The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 23, 1908 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1908
Page 10
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THE BAKBRBFfELD CALiFOB NIAN WEDNBSDAT, DBCBMBBft 28, 1108 LEGAL. ORDINANCE NO. 93. LEGAL LEGAL ' thereupon proceed ' tnony o An ordinance Imposing a license for:against said petition for license, and the business of handling, soiling or j shall refuse to allow a llr — "- ' giving away spirituous, malt or fer- sue thereunder, if it shall mented liquors or wines, fixing the i the satisfaction of the bor •mount thereof, imposing conditions petitioner for Uio license •Ed making regulations therefor, pro- proper person ' Tiding for tho revocation of such II- reuse, or if si; cense, prescribing the method of pro- 'convicted undi- cedure and fixing' the punishment for violated any of the violation of said conditions and ordinance, or i regulations. The Board of Supervls- ">ade in good ; nth. or it the proposed hear any test!support of, or r license, and license* to Is- all appear to ioard, that the sv is not a >r bold such 11- oner has been llnance, or has visions of this etltlon is not now existing, or hereafter adopted for the lawful regulation of such business, or place of business. If at any time In the Judgment of tho Board of Supervisors, the sureties on such bond, or either of such sureties become insufficient, the board mny require the principal to execute a new bond with sufficient sureties in like form and amount as the first bond; and If he falls so to do within ten days after receiving ors nf the County of Kern, do ordain as follows: place tor coni is not a fit Section I. It Bhall be unlawful for Ul " l ' e ' 8 . any . " •ny person, firm, or corporation, club [" r BUCJI re u- or association, or member or members K '" Protest < a of such dub or association, whether '"' ss , or ot '"' 1 "-" as priiici;;iil, clerk, servant, agent or !"' nloni »'">' eniployi e, t o ong;u><> in transacting, coaditiiiiiK, or carrying on the business of handling, giving away or gelling spirituous, malt or fermented' for ir or prolestan' any petition. liquors or wines In any quantity or quantities, in said County ot Kern, ."'.'.'", OI , K ' C ''' outside of municipal corporations, . , u> P0!il " without first having procured a 11- "-"'•- y rcnso " cense so to do as in this ordinance shall not be written notice of such requirement ins the said business Bating the reason therefor, the board K per place, or if (may cancel the bond and revoke the •r sufficient reason j n<. cngo issued thereunder. whether shown by ( K nt anv time it shall appear to the iile, location of busl- j satisfaction of tho Board of Supervls- The Board of 9u-,, )rs , a ft cr having given the principal 'heir own motion, or five days written notice by mall, that •)>• a petitioner he has violated any of the conditions the hearing O f; ,,f this bond, and of this ordinance the board shall at once, revoke his license and declare the bond forfeited. Section 12. No person shall vend, or furnish or mixed drink to person, firm, cor- Association, having license, or having hawk, peddle, sell, give petition there- protests being filed, a license upon a provided; and any person, firm, cor second petition yiw*iuv.u, uuu till j jjt > DV^U, ill uj,i*ul- . . ... .1 poratlon, club, or association, or mem.! " 1(mt » 8 alter t ; f * ' . . ' —•—- rt e \ T t> iraf\i\ i< h *i i i made within first petition; spirituous, vinous, malt liquors or an Intoxicating others within the County of Kern, except at a fixed place of business duly LEGAL. misdemeanor. Section 20. All ordinances or parts of ordinances In conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed. This ordinance shall take effect and be In force from and after the 4th day of January, 1009. H. A. JASTRO. C'.ii.irman of the Board of Supervisors f'ounty of Kern, State of California. Attest: I. L. MILLER, c:ork of the Board of Supervisors. (Seal.) The above ordinance was passed by the Hoard of Supervisors of the Conn- ty of Kern, at a regular meeting thereof, held December Ifith, 190S, by th" following vote: Ayes: Peterson, Tii-ite, Woody, Corsett, Jastro. Noes: None. Attest: T, L. MILLER, rierk of the Board of Supervisors. (Seal.) 12-19 six ftn(1 1 authorized. CHOPPED III if a misdemeanor and punished as hereinafter provided. pet Ii tloner for a license may be examined ; under oath, and any competent evl- Section 2. Every person, firm, cor-1 <,,, IU , e may b( , produced as to who is poration. club or'association, or mem-j (ne re(U partv in interest, and If the bar or members of such club or asso-u 3o nrd of supervisors Is satisfied that elation who engages in, transacts or j tne petition Is not In the Interest of carries o n In the County of Kern, tne party ln W | 1OSO name the petition State of California, outside of muntc-,j s niade they ipal corporations, the business of, t ' nn ]i ce nse refuse t o grant |f f oun a to be In the i Section 13. Nothing In this ordinance Contained shall be construed, or deemed to authorize the sale, or furnishing, or giving of Intoxicating liquors to minors, Indians, habitual drunkards, or to any person or class of persons to whom such sale or furnishing Is prohibited by law. Section 14. Upon the trial of any action authorized by this ordinance, the defendant Is deemed not to have procured the proper license, unless handling, giving away, furnishing or; interest of'one who has already been | he either produce it, or prove that he selling any spirituous , malt or fer- • r( ,f USPd a license, they may treat the I procured It. mented liquors or wines in any quan-1 , )t , tltlon ns lt m!ldo by tne real" party *!L°! q ,"^" U) -" e8 ; mUB <^ rB ^o ° b ^!ll a i in '"t-erest, and the petition shall TO., ri,,\i~ n . [ li(V( , (lll , samo effect against any fu license therefor from the Tax Colloc-1 tor of said county as hereinafter pro-: ' t 'y',' u ' Section 1.". Every person who engages in, transacts, or carries on the follow- , Tided and make therefor in? payments: For each and every year Three Hundred <$3U(Ujd) Hollars; and, pro-i.,^ vlded further that no license shall be igsued for u less period than one year. , as If it had been mado' business "f handling, giving away, or selling sidrltiious, malt or fermented ! liquors or wines, without first obtain; ing a license so to do, as In this or- ln tnu lmm( , ot lnc rca [ party ln ln . it-rest. 7 No license to sell elve - furnUh vinous, mall mlffi i " in " tlce Proved, or who violates any lIUfK'^rA s» U o,. xo ,,™,, 0 „„„ ,,c ,,j ys~ i~ sS^S^S^^n^K sued to at." person, firm, corporation, .'' b v he Ckrl o\° th e I oird of ; thoronf flhaU be P unl8ned b y a fine club, or association, to engage In! j Krv&rs " ant prtl*«! f, 'the I nr » **«**"* "™ "™«™* D °» a . rBl transact, or carry on Uu, business of, tl , Ml Hcemv 8llallP , e 4 „ by lho ""'J^h" FlWynrita™. «r by im- handling, giving away, furnlshln K or Tax c ,, nt rtor to any person, firm, cor. selling wpirliuous. malt, or fermented j p, ir;t iioi: dub, or association, until liquors or wines in said Kern County j Uic , )art y or parties making petition until tho fine he satisfied, specifying the extent of the Imprisonment, j.-risonment In the County Jail not exceeding six months, or by both such fine and Imprisonment, The Judg- outside of municipal corporations, In I.-"': s,«'h^T^.n°!"shainm-'c' 6 n^d'To mont fhat the defendant P»>' the fine, nny place or places wll(?re nny farc0i I ;.,;', } ^^ ' ( . ( !i"" tor n " y -tud all suras ' may also (1Irect that he be Imprisoned comedy, tr;,::-.,ly, hall.'t, opera, play, ',,,,,, m ; iy ,„, ,, |)e (o ' lh ; Co ;, nly of Bpenkiij,', decainaiion. Kinging, or ;-,,,,, fn , n , ,,„.,, petitioner, or petition pantomime, is bi-mp mven, or where any exhibition of dancing, acrobati ft-alH, (onlortions or the like Is being ' '^'n^,,^ b^ K mT'7ieTuioner'oTpetM lmi)r;son ' ncnt must not CJCCeed ° ne given, or In any building or buildings, 11 toners or either or any of them and hlir "' rf>( ' nnd nft y days;) encliisnre, or enclosure.-!, where te-i,., r , v i,i ( . h ^-Ud business license' has ' Arul in eVu "* tnat an y Person Is males are employed for the purpose! £ L., ,,;.,' |- a d It U herohy ma" foliml R " llty Of any vlolatlon "« the of soliciting for the sale O f, or of | ^ ^ ! ^' r 'said T-ix Co octor to at provisions of this ordinance by a con- giving away the samp, or where fe- "'" !" \,£ln>t i O! ^ lt „ d netlioner vlrtl011 nf nn ofTonso committed at- males are employed for the amuse- ^';; |l *^ l .^ t - ( ,.° r(1 "; .. hal * pt ' ^° n ^ ter the previous conviction under this ment, or entertainment of the public, ^e!;,,'^e's'uideb'ea ^o^L ZinS ^-«f ,^^« ^'^^"^ '- •'^'iirdthero, 1 '' ny 0 of^n,!r^ -^ ,-»| -t exceed one day tol ••j.,,uut of any business heretofore I f vrr >' two ( '° tllars " n ° (Provided such .. * i i in 111«* £?nti tn nn f mucr «nr nvnaorl r^nA or whore females solicit for tho F,nle, or give away the same without being employed so to d», and where females entertain, or amuse the public In any manner, or In any room, buildtnt;, or buildings, enclosure, or enclosures, or place whatsoever, where music Is being played or rendered, or dancing ia of Keru, before issuing such license; and the said Tax Collector shall re- | a period of not less than one, nor more than six months without the al- and the satil rax collector snal re-,: ., ~- :•— ;„ „ „ —• port -he same to the Board of Super- ^ ft ^?L Pa ^^ fl °\V^^ visors. S. A license must be pro- "ItB pretty chilly along the north end or the aqueduct in the Owens valley," said Superintendent Mulholland yesterday in talking about his recent inspection trip, says the Los Angeles Examiner. "Everythilng Is goIni: along nicely, but we had a little delay last week from an unusual raiise in this part of the country. The dridsre was laid up for several hours In making some minor repairs and In the morning when we started out the crew had to get out ami- a channel through the ice In inal to get back to the point we were at work. The ther- ' mometer was hovering around eight di-r es above zero for three days, and it is chilly enough for all the blankets a man can pile oc. at any time." • A- soon us the weather gets warmer \\e will run three shifts a day on the '-.-eiiirers, making it a sort of con- ti::'- ';>• performance for the twenty- iioiirs. The new dedgcr Is corn- rile;, and we will begin shipping It up - inn. When the new dedgcr is at work we expect to make rapid prog-1 ress en the big canal. In the spring we , \prct to put. in another dredger, as «e find that dredging is the cheapest way to move dirt, "Percy Howard is getting in shape to J'esin active, work on his contract in the Antelope division. He already has one steam shovel and will put. in COLD AT RAND8BURO. We are experiencing some dry and cold weather for this country. This morning was probably the coldest In the history of the camp, exceeding by two degrees the lowest record ever known hy the Yellov Aster Company when Charlie Crusoe fiepl the record. About an Inch of Ice was formed last night and several thermometers registered as low as 20 degrees above zero this morning. At noon it Is a beautiful, bright, warm day.—Miner. NEVADA MAY PROVIDE A HOME FOR MINERS A dispatch from Reno says the superannuated and dependent miners of Nevada nre to be provided with a home by the state. Leslie M. Small of Ormsby County, Assemblyman- elect, Is to lead the fight at the coming cession of the legislature to carry this legislation into effect. Small has the support of practically the entire Democratic delegation and aa the legislature will be overwhelmingly Democratic, there Is no doubt but the bill will become a law. Negotiations are already under way to purchase the government Indian school buildings and site near Carson for the new home. REAL ESTATE tRANSFERS. CITY FISH MARKE f ALWAYS A FRESH SUPPLY ON HAND. GIVE U8 A TRY. PROMPT DEL1V- ERY. EXTRA SELECT OYSTERS 30 IN CAN 55 CENTS. EXTRA SELECT IN BULK, 25 CENTS PER DOZEN. A. Lyons 1512-18 Main 977. alty therefor, or he may be punished another. About half the tunnel in this ™-,:,u,u ... ~ ...;.-„»« ,„„», u B !„„- b y ^oth ^V^ 'n^T™^,, ^ l division already has been driven by cured immediately before the contin- "«jj M?\^f£ n %K?' , ***\ ^° our forces - uatlon hinder, or commencement;^ »* £%^* ^S7 * *2 ' "We will compiete sixty per cent of of any business or occupation liable — -l-.~ ., « « i j . . , Ui tliiJ UUOIUCOO Ul U^UllllrtLIVJZJ 1JUU1U f?^.,""', any danclne 1S bt ''"81 to such license, as In this ordinance j provided, from the Tax Collector of county; which license shall au- l - 1 ' :l I" !'-. '-- oi ; ,:ll.i : Li- signed i conducted. Section 4. Every person, firm, cor- ; ha ld poration, dub, or association desiring , ,1,, , a license to engage iu, transact, or |,,',,,, carry on. the l.iwiiiuss of handling, ' .. ' ,' selling or giving away, any malt, or IVi-m- nti.-,; Hii.n/r.i shall present ;,, iir i; ();ll ., visors of live ' 'c-naty in' l regular nu-i iiaj; e, ^.,,.i i, .; tlon praying lor in,- i- ,uai license, suiii p> • i by a niajori'.;. m and repidi nt. owni : • i-! pr'if iu a radiUii uV n ,^ b'iiniu.-il : pinco in tlie to\\ u in \\bii h posed to conduct the said nud iniiHt accompany said poiiilou by a plat Hhowiug the local ion of the proposed place of business; and when any person, linn, corporation, club, or assoclalioti u«ii't-'H a license under the provisions of this ordinance, to conduct such business outside of any isnld County of Kern for the nse of the general fund of said county. all the tunnel work during the coming Section 16. Any license granted flscnj year, and also begin work on under tho provisions of this ordl-' tne re servolrs as soon as we get wa- nance may, at any regular meeting of * '•" "'" '"'-'"H"' flriI1 ; Ii r r P oratl ,°i! 1> ithc Board 'of Supervisors be revoked '^enough. Active work Is now In or ;i .-iueiatlon, petitioning the ' -- '-'--- !u sii' ti tosvu or particular lobe i onnty, to , , . or wines, | trnnsad. or curry on the business <!e- I , complaint In writing '"' ! hy person or ln Fi ,| rt license. A separate license- must be obtain- fm- taih Iramh crtabliKhment, or ( j in s:i [,j co « n ty. l..-.i i e r.-sih-i| m;,|, r this ordi- shall niithori/o any person, iii.-', ' '' .>•'! ;'' i"'i. i lull or •is'vH-iation ' in carry on such business within the; limit : of any Incorporated city or t'uvn having the power to impose or i'.-vy any city or town license tax, via- i 1 s-; i'.i addition theroto, a license ro- . progress at fimfty different points on the aqueduct. There are now about this number will be increased to 3000 In sixty driys." town, the petition therefor must show the place where said business IB to be condutt'd, and be signed by not less than two-thirds of the resident lessees and resident owners ot! real estate situated wllUIn a radius of three quired by said city or town bo also ] pl c'",^,,,,, cancelled, provided that a corn- duly verified, person or peronna making the 2 QCO men at wok and same shall hnv> first been filed with the clerk of such board, setting forth ami specifying wherein such ordinance, or any of its provisions, or nny of the conditions of tlie undertak. in« herein provided for have been vi'il-ited, if aHer a lull examination of f ic \villl.- •:••!• ; !"-e.!i|- ,.(1 n t Sllf-h V.'-arliur, the I'.i.nvil of Siipervh^nrs or r. n,;i.|i-ii-ity thereof, vball be srvtipfleil that i!ie i)crs"ii, lirn;, corporation, club or asocial ion has lieen suilty of tlie offense charg< d In the said corn- P. M. Graham to U E. Doan, $10, southwest, quarter of northwest quarter of southeast quarter section 2632-23. L. E. Doan to C. ,7. Berry, *10, southwest quarter of northwest quarter of southeast quarter of section 25-32-23. B. J. Brush to Charles N. Miller, $10, north 37.625 feet of south Il7.fi25 feet of north half of southeast quarter block P, Lowell addition, Bakersfleld. R % alph M. Blodget to E. K. Potter, Jeanette E. Fiekeissen, $10, north half i section 20-11-22, subject to mortgage for $500. r.eorne. \V. Palmer and wife to Miss Jessie A. KiiiR. $10, north half of north half lot :;2:',, -!th Home Kxlen- siou colony. California Savings ;ind Loan Society to T. N". Canflold. $10. all section 2025-26. August Kralzmer and wife to Castle Hall No. 76 of Bakersfleld, $5, commencing northeast corner lot ;>, block 234, Bakersfleld, south 115^ feet, west r.G feet, north 115V& feet, east 56 feet, cor lot ;;, block 23-1, Bakersfleldfwypjj THE WEBINQER ASSAYING 00. Is now prepared to make assays ot all ores, metals and water*. Ore samples by mall cost Ic pe ounce. Send for free mailing envelopes amd price Hat. F. J. WERINGER, • Astayer and Metallurgical Ctomlct Woody, Cal. Near Bakersfleld Californian want ads bring results. Annett's Bakery The Place For GOOD PASTRY CLEAN BREAD MacDONALD FAMOUS ICANDIES 1627 19th St. Phone M 930 I CQMPAN FILE ARTICLE first procured. Section 9. It shall be the duty of the Tax Collector to collect all licenses Issued under this ordinance, I w i t j,' and to perform such other duties as j are by this ordinance prescribed. Section 10. All licenses Issued under the provisions of this ordinance shall contain provisions, and shall be 17. l!pon Uio filins of tho nt herein above mentioned, i rifled, charging any person, firm, corporation, club, or association,! pro . Certlfled' articles of incorporation were filed In Fresno County yesterday cf the following oil companies: Eldee Oil Company 'of San Fran- ho herein ' a3 !t '« miles of the place where such busl- Bnln ted upon condition that sameunay ness Is proposed to be conducted; and |he revoked or recalled at the pleasure said petition must bo accompanied j of the Board of Supervisors; and by u piut f-howing the respective locations or places of residence of the persons \vhuse names are ulgoed to said in'titUiu; any person, firm, cor- such board shall revoke any license w>eii it Is shown to their satisfaction that the holder of tho license is keeping a disorderly place, or Is violating F5™li?,":,. cl " b ^ r _ asoclfttlon ' ^ ealrl | 1 * I auy of the provisions' of this ordi- "* '' state law, or that the county will be license, license to procure u license as aforesaid, i nanco'or of _ shall deposit with the Clerk of tha j heat interests of" the Board oi Supervisors of the said I Be rved by revoking said County of Keru, at the time ot pre-1 provided, however, that no 8(*Dtlri^ tilt) •! I f I I'»1L! II I .1 ..l.+ ltl.-ir. it,,.'- . ' . ' * ™ ••*' sum of United BtiUes plied to lor tho flvKt year, if said license is -» t . ,, ill l IJJIV^IIH^IA, f f V/ 11 V T l. « , V^ltVl. 11VS »*\,VUOU tho ulorvaald potlllon. thu i Bhall bo rovo kod ^Jthout giving the -., , n M H !'"? rea P 01 " 11 " 8 ' noldor thereof an opportunity to ap- Mivtos Gold Loin to be up- , )nar bcf()re tne Bottr ' a { gupo^!,^ tho payment ot said licenso ,„ ,,,, nwn ,, Rhtl , r OI ° i )ulv ' 80rH violation of any .. ..._ r ._ , ns of this ordinance, or any of j fisco, authorized capital $500,000 In conditions of the. undertaking,; noo.OOO shares and $50 subscribed; Incorporators, L. D. Weles, M. L. Euphrat, J. Qunzburger, R. H. Hughes and R. W. Landon. Southeastern Limited OH Company the duty of the clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and ho. Is hereby expressly authorized to issue a notice reclt- Ing the substance of said complaint plained of, to appear before the ! in 500,000 shares, sub- In ills own behalf. On tho revocation of a license „ , - An > i i;| r ( y holding n 11- panted, and if said license be not part" oftto^monoy'paid ^'^coun"y ^^"^des!;'' 1 '^ 1(U " " f M " 8 °'by said petitioner or petitioners shall''' 1 ' be returned, but such money so paid, .•ind tin- whole thereof shall be forfeit Board of Supervisors on a day to be scribed by Charles (A. Wil-cox of Oak- stated therein at their next regular land and LoulS Nathan, T. M. David- meeting after the ulln« of such com-! _, m P .. vnoi pn! , on * M T F,,niirBt plaint, and with any witnesses that he ' C< Al Mlelenz and M ' L ' El 'I* rat may desire, to show cause, if any h« ' of ' San Francisco, has, why such license Rimuld not ba i Blectra Oil Company of San Fran- re Y,° hed - , , ,, dsco, $500,000 in 500,000 shares and shlil^o^^hre^,^,:^^^!^^ -^crlbea: I, D. Weiss, M. L. charge. Section 18. grautod, the said sum of Throo Hundred Dollars .--tr.ill I'o rotumod by tho clerk to tin petitioner; and pro-' vlded further, tint, no license shall be issued to iiny peivou, firm, corpor- cd to the county. When a license of any person, linn, corporation, club or ation, club, or a .,o-:atluri, uudor the association ] H revoked for any cause, provisions of this period of less Hum one Section 5. Hvcry Kiuilt be tiled "llh l>u< tor a year. niieli petition Olork Oi' tho Ilonrd of Supervisor* at lenst ten days prior to the first Monday of tho month, upon which day such petition ttranted shall bo heard by tho Hoard of Su pervlsors, and the clerk of said board shall petition be po: : said hoarlug as follows: If such business In proponed to be no new or other license shall be granted to the same person, firm, corpora: ion, club, or iiSHOc.latton, within six months from I ho date of snch revocation. continue such business beyond tic tim.> specified m , Ice.nse, nuisi <,<m ,>i ,; i u u, n : form and m.n n r n /ciit-i'd fur to obtain a e :i piirty holding a license un>!< r t!ii~- ordinan. n neglects to obtain u i,<.-,.,- Hc<Misn to commence at the extdraUrin o'' the' former one. it shall he unlawful fm such party to continue such bushier- section H. Noilcenso shaU be i r^feoW 1^;^^,^ and Hiich party PO continuing conso. iind such party so ICuphrat, J, Gunznurger, T. M. David- sou ana R. W. Landon. Light oil Extension Company of San Francisco, fnOO.OOO in 500,000 shares and foO subscribed; C. A. Mlel- • •nz, M. L. Euphrat, S. Kahn and J. H. l.arkln of San Francisco and Nathan of Alameda. under IIils ordinance until peiltlonof shall have oxocutod a' lors, and the clerk of said board joint and several bond to tho County i l, c i, i,,',' „„, g htt ii V 0 inn"", "u^ give notice of tho filing of Bald of Kern, with two or more sufficient I "J^ JdomLnnr , m° 8 , 5 ' 5 n by causing notice thereof to sureties In the penal sum of Five i ftL? ^*?*£§, r ^' , " " mv °' sled at least five days beioro Thousand Dollars, and such bond j ft" ^ ""'^« nr ov I- ° •onrlnc M follows: shall havo been approved by, and l thla VtSn 19 P ^o v person firm filed the Hoard of Supervisors ) corpora on. dub o ° nssoc-'i.n fl ^ ,r;«i?r d an-r nS, £ r -s^i-^rs^r"^ « % L h " 1 . ' he .,^"^«' '» «*..«?»»?. *"* I n?^rn n ouLllr'"; Tn^r S? n ' "c ?. ,all be posted In three public places In such HO!EL BRULE STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS. S1 PER DAY AND UP 670 Eddy, bet. Polk and Larkin SAN FRANCISCO Headquarters for Bakeraflel people. BIG BEAR of the most town; If lho proposj d Is In the country, oiu< notice at 'tho term of the bond, will pay all licence placo whero such biislnosH is propos- tax that may now, or hereafter be 1m- ed to bo conducted, am 1 , also !u two posed on such business by this ordi- iiiK the time ho shall continue l:i tha place of business buslnesa specified, not exceeding tho 'irporn'ed <*!);. to«, who hi connection with such bus- inesfi sells, handles or trlves nwnv anv wines, fermented or distilled Hqtmrs. or malt llriuors In any qiwnti'v what- of Uio most public places wlthlu a nance, or any ordinance of the Hoard to nil tho rules radius of threo miles thoronf; said no- of Supervisors, and that he will con- ) )n n,i« nmi nntw= nV tlce sholl state the name of the poll- duct such buslneus and the place In, L,,, "'""s .is tloner, tho place whero tho business or at which tho same may be carried e^ e( is proposed to he conducted, and the on, In a quiet, orderly and reputable to<i time and place when said petition manner, and In conformity to the w|ll bo heard. . laws of the stats, and to any ordi- The Board of Supervisors shall natuce of the Board of Supervisors soever, shall lie reu'iircd to In ' reiiulred of re-un." In tho l)uslnp«;« <•>' ' '••"•TO pet K Ions, nrrll tv, i PAYNE & ^nneral Directors Embalm era cenao, and for tln-o- n n rt A f' thp t»rmn of thfs thp NI 8 ht BARBECUE ON Christmas Day Between U and 2 at the WINDSOR HOTEL E-v-e-r-y 8-o-d-y K-n-o-w-s AL and 1EFF They Alwyas Make Good

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