Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 1
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
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Wednesday, February 26, 1964
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ID a UII fra cfo 74th Year Phone 793-3221 REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1964 $1.50 Per Month Sixteen Pages JO Cent* Wmfn Johnson to sign tax cut bill Senate vote 74-19 j WASHINGTON* (UPI) — The Senate by a "4-19 vote gave lineal congressional approval today !to tlie giant S11.5 billion tax cut bill. President Johnson will sign it later today to statt paycheck | increases flowing to millions ot |wage earners by next week. I The White House announced 1 i that 15 minutes after the President signs the measure at a i3:30 p.m. PST ceremony, he •will speak to the nation on the ; benefits he expects the bill to i bestow on the nation"s economy. I The 3:45 p.m. EST radio and i television broadcast will be car- |ried by all major networks. I either live or by tape. 1 On the final Senate vote, 53 Democrats and 21 Republicans voted for the bill while 10 Democrats and 9 Republicans voted against. The long-sought administration measure will mean an average S4 to S5 weekly paycheck boost for individual workers and lower corporation taxes for thousands of business firms. In signing the bill today. Johnson makes it possible for the benefits of the income tax reductions to begin with paychecks received next Wednesday. This will come about because of a 4 point drop in payroll withholding rates. By a vote of 326 to 83. the | House stamped its final approv- ial Tuesday on the tax measure | which is a compromise between ; the original S11.2 billion House land a $11.8 billion Senate ver- jsions. The first benefits of the massive election-year tax cuts will be felt quickly by millions of wage earners, starting late next {week if Johnson signs the meas- jure immediately. Payroll withholding rates will drop eight days after it is signed from 18 per cent to 14 per cent, resulting in fatter paychecks averaging about $4 to S5 a week for many taxpayers. Johnson is counting on the, | American consumer to act nat- 'urally and spend 97 cents of every SI he gets in tax cuts, thereby pumping S27 million a day into the economy. In sum. the sweeping tax reduction and reform program is the cornerstone of the administration's entire budget structure for the coming fiscal year and the foundation for Johnson's I forecasts of good times ahead. Two-thirds of the cuts for individuals are effective this year retroactive to Jan. 1. and the j remainder on Jan. 1. 1955. When '. fully effective, the average U.S. i taxpayer will have his tax bill ; cut by about 19 per cent. More jurors picked for Jack Ruby trial Fog delays search work in lake Pontcharfrain NEW ORLEANS (UPI) -'fore DEMONSTRATION — Based on the claim that Lucky Stores in San Francisco violated an agreement to hire more Negroes, members of CORE staged another "shop-in" Monday. To the store went 35 men and women. They filled carts and bags with groceries, checked them through the stands, then abandoned them without paying for them. Here is one such collection. (UPI Telephoto) Bakers girl Friday defies Senate questioners WASHINGTON (UPI) attractive Carole Tyler, Bobby Baker's girl Friday, today defied the Senate committee investigating her former boss and pleaded for public understanding. Appearing at a nationally- televised hearing. Miss Tyler. Trim,j •seems to be to bring down up- one me and others the violence of public reaction because of my alleged past associations." Concluding the statement. Miss Tyler said: "I pray that the public will keep an open mind regarding me in order to insure that no further irrepara Sinatra kidnapers on verge of panic an oil slick, then wreck- Dense fog dropped visibility to age were sighted four miles 20 yards today on Lake Pont- 1 from the shore of the 25-by-40; DALLAS (UPI) — The sixth; chartrain> stalling a Coastlmile lake, and seventh jurors who will Guard search for the missing; A chatty letter, a check on ihcar Jack Ruby's murder trial passenger compartment of an a Massachusetts insurance com- iwere sworn in swiftly today.! Eastcrn Air Lines DCS jetliner, pany, a first grade reader. I . ' 1 that carried 5S men, women and parts of wreckage and pieces ,Onc .s a young paper «les-i chil(Ircn to their dea , hs on ^ bodies wcre foumJ ,man. the other a stylish secre- mu(idy bottom. | The Federal Aviation Agency tary. j Twisted metal, torn seats and;(FAA) sent 20 investigators to The second and ninth pros-! holiday souvenirs floated to the [the scene to determine cause of pects called in the morning j surface Tuesday. Somewhere below lay the jetliner, where it plunged moments after report- otheriing "okay'' on take-off at the iNew Orleans airport session were picked without argument, though attorneys wrangled bitterly over prospects. relate to my name and identi-j fication as the person named injof the three suspected kidnapers! said subpoena. My refusal is|of Frank Sinatra, Jr., wcre de- Negro students boycott classes, fight state police PRINCESS ANNE, Md. UPI)—Angry Negro students today fought with state police using snarling dogs and clubs to break up a demonstration j in this racially tense town. City officials asked for the National Guard to be alerted. Thousands of students most *" "''of them Negroes, refused to at- the first crash at New Orleans; classes ° in Boston today in International (Moisant) Airport; ^ a „ { school in 20 years. The FBI sent a dis- ( ;j e „ re „ ation aster team to identify the vic-i " ° tims. The boycott was joined by hundreds of students from suburban communities who went a former Tennessee beauty j hie injury results to my rcpu queen, refused to answer ques-ltation." tions on the constitutional Declines To Answer grounds that the senators were) When committee members in invading her privacy and that any answers might tend to incriminate her. In a statement she was allowed to read, the 24-year-old brown-haired beauty said (he sole purpose of the hearing Weather Redlands Weather Today Highest 64, Lowest 33 vestigating the financial ventures of Baker, the former senate Democratic secretary, pressed her with questions, she "declined to answer" on grounds of privacy invasion and possible self incrimination. At the outset of the public session, Miss Tyler gave only her name and (he fact that she was the person subpoenaed by the Senate Rules Committee. Robert L. Flechtner, a 29-1 One whole but battered body Died On Impact LOS ANGELES (UPI) -Two'year-old salesman who started and scattered debris were re- The 51 passengers and seven; m 'to"*|hc"city by bus, car and his job with Clampitt Paper covered by rescuers. Several crewmembers apparently died I tra ; n Company the day he got his.human scalps and other parts'from the impact. There was nO| x t ."ro leaders called the ille based on constitutional grounds!scribed today as "on the verged 0 ' ™ tice W , as pickcd in lcss i of .* )dic! i : vere fo T L evidence of fire or an cxplo-; gal | ta j, out an apparcnt suc . as hereinafter arc more fully of panic" while thev held thei lhan 20 minulcs - • No information on the sion. ! CCS s. School officials said the set forth." ivoung singer in a hideout and 1 Mrs - Cwcn L - English, a full-jcausc was Reported by Wilhamj Lamb was asked about evident of the bovcott would not Cites Curbs ! Erlich earlier had cited'might curbs which he said the Consti tution places on Congress in arguing that the committee proceeding had no legislative purpose and was an "invalid invasion" of Miss Tyler's rights. Furthemore, Erlich said, Miss Tyler would claim protection against possible self-incrimination under the 5th Amendment. Baker, former S19.600 a-year secretary to Senate Democrats amassed a personal fortune, while serving in the sensitive! post. The senators are delving into how he did it and whether fear was expressed that they "hurt someone." This testimony was given in the 12th day of the federal trial by James Robert Irwin, brother of defendant John William Ir win, 42. He identified the other two defendants Barry Worthing ton Keenan and Joseph Clyde Amsler, both 23, as the ones who became panicky. James Irwin told the jury of nine men and three women how his brother John came to his home in Imperial Beach in San Diego County and surrendered to Federal Bureau of Investiga- timc secretary married to an Lamb, spokesman for the Civil]dence •jelectrician, was taken just be- Aeronautics Board 'fore court recessed for lunch, emphasized that i Both new jurors said they! wreckage had not been found Iliad seen the shooting on tele- Lamb called a news conference | vision, but that it would not af-;for 12 noon EST today, feet their judgment. I Vanished From Radar Five other prospects wercj The Mexico City-to-New York dismissed before lunch for hav-j flight took off without incident ing opinion or opposing the (C n the second leg of its trip. death penalty. |Just five minutes later, it vanished from radar screens and the alarm was sounded. Searchers converged on a north shore, snake-infested swamp area be- of a bombing. improper influences were in- tion agents there. James said that his brother told him he took no part in the Mariposa school contract let to James P. Power anony-;bc known until attendance rcc- (CAB). Hejmous telephone calls, or any lords are compiled, the main'passengcrs with large sums of; At Cambridge, Md.. Negroes insurance but answered: "We; prepared to picket the same have no information to all ofi two public buildings where on these questions." 'Tuesday National Guardsmen A tape of the final control armed with bayonets and tear tower to plane conversation!gas broke up a demonstration, showed the last words to earth! Martial law has reigned at were: j Cambridge since last July when "EAL 304 okay." |15 persons were shot during Air traffic control meni r ' ot ' n 3- worked feverishly to contact! the plane, but there was onlyj silence. actual removal of young Sinatrai The first stage of the n e u Then she read the statement ivolvcd. Rainfall: 24 hrs. .04. Season 8 .20 |Wnich shc sai(I was Prepared! Baker has twice refused to Last Year 319 i - ,ler attornc y, Myron Erlich| a nswer pertinent questions in: from his Lake Tahoe motel j Mariposa elementary schol I of Washington. jappearances before the com-; room. Dec. 8. John told him he i east of the Country club will be- One Year Ago I She then declared: jmittee. He declined Tuesday at became involved after receiving! comc a reality by"next fall, but!_co Chou visits Ceylon on his four Hoover shows improvement Highest 82, Lowest 48 Tomorrow's Sunrise and Sunset 6:20 a.m. —5:44 p.m. No smog, allowable burning. San Bernardino Valley: Sunny Thursday. Slightly warmer afternoons. Lows tonight 30-40. U.S. Weather Bureau Noon Forecast During the past two days a weak cold front has moved southward through (he Western slates and is now located well to the south and east of South era California. As the colder air mass moved through the area Tuesday, temperatures showed substantial drops. However, with sunny weather daytime readings will be a little higher over the north and west sections of Southern California today and over most inland area Thursday. Surface winds over Southern California have diminished but in the mountain and desert areas there will be locally gusty northerly winds through today. The outlook for Friday is for fair weather with little change in temperatures. Lowest temperatures in coldest fruit frost key stations in Southern California will be 27 degrees. Temperatures and precipitation for the 24-hour period ended at 4 a.m.: High Low Precip. Boston 30 26 Chicago 43 21 .02 Cincinnati 54 32 .02 Denver 26 -3 .09 Fairbanks 33 19 .10 Fort Worth 65 31 Helena 22 6 Honolulu 77 70 Kansas City 44 16 .04 Las Vegas 53 30 Los Angeles 62 45 Minneapolis 27 9 New York 34 31 Oklahoma City 44 19 Palm Springs 71 52 Sacramento 62 37 Salt Lake City 27 9 San Francisco 60 53 Seattle 51 36 Washington 39 28 . — ^mmunist Chinese Premier On the advice of my attor-' 3 Public session after also plead- a phone call after the kidnaping; probably not by the opening of Chou En-lai arrived today ney, Mr. Erlich. I refuse to' in 3 ,I,C 51h Amendment and;at his home in Hollywood fromjthc school year in September.|from Dacca. Pakistan, on the answer any questions that may!°'hcr reasons in a closed door;an old friend described only as; To get the school construction third and final slop of his be propounded to me bv mem -l a PP earance Iasl vveck - '"* ,nc ki(1 -" but presumably de­ hors or employes of this com- M> ss T y |cr was subpoenaed,fendant Keenan. mittee other than those which I to testify today after the com! John said he was directed by —jmittee said shc refused to api"thc kid" to go to a certain pear voluntarily. j house that was not identified Erlich told newsmen that! and hc complied. James testified: "My brother went to (his house and Frank Sinatra Jr.. was at the house. John said he Russian scientist to set up Cuban satellite post MOSCOW (UPI) — The Soviet Union today sent a leading scientist to set up a satellite ob servation station in Cuba. The official Soviet news agen cy Tass reported that Nikolai Yerpyiev, scientific secretary of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sci ence, left to "start the preliminary stage of the work." Tass said the trip is taking place in accordance with a cooperation agreement between the Soviet and Cuban Academies of Science. Tass said equipment for the station, "in particular chronometers and astronomical instruments." has already been sent to Cuba. Frost follows slight rain There was a coating of crisp, white frost on the rooftops of many Redlands homes this morning in the wake of a mild storm yesterday which dropped only .04 inch of rain. But as the clouds left, colder, moist air moved in and the mercury dropped to 33 degrees during the night. There was some snow in the mountains but it was mixed with rain and did little to boost winter sports. No area in the county had more than .11 inch of rain and most had nearer the Redlands total. Some points in Riverside county, including the city of Riverside, had only a trace or none at all. newsmen "this committee — no one" has the right to invade the privacy of his client. However, Erlich said he did not object to televising the hearing as did Edward Bennett Williams, Baker's attorney, at Tuesday's session. Cameras were barred during Baker's testimony, but his remarks were broadcast on radio and television. Refuses To Answer Among the questions Baker refused to answer was one on whether Miss Tyler and Elly Rometsch, glamorous wife of a German soldier stationed here, accompanied him on a business trip outside Washington Earlier testimony also indicated that Miss Tyler, on at least one occasion, helped to count a sizable amount of cash taken from a file cabinet in Baker's Capitol office. Baker's refusal to answer and provide documents Tuesday could lead to contempt of Con- ress proceedings, a possibility mentioned by Sen. Joseph S. Clark, D-Pa., but any such action will await the committee's deliberations after it has heard more witnesses. stop in motion. Trustees last night Asian tour, awarded a $181,224 contract fori communist China, in an un- the first nine classrooms^ tO |Cxpcctc(I nir)VC aIs0 sent its " " - ranking woman leader, Mme. James P. nardino. Powers of San Bcr- 000 contract to A. S. Hubbs for the extensive site grading neces sary. In separate actions. Pacific was afraid they were on thel Materials company was hired to And they also awarded a $26.-> mee t tt -j (h Ceylon's Prime Min Unruh accuses local districts WESTWOOD (UPI) — Assem bly Speaker Jesse M. Unruh Tuesday accused local school districts of m a k i n g education costly, confusing and subject to manipulation. Hc said more meaningful local control would be fostered, not frustrated, by passage of his bill to reduce California's school districts from 1,585 to about 170. verge of panic. He was very concerned that someone would possibly be hurt in this whole process." James testified that his broth er told him that he was the one who released young Sinatra early on the morning of Dec. 11. Under direct examination by prosecutor Thomas R. Sheridan, the witness was asked, "Did your brother at any time use the word hoax in his conversation?" "No, at no time," said James. Sheridan also asked, "Did your brother at any time use the words publicity stunt in his conversation?" "No, at no time," replied James. Fight causes traffic jam in Orange ORANGE (UPI)—A five-hour traffic jam and small fights were caused Tuesday night at a drive-in theater by heavyweight championship fight fans —both those who paid to watch the closed circuit television showing and those motorists who parked on the highway outside for a free show. A crowd roughly estimated at 20,000 persons were jammed in and around the drive-in theater. The congestion — and possibly the outcome of the bout—led to small fights and beer can throwing, but police, highway patrolmen and sheriffs deputies made no arrests. The guardsmen moved in when a "control group" of 15 demonstrators violated a ban on demonstrations and all of them were taken into protective custody. Negro leader Gloria Richardson, chairman of the Cambridge Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (CNCC) said there would , NEW YORK (UPI) -Former^ more demonstrations in the COLOMBIA. CEYLON (UPI),President Herbert Hoover, sg.^esapeakc Bay fishing village '• -" - " 'showed further "definite im .|*0 miles from Princess Anne provement" todav in his battle! M(i - " hcrc a bombing and against a kidnev ailment and al cros ? burning capped off a day respiratory infection that has;° f demonstrations the day be- kept him in bed for four days.' c ' Doctors in attendance on the, I" Chicagp more than 170.000 31st President at his Waldorf children stayed home from Towers apartment issued a mid- classes during the city's second morning medical bulletin that I "freedom day public school said there had been no further,boycott in four months. Sun Yat-sen, to Colombo to ister Mme. Sirimavo Bandara naike. the only woman head of government in the world. Mme. Sun. a vice chairman of the Peking government, is the widow of the late founder of the pre-war Chinese republic and a sister of Mme. Chiang Kai-shek. She rarely makes trips outside China. make inspections of compaction and other matters connected with the grading, and Garner, Tracadas and Troy of San Bernardino was hired to engineer and set the grade stakes. The first stage of the Mariposa school will house approximately 300 students. But Supt. H. Fred Heisner said architect C. Paul Ulmer is now drawing plans for additional buildings to house another 200. These, and plans for a multipurpose building are expected to be ready in about two months. | WASHINGTON (UPI) - A Dr. Heisner said it is doubtful; week-long union boycott against that the Mariposa classrooms!wheat shipments to the Soviet Wheat being loaded for Russia BS boycott ends will be ready by September and that plans now arc to house the first five grades in separate classrooms at Kimberly until their own classrooms are ready. He said present plans call for sixth grade .Mariposa students to continue to attend Smiley next year. Officials "slip" on icy streets WASHINGTON (UPI) — District of Columbia officials slipped Tuesday on ice- less streets. With the forecast for several inches of snow, they had numerous steep hills in the nation's capital coated with salt to make the snow melt as it hit the ground. But it didn't snow. The forecast was changed Tuesday night to "clearing and warmer." Union dissolved today with announcement in Texas that a group of longshoremen will begin loading Russia-bound grain in Houston this afternoon. A spokesman for the Conti- tinental Grain Co., said he was notified that loading operations will begin by the International Longshoremen's Association. The grain is being shipped aboard the Turkish ship Urn- ran, the spokesman said. Five Russia-bound wheat ships have been lying idle in both Houston and Galveston, Tex. The announcement of the boycott's end came from the White House Tuesday night. President Johnson also ordered that — without exception — at least half the cargoes go in American vessels. White House sources said that "to avoid any misunderstanding or difficulty in the future" the President had ordered that "no waivers whatever" be permited in granting licenses for wheat' sales. bleeding from Hoover's right kidney, his temperature was normal, and he was in no pain. "He is still having some respiratory difficulty due to his pulmonary infection." the bulletin said. "This latter seens to be responding to therapy. He is, alert and taking nourishment by' mouth." I The team of three doctors said they were "pleased" by Hoover's improvement. The doctors had announced Tuesday night that hemorrhaging in the right kidney had stopped by nightfall. But the respiratory infection had caused Hoover to have a "restless day." Desert murder remains mystery PHOENIX, Ariz savage double slaying of a middle - aged man and woman whose mutilated bodies were found on the desert not far from A r i z o n a's Superstition Mountains remained a mystery today. Sheriffs deputies were still trying to find clues to the identity of the victims, whose throats had been slashed and their bodies beaten and stabbed when rock hunters came across the remains Monday. Homicide detectives theorized the couple had been on a camping trip and probably were taking a nap when they were slain —either Saturday or Sunday. Fresh tire marks at the scene helped support one theory that they had been traveling with a camper rig, which the killer might have driven away. ' Boycott leaders claimed victory over opposing Negro leaders who had spoken against the boycott. The Chicago boycott is sponsored by the Coordinating Council of Community Organizations (CCCO) in protest of alleged segregation and to back up renewed demands for the resignation of schools Supt. Benjamin C. Willis. The boycott got no help from the Chicago Urban League, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or the Catholic Interracial Council. School officials said the boycott was about 20 per cent less effective than a massive stay-at- home protest staged four months ago. Negro leaders have pledged to carry out a school boycott in Boston today despite warnings of possible prosecution. Boycott leaders said the boycott is "to (UPI) —The:keep Negroes out of the soup lines in 1984." They allege de facto segregation in Boston schools. Crew abandons ship in English Channel PORTSMOUTH, England (UPI)—The 28-man crew of tha Panamanian steamer Cissoula abandoned ship in the English Channel Tuesday night after the vessel collided with an unidentified ship. The Royal Navy said the entire crew was picked up by the Swedish ship Halleran. The other vessel in the collision disappeared in the dense mist, a navy spokesman said.

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