The Charlotte News from Charlotte, North Carolina on January 27, 1922 · Page 13
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The Charlotte News from Charlotte, North Carolina · Page 13

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1922
Page 13
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15 ine isetter Man By MAY CHRISTIE Capyricht, 1921, by The McClure Newspaper Syndicate. XXXII. BUYING CLOTHES 'OOld''-;,-0U for roup- - (Dc ulv bird, Camille!" Dolly, sleepy it i ter last night's s ait intr for her friend n-nod to the hotel. "Have 0 Knurs of introduction - in the Hue le la Paix '0? They're awfully fussy, 1 we shan't get in without t ti n ine: to the usual ens- ve I'arisian aressmaKers ilisn'ay their latest mod-wit hout credential.? who might possibly steal the idea, and make copies of the frocks.) "Oh, that's all right." Camfile had the neeessarv documents "RhoWud i I know that I'm a bonafide customer." mey set off. -It was a lovely early autumn morning with iridescent spangles on the trees alons the boulevards, and dew still on the grass. I love Paris," said Camille unexpeet- i mni i itiiisnacKie taxi carried them along. "I read somewhere that ?JlUfk.vt INFANTS and INVALIDS ' ASK FOR Horlich's the Original Avoid Imitations "1 Substitutes -j V-V--?. Tr.v'.Kds and Growing Childrsn j Rich milk, malted grain extract in Powder '- "crisal Fcod-DrirJs For All Age Na Cooking Nourishing Digestible ? id 'if Ast&Vi -4 1 Even During the Coldest Weather IT WIU. FEEL JUST LIKE SUMMER TIME INSIDE YOl'K HOME IF YOU HAVE A TIP-TOP HOT BLAST iiUAlEill ISUKiMINli. You get a maximum of heat with tho use of a minimum amount of fuel. Do not try to get through the rest of the winter without investing in a TIP-TOP HOT BLAST for it is cold now and there is even colder weather in store for you this Winter. We have the Tip-Top Hot Blasts in several different sizes. Come in and look them over. I : V 3 6 tifej 1 V' U V7 . iV. McCausland & Co. Phone 314 "In the Business 37 Years" 221 South Tryon St. I 1 1 ! M ? I J j v J I 1 m sgtoj if - ookir.g hours shorter and More Pleasant by using a PAR- PIOUNT Malleable Gas-Coal Range. t is constructed of IMalleable Iron which insures strength jnd quick heating. It has two separate ovens (one for gas. -one for coal) insuring the user complete satisfaction. INVESTIGATE NOW. wo ovens located in a compact body one for coal only he other for gas exclusively is why the PARAMOUNT palleabie Coal Range will "operate satisfactorily." This range will meet your every requirement. Let us show "ou why the PARAMOUNT is really different from all rtftc-r Combinations. ell cooked food means health. furniture Co. 305 East Trade St. Out of the High Rent District London hums, and New York roars, but Paris twinkles! And it's true. List?n to the "clopety-clop' of the horses' hoofs, and the jangle of that hansom-bell." "I will say that Paris always makes me feel uncommonly exhilarated," remarked her companion, in great good humor. "And Frenchmen are so appreciative of us women, don't you think?" Camille did not share Dolly's predilection. Their bold glances did not flatter her. But Dolly, every time a masculine head was turned, and that was often, preened her feathers like a perky little peacock. Any sort of admiration pleased her vastly. . Camille and she put in an interesing three hours at the "ateliers." "Ah. but madame has the form divine! She can wear the models without the slightest al-ter-a-tion!" A little Frenchman with a tiny pointed beard like Captain Kettle's clasped his hands delightedly, addressing not the petite Dolly but Camille! Xeedless to say, Dolly was annoyed. However, having made agreeable purchases, including thee sports-suits of various colorings, intended for the dazzlement of her fellow passengers on board ship, Dolly recovered her good temper, and could" even listen with equanimity to the-dressmaker's praises of Camille's figure, carriage, and general equipment. They lunched at a restaurant in the ChamDS Elvsees. and then drank their I coiTee in the open air, sitting at little tables out on the pavement. "I want to go to 'La Belle Jardiniere' and get some tennis skirts," Dolly announced at last, rising. Camille looked dubious, then said: "D'you mind if I leave you for a bit? I'm keen . to pay a little visit tc Notre Dame this afternoon nn.i T know cathedrals aren't in your line." "They bore me tiff" announced the complacent Dolly. "How anyone can choose a stuffy old abbey in preference to shops, beats me entirely!' Her lip curled. These criticisms merely amused, Camille, who was artistic enough to pity her friend's ignorance. And after all Dolly was only like a thousand other women who regard Paris as a ' clothes" Idecea. and nothing else! "I'll be back at the hotel by five o'clock." And the two separated, going different ways. Next At Notre Dame. SUCCEEDS BROTHER AS BAHAI LEADER - " St vtm&sx care of them. The Junior League organization of debs par excellence, has its own pet charity, the Prospect Shelter, and instead of merely sending checks to it, the League members take turns spending half days there and looking after the babies. m niimimi until ii nn niiiniiill Mohamed AIL Mohamed Ali has been chosen successor to the late Abdul Baha as head of the century old Bahai movement: Mohamed Ali is a brother of Abdul Baha ard son of Beha Ullah, founder ol Bahaism. ACTRESS BARELY ESCAPED DEATH Miss Florence Walton, Keith Star, Had Close Call During Late War. To have escaped death by the merest accident was the experience of Miss Florence Walton, one of the headliners on the Keith program at the Academy during the first part of the week. Miss "Walton is an Lnglish girl, having been in America only a few years. She came over to this country with three other English dancers, who have since returned to England. M?ss Walton, however, liked this country so well that bhe decided to remain. "It was during the war that I had the most narrow escape of my life." explained Miss Walton. "I was a dancer in London at the time. One night seven German Oeppelins1 were seen approaching the city. In a few -non. en is they were over uu and dropping their bombs. "Not realizing that there was a chance of the aircraft coming over the part of the city in which I was residing at the time. I ran out into the street to watch the attack. Xjjt being able to see clearly I looked around for something to stand upon'. At that moment an anti-aircraft gun mounted on a truck came to a pause in front of mv home. I immediately ran and hgumped upon the truck to get a better View. .AS X aia SO me r ui- dered the driver to proceed farther cown the street, and I was unable to hop off. "And well so. for we had scarcely gone a block when a German bomb landed in the very spot where I had been standing. The house in which I had been staying was blown off the face of the earth, my landlady killed and every ledger in the place torn to bits. Had I not jumped upon the truck I would have met the same fate." Shortly after coming to America Miss Walton went into vaudeville, where &he "has made a reputation with her voice and beauty. She has a peculiar knack of knowing how to wear fascinating clothes, among her present wardrobe being what is claimed to be one of the msot remarkable costumes on the stage. It is a kind of radiolite dress which throws off a phosphorous glare in darkness. During her act the lights are cut off and the entire stage strangely illuminated by this unique costume. When various colored lights are thrown upon the dress ail kinds of pleasing tints are made to appear. According to Miss Walton, this one dress cost her several thousand dollars. mmn rwM Xtw York, Jan. 27 New York debutantes are not v, so frivolous and Sntrained for domestic life as they are sometimes accredited with being. They go farther than learning something about eewing and cooking, too. They ie-irn how to take care of bKbies. Not out of books or lectures, either; but by going ahead and takinc, If we have to have a successor to Geraldine-Farrar and her decision tu leave the Metropolitan Opera Company seems final personally, i am glad we are going to have one who can compete with her in looks as well as voice. Of course True Music Lrovers don't consider such superficialities or say they don't but some of us do like beautiful women better than ugly ones, even when they are singing arias. And Mme. Marie Jeritza, who will take the place of "Gerry" in coming opera seasons, is as lovely to look upon as she is to hear. Thai Al-tested skin tre atment Some day you will try Resinol Ointment and Soap for that skin trouble andyoull know why thousands of doctors prescribe them to relieve sick skins Resinol Soap cannot, be excelled for the - complexion,hair and bath is about as high praise as any one could have, too. Her success In this, her first season with us, has been positively sensational, and being in the less etherial group of opera goers, I insist it's partly looks that did it. 1 Sooihinq and He&Hnq It would not necessarily follow that a prize fight promoter must be beautiful, however, in order to be efficient. But here comes the only woman in that profession that ever came into my ken, and she too, is handsome. She is Vera Smith,, sister of "Midge" Smith, who it seems is a coming champion of some sort in the boxing world, and she is his manager, en-courager, and general first aid. There's no reason, I suppose, why feminine prerogative should not extend to that field if the particular instance of feminity wants it to. Only, of course, it is unusual. "Midget is my only brother," she explained. "I want to help him. But he was set on being a prize fighter, so I either had to leain about that or give up helping him at all. You see" and here is something worth a lot of people's consideration "you can't help a person by doing what you want; you've got to do what they need." known gambling houses in the city, and "Honest John's" name was given him in earnest and not in satire. Although he admittedly ran- a gambling place for gain, he was honest in the running of it, except in the sense that he was of course violating the law. Lack in the days of District Attorney Jerome, raids on the place were ona of the constantly recurring events of the police force, until at last Kelly gave his word to close and stay closed. Since then he has run his games on the Island of Biminl and other negihboring localities, and kept his Forty-fourth street place for his own home and an occasion social game cf poker with his friends. LUCY JEANNE PRICE. It must make life difficult if one feels an urge to be completely in fashion all the time according to the latest whimsical edicts. Every once in a while there comes something which is just a little too much for a fairly sobrietous person to follow wholeheartedly. For instance, the dressing of one's feet. Bells on one's goloshes may be jocular, tout I insist they are not the most appropriate things for city streets. They are one o? the moment's fads, however, and the well-goloshed girl goes jingling up the avenue in audible imitation of an old-fashioned sleigh. Then even worse, fringes of monr.ey fur on the ar.kles of onrfs 'hosiery! Sticking straight out from each ankle, like :i cut's whiskers, this long, scant fur finds its latest use. It's- too much! One of the old landmarks of other days surrendered to the long arm of reform the other day when "Honest John" Kelly's famous "town house" on West Forty-fourth street adjoining the Hotel Claridge opened as the headquarters of a new Republican club. This used to be one of the best A THREE DAYS COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL Chronic coughs and persistent colds lead to serious lung trouble. You can stop them now with Creomulsion, an emulsified creosote That Is pleasant to take. Creomulsion is a new medical discovery with two-fold action; it soothes and heals the inflamed membranes and kills the germs. Of all known drugs, creosote is recognized by the medical fraternity as the greatest healing agency for the treatment of chronic cougha and colds and olher forms of throat and lung troubles. Creomulsion contains, in addition to creosote, other healing elements which soothe and heal the in i'.amed membranes and stop the irritation and inflammation, while the creosote goes on to the stomach, is absorbed into the blood, attacks th: seat of the trouble and destroys the germs Hhat lead to consumption. Creomulsion is guaranteed aatisic-t'ory in the treatment of chronic coug is and colds, bronchial asthma, catarrhal tronchitis and other forms of throat end lung diseases, and is excellent for building up the system after colti. ov the flu. Money refunded if auy ccugh or cold, no matter of how. long standing, is not relieved after taking oecording to directions. Ask your druggist. Creomulsion Co., Atlanta, Ga. How to Banish Piles Thousands Bless lir. Loonliardt, the I'hysiciaii Wlso Discovered This Common Sense Remedy. If you think that the surgeon's knife is the only method of escape from the misery of piles it's because you haven't heard of the new treatment known as Dr. Leonhardt's HEM-ROID. The Doctor's "treatment is internal. By experimenting for years he discovered the exact cause of piles and then went further and compounded a remedy that would remove the cause. Dr. L,eonhardt wants every sufferei to benefit by his discovery and so that there will be no doubting or delay .las. P. Stowe & Co.. and all druggists are authorized to sell HEM-ROID with guarantee that it will do as stated I o:' money bae'e. On that honorable basis every suf-I ferer should secure a package of Dr. Leonardos HEM-ROID today. or 9 Famous o ne Cent oe Sale FIRE IX WILMINGTON. Wilmington. Jan. 27. The building jr Company, clothiers, was destroyed here early last evening in a blaze that, tor two hours, threatened to wipe out half a block of Wilmington's business section. Loss to the Solky Company is estimated at $125,000. BIG ULCER ALL HEALED Now I Can Walk," Says Mrs. Southcott of Medina. "Here is another letter that makes me happy," says Peterson, of Buffalo. "One that I would rather have than a thousand dollars." "Money isn't everything in this j world! There is many a big hearted rich man who would give all l.e has on earth t; be able to produce a remedy with such mighty healing power as Peterson's Ointment, to sell at all druggists for 60 cents a large box." Read this letter, written February 14, 1918, by Mrs. Albert Southcott. of Medina, N. Y. It seems like a miracle, but it is true every word of it. I know it because I get similar letters almost every day from people who have used my ointment for old sores, j eczema and piles. Is it any wonder I am happy! Peterson Ointment Co., Inc., Buffalo. X. Y. Dear Sirs: "I was an untold sufferer from an old running sore and ulcers. I had tried most everything without any i relief from pain. A friend told me of your 'nderful ointment and the first box took away the pain that had not left me in years, and after using just nine dollars worth of the salve I am cured. The ulcer was 9 inches byve1 inches, is all healed and I can walk. Never, never will I be without Peterson's again. "You may use this to recommend your ointment if you wish. I cannot say enough to praise it." Yours truly, Mrs. Albert Southcott, Lyndonville, N. Y. Mail orders filled by Peterson Ointment Co., Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. For sale by 1 Jaa. P. Stowe & Co. i i 1 J J if Ij i Reputable garments at 1-4 10 1-3 Off Three prices $16.85 $24.85 $29.85 .C.LongCo. 33 East Trade Thousands of Pairs of Men's and Women's Shoes, Oxfords and Pumps at regular price. ONE CENT EXTRA gets you TWO PAIR OF SHOES. SALE ENDS SATURDAY NIGHT fmrr 9 16 E. Trade Phone 792 COAL MINERS' STRIKE It is a recognized fact that labor troubles at the various mines throughout the country are impending, and strike situations always mean a soaring market. Therefore it behooves the wise and far-sighted j purchaser to stock ahead and avoid inconvenience. ' . The real winter weather is before you and we advise you to keep a supply in your bins. We are prepared to serve you with the very best coal and wood at the lowest price consistent with quality. ' , . PHONE US. Avant Wood & Coal Go. 402 PHONES 403 i

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