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The Concord Timesi
Concord, North Carolina
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i iit i.intp tarn coricononAnxErs Wt4 ti I Xl tt smni tlk4 tJTZx (L-bc bmts. The State V. C. T. U.

convention wih be held at October 31st and November 1st and 2nd aDd the national convention will convene at Nashville November ICth and continue in session until the 21st Trinity College. Eneointigjng report come from this invitation. The session has opened finely. Hneh an Increase ban bwn inade in the eamWr of stadenU a.s to necessitate the election of an assistant teacher iu the preparatory department. Mr.

Julius Hatheock, of Norwood, Stanly county, whu graduated ftf sirlf 0ioel4Utr; A 3t ti Slam-is H4i ism wi tet ttirr i ia Lrlih to bur it, mmxlJi mHi xoich for Ik Kr5t ftikJ fcrlil i ml lo ecfcti, mmth 54 et. Dr cwl Id itooviui. umn ixu tVt t4 (Wats Ut ftW Cftktkrnrl, rikkr, rfvWl ler, rv0u4i i ft etefytMBi; auiktt cttw I np uk tr ea ta? of al pace. I jww aoa yr pv-1 dC4 .,,1 by 2linj fe hmt I HOUSES FOR REflT -ti i. I vi town, ore id last Hit 1 tetitrr.

W.O.COLRMAN'. Uore an-l ibastie la hue. Cull! ana Mil Sen ic tr TO GINNERS I am pwparsi to akarpen cit lh I 7 "3 aiwuu'. ail pa ma HlllLrtihl mm I vonr ralue.1 people the ptupit. I went to llrteky llitrr to Uy.

I Lad one doubt to beins fdle to serve tuit zzoA iiiyi er-1 cedent people, and tbat was the iaadequacj of ny voice to tbe til- tbel hn ot iueir fjreat chnrca. A soon as I convince uy expc- neneo tnat thw twUr titeee and the donl bwame a iiUv6 1 convicuon, i piamiy fciai jet in writing to one of the El ders who bad conducted the correspondence with me. And ibis communication was written telore chnu or any ot form of e-lcktles3 jj tbe pawoaaRe. Bever in th to pr of the rario: quarters tion; and it was not even known to rae whether or not a majority of the Session favored the continuance of such services. The other reason offe--ed for my withdrawal bad reference to the: difficulty of doing pastoral work in the inclem ent winter weather.

1 wish to say that I never expect to serve a bet ter peoxde than those of noefcy appreciative, so willing to work, so devoted. I shall ever pray for God's choicest blessings upon them. Please do not regard this as criticism but simply urtating tbe facts from an inside standpoint. Tours very truly, D. S.AIcAixisteb.

McColl, S. Sept. 20, '87. A Protest From ''Farm2r' Mr. Editor: I notice in your issue of the 9th an article beaded the "Concord Cotton Market," and a copy of tbe same rules or laws was banded me in' Charlotte adopted by the Concord merchants in tbe deduction in price of cotton in bales weighing less than four bu'ndrod pound, organ ized to compel the farmers tod put up heavier bale3 or pay the! freight On the same, and under said rules or law the small far mer that is not in the babit of raising but little cotton, say under four hundred pounds, must either not raise any at all or subject himself to a deduction in the price or go and buy more cotton to make bis bale weigh four hundred dounds for the conyenience and saving of the buyers.

Now, is this fair? Are not our cotton buyers a little too fast in passing laws? Would it not be better for them to consult with tbe farmers and adopt such rules as would be agreeable with botli buyers and sellers? It is a poor rule that will not work two ways. Let us reason in this way. Say that we will adducent to tbe price of tbe cotton when tbe bale weighs six houndred pound and per pound when it weighs'GoO pounds and over. Then the farmers will submit to the deduction that the propose to impose upon us. Gentlemen, you must tote fair in this matter, and I- would suggest tbat it would be better for tbe buyers and sellers to work to the interest of each other.

I think it would be much better for both par ties. If not, the farming class" of people will be compelled to organize and protect all such impo -sitions as There is not the least shadow of fairness in it What say you brother farmers? Suppose we say that we will. have our balers to weigh just four hundred pounds and in no case to exceed 425, we more than get our money back on the bagging and ties anyway. Again I notice that the cotton merchants of Concord are imposing an inspection fee on tbe seller of five cents per bale. Wliat think you of that? Are we to submit to that? are not wanting our cotton inspected.

If we do, the buyer is far from paying us five cents per bale for inspection, and if the buye wants to look into the bales after it is sold let him do it at his own expense, and for the sake of all that is just do not impose it upon tbe poor honest industrious farmer. Faemek. J. Pioneer Mills, Sep. 17, 1887.

Best's Mills Items. Mr. E. T. Bost is building a barn for Mr.

S. C. Bost. Cotton is not as good expected. lne red lands were hurt by the recent ssorm, and some damage from dry weather preceeding tbe storm.

noticed tbat "Anon" quoted opossums as being ripe. Coons are; bin the market here. Nine persons joined the church at St. Paul's last week during tbe meeting. Dr.

Bobbitt, the Pr siding Elder, preached a very elo quent and instructive sermon from tbe text, "Behold the bridegroom comctb." It was also appropriate to the occasion. Z. The many friends of D. Corum Correll will be glad to know that be has returned to Concord to make it again bis home. He has been in Lexington for the past eight months engaged in the jewelry- business.

He has bought tbe interest of Mr. Davisof the firm of Davis and Correll, hereaf ter may be found with bis brother at tbe old stand. A Rich Legacy. The General attorney of the Pull man sleeping car company, Ex. chief Justice O.

A. Loehrane, that old Dr. Bic gers could leave no bet ter legacy than his Huckleberry Cordial for all bowel affections. "TIcwri are fill b-r fxcrpij Yvrr Vr- yu ytifn Kin.i- i rr. ue raoUi xeT of Convoi J.

Ik.T ia Mack gavft us excellent enon on Ul Kaadiv. xt- vrv nir-eli like lisl 1 xbe fanner are tctt fcasy tor- oaU acd an(l rmulUR cotton. Mesr James and Hamut 1 liar- ns is, two of Cabarrus county mot enterprising ana uusinti men. ar doinz a splendid vootj If ia the way of ginning cotton. They give everybody a good turnout ami all of their seed.

There is nothing little about them. Mr. J. FJam Caldwell had 'the misfortune last MonJIay ot getting the ends of threo of "hU finger mashed off. I bad intended replying to "Anon" this week, but throngb respect for others I will jui consider the source from whenee it came until be yelps again.

There is a book that savs "To see a man wise in bis own conceit there is more hope of a fool than of him." M. M. Mokrisos. Whiffs From Smith's Ford. Mr.

D. S. Jenkins has bis bands on the road again to-day. "I tell you, be makes us boys work, don't Le?" It does a man good to give him an office. W.

B. Hartsell's school (District No. 24) closed the 2nd inst. He bad enrolled about eighty scholars Mr. Hartsell is now visiting friends at Albemarle.

The farmers in this comilnnity are busily engaged in sowing oats, and gathering fodder and cotton. The Farmer club is on a boom. Come along and join. The initiation fee is five dollars. A farmer from tbe country went out to join the club last.

Saturday but backed down because be thougbt be had to be baptized on being received into full membership. Mr. S. E. Hartwick, a merchant of Locust Level, died suddenly one day lasttweek, aged 70 years.

Litttle Paul Turner, son of J. S. Turner, is quite sick with fever and has been for several weeks. Mr. J.

S. Turner is having some repairs done on bis mills, having wheels etc, put in. -Mr. D. W.

Turner, our new magistrate, has bis books and is ready for any business in bis line. Young men get your "papers" your sweethearts too and come on, he's the "squire." Messrs. Jno, Bosfc and and F. E. Hartsell are putting up a large brick kiln down on the river.

Camp meetings are over, and tbe shrill crow of the cock is beard in, tbe land; because be thinks that be is spared for a season, he is more bolder and crows with more frcenos, Mrs. J. A. Hartsell has a very fine lot of geraniums and prizes them as much as any young lady would. ould not that be a good place to go to get flowers to make a nice piet for your ft How "I want some of dat ere watter- millin!" Doctor.

New Advertisements. Read tbe new advertisement of Mrs. J. M. Cross, Concord's fashionable milliner.

The Concord Mining' Company has a notice in this issue. Lost a dog. Apply to Wm. Eudy, I Read Hoover Lore's attract-i new advertisement. The attention of Concord ladies is wanted.

See notice in another column. Mr. H. I Woodbouse again calls on indebted to tbe -Con cord Register to call on him at Cannons tt Fetzer's and settle. EAEIt VI, SEM S.

Sclem, Ya, Sept. 19 By the will of Col. Green B. Board, late presi dent of the board of trustees of Ronoke College, the college will receive $10,000. Nashville, Sept.

20. There ara 25 Pinkerton detectives here, as well as a number of Louis ville and Naahville failroad direct ors. They were brought here by the L. N. railroad.

The people of the country vote next Thursday on the proposition to subscribe 000 to the Tennegsee Midland railroad. The Louisville Nashville have been fighting the proposition, and it is believed the detectives are here to dog the employes on election day and see that they vote with ather employers. Mabqcette, Sept. 20. A Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic train of six cars laden with ore got away from the trainman last night and ran down grade at a hih rate for four miles.

At the scale track just west of the city the cars crushed into aside track full of empty ore Fifty cars are piled thirty feet high. Billy Mahone, the condactor, is missing and there is no doubt that he is under the wreck. About the saraa time Robert Gurney, brakes man of the pier train, got caught between cars and waa scalped. He may live. At the same time the fire bell rang an ala-m and it was found that the company's freight depot in the city was in flames.

The fire was put out with small Jobs. vj ty i lt, tf tV Vllttt tiUHl HI 111" UUX 4 to Mto llaUr, Com, lard, IV, TtUow. Auamiai UATuus HOT CE. ttrrtt lalv eaL4l I. rie Uwtai cr trrt t' i iUt 1 1 eitn J.

A KLUTO, AJmr Un Lj it 4 KVforl 4 lUff. mm for tame tmmry. TWt iLatet Imnrov MM ttkkfrj 1UIT wai Cinuo IlrilU. Thty are all wtrraalcd u4 wfi'tl aokl. YosEt WAXMIWuBTlI.

Aug20 lm Agrut. Admbistratort Notice. llaviK daiifld a Ad4bitra wiUannfxelaPiwro!" hl tUr hertbf nHillJ tt ut) nui mak iimu4ulu rttct. AnJ il (rfO- tTtD cli nslnl ut duly Uht I un be'ur Sjlh'ar or (hit ur t4b Tli w. Burnt.

Alma.tru II 1'urr'ar. AiiMtiv. Auul lth ItHl. LANDS TOWN LOTS Tl)6 nndeniBet ofTei for mIu at a a aa or ail of h'a rcal rMi at a tail tea tr tain lug about IW icm (mort'r Wm.) mill la goMl repa'r, r'arinc llaa irua. On iilmttiioB yiooa the waUj Adnv Crek nJ Ut.

inMtit lo4 near Ku Juhni t'hortli. tmwjr m4 to cultivate, containing about V'UO cn, 100 in euitivatton. UtbiUt.c a fit a fmber (a very desire t'irUc I il.iuk) ell improved ta buitutnra. an Nrmed. Od UnUUon ou (Tlorrrk eoDia'n bolV73cr.a Btwl UuU aco to found So th ut, wi'h rr ougs rock oa it 19 lnce It rJ'cna liouae and lt la bart loo JK, i high and dry, Ua aca tH4 oo back treU.

wU wterl arj pri to plover ad orchard gr. Lat ay dw Itnit houaa and lot couta nin vi 13 acre, with atl th tiui'dibe or eomfoit a4 it.o with good iwliril, ipnigar rj gd wtr rlntpMf Itea(n lor fieri for Wb to toyhoae, ao4 to iavt differently. I men a'l tia drilemit -ty, S-JTVrra L. tt. Hi, JJt.

pieasa-1 N. C. Augu't 10 188? COSCOBO, S. C. The fit hi atRaion becina Ifondsr.

August 15, 1887. TERMS: Incidental fee, per terxn, WJ "euta. Ihe patronnac the public, town and aurrouiidiDsf comro unity ia so licited. lor full partKtilara. addrew aa above, JXllEH V.

COOK, l'nnopai. TAX fiOTICE!" The taxm for tle year are now dae, tod the boVj are ia toy hands twr cp'Iecticn. I aid be in tny oulce at the eourthouse in Oonrwr ta recie year moue) Call eirly arnl pt jroptJyr Don't pot yotjr tx pay in ff too Ute, or )ur ey may gtt thni, ai jotl get jooiWlf in trunlle. H-f cooie up ww. Kept 10 4w FOR ilEUT! 1 hi; forn ovrr lie rtrc ow iktb-pird lir ll I), V.

'U. SMI I'll. II 0UirD7A DOG In my p-ato pitrw7 H-trdty ijiff September I oe oarnrr dog bad evidet Aippcd bifvn my apj irBC, imt lr raa et Li animal I eiilijjr at my hte wl y'o fr OtEceof Concord Elining Co. Cooccrd, S-VpL 10, J87. TH'h i hereby semcot of ettt'M p- hre taa iba -lay ln Irtle oa each Lr of -fork, an is jnaUe wti before the 31st of' Wuu UAXWAY.

Secretary COUCORD HIGH SCUOQ iSahv nkU.oK. iwtiut. 1trf id iutv ctjie, Em? jiui It 1 VAMb ULUl I VI. G.

hia did all Uie Several otber preacli- in tW alLr work ai! coadt2trtcl tb prarer taeeiinp. Mr. lam ooatlcrted the U- Jie, praver taeetinpt at 1 3l tx to. From the KtArt a Lood icterai Urje conirreirutions nert ta at I tendance at every' en ice, ranging as high as twelve buadml or Her. O.

B. FearsKm an Bvcn-grlht of rare ability, by4 verv few; be preache the word with power and unction, a. i( mm-' I were, lrom on higiu lie seems to have itru; gle4 with hi own heart and conquered it, taught it humility, faith, love, mercy. pathy i.ud couage i His heart eet nih to be all tmrf. charged with the power of the Gospel which operates oa the consciences of UU bearers.

The spiritual tention was kept up dur-iug the whole of the meeting. All seemed impressed with tbe power of God, and many hard sinners iwere brought to a sense of their lost and ruined, condition. The faith of christians was quicken and strengthened and renewed. Overono hundred and twenty five conversions is the result of this grand neeting. Nearly all the churches in the county will have their memberships considerably increased.

"Brother and sister Pearson endeared themselves greatly to our Eeople, and will long bo re me in -ered by us, with love and pleasure. Our prayers will go up for them lor a time. To the Lord be all the praise. Gov. Hill, of New York, is talking sense to the farmers of his State.

He is reported as denouncing "those adventurers who are clamoring for a division of propertyr" "How long," he pertinently asks, 'even their wish were granted, would it be before they would want another division?" "An undue desire tr man ia for speculation.Mhe con li uep, seems to have seized upon the peo pie. Too many men are anxious to become suddenly rjcbj without work ing. Speculation is not an honest trade or business enterprise. Times have changed when Henry Ives can emerge from obscurity, become hair ed as a young of fiuaure and in two yet; foi thirty millions of dollaro." These thoughts suggest the effort recently made by the Boston Herald to teach the art of making money. Tt consulted fa number of millionaires to the easiest way of getting rich, and printed their answers.

Barnumsaid that all one has to da is to spend less than he earns and 'shun iiira and tobacco.1 Ben Butler's way is to buy improved real estate, partly for cash and partly for small notes. Mr. E.raatus Wiman thinks that "legitimate trade, the honest, plodding routine of lif11, is the only true basis for good fortune." Mr. Pillsbury of Minneapolis, "the flour kiug," recommends hard work and a fair es timate of one's abilities. ATTENTION! All who are inde'utwl to the O'Dcnrd Register wi 1 please, call 01 tno at Cin- nons Fetzer's and e't e.

Now is the time when farmers have nc v. and I need whnt is dne the a.llv I he various amoufitu are smill. hut the is large. Dj not fort I ii. Respectfully, II.

I. WOODIIOUSK Sept. 23, 1887. AdmV. Coucord Ladies, All en tion A lady who thoroughly unilr rstands disease? peculiar to ber aUo the action and use of a cure lor them, i will be for a few days with Mrs.

J. S. Fisher to see the ladies of Concord. hhe will be athftr room from 11 3 o'clock each day while bcre, an will go to see those who. are not able toco ne to her, who live in town WiUa'so go a few miles in the country if conveyance Is sjnt, but tr.ust go bo as te absent from her room during the.

hours mentioned. Ladies who Call during the neit four day will receive free a tiial boxof a re ne iy which, It is known: taking the place of the cruel kuife and nauous drugs and healing Thousands which these bad left worse than betore. alany ladies in Uiiarlotte ana otner partsof j. wtio have cured have requested but names te given for refeience to those he sr8er as they did. They cannot Iilp feeling amiom to have oth ers snow tuat there at last rcliei t.

them by the tie of this simple and iu expensive yet wonderful cure. I TEKAS HARRY, The great Indian Medicine Ma etiil in Concord, nd is doing big practke. He is the Cen-tral Hotel and offe.s free cotvuliatiu He parades the sie ts in bis graad turn-ut, anl is well known evt iy body. Fome wtnderfal cure by Li mtdicines are reported- mmm 1 FOR CINNINC Most economical and durable. Oexjrt in the market, onaLtv considered.

SlW MlLL-S'; fOBM SHKLLF.R, C1DF.K miLS, COTTOX PLA.HTEBS AMD KTAfD- AKP IHPi.E31E.1iTS GESF.BALLY. NndforCtlogue. A. 8, PARQUH AR. fiqitDrltla AsrtcotUfTftl WqrWfXfrk, CONCORD, X.


It. I Kuhaiiks. JlM-oKMEn-Kev. P. M.

Irexlcr. (1. P. TrmiK nt Concords -i ives from-iVashinonat 1:21 a.m. Auivrs from Charlotte at 6.00 a.

ni. Vrri vf from Washington at ll.C9a.ta. Arrives from Charlotte at n. TH EMAILS. Mai I for the north close at p.

in. M'lil fwr the south close at 11 a. juhI 0 p. ni. Mont order and registered le tter from a.

id. to 4 in. 5f rK-r delivery open fron.i 7:30 a. p. in.

Also half hour at t. in. day hours general dciir-- i. in. for one hour; also half opening of noou wail.

i oxes accessible from 7 a. rn. 'V "iVr Post's Mills. Flows. Lo-c Purrs and Smith's Ford Friday at 7:30 a.

to. Mill Hilh. Snringville, Innn Jeave on -i at 8 a. m. Mt.

Pleasant arrives ev -I Sunday at 10 a. civ at- vn. i Sept. 23, 1887. A OTHERWISE Wha. ut Town sees aai What other Peop.e Tell Him. What about the electric light Concord Female Academy now has CS hi ndents. Winter wood good time to get -it rn, isn't it Trade promises to b3 good this fall. Trinity College now has 122 'students. Mr.

Wiley Troutman is having erected a mai-ket-house on' the lot opposite Mr. Milas Johnston's. Died, at his home in Wadesboro, on thefilh D. Pembertou, a native of Bichmond county, lie was a promising-lawyer. Advertise your business, and advertise your town, through your newspaper.

That is the best and cheapest way of advertising. The electric light question is no unihinortant one. The people want the streets lighted, and this is the cheapest and best way to do it. Let's us have light on the subject. Ilev.

Jos. Wheeler is conducting a revival at the Factory, assisted by Grissom and Smith. Large congregations attend, and som interest is being manifested. The Western Union Telegraph Company have again established an office here. They have room over Mr.

Geo. Y. Patterson's store, and Mr. Young Caldwell is the operator Mr. Ed.

S. Erviu brought us the biggest watermelon this season, and gets the Times one yearns a premium. The melon weigbed 4G pounds and was a fine oue. Work on the new- factory is progressing rapidly. Dozens of hands are at work on it, and everything around it has an air of work and en-.

ergy. Married, by Rev. A. D. Moser, at his residence on Sunday morning, the lSthin.5t.,,Mr.

Nicholas A. Hipp jiri'l Miss Alice Basinprer. 1 No. 6 township, this county. A new house and platform for weighing cotton have been built at the depot.

The platform is very couveuient for unloading cotton, and will be welcomed by our farmers. The" Times job office make3 specialty of printing wedding invi tatious. We mention this fact be caaselbiifciness in thT3 regard promis es to be brisk here soon, and we want to get our full share of it. PresidingElder Bobbitt willhold quarterly meeting at Center Church October 1st and 2nd, and at Concord 2ndaad 3rd. Also at Oak Grove, -En'ochville Circuit, 8th and 9th, and at Norwood and The depot ajent here informs us that rouid trip ticVet for the Atlan ta Exposition can be purchased for S3.2i They will be put.

on sale on the 8th October. and will be sold until the 20th, good to retain until the 24th. JLtie uusy season ol tne year is -nearly upon us. jvery man in our t)vn should make an effort to in- the business of the town Everybody can do something. Let every man nelp in pnsnmg our en terprising little city to the front.

Thos. Smith preachedin the "'Presbyterian church last Sunday, in the absence of Mr. Payne, who was attending the session of the Pres bytery. We have heard Mr. Smith's PM tnon highly complimented by sev erai wno nearcl it, ana nis audience was tv Jieiitly highlj- pleased with it Ail exchange tell3 of a man who had Lis elbow kicked out of join nue engagea in miiiang a cow whereupon the Henderson Gol Leaf says that this should serve as a hint to men to stay away from the cows and let their wives do the milk.

ing. extend our deepest sympa tmes to the gnef -stricken family i-r. M. Anderson, of Albemarle. Two years ago he lost a daughter of ty phoid fever, and this summer anoth er passed over the river, having the same dread disease.

now the only son of Dr. Anderson is ill with the fever, and also his son-in-law 1 -ur. J. M. Brown.

We hope they rcay poon pe restored to health. An exchange is response for Tt i stated wtla the past year twenty-two taea ia Bis country have hhot end killed tier wivt at night under' the impression that they- were burglars. The wife who out of bed to go through her hubaad3 pockets must do so at the peril of her life. In noticing la-it week the contributions to the endowment fund of Trinity College, we omitted to state tbat Mr. Jamcslv.

Deaton, Superintendent of the Odell Factory, gave 3100.00. The reason we failed to get it is that it was subscribed privately. This is a liberal contribution, and bespeaks the generous nature of Mr. Deaton. 3Ir.

V. L. Parker, who is 15 years ojd, came to Concord last Monday bringing the Grst tale of cotton he ever raised. He moved from Rowan county in August of laat year, and settled on Mr. P.

M. Morris' plantation. The bale of cotton ciine to S3G.G-1, and was bought by Hoover, Lore Co. It was ginned by Mr. Wiil Morris.

Mr. Parker "says there was no mortgage on this cotton. We honj3 he maybe able to say as much in regard to every bale he raises in the future. There will be a grand mass-meeting in the interest of Trinity College on Saturday, October 20th, at Norwood, Stanly county. The meeting will be addressed by President Crowell and Pr.

Bobbitt. The TPi-efcident will give the Stanly people plenty of "frozen and Dr. Bobbitt will make them turn their pocket-books inside out. A large crowd is expected to be present on the occasion, and Norwood will doubtless roll up a nice sum for Trinity College. Services "will be held on the Sunday following.

Mrs. Addie "White is visiting at Fort Mills. S. G. Mrs.

Moore, of Mooresville, is visiting the family of Mr. CTl. White. Airs. v.

U. Campbell has ret urned from a trip to relatives and riends nortb. Mrs. Dr. Register, of Enocb- ville, is visiting the family of I her father, Judge Montgomery.

Bev. G. A. Oglesby and family. of Mt.

Pleasant, were visiting relatives here this week. I Mrs. Eliza Cannon lias gone to Charlotte to make her home with her daughter, Mr. Jno. W.

I Bev. C. M. Pnyne was absent from bis pulpit last Sunday in at tendance upon the Presbytery at Mr. Dolph Boger, who has been working on- the Lexington Dispatch, is now in a print ing office at Newberry, S.

C. Robert Benson, a former typo in this office, left yesterday to ac cept a position irr Hirst's Job Office at -Charlotte. I Braxton Archibald, who! has been employed in The TiMiis office, left Thursday to accept a clerk ship at Matthews. Judge Montgomery returned home Tuesday morning from Way nes ville court. He goes to Jackson next week.

7 I i- Bev. G. F. Schaeffer has re covered from his long illness at Mount Plessant, and. has gone to ueorgia, wliere lie resides.

Mr. Al. White," who has been working in a printing office Greensboro, is now engaged iiie-omce ot tuo uemocri 1 1 I it, at Charlotte Miss Mamie FuquaJ of Bocky Biver, is now in, Concord taking lessons in music under Mrs Caiy, She is boarding at Mr. Jno. C.

AYads worth's. 1 Miss Maggie Means, wbo has been visiting some weeks in jKnox- ville ul return to Concord October 1st, ready to continjue her millinery establishment, ankl will i i -t i i oe graci to see ner many ii enci and customers as usual. A Musical Society For Prof. H. Neave, the cele- brated teacher of music.

was in Concord last eek for the of instituting a Musical Society for Concord vocalists. It is pre posed for this Society to be an organization for the bignest mu- sicai culture, ana is to ue per manent, with Prof. Neave! as structor and general director. in It is Hoped tnat rue tion can be perfected, as it will greatly conduce to the liiusica culture of our Prof. Neave is an excellent teacher, nothing superficial about his in struction.

He is '-Vice President for North Carolina of the nationa Musical Teachers Association, and it is part of bis work to form these Musical Societies. Tbe Apollo club at btatesville. under his tutorship is a tine success, and tnere is no treason why Concord should no i have one just, as good as we have an abundance of first class talent Let tbe Society be formed Desiaomes, Iowa, Sept. 13 The Iowa Supreme Court decided Satur day that the prohibition law! author zes the State, and gives it authority ito prevent the exportation of spirits as well as their ass in the State. with distinction in the casso! co- lieen cWn for the po- tTon.

Tiii-s is a good selection: First Cousin to the Mother Hubbaair Brother Sherrill, of. the Concord Timcs, a.s will bo fcc-en from the ex- tract ikjow wnicn is cuppeairoja lus paper of the ptb, ofTtired oy mm as an apology lias urougui upon nimseir uio conaenmaiioa oi alluding to a "first cousin to the Mother Hubbard." "The Times has unfittingly brought upon its dishonored bead the disapprobation and eternal dislike of thai portion of our female population a costume which wo were pleased to style last week a 'iirst cousin to the Mother Wo suppose that it thus tracing its kinship and placing it where we thought it properly belonged is wherein our offence consists. We bog not to be accused of inten-tioually offending our lad friends. The editor thought that In declaring this innovation closely related to the Mother Hubbard he had placed it on the highest pinnacle of respectability in tbe sight of the ladies, as he knows of nothing they generally think more of than they do their Mother Hub-bards. There now!" Brother is a married man and ought to have knowa letter.

Sin to more. Charlotte lornet. Our repentance is complete, brother. We are fully convinced now that we tackled a buzz saw. New Law in Regard to Dentists.

The last Legislature issed a aw concerning uenastry in tns State, for the protection of den- lsts from quacks. Section 1 of this law requires all persons commencing the prac tice of dentistry: after March 3rd, 1887,:. to register their names, with a diploma from tbe Dental College or a certificate from the State Board of. Dental Examin ers, with tbe clerk of the Superior court of the county which tbe said person proposes to practice. Section 5 makes it the duty of all dentists who were lawfully in tbe practice of dentistry at this late (March drd, lbh I to regis ter within six months from said date with tbe Secretary of tbe Nortb Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners, and said sec retary shall furnish to the clerk of the court of each, county, a certified list of all persons who have registered according to tbe provisions of this act in said county.

Failure to comply -with this act will subject the offender a penalty. Prof. McAnulty Abroad. It seems that tne lame ot our ocal weather prophet is spread ing beyong this section, and the people abroad have heard ot him as a prophet whose predict tions are worth pinning faith to.A correspondent of the Charlotte Chronicle writing from Bock Hill, S. 0., under date of Sept.

lGtb, says: Prof. McAnulty, a weather prophet, bit it good, for this sec- tion ot county was visited by a splendid rain upon tbe predictions ot lne cnronicie last nursaay evening. j. our writer has known Prof. McAnulty for more than thirty years and has seen and read of predictions concerning the weath er in your valuable paper and also in the Concord papers, and they hardly ever fail for this part of South Carolina.

This country would likely be benefitted if Prof. McAnulty and Prof. Ba ker would put their beads togeth er and give ns a good weather almanac. Baker migbt'beat him a point on the eather, but Prof. McAnulty would take tbe lead on time, particularly on moon light nights, as be has in his younger days made night hid- eons for raccoons.

Important to Taxpayers. Section 55 Machinery Act (laws of 1887) reads as follows: See. 55j On the first Monday in F-ebruary in eacb year, the Sheriff or the Collector is directed to offer at public sale at the court bouse all lands on wbch the taxes levied for tbe previous year still remain unpaid on tbe first Monday in January preced ing. Tax payers of the county will see from the above tbat it will be important for theni to pay their taxes much earlier than heretofore. Your tax for '87 is due the first day of September and unless-paid in due time the law rnake3 it the duty of the Sheriff to levy on your land the first day of January 1888 and sell the same on tbe 1st Monday of February.

Letter from Rev. Mr. McAllister. To the Editor of The Times: Some playful and highly bii- morous allusions wbicb appeared in your paper recently in regard to my withdrawal from Boeky Biver church seem to me to be able to cause misapprehension of tbe grounds of that withdrawal. i J.

T. POUSD. SeiH 241 TWO tOTO FOR SALE. Oat fr niing oa Maia I'rrol ia frontuf Main etrl anJ Iitti to4. W.

MKAXS, KxVrT. JJm'. Auff. 12, 1887-lf Dry Lumber Wand! Any peison having dry lumber for sale will do well to call on L11TABDS BABRD-dt. POWDEm H'e are aceuU for the Lflin and Itaod Poler i will ae)I oder bota ulas'ing and rifle, a cheap aa can be bought any her ft Sept-4t Bl.N'adAU A UARHIS FARMERS! Raise Wheal, Oafraiil CIotet.

have in stock a f-h nock of Acid Phognbateg, Owl Brand, eumo for wliPAt mid lUw Meal, all the very neet raJc lbosp who oed go-ano the a it season were rU paid with anabnndtnt crop A few dollar invested Hone Meal or Owl Ursnd willmnkeyoa Bmtleuext harvest. For sa'c at CANNONS FETZEIV3. ScpOCw Ak for circoUrt LOOK HERE ait An persons mat nave pata tueir tax (or the year 188G will certainly save cot and a great deal of unpleas antness to themselves nd to the Sheriff if they will com forward now and pay their tax, and if tbey don't want to pay till forced just nolo, uff a very short time and they will see their propetty levied and sold lor their tax. Depend on this as a certainty, i'our taxes mast oe paid Win. PROPSTvSLff.

Sert. 10 4w Insure Your Properly Life, Limbs and Stock, First class facilities offered for F1tr 1 Life, Accident and Live Stock Incur ance. Stores fend Stocks, 'D veiling and rurmture. JJarna and contents. Mills, Cotton Gins, insured on the best terms.

Applv to THOS. W. SMITH, Office with Register of Deel S.nt 16 Fall lllineif CHEAP GOODS! AJIarge and varied assortment of STRAW A'D FELT HATS Just Rami ALSO- Fancy Goods A5D 1 1 0 1 i 0 1 1 JERSEYS ii all Grades aM Prices! an exain'ne -ny, I will sell for A tVJ millinery h-use in ib ctutry ms. J. id.


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