Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 9
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"Seductive" Is Word For VIP Colors Pale — Precious — Potent'Mousing . . . floating panels— the lips and fingertips of J easier tailoring in jackets that contrast to make a costume of lady V.I.P's. everywhere! And V.I.Pick — V.I.Peacb, the vital, inspired pastels, take you anywhere with beguiling aplomb! Fresh and NEW with the great WHITE wave of American ready-to-wear, these flower-soft hues add cool color's compliment to your fashionably honied complexion, intensify the softness of fashion's newest look. For— Soft as a whisper is the word for Spring '64 — gentle, subtly sensational the tender shades and fluffy fabrics — the supple shape and pliant line. Pattern and pastels! Abstracts, scarf prints and nn-| a dress. Ingenious . . . the way "black and white", no longer safe but superb, sparkles in zebra, sunflower prints, contrasting coat linings, supersonic dots. Navy for night? Yes . . . with necklines plunging to new lows for the height of fashion. Glorious textures — tweeds, twill, linen — Mohair fluff, curlicue wool. Grand stripes, chalk or pin — crayon or pencil. Great lady crepes, cool chif fons, cut velvet and wrap printed ottomon coats, for evening! Fluttery — flattering — Fashion's gone feminine! V.I. Peach earthly flowers are modern art!blooms irresistably with sand in motion. Yellows . . . Nastur- beiges, biscuit brown and apri- tium or Apricot — Pinks. . J cot. V.I. Pink? Delectable with Porcelain to Azaica — Apple. Sprout and Grass Greens—Turquoise — "Lavender" — Amber — Taffy — all promise provocative prettiness. Soignee but i Lipsticks never sugary! I Enamel? Ruffles, frills, capes We Specialize in All Types of Permanent Waves and Tints BRUSH BACK Permanent*! Special $4.50 No Setting Necessary { § Mentone Beauty Shop? J 1870 Mentone Blvd. Mentone I i Open Evening» by Appt. Only J J 794-1900 * * SAllY YATES - OWNER { licorice, crystal pales of blue or green, navy turquoise. V.I.P. Colors in a choice of Fashion Slim or Sheer Velvet with matching Nail Very Important Pas- an(I jtcIs. created by Dorothy Gray ™'lo ice to perfection the sun-goring sizzle shades and night- J | blooming dazzlers — the whole Teens Require Good Breakfast High In Protein | Redlands Daily Facts Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1964 - 9 ! Don't Light Up - Light Out For Walk NOTES Xi luscious palette of this season's LIVING color" Wedgies \\ Manila hemp wedgies, made j ; by Phillippine craftsmen, arc seguined. The hemp not only looks nice but it is comforting and easy on the feet. It giveSi and takes as you flex the tootsies. ! Glamor panels set up for Explorer Scouts give boys a sounding board for their tecn-aged worries. Group here from Staten Island (N.Y.) discussed dating, haircuts, personal grooming and how to get along with others following a breakfast in Manhattan. By ALICIA HART Beauty Editor Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Glamor has come to the Boy Scouts. A few years ago a University of Michigan survey confirmed Travel Abroad This Year! CLEM LAU CLEM LAU 298 E. CITRUS SERVICE LAURA CREATURA Phone 793-2555 REDLANDS Spring Suits Have Swing And Flair what parents of teenaged boys!be ju>t average? were beginning to suspect — the A—You don't have to be the youths were just as interested hero. We like fellows to be in girls (and how to get along polite, with a sense of humor with their parents) as in hiking and and climbing mountains. i has They wanted to know, as onej ces are he is nice all the time ;Explorer Scout put it. how to; The hero often thinks his feats ^condition themselves to girls.; are enough. jThcy also wondered how to ; Q—Do girls like short, tight] g ovs nave tne ,j es j rc f or ;makc a "positive impression", pants on boys, especially when I iron 's active bodies, and this is achieved through adequate Sworn off cigarettes? N'erv-'walking shoe with leather up- ous. edgy? Just about decided.pers and leather soles. Shoe "this cigarette smoker would uppers of pliable leather bend rather die than quit"? Next a n d stretch with every step, itimc the nicotine urge becomes and leather soles arc sturdy, too strong, don't light up . . . flexible and resilient, light out — for a long walk. Another important point: That's t h e advice from the Leather, being a porous natural doctor — Dr. Benjamin Kauth. m a t e r i a 1. breathes. This prominent podiatrist and direc-i means that the prespiration tor of the American Foot Care evaporates through your shoes. Institute. Walking to relieve and fresh air comes in and extension and irritability is an culates around your moving iold remedy, and a good one.;feet, keeping them dry. isays Dr. Kauth. author of Other rules for good walking '"Walk And Be Happy" (John are: I Day Co.) • 1. Don't overdress. You'll , ., ! Step out smartly, vour head warm up as you go along, and Breakfast sk.mpers frequently | h M hJ FM , that vou'U want to be able to swing end the day wth a def.c.cncy .n,^ your fce , Iinslin / am] yourvour arms . ! circulation stirring. Don't make 2. Don't time yourself. Walk it too brisk at first — your as long as you like, whether smoking may have left you it's ten minutes or two hours short-winded. In time, you can,— as long as it relaxes you. work your way up to a faster Don't always have a par- tempo, ticular destination. Walk to cn- Bcfore you start out. cautions joy the countryside, the park. Dr. Kauth. step into a pair of the shop windows and the pen- good walking shoes so that your pic you see. outing will be a pleasure and •!. It's nice to have a corn- not just a chore. Wearing shoes panion. if he or she is compat- that give you cushioned support ible. But walking alone is fun, Teenagers need stronger moti-, and a balanccd s , ri( ] c vatlon - „ , ; important. For this Girls, usually worse ers than boys, must realize that; Attention always seem to be focused on teenagers. Although those young people may not enjoy being named as an individual group in our society, in one particular area, it's quite im-i [portant to study them as one.; jThat's concerning the food they; ! eat. j j Nutritionists agree that teen-j jagers. including the girls, need! ;more of the essential nutrients;' ithan their parents. Unfortunate- !ly many of today's youth have 'poor diets, and one of the most jcommon food faults is eating a jpoor breakfast or none at all. !n"tricnts. I It's particularly important for ; every teenager to consume a| : balanced high-protein morning 'meal, not only because foodl needs are high, but because) food habits for life arc usually formed during these years. Need Motivation i But what is Mom to do if licr family refuses breakfast? Presenting facts is not enough. is most;too. j important. For this reason.! 5. Don't pamper your feet — offend-jchoosc a low or medium-heeled use them. j sparkling eyes, lustrous hair, j jpep and energy come from. Uvise choice of foods, not fromi j the cosmetic counter. The vil personality. If a fellow | various, popular girl is usual-1 a nice personality, chan- | !y eating rjgh t. Skipping break- Ifast does not keep weight down. |eitber. It generally leads to a ! high-calorie snack later. en the girls' mothers. The result, according to worn with high boots a A—No. We feel the boys do scoutmaster of a Staten Island not look right in them. I(N.Y.) Explorer Scout post, is The girls on the panel also By HELEN HENNESSY |the Glamor Panel. Now an inte-got some tips from the boys. Women's Editor i?ral part of this teen-aged scout; Q-What do the fellows think Newspaper Enterprise Assn. |program, the panel includes two of girls' skirls that arc three in- NEW YORK — (NEA) — Thei° r fol| r tecn-aged girls and a ches above the knees? current New York Collections mother as moderator to answer A—They look lousy. A skirt show that spring 1964 will bc' ,nc bo > s ' questions. The ques-! looks best when it hits the a suit season But the suits are' Uons kicked around touch upon! middle of the knee or slightly a far cry from the rigid, tail-jtlating. manners, dressing and! below, orcd lines of other years. The new mobile look in suits makes them supple, occasion- | personal hygiene. j Q_Do boys like the highly I .Members of the Staten Island teased, big hairdos many girls troop in Manhattan ran through wear? Do People Have to Repeat • When talking to you on the phone? • In Group conversations? • The price of items when shopping? Take a Clue Have YOUR Hearing Checked. Our Modern Testing Equipment will Reveal Whether It Can Be Electrically Improved. HAROLD L PAHL Certified Hearing Aid Audiologist 6 - 7th St. Redlands 793-5646 spanning and exactly right for our pattern of living. Variations on the suit theme are the open jacket to reveal a pretty blouse, generally part of an ensemble, lightly flared or flounced skirts and cape and capelet effects. Imaginative buttons and pockets abound — and often they are more for fashion than function. Occasionally there are flounces on skirls or ruffles on j jackets — all part of the fem- jininc feeling, as is braid bind- jing a la Chanel. ' Blazer jackets are the big Incus, with or without collars.; but back-belted jackets and; ; fitted cardigans also dotted thc| collections. One unusual new jacket style is almost sleeveless and has a wide white collar rolling away from an open neck. Suit blouses are an import ant part of the spring fashion picture. Some of the prettier styles are tucked or ruffled and the cowl-neck blouse is another favorite among the season's soft fashions. Tweed and light airy wools are most widely used in this year's suits, but there are linen weaves and cotton ottomans, too. Black and white and navy and white vie- with pastels for color honors. To accent the soft silhouette j the, use of colorful, draped scarves adds an effective springlike touch. a typical Glamor Panel. Merc were some of their worries. Q—Do girls like boys to wear long hair or short hair? A—Girls usually prefer the short hair although this varies from girl to girl and also depends upon what looks best on the boy. Q—How do you get to know girls and learn to act natural around them? How do you condition yourself to them? A—Girls like boys to relax and not act stupid or shy. Q—Do girls expect a fellow to be spectacular, to be the high „ ! school football hero, or can he A—We're afraid to get near some of the girls with such hairdos and all that eye make up. They look as though they belong in the Bronx Zoo. ! Q—Should a boy tell a girl that he doesn't like her hair, make-up or clothes or tell her girl friend to tell her? A—Girls prefer to be told themselves. But the boy ; should suggest that perhaps i she could try a certain style • or wear different colors. He should never fell her she looks a mess. This hurts because she is trying to do something with herself. protein, vitamins and minerals.! Another teen wish is for good I grades. If breakfast is poor.| you are likely to be lired and) unable to concentrate in class. Mom, set a good example byj eating breakfast yourself and! by preparing tempting foods..' There must be a source of high-! quality protein to satisfy appc-j titcs and hold you until lunch, j Teenagers always enjoy j I meat, and Rcba Staggs, mcatl expert, offers a few suggcs-l tions: Regular or Canadian: style bacon, ham, sausage links, sausage patties, dried beef (served creamed on toast) or corned beef hash. Max Factor Sidewalk Cafe Sweet . , Just This . Off-Beat and Side of Bare FREE ... 30 tablet supply when you buy the 100 tablet bottle of new cherry flavor VI-DAYLIN chewable -vitamins ' - ...304*blet*upply when you buy 10<Hab$hoHI& SAVE $458 1 •if-v rnerry flavor VI-DAYLIN HEW ABLE yjth flavor burst This is the Vitamin product preferred by children over all leading chewable Brands ... a total of 858 children, ages 5 to 8, participated in this test. YOUR children will love the taste! . . v ,' • -.. V - . , -V.K '•' •^Mt'* ;3«V Kill- .-j IfKI -bATtlny *i(h flavor-bursiy. This is the well-balanced Vitamin tablet (8 essential vitamins) by Abbott Laboratories, Featuring Cherry Flavor Burst . . . sweetened with sugar-free SucarylP WINN'S Cor. Colton & Orange DRUG STORE • FREE PARKING FREE GIFT WRAP 793-2804 • S. 4 H. GREEN STAMPS Daily 8-9 Sunday 9-5 • PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY FREE IN REDLANDS AREA Lucy changes name to Luci WASHINGTON" (L'PI)—Presi dent Johnson's 16-year-old daughter has let it be known that she prefers to spell her name "Luci," not Lucy. A family spokesman said .Monday that Lucy has been signing her letters "Luci" for some time "so now cither form is correct." Smart enough but not old enough WOODCOTWAY. England (UPI) — Maybelle Thompson can read books and newspapers write correctly and spell 400 words. She is so smart her parents want to send her to school but education authorities said she is too young. Mavbelle is only two vcars old. Max Factor bares color to the sun ...and fashion jroes out for Sidewalk: Cafes! Make a stir with Pink Cafe, a sweet Spring pink spiced with coffee. Rhyme gay with Cafe au Lait, a color that's half rich coffee and half sweet cream- Slim Fine Line lipstick, SI.50 or Hi-Society refill, $1.10 in delectably decorated new cases; matching: regular Nail Satin, ?.7o. Indulge yourself. You'll charm cafe society! ThJrleen-going-on-14 is a jood time for a young woman to learn the "B-D-C's" of good grooming. With urging she daily follows the bath, deodorant and clean clothing routine. Because of physiological changes at this age all three are essential to her sense of well-being. Quick Lenten Dish Take some shrimp and a packaged sauce for a quick luncheon treat. Use packaged curry sauce, cheese sauce, or white sauce with your own seasonings added. Make the sauce according to package directions. Arrange cooked, shelled and deveined fresh or frozen] shrimp on toast. Pour hot sauce, over shrimp and toast. 1 COSMETICS - STREET FLOOR - HARRIS' Team at half way point on mountain KLEINE SCHEIDEGG. Switzerland (UPI) — An American- Italian team reached the halfway point today in their effort Concerned about disease increase SACRAMENTO (UPI) — Concern over a rising rate of venereal disease among young people was expressed Monday by to climb 13.030-foot Eiger Peak {Gov. Edmund G. Brown and by via the killer north wall or Dr. Malcolm If. Merrill, the "straight up" route. istate Director of Public Health. If the team, headed by Amcr I Merrill told a meeting of state ican John Harlin. succeeds, it department heads that the in- 1 will be the first time that the^idence of reported cases has; north wall has been ascended, j grown four fold in three years.l Six weeks ago, a German expe-; He said the increase is most 1 dition was turned back by fog i evident in persons under 20; and snow. I years of age. j TCe & s SL l -c & INTERLOCKING RING SETS We invite you to inspect and use our shop service developed through years of experience. The quality required with the economy deilred 118 E. State Phont 793-4806 WHY PAY HIGH PRICES FOR YARDAGE A FEW MINUTES DRIVE WILL SAVE YOU MONEY COOPER'S YARDAGE 25244 Business Hiway 99 — 796-0275 1 Block From Freeway. Between NAFB and Bryn Miwr CutoK, on Old Highway W Just West of The Tri-City Drive-In Theatre Most Complete Yardage Store In the Area. * DRAPERY and UPHOLSTERY FABRICS * BOLTS GALORE * REMNANTS MONDAY OTHER DAYS 9:30 to 5:30 P. M OPEN ALU DAY SUNDAY OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK ^ AON DAY & THURSDAY 9:30 A.M. to 9 P.M. ^ -'-^ ^

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