Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 8
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8 - Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1964 Red lands Daily Facts Grand opening for new Goodyear Store Ribbon cutting ceremonies;previous experience as a Goodwill highlight the four-dayiyear store manager in Victor- grand opening event for the'ville. The service foreman is new Goodyear Store at 112 WestlBob White. State street in Redlands this! The new store features tires week. jand batteries, front end align- The traditional ribbon cutting ment and wheel balance work, exercise will take place at 10;A complete line of car and a.m. Thursday. The grand open- home merchandise is also availing begins Wednesday and con- able. tinues through Saturday. In addition, a broad line of Members of the Ambassadors major appliances such as tele- Club of the Chamber of Com- vision sets, stereo music sys-! merce are in charge of the rib- items, washing machines and; bon cutting. Mayor Charles C.|refrigerators arc offered. Reg-. Parker has been invited to slice ular store hours arc 8 a.m. to! the tape. \s:3Q p.m. The Goodyear Store is located; ; in what for vears was the Hat- 1 AI re i field Buick auto agency build-; WlCSSS OTTereC! ing. The structure has recently! • IJ ._j;„ — been remodeled for its new ten-; III Hp "GaCling ant. Store hours during the gala, • t J |i I four-day celebration will be 8; I" MQU'T iCIIOOi a.m. to 9 p.m. j . ., ... . , . ., An Adult Education class m Another high point in the| s h Reading _ Lip Read . open house will be the grand; ing _ js mcctin „ Thursdav eve- prize drawing Saturday after- lnin „ s 7:00 t0 9:00 p m . at thc noon. Patrons are invited to iRed | amis High Schoo | cam pus.i register for the drawing during j The course is designed for those '• the week. Winners need not bej w |, 0 are experiencing a loss of present. hearing. j First prize is a dishwasher.; This course is under the di-j second prize is a garbage dis-rcction of Doris Martin, Spec-i posal unit, third prize an clcc- ialist. of hard of hearing. Jack trie toaster. There will be three Binklcy said today, fourth-place prizes of two scatj Mrs. Martin earned a B.S. de- belts installed and 23 fifth .Sroc at Boston Teachers Col- prizes of front wheel align-!'esc and a Masters degree in j mcnts. I Speech and Hearing at U.S.C.j She has had extensive experi-' encc with the hard-of-hearing. There is an instructional supply fee of $1.00 per person plus thc regular registration fee of; .50 for the course. Visitors arc welcome. For further information phone 793-225G. New political team required for LBJ GOODYEAR STORE — A bright new store front greets patrons of the Goodyear Store at 112 West State street, which launches a four-day grand opening Wednesday. Remodeled structure is the former Hatfield Buick Agency building. (Daily Facts photo) In addition, women visitors will receive orchids. Girls will 1 receive pearls, while thc boys 1 will receive compasses. Thc Goodyear store has four employes. Store manager is Fred McFcrn who has had: no Has a Birthday FEBRUARY 24 Richard Scealey Paul Hales John Finley Dennis Francis Harold Sparks Cedric J. Appleton Frank Blecha, Jr. Dr. Robert Schulze Eldon J. Veirch Happy Birthday from 11 E. State Ph. PY 3-2505 Contract let for highway construction By Doris Fleeson WASHINGTON — Starting! The pressures now appearing about mid-March the Democrat-for a Johnson team are not all jic faithful will be sitting down'confined to the strictly political ito the sawdust feasts costing!area. Some Democrats who ; anywhere from S25 to Sl.OOO a j were entirely loyal to the late plate with which the Johnson;President Kennedy feel that his [campaign for re-election will be'choices served him well, if not financed. The same date is just always brilliantly, but can see about thc President's deadline-no reason why the very diffcr- for strongly assuming thc role ent Lyndon Johnson should not of party leader. make moves to strengthen him- Local leaders — state and self where he is least strong, city — and party fat cats as These observers are well sal- well arc asking ever more voc-jisfied with Defense Secretary f ally what the real lines of com- Robert Mc.N'amara not only bc- imunication to the Prsident are. cause he does a good job but iThey have no delusions about because the public strongly as- thc national committee being ini -'ociates him with everything the picture now. They are un-'that happens at the Pentagon, certain about how to behave good or bad. They argue that !toward the elite Kennedy corps, the President has a pressing 'enlisted and effectively led by'need for a similar lightning rod the Attorney General. at other departments, especial- I Up to Nov. 22 last, that corps ly State, now that Republicans !was, politically speaking, mon- so clearly intend to focus their jarch of all it surveyed. It re- 1964 attack on foreign policy. :ported only to Kennedys. It was; Rusk is "Non -Abrasive" bulwarked by 1960 experience! Secretary of State Dean Rusk, and the careful records it kept who did not even know Presi- on friend and foe. It looked to dent Kennedy when he was tap- the past and to the future. If ped to head thc department, ad- is still there but its reason for.mirably complemented thc being must now be redefined, young President who held tight Washington hears that several to foreign affairs. In policy for- of its leading members will mation Kennedy depended upon soon leave the White House for! himself and his White House ad- national committee posts. It visor, McGeorge Bundy. Rusk, seems unlikely that the Presi-with experience equal or sup- dent, with all his experience oficrior to Bundy but also long the political wars, would set up accustomed to explaining mat- a camp without a camp until ters to the public and handling after he has his own lines laid'diplomats. served Kennedy down. ;equally well. What is more likely is that But precisely because Rusk some kind of preconvention or- lacks an abrasive quality, be ganization. distinctively John-does not attract blame for fail- son in stvle. will be formed to;iires. President Johnson inher- deal with'things until after Con-|ited all his foreign policy prob- gress quits and the Vice-Presi-ilems hut that does not save dential shoals are safely nc-ihim from a single brickbat, gotiated. j After all. some 60-odd Senators would gladly accept the honor of running for Vice-President on the Democratic ticket. SACRAMENTO (UPI)-A $5..; .9J9.019 contract was awarded by i the state Department of Public i Works Monday far a San Ber nardino County road construe-,' lion project. The contract, for 18 miies of Interstate 15 between Cronese Valley and two miles east of Baker, went to Fredrickson & Watson Construction Co.. Jack L. Adams Construction Co. and Wade G. Ellis Construction Co.. Oakland. The department also awarded limc in history, show business an SS42.901 contract to Miles is seeking to use a state's gen- and Sons Construction Division.'eral election for voters to de- Merced, for embankment for { ride on thc shape and form of future extension of thc San Di- public entertainment, ego Freeway in Orange County., California is the scene of the VARIED MERCHANDISE — The Goodyear Store offers a wide range of merchandise including tires, car accessories, lawn chairs and lawn mowers, television sets and General Electric appliances. Store is open from 8 a. m. to 5:30 p. m. (Daily Facts photo) IN HOLLYWOOD Why theaters seek pay TV vote By Erskine Johnson HOLLYWOOD — For thc first promised ballot battle. Preservation of "free tele vision" is the ostensible issue. Thc more important hidden I Now they are in panic again; if the necessary signatures are over the shadow of pay tele- j obtained. j Latest on the record shelves:! "Music to Help You to Stop 1 Smoking." , No, Myrtle, not "Smoke Gets; in Your Eyes." j "The Bridge on the River! Kwai" in its second go-around is topping its original box office; . _ . .figures. . . . Bob Hope and his I have m circulation in California; Do , Qres ccIebratcd their 30 , n J an initiative petition requiring; Calendar Feb. 24 for the , nc Bcatle5 arc baek in Britain, Some observers suggest that McNamara would be a suitable substitute for Rusk, figuring he could distract the attention of Congress and the press and then and their votes are important I hold it. Thc compliment con- to the President. Several al-jcievably would not appeal ready are saying they would re-'either to the Secretary of Desent preferential treatment forfense cr the President, upholders of any Kennedy clanj (Copyright. 1964, by United claims to thc job. (Feature Syndicate. Inc.) , vision on their popcorn ma chines. i Pay television, if it comes, j could outbid them for first-run ! movies. For a theater man. [ free television is thc lesser evil. I'nder the "Crusade for Free TV" banner, theater owners now TELEVISION IN REVIEW By KICK DU BROW 458.259 signatures. If they are' announcement of this year's HOLLYWOOD fUPD—Though 'side, N.J.: "We love there (sic) hair cuts because it takes us back to the cave man days. We aughing all the way to the j]ovc (heir skinny !e „ s aml thcre ./Bank of England, their Ameri -J boots an( ] t [, crc f aces am ] the conquests continue to way they seem to know what's voting Crosbv mar-lplcdgc undying love in letters going on-being in there prime e is headed for the divorcej {uU of roc k V roll grammar. j th ^ mya "eade'r'in Blooming- A flood of mail, some trans-; ton _ Cali{ . wo „i c | y^ c t0 see show business icon mar-; pledge 804 383 568 ™ Wank **f Ammrtcet RVNM7^VVC!SCO .V .\lJt'0!!N"IA,1'.SA. SHE obtained-and chances are R«xl: nominces . —a proposal to outlaw pay tele-, . . issue: "Would the public prefer vision will be on thc California " ls :>0 ycars in sJ to pay for first-run movies at ballot in November. I for Jimmy Durante theaters or via television in the The "Crusade" wants to pre-! . Ano,ller home?" serve free television because: j"" _ c ,,„„ u ,„ ,„„„, n „„ i _, . , , . , .... . . court — Pat Sheehan from ucn- | The point has been argued It is important that the pco-; . from Capitol Hill in Washington pic decide if they wan their tels-i '" . 'latable. has been the responsCj vou make a m jnj 0n bucks in , to Malibu Beach, but now, vision to remain free. Other-! A nu . e . s 5, c . nc inv0lv,n S K "»jto our modestly critical rc-^ month and have as long Ithere's a chance California j wise, private interest may sad-j Novak is holding up a code sealj marks concerning the appear , nair as t nev have." I voters may provide thc answer idle them with something the I in November's general election.; vast majority will be unable to I How such a question is sneak-j afford." ling into a general election is; Proponents of pav television, , , islick masterminding by theater!argue: "It is a ridiculous effort! on a T!li "» lr ' bu . te S V °T :~ I owners. It started with the or- ! on the part of theater owners loiS' ve a million dollars to be with | ganization, "California Crusade!oppose progress. If the public' >' ou ton 'Sbt but I haven t re- 'Of for thc remake Bondage." . . . Faked w i r e, signed Eddie Fisher, read to Arthur Godfrey For Free TV," sponsored by the i stood for this, the buggy whip ceived it yet." From a young lady in St. Georges, Del.: "Can you write songs that can reach the top 30 Human| ancc o{ t h e Beatles on CBS TV's Ed Sullivan show. Actually, the remarks merely noted the obvious, that the four boys| on ha if the ra( j} 0 s t a ti on s in in the group have an act that| tnjs cou „try and capture the could put one to sleep, but that; near(s of two otner countries they seem like pleasant youths [besides 0 urs? ... If you could with far more humor than their audiences. The chief value of the letters Buy them here state's theater owners. i makers would have automobiles! ! Yes, the same theater owners ( outlawed." j SELL IT TOMORROW I who once fought free television.' It is going to be a hot battle With low - cost Classified Ads is their revelation that English i — I teachers would do well to bear j down on the spelling of "criti ' . > jcize" and "disgusted," which turned up frequently as "cri- Itize" and "discusted." But be- jfore getting on to some samples | of written loyalty, I would like Uo pay homage to the New Y'ork i policeman who spoke instinctively upon hearing that one of the Beatles had a sore throat. "How do they know he's got a sore throat?" asked the officer. And so to the mail from our pen pals: From a reader in Greensburg. Pa.: "Hope you get your hand caught in the printing press." From four signers in Estacada. Ore.: "If we were the Beatles and read your article we'd bash your face in." From two young ladies in San Bernardino, Calif.: "It's hard enough for teen-agers to have fun . . . with everyone de- This is the bottom of our line, (Tempest Sports Coupe) .vhat would you be doing sitting in a stuffy old newspaper office making an ordinary salary?" I have spent some time thinking about this last letter, and the result is that I am now composing a song that starts off with the lyrics "Nah! Nah! Nah.'," which are then repeated 37 times. Gunman arrives under guard LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Leaman Russell Smith, under a Grand Jury indictment for the slaying of two policemen, was transferred here quietly from Chicago Monday night and booked in County Jail. A barrage of policemen surrounded Smith when he arrived at International Airport with three guards. He was quickly ushered to County Jail and placed in a cell where he would be under constant observations grading our idols, and us. You!by deputies. The round - the- clock surveillance apparently was designed to prevent a repeat of his Chicago suicide at- Cash them anywhere. Austria, Australia, or Arkansas: whether you're on — or off—the! beaten track, Bank of America Travelers Cheques are as good as j cash. Better, in fact. Loss-proof and theft-proof, they're money only j you can spend. Only your signature makes them valid. Buy them ; before you go—spend them as you go—anywhere around the world. BANK OF AMERICA HATIOJUITSUST MO SAHKC5 ASIOCIANOK • NIXJER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION REDLANDS BRANCH 20 West State Street EAST REDLANDS BRANCH 533 East Palm Avenue This is the top. (Pontile Brougham) There are 28 models in between— Pontiac Pontiacs. Pontiac Tempests. Pontiac LeMans. Pontiac GTOs. Sixes. V-8s. All with Wide-Track. All with Pontiac-style styling. Why would anyone go looking anywhere else for a car? Fewer and fewer people are. Sec your auihori/cd Pontiac dealer for a wide choice of Wide-Track:, and good used cars. too. WALLEN PONTIAC 522 ORANGE ST. REDLANDS should be happy that we are home listening to their records and seeing them on TV instead of our throwing eggs at your: tempt dirty old windows." j Smi j ht 33 w a s indktcd ^ From a young lady in Phila : the fatal shoo ting of two Wit delph.a: -If you stop any girl! shire Division officers. Sgtv °h*-n C til T PRh,la ; elphla 'i Charles P. Monaghan. 37. and she I tel you the Beatles arc Robert M . E n d 1 e r. 37. Tte good. (And then probably caJJ shoo(i occured F ™ a cop.) From a girl in Louisville: "Dear Fathead ... I just thought you'd like to know approximately 50.000 kids hate you."' The letter is signed with a false monicker and this ex planation: "N'ot my real name, Mom wouldn't let me." From a young lady in River- Finds his jacket HOUSTON' (UPI) — Patrolman B.C. Stilley's jacket was stolen from his auto in front of the police station about twe years ago, but he found it Monday. It was on a pedestrian. Stil- the officers attempted to question Smith at a department store where he was attempting to cash a check with fake identification. Smith's girlfriend and three other men were arrested shortly after the shooting and charged with being members of the so-called bogus check ring. Smith's girlfriend Barbara Kuth Walker, 21, is being held pending trial April 1 on charges of murder, attempted murder, burglary and forgery. Donald Castner, 30, Clifford Phillips, 25, and Dennis Anderson, 21, must appear before Superior Judge Joseph A. Wapnei next Monday to enter pleas as suspected members of a burglary-forgery ring. Investigators said Phillips and both of El Monte, j ley's name still on the inside. The man said, while Stilleyj Castner, marched him to the station.: helped Smith escape after the llhat he got the jacket from his double killing by driving him to 'uncle. the freight yards.

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