Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 6, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1916
Page 3
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, ILLINOIS. FRIDAY, 0CT08ER 6, 1916. TH$XI^ •sat My! But This is Home 'Complexion! Stunt's Calcium Wftf<r» Banish' Pimples, 0h«, -*•!•!€,->.-** an.-* Ali Bfem'*he» of Skm Trouble*. Tr:»! il t 'tti.i K-I -- >'ri"!-> ,*!;•! <• f ( li\ t -. i-t \ tin?!- Mr. •i;^", ' '!' PI M-.T-l'l"'? Wtii; !» I'M".lib THOUSANDS KILLED Tt\ ff.-n «1 M** t A I! :» bifti kin ft, '.iprV'M !hf \«'*(-' ,-,f this w-tM "7'l.r- T~~^T.I'" r,f W35S vhrryr.l rlt Vienna Paper Reports Many Atrocities By Cossacks In Asia Minor. H'-rHn, i i;t S'nyviH", Vlf>nn,i Krfni'h tiliitit( -Thi> Tiilkt'V. , ni><r,.r«" t '" r ' M " f 'wjsfttin. .'»H :in> ponn «">» .-« »i"tv_ fkln «»f fine- fixture h;iM tunic to brlehtrn yourVlny*. "no nuty •"* brlirht, i«rHty. iimar.f .'iml V!M« tons htul y< t nil of OlIW v;>lu;<hli> qiHilHIrs MH- It'ft t><>- Jilntl n n'piilitlv'p f.| t j»>, broken »'i! with rviclrnrt' "f Imptirt' I>l<t«il «•*'' " " 1|( of your nyfitom i>»< you jnirHy <;t» with Ca(t'iinn" \Vnfnf Tln-y r»n- My KT'-at woii'lfi, r;»h ttirn mil', tin- m«wt HoarrhitiK aii'l rf- f«H-(lv«' lilofil iiuiilh'1 Kii.nvM. Ytui will liu<l Htiiiiifw I'nli him Wnfrrs «n B»i (1 !lt '»"> llnlvt !<l< "'''- f '° t-entw H !M»X. lint if >•••» «i.nlt In try tlK-m flr«t. m-iiil «nu|""> l"'l ( >w fcr n fr«'«' ttiiil IHH ki»K«>. Vi'ii wfll.i i-rtnin- \y IK> imri»rl««''l "»nl .ili'l.lnli'c'l vvlth Ihfir i»ui < f»"«i«fiil littitin Iji ili Tree Trial Coupon F. A. Stuart Co., 333 Stuart Bldg., Marshall. Mich. Hend m«- :>t «.ii<-»>, by i-rnirn rnnlt. n fn-r- Hrttl pm-k- nue of KtunitV ("ali-lt'iin \ Name Street ............. .jltule. mns- ts\ tin 1 ' Kujwi.'ins in Asiati' Tin- I'.'tp'f'p s.i \ s thuf in, If Ihtmifln tn the capital bundled nrphnn children bTI in Hit- ii« fill wen 1 ' killed, f nhnhltnnltt of the \ illnK'-.w <if I'efctntfn anil Stmer- shrlkh \vf*?-c tortured nml butchered. In Ihf vit!,"iKV< nf Fiirlfirlsh rill tlif old 1 iimi !hi< cblblrc-rt Bargains for Saturday and :r=::v', ^,M^ S Market C S at the - isket Groc< hangar Extra fine nure cane. 15 pounds J| for .;..' -.*•* * With a $2.00 order 310 First Avenue Sterling's Original Cut-Rale Market Genera] Office U. S. V. Chicago & s Only fjin>iiirh onr 1o sell tirst < (Mlth't i a n<! food it In- 214 First Avenue at hi lti«< provlriff f KrKottini about WIT*» r;irrlr'<i off flow n prtftpcitRfr train ami rmis,*a* c-rcd Tlt« ino^uos h;iv»» (>c»-n (If-.itny- .»•!.' In AwhKnltti IMdJii atxl Tt'klilHh tlvf .M(innnirn«Hinri i-loriry nntJ others t inir iiliotil tuif. Istlliclcrtl Wflf In tin- (!i«lrlrt of . Tjtvmlkcrilc niiil Art x In molt- tlinn four ttmuwuul i«.-r- •»!•«» w<>if» klllnl, in the provini'f of V;m rnn(f than four hundred '- THE PRESIDENT SPOKE Thi» (iuln-rnor (Jfii'-ral t>f Iifhev- il'-tlVi'v, """H Itftt lc'Hvin»f, fViii'ri'I iTrou,«i- andfi of riirpnrfl tjf womt-n anil rhihl* I-I-M. In tho town of Van tht> women unit i lilldien iver* 1 torttirerl In an ttn- rtiifnkaMlr- fiisliti'ii l«'f'«»r«> tleaih. In th«> illMrK't of Mnrmwli more than i'.dini wottuMi it rid children wtT« but'li- This Nation Is Ready To Fight For Its Rights Ho Tells Omaha Audiences. ---------- om.'ilm, Xt-li , "'I. f< -IVesiileiit \Vil- jton dlnrUHHcd tin- K(irii|«-;in war. peiict' nntl ,-nerlf;«n liHulne. 1 ** In three nerc >ehten«y, H<% lie. larfil Ainerii'41 M ax ready to flghl a» nny niitlnii In tl»> world, but IIIIH4! After lh»> war, in- *nlil. tiil« nnt.lon L. - nu««t Jnliijii b'iigi»* of nathiii.-* l<> |»rc- W>rvc tin' 't*-;w«' cf lbi» wi'l'hl, ,' "it would »»• very dlffb-uit t<> th. jtis- H (M'riiMloli of tbl« Kiti'l." ''«"• <if tb« w«'Hl. nn-nttnMlUK N'«*- brANkH iMirtlculnriy, nml iir«litciT" the t><-op!o who oimn* from 1-Sirmw. to mi-k freedom. Tho chtorH t<» tin* United «lntc«t. ho »"l<l. »v«ro built' ta bf K<'l>t OliOU.'not to IM % cloned, llf (iiihl tribute to th«» w«-Htt'rn jibtnw-r». "It j» V«TV »ini«ir!Hi.iti" b<» wttld, "tlwl of ntbrr nniloiiH Khould We buvo hvlil Off from tin* eontbiKut'lon In Kun»|Mt bt<- cnumt Europ* Muet Und«r»tand U. 8. Tin' niHHC'd of (lH;-Kurn|'*'iii> war, the wild, urn iK>t"T>!r»irrly kuolvn. _50Q_BUiR_NED A LIVE In Axhknnl ami Hatii«» r'''"T'<"i-fi>Ttii<i \vrn* burned allv«». "f tin- inluttilt- nnls nf tb«» vlllHgc-H of Adiibtir. Atfiin*.' HoKdn.Bhntt, Ktt!>m.tjnt«'b • -tind Tfitmr not a hurnnn bc'itiK wns b-ft allvo. Thr<M« ttiouitand r«?rti(r | f< > H from Mu- ami 3°!' Ji»w« fliM-flnj; frorh H«*l- ut'r«> in.'twKfit-rfd and *i»0 .Milillfru . in tho honpllnl.s wc-ro burned The niHKfarreed bet\*eeii VuwtHn aiid AskilL wiui_l2.oiKt. In the |irovlt>c« of Tni|H**unt lht» liitmbltantH of the vil- liiK«» of AkafH-heahud were burned aUvi* In tht! t(>wn of Vertu more than 500 per«on» were maiUMicnMl. the women bHitK killed in an unspeakable' fashion. J-'juiev Cookinir Ajij'Ies. pi'j' jM'ck 23c Kxtni fiiiiey Sweet Potatoes,- per peek «'; .29C Ivxtra efiojee Keefer Pears Cor e;innijijr. |ier Ini.. . SI.25 5 Ihs. Miehiiran liaml picked Xavy P»ean< for 55c Jlanfonl's fa ire y Creamery Butter, per pound 37c Specials for Saturday, Oct. 7th (At the store only) Bos Xativo Look — .Jii^t receiveo! a t'me lot of elmiee fanev Co n e o v (1 a 11 «1 Tokay (Jrapes, The prfee will make you smile. Kxtni faney Jotiathan and (irimes (lohlen Apples. line eaters, peek , 45c u «|iiart jafs o ( Hiv 25c tir,. r jars < >rnntre s, per ar nire per jar anut P»utt er, .', ........ .25c Large quart jars of Bismar< : l\ aSsorfeo! Pickles, ar J'rairie S 1 i e e d k 30c er ean j: 'le les, The reports enurm-nite n Ktlll lurger niimu'er In other "town*) and vHlii whh-h— wt^r«~ih*~«tfi>«— <»f-HtrtH l U4e* BEVERIDGE SPEAKS Extols Hughes and Coins Slogan "American Only" In Attack On Democrats. Ml., Oct. '6—Albert J. He- who 'coined the "'Invisible pharafto for the 1'roRroH- in JS»r-. uun nljrht nt the Auditorium theater coined, n "* % w for t he Uei'1'i'lif.nrm "H'T -t'roc oxen Sour Pickl es, Ilie- ,22c per .13c per .'>' cans .('orn for ...... 25c .'» cniis IVns fnr 25c .'» <-ans Hominy for . . .25c .'! 10r pkirs. Pancake Flour for ..25c Fancy Hipp '("ranlM-mes, rolls 'IV.ilt't 1 for IHr "-pkjrs;- Flakes 1ac runs Salmon ajter 25c C. Conv 19c .25c 5c cans Pork and Beans for .25c Kxtra fauV Cured Baeon per -po und ;24c 5 His. Pure Uird for . ,90c Fancy Civam Cheese, per, IKMind ............. 24c Xe\v York White Cheese, per pound ....... . ,28c Flour Orange Prairie, absolutely guaranteed. Per 49 pound sack!'. 13^c He^t Yoiiiii; Boiliny and Soup Meat. per pound .lie to 12 l /2 c Yoimu: Pork Slioultler Koast. tit 16c Sirlojn. H(«md. or Short Steak, l!>.. .19c PorkChoj.s. Ib 20c Finest Milk Fattened Native Veal Hoast, per pound .16c and 18c Veal Chops, pound 18c and 20c I'Ycsli Pork Ne«-k Kilis. tl. .7c I'Y.-sh !%s' Feet. !!> *". .60 Fresli Spare Ifi^s, Ih. ...« .. ..12V&C M on u-Cured Picnie Hams. Hi. ... i'»i]|v a limited itiii'iunt lift) \ f e\v Saner Kraut in the hulk; fresh Ihune Dressed Poultry; finest Dairy Butler; Fresh (tmntry Ktri;s; Wisconsin ('heese, We buy Live Stock, Poultry and Hides for cash. The Market-of Quality, Price aed Servicg Hut Kiir«i|n< Hhdiild utulerHtund us," bi« »aid. "\V«< «r«' hnldiitK uff when wt« u»<- th»» fi>ri-« of this nation wi' waul to know wbul we urc using it for. ~ ""There 1» a* nUiihrtght In America as ^n uny nntimi In HIP world. '-"\V«» want lUWays-to bold tin- force of Amirlm to ri«bt for HIP rlnbta of ,- mankind, not -for'tin* Tljfht* of prop- pity. Hut In tlnlillhK f«>r th»-s« things w«' should—k-*»fW what. th<« IK. Ww must hTivc almolut*' to Amfrloa. W«< »nuut. lw truly An» er| - j-iin. Tbe rljjhtH of hiimttnlty arc the cMM>nco tif frt-oduin. ' "Wo want nil th» world to ,know tlmt w»«" ur» mtdy to nm* all fore« to mn]ntuli\, " among nuiulUnd. Th« f wari< «-an. tu-vf-r nsaln tag tUo private concern of any one umlon all fonitt, moral and We nuiot , Sugge*tion» Given Free byThcLydi*E.Pinkhwn THOUSANDS OF > SICK WOMEN Help«l f t For forty yeaw women Buffering from all kindi of female Ul» huvo been wrtt« J Ing the Lydia IS. Pinkhain MwliciutiCo. of Lywi, MftM,, for »dvlc«. Thus they receive common §en»« «ug* ge$tion» drown from 4 v««t volume of experience, and thousands of sick women hftve been saved from untold suffering, as iettew like Uie following clearly nhow :— New«rk,Ohto.-"Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound hn* made me a *' woman. Your uiv« Waah ia I just the thing to |oY«*r<,"i>int> female | wt'akiu-MB.. I have I tuld young mother» aa wi-Il un older onea about your reme- diua, and what they havw tlope for me. I think l^ydt* K. 1'lnkhatu'B Vt-geta- *>nly!" Mr.' Hovorldg*'. .who, next to Hftosc- vclt and Goy. Johnwon of < % »ilifonii«, cirrlfd the burden of the stump worn for th«» l*roKrt'»<«tveH four yearn URO. formally ojM<n<Ml the natlonnl H|H-iiklii)? In the middle went for Uu- of onitorH- who are to tula* up _ ili\xed by Mr. IhiKheH. "Cn*er»d by 4^00 A crowd of 4.000 people vigorously ehcH'red and applauded Mr. Ueverl<lno'H tirnilBenment «f thft Wllnon adnilniH- trntlon. Mr. HeverldKt> was ureiited un every occnMlon when he deiuitiiie'ed tho udinlnlMtration'8 Mexlcuu and for- elKii polioieii and the mcthodit by PreHldeni Wilson obtained the of the* AdttitiHOti bill", ApplaiiKo iili»o swept tbrt'crowtl when the ttpeaker ridiculed tluv iJemoe'ratU- that Wilson Kept im out of •y... (ihoutti a finally .pill war. A mini _jui_.lhi> 4ot nf niiff«tiotia_ajid- out, though Mr. - HeverldK«»~ to Bon TOR Bread Once Tried, Always Used Him' Ton ttrtmd Is thi> hi>rh<*K-t quality lifi'd tnost jn-rft'ct' hrv'ut! to-tag found in the TwIn-t'iiU-M. Tukt* hmni- a loaf tu«!ay and' brcotuv one of tin? lut'Kn number «'f satisfied us<-r«. .* ,\ Complete line of pastry on hand at all times. Special orders solicited. 110 W. Second St., Kocjv Falls. , Bell Plioiw 342- It's Good For the Whole Family tluit was put to Him. Tho crowd, LINERl^PROYED Cunard 8t«am«r Fr*ncorti« W«» Victim of 8i*bm«rin«. net.,. 6.—The Jidmlrajly _«»LL .. thut UU' Cunard »t«»uinvr l-' finpUiyud—f*»f—tfunnport my Uf*. W «ny health woa very b«d when I wrote you, but now 1 can do niy - own work and huvo nut hud a tuck day -""line* I •began 7 'ta-ktt»|f ywar-rpstedb*. the Coiniwund and Liver I'UU on . uNj 'M Sht'rwwxl Court. Nowark, Ohio. Why don't y»u v, i -iu\ for fri'w advice? I'!, i'nikhuni Mc-dieiwe wunk In the Medlte-rranean Wed- by aft enemy sulmitfrine. The titeumer hud no troops abroad. Twelve men of the' crew of 802 are. tnlttxIitK, The Fruiieiiiiiu wan a vu««el «,»f I8,1f,» toi)H Kioxa and wu« built in I'-HQ. H» iiuilik'ii voyuuw was between l.lverpt>ol ;ilid Huston in Kebruao, 1911. It W'UH 626 feet UIIIB, 7S feet wide, und di«- ] 4 loy«l» r«'port« tlmt tiu> atoutn«*r TourKni of I.^'TB tons HI-OHM r«'Kl«'«'«' has been Tl»« ft'Mii Ni'W VorH H«'Pt. 17 f"i Ttm Ttiuruai was fonni'i'lv ttu» liriiinh «U ! 8ii»r Huitta Urigidu. It \ui» built at Xc'wi-H.iflf In litO", , Man liini' HHdi'ils <)« n»l Ki^f Hit- liana- "f Tbiee N'uwegiuit Htt-ameiH-, KIIM! ('.»il. and litwjur have be^-it niinU, ui-t«.((liiiB 10 Jteutt-r's I'hrteiiaiu.i i-f>i respondent, The crew "f tly iitinU vttiJi laiuloi. LOWDEN3PECIAL Candidate For Governor Make* Drive on Egypt. lyntiuliu. III', Ui t. « -I'ln- t> «> I' jidKi nu.iue ln'«uU'il inin J«K)|«t J-f' tjlKin -»r.d i<pt'ii»>d_ a diUi'iitpoii tin- In Hi"- t »U< wtningliitiilf ui tin >-iiinh, till luilml*.-*' (Vil'ilU-1 l'"l,tnK •' 1,'iW j*iS!!il>i'>i Ills speei; l«i Ilie^ .in..1 1st (,«•(. vvlult- Mi-ilUI M<t'"! k «as M-iii HI' fui" "i'Tr~ril Hi! I: ul.'in t I II >J l>'HtUf 'l'h< lit fUll'l" *'• ~tTT' Tm'nni' f»Vi"»ii'" viHi.t ..I i U.t.-l >n I, ...i Is ,. ^'.H t- l" , ft ! , I |n f I. i 1 ! i,i, ui»' |>>-.I.' i!.iv\ 'i d> i > - -j r ,• < Tr -I- 4,-,,,-,-, .1, i ., .' | . , ,.-,,, Have You Tried Real California Raisin Bread,made with SUN-MAID RAISINS- Ddicious, Nutritious-bonS Good and Good forYou T~ Hwe^nseWi forjoiif California frnit food in Su»' Maid Raisins—selected foryo« by the Krowers themselves from 8000 sunlit California vineyards—and to California Raisin Broad, made by bakers everywhere after » recipe supplied by V* calling for plenty of these natural, full-flavored confections." Get »loaf »nd * package today, at your dealer's. Ask lor Stm-Maid Brand. Write 03 for a raisin recipe book telling of the many culinary uses of raisins, that lend variety to menu aa d are an economy because of the high food v,alue of raisins, Sue-Maid Raisins come t'> you swdcd ( saeds**- tracted).set!dless(seedles8 grapes), atsd in clusters (seeds left in). CAUFORNIA ASSOCIATED RAISIN CO. FRESNO, CAUFORJNIA <Z3U \ =ggT5-T "3^r g ^..^aaE'« l p|'yt S i S ; A California'Vineyard Ml-.i »fi,H \\ tlt>»ti in \4ith •HI MI iiiuniiKeiM (or the m">l >v<vh uili j bi ulMvl ' <tiii eiili.ile lf|"'t< the «>nlh»in ofit--, b.«l>t< H in fluid i'f U>«' M.UI-, »bvl«' |ii inn> liit.s A « iu\v .tie thult l)i tin t'X|'ii-.-">'il liu|>t ut i"-u,><! ,ii. l .11 f> IHv, ii (LI the h<-tU- I»-lAJ •'! !"„. ln ,-,-s d txl _,.AI K.iM SI l.oitK I"isi4!i! tl.v\ ,l«i,v>.w. l/i\c !'l UIKI ii inn' »i! ti.v im-i-l lil'u-- \\tt M.ti- t !•:«> pi in-. <-\t'i .'-'in t )-.«. K th» " WOMKN IN A RIOT-- •»r : r IM-',-.III n month UK° KiKht titivka ttwiutg ruht um! left I-) the |«> Stuit-s'of "tbv u« 1 ier&' <-4rrt«d nil tin- u]it»\\n t: !tt}'tlvM-f<« *'> In lit. i'lil>'ici ( You may • M tho diil dren eat all of Iho AVo«i-lla\yii ice cn-nni ilHvy wnn} 7 i'«r it .U..purc nnd whuiosotno' as \v«'ll as a p pi 1 1 isdn^. \V*«. niakt' it in till (!i'tv«M*.s ami in bulk aiul brivks. •WrtnH yon lot us sond you KOMC today tlia( r yon may try it f Ask tlie 'rwhiil... man it' lie serves Wooillawn. Sterling Dairy Go. 214 East Third Street Both Phones OUR PRICES jtTHEtowtnj DEPT. STORE CARLOAD OF- Charles Flour The large number of users of this flour -is our best recommendation tHat ;t will isfy ^ou. Why not order a sack today and know what flour satisfaction is. • -. .' PANCAKE FLOUR , RYE FLOUR WHEAT GRAHAM FLOUR TJOR1O1KAL, wfiile and yellow " Here for Grinding ] W.F. FLOCK The Flour, Feed and Seed Mail . ..._.-• fcocust Street _" Steriing, Illinois &1AD ALL THE ADVERTISEMENTS IN-TfiE Y«rk Police "Hail to On 300 Women. K? St<cK* - ; ' !! '- : W .Si.i- i i.i til-, i ' . . I II .! ,|f »Iit«!'lf< In.i.l if |><l,<< -4t> tii !t!^ nltl^tii Tin- I»{.i!\»'i. n-'i. ',., ! \\ it I.U <l U i .J t I'll-* i ], : \\ t < >' ! ! > » . t"I*» i < ! 4 !!.'», ,i'1 t M.I • j . I-"IK «> SIX i' -.T' rr' ,." *i.." "', •* . "T: .""?- f.f^ SHOT WHILE Ht'NTINu ** t "• > i ' f- r « !• T*"U'i ' H,it-* The Quality Market U" \ou want iiu-at ,Nati.->i'aHiou buy \our int'als ht're.- Spring-Chickens, per Ih; t 2«Jc Fancy Native Hoilin^ Beef, per th. 121/jf Lamb Stew, per Ib. 12 1 -^ Extra gcMMl home made sausage, Try a pound. Choice cuts of Keef, Veal, Mutton, Sweet I Potatoes 1 Coffee Satisfaction If you huvt< nu< hi'c-n K,'(t/«/tt'd thc «-c»fftM' yt»u have been «»r if you want to'tuHtv the hind, h-i UH Ihcludo . in your urdt-r it |>ound of Chase & Sanborn's \Vf altio have many Hour bu> ITS.' anil biiihly r» K com- IIH'IMl * Daniel Webster Flour « Von will like U if > ou give it u trial. . Staple aiul Faiit-y (Iro* ci«rii".s Tor your every need. • N. Gaulrapp BBgU--.-.-..!.. ^.• ; ..^.^-.""- J ..^^j- iOY CRUSHEP TO DEATH ,", I'laUcUII..-. -III. (K-l t< \\ hlif U'l-air- im UN !i;iii'»ih\" t'li-u li-s Maun t.»iW "I! I'"' ''>!' and puetd It OH fvll, Un" In «U-.ttJi Jl • •^ «p •» d> A Vicious ~ • Pest ' • f . » Mb* * . . „. i'MitJMr Inn ««> * /WCPAN •Landit Bros

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