Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on October 27, 1965 · Page 10
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 10

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1965
Page 10
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Greensburg Daily News Southeastern Indiana's Greatest Newspaper Published daily except Sunday and certain holidays by News Publishing Company. Entered as Second Class matter at (Ind.) Post Office. ^^_ ' - u.; j^ubi vjnice. __ A Member—Hoosier State Press Assn.; Bureau of Advertising (ANPA); Indiana Republican Editorial Assn.; Inland Daily Press Assn. SUBSCRIPTION BATES By Carrier in City and Towns—Per Week.— By Mail (Indiana) Year In Advance Six Months Three Months _ Less Than Three Months—Month By Mail (Outside Indiana) Year Six Months Three Months ~ Less Than Three Months—Month * .45 14.00 7.50 4.00 2.00 16.00 850 5.00 2.50 .nail Subscriptions Cannot Be Accepted In Towns Greensburg Standard Greensburg Daily Review . jreensburg Daily News Consolidated In Daily News With Carrier Delivery ."Established 1835 ..Established 1870 .".Estaibiished Jan. 1. 1894 Jan. 1, 1918 SWORN CIRCULATION SEPTEMBER 29, 1965 . 5775 Senate Failed to Yield to Pressure The United States Senate with its apparent liberal outlook has enacted some legislation which was not favored by an important segment of American citizens. But, on one issue, it should be commended for standing against militant pressure. The Senate refused to throttle debate on Section 14 (b) of the Taft-Hartley Act. This constitutes a signal victory for Sen. Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois, who waged the fight against repeal. The main objetcive of organized labor groups in the nation was to secure repeal. And, this constituted "must" legislation on the part of the national administration. The senators, however, knew that an important group among their constituents did not favor repeal. And, they know that the ultimate power in this nation rests with the people. Section 14 (b) is that part of the Taft-Hartley Act that reaffirms the right of individual states to ban compulsory union membership. This section protects the rights of workers in these states. They can join or not join a union without losing their jobs. Obviously, organized labor was interested in repeal as a matter of principle and prestige. The labor chieftains did not fail to perceive the vast financial rewards to be gained from repeal of Section 14 (b). The people took a different point of view, as reflected in the Senate vote. Both Indiana senators voted to throttle debate on Section 14 (b). This was tantamount to voting for repeal. In the House of Representatives the member of Congress from the Ninth District voted for repeal of Section 14 (b). Members of Congress will find it necessary to stand on their record. Repeal of Section 14 (b) is certain to be introduced at the session of Congress in 1966. It appears now that the groundswell of public opinion will again result in defeat for repeal efforts. The recent action of the United States Senate was an important victory for the people of the United States. Tech High School Dropout— 16-Year-Old Girl Is Dead; Two Held Kennedy's <~ Group Ends Tour of Viet SAIGON (UPI)—A Democratic congressional team headed by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, completed a brief, action- packed tour of Viet Nam today by discussing refugee aid and political conditions with Saigon student leaders. Kennedy said he was encouraged by what he saw, "tout we recognize that the best we can possibly say is that we are hopeful about it, and it certainly appears that this is going to be a long and enduring struggle." The visitors left aboard an Air Force jet transport for Vientiane, Laos, on the next leg of a trip through Southeast Asia. The Massachusetts lawmaker, Sen. Joseph D. Tydings, Md., and Reps. John Culver, Iowa, and John Tunney, Calif., earlier went to Saigon University for the meeting with Vietnamese students. All agreed that American help was needed to feed and clothe refugees immediately, but the long-term problem of rehabilitation was one which only the Vietnamese could solve. All of the visitors but Tydings left after about an hour for discussions with U.S. Ambassador Henry Ca'bot Lodge and Foreign Minister Tran Van Do. The Maryland senator stayed behind to talk with the students in a more relaxed atmosphere, after many onlookers and reporters departed. Kennedy earlier dismissed rej- ports that a helicopter in whicli he was riding Tuesday was shot at by Viet Cong snipers over the Mekong Delta south of Saigon. "There is actually no truth to that," he said. "I understand that one of the gun ships escorting us did draw some fire and fired back, but that was quite a distance from us." INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)—A 16- year-old girl was found dead on a mattress late Tuesday, apparently from a beating. Schatched across her stomach with a needle was the message, "I am a prostitute." Police arrested Mrs. Gertrude Wright. 37. mother of seven children, in whose home the body was found, and Richard Hobbs, 15. on preliminary charges of murder. The girl was identified as Sylvia Marie Likens, a Tech High School dropout, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Likens* member of a traveling carnival troupe believed to be in Florida. Authorities said Sylvia and her sister. Jennie. 15, had been staying in the Wright home since last July. Deputy coroner Dr. Arthur P. Rebel, who examined the body, said Sylvia had been dead more than eight hours. He said she had suffered a severe head blow. An autopsy was ordered. • Detectives quoted Sylvia's sister as saying Sylvia was tor- turned. Jennie said Mrs. Wright "didn't like her." those fall litters to market faster! Five extra pounds of gain during the weaning and growing period mean pigs are one full week closer to market. And getting fall pigs finished a week or two sooner means lower feed costs ... often a better market price. Ful-0-Pep's new FIVE FOR FALL FARROWING is a powerful new family of Gro-Pig feeds specially designed to help fall litters put on. early gains faster. Ask us for full details. 'S GREENSBURG ADAMS YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR /Incite lint product rt Tils Quiker Oatt Cs Jennie told police her sister had been bound and gagged in the basement of the Wright home on previous occasions and Mrs. Wright ordered the Hobbs boy to carve the message on the girl's abdomen. Police quoted Jennie as saying Sylvia was struck with curtain rods and a furnace poker Monday night while her hands were tied behind her. Hobbs was quoted by police as admitting the beatings. Report Theft Of $40,000 in Jewelry FORT WAYNE, Ind. (UPI) — Benjamin Silverman, a salesman from Cleveland, reported to police Tuesday night that thieves stole sample cases containing $35,000 to $40,000 worth of jewelry. Silverman said he parked his car in a lot while calling on customers. When he returned, the car was gone. The car was found abandoned later, but the trunk had been forced open and the sample cases removed. Driver Is Killed In Truck Accident By United Press International A two-truck collision in Benton County early today killed a man and raised Indaina's 1965 traffic fatality toll to at least 1,199 compared with 1,119 a year ago. Hugh Sallee, 56, Arthur, 111., was killed when his truck swerved into one driven by Robert Loudermilk, R. R. 1, Sullivan, on U. S. 41 at the south edge of Boswell. Loudermilk was not seriously injured. JAKARTA (UPI) — President Sukarno met with the leaders of seven of Indonesia's political parties today and pleaded for calm while he works out a solution to the crisis triggered by the abortive Oct. 1 coup. The Communist Party was conspicuously absent. Also atterjding the meeting at the presidential palace were the three deputy premiers, including the' left-leaning Dr. Suban- drio and Army Commander Maj. Gen. Suharto. SANTO DOMINGO (UPI) — U. S. paratroopers policing the "rebel zone" of this divided city were alert today for new anti-American demonstrations by extreme leftists. U. S. and Latin American troops of the Inter-American Continue Search For Missing Plane SEYMOUR, Ind. (UPI)—About 75 aircraft searched a four-state area today for a private plane missing on a flight from Ohio to Colorado. The missing pilot was identified as Ronald H. AUen, 25, Harrison, Ohio. He took off from Harrison last Thursday for Colorado with about 4 J /2 hours of fuel aboard. Two persons in the Seymour area have told police they saw a low-flying plane along White River Thursday. The search, by Civil Air Patrol and other planes, stretched from Ohio to Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. Securities Dealer Is Hit With Order INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)—Cease and desist orders were issued against Indianapolis securities dealer Harry Bolotin and a corporation he operates Tuesday by Indiana Secretary of State John Bottorff. Bottorff said the order prohibits Bolotin and his firm from doing business in Indiana. Securities commissioner Thomas Jeffers said Bolotin had an individual license but no record was found of the corporation having permission to sell securities. Hoosier Is Killed In Viet Fighting BOURBON, Ind. (UPI) — Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peters ST., Bourbon, received word Tuesday of the death in Viet Nam Saturday of their son, Richard Jr., 20. Peters was killed apparently when a grenade exploded, the parents were told. He had been with the Army in Viet Nam since August. AMAZING, BUT TRUE! 1 '/2 PRICE SALE AT GREENSBURG'S NEWEST STORE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SEE THURSDAY'S PAPER FOR ALL THE DETAILS! SAVE PLENTY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS EAST SIDE SQUARE PACES Greeiutiirg (fiuf.) Daily News, Wednesday, Oct. 27,1965 News in Brief Rensselaer Will Stay on Fast Time RENSSELAER, Ind. (UPI) — Indiana's Eastern Standard Time zone moved a little for- ther north today as a result of a split decision by the Rensselaer City Council to remain on "fast" time this winter. The council voted 3-2 Monday night to go along with the bulk of Indiana in observing year- round EST, in contrast to the tradition of switching clocks so the community would be on the same time schedule as Chicago. In recent years, only Remington in the southern portion was, on "fast" time during winter months. The remainder of Jasper County, including county seat Rensselaer, returned to "slow" time like Chicago and a four-county tier in northwestern Indiana. In 1962, Rensselaer's council voted to stay on "fast" time but later reversed itself in mid- November. Traffic Mishaps Reported to Police Two minor traffic accidents were reported here this morning. According to a report to local police at 7 a. m. this morning, an accident in the 600 block of West Main involved westbound automobiles driven by J. W. Chapman, R. R. 7, and Kelley L. Robinson of New Point. Police were told the accident occurred when Chapman stopped in a line of traffic and the Kelley auto skidded into the rear bumper of the Chapman vehicle. Damage, estimated at $75, was reported to the 1960-model Chapman auto. At 9:10 a. m., a mishap at the south curb in the 100 block of East Main involved a pickup truck backed by Harlan B. Nicholas, 43, R. R. 3, and a parked auto belonging to Leroy Peters of this city. Damage, confined to the front of the 1963-model Peters auto, was estimated at $35. Waste Not WASHINGTON (UPI) — Government auditors claimed a quarter million dollar vic- ,tory Tuesday in the "war on waste." They said $250,000 a year could be saved by buying office desks without locks. The General Accounting Office (GAO) said its study showed that most government agencies did not require employes to lock their desks each night. Worse, most 'employes did not use the locks now provided. Peace Force have come under sporadic sniper fire several times since they moved into rebel territory Monday, but no one has been hit. SALISBURY, Rhodesia (UPI) —Police used dogs today to disperse 800 chanting, singing black Africans who cheered the return here of Joshua Nkomo, the restricted nationalist leader. Nkomo was flown, into Salisbury by helicopter' from his place of detention in a remote section of Rhodesia for talks on independence for the British colony with British Prime Minister Harold Wilson. BRASILIA, Brazil (UPI) — President Humberto Castello Branco bypassed Congress today with the backing of the armed forces and issued a revolutionary decree suspending political parties. The decree gave the president broad powers to issue laws and amend the constitution. It provided for election of the next president by the Congress instead of a direct vote of the people. NEW YORK (UPI) — Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey endorsed Democratic mayoral candidate Abraham D. Beame Tuesday night but failed to bring an expected message of support from President Johnson. In addition to omitting an endorsement from Johnson, Humphrey said that even if "a man who is not a Democrat" were elected mayor, the federal government would work to give New York City everything to which it was entitled. NEW YORK (UPI) — David J. Miller, a 22-year-old pacifist, pleaded innocent in federal court today to charges that he unlawfully and willfully burned his draft card during an anti-Viet- Nam war demonstration. Miller, of New York City, was charged under a federal law with burning his draft card during a demonstration Oct. 15 in Manhattan. He later was arrested by FBI agents in Hooksett, N. H. Atheist Free Because Grand Jury Believed BALTIMORE, Md. (UPI) — Madalyn Murray O'Hair, the atheist whose suit led to the Supreme Court's historic school prayer decision, was woman today because a Baltimore grand jury professed a belief in God. Criminal Court Judge Shirley Jones dismissed a nine-count indictment against Mrs. O'Hair Tuesday. The judge's dismissal was based on the rulmg of another court which held that Maryland's law requiring jurors to affirm belief in God was unconstitutional. Mrs. O'Hair maried to American expatriot Richard O'Hair Oct. .18, has been fighting ex- tration from Texas. Her attorney said the ruling makes her "a free woman." She was charged with assaulting Police Sgt. Charles Kelley, disorderly conduct and obstructing justice. CHARGE SPEEDING Jon D. Holbrook, 15, Greensburg, is scheduled to appear in 'City Court Saturday for arraignment on a speeding count filed against him when halted at 3:50 p. m. Tuesday by local police on East Washington. Maddux Auction Thursday Evening, Oct. 28 6i30 P. M.— Corner West and West Walnut Sts. Unclaimed freight to sell first— Walnut dresser; maple night stand; maple table; utility cabinet; blonde and walnut .end tables; Coldspot dehumidifier; cedar chest; soap powder; Wessbff oil; miscellaneous items. Studio cbuchies; 3-pc. living room suites; floorlamps; blonde end tables; TV sets; rockers; like new Siegler 75,000 BTU gas heater; 9x12 riigs; radios; Superflame gas heater; 6-pc. dining room suite with round table; matching maple chest and dresser; 3-p'c. waterfall bedroom' suites; springs; mattresses; baby- beds; chests; dressers; beds- springs; mattresses; sewing-machines; 8-pc. oak dining room suite; wall cabinets; RCA 3D" electric range; refrigerators; gas ranges; washers; gas dryer; like hew Schwinn bike, built for 2; gas heaters; lawn chairs; oil heaters; good coal stove; wood heater; like- new 7-pc. and 5-pc. dinettes; green relciner; miscellaneous items. Camper for pickup truck. MARLIN P. MADDUX .. "' BUAEL McGUTRE, Mgr.~ Fastest Pen in West JOHNSON CITY, Tex (UPI) —Yes, Raffaella • Achilli, there really is a ?2 billion rivers and harbors bill. President Johnson - became known as the fastest pen in the west Tuesday when one of his aides got bills about Raffella and rivers and harnors mixed up- He said Johnson had signed the harbors bill which, in fact, was still in Washington. This morning, a terse announcement posted on a bulletin board at the Texas White House said the President had signed the bill. There was no explanation; no telling when or how the measure had been brought from Washington to the ranch. Press Secretary Bill D. Movers told newsmen Johnson would sign the bill after its arrival by jet courier plane Tuesday night. A UPiI newsman, checking with Senate enrolling clerk Emory S.. Arrington, learned that Johnson could not have signed the bill because it was still at the capitol awaiting Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey's signature, and that Humphrey woujd be out of town until today. White House legislative aides tracked down Senate President Pro Tempore Carl Hayden and got him, as acting president of the Senate, to put his name on the measure. Then it was whisked to the LBJ ranch in an Air Force jet plane, on a regular courier run from the White House. The Al manac Today is Wednesday, Ot. 27, the 300th day of 1965 with 65 to follow. The moon is approaching its first quarter. The morning star is Jupiter. The evening stars are Mars, Venus and Saturn. In 1871, the political head of New York's Tammany Hall- Boss Tweed — was arrested on charges of defrauding the city. In 1904, the first practical subway began operation in New York. In 1917, before an enthusiastic audience, concert violinist Jascha Heifetz made his debut in Carnegie Hall at the age of 16. In 1916, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted by overwhelming vote a resolution asking the Soviets not to explode a StKmegaton bomb. A thought for the day—Teddy Roosevelt aid: "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." BRICKS OF GOLD MOSCOW (UPI) — Workers remodeling an old building in Leningrad found eight bricks of gold weighing 281 pounds under the wooden floor, the Soviet news agency Tass said Tuesday. The building had housed a jewelry shop before the 1917 revolution when Leningrad was named St. Petersburg. Moyers suid he "personally erred" in his prior announcement. He said that when someone at the ranch read off to him — at the Texas White House press center in Austin, 65 miles away — a list of bills Johnson had signed, he checked off the wrong one on a list of his own. "The bill he did sign, which was my Achille's heel, was for the'relief of Raffaella Achilli," Moyers said. He identified her as a 17-year-old girl, living in an Italian orphanage, and he said the measure permits her uncle and aunt to adopt her and bring her to this country. Moyers said the uncle and aunt are Mr. and Mrs. Armondo Loretucci, of Trenton, N.J. Did Johnson mind the mixup in timing? "No, he was very relaxed and tolerant of the error," Moyers told newsmen. MOST POPULAR T IN TOWN! Small wonder! Right in the spirit of today's fashion with its brisk tailored look. Soft textured leather. Brief stacked heel. It's light in the way of all Cabbies, too ... with the famous ease that makes every cushioned step more carefree than the last. TANGIER, 12.99 LEADER SHOE STORE WEST SIDE SQUARE Beeson's Specials! Shop and Save At Beeson's Rexall Drug Store. Hygienic Cordless Toothbrush Sunbeam. Rechargeable Now At This Low, Low Price Electric Shavemasrer Shaver Lady Sunbeam. Buy Early For A Christmas Gift $799 SPORTSMAN FOR MEN Cologne. Buy One — We Replace It FREE As Needed $250 LIPSTICK AND LIP GLOSS Think Rich — Super Rich. 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