Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 10
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10—Tuesday, Feb. 25,1964 Redlands Daily Facts', Statistics on Liston, Cassius Clay ORDINANCE No. 1?»*> I in the municipal services statement. AN ORDINANCE REGULATING THE; Failure to pay anv part of the mu- DISPOSAL OF GARBAGE AND) nicipal services statement, including (he disDOfal charge, shall result in the delinquency of *tich statement, actionable as a civil debt to the City of Redlands. Article 3M Containers 3930. Kind* of Containers — The Disposal Superintendent, with the approval of the City Manager- shall prescribe suitable kinds of new or replacement garbage and rubbish containers and cover* in which garbage and rubbish ^hall be placed and kept for collection for other than residential ute. 3931. Safe Sorfacr* — No container shall have irregular surfaces or be in a condition which is likely to came injury to persons moving or lifting them. 3932. Site — The maximum size, of a residential container shall be |33 MIAMI BEACH (UPI) Here is the tale-of-the-tape for tonight's heavyweight title fight between Sonny Liston and Cassius Clay: Clay! Liston 29 215 84 I" RUBBISH IN THE CITY OF RED LANDS. BY ADDING CHAPTER 37 TO THE REDLANDS ORDINANCE CODE. AND REPEALING ORDINANCE 1229 AND CHAPTER 30 PROVIDED THEREIN, EXCEPTING ARTICLE 366 AND ARTICLE 307. THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF REDLANDS doe;, ordain as follows: SECTION ONE: That the Redlands Ordinance Code be and if hereby amended by the addition of Chapter 39. including the following tedious, which read as follows: CHAPTER !W GARRAGE AND RUBBISH Article 390. Definitions 391. Accumulation and collection 392. Tran>portation and charge for collection 3:13. Containers . 394. Miscellaneous 395. Yards 396. Enforcement Article 3!in Definitions 39W). The word "Superintendent" a*, ui-cd herein mean? the Superintendent of the Dir-po>al Department. of the City of Badlands and the word i collector yhall be installed on each!' "Department'* when not otherwise | garbage container. I oualified, refers to and means thej 3934. Condemnation — If this arti D.sposal Department of the City of j He is not fully complied with. th« Rediand*. J collector .*-hall place a red tag or 3901. The word "collector"* a* u«-cd|the container, and it shall be con herein means an employee of the Dis-tdemned a*, unfit for service. No col- !r c T , f . ,- . ... posal Department of the City of Red-'lection shall be made therefrom un-! L0llls lOOOlDaU Cardinals Will lands or a collector authored by! til «=aid container is fully repaired, n i- v <•:..„ „-„ cn ^ cnn fl , mnc \ n the Mayor and the City Council of; or replaced. ] P Ia > mc prc-season games 111 th !5o£ i,y .^/h?i a " ds mn,« s ™ H in I ^ rU n If 1 I i964 - opening against the Green 3902. G.lrbacn nif.ins and in- MitrrllanruiM I 1 o o r!:idc> tabic refute and offal, swill| s:U0. Ilurninr or Burial and every accumulation of animal.i be unlawful to burn or burv gar-! vrcotable and other matter that at- banc within the Citv of Redlands .it;. Aug. S, and closing with the tends the preparation, consumption. I any time, unices a special permit. 1 ... .. n decay or dealing in or storage pf j for such burning or burial has been i '» aslllngton RctiSKUlS at Nor- thirty-two t32i gallons. 39.13. Constrnction or Containrr* — Each garbage container shall be constructed of substantial material of sufficient strength to resist break- ace under ordinary conditions of use. and have a close-fitting cover which will prevent insects and files from •oming into contact with garbage. A 17'. i 8'^ 17' -j 16 25'J 15'- handle to facilitate handling by 'he 1141,, age weight (expected) height reach chest (expanded) waist biceps wrist neck calf thigh fist forearm 215 G-2': 79 44' i 34 15 9 17' -i 17 25 12 12' -j Gaseous Cassius in trouble Clay fined $2,500 for disturbance LISTON 'PRE-SEASON SCHEDULE I ST. LOUIS (UPI) — The St. it shall Bav Packers at New Orleans, in By JACK CUDDY UPI Sports Writer j MIAMI BEACH. Fla. (UPI)—! Frantic Cassius Clay, shouting and babbling almost incoherently at today's weigh-in for tonight's heavyweight championship fight, was fined $2,500 for creating a disturbance before champion Sonny Liston could get on the scales. Liston enjoyed a 7 1 - pound weight advantage when they finally did get on the scales. The champion weighed in at 2IS pounds while Clay scaled 210 , -j. But Clay's loud, wild-eyed antics overshadowed the weigh- at Convention Hall, where d meat: fish. fowl, fruits, all animal issued pursuant to authority con-jr .K y_ ^CVt. 5. ......-,K,„ M f„ t o frnm kitchen.-'. I ferrcd tav the Citv Council. ium. »«., nd vcoetablc refuse from kitchen.-.! ferrcd bv the Citv Council, nd all household waste that shall 3341. Sanllary Requirements — All liave been prepared for or intended | containers u<cd a-; required by this to be used as food, or shall from the preparation of all -i;!tcd focd. -Rubhirh'* shall mean rcfu-o other than parbasc. aso-'M Kubbiah shall include hut not be limited to crockery, bottles, metal vessels pasteboard boxc*. bony boxes, rags, paper, straw, saw- iltit-t, pack inn material, shavings. bor .T-: and ashes. ;*''fi:;.3 "Rubbish" ^hatl not include e-.-trth. waste oil or »ilt from wa«h racks, bricks, itone. mortar or other similar debris. Disposal of such excluded debris shall be made in nc- rordancc with such rule* and regulations as may be adopted by resolution of the City Council covrrrtinc all collectors, as defined herein. I»fi04. "Dwellinc" shall mean a resi- rienlial building consisting of a single Jivinc unit. :;wi5. "Multiple Dwellinc"' shall mean a residential building consist- inc of more than one livmj; unit, even where there is no more than uiie water meter on such premises. Article Accumulation and Collection r >910. Containers — It shall be unlawful for any person to keep *ic- t umulate or permit to be kept or accumulated any garbage or rubbish in or upon any public or private place unless the same shall be in a container having a close-fitting cover such as herein specified, which container shall be closed at all times except when opened to be filled or emptied. 3911. Untawmi Depo.«U — It shall IK? unlawful to deposit, keep, accumulate, permit or cause any garbage or rubbish to be deposited, kept or accumulated in a condition which is offensive, unsightly, detrimental to public health, or hazardous from fire, upon any lot or parcel of land, or on any public or private place, street. lane, alley or driveway, except as herein provided. T.9J2. Rules and Regulation* — For the purpose of regulating the collection of garbage and rubbish in the City of Kedlands, the following rules and regulations shall be observed: :i0l'2A In portions of the City where an alley abuts the premises, all containers for collection shall be NOTICE OF SAKE OF REAL J-ROPERTT AT PRIVATE SALE No. 32801 have|ordinance, shall be kept and main-! mined in a clean and sanitary condition at all times. i 39-12. City Property — All garbage j and rubbish shall be the property of: the City of Redlands following the, Superior Court of the State of Cali- authorized collection thereof as hcrc-j forma, for the County of San Berin provided. nardino. 3943. Kurninc RuhbUfa — Hour* —! \ n t ne Matter of the Estate of No person shall burn rubbish at ami MHRRELL WORKMAN. Deceased- place within the City excepting be-J NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that tween the hours of six '6* o'clock; the undersigned, as Administratrix a.m. and eleven • 11» o'clock a.m. of 0 f tne Estate of Murrell Workman, any day. This Section shall not au-1 deceased, will sell at private sale to thorizc anv burning of rubbish con-jthe highest bidder upon the terms trory to the regulations of the Air | anc j conditions-, hereinafter mention- Pollution Control Officer of the e( j nnc j subject to confirmation by County of San Bernardino. Uaid Superior Court, on March 10th. 3943.1 Incinerators — Rubbish shall • lf)H4. at 11:45 o'clock a.m.. or there- be burned between the hours pro-< t -,ft er within the time allowed by vided in Section 3943 in incinerators; Law. at the office of Paul B. Wil- which arc constructed so as to pre- < on ant j Cuay P. Wilson. Attorneys, vent emission of sparks and burning. at 306 E. State Street. Redlands. Call- fragments of sufficient size to ignite forma, all right, title, interest and buildings, structures, or adjoining j estate of said Murrell Workman, de- combustible material. j ceased, at the time of his death and 3943.2 Green Vegetation — No green, a n r i B ht. title, and interest that the grass, tree trimmings, or other ma-j estate has acquired by operation of tcrials which smolder and are_not!La W or otherwise, other than or ~ TALE OF TAPE WEIGHT HEIGHT REACH CHEST '(norm.) 42/£ CHEST (txp.) 44i< i.lacod adjacent to the alley as close a-* possible to the property line; provided, however, that where such p'.uemcnt is impracticable, such containers .-hall be placed for collection a< directed by the Disposal Superintendent with the approval of the Citv Manager. 3912.2 Where there is no alley, all containers shall be placed for collection at a place adjoining the private driveway as clo 5 c to the rear of the residence as practicable. No container shall be more than fifty <50' feet from the driveway, and the driveway shall be so located and maintained as to be accessible for use by the department. The collector may select an alternate means of ingress and egress to such container if the driveway has been blocked lor any reason. 3912.3 Each residence shall be limited to two thirty-two gallon containers of any kind of garbage or rubbish in each collection, unless such rubbish is entirely of a household nature. The combined weight of each container and its contents shall not exceed eighty (601 pounds. Disposal by any collector, as defined herein, when such weight limits are exceeded shall be made in accordance with special rules and regulations provided by resolution of the City Council. 3912 .4 Wet garbage shall be drained and wrapped in paper and put in the container with other garbage and rubbish. 3912.5 No container shall be placed inside closed buildings or inside a gate which is not self-closing. 3912.6 It shall be unlawful to place, drop or spill garbage or rubbish of any kind on any premises, street, lane, alley or driveway within the City of Redlands. 3912.7 AH garbage and rubbish receptacles at private dwellings shall be emptied at least twice a week •excepting those weeks with authorized departmental holidays!; and all such garbage and rubbish shall be removed from the premises and disposed of in such manner as not to become a nuisance or menace, or danger to public health. 3912.3 No person, firm or corporation shall be permitted to dump garbage or rubbish at any place within the City of Redlands. excepting a dump designated by the City Council. Such persons, firms or corporations shall comply with all rules and regulations governing the ute of dumps. 3913, Any owner or occupant of a residence who refuses means of ingress and egress necessary for any motorized equipment to collect garbage and rubbish shall be charged double the collection charge established for such service by the City Council of the City of Redlands. Article 392 Transportation and Charge for Collection 3920. Transportfnt Garbage — all garbage shall be transported in containers or in vehicle bodies or compartments fitted with sliding or hinged covers, which shall be kept closed at all times except at the time while the vehicle is being loaded or emptied. All such containers, vehicle bodies and compartments shall be kept clean and have no leaks. No insects, including flies, shall be allowed to come into contact with garbage during such transportation. 3921. Transporting Rubbish — All rubbish shall be transported in containers and vehicles so constructed and equipped with covers as to prevent the contents from being dropped or blown from said vehicle. 3922. Unlawful Collection—It shall be unlawful for any person to collect or transport rubbish and garbage within the City of Redlands un- les s such person be a collector as herein defined; and it shall be un- 'awful for any person to permit, allow or enter into any agreement whatsoever, for the collection or transportation of rubbish and garbage with any person who is not a collector as herein defined. 3922.1 Trimmings — Trimmings from lawns, flower gardens, leaves and similar materials may be transported by the occupant or a person hired by the occupant. 3923. Fixing Cbargrn and Rules — Monthly charges and rules and regulations far disposal service and collection, including non-residential col lection, shall be fixed from time to time by resolution or ordinance of the Mayor and the City Council*. No premises used primarily for business purposes shall be either a dwelling or a multiple dwelling. Monthly charges established by ordinance or resolution of the City Council shall be a civil debt owing to the City of Redlands by the owner and any occupant or user of the premises. Proposed rates, rules, and regulations shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the City of Redlands once a week for three weeks prior to the effective date of tuch enactments. 3924. The Disposal Department shall Include garbage and rubbish charges readily consumed by fire shall be burned in incinerators. 3943.3 Special Permit — Rubbish, grass, tree trimmings and other combustible material may be burned only in areas designated by the Fire Department in accordance w-ith such terms and conditions as the Fire Department may provide. Article 393 Yards 2951. Kerplnr Yard In Clean Condition — No person, cither as owner or occupant, shall permit or allow his yard or premises to be in an unclean or unwholesome condition, or o as to expose the buildings therein, or other buildings, to destruction or damage by fire, or to permit any substance to be or remain thereon which may be injurious to public health, or offensive to the senses or interfere with public comfort: or to permit an accumulation of rubbish, stagnant water, or filth of anv kind to remain upon his yard or premises. 3932. Keeping Manure in Receptacles — No person in possession of or having charge or control of anv premises, stable, barn, shed or corral, situated within the limits of thi? City, shall permit any manure to accumulate, or remain or be upon such premises, stable, barn, shed or corral, or within seventy-five «75> feet of any dwelling for a longer period than two days, unless the same be kept in a tight box or receptacle with a close-fitting top or cover, so constructed as to exclude all flics or insects. Article S9* Enforcement 3<}C>0. Dulv of Health Officer — The Health Officer of the City of Redlands shall enforce the provisions of this ordinance, inspect any and all premises for the purpose of determining sanitary conditions, and investigate whether the provisions of this ordinance or other health and sanitary requirements are being complied with. A person denying or obstructing such inspection shall be subject to the penalties herein pro vided. 3960.1 Enforcement by Disposal Superintendent — The Disposal Superintendent of the City of Redlands is hereby specifically required to enforce the provisions of this ordinance, and shall have right to inspect the exterior of all premises for the purpose of determining sanitary conditions, and whether the provisions of this ordinance are being addition to that of said deceased at the time of his death, in and to the real property described as follows: All that real property situate in the City of Redlands, County of San Bernardino. State of California, described as follows: Portion of Lot 1 in Block "K'\ Addition No. 7. Second preliminary Map of Redlands, as per plat recorded in Book 5 of Maps, page R, records of said County, described as follows: Beginning on the Westerly line of Cajon Street 394.86 feet Northwesterly from the center line of Highland Avenue; thence Southwesterly parallel with Highland Avenue 237 feet more or less to the Westerly line of land conveyed to Eugene C. Warren by Deed recorded in Book 100 of Deeds, page 379; thence Northwesterly along the line of tand so conveyed to the Southwesterly corner of land conveyed to John William Taylor by Deed recorded in Book 833 of Deeds, page M8: thence Northeasterly along the line of land of said Taylor to the Westerly line of Cajon Street; thence Southeasterly along the Westerly line of Cajon Street to place of beginning. Together with I share of Capital stork of Redlands Water Company. 'Being a residence and a large lot located at No. 928 Cajon Street, Redlands, California.) Bids or offers are invited for said property and must be in writing and will be received at the office of Paul 3, Wiison and Cuay P. Wilson. Attorneys for said Administratrix, or may be filed with the Clerk of said Superior Court or delivered to the said Administratrix personally, at any time after the first publication of this notice and before making said sale. Said sale will be made upon the following terms: 1. The above property is offered for sale in it's present "as is" condition without any warranty express or implied by either the Administra­ trix or her agents. 2. The buyer must make his own examination of premises and title and the price bid must be net to the estate, excepting only real estate commission as allowed by Court. "Termite inspection and all costs connected with repairs and/or remedial work required to be at the expense of buyer, t 3. Cash in lawful money of the United States of America on con the two men meet tonight for the world heavyweight title. Clay had been warned not to create a disturbance prior to today's weigh-in. When his constant badgering and hollering caused a near one-hour delay in the ceremonies, Morris Klein chairman of the Miami Beach Boxing Commission, announced that Cassius would be fined $2,500 and the money will go to charity. "This Is My Show" Clay, wearing white trunks, came up to the platform shouting. "This is my show." Liston stood five feet away, staring impassively as the challenger taunted him with cries of "Hey. chump! You haven't j roun( | s j n the red-roped rin fought anybody good yet. ni| Convcnlion JIa n b ut practically eat you up tomqht. Are youj no one cts the boul lo g0 scared? I m gonna get you-j lhat distancc . WAIST THIGH FIST NECK BICEPS AGE 34 25 13 MX 15 22 observed. A person denying or ob-i j irma ,| 0n D f sale, or as may be constructing such inspections shall be] tracted f or T( , n p,,. ccn t of amount subject to the penalties herein provided. 3061. Interference -with Collection — It shall be unlawful for any person in any manner to interfere with or obstruct the collection or dispn>al of garbage and rubbish as herein provided for. 3962. Tenaltr — Any person violating any of the provisions of this ordinance or wilfully non-complying with any of the terms, requirements or provisions contained herein, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed Three Hundred Dollars I $300.00 I , or by imprisonment in the County Jail for a period not to exceed ninety '90i days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. SECTION TWO. This ordinance shall be in force and take effect as provided by law. SECTION THREE. The City Clerk shall certify to the adoption of this ordinance and cause it to be published once in the Kedlands Daily Farts, a newspaper of general circulation printed and published in the City of Redlands. CHARLES C. PARKER. Mayor of the City of Redlands. Attest: HAZEL M. SOPER. City Clerk. Approved for Form: 5/ EDWARD F. TAYLOR, City Attorney. I. Hazel M. Sopcr. City Clerk. City of Redlands. hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance was duly adopted by the City Council at a regular meeting thereof held on the IRth day of February, 1964, by the following vote: AYES: Councilmen Martinez. Wagner. Burroughs, Hartzell, Mayor Parker. NOES: None. ABSENT: None. HAZEL M. SOPER, City Clerk. City of Redlands. SEAL! NO ROOM TOR GLOOM IN YOUR HOUSE IT YOU FILL THAT SPARE ROOM THROUGH THE CLASSIFIED. of bid to accompany bid. The Administratrix hereby reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Dated: February 2-lth. 1964. NADLVE O. PENSE. Administratrix of the Estate of Murrell Workman, deceased. PAUL B. WILSON and GUAY P. WILSON. 306 E. State Street. Redlands, California. Attorneys for Administratrix. RESOLUTION OF INTENTION TO LEASE PROPERTY No. 17 WHEREAS. the Governing Board of the Redlands Unified School District of San Bernardino County owns certain property at 25 West Lugonia Avenue, in the City of Redlands. State of California, known ai Board Room, and WHEREAS, the Governing Board finds that said property will not be needed for school purposes on each Friday 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.. commencing March 20. 1964. NOW. THEREFORE. BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board declares its intention to lease said property at a rental of Five Dollars ISo.OOi for each day the property ii used, plus any additional custodial expense required. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the said lease shall be for the period commencing March 20, 1964, and terminating on June 30. 1964. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that not less than three i3i weeks from the date hereof, to-wll on the 10th day of March, 1964, a public meeting of the Governing Board will be held at its regular place of meeting. 25 West Lugonia Avenue, Redlands, California, at 7:30 p.m., at which time and place proposals to lease said properly will be received and considered in conformance with the provisions of Division 12. Chapter 2. Article 2 of the California Education Code. IN WITNESS of the passage or the foregoing resolution and order in the form and manner prescribed by law. we, the members of said Board, present and voting thereon have hereunto set our hands this 11th day of Feb. 1964. CHARLES R. STULTZ. Clerk of said Governing Board. -Except March 6. March 27. 1964. and any date that would conflict with School District's need. PICKING PAY SCHEDULE — Navel Orange Effective: 1964 Crop Season RIVER GROWERS ASSOCIATION P. O. Box 671 Redlands. California PUBLISHED RATE Per Standard Box — (3115 cu. in.t . . . The above rate is based on a standard Field Box of 3115 cubic inches as specified by California statutes. Where box sizes are higher, an increase of 'jc will be added to this rate for each 65 cubic inches or fraction thereof over the 3115 cubic inch size box. The crop wage area shall be as specified on previous wage finding; by the Department of Employment, State of California, and described as follows: Kedlands Area. The above schedule Is designed to afford the qualified worker the opportunity to earn an average hourly amount of not less than the prevailing hourly wage rate or the adverse effect rate for comparable agricultural work in the crop wage area of employment. Should the hourly earnings fall below the legal rate for comparable agricultural work in the crop wage area of employment, an upward ad< justmcnt in piece rates will be made to insure such earnings. REDLANDS AREA Redlands Foothill Groves Redlands Heights Citrus Co. Crafton Citrus Co. Gold Banner Association Redlands Orange Growers Assn. Southern Citrus Association Mission Fruit Co. Redlands Cooperative Fruit Assn. East Highlands Citrus Assn. Orangedale Bryn Mawr Assn. United Citrus Growers Gold Buckle Association Western Fruit Growers Packing Co. Signed: RALPH SECHREST. Chairman, Redlands Area Citrus Group. tonight." Liston stood his ground mutely and didn't even flinch when Clay advanced to within two feet of him and raised his right fist menacingly. Municipal police, who were among those on the platform, moved in and pushed Clay's arm downward. Sugar Ray Robinson, former welterweight champion, tried valiantly to calm down the impassioned Clay but had little success. An attending physician reported that Clay's pulse was in excess of 100 beats a minute while Liston was perfectly normal. Trickle Of Customers BIG NIGHT TONIGHT — This is a corrected "tale-of-the- tape" for the world heavyweight championship bout in of i Friends estimate MacDonald may lose S500.000 because the original cost and promotional expenses will top SS0O.00O. A poll of 58 U.S. and foreign sports writers covering the fight disclosed 55 picking Liston, all by a knockout. Of the three who favored the pretentious, 22-year-old challenger from Louisville, only one said he would score a knockout over the 30-year-old champion from Denver, Colo. Sonny, with long, muscular arms terminating in 15'i inch fists, is favored at 7-1 to win. It's even money that he scores a knockout within five rounds and 2-1 that he achieves a kayo within 10. MacDonald May Lose Another man who is practically certain to take a licking There was only a trickle ofjj n this fight is Bill MacDonald, customers at the box office lo cated at the Convention Hall. It appeared that the receipts for tonight's 15-round bout would not exceed $450,000. which would mean that promoter Bill MacDonald would absorb a $400,000 loss. However, the closed circuit television of the bout promised to total between $4 million and $5 million, which would set a new record in boxing history. Officials of the Theater Network Television said they already have sold 800,000 of the million seats available throughout the United States and Canada. They were scheduled for 15 financial backer of the "live' fight here and co-promoter with Chris Dundee. MacDonald, a wealthy re tired auto-trailer manufacturer, "bought" the fight from Intercontinental Promotions, Inc.. for $625,000. But in an attempt to draw $1,100,000 in the 16,448 seat Convention Hall, he priced the tickets from $20 to $250, a record anywhere for fight seats. Because of the seat prices and Clay's amateurish showing in his late workouts and his reported connections with the Black Muslims, the advance sale here has been a "bust. Fraley says it looks like Liston to him, but then ... By OSCAR FRALEY MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (UPI) —Sonny Liston defends the heavyweight championship of the world against Cassius Clay tonight — in five rounds. It could be quicker. It could even go the other way because the best thing going for gaseous Cassius is the fact that Fearless Fraley picks Liston. But from this seat I'd have to figure that Clay has as much chance as a tuxedo at a nudist convention. Yon Cassius could make suckers out of all of "experts" when they start putting the boffo on each other. Because with Clay. They claim he drops his hands when trying to slip a punch, weaving backward with a suicidal invitation to a fast two step and a right hand punch. It must be admitted that he has trained like a fellow who is shooting for the Olympic marathon title. He has run more miles backward than a switch engine and hardly ever drawn a deep breath. Vet it could be payoff strategy. Cassius gave it plenty of get up and go, concentrating on boxing in the manner of a guy with two glass hands. All he was after was a bob and there are a number of impon-| weave and a shuffle off to Buf- derables when it comes to the business at hand. You can write off Cassius as a loud mouth of little hope and you've got more company than a South Philadelphia paddy wagon. Cassius Solid, Fast But.. . In sizing him up, don't forget that at six feet, three inches he is two inches taller than Liston. On top of that, there isn't a great difference in weight. Cassius is a solid 215- pounder who will only give away a few pounds and he moves with the rapidity of a guy who is all busted out come the first of the month and is trying to stay two jumps ahead of the bill collectors. There is, also, the fact that he has trained much harder for this cmbroglio than has Liston. The sometimes sunny Sonny has shuffled complacently through three to six rounds of boxing, skipped rope, done calisthenics and let trainer Willie Reddish hit him in the tummy with a medicine ball daily. This latter proves, of course, that a medicine ball will never be champion of the world. Plans One Round "Why train too hard for just one round," Liston demanded with airy truculence. The cauliflower critics on the whole have been unimpressed falo that might leave Liston a panting, tired out target if they ever get along toward rounds 13 to 15. Has Experience You can knock the fact that he has had only 19 pro fights, even if you C2n 't ignore the added evidence that he has won them all. Plus the fact, it might be added, that he had 10S bouts in the amateurs which means he has boxed every style in the book and some that aren't. Yep, all this would seem to give him quite a chance. But I always close my eyes and sec that first round at Las Vegas when Floyd Patterson sledged Liston with a nifty right hand on the button. Liston was coming into it, too. AU that happened was that he seemed to swell up like a barrage balloon. Then he advanced on Patterson with the ponderous menace of a runaway cement mixer and poor Floyd had as much chance as Shirley Temple. Seconds later it was all over. That's why this one may go five heats. I don't think Cassius will dare make Liston mad by throwing a punch until that late in the evening. But once he hits the big man, Katy bar the door. It'll be the only way of keeping Cassius in town if he wants to stay erect. combinations his punches are thrown with comparatively loose arms that do not deliver his body weight The crowd is expected to ap- to the target, proximate 10,000. The challenger is 1' 2 inches Reports Heavy Sale taller than Liston's 6-1. But the Conversely. Nathan L. Hal-j champion is a solid, muscular Miami Beach, Florida, tonight between champ Sonny liston and contender Cassius Clay. (UPI Telephoto) However, most ofjdecision. But Liston never hit Hal-i pern, president of Theatre Network Television (TNT), reported today a "landslide" sale of tickets at many of the 271 locations for closed circuit television of the fight in the United States and Canada. Clay, Olympic light heavyweight champion in 1960, seeks his 20th straight victory since his professional victory string, Cassius made but few changes in the style he used as an amateur — pulling away from straight punches and hooks instead of slipping the straight ones and bobbing beneath the head hooks. Clay is very fast on his feet: also speedy with jabs and with Angels on bicycles in Palm Springs PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (UPI) — The Los Angeles Angels mounted their bicycles today and got into the full swing of spring training. The Angels rode the bikes the three miles from their hotel to the stadium and will do so throughout their training. In Monday's workout, the pitchers held a scrimmage of their own. With Bo Belinsky managing one team and Dean Chance at the helm of the other, they played to a 15-15 tie. The big gun of the game was Bill Kelso, a converted catcher, who slammed three home runs. Shortstop Jim Fregosi, who was hit in the right shoulder blade Monday when Belinsky was practicing his pick-off motion before the game, was expected to be back in uniform today. The only players who were not at the session today were outfielder Bob Terry, who will report Wednesday, and first baseman Joe Adcock, who is to report March 1. NBA Standings Eastern Division W. L. Pet. Boston 47 19 .712 Cincinnati 47 20 .701 Philadelphia 29 35 .453 New York 20 49 .290 Western Division San Francisco St. Louis Los Angeles Baltimore Detroit Monday's Results Detroit 115 Boston 113 Tuesday's Games St. Louis vs. Phila. at N.Y. Boston at New York Cincinnati at S. Francisco. man who shuffles persistently forward and who is cat-quick when he steps in for a punch. He has an 84-inch reach compared to Clay's "9. Powerful Left Hook Sonny has the most devastating left hook in the ring today. He also has a dangerous but somewhat ponderous straight right to the head and a feet-lifting right uppercut to the chin. He also is so rugged it seems one could hit him on the chin with a sledge hammer without making him blink. In Liston's only defeat in his 36 bouts. Marty Marshall broke Sonny's jaw while winning the the deck nor showed any sign of pain. In two later bouts, he kayoed Marshall (6) and out­ pointed him. Now Sonny seeks his 29th straight victory, his fifth consecutive knockout and his fourth straight first round kayo. Whether tonight's bout ends quickly or goes the distance, Liston's purse is expected to approach SI.150.000 from all sources. Clay, receiving 12' a per cent, plus $50,000 training expenses, should collect about $690,000. Although the fight is being televised only over the closed circuit program to theaters and auditoriums, it is scheduled to be broadcast by radio by the American Broadcasting Company. It is scheduled to begin between 7 and 7:15 Pacific Standard time. Rams work out agreement for Coliseum contract LOS ANGELES (UPI)—The Los Angeles Rams appeared assured today of a modernized home playing field for a period of from 10 to 25 years under a new agreement approved by the Coliseum Commission. The commission Monday voted to approve a contract with the pro football club for a 10- year term, with a 5-year option and two 5-year first refusal rights in event any other pro team made a better offer. At the same time, the commission—subject to confirmation by its parent bodies—adopted a unique plan under which the seating for Ram games will ium as their home playing field—Southern California and UCLA—will pay a rental of 10 per cent on the first $750,000 in gross receipts after admission taxes, with the rental dropping to 5 per cent on receipts above that amount. And the colleges as well as the Rams will receive 50 per cent of the concession revenues. Previously the rental was a flat 10 per cent with none of the concession profits going to the football organizations. The Rams have used the Coliseum as their home field since the club moved here in 1946 but Reeves during the past year had checked upon the possibility of using the modern Los be confined to 65.000 seats. But the capacity of the stadium can jAngeIes_Dodgers' stadium, be enlarged at any time to around 95.000 seats through use of movable sections behind one end zone. "I am very happy with the contract the Coliseum Commission approved," said Rams president and majority stockholder Dan Reeves. "I really believe that this agreement will be very good for all concerned. "It is a fine contract for the Rams but it also benefits the colleges and the fans." The Rams and also the two universities who use the stad- The Rams' president, however, offered to sign the long- term contract if the stadium [were improved so that he could offer football fans more choice seats and more comfortable facilities than the straight-backed wooden benches that are now installed in the stadium. At Monday's meeting of the commission, bids were opened on theater-type seats of which 43.000 would be installed for the coming season and within two years would be increased to 63,500 individual seats. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner 39 27 .591 37 29 .561 34 34 .500 29 37 .439 17 49 .258 SELECT NEW CAPTAIN NEW YORK (UPI)—The New York Rangers have appointed star forward Camille Henry their new captain. Henry succeeds Andy Bathgate, who was traded to Toronto last Saturday. O'BRIEN IN MEET NEW YORK (UPI) — Madison Square Garden meet officials announced Monday former Olympic champion Parry O'Brien of Los Angeles has been added to the shotput field for the New York K. of C. track meet Thursday. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Adsi "Don't forget, Dad. this is the time of life when I'm supposed to be forming my permanent opinion of you!"

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