Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1895
Page 2
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oodO a Jj «»KS Best Blood Parifier, Appetizer and Nerve Tonic. It cnreu That Tired Feeling TH£ MAEKETS. Gralu, Provision*. .Ktc- CUICACO. May ft i— In Hood request and llrin. Quota- tl« »» follow*: Winter— Patents. 8i6OJfrJ-20; -7X&&W; clears, Ali 35 cfr£ 60; second*, v low ifnidts, jl. 71<8l.'j<*. Sprlutf— P»tent», 33. -10^1.00, strul«ht.s. $£."5Ss3.15; •takers', *1.8i4Kii&; low ifradiM, Zl.75ai.50; Hull 'J)o«,|l.fl*&l.T5; Kyo. Ili7j4ja.i5. WHEAT— Unsettled und higher, wllh KOOf »r»dlni{. No. 2eush,6i>iu.(J3o: May, Kij^fciXo; July. <!3S<Hc^ COUN— Fulrly active nnd Una. No. 2 HO undoi July and No. V. Yellow July price to shude over. May, W-Xlifcilc; Jul y> MJiiQilXc; September, good, roeime steoay: pnccs Tmcnautreu. v*uu- tatlonn r»naed »'. 15.0520.15 for choice to extra •hlpplnit Steers: t5.15as.fl5 for good to choice do.- WW3».20 for fair to Rood: 84.00a-l.70 for common to medium clo.; $3.SOffl4.*) for Butchers' Steers; »2.50@3.70 for Stockers; 53.7MJ 436 for Feeders; Il.75d3.80 for Cows: 13.50 * C480 for Heifers; $-'.OOS440 for Bulls; KM \ a5.20 for Texas Steers, »nd *i0034.75 for Veal Calvct A DELAYED LETTER. Gresham's Note to the Hawaiian Government Received May 1. Asks Thurston's Recall — Trouble Grew Out of Display of Private Correspondence. . OA18— Modenitely uctlvo and unsnttlod. No. 1. 28!#&:»Xi!: May, SSXasWXc; June, 28tf<3 »Hc; July, asMfwBHXc. Samples arc higher. Ho. 3,2m'^^ ->'o. 3 White, KXl&ttWc; No. 2, UXIJjSUo; No. 2 Walto, :««i<88*;. - HT«— Custi Kyu In «ood dcmtiud: new crop Bye dull ^°- " ln !)toru > 83 °' "maple lots, 631J) 44o: May delivery. It'c. BAKLIY— SulivUle at former prlcen, No, 4, 48(9 1 Mo; No. 3, 4tt.[f6l'/ic for Tulr to choice, und Na t, UffiWo- Mcroenlnk's at*lll.00ais.50 per ton. Miss POUK— Trailing (airly active and prices feigner. Quotutlora ranged at JlLST^ailiOO for .«uh reiculur; fcliOO^I-17/, for July, und $12. 20 few,-"' for September. LAI">~Actlvo and hli'hor. Quotations rancod •t 10. Mad. 57 '/( for oash: $<U!7>/i<3ii).70 for July, ana *6.8L'«iitaa5 for Soptembur. Lrv-KPocLTHY-l-'cr pound: Turkeys, 7©10c; Chtckan*. »«»Sc; Ducks, oaOc; Uec.se, pot dozen. JS.OOaS.utt BUTTKit— Croiimnry, naiOc: dairy, Tiaioo; Puolflni; Stock. .V(£0u. Liquoiis— Wlitslty quoted steady at$l.~ per gallon for tilKuwluus. _ NEW YOIIK, May a FiiOB»— Suite nnd western ciulot. stoady. WIIKAT— No. 1! rod fairly active, steady: July, -ifc; AiiKust. tl7M£tf7j(e: September, October, Oiifitftl^e; IJecembor. 700 WILL FIGHT JACKSON. N— Wo. ^ quiet, stronger: July, Mjii' aepterulios.5GM<aMJi;c: No. L',57yO5'Jo; stuamoj mlxofl, 55M(3iO«c. OATH— No. 3, dull, llrni. July, 33^o; atato, JJ&lla: western, 3,'VJfB-i;o. B«nr— LlKlit domarul. steady. Extra moss, liKxaO.OO: family, S11.00013. 00. PoiU£ — Fair demand, steady. Mess, $13.25® Quiet, unchaneod. BUTTKII— Choice moderately active, about rteady. Woctern dairy. 7i4(Sl2c: do. creamery new. iaS18o; da old, S)<ai4o: do. factory, 7®llo; •Iffln.i, ISc; ImlutloD creamery, 8^19130. Cu«K3E— Quiet, easy. State, oldSQllo; do. targe nowi 5S7J<o: do. fuucy new, 7Wia7Xo; 40. »mall new, 54J7«c. Ioa»— Quiet, about steady. Western ' Lire Stock. CnicAoo, May ft HOOB— Market fairly active, opening steady •ad later ruling weaker. Heavy lots A shade 1 «wier. Sales ranged at US. 4034 45 for plg»; felOliHaO for HKht; 84.20a'l-'IO for rough '^tolling: K.KHH70 for mUed, and *t.45&i.60 lor heavy packing and shipping lots. Supply moderate- and demand very CortMtt Offer* to M»ot the Colored Australian In the Aronn. NEW YOKK, May 9.—James J. Corbet,!, the heavyweight champion of the world, has at last made up his mind to give .Peter Jackson, the famous colored Australian pug-ilist, an opportunity to meet him in a ring- contest for the championship. The Californian has agreed not only to make a match with Jackson, but to meet the colored man in the arena of the National Sportiup club of London, the place preferred by Jnckson. • All that Corbett asks the officials of thu English organization is that they offer a suitable purse and set the contest for August or September. Trudo'l Hur llrart for a Scat. SPRINGFIELD, O., May 9,—A pretty world's fair romance was consummated .by the marriag-e at McCuue, Kau., oi Miss Hattio E. Greenfield, of that place, and David K. Nelson, a prominent stock raiser of South Charleston, thig county. The two met for the first time on a crowded Milwaukee steamboat while at the world's fair, and be- caino acquainted by the groom offering- his seat to the bride. A correspondence ensued, with the result g-ivcn above. MfH. rurnel) Will Recover. BOKDE^TOWN, ]S". J., May 9.—Mrs, Parncll, who was murderously assaulted a short time ago, improves so rapidly that her attending physicians said that sho would recover unless some unforeseen complications arise. lie Xe«ded 1C. "Scaggs is getting fat," said Willoughby. "He's developed u double chin." "Well, ho needed it," said Parsons "His original chin was overworked."-— Harper's Bazar. A LL DISEASES of the blood are cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla, which b^ its vitalizing, enriching, and alterative effects make* rmly PURE Ci-OOD. SAX FBASCISCO, May 9.—Hawaiian advices received Thursday morning from Honolulu dated May S, per steamer Mariposa, are as follows: The letter demanding the recall of Minister Thurston is here, and was read to the executive session of the councils yesterday afternoon. This letter had been to Hong Kong. It went past Honolulu in a bag- with a couple of hundred others. The fault lies with the post office at San Francisco. Showed Keportera Private tetters. The ground of objection to Thurston is confined to a single transaction, and the sole offense alleged is that Thurston, at the legation, showed to reporters private letters to himself from Honolulu. The particular letter that gave such offense to the secretary of state intimated in strong- terms that Clove- land and Gresham were largely responsible for the January uprising here. Gresham spoke to the Hawaiian minister about the matter. Tliuniton A poloc I«»I. Thurston said that he regretted it very much, that in the hurry of handling his biff mail he had shown thi< letter with others without any special intent. In short, he apolog-ized. Secretary Gresham thereupon asked that apology be submitted in writing-. Thurston declined to do this. llU» lU'jlffllOtt. Gresham's letter is dated February 21 last, and in strong language stated that Thurston is no longer personally acceptable to the administration of Washi'ng-ton as Hawaiian minister. It is definitely settled that Thurston will not return to 'Washington. He has resigned the office, bis resignation to take effect when his successor has been appointed. Want TliumtoQ Sent Hack. Extremists here urge that he be sent We Odor a Remedy •Which Insures Safety to Life ot Mother and Child. TO YOUNG WIVES "MOTHERS'FRIEND" •ROB8 CONFINEMENT OF ITS PAIN. HORROR AND RISK. "My wife used only two bottles. She wag easily and quickly relieved; is now doing splendidly.— J. S, MORTON, Earlow, N. C. Sent by exore" or mnll, on receipt of price. • 1.00 i»r botUe. Book "TO MOTHKBS' 1 mailed free. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO.. ATLANTA, QA. BOLD BY ALL I>KUeei8T8. back at once in order to tace iUr. Gresham again. Thc3 r reg-ard his return as a "back down." Conservative feeling- is that there should be no'play- ing to the g-alleries. and that the relations of this povermnent to that oi Washington should be left to adjust themselves in a natural v,-aj-. Prank Hastings, who is at present in charge of the Hawaiian legation, will probably be promoted to the position of minister. No retaliatory measures will be taken by the government, so a cabinet officer states, and Minister Willis will remain in Hawaii so far as anything official on this side may be done or said to him. Will Not Pnblltb Grethiim'i Letter. Cabinet officers stated this morning that Gresham's letter may never Ue published in full, for the reason that it names certain charges against Thurston, charges that would have tc be answered by the Hawaiian minister. This government does not care to widen the breach with the Cleveland administration any more than it can help, and for that reason Thurston will not have an opportunity to defend himself. Tliuritou Uetmyetl. Friends of Thurston are indignant because they say he has been betrayed by the agent of a press association i» Washington. He permitted that agenl to read his private correspondence from Honolulu for the purpose Ol making himself familiar with the situation here and instructed him to publish nothing which reflected on the^government, as it might rellect on his official position. Thurston's friends say this agent did not publish anything taken from the correspondence, rellect ing ou Cleveland, but he went directly to Gresham and informed him- that he had read at the Hawaiian legation, letters sent to Thurston, and furnished Gresham with substance of them. Proof of this is Gresham's statement to Mr. Thurston. in his last interview with him that "You (he] have been betrayed by your newspaper friends," and also the fact that Gresham had the substance, and in some cases copies, of letters reflecting- on Cleveland. EX-KING REPORTED DEAD. Milan S»I<1 to Have Committed Suicide oi Been Aft*HMsUiitt«<l. BKRLIN, May 9,—A rumor is current on the bourse here that ex-King Milan is dead. The rumor has it that the ex- king was either assassinated or committed suicide. Confirmation of the report, however, is lacking. ' No Answer Regarding Waller. PABia, May 9.— The United States ambassador, James B. Eustis; has not received a reply to his note to the foreign office here regarding the trial by court-martial and sentence to twenty years' imprisonment of John T. Waller, formerly United States consul at Tama- taye. But M. Hanotux, the minister ol foreign affairs, has promised upon receipt of the necessary documents from the island of Madagascar to (five the qnestion the fullest consideration. Cholera Among the Jup*. LOTTDOS, May 9.—The Times publishes a dispatch from Kobe, Japan, announcing that cholera has broken out on board the Japanese transports at Talienwnn, on the Liao Tung peninsula. It is reported that half the troopships of the original Chinli expedition are flying- the cholera flag. ADJOURNS SINE DIE. The Delaware L*el»l»ture F»ll« to Elect • Senator. DOVER, Del., May 9.—The legislature adjourned sine die at 3 o'clock Thursday without electing a senator. At 3 o'clock Gov. Watson declared the joint assembly adjourned sine die. Speaker McMulliu, of the house, declared S. A. Dupont elected senator. For Free Silver. SpBDJOrrELD, I1L, May 9.—Secretary of State Einrichsen, chairman of the democratic state committee, said that twenty counties have so far held conventions, and without exception they have declared for free silver at the ratio of 10 to 1. "These twenty counties," said Mr. Hinrichsen, "have 463 of the 1,076 delegates in the state convention." Uunenrlao Town Burned. VIENNA, May 9.—A dispatch received from Also-Kubin, capital of the coun- tv of Arva, Hungary, announces that a conflagration there destroyed a church and the municipal buildings and much other property. The wind carried the flames to the neighboring village of Nagy Falu, which was completely destroyed. Kullroitil la u Kccolvvr'R Hiui'ls. LIMA, 0., May 9.—-The Ohio Southern railroad went into the 'hands of a receiver Thursday morning on :i petition by Martha llouseulp und others. The petition states that the road is insolvent. George W. Saul was appointed receiver. Indicted for Allotted Jlrlbory. COVI.NGTOX, Ky., May 9.—The grand jury has indicted Webster Chandlcc. agent of the Gamewell lire and police electric system, for offering a bribe of ST'jO to Councilman John Drocge, to induce him to help introducing- the system. The tihOHt Of a Cdunce. is a very tliadowy affair. Ere the clmnco ot recovery becomes a vanishing fthost, lake a most potent roennsol overcoming the Inactivity of the organs that termloates In their too frequently fatal disease, by reporting to Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, which gives Jnst tbe requisite Impulse to the renal organs to promote their vigorous action without exciting tbero. an etlact too otten pro duced by tbe fiery and unmedlcated stunnlanta ot commerce. Brlght's disease, diabetes and Inactivity oi tbe bladder, tire roes oi terrible menace to the system. The Inroads may, however, be stared 11 they are met at the start and combattd with the Bitters. This fine nnd genial corrective alsoremedlei malaria, dyspepsia, rheumatism, deblluy, nervousness and tbe InflrmlUcs Incident to age, It hastens convalescence, and Is pronio- tlve of sleep and appetite. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS and a careful micro- scopical examination of the urine, is a valuable aid in determining the nature ot" many chronic diseases, particularly those of the nervous system, blood.liv- er, kidneys, and bladder. ' These aids make it possible to treat such diseases successfully at a distance, without personal examination of the patient. Thus Bripht's Disease of the Kidneys, Inflammation of the Bladder, Gravel, and other Diseases of the Urinary Orfrans, "Liver Complaint." Dyspepsia, or Indigestion, Dropsy and many other maladies are successfully treated and cured without personal consultation with, the physician. Nervous Debility, whether resulunfr from over-study, worry," disappointment, or from exhausting drains upon the system caused by prcnicious secret habits contracted in youth, through ignorance of their ruinous consequences, is successfully managed, throujrh correspondence, the necessary medicines beiiifr sent by mail or express, Write for question blanks, or describe your case, send sample of urine for analysis and enclose 10 cents for postage o» treatise, which contains reproduced- pliotocrraphs. and full names and addresses of vast numbers of people who have been cured in this, way. Address, World's Dispensary Medical Association, 665 Maiu St., Buffalo, N. Y- Dr. PIERCE'S PLEASANT PELLETS cure sick headache, biliousness, constipation, coated tonjruc, poor appetite, indigestion, windy bclcliinus and kindred deraiige- 'menls of tie liver, stomach and bowels. ONCE USED, ALWAYS IN FAVOR. Clifuilciil Worln WrockmL PERTJI A.MIIOY, N. J., Way 0.—An explosion ivbout 4 o'clock Thunsday morning-, caused by the igniting of g-as- from a hnitcru, wrecked the chemical works of Koessler & ilastaoher, in the- center of the town. AujjuH Dcm- hip.kifi was -orobablr fatally burned. MoneyMadeatHome L:ut month I cleared, ater pajne«ex^ »235 'JS; the niOLtb before |180 W and lmv« Mt the nnrne time attended to my rvwular business. I believe anyone, anjwhere, can do a» well, as I have- not a particularly good location and not much experience. When you have »n article that every family wants. It Is vorr easy srtllnu It. It eeeros- stranRe tntit 11 good, cheap dlsb wisher was nefcr betore placed on the market. With, the Pertec- tlon which sells for $6, you can wasa and dry the dlshesfor a family In twomlout**, without putting tlje hands In water. As soon 88 the people see tbe washer work, they want one, and that la- wny so ranch money can be made 10 Quickly. For mil partlcuJan address The Perfection Mfg. Co... Station 0., Englewood, 111. I feel convinced that any lady or gemleman, In any location, can make- t5to$10aday,R8 every family will very soon. Save il dish wnsher. Try It and publish your experience lor ihe benefit oi others. ALICE O, WE UNDERSELL! We bought the stock at our own price and must dispose of them at once. of the Ingest a f b est **«— BSS T a" n d Baokrupt ClathiDg Company, sells goods cheaper than other Store keepers can buy them. We will commence this sale, II, I If you have no ready money, borrow some, for you can never buy these goods again. MOTHERS READ THIS! You Can Buy $5 00 Worth For $1.00. 200 doa Men's Fine Outing SHIRTS. worth 75c now 19c 100 Childs, all wool suits 4 TO 14 YEARS •worth $3 now |1.20 137 Childs SUITS worth $3. 50 now 300 Childs SUITS worth $4 now $1.03. Hens striped pants WORTH $1-50 Our price 69o 170 doz Men's Madrass SHIRTS worth $1 now 29c' Men's Silk SUSPENDERS worth 35c now 9c Men's Silk SUSPENDERS worth 50c now 19c Men's Blue OVERALLS worth 50c now 29c 185 Childs SUITS worth $5 now $2.24 A model ot BEAUTY worth $0 now $2.08 The very finest Childs SUITS worth $S now $3.74 800 fine pants WORTH $3 Oar price $1.89 It will pay yon to travel 100 MILES to attend this sale. Men's fine suits SUITS worth $10 now $3.98 149 Mens fine SUITS worth $13 now $4-74 200 fine pants pants WORTH U Oar price $1.98 200 Mens line DRESS SUITS worth $14 now $5.60 187 very fine all WOOL SUITS. worth $15 now $7.24 125 Mens suits IMPORTED GOODS, worth $18 now $6.65 Fine imported pants WORTH $5 Our price $2.49 160 Mens SUITS •worth $20 now $9.74 209 Hens SOU'S worth $24 now $11.98 Young Mens suits from 14 TO 20 YEARS and Mens single pants 140 fine pants WORTH $6 Qar price $2.98 Men's Stiff HATS worth $2 now 39c 140 young Men's Suits 14 TO 20 YEARS worth $8 now $2.98 75 young Mens Suits 14 TO 20 YEARS worth $10 now $3.74 Very fine Snuits J 4 TO 20 YEARS worth $13 now $5.98. Eemember this sale starts SATURDAY, MAY II at 8:30 A. M. 824 FOURTH STREET-

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