber of the boyn, settled i W!IK "" "H r w:l . v - nnd after circling Mrs, E. P. Schmidt. \0lll' l-'riciiti- may fail you, ami do 1'aiJ you, ju.-l a,s lli»' tinii 1 when you (Jiiuk ilit;\yt^mlit lo a^iNt \on, '' : ; • ' f / lla\r morii'V aud uci frit'i1d. s » JXrlli? ii \ mi c-an, "fuit niakc MIX* of ^ct t injr ^.oriic iiiiiii', a t ln i ud for-a Kiir(ilus, uiui tl.u ; n Id it work for \(Mi in ijiis haiik. wmf ^businessy,v ~ etc., • titidlxliii t»i'.I by Ihe clfilllor v» itlj- '•'it. The liooiliM ijre . esprcifilly nt- ir.ietiic, pr«>(tiiy dectiraietl..' and ar- r.:».m;etl in the center of the hull 'and in the . cohHvi'M ;«,t cither side of the I'la-'tloMii, IhiiK giv iii|j i»pti<v (i f r the crwwii.« lo view .tic' esliihil un fill .stdeM. 6 l ; .';ieb tnt(h is m chiiiH 1 ' oi- a commit- tpe-;i.ud all »vj.'ir-, wei' patruitUcd. A H'ne iH^pljiy 01 . j'aacywork in foiiiut jHMl in 14011) of the, drop curtfiin at 'th«- jdidform., and niiir'l'V- Is tin* 1'arm- State Bank of .SterJinii SAFETY, Mail us your lilms and film packs and -get- 'for FILM PACKS 15c f'd J'iii'i }> -'.jXo'j alid siii.'iUi-t Mrs. (?/irrhr Knufiimtri, March 14, HOUSE mRMING W«i Givtn Mr. «n<j Mr». Ab» K»y Last Evening. Mr, «nd Mrs.'Atfe Hoy', who recently n .M'>'tl-l i"to their new bungalow on H'lxth avenue, vvaw Kiyen u surprJKe huiis'v WMinilntj l«st nlKht by thirty of their iH'i«bobis and friends. Although the call '\yas an unexpected one, i( proved tit lie' a pleawalit one, and'Hu- frielldn IriK. Hi Kunduy for their new- home in Viiliei.!""''""' i>lll>w - Hence the museum, "Well •Th« remirltider uf the evening \viiKT w * tir *~^ triTtr ~^ m ~^* nms ' 1 ' i ' Urothpr« to l.e ..lime. I.H.. J'ji- ^ _ ~' "„ „ _ _ wen/ Mr. and' '''' l " s r " irt>w "r'tank Fnto tli*< r ohl , John Kdyer, Ml«s Lydla Heidel frnnils UWPllliljjf. ThU IH Hie pitrlor. lleri' ia tho yailt) Ijuii^ large photo- Kr»phs-of tln» father n'nd mother, htuntiul- faceH. and-<if Mr, ifatlur and inoihct. and of Mi.-, (lej's fathei and mother. Hoth ion ihiK farm, here they died," itiid heri'i''"'"" 1 " 1 f """ <1 " f ilh «lelinhtfiil homo.-. ' we contiintfd our Jiirney over roadn coro- und , the An- Mr, and M.H.. Frank tiraehling, of «"" l '">'« >?"*" lived ever Hlucf l->ank . w ."' «'"H«mufg our Jurm-y over i » Hroadwny erilcrtained ^ Tew] WIlw horn ''" is:>r ' T) T- V ; '"' hachelorh. llk '' M "'""• »' asl Inll4< « < )f >'«'H«w « lends at Hixo'viock dinner I«M even- loa<li " K il ( '" i<l( "^ l"""»vin w after the I 1 ™ 1 * 1 »»»**««OWH of ,H.,|«ielit« K. in honor of Mr. and Mi> K p' farm> tilkl "K a » occn«ioual trip, and ^ ul «"' f< - *»>•«»» "f \Mnte'U.«hornH !hHi|dt'uh\ldauKhter;''HuW-wh7rfpav«rf* !l>ifiT >' lM w "">' t ' lw * <v Uu-ir abundant » i!lt|1 '>- vilju« of Itennie tt uil Alex. iinliiv Co.. M..tfi. ..,..;. i,» ... i .., . tmeUIlM alluvv. Hetiee t ho mnuniini \v..ll 'lel'mlll, pjtsil the llollleM of KO Jl SUNK Josephine Hurden. the homes of «o many farmer fcI»«•*•. llnaliy. Steiilng ami our biUsful dicam of Oi-tober sunshine oyrn - - -— - -—- -7 . Mr§. C. 0, Deeming Wat Remembered l»noth«rs» have Hum* imue ' time wait (juit-kly jipi-nt in p!a>in K ' gumes. M)'. and Mr.s, l{ t .y wore K Jvi'U the jjecond i<«ir|i'riHi{ when they wen; jnv- .sellte'd With .several pii-ttiieK, At tlie clone of the e'vcnUlJi' 'llairit), refresh- llielit.s Wei c «et'vcil. FAMJLYltEUNION by Her Cl**s Daughters* l-l«' frill- us front, woin inu ye«.r^t a with , cl.lHh | Xow N ' alul "' « room of llu« rivahyteriai) church 'held, a'""' * m '"*" fu " " f crazy and other idcaKaiu" meeltiiiK' Thursday al'i..'inoon !'' ul! ' N hl "<'oc<l b> Flunk's mother, aft. iil tbo home of Airs Charles Itiehard-"' * stu ' Wltn S "' J4 '"' '»'*'le hundreds The day tlie, aiuiivernai\ { " { lhul1 - preM-ntiiiK • many tu her ^ o| tho birth ol" their teacher, J i l»ecminK, and they rcnu'tnhcied her \sith u fine, jiiesen.l which «-u« u atu • pr^e; The aiicrnooii, was >>)>e.i>r in a social way "and ih<» hostlcs-.s set \ be Til" needle Woi'lt N atllM'if, iilid the 1.lilies of iilll pi!t> |4 iXotl utj] t!.t >-),ei llm us m (je-ipill.1 | ':,il"the ceiiler i.J Uttlailluli Is Ihe, loom .iiljouuii Jt> minded ot l ( oiii;ft<||(i\t ',-, 'Ai-< at Spt)nt,tield \\'c .iif_,il on th» MASQUERADE DANCE. The tr|a«nuerude dancinfe 3 jiui'ty rt.tven Ti K is th,. Ai-ciril Vioin Hour to! u •••— •• —^ '-, tin the Woodman hall Thursday cvcn- Help at Grandma Wilt'e in Mt. Carroll ling \vas .attended by a very ,Jar«e ' . .'.'.'J:..,. ..../'. .T?!*.*/' -....•... " ' crowd. Al ,.l«::jO ..ulcJi»;li... ita-:.iuasii- j .Mrs. Samuel l,i/wry and Mrs.' K M. «.)'il,iri« tn Ml. Carroll today' where liiey attended-a famil>. reunion held at t'lVe'hoihe i;,f (iniiidma \Vih. the «i«ed ttioibvr, of Airs, hdvvry. The occasion-is in. .honor nf her- binbduy. .M^!iE4k-.WJiNEE: Wat, GIVVII L'ist Evenmy in Honor,.of Ctiarlt.'s Hendricks. Mi ..•'•':••! MI -. • j':a.' ii.ii.t i i,-. ,,i.;...(, \V',,>!. ^ij\LU "tS( ...,,,(,-».»-, it),,,j. ,v\ v e rvr >'•'<>'. ' "I '' * .i.'.lM i p.ii ! > )•( • ; i Vi. e.,' ;: iii 1.1,1 !• •!•<•! ('l.trii'., I iejlijl ii'U •• "f (ils.ll .O^—- : --i-———--.L*------ ; -^a.-.LL.;...i.:l ..J.:.. ; .;;. ! •; -'•- were renuuest and Hie . pi we* lo Mis« .M;i|lh:i Like a' ifjied arms, from ilit'tr sde- lh<-m-|.r:tlin^T- - S'lartleti the \'lli,u '"' K1 a la Hair Brushes If pay* to buy a good, brush, iHH'Juixo t'vt'ry H'or the • I oioli ;i 1 i -owl.Ullle.- Mis.s L.tiilH |ep!e- M.'!,!i«i 'i'o|.s>- \\ldJe All. i.liiitH lepH-- s.eiilcd • a Duiehman Mr.' and ,\li,> \li-Hi.n .\luiphy wctc uneo -c'lij IM !/e»for ';;•• f:tiity i.h'i•.•>'.' eu-tumes, I'm-h- -.<;! i le--i-iil II po|;( ; t an ,' "l JIUC AT ^HE DR. C. M. FRYE H0ME. M:.-' ,Ji--->e I..' .lo!,ii-.,.|i tl;!.-,| t.llii -.! '• •v.-t—•- •piT-i.^-rrrttv- t-i-fr -rt-fhir.'!! •:•( •}".;••• ni'i .-.' i l:i--« Ih) - if!' I'-!'-' ii :i! (!,.• |..-n,'•! I 'I -Hiil .Mr." « ' \l T'I ve 'j'!"e ! -,},,«'i"7.' ir'VL." •T,;',-MV.:-. - ' T'iii-re ,-ii;iiin.>! ll,e- \\iill tt; u Son. " IY ^h«t s voii (iwn it.jt re turns !. divi(jt'iid.s in .stM'VifiT and K«U satisfat'tiuti. MM ;i^, = i,,. ,., 1,1 v. ihtiii'.: t' pistols. iev<-lv. IV. '.atld ;;^,; ; ;^:{ Tiiat is HU- kind (hal you H't'l lien 1 ajid vvt» (Joii'i ask yil'yo'u to pay a bij*' ' j»ri«'«. •^U :' 'ei e t e,|. u j,j, !, .»... ,,.,,,' : i,.' «; l: • Prices 35q'.to $4.50 endricRsDrii The 3b^ Store i

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