The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina on February 18, 1940 · 32
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The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina · 32

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 18, 1940
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I k L: 13111GE SIXTEEN kl 'r' ti 7 '5 157 '1 1111 mannonommoroamoll bitillimmonnkiallOwnomminnwonalmoullimonomoVuomikInammultounirbemoommionalituniommittnellrualmemmtlitilogeliGieWimilivaimitimilbtAmosmistsatew t: " ti lej THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER The Foremest Newspaper of The Two Carolinas SUNDAY FEBRUARY 18 1940 SECTION TWO Columbia Chapel Hill Ready For Conference Meets 1 4 1 OLUMBIA S C Feb 17—The cream of the boxing talent of the Southern Conference will be seen in action here Friday and Saturday February 23-24 in the loop annual ring tournament There is class in every division plenty of punchers in every weight Mittmen in the middleweight group will have to go to town with both gloved hands if they hope to dislodge the crown from Newton Cox of Maryland At the tourney in Columbia last winter Cox overshadowed by the Terrapins left-handed luminaries— Benny Alperstein and Frank Cro- fin fought his way into the limelight He climaxed his mauling march by scoring a technical knockout over North Carolina's Red Sanders in the finals Sanders is back for another shot at the title and for another shot at Cox Most impres ive of course is Sanders' triumph over Ulrich for the Citadel boxer has won three fights this season via the technical knockout route Victims of Ulrich's rammering rights were Georgia's Stein Tennessee's Doane and Clemson's Rion The last named was undefeated until he stepped Into the ring with Ulrich Aubrey Rion's promising record shows triumphs over Presbyterian's K e e Miami's Stern Virginia Tech's Belmore and South Carolina's Belser Rion has plenty of ring poise a good knowledge of boxing but is cursed with a glass jaw Other contenders for the 165- pound title are Duke's Pete Kirkman victim of a technical knockout delivered by Cox South Carolina's Marion McCarter and Virginia Tech's Kent Belmore - ti-GARE MISSING Welterweight wallopers with four 'outstanding contenders will go into the four-posted ring to gain the crown vacated by South Carolina's Allan Legare now fighting legal battles in law school "Simon" Legare (pronounced Legree) outpointed Ed Dickerson of North Carolina in the finals of the 145-pound division in one of the real rip -roar-rousing bouts of the tourney Dickerson who is slated for Phi Beta Kappa is now logically boosted into the number one slot But a trio of trigger-like punchers— South Carolina's Willis Beall Citadel's Louis Lempesis and Clem-sons Lauren Drcisbach—stand in an imminent and mauling position each one of whom hopes to turn Legare's trick And on the basis of his season record the erudite Dickerson has cause to be pugilistically worried Although he has garnered ring victories over North Carolina State's Brown and Virginia Tech's Evans and Maryland's Itay Alperstein Dickerson has been defeated by Virginia's Williams — and Citadel's Lempesis So number one of the nemesis parade of Dickerson is the Bulldog boxer CILAMPIONS MISSING Pummeling punches from the portside will not trouble the entrants in the senior welterweight division The left-handed Frank Cronin by defeating South Carolina's Jerry Hughes in the finals became the " conferente 155-pound champ 1 o n !last season Now Cronin is gone and the 155 pounders don't have to worry about unorthodox stances and they — !don't have to look out for the a aconferente 155-pound champ 1 o n 'Ansonia- 4 last season 011 Itovc Icagolc Nolcs Nents!AHE To HEELSouthern Pines Is 1- Now Cronin is gone and the 155 1 i pounders don't have to worry 1 bout unorthodox stances and they BY SMITH BARRIER latter having married a Lexing-'worried The reason is that he has! :don't have to look out for the wan aome rx- tn g OLDSBORO t hioirl ths mont on pounds this winter and bition C ih Albert Mitchell 20 dh 'stinging right-hand wallops of HI NT IN Ready For Festival 4 games from the N C shortatop of Greensboro and Leaks-1 he's wondering how lone it avill 4Hughes whose varsity career is1G 'State and Tar heel leagues' Man-Iville hds horn signed by the In- take to get it off lover I 4 1 To establish a favorite in this Inger Mack Arnett(' attended taedians Kinston is hopeful that Johnny Hicks recommended Jim Annual Horse Show to Be pcnnis Miller 19-year-old rookie of Easton1 league meeting of the former thistClark Griffith will help division this season is a difficult' manner who was pa Wilson e Coastal in t Wl i th Cl l Nine North Carolina teams In- t week and contacted several teamsdSothern the new Staged Friday at Resort's "task because most of the entrants 4 k He may be reached at his homehighly recommended by the Old league But don't think it was eluding four title-holders have en- ware conference novices in Valdese until the middle of nextiFox fill some of his vacant spots Mooresville's Johnny Hicks W ho is tered the 20th annual Southern Country Club I On the basis of the season record month rookies Four of the Tarborol Sother was chosen from 50 C äl il busy getting himself It Textile Basketball tournament ia s'to date Clemson's Bill Greene will aor pnans o when Ports-Ididates He managed the emi-pro as j o i be held in Greenville S C: 4 made s s ' nn Hicks of Atlantic Chris- probably be seeded number one mouth took over the club as achamps of the Di-trict of Columbia tian college himself a pitcher 'March 6-9 Sperio O l to The harryer : Other luminaries in this division farm has been purchased by Golds- last summer Speaking of the Mooresville John- The McCrary Eagles of Ashe-QOUTHERN PINES Feb 17— MARCH 16 ':are North Carolina States John born They are James Hammond Add basehallers keeping in trimlny one finds trouble ahead for thc bora) class A champions will re- a With everything set for a gala !Nicholson North Carolina's Bart- Anon 'Whitehead John Gorski and'hasketballing: Bus Huffsteller see-defending North State champion turn to the big cage show to defendil event fences and hurdles are being -----4------ !lett South Carolina's Harry Le- Etheridge Burnette 14-4nd baseman for Statesville and i with their veterans gone But in their crown The Chatham Blan-tput in shipshape condition for the -!ton Maryland's Morris Roseman "Only Hoped will be back" is Forrest Rogers of the Gastonia' the outfield it will be just about keteers of Winston-Salem are class host of blue blooded horses to be SOUTHERN PINES Feb 17—Gra Nirginia Tech's Wooltvine the story Reese Harris of LexingHCards who are playing in a Gastordas strong as ever with Norman A girls champions and will defend:entered in the Southern Pines —Twenty fleet four-year-olds who 1 These are only a few of the boyston is moaning now that they have league this winter Both have Small George Jordan and Hubitheir title in the March event ThelItorse Show at the Hoist' Show lialve not tasted victory in brush t-taho will be slinging 'em There lost the Williamsport working agree-Isigned their 1940 contracts with Blair if the last named isn't shiftediAdams-Millis quintet of High Point grounds at the Southern Pmesifenee racing will g 0 to the post tare scores of others in every di- mama The Indians had hoped tol the same clubs Earl Connor to the infield as was reported late'winner of the class B boys trophy'Country club Friday February 231exactly a month from today to coma 'vision retain Juakey Wright P nd Ross he third baseman for Thomasville is'laat season II last year ha a entered as an A team nn Entries closed Moay with Fred- pete for the $1000 prize awaiting ' crick II Burke of Nev York chair- the winner of the Croatan Steeple- ' OFFICIAL PIEDMONT LEAGUE SCHEDULE 1940 man of the Horse Show committee chase t announcing that close to one bun- This race Is an added feature of i dred entries had been received Ho the sixth annual race meeting of announced that 'laitTle Sclune the Sand Hills Steeplechase and 1 ASHEVILL I E CHARLOTTE i WINSTON-SAL D A O EM 1 URHM I ROCKY MOUNT I PORT I sMOUTH 1 NORFOLK RICHMO M ND trim grey gelding owned by r bc Association to be held at s Raci I A --it Inqn I 7— 1 -- - - - - -- - - William Kennedy of Boston tvould Ika TInl-k” trst ---- -a-- Competition In Every Division to Be Hotly Contested In Annual Event task because most of the entrants ware conference novices On the basis of the season record rto date Clemons Bill Greene will probably be seeded number one : Other luminaries in this division 'are North Carolina States John 1Nicholson North Carolina's Bart::lett South Carolina's Harry Lef-:ton Maryland's Morris Roseman Virginia Tech's Woo lwine -1 These are only a few of the boys 4who will be slinging 'em There are scores of others in every di 1 ASHEVILLE CIA331 BOXER3 DAVIDSON COACHES LABOR HARD TO MOULD FORMIDABLE 1940 ELEVEN MOOD li G h lig S ALTHOUGH it's still wintertime 'spring" football practice is in full swing at Davidson where the coaches are building next fall's edition of the Wildcats Top left photo I opEN ti shows Chet Chapman teaching a bunch of rookies the fine points of line play Top right picture is of Dare Spencer sophomore tailback in 1939 who will do a lot of ball-carrying in 1940 At bottom left Crowell Little former North Carolina star vow on a coach at Davidson leans o a tackling dummy and issues instructions to a set of scat backs At bottom right Head Coach Gene 11cEver shows Johnny Frederichs (left) promising freshman hall-carrier and Granville Sharpe (right) Wildcat ON 018 passing ace how to spin in a reverse play In the center Lawrence Spearman watches a bunch of backs work and stops to tell them: "Boys this is a man's game" The fillOA't Wildcats promise to hare a tricky speedy team next autumn—(Observer Photos by Angus F Lytch Jr) ' - FIELD ' " -- I 1 - - - - CHARLOTTE 4 WINSTON-SAIIM -t 1131:11HAM 3 ROCK! MOIST FicHmoNn Iti iv 211-1-? 1 April PORTMOt 11 1up 1-1 ink 111-11-?() ?1-:'!!0 i NORFOLK 3-A:11 ?1-!?-?1 READ April 11-114 May 4-5 Juno 1-8-93i JOY 25-26-211 May 9-10-11-12x hint ?4-23 Aug 3-4x-5-4 MA! fi-1-1k 14-!7- ur )1-1119- 10 April June 10-11-i? Juie 211-11-?3-?4 13-11-111Ft Ig-19-?n M v - 4)- i4) In! t lig ?1-:N11-A 4iM imir f 0 And' 119-Vb Miff 13-11-13-IR June Ant 1-440 THE MAtv Mar 30-3() Aug 31-Sepl 9-10-11-11x Aunr 11-11 Aug — A pril '21-15?fl itin tA-10?0 M4v !:A TO 4-1011 tut 't 111A -'II 'I ! 'Slay 11-18Ifix July 12-13-11x Aut 1A-11-13-111 May li-1-11 July I-1 1)IC-17 Aug 10-Ha prti 0-10 Mx 13 111Tif Aug 14-4 OBSERVER ' lune 31N June '!9-Ax-tut Au lfc!9-3t1 pril !11?!-!3 si4 Ilif le jitno 1-? ?1-n-'!Z 1!g '41 'JO 4 144 '44 - I I -' May N-21-22-23 July f51111 Aug 10111-1? MAY JOY Aug 17-1R-19 12-13-iii il-it-IA-in ----- April 11111 May I-711 May 11-11-14 1111Y FOR — M v It Jul 3-I-I 11- nt-'!g-'21 11Tvi !1- 411 fit :t!1 I-:- 11”r '0 11 I ni og ot " r Vi o 0 April 11-'28x -29-311 June 11-1-19 July ?it - 29-34 MAv 1-2-3 June VI-21-11-13x htly 31 Aut 1-t Nixv 21-!8-!9 1111 Sfi-lx-S Aug 21-2-23 MN 1-?1-V1 M As :10- loi Julv 9-III-g A111 31-Sept 1?7 FULL prii le- !fl M iv ig hiI Vig I 4i I tA ISrt di g- tig 114 iL 11( 1 Is AuE I ft May -23 IIIT)P 211-112?-?3 July 31 Aug 14 April 114gx49-30 jil IIP July ?Ss49-'10 Mav July Ana P10II 1:-11419?0 MAY 17-?14'!9 July :All-1A-51 Aug 1-!!!-J May in-11-11-i3 Jo n-4:1 ktia -1-a PIEDMONT prul IA I -1 - 4ii Nt 1110 I §1 I i1g 0 IN ittne : May 31-June 1-2x June 29-4oa July 1-2 Aug 211-29-30 Juni! 3-4-A n 16-11-! Aug !4-?77( -?6-11 A pril 1tIne Juts ?I z-22-13-?t crrtt !$-?7-'44 June 1311-ii-Igs July IA19?0 'Slav 6-74-9 I unr ug 9-0-11x-11 1 1 1 a V r t- -M-74 I 9011 1 1710 - Annt her ollanc re in2 bn ' ' Frin's jonAe-Aat'lld— ht4it m ov er I ' AA'A A "A- i oneile !ct iVk ill he the largest crowd to ever n :4- Vi I Mar it Aug 9-0-11x-11 ! loir I-! -II !Son- q rhe!Inut cried re (I'IN nrd by 1- tbe Sandi-1'1N Challenze cup witness the spnrt m Moore county ! Aolf 11ISt Mr kennnrit- ente!ed n1 '''- -neihr rr" over tunhot the yad Camden W(b) the nprnIng gMf Ni I-11 ("I em NI R7-M 9 r'''' I" "ThIrh t"('Is''-('-'nP h''r-eFk'n twr r-1- nvr 1t11 citeby 7 to 6 in Camden In the sec- RioIJ c‘ onc at nrsi‘?:pr ond game Pinehutst tuis '-1 rkt-i? 1 Nino ni-'N re re'1rrd tvll hat e i to E ug 9-t 1AI N ‘olil-t? - --0 — i '11:(-- on r f111 f'-a r m ''ronQer four than represenled the eri ? rvi l ir ( ol I II (1 ilINI 11111 HNI MII P S P 13nd!1 of Ncw SAndh'Ilc Clib in Camden Pine- pn ti f ofnt VA Tch t MAN III 1!1'11 " ''1!!1!!n iterIlr I Tt "t YT k ''' rrrrr cf 1---r ! i11 al 11--' A:kers in(' :-Pri!nc le en ze LEAGUE t N- Y r: l Ni 11 lig r 1 o I n1 ei I‘ehter” lr4 : l lx11 19 N19111“t 1 '"'''''''''' "C l'r("'r! " ded t"c"'P a n"nY 111t'e 1ancr 11-1- --m- - ri 4IN fr 1!r vk imnZ :i: in th i ltAl eft i 'res' — I rt oarre nte” 'II 1d -GO- 'kr1 I 1 Iti I tAnktin NIAh01 1 ( 4-rt: frh (0111(1 IIINIMISA PIP1'!ii I!1 Ilf ht 4 IAir 11 M i-I 'II I ! 11ein 1114 Inotto C i 11:Am cr'crIA'!) tr41) k 1 A--1 I I I' I NEVI'S p l'” ‘ir1 It i i:Ik 11 of the :1!!'!' Ikr: of " t I" il s ( Arni l' '' nInmh 1' 1 sifth lns ' ii11rtinl iiI1 (It lk :'I A!!cnti ltf pI 4-1 — — 1 A M II i‘ - I IN (0h'111A fk A M s 111ko 1 I fvoin ki Contg4 loth ?I 're'rtkr11 MA' h In date nn ihP -- 11oar4 earn IA fixfAin Sirytmntl 9A I imetsity of rioritio A N C tau 11fiHd 7 r—Funds t—Ortn date 14a1 June 3-4-5 July 3-tAnt 31 Sept May 31 3une June ?I:) -II A!I 11--993300 April 21-?3-!4 June July I1-19-19 April ?Ix-2?-?:3 10-11-1' litiv ot 7104 : ' ' t24t1 g T ' 4t4Lk-o fk krOliCk g 14 'a 4 a r bse 5$44 itlAqufge ''tlimail'iO414ttiontgaite It r'Pl:1431likSit I iinnouncing znat tiliise In one nun- This race Is an added feature of dred entries had been received He the sixth annual race meeting of announced that 'Llt 71e Sc lune: the Sand Hills Steeplechase and kssociation o be trim grey gelding owned by Mrs Raejec t held at William Kennedy of Boston would the Barber Estate course midway between Southern Pines and Pine- make his first appearance in the South -Little Squire" was brought i htirst march 16 to this country a few years ago by j BY W JOYNES MacFABLAN HAPEL HILL Feb 17---tTh— The South's biggest indoor track meet will bring hundreds of young athletes here Saturday and nne of the busiest men in North Carolina now is Coach Robert A Fetzer the daddy of the games and "Dean of Southern track" Two weeks before the entry list closed 250 athletes had entered for the eleventh Southern Conference indoor games February 24 The institutions they represent are scattered in eight states from Florida to Pennsylvania Four hundred or more boys are expected to compete Defending champion In t h e Snuthern Conference is North Carolina Navy is defending champion in the non-conference division Georgetown in the freshman di- vision and Episcopal High of Lynchburg Va in the scholastic division CI South's Biggest Indoor Track Meet to Be Rattled Off In Woollen Gym SELLS IDEA Coach Bob sold the Southern Conference on the indoor track idea 11 years ago The games could not have been made the success they have been without the support of the organization but those familiar with the conference also know that they probably would never have been started and might have been dropped had it not been for the faith of Fetzer Nowhere in the United States Is there a man who outranks Coach 'Bob As a track enthusiast- His first lieutenant here at the University of North Carolina Dalt Ranson is another man who almost eats sleeps and talks 'track 24 hours a day Fetzer says there is no sport that can do more to mold a boy into a fine man than track "I believe that any normal boy with patience persistence vision and determination can develop into a creditable performer in some one or more of the 14 or more events usually found at a track meet" said Coach Fetzer 0-- INDIVIDUAL JOB He explained that there Is 'no other sport that emphasizes the individual abilities of A man like track does The boy xvorks in the open air under the most healthful conditions" said Coach Rob "In track there is a wide range of e‘ents from which a boy can choose those he thinks he would be best in He works as an individual He stands on his own He is not boosted or held back by his teammates unless perhaps its in a relay event anti he measures his own ability against the world 's best performances" Coach Fetzer is a strickler for year-round training by track men He as every man vi ho wants to perform at his best in track in the spring should be careful to stay in tiptop physical trim the year-round National recognition as an authority on track has come In Coach Fetzer and he has served as a memberof the National Collegiate Athletic association's committee on track He also has wntten articles for nationally recognized rule books on track TRACK REAL LOVE Fetzer has been athletic directnr at the University of North Carolina since 1922 lie coached football 20 years ago but track is his real lo VP "This year's meet should b- nur best" said Fetzer today 'Many lof the meet champions some of them the record-holders will be back tn seek new laurels There's more interest ton it seems than in several years and all records for entries may be broken" The meet will be run in Woollen gymnasium opened last year and the 10-1ap banked indoor track is as large as any in the United States The plans for the gymnasium 'ere drawn with the indoor games in mind and the facilities afforded for the track and field events are probably not surpassed in the nation An indication of how good the track is was the mile mark of four minutes 16 seconds set by Mason Chronicler of Maryland last year It was the fastest indoor mile listed at seven meets including the I C A A A championships at Madison Square Garden 10EN EIS C' t Cory fter ‘ ' !riflin im - To acid attraction to the Croatan apain a Ng I a 1 e )e a poriini Isvcnia in Ireland and IT:niithe sponsors hiked the pure from land In this coun he was chmps th SV(1 offerd last 3-car nd lim- try pINEHIJR3T ite inn Jumper in the Natonal H d the entries to non-winners orse' show at Madison Square Garden 1 This did the trick The lists filled a g last fall He will be en rapidly and were closed week ao tered in the i --—— Racing Secretary Richard Wal- knockdown and out class fer which ''Y the lot pri:e is $100 Enterer-I in ilarh Jr FINEHURST Feb 17—Camden the same chiss will be -Lady Dur- 1111 he cmphasi7ed that the reg iand the Sandhills polo teams will W 0 the second game of their oS ham" a North carol na hore i iters for the other four events !rlaY owned by Mrs Nic would nt CIO7 until March 6 rf fur- series on the number two field in ham N C and rated As one of the i Record entry lists are expected i Pinehurst Sunday starting at 3 p m before what officials anticipate out-tanding jumpers !ri the Smill 1 The eher races are The Catawba Another ontstandn2 !re : '1-sin's nne and onohit mile flyer hiird Will be the largest crowd to ever soh' q rhetniit crlei i'C Olk ned by lts the Sandhills Challen-e cur :witness the sport in Moore county Mrs Kn enedy entr!ed h !-e m e sa ihree r-1-- o li ver timber ts Y d- : Camden won the opening game ' ''- t : :: : :: ' :: -"!1"44'‘:i4::: i - : - ' ' - -:::::' - - k?07: t:k - - - - i - ''' ' : f:y' :ik:::::l::: - ''':4'di:::-'": ' ::::'!-'" ' ''!::::-''- -'I"! : N 44 Il -- 4 3Sr:- :h 43 - :' ---:--4': ':':: ::::: 4- - - -- - :? -q :s'44 -':::::::' -- :::--:::- 7k :: ' - -:::: --- ro : :::: ::N:i: s:: : 1: 40E: - i: It - - ' --i 1 0 s 1 A- ?'- - if '?-t -- i - - - : ' '''' ''N-:':':':'-:': k14er SMOtAtifitisiSiiilillaias-i'KOt --'-':::'0-sf: -'--' --'4-----kik' ' i:'7: 1 i - ' ' ": !'' 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Akt "N 4:- - ':11104Nro 1 le 1 c! 4 i) - 44 V' It : 'ki4" k: 14' ::::' :Ni: Xs' ::'''''''':1"411!"'"tr14":'J':''''71 ' it ' ' l''''':: '' ''s - 1:(' :: liiir 111 "- : '''' :U''" 'k '''''' ' ' 1t ' k ' 4t:::44r'''"T1c-- -se & :- 4s4e 't i--4::::?::!:'74-6-'!' rts '7': ':?' e':kr'::---- ' :-:s N ::1" - 2:'':' E: :-::i::::g:i-4':::::i:V i::: ' N : :'i A:048 :74::-& It :-:::::::0:::::::-:::::::?': 430::i?'''''':''''y'::'s77- ' " '§i-A'': !K110 4tkx: ' - -- - k - - - :- - 4 - ' : g - A N V 'l'iff-§::'-i-ik:A'ifQ?- f-' i::'7:-1:'''' --f:':::''-::: -:: ' :4r0ii:::- ' 114: —7tki-Y ::N::: t ::nk f kt0:ft -gok-- ::is441iti ::i0 :0 v ar a ::---kt-Wit ' A'' 4's : Lkokg0& Ill '''S:4Rie' ::::: S1A::: ': ' s:': 'i'k ii -141ir4 Cr 4 - I i:'?'::iii'r - "a' -i:4::7''' '''&$'': -:t)-44&440 : : 10 ::1 : 341:: : ' Alf " 441 t 4 k' "2 ':t'k:?kSZ' 1 a - tiitt ' -le 4104 ''' ott ' ' : -‘:::ki7 1)iiig&::::4::' 1 öd44Ilie° genl 'e'14k' -' - i :t t' 'Vf -" L -4 sti4 1 d - - -- : -- - 4 N'' ':"--' c$ tt - ' --!ar14 -i ' - '': ''''':4- : ''':-'1!'''''"!41 v(414 - : '"$''4:- j''::'''::!i:': 7: el t " 4) ' - -4' 41:::etA 1 ti y -c-- ' 2 -34::— '' "- vf qPcr - :: 't : ' kt it 0 - zk fy :: C 11 qP4 4777: :k' r4L7 - VitettAt4110 10 0104t 1tttit- 1162d 4101yrki 4°146401: o ' : 4:: :: Atc4' ''' "OK ildoreaullARtioalitormeort - 4 aesgZA4 s7: : ---- - - totots1):-:: -- -- - -- MERAIIIL ffillimirovqjgomorly

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