Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 7, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1916
Page 3
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STERLING. ILLINOIS,SATURDAY,OCTOBER?. 1916 t»AGS MORRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON. ILLINOIS, .-SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1916 FtEAL ESTATE TMNSf ERS DIED SUDDENLY 6*ife*rt f fcsne, W»»h. '?irw<*r. t-!«!.i'-r *?{?!!<* bants. t»-' *"!'- '•'! «» CORN CARNIVAL Of Clyde 25th at > ij WtH F r a n k 1 i f! >ifr: < .;,rr" b* H*1d Oct. hid f;rr« t ' h r XY:'.«!h . in this IT from h.-tt he fftthrr, (Jilt-r-rt >a .At tht- horn.r'.. Mr*. Oara' Turner ,if . Thursday No (n»rti< ' th* death were rei-rH wft* «• rreat shot-fc to <>|ty, a* he had rt-'rf-h. < hi* father In ,\t»RU*t W«* -In excellent health ami ifn^'vinc life. " Mr. Hrewer if inclined to think ftt* father's, deft i h wn* th<- refill of totti-aSy*!*, n* he reeefvcd a »uro»<e .-»bout five year* airo, nntl may Iwv«* suf!Vr*d another more severe attack. the remain* will be Ini.l »« rest In the family l«f nt- InepHer. N t». >>>' th* *Me of hi* wife and dftiiehter- OH- btrt Brewer w a* n resident of Morrl- iM»n for neverrif year* .'Hid w"-* w<> " known hy our older citizen.* He t-nme. to Lyndon, Ill, In Die early i,o'». rnfffticMi In the merrantilr About the ye«r1«2 he cnme to Mor-. 1 -rl*»n and entered the employ of John McDonald, a dry jjoodn m<-n lumt. fi-iH Ktmif. Kt-rf-TiS vjs. .vtUnw'-.. f r>,Y<-''h, T>nys IS arii'T <» i T . S:i;«'iv. I"--,,* Jl and 1". Mini"-, boy,«t *. ?, In, «any. !». : «me-. cirls S, !>. J n . «amf, pSr!* und«»r fc. . Running broad jump, l-oys IS and over; itnrw. boys it and 12; f'nnif. boyn S, 5. 10; pump, boy* Jtiiijf-r e Runnlnc Heh jump, l«(j,ft 13 mt-r, s^HDtf. !«>,VP 11 nnd Ii; t«:irne, S, fl. 10; same, l»>y.« tinm-r s> I, pills fJttilr-r 11. or S a i ami He erftl yearfi nnd then went into the>tore of H. Htnefwon, « dealer In dry m»>d» nnd hoots nnd ulioe*. • u» a partner, with whom he continued for *f\ernl yearn, until he oBt».hll*hed n dry K«-o,l«i j»tore of hla cnrn. which he ^inducted until 1M1. In the uprlnu of 1S*2 Mr. Hrew-er went to North Imkota nnd emsiiKeil In farming nenr iJtrimore. HP remained here until ii»t»», when he moved with hi* wife to the state of Wash; where he operated'a truck «nd Mr», ITfewer ,m**ed irwny tn AuRiiut. IS»os. and Mr. Hrewrr then of hi? Itind nnd ulnco that nan mtide hla hoine \vitii lii.s daughter. Mrs. 'Clara Tuuier, «t Spokane, where hi" death occurred. Mr. Hrewpr wa* n man of ninny nn¥ * h»r- enteemeil by nil who Knew him. BROKEJHIS ARM Sum Cobb, Jf., W« Injured by Hor« Friday Morning. Hani «'ohh. Jr.. who «nernte» n fnrm In Hoiith t'lS'de. was th«- \lctim of nn milted In u hnjkt-n unn. Mr. »'ol<b wn» barn, and let one of t|»e iiniin:il5 !«<»«'. thinkitiK it would contliine to K» on out of the ihMir. but luntead of doing; thin the horne turiiM fi»i<! went into a ntwll. When Mr. c'ol.l. went into the HtHll to lewd, the hor«e out aKitin, he wan crowded Up nj,'<tin*t the partition by the atvtmiil »nd on- of the bonea In the left arrii w«» TiTOltrn—hrtwmi t*- wrint aiMl_*H»ow. A physician was called -Immediately nnd -th«* Injury -attended to. ' . TEAM C^ANIZES Football T*«m M««t» and Elects Cap^- tain Thursday Evaning. „ of the younK men In football met nt the iirtnory *>n Tliuraday evening nnd orKBiUeed a town team for the coinhn; »e«uH»n. Oeorge Curtis wan ehoiten captain nnd compose the team, nre «»» follow*: lUi'k, (li»orK«* Curtis, Homer l,y]t< Ritchie, Kfllrtrtek Hlod> gett. <*iirl Heath. Alfred Htddlemxi, ~%Vni7~Tlaws«ii, fto>* fheht. Mwsi I+e*»^*. Arthur Kromery. The hoys will iiluy their flnst »»me of the «tw»»on un Suh- d*y, Oct. 16, at Clinton, nnd MunwKer Hick i» at present rorre»|>i»ndlnB with nuuMKeri* «f uther ludepemlent teum» Jn th*_vicinity and will h'*ve u m'htnl- ule\made out In H whorl time. FOR MRSTBREARTON Her Horn Kitchen 8how«r"H«td- Ifrlday Afternoon. A kitchen «how*>r wit* «iven In honor of Mr». l-Tank Hre»rtun nt the home of her parent*, Mr. nnd Mm, W. 11. Hull, In I'nlon drove, on Krlday tifter- n«Kin. Then» were. Hhout thirty-the j reaent and Mr*. Hrenrton waa the re r clpleni of m«ny uneful article*. The afternoon w»»« |*lea««ntly «|>ent In a MJiUil ^ity and—(j d;t««Uy lunch wni^ Mr». Hrwirtim have Inw-n residing »t thci««ull homo hut expect tu go to houBekwpinK «»» idiort time-, w)»o*«» for final |»H*r» «f tM)»tiK»ned from Mtuidn»\ esamlnation wna . of the Clileaso district of the Hore»u of imniittratlon. Mr. Hmit the ex»ml«iitloii~aT rttlxen of th« United State*. Sn«-k rt»ce. any mnn p'resent. X.'iti ill U inc. nny w«>man pn-sr-nt. Prizes will \>f awarded n;» follows Host f> «-firs yellow < ; orn, came whit torn: same red corn: most n'»nrl.y per fe» t ear <>f torn, tone«'«t i-ar; tall' 1 .* •itnlk of corn: best r» earn popcorn; best f> ears sweet corn; 1 qunit be«t whi^sit; ?sfttrie liftrley; Ranre ^*Bts; ^ b* v ?*t Jnte potatoes, d best early potatoes; 3 3iirK«'^t apples; 1 larKent onion, iirrt%i- est fi(|uafih. heaviest pumpkin. Baking. ISest pumpkin pie; best rorn bread; best plain loaf c.tke. pupil under 11, Sewing. * l;r."t '4 yar»l pl/tln t/itrlni;: l»<st '« yard crocheted «.-di;e. not wider than 1 inch. be,M H dnsrn button ho|«-f; be«t four patch quilt blix U by pupil under 11. ,- • - Writing.' - "I'linsy Cat.. I'usny «".'U. Where Have You lt*>eit"" by Krndes 1. l>. 3; (Sr.^t 2, KltlfiKns nf "{^TTittTfnbrT.'' fjft<»l«'« 4. fi. fi; tlrst dtiinxu of "Illinois." K*rad»-» t , »». Drawing. Dcct outline" map of South Artier!«.A In pencil on p«p«-r . !*xlt', ura les 7 find !*; best stalk of corn In pencil, 1'VU', by pupils of 4, 6, ft Rrude*. CRITICALLY ILL Jacob Rock«y Suffer* With Tumor on Brain in Chicago Hospital. Word ha* been received In this city tclllni; .of lb<» critical illness vf Jacob Hockey, a, former businesfs man of thin' riTyT who is "now coiiflTieil" Iri Ii "CTil- eatfo hoHpitnl wufferintf. with luitKir on the hrnin. Mr. Hockey has suffered neverely nnd his romlition IM now beyond hope, a» hi* eyes are paralysed and he has been uneonscioUK wince Saturday. Mr. Hockey is well known In Mor- jlgjin, having conducted u meat market in this cityl»«»ver5I"~yea;r here, to Iw'come a traveiinB for Hwlft & Co. TJurliiK hl» re«idence In Morr4non, he. wan R member of the Jiickmui Uiwe com|M«ny, and at a meeting held by the company after tho word of his t*r>rtdltlon had beenr~re- ceived, the members "voted to wend' « check of f^5 to help pay th»- expt'ime* L»d durlnt; hi* HSne**. Mr. Hockej made many frleiulu duriiiK hi* nt«y ii Morrison who will be greatly tthot'kei aiuJ Ki'leved to hear of hla »CT|OU . K.llf It I/. ai»d' .». W M.irttn II ?!ron-n. )<>{ in Sterltntf. I! 1 M<r.rl.b-. lot ..In. Morrison. Albert JJi !iri>f>>if>r to \Vm K'*e, land in I'nlf.n f/lrovr. f;<;»> \V Hrt.-uis, lot in ru»»n. .7n»eph Strwrttt to j^inni lot in l-'nlton, A At WV'lfentfrfTcer to John Hadats, land In <'!y*lK I«<»(*. Albert K. Scott to n. I, and J. \V. Martini lotn .In Ib» k F.-ill-i, John Uriermin e«t!;j(.- to \Vstlter Muriltt, lot In Miirrison, Herman (5. Hair. t» AuKtist It Mrinn, lot m stt'tiiiiB. $r>:u'r., Adam 15. «v»\«)rne to Onint ojiborn, lot In Krie. ffi7." BIRTH'S, TIMMKUMAN - A tmby eirl born it few day* «KO to Mr, nmt Mr«. John Timmernian, of Vnlori »?rn\t\ MORRISON BRIEFS Mr». Mrs. William Hicks nnd Miss I ha Unllentine «Vat/"to Sterling lay where they visited with Ili'-fcM' nlecr. Mrs. Harry Kidd. Mrs, hu< indfi Cut-tin upent Friday with friend" In SteriliiR. l-'rnnk - Ili«'»tel went to Oileak'o on lAlnetiK Friday. Air. -mid Mrs Art Ki\"X and Mr. and Mr*. Sieb Krniifls motored to ("hicaico Thursdnji' 'Where .they will .«pcnd a few iayB with friend*. Mr, and Mrs. M. .1>«M»* of 'A.urorix ire viwliliifir Mr». l>an lioundn. t.t, A. * 'liver and M. W. <*hapjn left Krlday inoittinK to attend the M. K. ccnferrnce ill ("hicnjfo. Mr». K. S. Stone arrived today from ruuni.'pii. IH~. fi>r-fl vt»"lt at the H. M. Lud,d h(>tne. Mr?*. 1». Oalla'isher nnd Mlw Helen Jall.iKherwent to Hoclielle, where they will visit Mr. and Mm. .John o'Neil or a few day*. F (5, Wobutec wax « l»u»ilne«ii vls- WED WEIWESDAY Chri« SogU and Mnt. Frada Tompkin W«r* Married in Sycamore, III. «- thi lives of fhrlH Hogle and Mrs. Kredi Hanson Tompkins,' of|.t,hliR city, ti»ok place on Wednewdny' aftern<Hin u Sycamore. The happy couple have re turned to thin city and are keeping "house in the Mat above, the Gilber restaurant whprc th<;y wlH..*K» at hoim lo their friendB.- 1 TioUijlus_Jjrhl^juid RrtMim are well known, and hav« many frlendn in this eity who unite in wlnh- InK" Tor'them a happy MorrUoit on bu»lne«.M Friday. ' • Mr... nnd Mrs*. Edward Heniu-r* and family JVnd .Mr, nnd Mrs. «»tio Mammen and f u mi ly motored to Jdeul l"Vi- day where they -visited at the home of Mr. and Mr*. Henry Hans. Mrn, Alice Htrchfleirt of Jamica, !a,. -tH-n|»pmrtnirT<everal day* with her bro>- ther. \Vealey llollts. future. CHURCH SOCIETY of Pleatantly Entertained at Home Mrs. H, W. Kennedy, The Foreign Missionary «oclety of the M.. E. church held their reuular meetiitK on Thursday afterruKtn at th* linnit* <»f Mru. H, W/ Kennedy on Houtli Itatje jitrvet. After th« regular WHW etudied ri »ht»rt, proKram w»« rendered a nil Mns. <>. A. Oliver wan ek-et,; ed {irftildfut tu take the place of .Mrs, F«_ O. .Klaton. A dainty lunch was Hvrvtni by the ln«t*»K. There were twenty mpnilw-ra of the society prc«- ent at the A marriage Ik-enne wa« Krantcd Thur«day to Kr«*d Krnoat Frank and both uf -Tuin- picw. " . ; . ; .'..• :'..•.'... COME TO BLOOMINGTON ' Illinois' Greatest Corn and Grain Show V f OCTOBER 18th TO 28th * - luuiu'iiHt' huihiin^ bountifully -tt<'«M>mii'd. • « T!it* jrrt'Htcst forn «»xliihitit>ji in llliuojs. Iiu'lyUys the /<roat Jlliuuis I'uiviTsity Tl'opiiy, M«'I**'U« No'cntry f**i i , Jiu\"t« vtiur sf JUt'ff art's. _t*» r,i»u'aj;o Boanl of Trade Trophy- Sovi'.rn! _rlassfs. . Ktitt'i'taiinwul rvj*r« i M*iit<*tl. Muter e " L'lJl ^y *' r ^ s _ ^y '"""^ »'''iuivs daily. I'Vunuus Hitn»!aiu^h>u itaiui .dai ili»» "4;'> u and ^^>' ) p. m. l>«n't ui it IULJNOIS, October J8th to 2f tli, i«»it ail»liv-»^7 -- VLVH Mrs. Hay Heal It aiftl children of Ster- illK viftlte«l at the Henry Heath home n tfiiw city Friday. Mi. and Mrs* H. J. Iteyher went to {ock Island Thursday for a short vinit with relalive»i. <*. Nelnon h«"« (rone tfi ln<ll. i uiapolln. int., whert- he will remnln abovit thre»- i \ ulcaiilzlni,- machine. Palmer WoodHon- la ext»<M-ted home Sunday from Hunter, H. !».. where he IMK been for the pant H!Kweeks. ktr. Htid Mrn. Roy Haridon. Oeoriie Vh.ttr.umh and Ml»a_ Alive lliirrison nolored" to rrophetntown I-Yidny even- n»t to hear Misa Arneda McNeil deliver i» ( Kp««ech on Womaw'B SuffniRe. '-Lincoln Hriidley spent Friday evenInn: with.friend* in I'rophetstown. .Mr«. Ida Llvinlne left Saturday tnoinliiK for llerewfonl, S. I>. where 'she will «|M'tid the Winter. Mm. . Julius Klftman spent Friiluy with friend* In Clinton. Mr», K, D. Na.»h" returned Friday lr"rn ^i --.v-*««u u^ 1 '*' rnUitlv«-n—U;—CM Makes home without a chill spot! The dreaded, old fashioned winter is changed into a season of enjoyment for those whose homes are protected from cold winds, dampness, and bitter blizzards by Mother and children can now enjoy the use of every square foot of the entire house, even to the cozy^fndow seats— for IDEAL heating makes every room free from drafts and as mildly warm as a June evening. Absence of colds and other ills is also noticed where this health-protecting heat is used, -vFather also finds Winter with IDEAL heating is not the bug-bear it used to be with old wasteful methoda. Easy to run the IDEAL Boiler with its automatic regulation. Coal-pile lasts 25% longer/ * • • ^0F RADIATORS BOILERS A No. 4-71 W IDEAL Baiter MM! 4» ft. of 38- In. AMKRICAK Radiator* costinf the owner •216 were «Mvd to twat thii cottaio- At tbi* prfcn the tood* 'can bt rfput«bl«. ccxnpeteot FJUCT. • Tnc^Klv 'c<wt cf t»bWi ui(>^ v *••**», ••*««"*• etc.. which *««y •ccordi&c to dimatic and other cooditiooa. IDEAL Boilers wil! burn any bard coal, soft coal, screenings, lignite, wood, oil or gas nnd will hold a coal fire without refceding from 16 to 24 boura in chilly weather,. All doors arc machined, perfectly tight, thu* producing perfect conditions for good draft and sensitive control. This prevents needless and wasteful burning of fuel. IDEAL heating can be put into any kind of a building, large or small, old or new, in city or country. Phonercall or writ* /oJoy for fr«««>py of valuable Ideal Heating," fully illustrated, giving the whole story of the heat that costs least. Built-in, Vacuum Cleaner—iron suction pipe runs to each floor We also make the ARGO^^ WAND Vaciit^ connected by an iron suction pipe, ousfloora of houserWat, school portable cleaner-—instead, you have a practical outfit that is part of the building—like radiator heating. Iirstzes at $115 up. Aikfor catalog—it does not obligate you to..buyt__ Sold by all dtmlOT No ctdutfvc afent« , • » Publk Sbowrooou »t _ DtU«it.arM>dR Htm AttanM, IDEAL Doilert witt . pupply ample hc*t «n on* chaiginy of ro«I (at B to 24 l)our»,de. pending on teverity <rf- weather. Every pum-e of fuel ti made to yield uiwcxt re*ulu. , Write Department 8-37.' 810-822 S.Michigan Ave. ~~ Chicago Bottoa. WoKMttr, ProyMooce, Pblledcli Wilk«b*rre. , De* Maine*, Omaha. Rochwter, Buff.lo. poU*, St. Pa ter, u.o. tt«tf«,'e»t«M. i St. Loul*. KanMi City. Denver, Seattle, f TYNDON NEWS' CLUB HELD MEETING Household 8ci»nc« Club Wa« Pleat- antly Ent»rt»in«d Thn "Lyndon Houm-ihoiil MCli-iico cltib attendini: report an interesting meet- inn. The dinner wn» In charge of tl>* committee, Mrx,' V'atl,*. Mrs. Haiuliton and .Mrw. Kitch. LTNTOli^BRIEFS" W. M. Hliellcr, C. K. Seely. Air. Hl- tM>u_-iinil...Ji M,_JMe|vi>rs....!n.ut»ire«i to Mr. met on Friday aftcrnixiti at the home of Jlr«. Kllln Carter. Mr* II. F. J louver prewident at the luinitic»H meeting- The wcreinry, Mr». A: W. (Jrcenlce read an inviianion from tin- Morrlwin II. H. K. «lul> InvitiiiK the Uyndon club to a me««tin|f on Nov. 3rd wh«n Mr«. F l». Hitmwiy will »*• hoste«». IU>ll ctt.ll \uv» rewpondrd'to by "Ueda aiicl_the. care of Bedding" many help- Millikun read un excellent paper «>n "Water" Mrs, farter dem»n»tr«ted demon » vin^ a »»h iiuu and coffee- l'li*i ncsct mm'tlng ujll be held at Jhe til Mr*. J. J Turner. t'ake and Mm. " I>«'\ir« Food, mrli INVITATIONS ISSUED Mi»t lr«n« Allen Will b» Married to Harold K. Hill Mr ;m«J Mr». Italph Allen have is- *uied liuiuitioiia to l lie in.iirlHge of •if itttitKhCer, Iri'iK? Ji»w r phliic tu null! Keoneth Hill, «>l l*rt»phelhtown. » 4>>remonv to_t,ifc.e i-tdi** _ut tin-' loini' of (he l»ri«Ji » |«ii*'jtf»t on i Ti , U the K. of I*. LodKtv' Mr, -and 51r.«. \V^. H, Shaw and and Mrs. A. H. Hus-.isell motored day to I'Yeport \vlier«» they were. KuesslM MI the home of Mr. .and Mrs. KIwyn Hhaw, Mr. and, Mrs, K. W, Palmer and daughierti %'eni and Helen nnd Mr. and Mr.s, Harold Palmer, of -'Sterling motored t i Lyndon -uhefe _they Aetv nucMN Simdn.\ ,.n the" iK'iii* 1 uf^ 5TF. iitid Mrs. A. W. iitvenlw* ; Mtutieiji Klttic Holt und Kittle Moi- fin were tUioppliiK ai jjtcrlinK Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy \Voodwafd, of I'rophiustowu, matured to Lyndon Saturday wherft they vif-itt><i friends " 'Judge, nod Mrs. Ii. H. Hvott. Mtxw-K Winntfred and rtladgs Ht-ott ami Mr*. John T-hnnj*- of-*J>tK«n Hi«tor*4 u* J^-4»-- d«ui where, .they were dinner gueatsj Huiuirtv at the hr»mt» of Afr. and Mr*. «-i<lc<) to spend the winter nt St, I'louii F^i . Mr. Hewitt is ;( r't't.lreil t'.i-niicr IUi'1 <"iv>l war .vijteran anil Mr'M .-Soift i?i .ti .Hiirt'ever •1'i't'ini iifthirut and- tlu-j .... . colony, -TJa'lr many 'frleiiri.s arc j'i> an'<>d 'that. • they tVMi liave so ph-awint a .iluriua.. ci'iu wciiilii'i'. t W.- I., ' »«b»vv" nini'. -Mr^'. •»iit- ill i'ri>rn v«*r Unit Mrs. M. U. Wood ward, -'of lYojibets- towu was* a Lyiiiloti calkr Tiu-wlay M'r .tuid Mr.x. S. U: Matvy \\vrv Stetllnt; visitor.-) Saturday. Mr. and Mra. U. T, iSreene ^ind ntnl Mi:i. It l> Allen' attended' ront oarnlvitl -Saturday, ••••<•••• Mr. an«l Mr.s. S. W, • K<b>on Mr ' the Ix-cji toiiMdcimji tlii- 1«1« .1 oi f~|'C!i thf winter at Kt. CJtiiiil. l-'lorUla. «.<rl wrf^H-ilJ« lltllll nil p.»ll>i of (In- C (ty j,'t< lit Si «'|oiid I'U-ry winter man> IlKe the climate ,*•' well thi«.t. tshey runain tln-ro ami hulhl i-cnjia- SnUK 1 - -S Itecttnti hool. n l-'ern Mr. iiinl Men. John Buluken AYednca- dii'y. ' , Mr. ii-nfl Mr«. C. A. .Mcllmuyl spont \Ve»lne.sdiiy • in — School. l\< —GOLETA BFM4»FS. Mrs. f i<it.-|iiiiHiin left- Monday Jacob CiecMcy biilletl I'lovcr Moliilay f.u' Will Wi.n'kcy-and Oield H'ros. niiil Tu>-Mlay fur John LurKey and Charles Mjer.. . The J, H, club will meet Tluirtiday' afternoon with Mrs. Nellie Ovwliol.ser. l(cv. l>.irl"!i Hliipped Ins liolim-holil ttintd.s- !•* hly nevv lioim> ill.-Klliutf, 111., on__ .M..ndiiv._ Itev. Sanford will ..move _. jsti'i- i'ity. In., hiivi' heen the KHUKIK of \V. .M. and Jl. \V, l*hllll|m' fiunilleii tho imst wt-i'k. Sunday Mr. and Mm 11. W. I'hillliiM and Mr. nnd Mrs. Chun. •]'liilli|ii .' iirntr-i-cil t" VfT'oo" I'-'MMH it the m-nToiindliiK country and dined . •Mr, and Mi>v Harry Wlllams in Dixon. Wednexdiiy they niotonnl to Karlvlllo where Mr, and MIM. Chan.• I'hlllliiR r«* inatned to vi^it relatives. Mis. Kate Davis and (mhy daughter, of Ciand lietour, in upending the week •with Jjcimother, Mra. T, Vclth-und . ...MI-H, K. J .,.'FerrlKjuid two little «on« lefl f..r liieit homo ill' ~G«JT ilic pai\s< nagi* here* jsuiidfiy and nccoinpHiiied Mrs. ,KM! t'tiiiu and Mr«. .1. ' f. Crom ' Ferrla, of Sterling. spvnt Tuesday rim-sis, of Mr,;and AJus.l Mr. nnd Mr». J. 1». -StiUel and Mr. Howard HawkttiK in MiiledKevillo. l i-and Mr*. *'lareiici« Htltzel moto'fed to Mrs, Anna Kline and Ha/el Himh- 1 -lto**hell« Hunday where'^lrs. Kerrin and MHiii .•ipcni- with reatives in f COLirtjNEWS _l A NEW HfNP Mi« A L -H^i'.y KC "I tiuil tinii) hi Itui U lm ol i 'it «"i ci riew aie iiukfi'.w n • i,nt it- deli* iuii». mild v.,u d Tin d ,iit"'w < BERRY r. hi- h •-.HI' ll Jicl t U'S i.'tc but M t «. Ai- th J, II Mr. and Mru. t'. H. MA'rcy ana faiu-t ily of Hterlint; ««d »*. A. McKerg, of .Mocrison \M-IV t;m-«i(.s .Sunday, at lite McKf rj: home, ' " ' Mis Muck l«t*at<:h and tohy of l-^il- toii im.t Mr. and Mrs. HaJuli I'otther. of l'rojthet«*tov»ii, weiv <lay at the hmiu' of -\Jr. vcr * ilsoti. Mrs, \V c l',irkliur>t «nd ten; a lul Milton and .Marts.trct *'row ell S moioit^l to i.'nc Momlu>. Mr and MIR Will HVJM at»i t.tnuly \\CM< ilmiii I j.MicNt.1 S!i>nK*\ .*t tti" Mr ,u. <l A COON SUPPER. U. and Mr*. Will tlurlet.** enicttain- *»n MnudilV evening to Ji \cl> de- UciiMi?. coon Mt]ipei, the fnllowiiiK i>i'o- plc. l»r. -Itohm II ami fnnuls. .Arch .MnnnitiK. l!'-n HnHoit. \Van<ti Urovvn. j tin on anil ,tu L \ I'hillipx. i.UHienci- l!tis> ion, Kii, t'ailuiiiKti,* Frank utnl .loc- HuhloW and I-'. RALUY DAY The following .'it I hi' Kadii -il chilli h <'niK h> Kc > i ipluie .mil ' NELSON NEWS party took the train for Hjiokantt and were cnleriained at dinner at tho . . . » ,\ Mr. nnd' Mi'H. tiiiw Onkon hatfas Sun- titty gui'.sin.Mi. ami Mrs. «ejiri|e Tboine and chililren, of Montmorency, '.iiiuit \Ve!.k«E _lHt!d family from ..... ..... JJiejejl 'llftri.' _,iilHL- |imiK_.L' iln.v at .S'eLstui ficiiool iiotiMivby Hev, L. Jlixon. daughter, -Virginia, aro.vluiUiiR _ _Mr»«. l-enu lUtyer M r. In-l- iiarentM. J.uUii_ McL?oX__iuul..week. nt Hi'lviilero and iUu'kforil rc-la- for u Sterling ,. I tit it( it"\ i ii » •n i-i't • ilUolt • i ii\ Mif,.| '<' t«*i i .Mi tile IM i READING X H l!U(il> ,Mi--4 i r iii< i. i.. t,- « t*.+i«t.- t,. U'« CIRCLE i .<s;ri ? .' if-p • U' t-iu-g »'tiv mi i! nis vi: • *' i , i, t \ { ! "i»- L.-'-l'J,n..-j. 'j i - \ {.>-j AID «t-^»- t it - SOC IE TV it \..r • • f • . t >_ u - .'. li ".»! Investigation Proves than various disease germs have their hm-dins-placa in tlu- products of the budy. lh>fi% ilien, let -your buueU I!OK hurmful genus back on the blttud. TaKu mii-lian >oar boftx-ls tr^, aad.ihc bite »cgal,4cU vh"u*h promptly and swrfy nJicvecowjiipidion. huJt>jt"..ti(H! They &? ton!|'i>u!idt'U limu iJa-}», < U a". i. j-tevittt A Great Aid to Health - Pit«ctioiU uf »p«cwl value tu vfunu n with every box Sold by 4tui;si>U. t^;:a"^kv^< <>* *»*»M ' J t> '»«»«•». J y c • 2Se. Business |i!iiu 4'vcr tH'viscd- lot itu rjisy j,nat --^;jL!JLL±!iii4jJiL3.v.a^'' '»I "*< » v i n «'• H In \ Hi! ill ii\t! lUiUUlt'.S. Sterling Illinois

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