The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 23, 1908 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1908
Page 11
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THB BAKBBSFIELD CALIFORNIAN- WEDNSEDAT, DECEMBER 23,1908. LIQAL SHERIFF'S SALE. No. 284C7. Matteson and tunng Co.. Plal: Bros.., a conartm D. Qldershaw an fendants. By virtue of an execution Issued out of (he Superior Court of .the Qoun.ty of. Los Superior Court of AnKeler. 81 -., Ann wherein Matieso of California. , , ---„._-_„_, .. Jllamson Man- ufacturlnK Co., Tlaintlff, and Oldershaw Bros,,, a copartnership cpnvppsed ilues costs an.. levied, upon claim and interest of said defendants, or, in and to the follo^'lne described LMAt LEGAL. LEQAU. NOTICE OP ASSESSMENT. , Bakersneld Fuel and Oil Company. Location otDrfnelnar place of business Seima, California. Location of works tvern County. California. that .at a meeting of the ure the J.UW.T FtiTuu. lum at. a rectors,ot the above named con .ion. held on the 6th day of Decem- Jr. 1908. an assesarru ' llars pital stoc . . . red dollars per snare was snare wi ik of th' of o levl< ine nun- ad upon e. corporation. payable Immediately to the .secretary ot said corporation. Charles .A. Lee. rit ORDINANCE NO. 02. of December, 1908, and shall be pub . iv »». Ushed prior thereto for one week In An ordinance granting unto the Ml Tne Bakersfleld callfornian, a Whitney Power Company, a corporation, Its successors and assigns, A franchise for fifty years to erect polei and stretch wires and other appliances thereon, for the purpose of con. ducting and transmitting electricity and electric current for light, powei His officeTat theoffice of the County "" ei " ««""""• '"' "*"' '.",""" rtecorder ot Kern County. and other necessary and useful pur- Any stock upon which this assess ment shall remain unpaid,on the atn day of January, 1909, will,/be delin- ft uent and advertised for sale at uub- c auction, and unless payment, is made before, will be sold on the 3pth \ aay qt January, ijlua, to^pav the del In- poses, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of the unincorporated town of Delano, in the I County of Kern, State of California. . , auent assessment, together the real eslale to-wit:, All the rteht, title and interest of said defendants or either of them,In and to Lot one (1) of Block nine (9) in the Chester tract, the same hemp an addition to the City of BaT-tersfleid. Countv of Kern. State of California. Also all the rieht. title,and interest of said defendants or either of tnem In and to that certain leasehold of, the store now occupied Jiv C. D. Oldershaw & V°-. a t,N9. ."MO 19th street, in the Hanerfelde bulldlnp in the City ot Bakersneld. Kern Countv. California. Public notice ia hereby Eiven that I will, on Friday, the 8th day of January. A. D. 1909. at 2 p clock D. m. of laid day. In front of the Court House " tv of Kern, sell at 1 money of the :ht. title, claim 'ejidants. of? in described property. f as may be neces said day. In front dqbr of the publ Unit am am or so much then sary to raise sn: Tfv said iudi dent money to sal —. . _ement. with interest an costs, etc.. to the nnzhest and best bit dei "Bated Dec. By T. A. Baker. Denuty. Sher &i6 NOTICE. Bakersneld, CaJ., Dec. 13, 1908. I hereby assign all my rights an'd Interests and money also outstanding debts since November 21st, 1908, to Elmer Lundeen, prop. Building located at 1818 Chester avenue, in Bakers- fleld, California, knowns as Tracy's Inn. (Signed) PATSY DORMER, Mgr. Attest: J. H. Ruberson, A. A. Hampton. 120 , ts ot advertising and expenses of life. CHAS. A. LifcJhl. ecretary. of the Bakersffeld Fuel arid Oil Co.. Bakerafleid. Cat. 12-9 CALLING CONDUCT .By. order of the Jty of . j Bo Bakersfled 3oanl rust OPS e City newspaper of general daily circulation kCQAL. LEQAU of Oct.. A. D. 1908. the Conklln Building. In th« n ettv at eal) 1. L. MILLER, Clerk. Bakersfleld. Countv o! Kern. SUM « if Oct.. A. Geo. E. Whitaker,Atty for Pltff. 11. Svs- red ..- receive at his otnce. room I. ucers Savlne Bank butldlne. up to „ o'clock o. m., on Deceniber 28. 1,908. sealed proposals for the disposal, ot the sewaee from the City Sey Lem. at the point where it Is through the outfall sewe Secion 3. T. 30 ~ ~ "" and tor the cult '. said Ian n ? au gfrom ten tb twenty years. The successful applicant will b> ifred to give a good and siimi pond, to protect said Cit: «H kinds of damages or Intr from suits or otherwise, result from the disposal of sal ed. December^ J_, m ^ e re- Rood and sufficient >d City from aay and r expenses, nrife- — ' - tnat may Id sew- 12-15 Oity Clerk. NOTICE. !' nay concern: iv given that 1 ors of the County flit any bill or b: y bill To all whom it may concern: Notice is hereby - 1 *-rd of.Sunervfsors n will not audit — ---,-,-- ainst the county contracted bv coun- nshlo officers orov nersoi ce bv appointment of sa... upervlsorg. unless a reaui- to . JK O Joard of _ sltlpn in w and grantee. _.. .. Bv order, of the writirisr is first presented ted by, the. Board. Board. Attest: 1 „, H. A. JASTRO. , , ....Chairman of Board. L. Miller. Clerk. 12-15 NOTICE OF BIDS. Notice is hereby given, that sealed bids for the painting of the Old Hos pital Building (the body of said build ing to receive two coats of paint com posed of best quality of white lead ant oil. and the roof of said building to receive one coat of paint) will be re ceivcd by the Board of Supervisors a' their rooms in the County Couri House in the City of Bakersfleltl County of Kern, State of California, up the hour of 10 o'clock a. rn. of January 7th, 1909. No bid will lie received or considered by said Board unless it is accompanied with a certified check or cnsh deposit in ten per cent of the amount of such bid. The said Board of Supervisors reserving the right to reject any and nil bids. By order of the said Board of Supervisors. H. A. JASTRO. Chairman of said Board of Supervisors ROAD NOTICE. Office of the Cleric or the Board of Supervisors, County of Kern, State Whereas Edwin Alderson did heretofore make an application in due form for a franchise to erect poles and stretch wires and other appliances thereon, for the purpose of conducting and transmitting electricity, and electric current for light, power and othei necessary and useful purposes, over, r.long and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of the unincorporated town of Delano, In the County of Kern, State of California, for a period of fifty years, for the purpose of constructing, maintaining, repairing and operating electric lines and other appliances for the conveyance and use of electricity In all Its forms in said town of Delano; and Whereas, said application was made under and pursuant to an Act of the Legislature of the State of California, entitled "An Act providing for the sale of railroad and other franchises la counties and municipalities and providing conditions for the granting of such franchise by legislative or other governing bodies, and repealing conflicting acts", approved March 22, 1905; and Whereas after due proceedings had and taken by the Board of Supervisors of said County of Kern, and after due notice given and advertisement published as required by law, said fran- i chise was duly sold, awarded and granted to the Mt Whitney Power Company, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of California, and having Its principal business at Visalla, In said printed and published In said County of Kern. The foregoing ordinance Is adopted by said Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, on the llth day of Deceniber, 1908, iiy the following vote, to-wit: Ayes: Supervisors Peterson, \Voody, Corsett and Jastro, Xoes: None. H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors I' of said County of Kern. (Seal.) Attest: I. L. MILLER, DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice is hereby Kiven to all net sons owning and Keenlne. doKS. wlthli the limits ot the City of BaKersnelti that License .Tags ror,the year, 1908 a re now ready lor delivery at the ot ce of the City Clerk. Tn tlie basemen', Of Producers Savinks. Bank tiullclinu and on after tne 15th dav of Janu ary. j will proceed to Impound .al dOKB found running on the streets thai are noi weariue the licensa tag fo fo,mr A COKrfS)m , ma8ler Dated January California. ._. . for the.transa.cupn of business of Kern the same "belnir the .. ,—isactjpn of bu estate in sali NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. .Sor County Clerk of said County of Kern, 1 W M* • —* of princ Held. and Clerk of said Board visors. of Super- 12-12 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. , Aruiinta Oil Company, a cqriKiratloH. .."cation pt pHiiciDal place of business. U.-iWsnekl. California. _. „_ _ L _ Notice fa hereby Eiven: That at a nieeUnc or the directors of the.Armtn- t.i Oil Companv.a corporation, held on thi- 7th tla.v of December. 19US, un as- sesHinent of six and one-fourth cents (ti'-ic) per share was levied upon the capital stock of saia corporation, puy able on or before — 1'Jth. 1909. to A. E at 1047 1 street. Anv stock upon wl snail remain unna February. 1909. w, lejd Oil Co place of " 5 panv. Location uslncsa. Bakerr Klven that .it,» ...... ... _ rectors hold on tlit . h 1» Notice Is hereby meetine ol tne Dtr< 23rd dav of Noveu— - . segment of two (2) cents per shar* \viis levied lino') the capital stock 01 the corporation, payable imme.dlaten in United States jfola coin to etarv or said corporation at the company, room I lucfc hank w-iiuinK. Anv stock unon wl ment shall remain unj (lav ot December. Hiimient and anvei the sec at offlce o! incers .?av •sfleld. Cal this a?5e on the 2n wlll be de itor of,the Jistate ot ... 1, -«,, Sourlln. Deceased. ,tthew S. Tlatz. attorney tor *«- strator. e of flrst publication November 11-iff NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING OF Notice Is herebv tivcn Hint (!:«• annual, mwtlni: of the stockholders of the Producers SuylnL'H Hunk will he hela at the offlce of twld cornoratlon in Pro- pucei-H Savlncs liatili nulfdlnj:, in J.h» City of jJakersfleiO. State of California, on Tuesday, the 1'^th dav of Jan- narv. 191)9. at the honr of !? o'clock ». in., for the purpose of cioctlim direct- orfl for tlie ensulnir vear. and for th« transaction of such other business s\» niav properlv come In'tore the 111001- Ini;, ... _ W. S. TKVlrf. Vresldenl... nlS F. \V. Ronibson. Socri-tarv.' ?4--z Calit'ornlan want ads. ni>«.t res'ilta. and tio uesday. January Slmore. secretary, rresnp. Callfi ' ilch tl , f -bediC or sale at, nub payment is n on Tuesday, the to nay the. de . iu;y. fornla. sessment Bth day of advertised and unles' will be sol March. 191 sessment. vertlBine L __, __ T _, , Dated. December Ttn.J (Seal) A. P Secretary Armlnta O Ixjcation ofofflce. Fresno. California. toeether IK anrf;expen^.e^ o;j lauent MORE. of California. hereinafter described tlcc, that the report i state, Hs successors and assigns, and owners of ihe! saf 'l Mt - Whitney Power Company lands take no | ^ving been the highest and best and of the viewers '"'">• bulder for Bald franchise; on proposed County Road No 271, de- i Now - therefore, In accordance w th scribed as commencing at the corner th e premises and in compliance with to sections 1 and 12 on the east the la\»s of the State of California in boundary of township 26 south of range 25 east, M. D. B. & M., thence west along and 30 feet on each side of the line between sections 1 and 12, i and 11, 3 and 10, 4 and 9, and 5 and 8, a distance of 5 miles; Road 271 A, beginning at the quar- such cases made and provided, the Board of Supervisors of said County of Kern do ordain as follows: That, a franchise be, and the same Is hereby, granted unto said Mt. Whitney Power Company, a corporation, its successors and assigns, for the NOTICE OF SALE OF STOCK FOR DELINQUENT ASSESSMENT. Welllne Oil feomna*)-. vocation ot principal place of misiness, Oakland. Alunieda Countv, California. , NpticeMs | herebv, Eiven lhat there is delinnuent ><m the following described stock of p cornoratton. on account of ass* levied . amounts 908. will be ,sed for sale a tiublie"fiucffon andT unless payment j£ made bejcre. wTH Jjerold on the 17th dav of January. 1909. to nay the de- llnauent assesment. together with cost _» u i v.» . M of sale. Dlreclors. stree ...her 9th. 1908. the sev set opposite .the names 8 ?lo 8 : ment ot ;', cents per share levied 9th. 1908. the several amo ' if the respec TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice IB hereby given tnat tht taxes on all personal property, and one-half of the taxes on all real prop erty. will be due and payable on th* second Monday In October, and will be delinquent on the last Monday Us November next therafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and unless paid prior thereU fifteen per cent will be added to th* amount thereof, and that if satd on* half be not paid before the last Mon day in April next, at 6 o'clock p. m. an additional five per cent will bi tlvu shareholders, as follows: No. No. fiS Names F. M. MTlliUan K. M y Dearborn lierts *^V. i^lj, Crt. Shs Amt. ii 1 § $2 }:p 30 117 4.41 an r. A. "(imjerf"."...::::: -n 1. K. Chllds 4t> ;. M. Lee 4ft F. P. Facely f>l luess Cook ter section corner on the east boun-1 te rm of fifty years from and after the dary of section 12 of township 26 j date hereof, authorizing and empow- south of range 25 east, thence west I er i ng( an a sa ld Board of Supervisors Attest: I. L. Miller, Clerk. 12-17 SUMMONS. vs. Peter in DrouEht Ui lh_ or ihe County of Kern. S: e Superior lie Complaint „ tern. In the offlce of ,.„ _. —J Superior Court. The People of the State of California send creetine to Peter Rouauette. defendant. , You are hereby reaulred to appear in an action brought au'ainst you tiy the above-named plaintiff, in the. Superior Court of the Countv of Kern. State of California, and to unnwur the Complaint fllod therein, \vjthln ten da v s (exclusive of the clnv of service) after service on you of this Summons, if served within said Countv: it served elsewhere, within thirty days- ,„ And vou are herebv noiiiieil (hat If von tail to so appear uii't .-itiiiwi-r. the Tiinlntifr will lake luduniciii, for anv rooiH'v or ilitiiuiui's deniiindod In the Cpniplalnt HH arisiim unnii t!ont.ract. or will iuinlv to (lie Court for aiiv other relief demanded in the along and 30 feet on each side of the line between the north and south halves of sections 12 and 11, a distance of 2 miles; Road 271 B, commencing at the corner to sections 11, 12, 13 and 14 of township 26 south of range 25 east, thence west along and SO feet on each Bide of the line between sections 11 and 14, a distance of 1 mile; Road 271 C, commencing at the corner to sections 13 and 24 on the east boundary of township "6 south of range 25 east, thence west along and 30 feet on each side of the Una between sections 13 and 24, a distance of 1 mile; also extending easterly from starting point 119 feet to road No. 99; Road 271 D, bugimiliig at the quar ter section corner oil the south boun- 1 rlir]lt to gran t similar franchises to dary of section 13; thence north along , , jthor persone ii m8 or corporations. and 30 - does hereby authorize and empower, said Mt. Whitney Power Company, its successors and assigns, to erect poles nnd stretch wires and other appliances thereon, for the purpose of conducting and transmltllng electricity, and electric current for light, power and othei necessary and useful purposes, and to maintain, repair and operate the same, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of the unincorporated town of Delano in said County of Kern, together with all proper, useful, convenient or desirable appurtenances and appliances to fully oarry Into effect the said franchise. This gram of franchise is not exclusive, and the governing board of said County of Kern shall have the lonry N .ora P. l Martha. Stone j. H. Allison K. A. Gubitz M. Cahak'n ,........ Sabrina. P. K. Mills . A. J. Mills Estate of Chas E. Cain. (deceased) John 13. Eaton And in accordance order of the Board o on the ninth day of , so many snares of eac stock as may be, necesary wi public auction, at the offl of said cornoratTo OLD ML1ABLE Painters 8NYDEB & JACKSON Fainting in all branohet. Inferior Decoration* a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTINO ftlQNI Phona Main 1138 1627 Wall 8t •»ker*fl*ld, CaU I f Directors made November. :h . of the added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half ol the taxes on all real property will b* payable on and after the flrst MOD day In January next, and wilt be d* Hnquent on the last Monday In April next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p, and that unless paid prior UU A\ I five per cent will b« added to th* 3{> amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid al the time th first Installment, as here in provided., is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid In the office of the Tax Collector In thi county courthouse between the noun of <) a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. an* B p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax collector, 10-1 Kern County, California. + * **•!•* * * E. H. LOVELAND * * Wholesale Produce Merchant + * Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Beans, + * EKBB. and all farm products. * .;. .;..>**.;. * * .;. leilhet&laylor Good vegetables are hard to get these days. The local supply is limited; the rest is o'd. We keep a fresh supply always on hand. Give us a trial and be convinced. 1423 19th Sv fhone Main 401 at nubile auction, at the omco of the Secretary of said corporation, rooms IS and 19. 1068 Broadway. Oakland. Alaineda County. California, on the 28th day o'cloc 1 ' a. auent assessm< auen with a. m. of that day' to pay dolln- issessmenis thereon, together Alamei , g and expenses N. Secretary. ompany, rooms Oakland. ornia. 12-11 roadway. alifor SHERIFFS SALE. ,cpbs. Plaintiff, vs. Knr- mlldated Mlnlnc Compa- Nicholas Jai ma-j ny. ueteiumiH, By virtue of an execution Issued out NOTICE OF MEETING. in,that thji bolders Of th be hel Notice Is hereby. gl\ § ual meeting ot atOCi orfmefleld Oil Company w at it*-office, room "No. 1. Producers Savinirs Bank building. Bakersneld. California, on Thursday. Decemljer 24th. 1908. al 3 q r clock D. m. of said 'lav. for the election of a board of directors and such other business as broucht before tlie meetlne. il. upon, 5th day of .-„ ___________ a ludcnient re November. A w 6.65. t la he . or money of evled upon Interest the B-AJa* 'minor' foireffi'er" with machinery and, appliances lo- situated abotif f tlLII Uil.T Ul i'-H'T'CHluCI . l\i V. the sum of JB86.65. t lawful. _.. .. the unTted States, besides costs and Interest, I hare this day levied i all the rieht. title, claim and Inte pfsafd defendant, of. fn and to follow/he described real estate, to- feet on oac-h side of the line betweenUhe east and west ha ves lot section 13, a distance of 1 mile, has boon set Hoard of ll Is" futher provided that the cou maintenance and repair of said poles, wires and other appliances thereon, over, along and NOTICE OF ASSES8MEN Kern-Utan Oil Company. the tov irlv df ook 8 of ml nine records of QtHfornJn. our of'the town of Molnve and iiilarly described at ti'im of Ken. >r CHiirornln. TJio sjild In Kern Countv. State relief demanded i Witness .mvjii! (n ' Ule Counly Co"urt H™™, ,.n >" ^**^<^*^ ^= .iv v^* 'i i.i i inn in , e i and tht! Seal of I at tin; Countv ot v 16 3th &« r omftr^;; ( {als dgvo {JuW.A.fWO^ By Bedel Smith, Deiiuty Clerk. Rowen Irwin and J. W. P. Laird, attorneys for plaintiff. 11-18 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Grand Prize nce of Company. Princl- Bakerstield. on., pa.vai erslirned sec ie ms ... bulldlnK. anty. California, Cny .stock § it shall re: llth day nouent an^ —._...— — lie auction, and unlens payment made before. ' ' the Stu day hour of 2 o' ... . . Hnquent assessment, tpuother w costs of adverllslnK nnd expenses o gale F. B, BORTKN, Secy, pro tern. i-''!™. 1 .' 1 '! 1 .".^ ^fiCity of Bakersfleld, Kern County, ' State of California, at' tho hour of 10 o'clock, a. m., of the 4th day of January, 1909, where any and all persons Interested therein may appear and make objection thereto If deemed proper. The said proposes road or public highway will pass over, through and upon the lands of Kern County Land Company, B. B. Sherwood, J. L. Robertson, F. Evert, Chas. B. Lawrence, Chas. Benton, J. R. "Melcher, M. Perkins, McFarland-Lalrd, S. Tucker, W. F. Laird. M. U McFariand, J. W. Gil- raer, J. B, Rae/S. A. fitimpsoa, J. H. Yoakurn, L. L. Kaler, J. L, Nethaf, H. Schutnaker and M. M. Cecil. By order of the said Board of Supervisors. H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of said Board. Attest: I. L. MILLER, Clerk. 12-16 cent per snare ,mtm stock of ihe corpora- mediately to the un- of said town of Delano, shall bo tinder the direction ot the Board ot Supervisors of said County of Kern, aud the erection, construction, operation nnd repair of the same shall be done so as to be no Injury to the paving, planking, macadamizing or grading of jny such streets, alleys or avenues, and so that public travel shall In no way be obstructed beyond what Is necessary in'the act of erecting, constructing, operating, maintaining and repairing such poles and wires, appurtenances and appliances. It la further provided that the wires placed on tne pole lines stracted hereunder shall e sold on Saturday. „ of Feuruarv. 1909. at t o'clock p. m. to nay tho f ban tv Rooms, ,?Q3-204 mk liiiTldlne. Ba . California. Producers Sayings akersllolc ucers ld. Ker ern Coun- 11-27 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. f Civil Code of California.) Kern Countv Pine Tlno_,and StoniEo Location o! and S iVuunn. to be con- not be lew than • fifteen fe«t tbove the surface of the ground, and at street, alley and avenue croaslngB shall not be less than twenty f ftve feet ,above the surface of the ground; and that the poles to be constructed hereunder shall be BO placed and used as to afford the least Interference with streets, alleys and the use avenues the said ulace ot P Wnes.s:SaS'Fran('i,sco. California, "«* : ""» ™ ">ee Location of works,' Horn Couutv. (..all-, County Road- No. "Notice IB herebv tHvn. Lhjit at mef'tlnu' of the Bo.-u-l (>f pi recto htdd on the Mrd dav ot Novoin < bei T.KiS, an asuc-^Btueiit No. L. ol -10 cents per shu-.e. \v:is Jev!on iinon ihe Issinul " ' stock or tlin <\ornoriitlon. i»O- RDAD NOTICE. Office of the Cifirk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California To all non-consenting owners of the hereinafter described lands, take notice, that the report, of the viewers on proposed County Road No. 268, da- onably be done, scribed as commencing at fhe Inter-( This franchise is granted upon ins iown of Delano, by the public for traveling and other highway purposes, nnd the poles shall be placed aa 'iear the edge of the streets, alleys and ave- and property line as can reas 'ffirjifa". section of tRe eastern boundary of condillon that work tlu-rcnmier shall 99, and tho llrio he- be commenced in good faith \ a tweon" sections 20'and-29 of township i not more than four moniha from ra, • 27 south of range 26 east, M. D. B. & j cinte and prosecuted wlili reasonable M., \hence east, along and 30 fret on ! ,iiUgence to completion, and If tho cast Bide of said section lino, 3406.7 j Kran tee shall fail so to do, then audio feet to corner of Sections 20, 21, 281 30 fnot place of business. 'otinty, Callrornla. , Notice is incf'tini; of in I lie ..rd assessment oer share was levied upon ' UaKersfiold, Kern it, i iii.i, hereby eiven that (.1 a the directors, held av of December. 1908. an one-quarter of a cent d upon the capital _ 'allon. navable Immediately to tho undersigned secreia- ry of Baicl corporation, at the sheriff s pfflce, Bokersfleld. Kern Cou ' Any'stpck upon which thla_a8BesB- aln.ujiDald on January, 1 used iless i cated tl;eroo; miles south more particular fid. Book 8 o Conntv. State rironprlv beinti of California. Publ'c noticw in nuronv uivon thiit. I will, on Saturday, the 9m ffav of Jnn- rv. A. I). 1909.-at 11:30 o'clock a. in. sadl dav. In front, of tho Court ....IHO door of the Countv of Korn, sell at nubile auction, for lawful inrin- ••V of the United StuleB. all tho rlcht, title, fendant. of. , claim and interest in and . . to the nbo scribed property, or BO much t •fe^ 5ft. , of said de- yo de, hereof as may be necessary to ruiso sufficient inonny to satisfy said ludtrnient. with Interest and costs etc.. to the blah- e.Ktand best bidder. bated Dec. j% 12-16 Bv T. A. ment day. the 6th day of Jaaua,... . . „ be dellnauent and advertised for sale t public auction, and. unless pavoient is made before, will be sold on ' e 2Gth. day, of January, ivuv. riour of 2 o clock D. m, to pay dellnauent .assessment, toeether ' oT aa r OStS ., dvertising and expens- ll^B thi Directors. itary. In the Sunerlor f Kern. State of SUMMONS nrt of the County itiff vs. Silver irtoi „. stat nt ,e gu ite p; ed in _ offlce of or Court. , .--«— r,- —r -OT-J* °C.Califor; nta send Cireeune to Silver Bow Oil ComrjanT. TJefendant You are, nereoy reaulred to appear in an action orouept airamst you ffv the above-named Dialntiff. in the Su- ,ot the Countv of Kern. ornla v and to answer the d therein, within i en <Tavs (exclusive, of the tlav of service) f ihlR Summons, " served vs otlfled that If pear and answer, the clKnioiit for any after service on vou of this i It sorvod within Bald Countv: elaewhere. witMn- thirty da> And you are herebv notlfli And \ yo» faJJL to so appear Plaintiff wll take fu, ino7'(»v or damaces d ematided In the n h H\>U! imimidiatolv in 'tihitml States uokj and 29. thence east along and 3 fiVl. n nnV,-iiinSv 8 VJri u VllV'p i - l i'itfni''iilii st'i'i't'l fi " P1 "' h R ' do of tno llne between sec- the company. No,.,,(,.) ( C .iHforuia s,tu ( ,i. |lons ^ ,^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ fpet which this liases* - - ifiid I rrrnnrna cnnll rill fin lo nO Hi' u tiuu iu i i W -^ «j.» ,.w»tv4 ^riiuvue MIUU lull »o lu \t* J t i Qnin Rnnnfinr (niirf that 'event this franchise Bhall be foiH fern, g^fo of (6aWo ! felted and shall thereafter bu of no of November. A. t>. ] Comnlnlnt as aftsfnp upon Contracu _. will aiinlv to the, Couri for anv othoi reMol domandod In the Complaint, lilies*'.my hand anu the seal ol of the Countv 01 this 2nd day ,,Y. Sheriff. aker. De . eputy. E. L. fax Conso. lerendant. By vfrtue of a f the BUDenor .ern, State . ,, Wearman. Paln lonsofldated Mlninc- upon a judgmen ° o ed 8 SALE. , itu. vs. Karma nine Company. eutlqn Issued out . of .the County of ornia,. w)"" > ln B. '. ana Karma-Aiax r Co.. perpndant. tne 6th na vember. A, p. 1908. for the, 14,35. lawful money of tne 1 ates, besides costs and Into; I have,this dav levied- unon all the rient. llue. claim and interest of flaid dofon'Jant, of. In and to the foflowinK descrlBed real estate, to-wft: • . Tne"Karma-Afax mine, toeether with the mill- IT - catod xarma-j.— machinery sltui the mi cated , . miles soutrj ot tlje tpwn of tnereon. situate south of the ' tiore partfcularly dose 81® te of Qalltornja. The said In Kern County. Slate more partlcularl. 50, Book 8, mining records Countv. In .front of th« Cpi of the County of Ke notion, for lawful !d States, all the nfjarit. or. Tn"anrT tb""the"alToye do Ml .o anctlon. for Jawful mon- nited BFutos. all the rleht -,nq interest of said <]e- nroporbv, or be n money to sa .. , BO m as may be neceSsarv to rat UlBfy said lud much atse reol «.«».. t «, ey to satlBfy said luderment. wilt rrat find ,co8t8, etc.. to tne nlchcst hiBSt blrlBftr, Dated 12-1G Bv T. A. Baker. Deputy. San v FV(inc/sco. CalTfoniiii. Anv Mock ......... nient Hhall urdav. the 2fith dav of Ueceinlie.. ..••.••.. "1 be deuntuent. nnd advertised for will "be dellnauent nnd sale at public auction ment IB piaqn..before remain uupfiid on 8:it. S()8. corner av of December. ,.,.,....„.nt nnd advert liUDlic auction: anrj iinl r . j made before, will lie rldnv, the i.Mfi dav of J;; 22, 23, 26 and 27, of 2 R4 miin« S,^ i>n,,n or «* m08 ' hnB >otn to l>av cetfier an tho Ifith the (ieltnauent with the. costs esH pay- sold, on tintiarv. ll)i 3 or effect. This franchise Is granted f° r "* e conalderatlon of the sum of Twenty- sisxs swjst"2-,£ i"««rffa?»arS County Court House, , n tho Cily of and -upon the, urthei condltlo. and d expenses of s flv order of the V. imS, JU.. Secretarv. OIHce. No ri6fl California Street. Si. v Friiiiclsco. t;a_llf"rnla. 11-25 ~"~OELONEQHA MOT S.FSING8. ""Most remarkatiie mineral springs m iiallfornln Mi inmoiiuif cure for RHEUMATISM covenant that the said Mt. Whitney said, at tho hour of 10:30 o'clock a. ; Power Company, its successors and loard of Dlrectors, m., of tho 4th day of January, 1909, | assigns, shall pay, and sald^Mt. iKsoKHineiit. to- riakorsflnld, county'and state afore ., , ,, whore any nnd all persons Interest^! ' noy Power Company, ^ and Its^ thoreln may appear and make objection thereto If deemed proper. Tho said proposed roaa or public highway will pass over, through nnd upon th e lands of unknown owners, A. N. Towne Co., If. C. Phillips, OHtatR Fnrty-ltve miles trom FlaKernfleld lo of H. P. Bendo- dffoaBOd, S, W, - — uoot, Ollle, ThomaB, W. A. Frlck, W. Falconer and Hie San Francisco Savings Union. Hy order of tho said Board of Supervisor!, H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of the said Board. Attest} I. U tOUJOR, Clerk. U4« Nevada Mountains Fln«» »uni clirnatf (>ood arcommodtitlons. TVrmn rraaonahlfi. St:ii;e loaves Bak- •r-fl^l'l Thursday mornlnRa between B and 9 o'clock from -\r» iBtim nnd Cl< .iitnl hni»l« 'itii' '<•" i M«itropole JB .'»ri\ Rpiiirns riipsdays Ad- flr (UR BRA I' ft ROQnBTTB u Proprietor ^.- and assigns, are hereby obligated end required to p&y, to said County of Kern two (2%) per cent of the gross annual receipts of Itself, Its BUCCOB- sors and assigns, arising from the use operation or possession of said franchise; no percentage to be paid for the flrat five years succeeding the dato of this franchise, but thereafter such percentage shall be paid to said County of Kern annually, and in the event said payment is not so made, this franchise shall be forfeited. Thle ordinance shall take effect and be to force OB and after the Slit day (Seal) luo. ; I. L7 SmjLER.. Clerk. . Whltaker. Attorney for Plain- NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In tho Superior C.ourt of the County of Kern. State of California. In The Matter of the HHtate of Alex nnifpr BesHuefllo, deceased. Notice Is herptiv clven. by the un detBiKned ndminlstrator of the estate of Alexander BesRtinlHrv dficeason. to the creditors of. an fnu claims acalnst lDi Ificeason. \T~ Inu claims analnst tho said deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within four.months after, the '." ,V «_ d all persons hav, Jho said deceased whlco . te uperior Court o te ounty ern. State of California. . M. JfodEens. plalptlft. rs. Silver c Oil Company, nnrendant. ' rp C Cl _„. & la send crectine to Silver Bow ojQiuanv. Uefendan*. ou are herenv rnaulrod to appear In an action lirptient aifiuriHt you bv the above-named nlnlnt.Ifr. in the Su~ " ' Kern. • er tS?' service on vou of this Summona. ed within salu Countv: if served Administrator of the Rat ate of Alex iincler. Bc88uelllP. m Doc^iaod. er riated N 'ovcmhor '!'!»." 11-19 elHewhero. within inlrlv ...,,,-, . .. And vou are herebv notified that if i-nti fwll to nn MTIHAHT HTIIT nn«w**r thfl In the Superior Oottrt In and for thi otinty of Kern. State of California. In tno matter of the estate or KmlM i. Snurlln. ilecnajied. . . ., .._ iurK.., ..^. tice'"|g "fie.reby Vlvon .pv the . un Plaintiff will take iudemcqt monev or dnmncres detnan for an\ in the dermcriod (ulrnlnltiJrHtor of the eatan of Smily A. Bpurlln. deceased, to th* creditors ~ I; of. and all "iinrsoiis' n"avln» alnst (IIP «:ilil deceased, to complaint as arisinK upon contractor claims asalnst t?je will Hiipiv to the Court for any othe' exnlDit them with the relief demanded In tfip commnfnt.. voucnerB wltnln four mont witness mv Jiand anrf the seal < first publication of IhTf notl said Superior Court of the CoMntv j BaliT admtnlitrntor «t the Kern. State of California. Ihlt S8< Matthew ft rate room» ft four months aft notlco. B : DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY If the cost worri«S?you consult us. We will agreeably surprise you. Again you can do it so quickly. MALTHOID ROOFING IB JUST WHAT YOU WANT. 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