Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 6, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1916
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1916. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS, HOUSE OF FEATURES GRAND TODAY Marguerite Clark IN "Molly Make Believe*' Bray Cartoons TOMORROW .Lionel Barrymore and Grace Valentine IN "Dorian's Divorce" Musty Suffer comedy Vaudette Tonight—New Vaudeville Schuman, harmony Gaffney, Lavtgrtet a f d g and p>sno. Wald and Watd, novelty. LOOK-EXTRA! Singing I '' The Yellow Menace" NTH WEEK LASALLE, CHICAGO ! VAUDETTE | Tuetday, on* day *nly, f Where Are My I Children?" ir Positively the RrealeHt er «hown In Hterlims. Time of 1 day--10:00 a. in to 11:00 p. m All Seats 25c No one under 1(5 admitted. r..|i!!.:!'t '-tiiiilii; IMwih S'r«', t-n«. D..I- •"•'ri' <• .\!;>Toue "and M.iYi>,ari'! ("ta'F«\ AnV-r- t.-a's fo|..|r!ov! |i<Miify. A tend'-t-X^lner- i. an Io-> e s''-rv run<s t rirouchmif the •«,•.(• te« a« flu- thrililtiu .episodes an- un- m.iiml A meat .\mt-i nan y\ -ei !a< !•'• l.v I.out-" Tf;u > , :i.-ti-d by nn all star • M«t. All i.bildtcn free with patent", Com»- »«rlv. Two >h"US>_ T nnd !'. t"«nal prices -. MONDAY—EXTRA! Wm. Farnum in The Bondman Ity Mall C.tine. MatifM-i- find" nl«ht. usual prl'-c««. MANY READ TH6 GAZETTE t:iiff"-r f'.sirr i» '!!-.«• (••• \;iit mm <>>'!' •4atV :'{ i-r.'.-rv i,< .jit:if| (n f'r>p(T»f fiirVi a if-'v dsv," -iir-- as ;.•!;»>>••! in r-Uf-r!- !• T •:•!'«!'• N.-." ! ''!, I •. v»% « I-.- •! i±+. •Tl !•<• t -id 1,"! !"l>! •':;>•• .:u"4.- ;• t; r r r»a>: .!.....[ i< ;•,,(- (•'• h'f' '"'••IT l»"f''T- • •d I" .N-.ith ''v' !i,n nip t <•<•; !< f.'V.- '•.|i ar |. : !)i K"'T\ "an-. «. h' 1 hc..*i K<-p! M," !, i.f ? ( ic rr.:rr,''t-r '-' h-< tia%i- :j> : * • v; .'•i'IT al.' at "!-,*•' story -ind tb:;^ f :> f thf.i, !,.-|\.. b< "'n '•:';( )."•.'! :in.! Vi< v H (v«; 11; , rli':;-,'i!.-s !;>« tvi>rd a« •*> r,nrn!- r. f;" !••!« j-.tti'd do\i ii tii^ r>-irtif of evry •.n.. u |..-. h-i* si,,-.i;r ;i jo hirri :th..u: !t '""M!t;?v th-. V- .V ; M f!-.{>p. I-.i-.-'o-!i r. P ' V\ JERRY WAS FINED. William, more commonly known aw '.(< rry" Tf ! was fined three DANCING CLASS AT WOODMAN HALL, 8tOO to 9:00 Social dance 9:00 to 12:00 Saturday, Oct. 7, 1916. and I'OHls ThiiiHibiy by one of the juc- '(•«» of the pi-ace. "Jerrt" hud sev preferred him nml NEWS IN BRIEF] ABOUT CLEAN HANDS. XerniH lead n hum! to mouth If th«> human race would Mtrti to keep the unwashed hand Tiway fOflt thfJ mouth many human dlsrn!=rH ho greatly dltnlnls;it>d. We Infectious matter more or lejt* envtantly ami we continually carry he hamta to the mouth. If the bund I) recently been In contact with in- BtloUH matter the germs of dlHease In thin way be Introduced into the Jy. Many pet-Hons wet their fitli KitllvH before counting it wan li'ft (*> him to iik'l< which rhnrnc he wusild he died un. Me WIIK pleUed up hy officer MittiKiiti fur opetallnj: h! f < nmtorfye le wlthmit n lii'erise. rnnninK lll« ITKiehllie ill .'I rate Which exceeded the ordinances, rimniiiK it with ni> HtrhtM and rnnnlnu it pa-«l u ntreet car when the K|I..I| cur was tttundlnc Htill ".ferry" looked oser the offettHes with he wa« ehuiK''d and tindim: the ! line for any of tfieitl was f«»i «(icet i_^u vvyh<»u U wtu* titainU still. i-»iicliidcd lie wi'iild prefer that charge. He pleaded guilty lo the rh.'irge ;uid received the mitiiniiim which wioi three dollars and rtmt«, lie Hi.ttled and the fnotoU'Vcle IH helng held until he MRS. GODFREY WAS PRAISED •moi'ial.ic candidate f»r state h iftrd of -«-ip.iahvat!on and the .t.ily ' w-i.m.'in in tb" «t:nf ".•••rkiiiK :i position on ftui! body, wiis the (enter of Interest at the bit; I'ernocratlc day fnectlnar, Mt the M !n Ib- i ainival yesterdny. The ;»dev« nf th" day \\a.s rn.Kle by Con- i'«m;m at l.-uH*- 1 l'/rit \VHIiam?« nnd lie paid MI.K i!"dfrey a very pretty BULLET LODGE IN LEG Hitlpb lift van, re^ldlnc on 'Ijlma! tr«-«t In 1>i\ot>, wnn tiiken to 'the •o«lp»:il yesterday where n bullet Was MiaHed from tb<« ctili of hi.s left it-w Mr Ix'ivan n'tt-n at the Aticier Wil?!'-n unritue jt-yterday morning rsmi Khiie making preparations to neoutnpany Mr \\ilson to Aurora, he wns ttnn*- lerrlnK nn over coat from one cjvr to Another when a revolver dropped from the pocket nmi struct the floor in «uich i milliner us lo dlschnrwe. The bid- |e't. entered th<« left limb between the »',a=-(.' r TRACTOR OEMONSTRATION. irtr.-r of f' i( - niv.-.t;| ''"'" ! '- ! ' '• " '' •- -'i^i H,-tv.•-!,-; . . .;,'.;.:• ''"' r " '"}M,^.! K---,,. : ; rr.. f -... ",- :1 'h,.' •• i >; f-js r ,.;,'. i: A-i i i' f.'j. i.'iv ;,,,,! M j s •• •- - -, •,..-.. . ....... , .• , ... >i «'h.-.|'!n - S;*'t-HnV v vi.-i' S>V sr>i,i..:' l'..t!..f..-,v..:u. !<. f;o. .. - NOEL HAWKINS HOME Sutrj; tbii rr'-rni--- ft-r nn ovrr Sini-l'ivi V..,-i H .-^ •.;'.--. \\ h.v •,•,.'-. , .,j. vi*it With t •'•!'•*; ;v i"i Miid fri.-no";. Ii.ji.'i \M..M :••!•:• ;,-ni' n." !• i !•-.Mr^ \Vi!H..n- Tift rm.« Mr« 1'V-arl! l! s ' !;.>-,•- i:-.-i.:'i! !'f..r-i Shr.-\d'-ir >!•' vf rfr-r^-t .'I h<imc ff^ni .1 ft u ! !>r "\:r i;' !..-.•••. < s i ;cf -v T'- !,..-»• . 1 > . • . t. r • , l --, I ft I, ••:.'.. , . f *it- I I ,.,!..... ... •i.!.>.-f \ ir-',' Y* ;i .S irS* 1 '*^!;^ ; t ! j t h!(''H-f^ • -fll't r"C«'ht-l r'l f:l!i Si rie »T cj'i.i.-f. f-horiiUiii-i- in b. i.ti'tt j*«rr! hulk. Mill's*" Ifc'iufs ai)'^ Htlvvar.J *•'••.>*-'--jtf, Iff EH! td lh: Kr«-?«h Pork S«ni«;urf !•> c H.-MI !',•••/' f'ortt &* Hf-ff tn-irk*-t ' MILLEDGEVtLLE BR1CTS. ... I .!!,-! f ': : ' }j''-' --... . vt i. , *- - -*--i.- -.-- *-*,'-.-~ S .'til i.,', of.. .Ivat.—i~ Mr .!••( .M Knee and the tinkle. oot cdtt'sid''rcd serious. Mis Injury !.« CHANGE OF VENUE The tnp'inclton < fife of Thom.-iK I'sise \-5. 17 i'l:im f ifhrr.M. which ban been pendlnff in the eonrt nt OreKim, haw been transferred to the !>''» County • •ill nit court and will be tulb-d b«-fi re Jm!«e Ib-ard next '.Monthly, •iceoidinu to inlotni.llioi) receh ci| at the l.i.-iil- - Mr*«. .T. F. f.reenwalt, <.f vlllf spent Thtir«dnv here <ni t,ti«i r! i.« s i'. If. ltd hnntn.'l \yas a caller in <'!ii- I-.^KO today. J. !). K«l!ou was railed t.. M'-lvhh-re tf>d.ty by the death of. bis .'Mint. Mr. f»nd-Mr«. .A. T. S-'nvlll .«--|.i'iit tba dav in I'hicsi^o. . •' Mrv, Ilctci! lli-s:' tM wfttt to Mil wan - •(r<», Wi«.. fi.i.|:»> for 'a ?:!n>rt visit witli fflendM. John l.lnd«-ni>!iri:cr is ii! and unable tit be- at his duties at thf f ierdt s' .gro. ci>ry xtore. Hroorn hnijer fr«-i. «it)i t-\i-t\. hroorn at Stoddatd HIM.K Miiii'h'rs would re- tall f»r .'"( • Mrs. Mary Hull li.ts r«tutnf«l home fiiiin Iowa, \slu-f" '-he vls-ft'-il fri"m Wlllinm Hunt for several week ,f Mich., GIVES INTERESTING TALK *'or|H>rnl Alex Johnson of the United Stiiten Anny, \\h<> in here thiH week the regular army. a vrry tntrrpstlnK and tnnirue- LKiMTS. c/lll (he vb'i tho of n Imok. <ir |ier- Ing ulmlbir ucta. In tifi« i l« reversed, the Infection the the- ntudenl* of the HC|IOO| Thnrs- the tnlk bj.' St*>rlli)(i townxhlp day . iiftertien'in from 3 o'clock to ,*!•(."• ti'rliX'U Ilin talk pr<ivod to he j'lNt what the hoys and glrlH were Interested in and tiny gave vent to eheer« repeatedly' during- hl« talk. Hln talk wa« ailing lines of hiH work ami of ' dlerii In general. Maying . pe.r- the ' veii eiKhteen yearn In the tiorvlco. of I'ncle Stim IIP wa« full of factH of Into the object bundled, there to I ti're.«t hcnefjt <if the Domestic BOULEVARD LI Several hiiwInesH in ity of First iivvntte anrl Fourth street ,tre elrciilatlng n petition In order to net money to InMall boulevard light* at the Y. 'M. i\A. corner at the alTey near tb*,Hty hall nml at the Odd Fel- IOW'H building. ThiH Hlreet IK a very dark one it ml' tin* lightw are needed. WAS ELECTED SECRETARY Mr. «.«i'l Mr«. 1'. J, McAndreuM nml ' rrttrrnfd hump- from vi«itimr fib-lids atid rt-bitive«t in K limr and vicinity, Nfr. nml Att-- Martin Xitler sp. tit Thursday with .Mrs. I^MIIS Sholl -it Polo. MIH. llulda Ma\e.-trd h;i« ti-tni'n..d hiitne fiotn u thii'c w< cli'i' visit with friends find flativs in South I'.rnd. tfidiahii. .Mr. .nnd Mr« Ch.i>< .b'!iii-,on an,] dnnchter, . Florence, motor.d to Uock Inland Thursday. Mrtt. John A. Annbi and jitile dam.-h- ti-r. Krancex. of Chiciiiro. arc visliinK -it l he horm- of Mr, ,-u|d MIH. I-;. S'-bryt»r. ltt«Ve you irh'd" thosofTcHh ' cream .Ml-' !>.-d ! ''•!'•l|tl«r. V:'-" •:.••• "1-,-ri) •^pciinini.- ..'ii-.' '-sin. v. n h I-,--t |. . r. ni'.. .Mr. ajMJ Mi.- T. X CN nr.n^ ' !, i-. t.-- i!irin-d '" !;••! h.-m.' i-i M.i-r.i l.\ !• \\'< t-f> I t' 'i'- n.-d \\:th is. i (,. .. (,. ! i( t Siinda\ a! Me (i, -ll-ti. ](.••• hotn. Kalph I:'*:-'!-', of «'"lcta. ire. :;l|v !'•'••'i\-ed ;i \.j-v painful fracuitc ,:{ |H« rnibt for,-, .-i-m whih- crankin:: In- 1 cat MI-M ID- i:-."iiiv |. ft ,,„ ^atiiiib^^foi- S'orm I.I'K. h'iVa. wh« n- --h> . •• i»-> t-* lo viMt. for --> in.- tlim- Hh. wu.i h\ way of !;..< kr..n|, wb(-i«- ?.!.->• rp'-nt the day >di..Vplt:^ and vi.-.jtiiu;. .Mel .-Jf. H-irt l< tilt tin) to lii> !i"ino in bnva. af'.'r y|M-ndini.* i ft-w days *'. A H. nd«-nhall b-f' I'M.lav rnofn- iiiK for f'M.'a^n to In. tj t : my( at the 'ionic of l'r..f Vumb-r i'on|<. ll!« wife, i". bo has been spcndint: ' M>mi- timi- In OrinVllb 1 . will iiii-i-t -him th-ie. They will K-turii -''ini'- time tin- latt"t- p-ir't of (he Week. Mr. and Mr-- c. .1. |f and .Mr. «' A Meii'ib niiiii! wen I'-nter'tiittied at dinni'r Sundiiy i.-vei;j»i t . at ||,,.. l-'raiik I'fiind- •'I' in horn. Tiu« ftetnt; .Mi^. I'.-iidV 'it «l 11 in <•> * '-.• i ..iinti >. Mr and .Mr-. Iji-ort-e ii|nf.(i.-id f-n- li-rlalnt-d at ilmm-r Wnnda\. .Mr. an.I Mt'H. U ill I. .n lit.. \ ; .M[.i, (.,rt,.ha '•"arhm>. .Mr and Mis, Clms. tiim-l<.ol. .Mr. ais.l Ms i Pud 1,H < in,-.,,,.! j-i,, nt ........!.? llcre_an.4...P« departracmt- complete with beautiful new patterns. Our unusual buying power enables us. .xiespite the unheard rise in prices, to offer you some exceptional values. •Several d.t\ • Chb-ai.-.i cnitnels F.IIT Why not" Ch or •!<!(,• Ill ' tmiklnt;? If not: ite and vanilla flav- |Wa!t carrlnKe to the mouth of lief CarleHrt person. In view of IheMe HcSenci. i'la«n lit- gave the menu of the the ir. H. Public Health HervU-e flu-le Sam. who are In tlu« t?ervli'e of New York, when: tlu;,v were in. attendance' ut Koadmiifiter conventlun.. Mr. .McAbilrew-,i was aK"ln electeij lo tl*- offiie of Secretary of Iiie as«o'.'l;itl'>n. WILL BUILD A HOUSE. .S,- H. Uoyer, who liitely botiKht tl|e lot JUKI e.-iHt of the Mt'N. William Miller property on Went Third street, is i»faiK a cellar dun and after a fotmd- -aUf»n—la— laid, be will hay*» erectett a «ood Mixed boUMe. It Will be a t house, ; tVm'f forget to netid your children to Ah... )•'.!;. He||'« daiH'hiji ,.|.,^ Katurtlay afternoon fr<.tn ^-30 to "i p. m. Woodmen Hall,* I'eter O'Hnre, of Kurrumeiito. Cnl.. iff hero for n rnonth'K violt with hl-s mother, Mr*. jUru-.y O'Hare „,„) other relatives nnd friends. Mrs. Frank Kbwixwr, of ibis city and Mm. Halph Allen ami daughter. Irene, of Lyndon, r-pcnl Thurnduy in ChicaKt* on of perHomil TTyJrTerie nnd recom- their ndoptioii by every person -the United j-Uaten, WitHh the haiulu Hefore ' eatlnw. before preimrlng or *ervin»r food, tr unlng the toilet, .after attendim; Kick, and 'after hamlllnu a'nythlnK '. • The above matter cent out" by i' appropriate just at We of the yr-ar when there are HO prevalent, Ks|iccinlly pportttnt IK HH upplicatlou to the of the, orKanixniM producins SAYS PROPERTY PAY9HIM. John Powers bus started the foundation for another n<";d «lzetl house at lOOt? West Fourth wtreet. Me ban riev- ••ral in that section and Will build this one UK .fast nH he can. Mr. Powern l« ;i ( believer In Sterling am! the a'tlvanre* ment of property. He «ayx he IK not •Called Infantile parnlywiM, THE HORSE WAS SHOT. Thfl horse glnii nitv to (!, H. Ward, -which-^vaK injured by beliiK irnnd over to the remlerliiK •• maw lumday ijtfternoon about 3.3o o'clock •hot, loaded on the trut'kH and tfd to the TemlerlnK workn, .Mr. ..._. Me says bo ban eleven IIOUKCH of bis own. which tire rorititiK with no trouble at nil nml sn,vn hi 1 could rent many more ff lie had them. He bflieuoH that there IN more money In renting houw's from dollars to eighteen dollars per month than thone of the twenty- tlvel dollars kind.- -Tin-re IM certitliily H J'hh'ngo weather bureau fore- for today IH u» fHlow»: MUr .to,day and fc-'aturday: Hllsbtly roolpr in tlu» iH»rtbe«»ti«rn and epntml portions; .Hot unlay In tins went. TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY, On October 0, IR1K. Shadnich IVond. lll'nolH. was innuKur- big demand for wultahlo M to rent im ndcd for"bits' entr-rprine; Mark ItiptJiel i» rt-porteil to be nick. Marie Hrown wcmt to Tamplco 'Thursday. . u f.alt Hrookfleld .Kpi'iit Tburwlny In Chiatgo, Uanco Httturday i»lght Woodmrn Mrw. Oeorm* ' O. (Jrandon weti| to hicitKo today for an over Sunday visit with Mlsx Marguerite (irandoit, who I.H tal.lm,- u po.ut Knidunie ctMit-Mc at the National Kindergarten ftdieRe. An exceptiotmlly wood broom htdd- er jflvc-n away with each >room pur.- cliujied at Stoildiird Hros,* __«!: - J L.JllcbaKd!^.ji_aiJ Florence (Irepn, returned home Wnl- neHday nijcht from it few weekx' visii with frlemlM nnd relntive.s In (Inincl liapdlM, Bailey nml lllg Hnpids, Mich. They miide the' trip in Jheir cur and .report a very plixisntit time. Mist* Urwn r.CHume<! her duties at the Wyne- Deaver, dry : F*fejm Tin \ tn.-ole t In- H i|. in .Mr, and .Mt-*. M. A Wood of'|' 1( ^|. fiicmlN Jii-re. Mr ,uul Mrv. \\',.,..| H.-I,. Mt-Hwrs, lien and Iti-i-t l.mKi-tt. o| PuulIlM', low,i. (•••tuim'd to^th.-ir h'oni>- \Ve<lllesd:iy, l"-iio; caH.-d ben- by tin. death of (heir father. KeV. <;. W. Wi'-Jarh 'ff r t en 11 ed ''t he M. I-;. Conference at Chicago Wedm'«da>! Mrs. Anna li.t.rbe nml daughters, l-'juinie and I'ota, and Mr Joe ,*<, hmidt <p< nt Sunday at !{ KalN. Kuextn nt the Hoy Krown home. -Ml'H. l-irin line Vali Vlee'l, of Sic.||i, tK- was a ^Ufiday ji 111-1"t of •Mla.Hcti .Mamb- and Marie Fryer. »r. and Mr,-. C. «'. Col.'.thot pe expect to mov • •in borne. ;, into their tiew and mod- -^Mr.s. Frances DeelN and il:iti«!u, -rs. l-lorence and Kuby. >-\pi-t-i t.> b.ive thiH we. -k for n ten days' vi.-it at .Mar- di.'illlown, Iowa. Anna Flyn. of -s. f.jient . several d;tys -of the past W..i k al the Niii-l Hawkins hotne. ,Chauncc> Mm -tt-UHi u an. I Harry ^brone have i,-om> to liocklord t" work In a factory. Mr. an.! Mi*. I. N. l-ivans and Mr ind Mrs, M U. Kerb. '!«!•! atteinlcd th, iMlnine^H mi. it's picnic at the Mt, C;u - fee pfopettv in the MtiiitheaNt part of town. He \v|H move, into town in the Sizes 11-3x12, 9x12, 8-3x10-6, 9x9, 7-6x9,' 6x9. Also a large assortment of small rugs. REMEMBER WE CARRY THE LARGEST LINE OF STOVES IN WHITESIDE COUNTY . .^HHl^lj^k STOREU FURLNITURE^UNDERTAKIKG ; Our auto trucks deliver anywhere iprlni;. to in Oregon. olive liaumuardt ban r.-t urn.-d ' ai-ter a month'« vl^it A. M. h^kf. nert t'hee.-ieman and Siftn HerrJHCton, are ^raml jwin-n for the 1-hrH- jyarcl th» owner, wtnyed by It until hi« Won taken 8outh by the afternoon in, and then to HIP JurllnKton to have It disposed iif, •hich was done accordiim to directions. LADIES' fmFRNAMENT. Paul Dillon and Mrs, Arthur r are tied" fiiSfihe director'* cup the handicap «olf tournament. They Vttl |U»y it off lat«r. The next ei«h. iB holes of the infn'M handicap wa.s "-' Thursday " Obermillers' -Kuppenheimer Clothing Mattery Hats Crossette Shoes * BOY BURIED IN CHICAGO Mr. and MIK. C., A. •Campbell of Ulx- >n left ,St,« petfi'HburK, !•'!«., yeHlerday afternoon, nccoinpanvlni; the remains of. their HOII. Novvard Campbell whon« death oeurred Tue.Htlay nt that pince. 'I'lie: bodj 1 will be taken'' to CbicaK", where funeral nervlccn will be oon- tluctetl from the home of Mr. ("!. A- fampbell'M brother at 13U7 Kant- Kov^ only-Second Street, on Kunday afler- noori. The Uev. l<*. ('*. Orarit panlor of iliT- K|>iscopal church of liixon will of- licliite.^ Huriai .wl.ll h'e in the Mt. (Jicenwood cemetery in Chicago. I WILL BEPAIR"STORE BUILDING. MrH.,,Jolm Annan, of t'hlcagor* hit** •ome lo Hlerliim ti» set* about makiiiK -<onie needed repaint to the w«'«t nidi* nf her buildliiK on Kant Third HI reel udJoinitiK the JlanLi.Jot tin a now Ktruct- iire in beliiK started tit the latter lot. In teurtiiR down the old- building on the Hash lot'it wax fllnrov<Mcd that the adjoining side of the AHIW.M wlore vva« badly in need of repuii-, A nevv .sill wns needed, uiul the eiitlro hide will havo to hi li _ F. J, Howmnn was a caller. In Cbi- HIKO'Thursday. .....'r.— A, H. CooiinK Hpvnt Thur«i<lay in Chicago on buHlneaa. •, Hoy 1C. llarv Hpont .Thu'r»day in Chl- caj?o on liuniuesK. ,C>. M. Hoblnson spent Thiirmlay in Chicago »>n bunimisH, linrnoy WeUel" motored to Itarmnn Thur«<lay afternoon. ' Mr*. Oeorge Kate; i»f Lyndon, wpetit the clay here shopping. H. I,, (ibermllller " apeiit Thurxday in ChlcaKo on bu*l-neMH» , Mr, and -.Mrs. li, 'U Urower wptnu TJitirwrtay In Morrison, T. Y. DaVlB wa« a bu»*inet<»j caller In Chicago on Thurwbiy, Jonas !?«er has gone to Camp .Doujf- ta«. Wi«.. for a short visit. ; J. C, Mitchell of Clinton «penl Wed, mnrket,"* ' -"-Mar-tin IJrother.s, who own what in known a*, the old fair ground* just we»t of the Avenue (j bridge* a|>proncb. hav«t Mtarled tbp work of Improvfm; the jdot in many wayn. AnioiiK the rhatiK- will be thu tWM-faiK down of the old fencew fiurriJundiiiK ft nnd cleanliiK it up to rnako 1(4* very attractive place. I't l.s riot llk'dy the Krouniln will ever thntTljf 1 Kniuiidtt furnlHhed by the Martin* thin year, at the,bead of Locust are jttjit an Kood. The rumor that the Martin tiro t In? m Hro goiiiK to divido-thc tract into lot« now, and soil them in without foundation. er attciuled the nierchant'ii pjx-nic at the cave Tuesday. Misses Cora Ueterlie and Anna Mumir- ami Messrs, David 1 Xorman Stewart- and Hay HctT, were entertained at'the'Mable Pluck home Sunday. The Country club dance at She opera bouse Friday evenliiK was largely at. tendeii. fi:,. Fair Haven orchestra MILLEDGEVILLE NEWS J GIVEN THREE /}ND COSTS. A younj?. ntiin was arrenlefl Wednesday afUTtioon by . (ifflcwr- Mannaii for running bin inotorrychv^titiit- a Htreet car when It hud .ludKe. l^nlinttr hit bad a bearing nnd wan fount] KUilty. anil tlnd Ibrci- dollarM ind costs, umountltiK to live, Iif I ecu. The line ami COHIH were paid. The y.otuujf iUHiiv*!utcil bi« nui-Clil'iu? .:. ..WHLH not under control and it went farther than ho wanti>d it lo before, ho could !dop it. STATE~AID ROAD % Henry J- 1 : .lohiiHon, w\n* ban the <'on- Iract for (he. construction of Hie »tate aid road In Montmoroncy, haw been t^ettitiK' aloiiK nicely with it , and" -ex-' )I4'C|M In b:iVe it all collliiii'tcd Wlllllll here on Htacy "BwftMMur IU»H acceptml a posl- tlon at Itoy.e'« nuutt market. • WIHiuin nallaghef waa a. huHine** caller In Chleago Thnraday. Men, Hoy WeKt ,of Dixon, wan a whopper In thia city Thursday. . -., Kdward AVeayor went tu Mitcliull, £5. !>., Thurwday for a H|UM t viHlt. ..... C'ar load of Puar'n— JUMI Tn. 'fall at Drnw & Co,. Uok Fulh<.* ' THE NEW RESTAURANT, , w.ork o.f erectinj? a new re»taur- uut ha» bejjun by AJhertr'guookburnur, on the IOI.H north of the Hhirk furniture Ktore. It will bo a modern up' home. 4%- a I. the C. K. MortrnKei'i' Hev...Shaw k-ft Monday'evening for ia. abort stay at Omaha, N'eb. . Mr. and Mrs. Ktlward llaller and family, of Korreston, sp«>nt Sunday nt the chas. Dietd home. Alone,,* Wood, of Pasadena, Cal .spent Monday ut the. Mr*. ICmma Wolfe home. Mr. and Mrs. Hay Allison and fam- Hy moved Into tiu-ir new home Mon?' Itowtoif Americans', won by Ituston. four K.'iineH to one. ' ] The Cubs and Tii'efs played the lorn,"-'' «-f-t world's serb's- name on record win-n- they batthd thirteen innings to fl tie Oil (let. S. l!)l>7. f ' The American league pennant win- IH-IM have Irlumphed .sevi-n llni«.-s in World's scrfcs. The Xatioiial ICIIKUC has Won only' live world's chainpitiiiMlup^. i Avon t fit ••!<>, -Pbiliid« ipid.i thi'v' 1 itnd <'bi- C;IKO om-e. For .'be N'a||<""nat lc;.i;ii,., New York has won once. Jio;.tiin oisi-'-. i Pitt.s-hi!rKh once, and Chicago 'twice, i FAIR WEATHER PROMISED. lily I'nlted Pn-HH) | Washington. I'. C,, del. tl,-•• Pretty*' 'fair weather will he provided for the. opening name of the world st-rlos at ; REAL ESTATE LOANS Carefully «elcctod Farm Murt- j:aj!fM i-<<pi<()'enl the hiKhosit type of security. Tlu> liicomi' Js 'greater than that of uny' oilier investment, offering a b n f> 1 u t « safety, .Interest and piinclpu! collected wUlnnil VhurfiP. L?iw Office Stager & 'Stager Ijosuin toinornny. The weather liurcuu i 4Uiuouuci-'U_ilwt it - uuulil.. bi> fail- in t I'nston today amt tomorrow with 'ooler tomorrow. MARTHA PRY, The Stdrlino Chiropodist,MRS. EMMA GRAY, Flirtt ClHMs ChirnpndiHt with M|HM Fry. -<40 W. 4th St. BollPbptMi 837. R InHWJ'itf* Ut , in spend- IK n tew <hiyn here with frlemls. Mm. ^iniul (>'Ctm.iiMl! wont m ('» 1 WC«'k, The titati* >>l)Klneei' Krotch Union Suits All nationally advertiied ~* linei* in charge «ays thai Kood work has been done. Mr. .lohn.son wauls tii 1 make a ttjarl'on the (Jemwe state aitl foiitl this fall if he ran. The Mont- moieuey mud helm,' graveled i« nearly two inib-it. m length. * - - ". TO SPENP WINTER IN WEST. Mrs, 'l»;tniel Polls left ye.'&ejduy for I'olllilld Oti it'in win ii .-.hi' will '-pi'iid tlu wtiitii with lit i il.iuphu t Mi- i>< ua Tburwdity to c.otiHult a Hpi "Try FMI'tfo'M light imu'liea.' Fn«ili liriiad, roIlM htui HWeet KOOI!H ,dully.* J. L. Wesner wont to Mitchell, .s. 43., Tburaduy un a couplt- wuuka' visit. •M(HH()'«i""r<tiurii and l^ucy AduniH npent Thursday in Chicago. . Mr«. Ji, B. Chiuiiberlaln. of Lyndon, called on friends here Tburtsdny, Mr«. Jesse Bennett upent (he day with Men. Henry haulf at Hlone Ht.t rentauranl. 44x100 feet. .Mr. Qtieokborner moved aerosM the »treot into the Mil- U'f bullditiB while the work is goutc on, *•• ENTERTAINEp. SUNDAY. Mr. anfnMrS,'l^fwl'IiiveriKoyd enlef- talned a:* dinner gucHtti on Kunday, Mrs. teltautuHh Harriwon and daUKhtorx, Kathryn and Fronti, - Mre. Knthryn I)cet» atTd 'Mm wild Mr«. Alalt Owens, of Hiwrlitu,'. - "i • " . * „ - *"'" SHOWER NEWLYWEDS. A nilHCellaneouK shower wut; Kiven Mr. and Mr«/l.Ioyd he-ster ut the home of Mr, .and Mrn. Kntory Lesteri The event wan a complete Murprise on the Alll.-ioii MaCUer and 'Oii.eck- borrier have been rnarkii.K the Indian Head trail the past few ik^ with Indian -hero-lf<r-Tbe ln>ff vKltriiie exiciid- ed lo. Dubmiue anil''peoriitt^ _|l. Ii PtiterhaUKh spent Tuesday ami \\ednemlay in Hulnnjue. STOCKJSALE At the C. B. A Q. Stock Yards Saturday, October 7 _ and «»head of choici) "yeii"i ling Hteens, Weli-hr nbont 700. 'Salt' will be Vtt 1 o'clock, Saturday, October T, afC. Ii. & Q, Kiock yarilN. t'.sual J, ,s. Hchutt." You Will Enjoy Jap' .- - . Rosu i iho w'onilerful "Sunday Morning I'atli" Soap .'•hir»«o,U S.A. N. G. VAN SANT Attorney at Law State Bank Building JACOB CANTLIN LAWYER 8'i farm loans. Prepayment privilege BELL 439 ROCK FALLS, ILL. newly H. dcllKlitful eve The N 'inorry i-row<t Hi« l t»t NEW" COATS JUST RECEIVED \\'o are o announce the arriv- H. T. FERGUSON INVESTMENT BONDS Net 4 to 0 per cent _Exeiuul froiiLJUieanus-JCajt LQAN8 INSURANCE 310 Lawrenco Blda- Sterling, III. C, C. & J. W.Johnson ATTORN EcS A TTLAW LOANS Mr, ttnd Mr*. W I 1 ' Klednran and (Irac.n ilray; motored to'Krlc day. . . Ponto Meyers spent the tlaj in Chi- I'HKO on Mr. and Mix. Uuii\ iSlil/el of Dixou. spoitl hint evenliiK- w lib h<te^liiij4 icl,»- tive?j. The HI, John'*' l.uibeian choii will Hlpel tonight wt the. chuicb lot |e- hearnal. Minn Antot Lout; b.iM leluinvd li!'iuc from (i montb't< VIHII with fiiemlH m Clinton. All ii M |; \\'li«< l »peot Thill f-ditv .it the. home of Mi> U 1. Baud in FRACTURED fONE. Mr«, Kletba l-;iiemiller fell Thursday Hiid frni'tttred a. bone in the left fort;» :irm. At/this writing her...iil'iu l'« maki inn it Kjttijifactory inehding,- for oneUf het'-aKe,"" "~" -—'-- ," THE BAND CONCERT. .IWnd- concert on ThtM'Hday evening wiitt lar«oly attended, the proKi'am ren- •bicil w«« out' of the best of the J>IM-.011. The band in contcnipliiliiiK h.i\ - uiK .scvci.ll more conceri. 1 * this season if the >\<Mlhei In ^t all favomble t LECTURE^COURSE. Tbe Hist number of the Jjceluic Course gl\en ttt the opeia house on Moiuhu e\eniiiH. In. Karlid IS Huy- 11-i dtbveictl one of jila 4; tectuns DISTRICT'CONFERENCE. The tlishict confoicncc of the lljeih- em church was ItUKelv attembtl W«t|- nesday and Thiumlat Wome iiitoiot>t- •t lectuieK wt re deliveietl, b} ttu- i b HKC. tipe«' music al of more ludicH, Junior's and ehild- ren'H coats, More expected Noon. A|- .so.ietneiiihcf we are reilticiiu: our now -fall line of s*nit,s U»e Iberi! to lies!- j bolt •<'(),* when y«»u cnn i''. ii 1.. -Ah- i'lalil-. \\'-.u lunan wml lo isiie, Pit foi an t \l« \isut with ind I units MIH Polls is OIK of the o|i|i ,t inh Ihi-i » it \ b«j home foi m in^ \i.u«. Hi i dito,htn .Mih i;,ti| Whu- m \ of \ui..i i w is In ii (01 a vtMi to frlemlH .lid molhei bilmc ~t.111111)4 oil III' IOIIK llt'llli Pilelie if bi||( I j* beie ful in joiitiiii, ft « di!V"4 MhitloK hi-i hiuliui, C PtbtM ATTENDED •vt, *i,i{ - \r? - i lit .S I III I I II ! ! ij- ' Al, „»,«} ilj A w,it» ut service LAST BA GAME. The 1'ivt b.ill came of th will be plaved f5und.iv 'l'!u> MllledKcX Ille Ulue- will play IjinaiU 'L'itl.H K.imu Will be *f|> inlcleMtli,; .!•» Milltdm'- vllb* bu»'- \\oii everj jjatne. .s,i\e (uu- m; uii-,t the I. in,uk ,leant W. H. M. SOCIETY MEETING; PEARS! PEARS! I'ur of fancy cunning pear.5 a( C.'iro- lus' tirocery,* SCALPERS BUSY (Continued from paj!» one.) phi.i Ameti.-aliv vvdn by I hll.t.b Iplji i font fiame-i to om- I!MI .\i-\\ Voij, National . A^- Phil adelpbia Atm Hi.ins. VM>II bv Phil id> I phi,i, foin tanii s to two Itfl. N't \v \oiKw N,tti»n>ls \s |: ,., joll A ll)t IK ll»s v\oll bv |!n ton Ji,i|| ^-.Huts to thii-i- one tie Kame L I1MU N't w > t'u K N ition il v- I'bil 'ob-lpht.i Ann HI ins, vvi.n |i% Phil op I pbt'l. fotll IH Illl. 1 tO Oil.' I'M I <• lios'li.II \.|tto||,|K \ s I phi.i ,\niiiic ins, vviTn hv I:osi pbil i,». ,'r-bt t Ntit,..i M O N TT On Farrn Lands. I havo arrangcmenlc for unlimited amounti of Money far harm Loans. Lowest • rates of interest, prepayment pr*vileB««it *nd -quick confidential action; . — .. W. A. BLODGE1T, Morrison* ill* HI ROSE, WILI, CONVlNfc Plenty ol Coal L... it i i tiui i \\ j.. L 'U> tj_[, .1 In. i ! { a II 11 in I ) . . ' ll i d 11 < j Ml I "t t tin , if 1 1 lot « ' i t ,i't. l, ! iu. . "_„..,„_„ i i l HUM i .ejj,,'s Homo Mission,^ «... (Jail .Stouet.. t'nf,*vi und'tM. eui of the I SERVICES , ^d,u hi.Hk of in^-b c boioUtis Uj r m, v mt , r Fiulu aftoiu.. n .a tb- Mr* j Hi-'nut.-h ^ud kiU-Urn „ Aut- It.'L^i.-,, ' t^r, 1 «T.fT -\h-.-|r.=Wr}tP»r ~^*k ^.^ m ji - fRTtv ^iJHVrj r, ir^tbH Ju-mt- Tfl. foRoW, | ti,,,,, \ , i|t,^ ,| U1 hdu -/ Appt ndlr'ttrs a'nd" " ' l "" 1 ''"'•' * - U Li''' U i'l'l".ul' >H M ""' 'i. | "'bet (at'nl uli.i. i.t- tesuit liom M,,,, oiv Al,(. Mi. > i t 11 .ii Hii i \..IM It,' loi" .in' t\ ~li"il l s ail '*' ' '."" ' .,. 1 ''"" i .* m .", '. ' > '"' 1 '.' •b. 1 l)jt^ J.I VV it i i \S I i ii i . bl! ii i ii ol Mt ind Mic. U 1' .il in < on I nt d I" tlnU-botiU'ou nd of KicKiii- .> l\(il I'.ljil! Ml?, Fapn Mrs, C i, .1, tin» limn I u tint .Mi-it j lu-li nun t>[ il l>ii. i »M t'uU Shotio ._ t>uHiiti* i>«» liu-ii ci'tiiph t.* to iMi^r-r W"«t'frt fi»l Hi-mtdv ' I'rhi » i ans oiiitj !oi .- '. in i. b aibm tit*- i.i .*• lie b. >'.',! i • 11 n> 't * i . i ! ill Prompt Delivery Qn .aiiy ;c(rtil you wiiiit from.. , $ 1,00 worth to U- Coal always on track The Weeks Coal Co. I ' t 1 i :.-! •* t° h z*

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