The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on March 31, 1933 · 10
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 10

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, March 31, 1933
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PAGE TEN HERALD TELEPHONE 2-7401 THE HERALD MIAMI FLORIDA' HERALD TELEPHONE 2-7401 FRIDAY MARCH 31 1933 $ 1 f I 1 4 I I ! I si KILLED BY PROWLER Mother of Four Children Shot A hhe Slept Beside Husband (BY THE ASSOCMTID PRESS 1 ST LOT IS March 30 — Mrs Anna Schlueter 44 mother of four children vu shot to death as she slept beside her husband William H Schtueter 47 principal of the Oak Hill school In their home here at 3 IS a m today ' Schlueter In a signed atatement to the police said his wife shot In the beck of the head was murdered by a prowler who awakened him a moment before bv firing a shot After he had awakened Schlueter continued the prowler fired another shot then Jumped - from an open window in the rear of the first floor bedroom Schlueter has been principal of Oak Hill school since Sep- - tember 1930 He hsd previously served as a director of personnel under the board of education and had taught or erred as principal at Belleville and Quincy ill- and Kirkwood and Maplewood Mo DANCE TONIGHT 123 ADMISSION III PUBLIC INVITED GORAL GABLES GOUNTRY GLUB ALEXANDER’S RAGTIME BAND In Mie mt r(n Gnaada kallraoi afd PHONE El FRGREEV U Dsdt Bird at Miami Beach End of cacti an Caoaeway WALLY VERNON And HI LAI GH-A-MINUTE REVUE FcatnHnr PINCH JtDY 9 —11 1 a If SPECIAL DINNER — $1 5 Ne Cmt Dnrinr Dinner Ceerert Starts IS P M — $1 M 0 Q O o © o © © Q MIAMI FIELD— N W ASEBALL SATURDAY © 3:00 1 1 ST PETERSBURG ifi life k a 3 wm SOMETH1NGDOINGEVERYDAY&NIGHT Big League BASEBALL m March 27th Baltimore vs Picked Team March 23 Philadelphia vs MontrealMarch 30 Red Sox vs MontreaL TENNIS TOURNAMENTS March 31 April 1 and 2 m State Meets Singles and Doubles Special Winter Visitors Joust No Entrance Fee ShutHeboard Contest March 29-30MenWomenSingles-Doubles Lawn Bowling Tourney m March 2 9-30-3 1 Prizes No Entrance Fee Horseshoe Tournament m lst-2nd-3rd ClassPrizes Each Event GIGANTIC STUPENDOUS s SPECTACULAR A Grand Finale TWO NIGHTSwApril 5th-6th A Spectacular WATER PAGEANT MOW hy Edgar Hfcy "MOAH TUBBINS wuts a mite near-sighted squirted durnnear a whole i can o’ Inseck Jxtermlnater et a newfangled bug on his back porch ” quoth the Sage of OJus “ ’fore he found out he was squirtin' It et a airy plane ” The corner sa-Loon can't come Back because the Filling stations Have all the Corners "KINO KONG OLYMPIA THEATER THIS latest woman-scarer surpasses all previous horror pictures In Impressive technical effects chief of which Is the central figure of the story King Kong a gigantic ape that can encircle Fay Wray's waistline with his thumb and forefinger It’s an absurd nightmarish idea but the excellent production fashioned by Merian C Cooper and Ernest B Schoedsack (“Grass' and “Chang") makes It an absorbing spectacle even though the fantastic unreality prevents your feelings from becoming Involved Contemplating the technical difficulties of making this mountainous ape behave with plausible co-ordination in all his savage antics you can appreciate that It probably did take two years Bronchial Infections Are Dangerous Don't let them get a strangle hold Fight germs quicklv Creomulslon combines the 7 best helps known to modern science Powerful but harmless Pleasant to take No narcoties Your druggist will refund your money If any cough or cold no matter how long standing is not relieved bv Creomulsion — Adv “Miami Smartest Sapper dab SILVER SLIPPER N W Sod At st lth Stmt PHONE -8848 V I LARGE ALE 50c K ICE— 25c Convert Admission or Minimum A w laswaispa — — —— — - 16th Ave and 3rd St © © © © © © © © ST LOUIS BROWNS APRIL 1ST P M © OLK to complete this cinema opus Kong is a simian Gargantua — 50 feet high 38 feet around his chest (furred with bearskins) He has a face 61 feet wide a nose (rubber) 2a feet long 2 feet broad ears a foot long teeth 10 Inches long His muscular and Joint articulation Is accomplished by 85 motors operated by a crew of six men inside him Like Conan Doyle’s fantastic story of "The Lost World” filmed In the silent movies “King Kong” presents a circumscribed forgotten area of the earth's surface on which move and feed and fight monsters whose direct lineage goes back to pre-Neanderthal eras — a tyrannosaurus a pterodactyl a brontosaurus and other antediluvian creatures of "the primordial ooze” Kong engagea in a most spectacular fight with a tyran etc finally tearing Its Jaws asunder plucks a pterodactyl out of the air as It Is about to make away with Kong's little live blonde doll — Fay Wray — and wrathfully shreds Its wings becomes peevish In the colls of a fabulous serpent and cracks It like a whip Only In the early part of the picture is there Any adroit building of dramatic suspense That Is In the preliminaries leading up to the actual Introduction of Kong After that the story rides along on the sensational capers of the big bully The story a moving picture expedition headed by an adventurous producer (Robert Armstrong) sails for the middle of the Pacific lands on an uncharted Island and Interrupts an Imposing ceremonial of the natives the annual marriage of a village maiden to their great god Kong The party of white advenYurers through the dialect fluency of their skipper are allowed to depart for their vessel That night some of the tribesmen skulking around the ship in outrigger canoes capture the blonde leading lady (Miss Wray) carry her back as a sacrifice to Kong The white men pursue Kong llnally Introduced as he crashes through the Jungle plucks the CAPT TMETSHEL’S GLASS in BOTTOM BOAT IFtlEt PIFU NO 8 CIT1 V ICHT BtSIN CLUB BAGDAD N W 36th t Opposite Hi-L SHOWS Chester Alexander With m Gorgeous Beauty Chorus Admission Include Ice Ale and Mineral Waters Ne Other Charges Phene Canal 9173 featuring SALLY RAND IV HER DARING FAN DANCE Also A Bevy of Broadway Stare No Admission No Minimum 13TH STREET AND CALSEWAY j Ff v girl from her bonds carries her to his mountain home After various adventures during which Kong shakes a treeload of men down into a rocky ravine and a gigantic water serpent nips a few of their heads the white men subdue Kong with gas bombs In some miraculous fashion (which we don’t see) they bring Kong back to New York to exhibit him as “the eighth wonder of the world” In a theater Kong probably from some inchoate longing to be a gentleman and a hero for his little blonde doll breaks his bonds pushes out a wall of the theater wrecks an elevated railway with one thump of his Irate list reaches a hairy paw through the third-story window of a hotel extracts his little blonde doll and climbs with her to the top of the Empire State building As she crouches on a ledge Kong gesticulates at a squadron of army airplanes that have been sent aloft to shoot him down His brutish amazement as the machine-gun bullets commence to bite Into him is somehow pathetic With one swoop he catches a plane like a fly pinches It and sends It flaming earthward But the Jungle loses at last In its battle with civilization's wiles — and Kong does a Humpty-Dumpty off A1 Smith's erstwhile monument to bond holders' faith Fay Wray who really must have her vocal chords Insured screams through an hour and a half of “King Kong” Bruce Cabot is a likable rival of Kong for her hand and Robert Armstrong portrays with sufficient vigor the heroism of the producer-adventurer But the Incredible Kong with all his thunderous grunts and motorized vitals Is the real personality of the piece TOMORROW MIDNIGHT at the Olympia will be the Southern premiere of Metro's “Gabriel Over the White House” (Walter Huston and Karen Morley) KID FASHION SHOW tonight 8 45 at the Grove Theater FROM OLD DOC Fleezem (Norman MacKay) a headline clipping: THREE MAY BE POISON IN ' YOUR SYSTEM And a note: “BUT— “If you try my famous marvelous magical high voltage Vim Vltalizer you need worry no longer Visit Old Doc Pleezem’s Medicine Show at Hotel Everglades Electrical League Exposition this week dally at I 30 p m ” Well Doc If It removes film carbon and mortgages curls the hair winds the watch cures hangnails and Is 3 2 per cent pure how much by the case? SHOW CALENDAR OLYMPIA — “Ring Kong” M AA FAIR — “Bondage” COMMUNITY— “Keyhole” C APITOL — “Cav alcade” TOMER— “State Ealr” BILTMORE — “The Tenderfoot” GROVE— “Air Hostess” REX — “King of the Jungle” PAR AMOUNT— "Grand Slam” STATE— “The Pride of the Legion” TIVOLI — “Call Her Savage” SEVENTH AVENUE — “Okav America” ROXY — “If I Had a Million” CORAL GABLES— “The Mystery or the Wax Museum” ROSETTA— “Red Dust” BISCAANE PLAZA — “Pleasure Cruise” REGENT— “Sherlock Holmes” ARRANGE DETAILS FOR DANCE These women pilots are members of the committee of tne secona annual aeronautical ball Friday night In the Palm Gardens of the Roney Plaza Hotel Left to right Mrs O V Dark Miss Dorothy Chartrand Mfs Mary Starr-Cliadbourne and Mrs Frederick L Ames C hairinan— Photograph by Berry-Hilton Supper Clubs FROLICS — Sally Rand stage and screen star Etta Reed blues singer Billy Young master of ceremonies and others Chinese and American dishes Dave Harman and his orchestra Location N E‘ Thirteenth and the causeway Phone 2-9160 SILILR SLIPPER— N W Twenty-second avenue and Fourteenth street Table d hote and a la carte Jack Taylor master of ceremonies Four shows nightly New acts and features Chorus Mannle Gates’ orchestra Phone 2-8843 ALBY’S LAGOON— Wally Vernon variety and film comedian and a new revue 8 30 p m II p m and I a m with Punch and Judy novelty acrobatic dancers Dinner 8 to 10 p m Dance muBlc by Hal Barton's Gondoliers Location Dade boulevard at Miami Beach end of Venetian causeway Phone 6-2447 CLLB BAGDAD— N W Thlrty-si ith street Four shows nightly Chet ter Alexander master of ceremonies Ka h-leen Sullivan producer Cora Wa’sh Mae Mack Rosalia Betty Royce Hope Parker Ruby Hamilton Charlene Stanley Lee Cantor Chorus Phone Canal 9173 THE PIER— Miami Beach over-the-ocean resort Three revues nightly Dan Steger golden-voiced tenor Louise Lcnclr nautch dancer Dorothy Burke character dances Joynce Lane Vivian Noble Rose Meadows Billie Dunn Bill Reilly master of ceremonies Jim Run-dell's orchestra Phone 5-9193 END OF RECEIVERSHIP ASKED IN RICHMOND RICHMOND Va March 30 (UP)— The city of Richmond the Richmond Clearing House Association and the American Bank and Trust Company of Richmond today filed motions In City Circuit court asking Judge Julien Gunn to dissolve receivership of the Ameri-man Bank James E Cannon city attorney and Mayor J Fulmer Bright appeared In court personally and appealed for dissolution of the receivership decreed by Judge Gunn earlier today on the grounds that continuance of the condition “wl’ result dlsas' trously to the Interests of the petitioner (city of Richmond) and to citizens thereof respectively” The bank presented a separate petition to dissolve the receivership as did the Rich-mand Clearing House Association which had decided shortly before that the receivership would be vacated REDUCTION IS URGED IN COMMISSION TAX TALLAHASSEE Fla March 30 m Secretary of State R A Gray in his biennial report distributed today sug gests that the legislature reduce the present state tax of 10 on commissions Secretary Gray specifically mentioned the tax for notaries public and officials with limited income The report also said that the secretary’s office had col lected and paid Into the general fund a total of (358762 21 from taxes and fees during the calendar year 1932 — — ! CORAL GABLES DANCE The regular Friday night dance will be offered tonight at Coral Gables Country club Music wlL be furnished by Alexander’s Ragtime Band a new attraction at the club In case of rain the Granada ballroom will be used F'REGENT w THEA1RE W AM N W 17TH AVENLE Matinee 8 to 6—7 and CLIVE BROOKS MIRIAM JORDON I ftn “SHERLOCK UC HOLMES” fcUC CHIIDREV ADIITS EBQ Phon -8358 W Flasler at 8th Ave ± MAT lOe-SOc FVr 10e-5c ? v LAST TIMES TODAY Gim BOW “CALL HFR SAVAGE” Phono 2-6551— 10c-20 f A “OKAY AMERICA” With LEW AYRES VAUDEVILLE TONIGHT ©Va UNCI City’s New Railroad Station Is Described As Most Modern In the World BE THE ASSOCIATED PRESS CINCINNATI March 30 —Cincinnati tomorrow will dedicate its new (41000-000 union railroad terminal described as the most modern In tbe world More than 50000 visitors from many parts of the country are expected here to see Harry A Worcester vice president of the New York Central lines formally present the gold key of the new station to Mayor Russell Wilson Governor White of Ohio and former Gov John J Cornwell of West Virginia now chief counsel of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad will speak at a civic dinner In the evening Executives of the country a leading railroads and officials of numerous states will be at the dedication which will mark the end of construction work begun five years ago Railroads were not to have begun operating out of the terminal until April 2 but the Ohio river flood which put nearly a foot of water in the old Central Union depot necessitated five of them moving to the new station March 19 They were the Big Four the Baltimore and Ohio the Chesapeake and Ohio the Louisville and Nashville and the Southern The Pennsylvania and the Norfolk and Western will operate out of the terminal within a few days Sparks’ hs a b battiMhlp Inftome by hwman passlM wracking NnwYsrM MATINEES 40c STARTS ON THE STAGE! A Tuneful Peppy Fast Moving Revue — Magnificent Entertainment! Dorothy Byton’s “BLUE RHAPSODY REVELS” Featuring Bert Bytom's Columbia Recording Band— And A Host O t Stars! Romame And Fun Over A Bridge Table ' u mu a lay iindge Pinochle The Dogs nr Hoises You 11 Laugh Aouiseif Limp At ‘Grand Slam’! COMING MONDAY— DON LANNING IN PERSON I V Today and Saturday! For A Darin? New Slant On Modern Morals Take A Look Through “THE KEYHOLE” With KAY FRANCIS GEORGE BRENT GLENDA FARRELL Matinees Till 6 P M — iOc Coming Sunday! t AL JOLSON in "Hallelujah I'm A Bum “KHIS CF 7SE Mmir With Frnee IV and tbe Lion Man (Boner Crabbe DEATH IN FLAMES IS GALLED SUICIDE Body Tentatively Identified ’As That of Former Georgian INDIANAPOLIS March 30 (IP)— Dr W E Arbuckle coroner declared today the death of a man whose charred body was found in a burned automobile near Indianapolis last night was can by suicide The body has been tlvely Identified as that of Denver Hayes 21 formerly of Columbus Examination of the seared torso showed the victim had died from the effects of inhaling Ilames as he sat In the blazing motor car the coroner said Mrs John C Farley owner of the automobile and an aunt of Hayes said her nephew had threatened to end his life She said he had been In 111 health omoDiie i caUBPA i tentaX nver RI s Gu7 i n n Phone -7838 NOW PLAYING “THE PRIDE OF THE LEGION9’ With An AlMtar Cut Miami Knows Theatres Have the Shows SEE Dm IMngflghtoa mooiten of Creation's dawn ra-discovered In tbs world today 1 With FAY WRAY ROBERT ARMSTRONG BRUCE CABOT TODAY! NIGHTS 50c STARTS TODAY! (Matinees Till 530— 35c! jr Today — Matinee S P M " TIIE MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM ” The loa riddle the police were afraid to solve Filmed Behind liocked Doots With Fay Wray Lionel At-will Glenda Farrell i Saturday — “Mysterious Rider n V Today — Matinee 3 p m Special Beturn Showing! CLARK GABLE JEAN HARLOW In the Reckless Romance “RED DUST” Saturday — “ Follow the Leader " J 1 F-L V Last Times Today! “IF I II D A MILLION” PnaM'g Drama — With Gary Cooper Jack Oekie and S3 Other V J —“r s& Tomorrow— Hot Saturday Saturday — Evening For Sale9 Admission SOc — All Day t

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