Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 25, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 25, 1898
Page 24
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OAILYPHABOS TUESDAY, JAN. 25, 1898. OITYNB.WS. The New Murdock hotel will be opened Thursday. "The Foundling" company went to Lafayette this moraing. Mrs. Gertrude Hardt, of 130 Oaage street, is on the sick list. Wm. Dolan,sr., went to Kentucky this afternoon on business. Born to Mr. Fred Mader acid wife of 915 Linden avenue, a son. E. P. Gould has assumed editorial control of the Kewanna Hera'ld. l quart Mason jar filled with best mustard, lOu, tomorrow only.—Traut A daughter was born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Al Moss, of No bile town ship. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Edwards o Pern have soiled on an extended tour of southern Europe. For the ffrst time in twenty-five years the town of Monticello is free of legal controversy. Mr. John Plottner and wife, of George street, are the proud parents of a brand new son. John F. Barnard, of Council Blufits Iowa, is In the city, the guest of C, R. Barnard and family. Burglars robbed the drug store owned by U, E. Tash at Gamden and carried oft $100 In jewelry. Kokomo Tribune- Miss Josephine Swadentr, of Logansport, Is the guest of Misses Lou Falk and Anna Trultt-I The subject of Rev. Wleaad's discourse this evening at the English Lutheran church will be '-Supremacy of Purpose." The police are in possession of a pocketbook containing some small change, which was found by Officer Oostello last evening. Dr. Ira Seybold, who brought his wife's remains here for buriial, Is at Dayton, Ohio, being called ithere by the serious illness of his sister. Peru Journal: Mrs. William Evans returned Sunday from Logansport, where she visited for a week. John H. Eitle, the well known barber, has accepted a position with George Mabry, the Broadway barber, where he invitea bis friends to call on him. , Indianapolis Sun: Warren Blgler, of Wabash, and D. W. Tomlinson, of Logansport, both want to be chairman of tne Republican State Central committee. Both are In district 11. As a matter of news the Pharos prints the address of Governor Shaw, of Iowa, as chairman of the gold bug monetary convention in session at Indianapolis, delivered today. Congressman Steele has written to the Commercial club of that city that Marlon stands a chance of capturing the government plant for the manufacture of steel armor-plate, and a meeting was held at Marlon to submit a definite proposition. In the Circuit court this morning, Judge Chase appointed Lalry & Mahoney county attorneys, to defend Keeder and Lee, the young men charged with burglarizing the Thomas grocery, on~ Michigan avenue, and the case was set for trial on next Monday. Mr. S. T. McConnell, the attorney, who was one of the delegates at the Indianapolis monetary convention, which convenes in that city today, will be unable to attend on account of the death of his mother, Mrs. Sarah D. McConnell, of Indianapolis. He will be represented by Quincy Myers, who, In company with Mr. Magee, left yesterday for that point. Advertised Letter List. List of advertised letters remaining In the posboffloe at Logansport for the week ending Jan. 24, 1898. SKNTS. Mr. Tod Morris, Mr. Kit Saylor. LADIES. Miss LlzKie Williams, Mrs. Louisa White. Persons desiring to obtain any of these letters, will please say adver Used. V. C. HANA-WALT, P. M. A Curfew Yiolator. Roy Joneis, the youug son of E. J. Jones, of Fourteenth and Smead • street, was arrested last night upon the charge of violating the Curfew ordinance. He was found loitering about the opera house. After giving him a lecture Officer Morris told the youngster to hurry home, and It is understood that nothing further will be done wilih the case. Kotlce. All members of the Continental Fraternal Union are especially requested to be present at a meeting tomorrow (Wed.) evening. Supreme Chancellor B. Mlchener Graves will Install officers and give an Important address to 'the members of the order. Saloon on Fire. About 9 o'clock this morning the ire department was called out to ex- tlngulsh a blaze In Robert Ray's saloon on Market street, which had originated from an overheated stove. The chimney was slightly damaged. CLOSES TONIGHT, Poultry and Dog Show a Big Success. More Exhibits Than at the State Poultry Show. List of Premiums Awarded Yesterday and Today. The poultry and dog snow at the rink will clone tonight. The attendance has already beea sufficient to meet expenses, so there will doubr.less be a surplus at the close. The at- tendance last night crowded the building, and everyone seemed well pleased with the exhibit, which is said to be the largest and best of the year anywhere In the scate. In fact, at the state poultry show at Indianapolis, a month ago, the entries numbered about one thousand, while at the present Logansport exhibit, there are more than twelve hundred entries In the poultry department alone. As for the bench show, It was not expected to be much of anything, and therefore the large number of doj;s exhibited was a great, surprise and pleasure to the association managers.. The show tonight will be complete In every particular, as no exhibit will be allowed to be removed until 10 o'clock p. m. The programme tonight, to mark the closing of the show, will be the; distributing of articles donated by the merchants of the city and the sale of certain of them at publics auction, which Is expected to makei plenty or fun. POULTRY PHIZES AWARDED. The prizes in .the poultry department were awarded- as follows, thei >ersons named being residents of this sity, unlessflotherwise given; Bronze Turkeys—Charles A. Bur- :ett, Deacon, Ind.; W. B. Mlsner, W. E. McOauley. White Holland Turkeys—Mrs. Cott Jarnett, Homtio Thornton. Buff Turkeys—Charles Burkett. Pekin Ducks—A. D. Wood. Enden Gee&e—A. D. Wood. White Laced Black Spanish—M, C. Houser & Son, Cassville; Otto Kascb, White Crested Black Polish—W. D, Watklrs, Galveston. Silver Spaagled Hamburgs—Dr. Ira Funk, J. A. Crawford, Twelve Mile; W. D. Watkins. Red Caps—C. M. Or win, Abe Reece. Pet Games—Wm. F. Bopp. Black Breasted Game Bantams—S. A. Naftzger, Mrs. Cott Barnett. Silver Duck Wings—E. E. Sanders. Golden Setiright Bantams—A. D. Wood, Carroll; W. D. Watkins. Bnft Cochin Bantams—Abe Reece. Japanese Bantams—Helen Brandt. Barred Plymouth Rocks—Mrs. D. A. Stoner, Eensselaer; Joe Cunningham, A. L. Weckner, fl. C, Haskett, W. A. Noel, Mrs. Cott Barnett, Mrs. Sol D. Brandt. White Plymouth Rocks—Mrs. Cott Barnett, G. N. Weyand, C. L. Beck, Wabash; T. H. Harris, Silver Laced Wyandottea—C. M. Barlowe, Kokomo; J. C. Bridge. White Wyandottes—S.A.Naftzger, North Manchester; Mrs. Cott Barnett. Light Bnihmas—Chas. Demmsrly, Bruce Pullen, Mrs. Cott Barnett, E. E. Sanders, Kokomo; Mrs. Sol Brandt, G. P. Boner. Buff Cochins—J. P. Poe, Kokomo; Abe Reece, Bunker Hill. Partridge Cochins—J. S. Kreider, W. H. Hayes. White Cochins—R. F. Johnston. Black Cochins—Dr. H. T. Ballard, Chenoa, 111. Blaok Langshans—E. E. Sauders, 5. A. Naftzger, Mrs. Cott Barnett, Mrs. Sol Brandt, Lara C. Hoss, Kokomo. Single Comb Brown Leghorns — H. F. Burgman, J. E. Gault, Sycamore, Ohio: Charles Kirkomer, Mrs. Sol Brandt, Dr. .Ira Fuo.k Royal, Center. Rose Comb Browa Leghorns— Dr. Ira Funk. Single Comb Buff Leghorns— S. A. Nattzger, Miss C. M. Orwia. Mrs, D. A. Stoner, of Rensselaer, was awarded the association's prize for the prize -winning fowl. The bird was a Barred Ply moth Rock. Mr. Joseph Krelder, ot this city was awarded a, silver medal as a sweepstakes for having the finest ex htbit of poultry. BENCH SHOW PHIZES. The award of prizes In this department was made by Mr. Al G. Eberhardt ot Cincinnati, owner of the $1,000 English bull dop, which Is one of the features of the show. Mr. E. has made a close personal examina tion of each of the one hundred dogs and the awards are all founded on actual merit. In cases where there is but one dog exhibited In a certain class, he did not give it first premium, unless it was entitled to first, but maybe placed it second or even third. Following are the awards: Rough Coated Collies— o. d.— First premium, itoss Bautn, Valparaiso, Ind. R. C. Collies, o. b.— First pre mlum, Ross Baam. R. C. Collies, novice dogs— First premium, Ross Baum. R. C. Collies, pappy dogs— First premium, H. F. Burgman, city; 2d, Walter J. Beamer and Ernest Warner, city; 3d, B. J. Bower, city. R, C. Collies, puppy b. — First premium, J. A. Butterworth, city. English Mastiff, Pupp) Cliiss— First, D. L. Truman. English Setter, o. d. — First, W. 6. Rea; second, Arthur Lswellyn. English Setter, novice dogs— First, W. B. Enyart. Pointer, o, d. — First, E. Schmitt. Pointer, novice— First, Yf. L. Ferrick; second, J. D. Ferguson. Pointer, o. b.— G. W. Rush. Gordon Setter.novice— Filrst, Grant Hilton; second, Will Grinesr; third, Tony McCaffrey. Fox Hound, o, d.— First, J Crawford, Twelve Mile. Fox Hound, Puppy- -First second, Wm. F. Bopp.- Newfoundland, o. c. — First, Ira Funk, Royal Center. English Grey Houad, novice- First, C. H. Westerman. Toy French Poodle, o. d. — First, Mrs. N. W, Duley; second,' .same. CHICAGO Woman's Muslin & Cambric Muslin Underwear Sale. OfficiaJ fscsrmi.'e of .Nieda! Awarded DR, PRSCE'5 CREflM SftKIKlf POWDER A. and Dr. Kecelred Dally br ff. W. Mllner, at 6. A. R. Building:. Chicago, Jan. 25, 1898. Wheat—For May opened at 93J@ 92Jc; high, 94c; low, 93£c; closed, at Wheat — July opened, 84}@84ic; closed, 84i@85c. Corn— May, opened, 29J@29c; high, 29£c; low, 29c; closed at 29Jc. Oats— For May, opened, 23Jc; high, 23f($23ic; low, 23fc; closed'at Pork—May opened, I19.85@9,90; high. $10.02; low, $9.85; closed at 110.02. Hogs—Receipts of hogs :J4,000; estimated tomorrow 25,000. Market opened 5c higher; mixed, «3.75@3.85; heavy, I3.75@I3.85; rouijh, I3.40@ 3 55; light, •3.60@l3.8i. Cattle—Receipts, 7,000, st?ady; sheep, 11,000; lOc lower. Curb, 95}c; puts, 93J@93ic; calls, KID MeCOT Writes That He Will YisH; Logansport and 9ir« an Exhibition. A representative of the Pharos Is In possession of a letter written by Kid McCoy to John R. Hall, of this city, In which the champion middle-weight prize fighter announces that he is tired of the stage and will close in a few more week« and take a rest, also that he will visit Logansport if he can arrange an exhibition here. McCoy refers to his olcl friends in Logansport, whom hei would be glad to meet, and closes with: "I just met Tom Sloan, the jockey, another Hoosler. He Is alii right, is looking well, and has got nothing but money." AMUSBKENrS. "The Hearthstone" at Friday Night. S'ert WORLD'S FAiR,CH!CAGO,l893 A companion play to "Shore Acres' by the same author, is "The Hearthstone." James Herne is responsible for both of these beautiful plays. 1 'The Hearthstone" Is simple arid the moral good, replete with pathos and laughter, and well Illustrates the old saylntr, that the fountain of lacghter Is hard by the fountain of tours, The character that surrounds that quaint production, "The Hearthstone," and accounts for Its popularity, lies In the fact of ita simplicity. This great production will be presented Friday night. The Golden Rule's Annual Muslin Underwear Sale Now Going On. In these garments we carry many exclusive styles, you won't find them anywhere else. We make no extra charge on account of holding these advantages. It isn't our way of doing business. We wish to again emphasize the fact that teis ocean of perfection has been vouched in the production of these Ready-to wear Undergarments. Not a single essential quality-can be found lacking in these. We give special attention to matching these garments correctly in sets, or sell them separately, as you prefer, all lull sizes. Muslin Night Gowns. Elegant Fine Quality Muslin Night Gowns in all sizes, full length, only .-..-. Extra NUce Muslin Gowns trimmed neatly in handsome Embroidery and Insertion to match. ROYAL UNDERGAftMENTSlJ Wide Umbrella Drawers and Ceheraise. Fine Muslin Drawers Nicely Trimmed Only 19c. Extra Wide Umbrella Drawers Trimmed in Fine Medsie Lace Made of the finest quality Cambric. Can match this perfectly in other garments, at this sale only - - 48c Nicely made Cehemises,trimmed in Lace or Embroidery at only 98 cents- Corset Covers And Umbrella Skirts, latest covers, made of fine cambric in all sizes, some trimmed in Lace Embroidery, others plain at 12 l-2c, 19c, 24c and up. . UNDERGARMENTS Cambric Umbrella Skirts We think we have the best and prettiest line of Umbrella Skirts that you can find in the "(g^<SZ''W=-— city and here you will find them very cheap. Elegant wide skirts trimmed in fine MediseLace, full] 4 1-2 yards a beauty at 89 cents. Sale Now Going On. At The Golden Rule.

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