Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 4
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4 - Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts Minuteman Missile seen in Western sky by Redlanders Again last evening nvany Red-iated in a burst of light as onejof. Vandenberg, it was about 60 landers observed a wonderouslof the three stages of 54-foot miles across, cloud created by the firing of a long rocket burned out. | That the cloud was of high al Dr. Teller dedicates defense center A "hardened" underground civil defense center below Pomona's new Public Safety Building was dedicated by Dr. Edward Teller yesterday Minuteman missile from Van denberg AFB. Those who kept watching saw the fiery tail of a second Minuteman rising behind the cloud, and then the burst of light one stage of the solid propel lant rocket burned out. The first ICBM was launched This created an indigo plume which was still visible at 6:50 when the sky was almost totally dark. Calling the firing of the Air asjForce missiles "routine", Vandenberg gave details. However, by rules of thumb titudc ; s also confirmed by about 6 p.m. creating a cloud!it is possible to get some no which was beginning to attract notice within a few minutes. As the sharpness of the vapor trail was lost the cloud became filmy and as viewed from Redlands, irridesccnt with the varied hues of the spectrum. The upper edge w a s brightly lighted, white, by the sun. the fact that it was reported as far north as Redding. The distance of t h e second missile, with its fiery tail, is problematical. The airline dis- out no technicaljtance from here to the launch point is approximately 200 miles. Ordinarily a rocket comes no closer to Redlands as it is shot down the Pacific Jfis- sile range so the distance was not less than 200 miles. i After previous twilight shots' which have been observed tion of the altitude of the cloud One hour after sun down the shadow of the earth overhead goes up 150 miles into the sky. Parts of the missile cloud were still in direct sunlight until about 70 minutes after sunset. The width of the cloud is more difficult to estimate be-(more varied in color, form andl C nV a "sc^ciwTde7cnse''cemeV un People's Column I Reader* or the Facts »r# invited to »rnd lbe(r thongM* on qarttioos or pnblic Interest for use to the People*i Column. Plemse be brief. The writer'* true nime and address matt accompany each letter thottrh P^n name* are permitted at the ( editor's discretion. "Now I Can Find The Housing I Need" Editor Facts: The articles published in The Facts both as news and as ed„ _ „ , , . itorials on the over-building in Dr Teller, often referred to. Redlands has caused much as the Father of the H-Bomb ; ; comment from manv . peop . e praised Presidential hopeful: My onIy conccrn is in ^ inter . Nelson Rockefeller for his stand : pre tation and in the meaning on civil defense, and at the! attached to the building boom same time took a verbal swipe f 0r our fair City. I would like at fellow scientists Dr. Linus to present the other side of the Pauling — disputing the latter's ! coin, at least one segment of claim that one-tenth of the it, "Now I can find the hous world's nuclear stockpile is suf-'ing f need." ficient to destroy the world, j Let's take apartments first. Dr. Teller maintained that an For several years the only ser- underground shelter program!ious problem was there were could save up to 90 per centlno modern apartments available of the Nation's population in'for new-comers to Redlands in in !the event of a nuclear attack, any way near sufficient quan- San Bernardino to ballot on MWD annexation San Bernardino residents will go to the polls on April 28 in ! Sandpainting on display at County museum On display at the San Bernardino County Museum is an (Indian sandpainting by a noted a special election to decide the artist - Dav 'd ViUasenor of Pasa- question of annexation to the!^ ena - '^ nc P a ' nt ing was used in Metropolitan Water district!a recent lecture given at the Southern California the same The University of California'tity. Those who were not satis- indigo plume has been seen. j sc ; cn |j st was m p om ona to ded- f'cd with the practically no The whole display was fai i icatc the underground concrete- 1 choice either took apartments was notjtextures than any naturai: dcr , hc citv - s ncw p uhiic Safet>; in near-by areas or ticed to buy homes. were en Certainly About 6:30 p.m. a point ofcausc its position ^ ^ ^ white light appeared in thclknown precisely as it spread'clouds. Black and white pie-<Build'in" ' It houses all normal' Rolands nas not had a rcputa cloud and rose rapidly to thejout. However, at 6:13, if it wasturcs give but a meagre hint of :citv communications includin" |tion ol bemg a place where one observers left. Then it tcrmin-i still in the general vicinity j the phenomenon. Commission retains top lawyer for Oswald WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Warren Commission announced it has retained one of the nation's top lawyers to. protect the interests of Lee Harvey Oswald. President John F. Kennedy's alleged assassin. The attorney is Walter E. Craig of Phoenix. Ariz., current president of the American Bar Association. The announcement by the presidential commission investigating the assassination said Craig "has accepted this responsibility as a public sen' ice." Craig will personally undertake the task with the assist ance "of such associates as he may himself choose," the an nouncement said. It said he would have available to him all the materials in the hands of the commission. The commission, headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren, has heard secret testimony from the widow, mother and brother of Oswald. The commission had said previously that it would take care to sec that Oswald's interests were protected, even; though he was killed himself two days after the Nov. 2 snssination in Dallas, Tex. OUR ANCESTORS "by Quincy | could find a suitable apartment to meet the needs of those com- iing to Norton Air Force Base ! Complex. Now this could ! change! „„ , , , &a ' CI . v j Redlands could become Hall also has a complete under-j^^ as tJ]C cily where suit . ground civil defense hcadquar-| abIe apartments are avvailable. t h e City Hall switchboard, police and fire communications mctry reporting system. Redlands' one-year-old (MWD), the San Bernardino City Council decided yesterday. The decision came on a 5-0 vote of the Council, even though two members expressed some misgivings. ' San Bernardino recently received the green light from thei MWD board to permit the city I to annex by itself. In two previous efforts to annex to MWD, the election was conducted by the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water district on an area basis. In both cases, it was the San Bernardino vote which defeated the proposal. Redlands voters fav-[most fortunate of the cities in Museum, Thursday in wheh Mr. Villasenor related the lore and history connected with this form of Indian art. Born in Mexico of part Tn dian ancestory, Mr. Villasenor is a recognized authority on Indian lore and has lectured extensively for schools and civic organizations in the Los Angeles area. Because of a technique of transferring this art to a permanent status, he is widely recognized in Museums all < over the United States and in Europe. ! ored it. Now, however, that fa- ;Wc might even entice some of \Z2S- M«t. Ktl. It TU. t„ M. Off. ters in its basement, but center is not a "hardened ' ta-j tnose who wero forced to g0 cihty. It is adequate against nu-j elscwncre t0 rcturn and find clear fallout, but not against'the n i c e , modern apartments Wast. Ihey were seeking. Riverside's new police build-j The articles in The Facts ing follows the same general! might alert some to the new- trend as the Pomona facility,Hiving opportunities coming with a civil defense communica-i Redlands but wouldn't it be bet tions center in the basement, ter to paint the picture bright Orange County is planning a — something good and desir Hardened Emergency Opera-!ablc rather than dim, sad, or ; tions Center at Santa Ana. icven bad? : In Pomona's new civil de-| There arc two sides to ! fensc facility all city affairs coin. We should take a j jcould be conducted for two fuir> ook al both - Wc can weeks without anv phvsica! con-i chan S c thc reputation of Red tact with the outside world. ; lands from " Sorr >' - don; It has its own water supplvi havc " to " Ves wc do 1,avc '-— ipartmenti family res say "ditto to County Water district suit judgment will force a stringent cutback in San Bernardino's water production beginning Oct. 1, 1964. This same judgment forces a cutback for Redlands, Riverside and Colton, too. But Riverside is already a member of MWD and Colton feels it can get by on its water allotment until Feather River water arrives in 1972. 'that it was permitted to con- thc Orangejtinue to use additional water obtained through considerable ownership in mutual water company stocks. Although San Bernardino now has a militant group — the Water Action Council — bent on solving thc water problem through annexation to MWD, the same forces which have always opposed MWD in the past arc expected to continue to | pour money and ammunition into the April 28 campaign in an! Redlands was perhaps the effort to defeat the annexation Police think lock kept knife burglar out J Police believe that the knifc- iwielding burglar who has been terrorizing North Redlands with repeated attacks may have been "locked out" of an Alta street home last night. According to a report, a scr­ ies of locked doors at the home blocked the would-be intruder's entry. He pried a lock and a hasp off of a rear door, but the door was bolted from the inside. He then apparently forced his way through a window into a service porch, but again a locked door leading to the kitchen stopped him from gaining entry inside the house itself. The method of entry was thc same used in other burglaries in thc neighborhood. Poultry and Eggs LOS ANGELES. f>b. 3."> il'Pi' - Eggs: Prices to retailers f.o.b. to distributor plants 'delivered l '-b cent, higher': AA extra larse •H '.MS'-.t. A extra large Wz-iGtj. AA larce .TT'j-41'2. A large .T5';-36' = . B large 31'i-32'j. A A medium 33's-3S'j. A medium Sl'^-SS 'i. AA small 27'=- 30'j. A small 25<:-26 '3. Prices to consumers: AA large 4757, A larg; 49-53. AA medium 43-M. A medium 47-49, A A small 43-47. A small 40-43. Poultry: Fryers 15'.—10. roasters 21-25. light type hens 3-7 wtd. avg-. 4.61. hens cross 5-rt' ; wtd. avg. 5.68; turkeys: young toms over 23 lbs. 21, young hens 24. fryer roasters 22. Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything Call 793-3221 thi good now and sewage disposal system.!" 10 ' 1 "" apartments 1 As to the one ' An underground tunnel connects it with an adjoining building. courthouse i idence. one could "If that's the closest you can deliver my daily papyrus, I'm canceling my subscription!" Russia forced to break with Albania Critics forget old days, says telephone man on all points pertaining .apartments except supply The inside air is purified by There have been new homes means of radiation — proof fit- available to buy but rentals ters to counteract fallout haz-l^avc been in very short supply ards. Pomona is well sheltered jit is not good to force a man by hills against effects of nu- to buy when he really should clear blast but would be vulner-: r ent. able to fallout, according to 1 is there an over-supply of res U.S. authorities. ''fences if there are so few good j rentals? Zafon A. Hartman, Trees scheduled for Texonia park planting About 200 decs are In bei to make a final break with its magneto service, grounded lines;planted in thc rapidly progress-: West State street. MOSCOW UPI) — Albania's; MINNEAPOLIS (UPI) — A seizure of Soviet Embassy telephone official said Monday buildings in Tirana is expected critics of digit dialing arc too 'to leave Moscow no choice but quick to forget "thc miseries of; Words, votes of Johnson vary says Kuchel ; former ally, diplomatic sources and that •said today. |wall j Thc belligerent little Balkan! country. Communist China's only European satellite, seized the five Soviet Embassy buildings last Thursday. Russia, disclosing the seizure in thc government newspaper Izvestia antique box on the SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)—Sen. JMondav. said it had been pro- Thomas H. Kuchel, R - Calif..!tested as an "unprecedently charged Monday night thatioutrageous act." President Johnson's strong! Moscow and Tirana sus- words on civil rights "do not jponded relations in 19C1 after square with the votes, which asj the Albanians sided with Peking a Texas Democratic Senator and j in the Sino-Soviet ideological Congressman, he cast in recent!dispute. Both ambassadors years on this whole subject." |wcrc recalled but embassies Kuchel also criticized thc!were maintained in each capi-j "talk of compromise and sell- i out" prevalent in Washington in) Izvestia discussions of the civil rights P. M. Ferguson Jr. told thc i Minnesota Telephone Associa tion in his president's address that if operators were to dial the calls, "we would soon need so many operators . . . we would increase, not decrease, the cost of long distance calls." He said transmission on toL' calls has improved to where the hearing level is the same as "two persons standing face to face about eight feet apart in the same room." ing Texonia Park next weekend by members of thc Redlands Kiwanis Club, Basic skills course offered An Adult Education class to The park at Texas street and '', m Pf ovc ,. bas,ec . skills in "" din Lugonia avenue . has been graded and construction of restroom facilities and installation of an automatic sprinkler system will be completed this week, it was reported. Some recreational facilities have been constructed on the park site and picnic areas will be developed later. U Thc tree planting is to be) coordinated by Pete Danger Arithmetic, Science, and Social Studies is offerer!, according to Jack Binkley, Coordinator. Adults may earn an eighth grade diploma equivalency. This class meets each Tues day evening, 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. at t h e Redlands High School campus in Room 22. Thc class lis under the direction of Willis Coleman. After finishing this course, persons may enter the regular bill now awaiting Senate ac tion. He spoke at a belated Lincoln Day observance by San Francisco Republican organiza tions. Troubled jet lands safely MIAMI (UPI)—A Northwest Orient jet airliner, bound for Atlanta with 60 persons aboard, developed trouble in one of its four engines shortly after takeoff Monday but landed safely. The Boeing 720 jet circled the airfield for 49 minutes, jettisoning enough fuel for it to land without danger of an explosion. I A FOX WIST COAST THIATM T*1 • 123 Cojon Shu! . FT. 3-4331 Wtd. 3Iisi Fortune Starts fi :.V> Thurs.. Vri., Mon., Tues., 7 P. M. Sat. and Sun. Cont. from 2 P. M. e? move 'Wfdarling* 9 & CJXOUSCOPE dXMtTDfimr I MiuoiKSimauTsmmincBen Also, in Color, Tuesday Weld "BACHELOR FLAT" Starts Tomorrow Walt Disney's "Mts(s) Adventures of MERLIN JONES" said thc Albanians! recalled the last of their offi-> cials from Moscow last Decern-! ber. Moscow maintained a slender link with Albania through Communist Czechoslovakia's Foreign Office. But since the Albanian seizure of the Soviet buildings, diplomats said, Moscow probably will retaliate by taking over the Albanian Embassy here, thus cutting the last diplomatic ties. Centenarian off to Egypt STOCKHOLM', Sweden (UPI) —White-bearded Gustave Larsson was en route to Egypt today to ride a camel and boat down the Nile, courtesy of a travel agency, to celebrate his birthday. He was 100 last Wednesday. It is the retired farmer's first trip outside Sweden. Khrushchev praises pope for peace MOSCOW (UPI) — Premier Nikita Khrushchev praised j Pope Paul VI and the late Pope John XXIII Monday for their efforts in behalf of world peace. "Although thc Catholic Church like all other religious organizations is an ideological foe of scientific communism, we Communists nevertheless support the position of the heads of the Catholic Church- Pope John and now Pope Paul —for strengthening peace and th solution of international disputes by negotiations," the So-] viet leader said. 1 mond. Many of thc trees will ; a( i u i t high school diploma class jComc from the city nursery ad- Binkley said. Jacent to the park. I There is no charge for this i Lawn will be planted after a class and visitors arc welcome, iwccd-killing program is com- For further information •plcted. 'phone 793-22J0. See Our 50th State land of enchantment l i : ALASKA visif such places as Fairbanks, Anchorage, Kodiak. 'ATLAS TRAVEL SERVICE 14 N. 7th Sf. Redlands 793-2444 WILLIAM G. MOORE. Publisher. FRANK E. MOORE. Editor. Published every evenlnc fexcep* Sunday) al Fai-is buildinc, 7UO Brook side at Center. Redlands, California Founded October 23, 18a0, 74th year. Entered as second class matter October 23. 1890. at thc Post Oftire at Redlands. California, under act of March 3. J87S. SUBSCRIPTION RATE iln Advance! By Carrier Delivery l»ne Monti) I 1.S» three Months Six Mantns R.aii One Vear 16.«l> line One Month Teal By Mall „ » 1 .5U .... I*.0« SUNDAY MORNING DO-NUT CLUB 3-6-9 Doubles FREE COFFEE! FREE DO-NUTS! EVERY SUNDAY at 11 a. m. Entry Fee — $4 per team S2 Bowling — S2 Priie Ladies: Let us find you a Bowling "Pardner" for Sunday Mornings EMPIRE BOWL 840 W. Colton Ave. Phone 793-2525 CARPET SALE DU PONT 501 NYLON — a loop pile from DuPont's finest nylon — Continuous fila^ ment, won't fun, pill, or pull out . . . YOU SAVE 30°i. While it Uits IUOUS Tiia$6 95 WOOL SCROLL WILTON — Closely woven Wilton construction for extra wear. YOU SAVE 40% •eiy woven $595 EXTRA HEAVY PLUSH HERCULON New sensational fiber. Hi-lo, random sheared or muted tweed, 3 styles, 27 colors $795 NO MONEY DOWN — 36 MONTHS TO PAY. THREE FINE STORES TO SERVE YOU REDLANDS — 100 Orange — 793-238? YUCAIPA — 35119 Yucaipa Blvd. — 797-1121 HIGHLAND — 27204 E. Baseline — 862-5o56 C&tpetr Lbtoleiun, Colonial MONTH END MAPLE HOUSE SPECIAL LEAP YEAR SAVINGS FEB. 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th 4 DAYS ONLY Provincial Pole Lamps with white hob nail shades. Your choice of white or cocoa colored pole. 19.95 value NOW 9 95 SPECIAL PRICES ON ALL OCCASIONAL TABLES 22" x 54" oval coffee table with shelf. Solid eastern birch, hand rubbed Salem finish. Special close out purchase from manufacturer makes this a once in a lifetime value. 3 only at this price. 79.95 Value NOW $49 SAVE NOW ON ANY CARPET IN OUR STOCK 98 Sq. Yd. 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