Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 6, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1916
Page 4
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STERLING. ILLINOIS. FRIDAY; OCTOBER 6, T916. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD . i ..... e; , •' •',•,'ii' !"n ^M'ii-fit i'n W>1> .11 11 :!/• -:f- m:i! 1 ( if* , feu f i TERMS OF Matt, Fall!*, i')*j • '* ^tcriinn > *v! R^ rf«> in t*T Uni'rd c r C i«"> i * l^r Carrier In a or Rf!> r,i!l«. or by Mm! V. thr Strriim rr Po'k fiitt Poitnffc" V, -Vf Jp I!'' 1 . ' ' • * ' fnnttlhr in i.l-. i i ' Ofte month in i '• IM • BEAUTIFUL HAIR, THICK, WAVY FREE FROM DANDRUFF A MOIST CLOTH THROUGH HAIR AND DOUBLE ITS BEAUTY AT ONCE, Save yenr hair! .Dandruff disappears aid '131 r. stop* out.' SETTER lilff !•• »•'•?•!!::, !•« > • :\i l-Vfi.U ,-.. ! (,, , : , t I A FRIENDLY CRITIC SI. I ii, ii.' •H'Milv • YI.:;!.•-. r N. Si' ', ! !>«, ' I If. H!« \ "It" tn.xv M.-i.'l- , t!l I.f hldiint"!!! i.? i 'il'ii-h'tir his h'ttfi. !!n« l;i*u thin*: |><>«.«1- « .!H W i .1 I ill;; H'!X - t J *<> ti' ' * ' '* '*' H !'"t! i • ' ' i ' 1,1% ti i , ,t ! !< t I i I ' ' to S!ltl-tf ! !>>'• "I I U . • ' I I ' f'tie f< .i' "it !' i h if i "ii '' • i ' f of th.> tt i iv .1. ,i i i •>>" n • ft M f'-H-t'i \\ttwMt-f '• ' i "•> '• llfKV-nt \i'Hni, «i,lH t • i I i h. I ! ' . yr»nr»ftr, .1 (>• n M" i • • M, - f , ' ! " "'• i ' 1 "•''' ' rr of U«M> T.I i <•! •- 'I •• ' ''<!•.;.. i i" i '" -..I.. M -t thf* rn ><"'•. "in ! n Mif. - * I ', ""' d f 'i 'I i • ' i 111 in« ' < 'HIM i'\ ymi fl»f> sirnplv, i- i|-i. • " '< •' \"" ' '' • ' i! ' hl'iitll t<> f.o... „ f \ ., -,,'!, • •• nialti'tS Vnllld ;-ltn- Afl"!h«'t' M'l'.i'X I- l.ii! I '"I "I" ^Iliit In 'I.-H!I' • >« '•' -u ' it ' l h 1 • t i p-lper Ml" "' I 1 """- I" ' '' |Up \\ '" 'I y»u 1 ir.'U t'» K " 'i 'i' • < • i' "i 'I tM-8l (la«- "t I" "I I" ' I- '• '"' " ! '• f*rr* If lu itifiillii'tt vvilo i'l* ^...'ui- k ; H<m f ;l ?!« ; <T»-( |>'\ <-ii. 111' • i . I'l'itni i' 11 i!' i i n i • • I i i I ' U i i ' b '•i I i- ,M '' t"M 1 htni.'JilH'I'* IK •',', ,* lit' t'lli' Mini i'l it in t ln> 1 *ni!i (I Sla h •; I'll.. |>c-I Tin- I 5 :•!/.« t!t> |ill!i( ''lllV ,'lhullt 1MI nrtl had Let ii t "» 1 11 'i'llll'lv L > \J. l L J ..(>.„, .. I it, mi- )M".t tli.ti Imd, it i*'^«'\ n rotnmr- I _ . n • n \\ «• IK tl , , h'^l.t ! ""'" '" ! <>' ' st! it !'< u- « i4unui."- turret uinl«i« in iaU »Mtli I matt' t. "tlly a MtHiII i U inatti-r 'ran lir Mid I njlinilSH of liexvs not pi inf it Wi» ','in"- i, 'f. " Y.-, ' I -.•iff. i'lsti'iur. :iii.|'l'.-:ni!iriil as n'>r'iiHn; '.•irl's .'tflfT mi :i|>)ihi'.i'i"!i c.f J >;tm1f'r inft. Alsii' try f!ii'- tni'i '<",i ;t * k'fh With a !IU!«- Itnn.i. riii" and'-fuH.v draw it Hif'Minjh \iiiir i:.*ii. t.'ikinis ojji'- ••trand ;i! a tint'' Thf.* \vil| 'i.'iii i.f d'.ivt, dirt or i'.xi-f.fslV" oil, and iii juj-t u fi-u rnoint'nH you h;i\i> <.lmi- id« ; 't tht> iH'.uify "f your fmlr. A de* h«h(f:d .Kijrprisi- aurtit.s tho^i* whn.s»> h.HI ?i;t« li«'i n hi'«li-ft«'d or if! ffidfil, .try. lirltt.!c or thin. Hi I"-nniifv irm tin- h.iir. Mnndi-rlnf solv*'. 1 * f\'t-ry }i.'irtH'k' of diim <•!'an«CH, jiuritlcs nnd iiiylpor,'H«'fi thf •-••alp, fiirvviT «f<i|ipitis: ItchHtt; Mini f;ili. mi: hair. Imt what .\vllL|j|en.«i' you must will l»' aftfr si fi'\v wi'iks* tis« - . w hftj .\ini si-i> IH-W hdir - flu*' and downy at. lirsl yi-s luit niiUy ni'nv litilr Krowintr nil <TVTT fTrr- Frfi'fp; ~ l>;tnili'rinr> ii to iho hsiir-what fri'.«h xhowfrw of tisih and Kimshino arn to will riliif ui,v. ifji- rntii.-!, f-'r : \ i '• !••• f:!..-) U !>.-i'f. <'f • •nlv ),.» vi,t l.« ui :!>•'• .!< ft i- i !':>( ( I. Ii-" HI"'. !'"• . ' r at t hi- «'jul ..t »!'«'> h-:n! i.,!!«•! iK.iUfCK 1'lXlIII till il AN ATTRACTIVE PARTY Was Given Last. Evening For E. P, Schmidt and Family At Cushnian's, i Window Shades c«i rluht tn routs, and slt< prtijiiilli'S ii" MK tlittn, Its K and )lf>-pru- f itif- linlr'- to Kfiivv iutiu, .wirnrti; iihd li You i'.-iii Mirclv lui\ (•• |ir« (t \ , liis,-. IrisinniM ti;itr, "TTTirl — frrrs — >"U Will' . t it . ^ Kno\vllnh'« I >aiiil» ] i itit- from imy Li. (tin (if d I rt-<- t«.iU"t. unil as «•*•#' Nwir Failsjor Corns Z Hotjblag on Earth Like It for Cofoa and Calluses. "Whenever you eet oomn nnd A\- latH**. tlon'k pypertttn'iii — Just u-«i *t»KT8 • IT" Mia nctltitnir «>U«. Krt<- fei, feat and •Jinplrnt tl>ln« 1 Kfnyv to >•»,» U.e "Celt-It" Tonight Uii^i.M '" '"•"• *'" t.ti ''j'i' i"' U'.iii- i, n, \ in ii^ "^ ynl\i' ffre| *t»!tir to tvl Ji •>« f;ir ;IS possible til <\|n-ii'i« L' !h" i-apfr uittiin the it • ••tH« , I: I'll- i!i • !ti had the rect'lpts of i'hi- n." 'I i iU..ii ( i! ronlil prirtt JHHt H« ci i i IK tin , ll Ki- I • 'id ll> >ikC ,1 | l"i .!!• il 't oilt. I . ,5,, ,,.. , ,|. Air rlly Wear Shoe* TbktFlt fur many thlntr« tha* • I heeanso they ate Hti-vi-fl". or heeailM' i't« !' .'\ ti iI-» ii- \\nat to print or what. •,ot t.t i i,nt i.iit l.ecastfii' there is not i '11,',1-ii i • >.m -« In th« «0rtnnunity."nof i-ii" net) teii-ipt'« from Hiihwor ! ;itl"nf uid nl\ i i ti.v.iik.* tu ^i\e The (Jaii;'. IW ef,i lud to print mot' 1 th.-in it o<». Thai i" thi> wliole Htiiry. . ll M'l ,. O./itt.' |>rln.tKl only the d to print it would vat h«-i ;'!•.. t hri'Mfih' 1 '-! I ftf* .Wlluli' v.orkintr in eontn'cflon xvith UH- Cnitfi! 1'ri-s'i lea.ii-.l win- >.rti ii e, of twenty- two earlier hnyH who deliver tho pap. IT at tint dooi H nC r»nlit<critu>rM. of > ; «ot<«.4 oi rural rod**' i«rrit'r« why tlis~ tiil'iil'' the paper over a ureat ler- PAVING VS ENDORSEMENT \Vo nut* 1 th it Srmtor I!.'i<>s 1ia«i tnd siampfl IIIM ft. K.'ott lllf> flty |:IV:."K eontraftoffj. Now if" r'oncn-^nvi!i STt>ath will drop in nn-f add liii at>it"\:!l. find thi 1 -Tfitorin! «K K. and t?ir- roiicrr"flonal nt*rrtivnt M'HI *oidy 'str»Tt ?hf iTiti^hlni-ry of thf conc* : ni Into l.ivinp pavemenl. the 5'isit« of th«>'" diStlriKiiiwhtMl- outside f:entlf-ttHt! will bi,- fxtr«>m<ly wehome AVIwt Sterling uants is >iot t><> much npprn\.it of thi- rotnrifthy nf the laylnsr What HtcrlinK fuik* I.K juli Completed ,!»• had. nn'T com- I en- the Of thf» want l« the Tore wenthor pj(?(«-il "riuht. The rlty dorspd tho i -i>!i' .•' -i n which has the 4rn«'t th job. Theie been plenty of en- Wants i.- ewrr eiu!oi«(H!( nt.« and .more p.'uiiiK. CAUGHT ON THE ELY, The war dep.irtmrnt iinnfnince.s that it rttciry. when Mr. Steven,* v\ ill M <on-ii!i r in addition that tho l\i Tho OHZH to of 't neatly Sir.ti per day, >-et tho prtper in delivered at. the door of ruihuerilietR in i.he Twin I'ities at Ihf nmull cowl of <i.\|.; AXI> T\\ o-TIIIIUiS OK A I'KNT l'»Kli-liAV, it -mti.ii' hum info lllte!iit;ellr e ot the pllhlie that for -the Ni>w York XuUonal |iUrtrd. Th!« ii is (iHiined in due to tho i-xlht- i?.' rnntnilltnK' tho rn- of ni*»n in iho national guard. potM* T;»!"t nnd ItonseVelt xhotild Ihrd in Hpiun. when? the eti- nf htRh" jjorlnty would - have d*'i •liav« jnnnded they each tho re- t'ottt'iHaiiuii niuiht not have heon HO thi they ha vi miuhty little to crl- tlki.m'. Thai . a new«pji|n»r orKani- at ion KJVI--S HO much for »HI smnli' ''\peiiMn I,K the w-.oiidcr. '.'of the i the pte-i-nt i-Mic From such a 1 of tii'iii' 1 ! !•« N handfd H nfWHpii . ..nd M.i« rt^h tliat l« tuH-fHHurv lo nut i it for an.v Tlvo tis to bundle up jot.r iut\-< in nnd Uandat,'o.'. uxe i.i.ven tor« raw, cotton i in\.-^ i )mt oyour corns jmp-fyi«i. kmn-.t and frera" that tear your h«-iri out lenvft tlu» i-orn in. No \vo«d« r tlu-v you Jimp nnd Trltic>- K«i"«r» t !,i! IliTli-lT" tll pWBfi:»|n-r loroe not to ninUo many i mistakes. It is impo»8ihli' to employ I i noiiLrh cHlitiu,- and reporters to tohe • 'evi-rv item ind exam I no" it with"a ntl-" t .-rO'.fi'pe- and Kno« r Oiht it is hh«oint»»-' ly cotux-t- tMioro jvrintlnK. t ? nder cifndition!* much that is corn remedy In ttm worlii. •>a«i«st t>> oao, never f«ll« or nUrlc*. wnni-!". Vo»r -Ot>ra Itxjsr-ns, fthon 1Wtt oft H ttif. You "OKTB-IT" III Bold and rnrojiim-'nd- ":>c a ttlw, or Bent on rpeeitu of price, o left out. Miii'h that Is left out Oliahly shuuld tie |>rinteil. f»n tin'" 'other "hand when ono ,"to|»H oiif-iiler that The <!a/eUe, whii'h rush in whli-h a duily must printed IM- a. marvel. And Mr, Stovenw we fee I tiitti> will a^ree tii tills when h'f Mops to ooiiHfth'r Iho sitiindon thoroughly. ... MOTHER JONES "RAISING HELL" KvorytyrtiTy "who" " I« ~ niiybttdy has jV iT^ttrd. for HIP ssu'rfd namo of "mother." lint when It 1« applied to H womrin <>r th<« Mother JOFK*H typo It certainly w u misnomer. l'V>r yoar« If we. didn't hsive. to luitL Into oal ah'ittt Hteen u ihty It" ' WiniJd tuH difficult to lma«ffu: •Svlntc-r a IOJIK «ay off. '- Thin is ?ht> yoar of Roiiera! -trillion, if you *aro registered you mtiHt do it in'er Kn\n PO •ihc. >agi->« toll us. Ho. jtrf pared. ' 'li-hnrin ''..'.-, T!i>- i.".nt \\..c* I"-,!uU- liil\ l'«-f< -I '.(.(I, till- C.'.jl...'! ll-.F-ll «'l!« '• ••> c-ai-ion wi-ri> t!'.. ( , t,!.-r i.f thf which W.IK cl>-verly :ti r.'MK''I. Thp f.)\'U« w-r«> liny red and uref-n nut haskf-ts nfi'I th." p!;u "'<-.-<|il'> W'-r'.' in tii" nrfdoniinattnu ci>|o5-s. The rmini wns: I'irsi ' roo».f—Fruit «'"cktail and wafi-rs 1 . Sen-otid ronri" — indiN'idttnl cliii'k"!) pi,-, i-eliiv, •.lives, fn:i«hf>(1 potatoes. -.:ti'ii |n;t~, (al>liat;e and coffei-. Third cuutsi-- Irtj ct«-nm and i sihe and npi-ni ctirk" nvitijtr lh<- flinin r. Miss Tris \\"il!n In-half of the employee* pre- Mr. fc'lmiidt with a fotnritnln t>en. Mr. Hchmid.t respondprl nlf<-!y, thfinkiiiK th<tn for the hrnutifiil lokeri. A thiait'f party wa« then formed and they att'/nded (he <inind thr-ater. ' '\hii-ll cieilit is due to Mix. Ii. H. usliman for «<uch a «5uecr>HMfnl )»»(•( y, u Mhe had charee -of Ihf decoratifins uid Hervint; i\f Mn- dinner, ;ind tho 'heMer t'tnplo) vi-x wi.«li fo vxteinl their hanks lo nl-r. Mr. Schmidt ha.s lieejt ii.i-'xisiaiit man ai;er nt (he J. K. ("hifjler »»or«> for the pa«t two yeaiK and four month*. rcslKnc to ao'cpt a position IIM ant manager at tin- •!. A. Thicker 'i".od« jwtore JIL Ji'livu Air. hai made many frieiiil.« in KtetlinK it. tin 1 short length of time he ha* rcKide< heir', who regret lo hear of MK de- pnntirr- fr..!ii UI!H city, but winh him r We use The Best of tBotlt THE ^OWWft H The Best f {pliers THE HARTS HOW ftOLLER We will g'w&mu THE BEST OFtSlKy ICE and Hanjryour SHADES Sec ouv uasf wimimv ainhsclect }'<>i|r .cloth Gait's took Store contimtruj IJPW W. C. T. U. MEETING Wag Held Thnr»day Afternoon with -Mrs. Thompson. The regular meeting of tlu< \V. 0*. T. IT. wan held Thursday afternoon at :hi> hums- of Mrs. <*. D. Thompson on I-'irnt avenue.. A wood attendance WJI'M ireMftit nnd the' following; officern wen> leeted for the eiiHiiinK year, which art: .H follow*: r > rrfilflJ>tit--Mr.s. Hity .fireene, Virc l-rcHldt'lU Mr**. (\-K. White. lU'i'onliiiK, .Secretary—Mrw. William Jinkney. Whether ilu< have th« iifiiivi — nf — Hrr — work People cini'li-vod regularly dally In tho Tonrribntonr- -\rhti the pa;.er.x hav n full of Mother and her ilniiik-s iii c-oniH'ftlon with Ktrilu'H. Where KOPH trou- Unbeatable Exterminator ^ • of Rftta».Mlc« ontl UUQS . r lined (he World Ovor-,- Ifood by V,i>,qov«rnment 7fi« Old Ketinbte J7>«/ NevtirtfWIa - /5fc.'25< - - THE RECOGNIZED STAN OAR 3 -AVOID -f- ~«"- »* it Do you want to look like everybody else, or do you ppe- anco WHS In New York yesterday in ronnccttnn with thf ftattonod out Htiwl rnr Ktrikf. which -wa*»-'-t»r»f«t»l«c'rt— to- paralyze the niHropolin. 'In -tin ttd- dreMM id the woni»*n Mother Jones is <iuiitcd UH tuiying: a "Von are -tixv m>ni (mental." she cried. "Staying «( home thinking'-:.. of droRH tutd trinkets when you initfhi to lie out I'iiiiiiiiK hell." How doe.s that laiiK'na^c Hound from men or not It hnj» at least failed to Jnnd. on this side the water. Col. Harvey i.s the mrin who clnlm« to havn put NVllHon ucmtot. Now he Is out for ; <'orre.spnndinK Secretary—MlBH Mary I ley. f. — -Mrn. JonaS Hat'r. J.' 1 ! 0 »IM*'>in(ed ofrh't^rH w-lll he TecteilTiy tlie president at the next filar, .meeting. Mr«.' Pinkney n« proAldont after HervftiK In lido for tho past, twelve yearn, S->At th(» O|OH«! of the ^ I and \vlf<' nf Sd rlitiB. Mr?;, C;*••*». Hnnvti < and daughters and John LaufT. j Mr. and MtJ». Unrtlc witnoHtid tin- i di ilicatinii of st. Mary's tifaiitifiil al-j rim. aflci wan!'* rnjiijinK a, roast diu-k I dinnor tit thi' h>im« of th«-ir tu p)«'W. Anthony l>;uifr, j URIC ACID IN MEAT CLOGS THE KIDNEYS ROYAL ^ GHBORS 'Take a. Glass of Salts if Ypur Of Jordan Held a Plea.ant Meetina at v Bad( HDrliS OP ^Bladder T, n "7 v u r,7 Home> Bothers You—Drink ih« |{..y«| Ni-i«hl«ir Cmnp of .lur- Kfl nnA tl/»L_ dan. hi-hl thrir monthly nt.'otlnK at lh, . ""°^ •''316^. home of Samuel Murray in <'arro||j , r -—--— ••"ttnty. «t,t. 4th. At noon a HmiipViioy.. ' , lf y "" mn * 1 hi1 , vo - v "" r '"""' <>v "r>' j)i<-ni<- dinner «V:IH ^.-rvi'd to which all ' *' at "' Ut " u ' Mh y " ur kldncy« With did JnstU-f. - ' """•" '"''"'"'""ally, Kay« a noted ? 'iutlior- Aftt-t- dltintr th«' biiKiuc'SH mci-tinir '' ty W '"' ''' ! ' N " H llKlt ""''' ll f """ N " rh ' wa» lu«kl and the remainder of (Jit- day i' iCid wlllt h "'most l»ar«»yjie» tite kid- was .Hpt-nt noclully.' the ladies \vjth their 'faik'y 'work,) Mrt«. .1. I!, ilratken. of J in their efforts to <>x|>el it fnmi tin- hltnid. Th-y Lprf'tTiP FltlfTKlsh and weaken, then you Hiiffer with a dull MI-M. Jann-K CoutH, Airs. WillUim Hivit^ f " ll f" ry| ''>'"'" kidney nml , -, ,.,.-, ,. „ , ,,. ,-, l ((M%|1 f -tTllJlJ*!, , ,|, . I Mr,, l-'rank W||| W of. thin i ,± ...'" ""''r*"™™ •ity. were .in attetnltinct 1 . MARRIED>EOPLE injoyed a Private Dancing Party in the K. of P. Hall. shnrji .vM, your ."loniach Hours. (oni;ii<' i« coated ami when the weather IH Lad yiii liav rhfiiniittir t\vlriK«'«. -Th«v urine Ket.-J cloudy, full of i.-i'ilillli'llt, tile channe!.-* ufien 'jji-t.-Muro and you to Hp«:k rcllof 'two or duiint; the Thompson served rnfreHfinientM. Mr», The m»rt will no'hfcld nt< f SOCIAL AFFAIRS v- '! .^. J :•• 1 •• .T"** ^ * y _*i" Mr«. I{, M. KlKler'« cm Sfyotith Avc. • sd&ATWvcim H will then not Thi» famous stalls l«" mud« from the TrTTkY*"*^ vvnv^ . -r -r^^, I nr '*' °* « rft i> 1 ' 11 and lemon Juice, oom- IllN.vr S HERALDS '. l>l " od wl «*» "<»'a. and lm» h..(*n tiHod for .- . ., ^s t K ( ' tH 'ration.H to tlnnh und »UinulutOHltiK- Will Meet Saturday Afternoon at the i^'* 1 ' lu dney«. nlso to iivutmlteo iho Fourth 81, Church. jftfldH in urlnr. KiiOL-nn longer irritate-*. -' .The regular tu<H-tin« of (he KitiR i_^ lus ^-nditiK..tiladflor wwikhesM. Iterald'H Society of tho Fiiiirth ^f r( ;,Tj"~r"J n d"ynttsls lnt'xpeiiHiv«; cnrn'ot An- M. K. ciittreh'will I to hi'ld In the «un- |» SHOWER MISS SHUCK A' Pre-Nuptial Attention _V/as Of , the home* of Mrs. Arthur Kmmjtt. .Thy time wan spent ii) H«»wln f » innl pinna you .'i* easy wittTa <3AGE HAT Our limt^vprj: tgyi to Dillon Hal Shop 204 Lawrence Building it "mother," Jlow would tho average man HKe u> hc-ur liiH muthvr tallUiuj that \\ay? 1>M|torn n« n rjtlo 'an- not, tinltky They nro imnuliy more than liberal. Hut thf Rlothi-r Jonots hiylr of presentIIIK her c,i!«i< doen not appeal.- Tho "mother" .'.Imiiid ho iitrielten from her natiii-. Phi- \*>, howevc-r.tliK ty|w« of and unman wlio manage strikes. "Italso 'hell mil 'cin." is tdi fitrikn leaders idea of J -44|* in Palmyra, A Very charming nnd delightful af- wii8"the . mfaceUaneouH ahower held yenterd«y afternoon at tho homo- of 'Minn Men«ch In Dixon, by tho uf the Fourth Committee of the Lot cluh, for MUte Myrtle Khuck, of I'uhnyra, who'ue marriage lo Wilhur ItnteH, of Dixon, will ho solemnized the wenint? of iu-toln>r 11 nt 8 o'eloek. The inemhers of the i-ommlttee or the host- e.MNe.s were Minn Iva ^IcnHch, .Mrs, Leroy Itnhler, .Mrs.*t}lenn Swarlx, AUwses Anna Uiwt-ou, Kdtih Hmythc and Mary were mnrto for tin- nnnual chicken ilin- •liirHif-? Worker hall on 'Dec. 2n<l. THE FRESHIES GET DINNER. sn rlabses, uiidi'r Mis Neff, the domestic ..selcnco ' Tlt'e Heho"dl "totla .', not Uie which tjie {irvHeiit ailmlnlK- tmliuii him Hunnlled in the Adarnxon refre«hnientM and wun ii In enfertalnln*,* hy .Mrs. K. N. J'eter- son, Mm. Cora JJeckJiigham and .Mr». ._. r l>t«'U'_.jliuiii'»L Li."'/> iiurtook of. tht . ^ITn. >.mmitt [delicious wlll,le«. TIv^ Klrl« hJiv,-' h"- :l '; UJ*« KyUrfr. WUH lryly-otupointiprf .- t _ ^.- .. aa . •'" at r-wtt-"*— her. ' Shuck. The mtmhered Hixteen. hlllldillgH, HlohUtiiK officer* N\\o|ii la niaiiilaiil the pllhlie peace, dii«*r»'«>n cars, windows, MIUIH)* tiiingH, in in with this type of thought, wheth- M from M«»lher Jone« o? Kathfr Oonipcrn. Kmvfl Jn the only the ^trjkt'C« and "th«> sfrlkn W'r Itnows, "Ifaiftlrik hi»l|," Id • ., . %, «. £ , . t * * . n , The iMenceh homo had heen prettily decorated iu tho color*) of pink nnd white, white, wedding belh*, pink nnd while .streamers find* verhenuK gaining the arti.stlc eiTcct, Henry Howen. STERLIN^PEOPLE W«» Entertained at Duck Dinner in I P " 1 in *" A ^ 1 .?* y ^ on • Tftelr 8t °P cotni\ very imich. the i work and art- faat learning niitny thliiK« in the way of household wcienee. HUGHES WOMEN Tampioo W«dn»ed*y. Mr, ami Mrx. "Antho'ny I^uiff, of THinpico, entertnlned nt dinner Wed- »t>Hday, tlje v.eneruhle Anthony In Chicago. r-hiciuro/lIK, Oct. «.—Tlu"womon of tho transcontinental train for iu pluyitiK gameM when it small hoy Itiioekrtl on the door and handed a stilt <*a«e bcarinfj a numher of lahelw find tnus, with Itiserlplloits thereun jvlth reference to newly-weds, ete.,ftnrt the Kuesjt of.hunor fou^d in this r-oso uppmpriiito gifts. A tJuwt appetlising- two eourSw IiuiPh- wftn K^nu-d'and there wn« « th- Ide for tjie bride nnd several smallur nil pmu-ntlnff n grnHfylng pie- KEEP YOUBlipTBE"^ LOOKING LIKE NEW, Preserve Its Origins! Beauty New Suites and Choice Pieces [FOR THE-HOME Arriving daily—See our windows,"""""" TOU (m NOT Jrrv SPOIL THIS * II V A -i, • a >*AI tr>»% i*^f H* Furniture, Stoves Conn 1 to the last and biggest store on M Tluut Si ' The art. of keeping your furniture, looking new from u$y to day is an easy one, Tt is• *imnly a* matter of bringing out tliv original linish in all its nulural' beauty, insteiuJ «>f applying an >xtra coat of urtilkial pulish, which too often either leaves a .sticky film to collect dust, or else gums or dries the varni.^i, thus promoting clucking and cracking. The better homes throughout the country are now i|,->inj{ T«,;hey Poltsl^ localise, of its natural cleaning and re- HSJWIUK quutiiica, This K the game iioli^h used l>y the Tohey. iMirnhiirc «*iiir;»Boantf New York) <iii evi'.ry pu-rc of line furniture they make, and is made after tin if own «.(rrt'l *,hnp fni-intth. Tohey Poiiih I'j'stcircs the newness t ( > varntilivd and etmmlrd surfaces. It j do<"> it natuT.dly— hy t U'iii>il|i{ the linf-h and niainuininK in it it* original condition. Ket-ps the \jrin->!i ela-iie ami and .cr:u king... t un> 'In |)l»k nnd white. Tln« hartil l rupH, the jiaintlnR being the «-lumon for. the day. On «11»- tho it a mom all THE CLUB Will Oive «n Excellent Program 8*tur- dny Afternoon. This program far thf Sterling Wom'*i elnl' to ij«- held Saturday i.s us HOW TO BE SLIM .If you ari- t<-o fat and want to reduce your weight 18 <ir 20 pmmdu, don't Htnrvf ami vvcakc-n jour «>•»- <ir think ymi mnttt alwavH numerouH innty., hottrtt iti <'hl- CIIKO . yesterday, their mnpt aetlvt ~~jj'eri«nl lieltiK at 5 n'eloek p. m. at v.uj. "Jon» street crtrnrrs,-at the honiH \\\ !|ienpl«> aif> leaving work. The VniHndrra for Hie Heinihliran j Candidate for president left town t ., t rlj jthis inornlnjr, pointed west, and I destined to reai-h even the . I'ai i(]» The irlprwhleh hefnui at ."'few lint- at on ayeoiinf nf your fat, to any KIIIM! ilruK^ist, and et it hox of oil of Kori-in ;tuke one After f-a< f h Iwfore n-tiiiiiK al and om* i yoj|r«t'lf otu't- a w«'«-l< and note what u idwisani and rclluttlo methud thia in for romoviu^ nuppr- tluoua fat from any part of the It eostn Hi tie, IH absolutely harm* w*d—a week'* trial »Uould •ponvlnoe unyoiKi Unit it i«' un- inswsHiiry to he hnrdi-ned with oven 41 single pound of uniiiphtly fat. ' 1'Yed JI. lOlHtrly. V«n - K, will Oi -en py the nit »M of iiitf.. her. Chicago women who ji'dtu'd thi-p.ui\ |we,«t were Mrs..nayinond lioldns. ,Mi'*< jWllliatn (Scverin. nnd Mrs, Nodle I'rett- JihegiMwnna - •* * * «^% ^'" ' " • •> t * dear skin wins If you, tiio, are crabarjassq«l j a pimply, blotchy, unsightly plexkm, just try Mi«s llarriut will Jo(n the party ou Home of the mont ,..„ ji'efock inoetiiiK» yeJiterdtty wi-re held lit UtilHitd nnd .Msyiixon stnu'tx. Haj pted und, T\\\?lfth street.", ami Tweltt'l IMtlo liiluiid l.> Mlt< Kellor of New VorU and .Mrs n'Khanghtie^py,' wife of the 'r Uitiled Suies nituche ut Mcx. Ico I'ity. s Mf«« Kqllor m a matter of fact volow ;, ;'Amerii-u"-- Tlie Cluh, '' duel --Mis. Head and ft>r the War"- K. TulU-ri 1 jicw—fn-f ffi-iin NI» !i U il w"i uro in-<t>tntui>< • (icUIIHiK U l.l'l j dtc-f v!-»ili l-t'cj In d.iy. ,t \ft' r iliv ivgular •f> I 1 !'-il (.11 the ' H'. w l"r mi V Forward 1 H. H. Kehr. fioin- -Nlrni. coujily (torn - Mrs. A nd re WH, of |{rtc v H Fails flulj. . Voi-al Ktilo -Miits Huth Thome. Tli»« <,(»riefipon;|in|.; ,«iiretaiy will .)>*• tlioie ,it « M*> lot K in dlhti ihiili 1 yoar 'i he lii.isuiii- will l/e thiiie at i.'i iu.,!. In tvi en <• dUr.s and l v !>lle m« i;- MRS. ecu.'HOSTESS. i \li- r'u,,1 in- lii'll ^viiteri lined iilleen, j;Hv l Ji.<( ,i "IU i.'. f.^.h |!)4|t in-itH Till!!,. ' nil HI f.,n-i "I h> t ii-l.tnvf.s AU .Midi '-winr-wtmmi'n.T!'-: M •• !" v, it P-V.. tv*9 p^ HONEYMOON TRIP,.' IJH: f.u'inn'SHrt ,M ; •< - ,t cl'-.i.l, | M, ',,.,j »,!, \\Mi" t .l H 'I'eiii,',' .•! .1 Nvdi n • ...'!!..( dsi-t. | A!,nil 1 -.'ii Mini: ,i, ll I 111' ill "hi- I .tUf ,,u. !-.' ,.. '..! i!,. , i. i. :'' . 11 !!i • ,. > i > t ,v i . •, i i , . v ,.- t . -- •, '.'.; u' ' r!- ti A; i ir u, JOHN- M. POWERS '"" ^^^^^*^^^^^™"^^ < *™*****'**"*""" BI "* 1 ™" lw '*'^^"*"*^P*««"»"WWWWI«»W«MW 111 |li u The Bungalow Man's Etectrwj f Ipor Sander s, Miiootlis u n d mi old lio(»r hcttiu* Ihan m>\\\ Takt's oiT vnr- i, paint «»r ilirl. in one Iho' liiu.o ij_j;ait 'done by hand, The co-,1 i,s very n>!isoua]»l«^. Scntji inic a floor l*v hand i> a-; out oi' datf a-'lin 1 «*ld o.\ I li.l\i- tie iil«:<-i( 'Hid tlluM • ui.i I!i 11 linirj j m N'lH ' l,\v i -I i i i, [ '.!• j'l tilodeln -. Ml i,(l!i(',t<t \\tflh ,: l\ • .ill' • i • .'l,!r..i N'J - !., ' .1.- l>< U*li4iiU' JllUl iii tt Hill. " K, i • int jit 'i'l Mu ^^, jj,.j»;.. M. POWERS 1008 West 4th St. - Bell 870 W rtguliirfy fonrwcek and we H it «ii>es not make a blessed difference in your skin. In. fcc\>er<rfea'scs ^ ' lit) \k R csinol Ointment aliotild also be used, t^esfhril Syap Iidp8'trt "iiiake" red, rotigh harwii and arms &?ft nn<l"\yhf|e, ^,0. la-ep tiic hair healthy 'and" ucq' from' dan- druff.Contains m> free aikahT .t T : ' I . - - ... Hair Brushes It pay?, fo liny a 'brush, hccauM' t>vory day -\ ' *- that yT>n own ii, j| rHimis .','" <!i\'idcnd^ in svi'\ i»'i' and U I hi- Kiutl that you i-iv and we doli't a>k Iu pax a t.iy: iii'irt' \U(!' ta Hetndriclts Drug Co.; The 3b?j itore i

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