Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 7, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1916
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READ IT TODAY W THE GAZETTE AND STANDARD STERLING DAILY G SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 83, AND 0AILY STANDARD . . .-..„. £^.^1. „_..... . ..... > ^ ..., .-..^ -.... ""-"-^ '*."" ""™ —••"---•-- - •"_"•"" - • •• • _ STERLING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY. OCTOBER 7,1916 r THEN READ IT TOMORROW W CITY PAPERS PRICE TWO CENTS. 1PORTANT DEAL CS. Sterling Ice & Produce Co. Has Disposed Of AH Its Branch Houses,, 1. G. Gmipp Co. Is the Purchaser—Ice P'ant Is Not ' included In Deal. Tho Flf-rlhiK Iff* nnd Produce Com- haw di«t'o.«ied of all of it« brunch '* and -ItH Rood will to '&ie 1*. ttrnmpp Prodtico <'ompany. The has just been completed and LU. rirflinpp will have Biipervlson of the «»ntlro chain of hotiwn. denl Includes the lurKe pnitllry of tho home 4>lnnt sit Sterling which m 1^r> foot \nrtffmtS' fdxly feel wide iind nnml of II belntt two f-lries .hiRh, aiffl -tho land on which It IK b>- fralod. Till* branch houses nt Polo. Walnut, fVanklln drove Atnboy, !toi.(.. fKtk 1 ,' Tntnplcn, nnd Olxon, are ini-lud- «*1 in the deal. Tho wilr- aim* includ< « nil of tho equipment, HIP K.M.HI will, the houses and tho la fid on which they ore located, Tho price for the flKhl plant* will run up Into a nurn- bor of thoiiMiid dollars but Ihe consideration has not been made piddle. At rach of the eluht houses there Iff ~ThT'~ Very brnt niitlpment for the operation of the plants. The plant of tho Mlerllnw Ice and Produce cotn- I«ny WHS ntnrted six years a«o by \\'. T f IHley. lie then had tn. poultry hou«c?» exceptlllK the one at tin- plant but h* gradually bought more, and later bought out all of the VKK poultry holmes In thin vicinity, and has bwn doing a yery litrgo buwincss ever . ulnce. \V. P, Ulfey nay« thnt the company ban boon hatulllnff. a« hltth a» 2.2oo.mio potindn of poultry In a year from the clRht plants, brnldo hntirtHnc frnm-fi«.' 000 to 10"."°" pouridn of butter, and .26 ear* of e«K«. ouch ear containing four hundred cases. Thin in • tho «K- grfgalo amounts to a vant buninesH Tho C.rampl' Produce company will on- dpavor to inrrrawt (bin out put. Tho JU O. (Jrampp Produce company has abio lea»ed part Of the fold *tor- agc plant of the Sterling Ice and Produce company iind will «n« It when it is neccusury, Tho 8torlliiK le.o and Produce company Ims retained Its ice inakliiK Plant and tho cold HtoraRo buildiriK-, and ox- IH'istK tci-tnrrrtmo-—it—buntw'i"' itlong thP«M» Uno». "WHlle it has sold lt« good wilt for tho territory .'tributary to the Various branch hou«e»», yet II IIUH the right to do btmin«'Hit in tho way of buying anil »«lHnK In outside, territory It In Jikoly that A'-vnnl bu«inenH will be drtUH by th« company tn buynin* _car-Joad loti of UUtt< > r»..?B»B..n.n«i v «lr<f:«^-. cd .poultry. Jj, orflrnmpp. tho Hontor rnembcr-tif tho new company. IH 'it man of wide •'experience in tho produce tMiHlwvs*. For tho pant twenty year ho ha« been at tho head uf Movoral largo 'plantn and haii boon dcaUiiK with tho largest praducp firms, For tho jmnt His or elftht tnontliH he haH been HvltiK in Htorllnir walllnK' to enBage in an Otd Girl Ftl! W i From Second -k l!.irnr-v iif Friii.nx- •Atndnw of httlr Kirl niitriHrnr f" frill 1. two .«tory bc.lld • .is leaniiiK atr;iin--t -•Tin- mi) ,\f rni«i'i'i ' i'rorn ;i \nK The I he M 1 1 < f! w hii h f(-ll out, lettiliK (lie <hi!d fail t., the tirotmd. T-hr- sci-f-c-tl felt upon \\t-r l«'jj break- IT)!,' (i hi't-wf-nn if"- Knee nnd hip: Hln- -An. 1 * taken to the hospital wh'-re sh' ^^;is properly «'-,ir» i d for. She received bruises about I ho head find Due but of a- serious n.-Utire, NAMELLMAN W. T. Jennings On Committee That Will Report On the Church Activities. Bishop Nicholson Outlines a Great Religious Propaganda At Conference. FRANKHANLY Prohibition Candidate Fo /President Gave Convincing Talk In the Park. Ira Landrith Vice Presiden Nominee and Others In Sterling At Noon. The Prohibition National ''ampul special train catTVinw with it KK tjov- <-ifi"t .T, (-"tank Hantey of Indian.' Prohibition candidate for Presldcn -Hid • p.-irt> ic.-H'hi d- Hti I finit over 1ln Ni.lth \Vee|(tn Hi !_ I-', o'eloek Sllll' «'«l (n the city an hour, Thc\ e.«r t irer| niimlii r < vup|».| |f-ts of , a drum i'iir|iH lection hy th tn t 'cntt.'il park by a if auto load* of ardent the i a!t.**i', headed b\ Alter a HtlriitiK , K • drum cori's nn Ihf At one of tl\i> larjje^t thu-<iuHitr int'ftinun in the conference, Kltdiup olxon yesterday outline and most rn- the history of 'Khom.'iH Nich- d a creat re- hf -«-ttfMin« fot«- years of his episcopal jurisdiction of the Mock Hiver Conference.. The meet- IIIK W.-IH held In Olivet Methodist I'htirch, AdaniH htreet nnd Ki>Hcr ave. in Chicago. H wan ti joint i4e.n*lon of the laymen and ministers, In which -M-veral («pliit- ei| speeches ' were made. A committee wax appointed and the inference pledged Itself to the following activities: A «reat evanuHlfdic program. 1-a.rM"!'. fuipport for the ministry. To ral«e the endowment fund fur rntired ministers*. Provision of better fncllltloM for the education of the clerKy, Solution of thf problem of the rural church. ("reatoti of great xoclal niftl evangelical cent«'fH in the down-town ehurch*- «•«. 11 Members of the committee appointed to, report on the«e matters to the (.(inference are: For the Chicago Northern Distrtet, tliejtev. J. Hatdle <>du«*r« and Frank KliiK«bry; Cliii'UKo Houth- DlHtrlet, the Hcv. A. F. Clark plat form Col. .fa.,,!. 'Hofistltler Introduced ri|S\n) Slinait « ho IIMH charK< of the Natlon:tl campaign tour whr inadi' a short .«pi ci h and then In'ro- i|u<'.-i| C/ivefnor ll.'ildey. Speaking here to.iny Hon. l-'iank .T. Hanl>-. IOIJIK r re|i!ibl|.-.(ii • (iover- n«r <•(' Indiana, and now the Prohibition i -.indi'lali- (nf Piesldcnt ol the I 'ntted ''laii'.M. v.ald In part . "SpiaKmi; yon'ii- time ill?" In the city ..f Host on the h«m<- of Wendell Pldt- t'ole the fv^t- Ma««achii.'*cti XVllllam Hou d'-nt or the t Voted (wlee blt-d bar of iln> jilate of , tin- late unlamented aid T-.itt toimer PICK!I 'iiited Slut'! s, for who - < iod l'oll;i\e Illel Kahl: i» tt man with a famlb' and they are uploncltd ncqulHlMonH to the city. ,Mr. (Jrampp «ald that be 18 jjoint? to ro r tain all of tho managet-H of the varl* ou» brnnchw and all of the other help In tho plants, and btiHlnvn* will lun along tho u»tmv tut it has been doing. THE R, R, ASSOCIATION and Jarh«K E, "MacMiiVmy; Aurora di«- tricf. the Uev. H. V. Holt and K. F. Moor*«: Dixori diHtrlct, the Uev, K. C.% Lurnfden and W. T. jointing*; Hockford diHtrlct, the Ke.v. CltoKtlno Smith and A. C. FaHHett. .Better Men, in Churchet. Kfflt'lency wax the. koynoto of Ili«. ' -l-".\^'5_h s *>'O. como t<i .the ... time," he said, "when we mu«t have t-rflclent men In the. ministry or- thoy-iniiHi. got Out of the buxinoHx. The tlmo han na.sHed when mlnlKterH can Ket pre- fermont ami big churchew by a .pull, We mtiMt have pure, unadulterated manhood In the minlidry," r. .M, ..... Ulovejp, .«_.. hLiitmi n_ from . .. U.M.*. Thoi'lirn Church amufed the eonfer- "It vvoidd be an Idli-a fufiti' tiling to amend the ( coiiNtltuilon pro- IdbltlnK the Iliiuor traffic. '.Not because it IM not rinht, ii M l bi-faiij'e it .is not. loiind ccoii'illlli all>, riM| that il Would not g<i|uar>' itm-lt uitli HID puldic welfare; but bei-aii-.-.' the American peo- cuuld ... nut i-nturce _ ths- ;itl!elldtlll'Mt if they, made it." "Ho \ oil Know vvliaf ' (Tds TneiVriH rny friends? It i« a .« onfenKJon from the iipH of a man in whuwe |H-rj«inallty ^v^l8 enbodled tor years the Vivcr.'dKnf.v of Ui'dV greatest people, n confession that representative coiiwlitutional gov- ernmetit haw failed" 1 !)! thin country, "1 weiKht my word«: I know what they mean. I am not t;|ve to JOHHIICHH of H|H>cch In public or In private; iind t vay to you, ax ii public man Hotne- what ripe in cxpcriciu-cH that If what Mr. Taft wi>-H JH true It is a cmifoM- ATTENDEflBANQUET at Princeton Which Favor•id the^Trail. |f '«." *' Of Congregational Churches Will Hold Their Jail Meetings In Sterling. Tho fall mooting uf tho Heck Hiver AtisoelatUm of Connn'Rallonal -MinlH- t«r« and (.'bun-boa will btv he-Id ui:t|i< SterlliiK Congregational church Thurn- tiny nnd yrlilay. Off'. 13"' ..... »L»i._J.?!.ULi The proKrum for the ineetinK« are as- follows; Thurid»y, October 12. Morning. 10:00— Devotions. H«v. CauBhey Naylor, I^yndon, 10j_lJ^rflrHanl|!atlon jind 1 HiiHlnoMM. -=--—, Yb, R^vTviS" CKurch, .J0nl6— Thw Hourco of Power, Hev, , Percy C. Ladd, Mollne. U:00— Its ReelptontH. Hev. Vf, W. Ttitilo. UettfttW. - ^—- - .. t..... ....... '. tl:aO— Tho Ottli'onJo, Hev, J. |J. ^lod- dard, AtW»*»«n. Jl:36— Oonoml l>l»piiHHlon: Afternoon. 8)«0~-DPVcitlon«, Bte. .H. A. Crawf'M'd.. Y. M. C. A. ' The Sunday School Problem. 3:20— l<ayi<iK tho FoundaiiunH. PrJrn* »try Hupt. Wr«. Pharh 1 * HtdHitiKer. 2:3fi LoaditiK the,. 1'upd.H t» Chrisl.' &lr«. Mao VVIIcux WilkeiiH, .SterliiiK. 2:60— (ienorwl iJiscutsMion. 3:0&--Th«-l4jrner Work: MiHKioiiH Woman'M HOUJ'. Louder, Mtw. \\;. M Jonea. ' -.-.-' MUnlonary .I'.ineaut, in ' charge <d Mr*i. F. W. Wheeler, 4.0& -Open Parllineiit - I' 7; 80- -'AHMoclation KCIIIUUI, id \ F Kilrh, Pr«j4i#lati*» u " t'ominuiUon H<i\'ice 1U v William Plnkney and Hev. W W Tut He UffeHrtK for Alinisteiial K. I'tef Fund Friday, Octobor 13. Morning. J):3"-"lkivuJu»r»M. He\* \V li P.tmdv . a:&0 . Hi|bln«'h)< Three CenU*ric« of Congregationalism. 10; IU — HoU'ufl'<» t. He\ U > Mollne, lt):80--*"4'hi? Sund i> S< hool .md tin Mj('«,'[-ceiitenMiy." H«-\ U V\ l |>, |j., Chicago, li:l& -"Otir T' H i iiti n it v <;.. in i, Afternoon Ti-r« < III Ml 41 V mi m no Ad |init HUM ni The Wont* i n t nt" i il? new tiu'(i|ion i\t tin i - ii o\ in % s IH'« Kaiiii Tho-marking of the Indian Head Trail from' Savanna to Sterling with the hoard MigiiM containing tin- picture of the Indian hcadJn I'oloi'H, wad corn- p|(<ted Friday afternoon. It IH expected tho trait'will'bo ro'n- tinued and thoroughly marked ..tu Princeton,, awl then out In Peoria In a 3 very ^hort time. The MentLment toward thi.s e'nd WII.M plainly indicated at a Commercial Club bampiet at I'rlu- jj«iUm..4i'rida.y-«iKht.—At- t4d» -IwiiKiuVtr which was In Iho nature nf a good roads booster infletiiiK, there were present W. F. ^tedmiin. of 'Hitmen, Al. I>. .lidin, m'cretary of the Wtrrllng A«MO- clation nf Commerfie, ,1. W. HOM.S, .Fames Bun-hell and J. 1). b'nudor, of Walnut b'twidOH-Williit Kvano, noerctury, ani.l. half ji otbei'H. ropreHentlng the (!oi«l HoailH commit ten of the 1'forln AnHoeli^tion nf Omimereo. Tho ban(|uet WIIH .-hold In the new fnm,oi>u-c-MarR HotffinHoro being aboiH 15i> ~Kuejit*» proKent, - Mi", Jiidtn—Mattid the Indian Head Trail-had ,-^eady been" marked with the board KJKIIH from JSa-- vanna to Sterling,, that marking bad bwn started over Into Iowa, fn;im. Ha« va nna lo tlie l.iin'oln Highway at Do Witt, that it waw intended to extend the trail north from Havanna to IJu- huijuo and t)iat It wan dealrod to (>x- lend It >inith from Sterling to Wai-' nut, vin iStoiie and Van Pel ten, and «>n to.^Princelou nfwl |'-onria. A .sample of the board murker was e.xhlliiled and ailracliHt ooii.stileivibte" allenlion. Mr. HOMM of Waln'ut anniiimci-d that a, mceiinu wa« to be held ill Walnut next Tuc.sday morning at leu o'clock, to hi:-Httoiu|cd by delegal OH- .flom {-itci> ling lu PrinceCon and |><f>rh'aps to Pco- na, I'm the puipoM' o| I'IUIIIIHK an .u< HOI i>ili»n f..i m.iiUmj: a tiail In in Sli-iltng .n ItaM to I'ilni'clon Aw i t("<ult of Mi John'M talk, the Pi fnci Ion CommeielJtl Club passed a lewdu- tloli Ill'-tl UCtitIK Uie |il i-ilili Hi to ,t|> poinl a lonimitucof live to ,Ul. ml th' meeting at Walnut, h.nd loumilthi >Hl I ll> (M t r\ m \v ti.ul, called tin 1' P P tl.iil <-lu, l-i ineeton and 1'KIII,i) l'a»i )u-l !•( en in.ii k< d fiom l\ i n th>' Puiu't ton ami Peon'.i pioph' lav-! the ^mie fiom to>l lo (-1.ill.i ullh the hull ill HI ol I-int.* (MI Tli* J'toutn» hive ru • uhii t I In Jou tin ti a,-^ i t i i fil Kovernmctit ban failed In this country." "The , esjjenco, thn soul, -of 'American liberty HiMt-ln the right ^of the Amurlcun citizens to c-hoosn" T(TT thein- pollcleH uf state- (ind. having tho right' to havt't their choice llbrrty if» comprehended In that «cn- tonre. If ari Hinendmcnt- to the federal conHiltutlon prohibiting tlie liquor traffic, or any tdher amendaiit made in tho orderly, tli?iughiful proCeBrt provided ' for amending the conHfltii- tlon, cannot be enforced when made, then representative con.Hiitutional guv- errnpnt fal!n In thin nation. What bootw yutir-rlght to amend t'hla..cluu'tcr liLtmi'ja FOUR INJURED BattMitin CHef, Patrdiman and Two tslHiT?TS WfcnS : Hurt Af'Fsns." " : f IH fniU-,1 Pros.) I'hii.iyi. I'll. <vt. 7.- HattaH' 1 ?} Chief .lulu) Kv:m- and Put r<»lmfin Kirnhnns and two lahojfTK were Injured in a fire thnt (-,'iily today d»sf my d th" fmir- ftot-\ pl-tnt of ttif North West,rn M.'i-ll NEAWNUNEND Seymour Ide Murder Case At Dixon Is Expected To Go To the Jury Today^ Witnesses Testify That the Ide's Frequently Pulled Off Lively Scraps. The Seymour ldi> murder case at Mlxon, will to to the jury .xotne time today and a verdict !M e,\pi»ctei| within fdiort time. iinloHtt, a diniiiacf-rnent re- ilt.H which Is not unlnokod for. The II nesses were ipiii.'kly examlm-d and vi-used yevlnrdny especially «t th* iflcrnoon session. Tlie examination of l*-.M«!e Ide was conetud^d after which he white called Dr. Knst again to the ifand for a very brief statement. The Unto- rrjstrrl ;it '.i: la n'Hnrk:-Th*^ d«-- cjillcil K|.\ wilnt-sMCN all of whom were examined'within an hour and live ntnutes, th,e defeiine re.xtiijtr at 3 'M. The Hint witri''!»M called -wax (Janel Wolf. Jlc stated that while deliv- •ling Kl'ocerieH one day at the Ide •esldetico he heard Ide and his Wife Hinrrelinu and thnt he Interfered and VJlfT told to telld lO 1llH own bllHtncHM, Ie stated in his- i-rpHH examination hat he did not Mee Ide nlrike the wom- ITALIAN TROOPS |ROOKLYN IN RALLY IN NINTH SCORED.,4 RUNS BUT LOST BY ONE SCORE Have Taken the Offensive I Conjunction With the British, French, Serbs. The Roumanians Have Lost 50,000 Men In Last Two Weeks In Transylvania. (Hy t r nitfil PresfO Paris, France, «»ct. 7. -ll:i)i,m (n have tfiketl the 'iffeiifiVe In the I knn.t in conjunction with tKe Piit Frt-nrh nittl Ht-rt'f nnd the attacking in the retrhni of Hutkovo en«it of th< \'ard'ir. it wax offlelally announced to- On the allfr-d b fl thf piiKhtMl, their ndvance nii Melavoda valley. Into .A liffve the ROUMANIANS LOST 50,000. (My t'nlted PI^-SM ) i'lln, <!er.. Oct. 7.- The Itinimtin- have lo«j( 50,01111 men in the last weeks In Traij.syl vaiiln, NuffcrinK decisive defeats tit the hands of Hud.ipeHt di^palch- of Houniania> crick ians two lw«i (Sen, Falkcnhayn. a»<»ert that mim .Mr, it£._ ymif amended iL.ufle! 1 - t'bllHtltUtlnn your ilmHtitiition you are important ti> eff<H-tuate iL^JJo. you »oo the Import, the vltalncf»"of the IHWIH- tendered here? If' comnitiitloiiH made by us cajyjot be enforced then there IB no choice of policies of state left .to tho people, '"""' ' Oliver W. Stewart In thin addre»s"lHT today Oliver W. Stewart, chairman of the prohibition national campalKti committee, who i« managing the tour of the -nationa.) Candida in .said: , "There Is not a-man In my hearing who .can name. »i .single great, vital (|ucBttnn of .our national life that will bri -nettled "by the election of either ~Mr. Wilson or Mr. H-ughcM. Tho democratic' and '• •republican pardon In t-hiH campaign present tio real vital IHHIIOB 'to the American people,. They nor their cand-tdates, ''differ about nothing which ltt fundamental. Tim prohibition parly eomen to the p. liUlb Iwo H|ilellillll life MXicandidulCH: one a northern republican: and tho other a former noiilhern'dem- ocrat. And, no one doubt for a.min-- IIIO that If they are elected the KU- loon will receive a death blow. You good republican and democrats who that you no longer care M fin your Old parties, esciipt that you halo to wj» the other "-follow get in, van bext nerve your country at tho co(|jjj| K - election -by cUmplug-hands- Hughes and l.;il K!VI< tip Wll.son, and vfo'H pair for proldliitioni ,.by voting HI(H yoar for Manly and l«niuli;lth. If ten tlioiiHand HepnlilicaliH inuLtcn thousand l)emocrni« vvouid do thin}? In yoiir Htate- thi« year it not chaiiKo in the leant- tin* net tif s tll<> election, it would il'ot effect ilin balance between tlu> old particN Jiml tt would give Ilanly and Umdrilh twonl'y thoufi.ind voles for the national destruction uf 'the (Hum- t.raffli-. Hy diilnjr. lids you may no/I elect tin- I'KI- Idlioii' Pai'iy eiuididates*, bill you will -- s i it i .u»'iL_. • Miif- J ef«t^e«'l i _'_H tid f|cc(. I his. IMMUI-. The Campaign Party , . aid.s -Ijindriiii campu'if;n party tin 1 • IVohitdtlon Spccia! inn- lion J l'i inU ll.inlv o| ln- liN totimi {{ipnblti in hull ma and >io\\ ^J tlon < undid u hi rrtHiijin Hnnlv Ii i I. indjiih ••!' Tenn loiiiui «,o'iil,<in dirnotiai, »uivs I ho Priihiblt ion nointni-e for \'l"e- I'leriidiitt <>l|\ii \\ Nti u. lit ol Clil( i^o I'h.tuniin ol tl'e ,Nit>oii,il I'm ' pittKii loininltiei .in i Miff Wti \sali. l*r Ii M it.iiloinv o| M.Ull' ' n i K. Mrs. -Mary '"• Myors ; wits "i»pxl She -wuj» thu-Ktar wltn«?«H for ih l diiriiiK .the ctoHH-examlnatlon iroolt.M compelled her to hat nlie bore a very unfriendly ward the defen«lant, Khe tentltled liat >die hiiftri<nowii Mf. ftiid MI-H. IdP or ^'1 years and that the woman WIIM .distant rela'Uyo of her husband. Onf <dd Jjinimry n'lulit Mrn, Idt> ami hur l,\ cldldri'ii came to h«»r homo and re- lained there for two dayn, .She'miiil he Ide'M had been Ilgh'tlng and that In- woman'M throat bore oiKnit of and choklriK. AocnrdiiiK M)*rr*r- We— ntHerf — ttp-Ttt— thtr ml of two dnj'M to Imiuiro If hln wife WUH there und that «hn KHVO him a iiKue liiNliliiK i»v»-r the phone about i* conduct iwafci his wife. ntfi were wjpod out, ., AN AMERICAN KILLED, ........ .- - ............ (By United I'tt-owJ . ............... Pelrourad. ItiiMv-la, Oct. 7; An Ann'r- ican citizen wax killed in one of the Herman air raid* mi l'.uchaie?i( said dispatches received here today and the American minister has wired. the details t?~ the Mute department, llou- manta hnw addressed a ntde to the neutral powern protenthiK axaiiiMt the kill- liiK of nnn-ciu At this "priint ib(« lady was withdrawn from tho stand hut was later recalled, :_"z::;i U»ed BuBOy —Wbipk :::: In her .second testimony the lady wt-nt back to a time between twelve nnd thirteen years ago. She heard *he Jde'H »(|iiarroling buo time and, over there, found Ide utdng the Whip on Ids wife. Mhe Jerked the whip from' the man and used it on him, Then (Continued en Page Twoj BOY STOLE CHICKENS Robert Mayberry Admits He Has Been Robbing-Roosts SellingrHis Booty, Hobert Maybt-rry, Him of Mrs. Henry Hlelixer, used about thirteen yearn, 'help lo , ,'1'ln- U boarded ul t'toltil-i- uiih Mi^N i>-li\ill«' o'clock by t'ontitiible .Uell (iotild for hii'kcriH. In fact- he hail the on him at [tlie time. -.Friday evening about 'S u'oloek Mrs. .KM, -"War- m-r liviiif; on Fourteenth av.enno went a block from her 1'iome to the Sum Talborl'H hoijio" to feed her chickona, The \Varner't« Uhe the chicken bonne there inntead of having one at their own hi'ine, " jSho diwcovercd a boy «tenl- ink her youiiK rouNterB. Who -yelled at him and he picked , up the wick . of chiokeiTTt— hrrrhnri anil Rrot u wtry out bein« caiiKlit. .... •', ------ _ ...... — -— ,-, js'ews of the theft VV;IN .sent to the poultry buyers wltft the ro(juoxi that they watch for < he thief. About einht o'cliH-k this morning itubort ftlayhcrry went to the (5. I.. Crampp Produce Co. to jiell the chiekeiiH.he had in bin Hack. He wa.s taken into custody and word fjent to the conyi.ible, who caino down and .toujv jilin. The boy -wa.H taken to (ho office of JiiKtico .Woavor atul the stale'H itttorney ncnt for. To the Mtate'H attorney ami-tin* coiixl^iblis- the buy ulinltled he (dole not only iho two ho tried to Hell.. hut two other*; -Mr. Warner Mvore nyi a warrant for the arrcHt of the boy -before .Indue Palmer and he will bo kept in JiUf* for a few dayn until State's Allot ney Kiidens IIUK lime t<i take care 'of the case. The val^o of the, chit'lu'iiH i.H miiall, but the boy Will be dealt Wltli .severely to slop the pi-'liy thieving exiNtim: in i'own. l-'or .sevctal ,monlli>. S larue numlier of chickens have bceir taken front Sierlmc, 'I'hieken lious<'.t» and the thieve,* bavt- n^y^i Itt-t-n' apprehended, . Huyet'H of fhicKi'ii.', in thit. vicinity "way that thiH boy _l»a;i lu-en a rt-^iilar cu.sloiuer vvilli i'rohl two; lo J'out T-|itc|u-Hh each lime. .;...*• A funn\ It Htiie ul life ,stoi\ is thaUi Cutthlible liiiiild hid the ^ hl( hi IIM III • \ldl ice il llu oltli c of ,|udi, i' \\enver. ' mil vvluli ill \M-I. m .inotliei mom -crawlcit out , ihri>iiuh' ii >. ii l\ "nnd .tllii httindilii; \\ Mil ("i i ti v\ ti)iiii|it»- xvn onto, the stioet Condid some till i uniting loutd i-nl-. i tit h oni< o| otln I ' N .Mill ,if FIFTH GERMAN LOAN. (Hy 1'nHed Pre«.H.) irit., by %Vlrel(>HM to Sayville, Ort, 7.- •Stil.HK > rlpllfii»i< to Hie (itth Herman war loan total I0.doti.ofui ruHrS* ahruit I2.3ft?.f>0«,ono. iiccordltiK to nn official tahuhittoii made toda>\ Thin IH nllKhtly below the lo.TiiT.'iiin mnrkH rained fur the fourth loim. GERMANS REPULSED. i By I'nitfd PreM.x.i ., .... 1/fimlon, KIIK.. Oct. 7. Hermiin homb- Inp attackx northeast of Hnucmirt I/ Abl/aye were completely repulHi'd, lien. Half; reported thin afternoon. KlttEtr Deputy Sheriffs Search For the Who Held Colorado of (Hy Ifnlted Pre«n.) Denver, Colo., (.let, ".— I'UHHCM deputy Kheritl'H today are ncouriiiK tlu« hlllH In thrt Oak Creek district for tract-H (if the band of <ireek« who kidnapped Jtohyn. M, Perry. tnamtKor of the Oak' Hill mine who <wan held for twp ilay» for f lii.OOU ransom and then fled af;c.f Perry had ynrapcd -frum- hi* WORLD SERIES FACTS I'ii-t Ho--|.,n. rsn«l Hro Time tnij nni l*.i;iv«-s fit Hcd d In Hox of <;.ipif' i o'clock i <rn- I Mjui.ifcii .f ltro.,klvn. Wilhcrt Koi,- P.III ftu-rlitan. Likely P.:ittciiei«- l/«-onftrd or Huth and t'arriuan for Hontotl; Manjuard and .Meyers for Brooklyn. I "lupins --- Connolly behind pliite. fi'l»,«y on I tapes; Dlncen and ijuiuley on foul lines. Kxpn !• -d Attendance—40.000. \Veiilhcf- Coot and ttfttf. Helling- jii to c, on the Hed Sox to Will the :-• lief. Hy II C. flamiltun. Staff Corti «pniub nt of Pnlted Pi c** } Ito.tloii. M,i*«.. Oct. 7. -While an na- ioa waited with ejqieetaney, here, the ipioklyn Modijer* and the Huston Hed •«tx xtooil poJM'd today for a ru»h which ivlll brim: them into n collixion whose e.HoiiiidltiK Hinnck will be heard from Inine fo California. Pndor ideal weather condition* nnd with all of the indicattonH pointing to crowd of 40,iMiii or more, the winners! f the National and American league, 'ennantw will meet In the first name f the Herles on Uraven field at 2 o'clock. NVver In • baseball history have » two hamplonsldp teams met In the Imse'.•ill cl««-dc after such wild ?«eramliU>(< or tile ti'innm they have Knitted. Not mill Tin-winy id" thi« week were the JodKerw sure, they would be here to- ny. Now that they have looked about beyond doubt thnt they • o» the vornc of tho bJ*c razoo of be year, th«y have determined lo put p one awful tight, • Boiton Confidant. Among tho Jfjoston funs only ronfl- oiu>| Is found. The city of intellect < about to C|HH|I with the city of,,rub» abductors, Tile body of ono (Sreek who wan tthot nnd killed by 1'erry in a des- r>ernt«*~tnntte"-prr>eei1inK" the rBrnpo, WTIJT found last niKht a tdiort dlntanrc from tho cabin, where^ Perry ^uid been kept bound and "KHKKO<| for two days, but no trat-OH of iho adher bandits have been found, Th* first word of the kldnftppinB .wo* contained In a special delivery letter t(i" the younn man's falhor, Kaniuel Perry at Denver, written in Ids son's hand r wr 111 air ini'd "dc'clart'Mij""! fer was held onptfvo by a band of (Sreeks which demanded '$l&,ooo ninxom under penalty of death. Tho alder Perry immediately chartered a wpecial train and ibtalned a bddy Kuard of detectlveK and tarted for Oak Creek with the money demanded,'..-..' OISCOWED^ PLOT tpopifs and tho formo.1* can not nee .'her.' rubber piiuit«nndpi!NhlnK a"KO- nrt hax anythluK to do with product- r a champlonKhip club, The world siTies crowd, ran.kitiK with the KreatoHt which ever fought and HtrtiKKled o\'er tlckotH. jontled throiigh the hotel lobbies hiMt nlwlit hunting for places to Kl'eop. Kvery room wan full and overflowing. One hotel IH rrnrlrmK—tm—application » Hy If. C. Hnmllton. iStfiff Corrrfporidf-'iit <if United Preps.) llravwt Field, Boston, Mass., Octo 7. — PiunKlnR Into thf 1 busy whirl of another wwld'H tirisebrill pprir-s the Red Sox rlniDhed with tho Hrooklyn I'odijf'rs thin ftffrnoon in defence of. their title iillmaiiH In which The bettitiK wa«« to *toro |t« JIB heavy today an Secret Agents Learned Of At. tempts To Soil Juarez Out To the (My Cnited Prc8«» , )•)! Pano, Tex., Oct. 7. Hecref iigentK <d" tho defiAclp. government hiM'»«"~ aiid at ..JiiareK have dl«covered a plot, hatched lii iho Car.runy.a Kiirrl.suii at the \chii-kcn ludi in tin mi tin 1 >\md tho\ ih w ii-ix si (bb- «<on!d itli i th. in lii Hum and th ind \vtll I li (lUilli I tn{ il i\ nil ti,ill tn I ii it Will i.i K I \ i II II' k.i v III I !)• \v I \ "I ll\ i n! i 11 •>! i H ,<, 1 11 > ! p 11 n 11 . i <l i ud I ...lit ,Ui I . tbt Juarez, .. to . buy ..... .utt .tin-- SiddUns ..... ;i»nj H.urrender the town to t,he VlllistnH? Many 'urroHlti have becu made, and «>thora who are tiiiHpected are ' under KUi"ye.lll«iu,-e, ..". Home uf ihu custuim) t-jiard.s at the international bridge were urre.Ht,ed whilo on duly ami di.sarmt-d '('he plotteiM are ttaid to have Iteeii iatltiM' with Cien. Sahiitar, famous revolutioniHt, : who' was' recently re- leaaisd from prison In Chihuahiui by (jen. S f iila and is now coinmundlnt; tt detachiiieiil «d' Villa'H follmvei«. , Carra,n?.a oli'icials tli'clare that ihe plot Jian lieej|.fru«trrt(ed. • Ac<;ordinj; to information received hero Villa it« iH'ar Hii.HtilloH. 10 rniU-s wwst of Clnhuahilu fityr"' FUNERAL HELD' Ovur Tli« Remains of MISK Jc*»ie Brickor Wudnciday T.lie In n< i il , IM V l( e o\ei the lem tins ol Mi*,', .J.^de tii |i ),i i was In Id Uiil m vdm Mtteinooii i .in o < to* K it tlu home o| hei ptu^nts Ml <iiui Ml.-. D.imel Minimi jO ( - Tin id \\inue lit \ GOLF TITLE "I ti:\ lUSloU M 4i .UUlit I, U i il ,;u|f • It i Hilt • , < >< I \\.tfl I I'n II I did! \ll i vi ill i » 'yo'Hteraay'r "inahy : waiierH "n're ...... b'olnlc" placbd at 10 to 6 that tho Hed Hox will win iho HerleH. On today's game th*American' league team IH the bis favorite and 2 in Mimiuard pltcheH nt 7 to to I If Homo other hurlor at- It foe the Dodgei-H. Thero are plenty of fan* ready to stake their money on the chances of tho DodgerH. .?.'.'-!?J.?U.l?-yf.J?.'.V-Jffl.ct _l;hat tho Amerlcaji jeagnern are favorites hern,''the nn- tional league club IH finding miifr>' backeru aijd not a bet ban gono bog.' King. The Hrooklyn fan« who accompanied the team, brought plenty of. kale along. ' Few Bleacher^, Pxtroni, The UHiial long lino of bleacher patrons WIIK unmller luMt night and thlw morning than ever before at a world -vcricK game 'in Bimtnn. Four UIICK stretched from each box office but only TI bo ut Httr~pf*r«unn vVeT'e'-'wii i 11 ng when day broke. Only a few nf thoKo'-Jiad made an all night watch (d* it. however. KoHton ble'acherites are heeom- i.xperieuced In woHd .wrien affalrn and have come to the conclusion that a ticket iw JUM UK good at 9 or Id o'clock at Min-np. There inH/ be mnne tickciH on wale at the baseball park on, leavingH iiflpr .the crowd had beHi taken cnro of, Th«"< re.serviitiom; were all passed out by ii o'clock la M night and the windown" feU:~TirdK»T wlid did not call for. iheir t'icketn were forgot ten and «>v- >r« wer<f to .ho "diKpumid of at ptmlic ale. ~- "• * Speculators Active. Spei'tiiatorH are having the iimo nf tln-ir livcK. Kpec'iilatiou in tlckeix I* •ing carried'on in every dnwntown Mrcet, (bp (•uf(>M > and. |u»tel«.'. Tlwy, were \.--king and receiving <15 for iiaviiTkia •eatti fur all tluVe gainoM. Theuriginal. •nsf of lllCMO weutM were $H, Cruiidhtand scat.s are Melting faVi a» lisii a* $3n a pair, finx^jseata are hard »» gel but mo.s( any «c;Uiie.r vvtir takf »rd«»i>;fnr them. "Piic'e'S'wi'tl go higher is same lime approaclu-M. and an they lave ihe only av.'ilahle .seatfi and will ;<-t what they auk for them. MARQUARO FOR WILSON. jU> Pulled Prew* ) N' W Yolk, N V, del -7 Kiilie__M.4t ill,.Id is lm Wilson for ble-ldiOl. »•!<• IK idi|ii/il|els .innoTiiteid od iv a. (he l)or)«i r (vviilci |nepa|(i| o hold the- attenlion yf indllnus .,( riiN diutn,, a t«'ii-»- uUei noon m lio-., bflKht HUH waw boamlnfr but it t«ok the chill from the nUno*. Packed in the KtandM wero up- of 40,000 rnviriK fans. Hy noon tfje blcachern were practically filled. Tiieii came drove* of tho«o huldltig re-" and boxes. n wa« never tut confident of n» It IH of copplntr tho 131 fi lilt. Krl'sh from the wilds of Flaibuith Wilbfrt Hoblnson nnd h'H DodRprs «r« full nf flRlit ami promise to K!VO llie IJ«-ii HO\ (he buftlo ( >f their lives. The Hed Hox were the flrnt to appear. They came tumbling out nf their duir out only a few minutes after 12 o'clock and immediately took the field for hatting practice. The HoBton Warrior* HWuni; only at IfftHmnded nhnutx. Ill iin Help/I lion i if Hube JdlfhliiSf T?O«H Cnrrigan had only hi* notithpaw« «erv- il)K Up shoots to the butters. Ill tho meantime u cabaret nextette made niUMlc while it hand did UN best to drown out the megaphone nhnutwrt but were only partially HticceHnfuI, Tho royal .rooters band wn« on tho job par- ly with sufficient IIIIIK power to toot "ToBHfc" all over Ihe ploc". The DodRPi-H follinved MiUHiKer Robinson onto the field, They wuro their t.eKiilar travellriK iinlformM though ;;oine of the stJiiliK nf n'-anon's b(lt- tie had been wa«hed]nway, Huho Mar- iiuard. 1-Yed Merkly and Moyom, f6r- merly of tho Uiant*. and Jack Coomhs fonrierly nf the AthletlcH, wero Riven blind. At 1:15 the DodKorn took thA diamond /or battiitK and floUlliiK ptac- ....... Statement Of the Managers. Hill CarriKiih, I.Ira VOH — I havo faith In My ability of rny men. They havo been ilirotiKh the Hr«» anil their ox- porletiee will help us in the critical Our pitching Htaff will carry UM through. __ ____ ; Wllbort UoblnHon, Brooklyn— T do not want to muko prwlictlon of tho outcome. My hoyH liavo taken part in a world **<»ri«i but wo have In. Ktibe Mar- /uard. Jack Coombs, Frefli Merklo and Chief M*y«r«, fdui* vetorank who will Htondy the playorn at tho trylnif polntn. Th« huavy IdtUnK uf tha tu«okly n tea will ofTwt the HuHton ' "pUchlngr We are out tn win. J Fir«t Inning. . Urooklyn- .Myor* fouled- Id Cady; Dauhort fanned,- BtenKol waa thrown out. No rum*, no hltn, no errors, Hooper ' fanned; Janvrln whif/ed, at throe ball«: Walker tripled to left center: Hobby waa out. No,.runS, one hit, no errors. ........ -- - -- QeuonU Inning.- -- - Hrookly»)~)iVheat betit an inllold out; i^it^Hhaw hit Into « double, Junvrfn to Sco t r t o Tl itlTHf eipl ; ~Kfifwfoir~ "winked ;T < ilmui fanned. >{u tuna, otio lilt, no error*. walked; Gardner w/ia at wec-ond when Hafo at tl rut arid Meyers failed to handle .anrdnor*a bunt lit front -of tho "plate; Gardner was Klven, a hit on the play; Seott waerl- llcod; Cady wni* purpngely paHKod. till-,. JjiK^tliti- banes ;_.Shfira- .-jfaiuied ;. .lluoper fanned. Ono hit, no run«, nq errora. ^-^' • Third Inning. , ^ Hrooklyn — Moy*r* out, Klioro to llobby; . Manjuard fannoti; Myers through ahort; Dauhe^-t fan- tied. No runn ( . one hit, iu> errors. j HoHtoii --'Janvrln fannod, Mayors dropped tlie utrlke but threw him out;Walker a IHO fanned; llobby triplmiami diiuliled to t left,- Hooringr Hobby; was causrht off woeond, Moyor« lo oiM(rtti-r^m; nni, twu hita You In i .Ht lloiu tid I ,im |oi Wilson IhUKMiatic hi.i a ^t t a-- U'lbt u- i.ivt '•till hi' will t" th<> tut And 1 f,, | i d ,IH I ,t|n \Mn tin I I'd f .li I <l i I to. .1 p. o, I. Fourth Hrooklyn—Htengid tripled to loft and Mcored on Whont'a triple to right; Cutshaw fllod to Hooper and Wheat wan doubled at the plate on Hoopor'a perfect tlir.ow when Wheat tried to Hcoro aftor tho patoh"r"Mowroy wa« out, ianvrln lu H'Ujby. One run, two hits. Fifth Inning. Hrooklyn— No Boorea, wero made. 1>y Brooklyn in It* half of tht» fifth inning- Whilo ttlMtOH- ' doubled and wan MrtcrlUced (n third and Mcore^l ,(iii WaJkor'a Kingle, r. , Neither iddo wcored In thu .sixth inn- in (tie ne\i>nth inning Morton scored 3 run.s while HrooUlyn WIIH blanked, i't'ot'fer IH now pitching for llrooklyu, ItoHton added another in tho eight making the count 6 to.I In a ninth Inning rally Uruoklyn si'ored 4 rurm but lacked ono of winning, HUM j on tiik- Ing tliu firsd Kumi! 6 to &. ' Score by innings: Urookiyn '00010 0 0 ft I Ji 1» 4 UoHtftn ........ li 0101 0 tl I * ii ,Ji— I Hatieriew • Marqiiard, Pcffei- ' and ( Meyer.s, .Slum and Hady, .Mays ami Thojuiis. PRQVESJPAILUIIB Secretary Bilker Orders Commander* to Quit H«cruiting at Oitcrotion, (Hv Pnitfd Pre«HJ WftHhiujftoii, li C, 4 u t 7 Pf.ssalitt- , tied VtHh II-M ulrlng- of the ilt» Scueluiy of Wui ii.iUer haa • .nniy d*!puttmentH to d/won-' n lulling ul /their di.ti it-tiuu, Hlei s tteio baaed on «ommum- •> tinni I he gint'iyct »t«ff ie. «; h ih Jl (seen Xuimatl l.n'toiy,'- ddfK i'dtiX> wetv UK i lu tijtng Die n.ill'iiial g!uitd 11 t;!!(u-nt;( i 1 1 ti . • i 'u -.• nil n A li i!\ ,.t Mi Mr tl-t. t!i«' Hti-thn H \\ m Jl'.tton .N|! aim Mi , ill.i n Hi|Hi.,i iut}io id th i i ila at till dtpattm<nl >v>itew of n h ill luiiM up i I UIHiu' With, PAPER Unit in '.din MMII 1 14 iiu! d u WAS V. i « i! lm ttit DELAYED i.i , i I r i-. " !lii 1 1 til i

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