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The Concord Times from Concord, North Carolina · Page 4

Concord, North Carolina
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Monday, April 26, 1909
Page 4
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Ooo PEOPLE'S h CHARLES T. ;h( RUSSELL, Av 1 Pastor Brooklyn f ' . ' i, Tabernacle. Ooo Brooklyn, N. Y., April 2j.-rastor Charles T. Russell, preaching today In the Brooklyn Tabernacle, said: ' The first thought connected ' with this text, dear friends, id the peculiarity of the fact that the God of all grace, the Almighty, the All-Wise, the All-Just, should hare love for the (world of mankind. It would surprise none of ua if the Apostle had written that God greatly loved the holy angels and that be would do any and everything for their protection and blessing. iVo would have said, "It Is just ljke him. Of course he would Clo so. They have always been loyal, always been true. They are noble images of himself in character." If the statement had even been that God bo loved his taints that, .blemished by the imperfections of the flesh, he had accepted them through the merits of Jesus' sacrifice and counted them as perfect and entire in him, this would have caused greater surprise than God's love for the angels. And yet we would have Bald, "Yes, it is Just like our heavenly Father to be abundantly gracious and to remember the sins and Iniquities no more against those who have fully turned to righteousness and by faith hare been covered by their Redeemer's Robe of Perfection." "Condemned Sin In the Flesh." If our text were the only one of Scripture to the contrary (but It is not), it would be an utter refutation to the blasphemous doctrine of eternal torment as the Divine purpose toward mankind. The thought that God created our race with the foreknowledge and rearrangement that the " overwhelming majority (all except the alntly "elect") must spend an eternity of hopeless torture, is thoroughly out of accord with reason, as1 well as contradictory to our text, "God sp loved the world." Does love plan torture? Does loving provision not imply wisdom in the use of power, that the creature may not be injured, if he shall Cot be benefited by the program? Is it conceivable that he who commands ns to love our enemies and to observe toward them the Golden Rule would himself ignore that Rule and injure, cot merely his enemies, but also the Ignorant, the superstitious, the great masses of mankind of whom the 'Apostle declares, "The God of this world hath blinded their minds?" (II Corinthians iv, 4.) ' Let us have done wfth such nightmares, such "doctrines of demons," as the Apostle styles them. Let us begin to know our Creator, our heavenly Father, for such knowledge is a step toward love for him, and hence toward life eternal for ourselves. It was our dear Redeemer who said, "This is life eternal, that they might know thee, the only true God. and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent" (John xvii, 3). Not only the world perishes because" of lack of true knowledge of the Creator, but many of God's people are similarly hindered. As the Scriptures declare, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (Hosea iv, C). It Bhould be understood by all that God's Love for mankind, as well as Divine Justice and Wisdom, prepared man's penalty "The -wages of 6in is death" (Romans vl, 23). It is in full harmony with this that we know when the Lord drove our first parents out of the Garden of Eden and placed the cherubim with flaming sword to prevent their return "thither. It was a merciful provision, because had they continued to have access to the trees of life and thus to continued existence, it would have meant everlasting life for sinners. And to give sinners eternal life and to perpetuate a condition of sin, rebellion, anarchy, -in the universe to all eternity would have been discreditable to the Divine Character and Government, as well as injurious to his creatures. Gou s determination, therefore, from the very beginning was that he would have a clean universe, and hence the law, "The soul that slnneth, it shall die' a law which ultimately must prevail as respects the fallen angels and Satan, as well as in respect to mankind. Thus we have the assurance that ultimately nothing shall, mar, the harmony of the universe. What the Scriptures point out respecting the future Will prove true. "And every creature Which Is in heaven, and on the earth, and such as are In the sea, and all that Ere In them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honor, and glory, and power, be unto him that sltteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever" (Revelation v, 13). Thus the time will come when sin and all who love sin Will be destroyed and when, as a consequence, the Scriptures assure us, "There shall be no more death, neither Borrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away. And he that Bat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new" (Revelation xxl, 4, 5). "That He Gave His Son." God's love for sinners, as we have seen, was so great that he would not allow them to have everlasting life, because that would mean to them everlasting imperfection and sorrow, etc. But our text tells us of a still further step that the Lord took and hence Chows a still further love, u'ne gave his only begotten Boo." T - outhern Agriculturist X X: X- NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. For 40 Years the Most Instructive and Entertaining v wems a rear, sJ!AAAAAAaaaat4ftftftftyytiMrifyifyTrt,,iM1(lfTirlfW ooO- PULPIT... The Most Precious Text, John iii, 1 6 Delivered In the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Text, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John iii, 16). ooO j How? When? Where? What for? j We answer. He did not give his only J begotten Son to suffer eternal torment for us. Thank God, No! Yet, If eter-I nal torment hud been the sinner's pen- j alty, Gotfs, Son could not have been their Redeemer, except by paying tnat awful price. As we bave4een, however, the penalty was not that, but a death penalty "The soul that slnneth, it shall die" (Ezekiel xvili, 4); "Dying thou shalt die;" "The wages of sin Is death." God gave his only begotten Son to die for our sins that he might bring us back to God. Our Lord's death on Calvary was the sufficient price for the sins of the whole world, although he did not apply that price directly to the world, but to believers of this present time; and, indirectly, through the consecrated believers, the Bride of Christ, It will be applied to mankind In general, thus permitting the Church class to "fill up that which was behind of the afflictions of Christ," and to share with him in the sealing of the New Covenant for Israel, and through Israel for the world. "Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will make a New Covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah" (Jeremiah xxxi, 31). j. , Left the Heavenly Glory. Nor should we understand that God compelled his only begotten Son to die for us, but rather, as the Scriptures inform us, he set before him a great prize, so that Jesus counted it all Joy to lay down his life that he might be the heavenly Bridegroom to the Church and be the Mediator of the New Covenant for Israel and the world of mankind. How wise, how Just, are God's arrangements; Though he possesses all power, yet he would not Infract the rights or liberties of even the most humble of his creatures, much less the rights of his only begotten Son, our Lord. The Scriptures Inform us that it was in accord with the Father's arrangement and the giving of his Son that he made to liim the proposition to become man's Redeemer and upllfter and the Head of the Church, to receive glory, honor and Immortality. It was in view of this proposition as a whole that we read of our Lord that he, "For the joy that was set before him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and is sot down at the right hand of God" (Hebrews xxi, 2). Again, "Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time" (I Timothy IL 6). He left the heavenly glory' and took upon him the human nature and, as the man Christ Jesus, gave himself as the Ransom for all. Whosoever Believeth In Him. God's love is not only large and broad, but it Is also deep and wide. In blessing mankind he proposes the largest blessing possible In the wisest manner. He will' not justify the heathen In their Ignorance nor Justify willful rebels. He limits his favor by two conditions: ( First. The blessing through his Son shall go only to those who intelligently know of it and by faith accept it Second. It shall be available only to thosewho desire to come into harmony with Divine laws -as obedient children. This presents a difficulty to our minds until we come to understand what the Scriptures call the Divine Flan of the Ages. Until we understand that Flan, we are "inclined to find fault with the Divine arrangement and with ourselves and with fellow Christians and generally to be uncomfortable and disappointed in proportion to the largeness of our hearts and our interests in God's character and in humanity. We find fault with ourselves and others that the world has not long ago been evangelized and made acquainted with God. We fault God that he is allowing the heathen to go down into death at the rate of ninety thousand per day, with no knowledge of the "only name under heaven whereby we must be saved." We squirm and twist In our reasonings In trying to justify this course and are still further harassed by the horrible nightmare of eternal trrment, which teaches that the heathen not onlydo not get eternal life In glory, but that they do get eternal life in, misery. Alas, how true are the Lord's words through tha Prophet, "Your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with the grave shall not stand. From the time that It goeth forth It shall take you; for morning by morning shall it pass over, by day and by night; and it shall be a vexation only to understand the doctrine" (Isaiah xxviii, IS, 19). The Plan of the Ages. The key to the whole Mystery is that God first selects from amongst mankind a special class of those able and willing to exercise faith in him, to receive the Spirit of Christ,-and to demonstrate their loyalty by walking In his steps. These, he tells us, he is calling out of the world by what the world calls the foolishness of preaching. These he Is testing as respects their faith and loyalty and using the ( trials and oppositions of this present time as chiseling processes and burrs to shape and polish and prepare the . precious stones for their glorious set- ar une uodv hree Una- In the heavenly Kingdom. There are not many of these altogether. Tear not, little flock; for it la the Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom" (Luke xii. 32). They are being selected out of all denominations, kindreds and tongues, and amongst them are not many great, wise, noble or rich. They are chiefly the poor of this world, rich In faith, heirs of the Kingdom. This "little flock" of "saints." this "royal priesthood," with Christ thetr Redeemer, their Lord, their Bridegroom, their Head, their Chief Priest, are to constitute the Kings, Priests. Judges, Rulers' of the world of mankind. Then In the age to follow this one, in the Millennium, God's time shall come for dealing with mankind as a whole. In co-operation with the Kingdom work will be the binding of Satan and every evil Influence amongst men, and the letting loose of every good Influence and every helpful truth. Thus the light of the knowledge of the glory of God shall fill the whole earth, as the waters cover the great deep. This is God's provision for the world of mankind, whom he bo loved. Not merely for the saints, who already have the hearing ear, the seeing eye, and the appreciative heart. Is God's loving provision, but for poor, degraded humanity, which, through centuries of sin, has almost entirely lost the image and likeness of its Creator. The promise for, these Is that they shall be privileged by resurrection processes to return to full harmony with the Lord and to repossess the blessings and favors lost by Father Adam when he sinned blessings and privileges redeemed for Adam's race through the merits of our dear Redeemer's sacrifice at Calvary. Who will say that this Divine Plan, outlined in the Bible, does not contain the very essence of Divine wisdom and loving provision best adapted to the needs of our race? Belief In the Lord Jesus, acceptance of him, obedience to the Divine law, will thus be the conditions upon which mankind may be recovered. Would any other conditions be safe or Just or proper? Is there any other way of arranging these conditions which God's wisdom and Justice provided and which his grace reveals? - Believers Might Not Perish. Notice how the various features of our text, intermcsh with each other, like the cogs and pinions of a well fitted machine! Let us get rid of the wrong thought that so long has befogged our reason and robbed our hearts of the proper reverence for our Creator! Let us get rid of the thought that "perish", means to preserve in eternal torture, thus confusing the minds of the Lord's people and the world to the true teachings of the Scriptures. Perishing, of course, means perishing to lose life, to become extinct Man, originally made in God's Image, was prepared for eternal life; that eternity was to be his destiny. But sin forfeited those life-rights. He came un4 der a sentence of death that he should perish like the brute beasts. Hence, his only hope of a future life is in the Redeemer and the resurrection which his sacrifice has secured. 1 Man'g'lntelligence and higher organism could avail him only on condition that they would be used In harmony with his Maker's reasonable and just requirements. Otherwise he must die the death, as being even less worthy of prolonged existence than the brute. Note how our text points out that God saw that In the race of Adam there would be . many who, If they understood the light and the Truth and had It In contrast with the wrong, would be glad to return to harmony with God glad to accept of Christ and Restitu. tlon privileges and blessings, and to come into full accord with the Almighty' and with Jesus, and to have back again the life-rights forfeited by father Adam. Hence God's provision for the race as a whole that they might not perish as the brute beast, but attain to eternal life again, attain to all that was lost in Adam, all that was redeemed by Jesus Christ our Lord-eternal life, fellowship with God the Father and the Son and communion with the holy Spirit "God moves In a mysterious way His wonders to perform." These words of the poet are wonderfully true! Truth Is, indeed, stranger than fiction! The Divine Plan for human salvation Is higher and deeper, longer and broader than any of us dreamed of! Yet it is most exact; nothing about it is sllp'-shod or irregular. While the blessed privileges of recon ciliation will be granted all of Adam's race, they will be forced upon none. Blessing and Cursing, Life and Death. All who, after being brought to a knowledge of the Truth, persist in loving falsehood shall be accounted as children of Satan, who have willfully adopted his spirit of enmity toward truth and righteousness. The end of such, as the Scriptures declare, Is destruction. As the messengers and fol lowers of Satan they, with him, and! with the fallen angels, shall be utterly destroyed (Acts ill, 23). The test before mankind is not along lines of eternal torment or eternal joy, but between eternal life and eternal death. Thus the Apostle states it, "The wages of sin Is death; but the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord" (Romans vi, 23). We cannot change these Divine arrangements, if we would. We ought not to wish to change them, If we could. It is for us not to seek to have our wills done in heaven and earth, but rather to learn of the imperfection ef our Judgment and to pray to the Father, "Thy will be done on earth, as it is done in heaven," assured that when the glorious consummation is attained it will signify the highest possible blessing for every creature eternal life, eternal Joy, for all in harmony with God, and death eternal, "everlasting destruction" for all the enemies of God. Rheumatism. More than nine oat of every ten cases of rheumatism are simply rheumatism of the muscles, due to cold or damp weather or chronic rheumatism. In such cases no internal treatment is required. The free application of Cham berlain's Liniment is all that is needed, and it is certain to give quick relief. Give it a trial and baa tar vnnrnalf Vinnr quickly it relieves the pain and soreness Prioe, 25 cents ; large size, 50c. Sold by all druggists. THE SUNDAY SCHOOL. Lesson V. Second Quarter, For May 2, 1909. THE INTERNATIONAL SERIES. Text of the Lesson, Acts xiii, 1-12. Memory Verses 2, 3 Golden Text, Mark xvl, 15 Commentary Prepared by Rev. D. M. Stearns. Copyright, 1303, by Americas Frees SeswiiHoa. There would be a warm welcome for Barnabas and Saul from the Chris tians at Antloch on their return from Jerusalem, and John Hark, Barnabas sister's son, whom they had brought with them (xii, 25), would probably find himself in a different atmosphere from that at Jerusalem and must have been much helped by the companion ship of his uncle, Barnabas, and by fellowship with PSh teachers as those here mentioned Tnd by the zeal of these warm hearted believers. They ministered to the Lord and fasted. The things of this world were nothing in comparison with the things of the kingdom, and food for the body , was wholly secondary when the pure bread and water of life was to be had. Some who read can understand. Although it means much to minister to the Lord, even a child can do it (I Sam, ill 1). have often been impressed with this in considering the matter of minister ing to-the Lord that the eight words "that they may minister in the priest's office" (Ex. xxviii, 2, 8, 4, 41, and many other nlacesi are a translation of a little Hebrew word of three letters, and I have asked myself. Does It take as much of earth's language to open to us the little words of heaven? For we have no record of any language but Hebrew having been spoken by the Lord from heaven. Well, I am sure that it means more than any of us know to "minister to the Lord." In the great book of worship, Leviticus, it is well to mark the phrases "unto the Lord" and "be fore the Lord," and when they become daily mottoes with us we shall know moreof true ministry."-" While they were ministering the Holy Ghost said, "Separate Me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them" (verse 2). Here we have the whole of these chapters in one sentence and the whole of every true Christian life set apart for the Lord, separated from the world and self and sin, to do the will of God, to work the works which are beforehand prepared for us (Eph. il. 10; Phil, ii, 13; Heb. xilL 21). So they, sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed. When we are sent of God we always have His assurance, "Certainly I will be with thee" (Ex. iii, 12; Judg. vi, 1G), and It is only by His assurance that we will be separated from all things and people not of Him (Ex. xxxiii, 16; I Kings vlli, 53). If we would know God as our Father and as the Lord Almighty, the mighty God who is all sufficient for us. and have others see that we are His sons and daughters to His glory, ne dwelling in us and walking in us, we must be willing to be separated from all things unto Himself (II. Cor. vi, 16-18). The Holy Ghost having set them apart the believers by fasting and prayer united with Him in this consecration of their beloved teachers to a foreign mission. They might have said: We cannot spare them. We need them so much here. What shall we do without them? But they agreed with God and let them go and must have been specially blessed in giving to God the best they had. How honored these two men were in being named by God for this ministry! Even the longest Journeys are made very little of In Scripture, for what is a Journey round the world even when compared with coming from heaven to earth, which angels accomplish as swiftly as the lightning? They leave Antloch and are next at Salamis, In Cyprus, without any details as to the Journey. The word is preached In the synagogues at Salamis, but no statement as to results. WhetheT we see results or not, we can always rest on Isa. Iv, 11; Jer. i, 12, R. V. They passed through the island -to Paphos and found the deputy of the country eager to hear the word of God, but hindered by a Jew, a false prophet and a sorcerer, who sought to turn away the deputy from the faith. Saul, who is now for the first time called Paul, being filled with the Spirit, spoke as plainly to him as did our Lord to the Pharisees in John viii, 44, and in the name of the Lord caused him to be blind for a season. The power of God thus manifest and the true doctrine taught by Paul so wrought upon the deputy that he became a believer. God is the God of " truth. Jesus Christ is the truth. The Spirit is the spirit of truth. There is no righteousness that can abide in the presence of God but that which God has provided. All that Is not of God Is of the devil. Consider, then, In the l'ghtjf these facts, how the way of the Lord and the word of the Lord and the gospel of God concerning His Son are perverted by an ever increasing number of those who are called ministers of the gospel and are paid for preaching the gospel and teaching the truth (Jer. xxiii, 36; Gal. i, 7K Though there may be no Spirit filled Taul to speak plain ly to them, God Himself will deal with them in His time. The expression "the hand of the Lord" recalls Ex. viit, 22, "The hand of our God is upon 411 them for good that seek Him. but His power and His wrath is against all them that forsake Him." From even this much of the story of this Journey we may learn that Spirit filled messengers of God must expect the opposition of the devil. During the spring every one would be benefitted by Taking Foley V Kidney Remedy. 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Its architecture will b a departure from .all existing forma, but will not be eastern, as might be supposed from the oriental origin of the religion. Mountford Mills, one of the leaden in the movement In JS'ew York, said on his return that the Bahai movement was constantly gaining followers and that all parts of the United States, as well as Canada and Hawaii, were represented at the convention. There are five groups of Bahala In New York-The ohlect of the movement is tha religious unification of the world- The rorerunner oi tne raitn, au iiona aimed, rose in Shiraz. Persia. In 1814 and announced himself as preparing for the Promised One. He called himself the Bab. an Arabic word signify ing "the door." He was persecuted and eIx years later put to death by the Persian government on being con vlcted of heresy. The real founder of the faith, Baha o-llah. succeeded him. ne and bis followers were sent to Acre as pris oners. To him the Baha is refer rev erently as "he of Acre." The present head of the faith Is the son of Baha-o-llah, known as Abbas EffendL who was born on May 33, 1844. on the very day that the Bab proclaimed the coming or tne i to mused one. MARDI GRAS FOR GOLDEN GATE Portola Festival at San Franelseo In i Honor of Spanish Explorer. San Francisco is to have a week of revelry, like the Mardi Gras, next Oc tober that will be long remembered. It will be known as the "Portola fes tival," and It is to be In honor of Gas-par de Portola (accent on the last syllable), who was dispatched by the rulers of Spain to explore this great Western country and who, in October, XJG9, reached the peninsula and from tne neignts or Pilpar point looked down upon San Francisco bay.- De Portola was afterward distinguished as the first governor of California. The festival will be opened on Oct. iv i ana win continue ror almost a week. During that period the city will be at home to all the world. Guests will be invited from the eastern stated and from foreign lands. 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To all whom these Presents may come Wlumu Tt tvK. ... : ' w mi Mbuiiici on ceedintn for the volant riiaaninfi,... thereof, by the unanimous consent of all . i- . ,H , , . po,lta ln my office, tb&t Farmt Hill Rimi. . n - i - ucuem new pair Company, a corporation of this Stat- O..T VT ; . y wiiitc is situated ac XX O. 324 North Church street, Concord, county of Caharrns, State of North Carolina, (. charge thereof, upon whom process may , - wiuynou wi,d me re-aulrementa nf Chantov 91 entitled "Corporations preliminary to" the issuing of this Certificate of Dissolution. QNow, Therefore, I, J. Bryan Crimes, Secret. it nf Rfaf nr f k ct.t. vt Carolina, do hereby certify that the said corporation did. on the 15th day of March, 1909, file in my office a duly executed and attested consent in writing to the dissolution of said corporation, exe-"tfd by all the stockholders thereof, which aaid consent and the record of the proceedings aforesaid are now on file in iv said omce, aa provided by law. M TettimmiT whw T k. i . rv, .J. . . uu iiiieu mvomctalseal at tJ . ULm "j oi March, a rt lflOtt. J. Bbvah Gnmrs, ' Secretary oi State April L Every case of Rheumatism has "ood. It is not A dhew which is contracted tike a cold, hnt it is il v! blood and system befotw pain is felt, aad the chaages in the Z any physical irregularities, sach as a pU ef indigestion, bow distort! etc, art inertly the exciting castes prodocing the paias anJ achw h- s are the natural symptoms of tha disease. Rheumatism is caoaed bv 1 excess of one acid and other cotroaivc, irritating poUona in the blood L are earned through the circulation to every part of the system iw muscle, nerve, membrane, tisane and joint becomes satnrated with thI sd. bnUting impurities, or coated with fine, insolubie cau:ic m-t? and the sharp, piercing pms or the dnll. constant aches are felt with v J physical movement When the blood i. filled with uric acid poison nrrm. neut relief cannot be expected from liniments, rdamiera. or othrr txXtZTl "T" "- jvucuiuaiiam sou irnug suooi a complete cure, the uric acid and other inflammatory matter must be expelled, and this cannot be done with external treatment S. 8. S. cures Rheumatism because it is a perfect and entirely veretable blood purifier. It goes down into the circulation, neutralises the acids, and dissolves the irritating deposits which are pressing on the sensitive nerves and tissues and produc-insr Pain, enriches the weak, aonr blood, and removes every atom of impurity from the circulation. So instead of being a weak, sour stream, distributta? uric acid to the different parts of the system, the Diooa is strong ana Healthy and therefore able to suddIv everv mna. cle. nerve, bone and tissue with nourishment and strength. Then the In (J m mauon ana swelling suDstae. the pains and aches cease, and not only i. Rheumatism Dernianentlv ran! Knt nmlM tli fin i o the entire general health is benefitted nam, wnemer acute or chronic, S. S. S. will be found a safe and reliable tiri iS' book 00 Rpgqwtiam and any medical advice you denirc ill Mfnrnishad fre. TTTR fiWTPT SprprrTf rn irrivti . REAL ESTATE. A Feu of the Uwj Bargains We Hate. The oronerties ennmrn f fv'Anr - r from a large offering m all kinds FARMING 876 acres, four miles cast of hard. cnfMl nactiim Oft l chard, good pasture, 30 acres in iv. u ncn soia viena. 193 acres 8V4 miles west nf CnnmrH i ix .. . r (, , Tent churctrand good school volieee road. 2-storv v.rnnm barn, good stable, spnng and nu ZZA UUOa nc,gQDornoou and good farming mtion. Cheap at $20 per acre. 23 acres 1V4 miles from court house. 5-room dwelling, double barn, crib, granary, storage house, good well, good orchard. Id acres in cultivation and 10 acres in timber. 30 acres 1 mile from court house, new 4 room dwelling., good new stab e, smoke house, good well, 20 acres in cultivation a acres in timber. 116 acres 4V& miles from f t , -- . - 7 .., .j iuunt inn nmi man route, 8-room dwelling nearly new, large frame barn f.OxOr, fect. worth $500 , smoke house, cribs, granary, smith shop, com mill atid saw mill run by water. Fine large orchard, good imstnn-40 acres fine timber, on easy terms; a bargain at $2,770. C4 acres lvine near the nhnve trnr nrM r. . . . , " " voc Hiut muuer, un easy xerms; a real bargain at $()() nn on Center and Cold Spnng public r.,ad 3 miles fro,,,. Concord. Good cottage, stable and well. 12 ni ics fine meadow and timber for use on the place. A bargain for $11 00 87H acres on Mt. Pleasant and Monroe road 10 miles Muith east of Concord, 1 mile to Georgeville, school, churches, mill.o.t ton gin, postoffice and stores Two story 6-room d welling, double barn, crib, granary, well house, 4 acres splendid meadow, 3fl Mu s forest timber, clay sub-soil and lies well. Price $1800 k ii- aC.milc? ea8t of Concord. two story dwelling and out buildings,-1500 cords wood, several fine gold veius Prut.- " ro A bargain. 500 acres 6 miles from Concord at a bargain. Will sell as a whole, or will cut to suit the purchaser if all can lie sold. CITY PROPERTY. Good six-room residence, near" North: Union street, with ii v fi7aT?Vi?USn Nf1. just put on. Good barn Un OVX195 feet. One Ot best neio-bKm-ti-.. : i , A On Marsh street, opposite D.J. Price n,0forbot1,M trWt' o3-"""" "' one a.r... ,,, One six room cottace on cv-Kiti c-.... . n- e-toi. uie i v i $1 2oO, half cash, balance on easy Sfi-UV hit ELl gC n $530, half cash, balance on easy One Vacant lot On Corhin Sf bargain, on easy terms. One lot on Corbin Street 1 and is one of the pi ettiest lots in we nave several other bargains in town and countr v pro, t y which are not mentioned in this list. . ' n We have inquiries eyery day for land and town property and wewouldbeeladtoHatflnvtMncrr,,..-r. TiC"- . . J cost to you unless a sale is made. i lexfhange one nice vacant lot at Ilrown's Mill for a good mule and pay difference we oner tor sale two shares of Yorke Furniture Co. stock. One nice vacant lot on East Depot stret t. JNO. K. PATTERSOIM 6 CO. UP 8ta, opposite Cabarrus Savings liar k S:b 4 Y&hibl Ely Pfaperty HT TlrfnA ft Sk weea a SWa? f 4 j vi tus superior Court of n&li.rrn rv,n.. k zlVyj , - v v a a.aato UUUCr- gned as coram i-lOTer, will aell to the aigaest oiaaer at public sale, At the court houme door in Concord, on Mondav, th ?f My' W " 12 o cloct, M.. the storehouse nd ot oa MsJa street! known as the Dov A- itvia tni,n.J oa jot, aunaia between the alley aud storeboase and lot of J. M. Dve, dcea ed. Svnd frotltlno- shnnt T An i . . irvM .iivuai trees na running back abont 150 feet Jn . . n mi .vw Wl nilfl uuuing um wsranooH, leraii OI -le : tln.thlrd ruh An third In six . ontha anH th,m '""u vweive monina, witn lnteree from date. Title renerved till last pay ment, or the purchaser, if ha prefer. OUT na v the w nnln immtnt mk j title,' - - d; Mr 22. Commissi one Vyanted Trustworty man or woman l ' ? eounty to advertise, receive ia. receive torn N orders and nunsirn boain York Ma.ll Ordp frnnao a DOMitlon rnrmuwiit- ' 918.00 weekly; jiiired. Frevloroa experienca not easen-Eneloae aeU-addreaaed envelope for fnl- ie DepU 108 Park Ave,, New Yorfc W riememhp w rl a -v -t... i mr . 1 I. V . " "wnvion all who pay in advance for Ths Ximxb. GUMS 0HEUT.1ATISM its onVIn it . , - i'T wiei, wit in order to f4 ten I aH e aa4 tet a nTm tela cr4 sm was ikJ vQ. Ii saw feat like . --. ' COS RAD LOWS, int. 1. a. a4 M ta mi Ism, Up m4 tm4 tee fees ever k4 Ikwrniiw, T etatiat tae sla n a4 k m iBnfMM llk fcetaere KU M ler Hm f'K M H lecal skyskUa aWie4 sm to m a S- S. t 4 4 ee. ahr ukiac tw fcortve 1 bkI lh sees aa seta r fTertv r4 area. I continual tha ssee-tctoe aa4 was tbocvtajklr toW; ail mi. t"J aaeaaaattc tuSwvrt, J. t. SGSKW. W I. Varo, Ohi SOS K. Oreeeibrter 8t . and built up. In all forms of Rheum of Real Estate. Consult r these : PROPERTY. Concord, uood Luililinca.' poo.1 t- . cultivation, CO ncrcs in timUt on Charlotte road nnd Dnvi.Uo,, riurii;nr i . i well, good ' pasture n romi in, fio Pluacnnf i- . ., " v iiiivo illiv 1U" it III I llf. Bostain'a residence. ui near posuuiii C a t payments. U - rbm StrCCt Dear Poloffice at terms. - Af mn-on r.. , town. ft uaE iu aillc. 1 n c TV in DO The Right Kind of an - U tha on that contains feood mr&t, n ' likeaU oood efuca. any innurante rr lsssiaMl throntrh nsi ran I tew HofkMrtHawl htm n St S fPIWwl lhin rA tia sVa VV. a..M-l t ww mmMMm sW W v W Mm V 3 " J" - - only tha best companies, the Kilt i d l kind, and should misfortune ov.rtaku any of the holders of oar policies Ok- r efplent will bave a tecurity nood government bond. JXO. K. PATTERSON', Agent, Opposite Cabarrus Savings Bank.

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