Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 6, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1916
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READ IT TODAY IN THE GAZETTE AND STANDARD STERLING AND DAILY STANDARD THEN READ IT TOMORROW IN CITY PAPERS SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 82. STERLING, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER. 6, 1916. PRICE TWO CENTS. HANLl COMING Prohibition Candidate For President Will Speak In Sterling T&mwf ow, * *" With Vice Presidential Candidate He Will Arrive At | / 12:05 O'clock. '.JV • „ L .,.,..•'? Tomorrow, S.'itun'ny. Oct. 7. Is to tie a red letter dny for the Prohibit ion- Ints of .Sterling nnd vicinity, for n ppe- |"t!lHf Train rnrrrtTijr.t.t-YnTik !tnr,!r find lira Irfi'ndiith. Prohiiiition candidates *^or president nnd \tice president, on their nntlon-wlde enrnpaitrn tour, will Stop nt Hterllm? at. l-:ori n'i-lock find itny an hour. They will give n tiitk, either In the Academy of Muilc or In the park, to the people who want to hear tjie ixpue*! »t the Prohibition party dlnctiiwed. J. Krank Hanly has been governor Of the state of Indlnn.i nnd is well known nil over the country, and I>r ""fra Lnndrlth Isnlso prominent. will he remembered Mr Ijtridrith tin the Lincoln rhiuitnmum conrne Spoke In Sterling- thl* summer. next afternoon after he received nomination for vice president at l (tt L Paul convention. I The special train will run over the "Chicago & Northwestern and the following 1" the nchednle for the day: DeWItt, 7HO a. m.; Clinton. 9:iTi a. lit.; Morrison, 11:16 n, tn.; sterllmj, 15^05 p. tn,: pjxon. 1';I5 p. in.; Frank- Jin Grove,"2:26 p. m.; Hochelle, 3:15, p. In.; DeKnlh, 4:15 p. m.; Geneva, 5:20 p, m.: Wheaton, 8:10 p. m.; Chicago, 1:00 p, m.. Third Presbyterian church. Ogden. Ashland and MadlMon ntreetH. DECISION LATER vs. Mott Case Heard Thursday by Judge Sheldon. t*<' nf ! >!ti. t mi-'-r n!,';i*nM T.'-Tvi:-: i-i<ii|!(.:| Hi i "in ' (ti" ',)-.• was ^-i.,—. T - - oinn !:itcr. inp of » rPT' tor Cec th ntteiiM"M rtf the «' llrti" Thurfdny. nder :><h Isr-nt'-ist . Tli" i ' nt.<!<~ f il M<>tt, ;«.«(- w r 17 then f> over the .t.iy ' 'Si • ,ir nv:sH enr- it tin- thn tho fnf-f Ht<- tint*- be.-;im*> t|tn< thf >oim mrtn.lcf the country burriedty ariif i'-f the note tinpatd. -Mr Utuirk cMd'-:iv • «red to make pome ;irrnnfcern«'tit!» wii Mr, Mott. f,-t!li«r "f the yoimc man. t< pay the note, which wrts finally a^ri lr>. The rmte wa«< never paid by .Mr Mot't. Iienec tin 1 *mif-to force pay men i The «-;isf> wns I si ken from -the Justie •••tmrt I.ei Mtl.we (If Hie fa< t that it %Vi< i here i l.-utnec! tluit eoiirt had no juris 'Iliiic'M in titles of that kind.- BANKERS END SESSIONS Fred B. Frerichs Attended State Convention Held At Danville. the li Bank the ftl vlTle. \-ery f I'H'tli 1)8. Sit-rliiiK, ' ANNUAL MEETING HELD Of the Baptist Church and Elected Officers For the Year. Annual meeting nt the Baptlht Church Unit evening was preceedwl hy £ picnic mtpper which W«H enjoyed hy nil who were privileged to be pr»»ent. Very often the busincxii HCHMIOIIR of the church arcs dry and unlntercHting but thin wan riot true of lant nightH meeting, .The reporta read by tho va- rloun church officers, .committees nnd auxiliary mocletiea were «o enthUKiafi- tJcly nnd cheerfully presented that "they wprg~yrpat1y'ffrijoyyit~by~n1l.~l'*er- ,p* tho climax wa* reached when treasurer, announced that »tll in- on- tin* paronage prop»«rty f had,J>e«n paid and «, nent iMilancc* re- malned In tho trfnn'ury. This gives the %lt«uil«iitlon the poSKegHlon of the en- .Ure^hftltj-hloidi on ^'h,ich: tholr - build- Ing Htahds nnd wltli the church facing C*ntrBl Park the feel to nay I- n» did tho psalmlnt of Mount Xlon. —"Beautiful for •Ituatton." ' •* . . The election of officers resulted »H ftoliowe: Church Clerk—W. H. Harnum. . Treasurer—Chan BAU, A»«t TreaJBurer—irvIng Ran, Truatw—H. 1* Chaplin. Deacon— Qeo P. Perry. i .'ixhier of the Hfafi has been ttttendlim «-onv«>ntloti at Onn- and wrltex that he is having a iiitere.otlng time and all of thf xemiioliM*'are very nood. He Said h< lixtetted with IntereKt to jtprecheM by I'ncle .loe Cannon, that lielny: tils hot.m town, John Templo (Jraten, Huuetir I.nmtr ItlrtTaTds, tlon. Itejiry T, Ifoliis. and other*, and f«y» the vlKitorit w'ert royally entertained by the banker* of that city. He alfo ftcndu a Unit; a copy of the IXinvllle. Commercial NewH, which given a detailed nccount of the rneetlngM.' "•• The ftillowlfiK reRf)iiitlonH _ wjer e ailopled at the cloning pcKMion of the llllnolH Htate Banknrn' nKHoclntlon yen- tcrday condemning the proponed amendment to the federal reserve net "contrary to the spirit" of the act In eMnhllBhing twelve regional re- Hcrve ImnkB In order that the banking power of thin country might mil be centrullzeil in one .place." The resolutions further declare that "such an act would In time place in the'haiidH of a few the banking control' of tills country and create the greatest monopoly that the world ha« ever Been." Another remdution adopted provident for the appointment by tho ndminl»-1 tnulve commltteo ut. a. .committed of five private bankers, the two edrnmlt- teeu to foeni the npecial legislative committee of the state ntmocintion,em- LARGECROWDS Turn Out Daily To Attend the Seymour Ide Trial For Mttrder At Dtxtm.—7 The Defendant Who Faces Charge Of Causing Wife's "Death, Remains Calm. COURT ADJOURNS Judge Shetdoni ur The Seym rlt|M«-.| Jilt of'rl •itljoui rimcnf at Thf jury Wi M" murder aM'-ntioi I :\ y until o'clock. Ci«mpl«'ted *t> Of- of n\f I'ir- the hf'tir of frorn in Will Hand Down I Ne*t Friday hehl.'rt :»dji.-':unf«l <' ,-»ft<>r?i.-><->n stp.tll IV fit !<> O'Olocfc. ,'»i;nin»t of HK will idef:(blf of the GERMANY IS READY TO SUE FOR PEACE tbe Si«- |u dement with the foiloulnu Jurymen in tltf- l.".x: 1). It. Phi. Dlxo'n. Charles HI UK* he!. t,re Center.' \Vtlli:im Iliirkhjirt. Alto. AiidUMl Itiirhenti, N;icbm*.'i. Tom Hii'hrudH. Dlxon. Joseph Itoseli.-tllfih. South I'ixotl. >rite I. Itunion, Dixoii, I). Bilv-y. Searburo tlcrriifinn, A!(o. • II Knpe. Alto Paul KrlfK, Ashton. Ho.v I'iirvi'i In the afli i-IMIOI motiy In K.'in mill *J'- IL Kil. "-^ "f . hy him .SfTR' 1 W n<i<>r n^nln."i Mot!, Thur«day. Tf:"r-y are iiiitTf'Ht and ihe <1»-be looked forw-nnl toyvith tn!«Te«t, fHirl court Thursday ri-<l \n th»- cnw 1 of Nic-hols f«t the full nrnoont iT? and riven' by thi» jury of $37.r.t* jnrtKTnrTTt -n-jr-? nt?o r-ntPrT«l in I rtf ease «.f B«*eker rlsrainKl fitters to the amount uiven In favor of tho plaintiff. .Indue H. "'. Wnrd.'Mltnrney for feridnnt took an order for an npprnl !<nt he is yet undecided wh'-ther it will i>c« carried up lo the appellate- eoiirt or not. ' rnrri SCALPERSBUSY They Have Grabbed Boston Bag and Baggage It Became Known Today. President Of Boston Club Says 75,000 Applications Have Been deceived. Ambassador Gerard Bringing j< Germany jj to Wilson. ; -—~ •Two Allied Armies Fighting " is ! Toward Monastir Drive i Them In Disorder. BULLETIN Ashton. Hie henrltlK "when the ea f. t«"<t- e wan state legislature, a bill providing for Htale BiiperVlHltiri of private hunks, and (4 bill providing for the creation of a state banking'department. The drafts, •if* the 1 proposed bills nr« to t>« present<Hl to the executive coufH'll at the ml3- wluiftr ineelitiK before 'being preaenled to the leglitluliire. lied there were present about !(!(» r'ctulor.i. bcsld>"< the eoiirt aHenrl- itit» and ottier-M who had fiti«ltte«^ rnn- ecti-il with KM. c.'l»(\ Theie were bout 'Jo women jimoiiu the np^'etutorn. The prisoner maintained the mime ItslntfTesTTd di itieiimir thtil lie did IlirillK the exiimhuiliolt of proHpectlVfi uror«, and Meeined to take no parti- ulitr interest In the testimony an it viiB given by the various wltneM}«en. vcn when lh»'« evidence went direct- y ugalnHt him* he did not hi* mask of calm indifference. Htate'H Attorney ICdwards occupied ,*i minutes with hlw openltiK Htiitement i Which he laid before the jury the dings which the- wtate proponen to rove. He wan followed by H. A. tn»ikH. attorney for "the defence wtui iHtimed 15 minutes In preKentlng heir nidf. The tlrnt wltneNd called wan MCM. Jury Smith, wife of Patrick Hmlth. a i-lghhor residing near the Ide renl- ft nce. She teHlifled principally to the eiiible which had exi»tetl between Ide ml his wife. , • Daughter Tettified. The Ktale'H principal wltnexn called was Blanche Jde, the—1^3^-year-old daughter of the defendant-' Hhe ntatetl that Khe -had often neen her fatln WILSON_PLEASED Demonstrations Received At Omaha Convinces Him Nebraska Is Safe. "Who Kept Us Out Of War?' "Who Gave Us the 8 Hour Day?" Crowed Tasked. THE CASES ARE SET TJrgarUst—Minn Afauel Philips. Presn Com—I'UBtor Chu» \Vallcer. Chairman Pulpit Com—I. M. Philip Music Com.—Miss Klla Kllsworth, Dr. W. H. Perry. Mrs. A*. J. Head. The church faces the new year with bright DEEP INTEREST SHOWN Y.l 0. AMembership Campaign—:Trying To"--Reach the 700 M%rk. Preparations for tho Y. M. c. .A. niomhershlp campaign are rapidly be-l jtig completed mid the cuinultiH uf the - various tetunn report that they will' b* ready to start with, the gnu next fOTHttgy the opening day -ttf-Hi«t-t^nt- Criminal Work 'Will First Taken Up By Circuit Court Next Week. — Be palgn, Ther« have heen mi*ny volunteers on the- purl at tho young inen of .th6 city who «ro alreiidy member» to in ll>e work and "with a week'M cmnpitlgniiig on th«4f part the dealrod wt>ven hundred 'meml>cr- Uhlp murk should he raillaed. It IH a commendable thing tlmt young men who aro living at the "Y" but, *'hose, humoH are not in Hterling «r« nlMo giving their limn and 'offorta AH iicxr week In the Circuit court it Morrison will he Kivcn over to the iriitl of criminal cane*. The cfiHen of II. and H. KchlmmolpfenniK for burglary and attempt to murder will probably, take wine time for there are. •i mimber'of witm-wcs to tentify. Then the ciuje of the Htate aKainst I/ee Hutton for iieilint> li(|uor in dry territory, it« nineteen countH in the indlct- ._wUl_tiilc«!_up_in.ucti-Of Jlltc couri'a time. They will be tried by tho judge with no jury. At the reudiitK of the docket and wet- linjf of cases by the judge and tho-al- |i)riieyn Interested, Heveral cawes have been net for the week following, the work of u criminal nature, The petit lury IKIM been' ordered to appear Mun- di|y'.mi>rnbijg,-Ht 11 o'clock, Oct. 16th, to hear tfieke CHKOH. They 'Will IKS tried on the dutex given below: TlT<rTTrHo~T>r Miirtiri nffntnut — rjomr from Fulti'in, will be the |lr«t to be heard by the jury. Tuowtay, October 1". the caws of Mori agaitmt .Miiiinini will bu tried. Thlrt if< H Ktcrling CIIMC. . It. in an ax- .. . . Tier. Once, she Mated, tihti heard threaten to kill hl« wife. , id JEWISH FEAST DAYS Succoth One of the Harvest JPMtivals Will Commence : Wednesday, Oct. 11. The Jewish feast of . Tabernacles. 01 .Succoth will commence on Wednesday •veniiiK. Oct. 11, and will hint for nliir lays. According to the Mlble the feast on|v -seven ttnyx. lit the courain >t .time, however, the feast was length .• .-nttu> -d*yj»; tlM»-4a*t~tw«f-<la-y^ :>elnir Tho ICighlh ilay of Solemn AH- *embly or th« Feast of Conclusion, and the.Day.of Rejoicing' for the iJkw, r Th>,»»eniimejjt of the feast l« root•d deep In the ancient agricultural lift 1 •tf Israel. Huceolh was ono of the' ireat pllKrlma«!' fcstiva!«, The other two were I'uanover and the Feast of WcekH. Each of thews was at the harvest time, of some particular crop. On thoiw- thriw-occaslons---thfl-people, -from ;U1 over the land of Cnnniin would Journey to the Holy City and upend the festival there., This fcu«t. Suecoth, known ttlHO as the Feawl of Ingathering was at the time of the gathering In of fruits, Tho booths therefore may be" reminiscent of the boothn erncled by tho huny. h!irve«ter« u« temporary Iwelllnga in the Held. Tho -palm )raric"hcB and the willows, the myr- le nnd thn citron Htlll borne In pro- MU« uc on this tuicicnt b«r- around the 'east aim) KUggc»tH /e»t eottlng. " Succoth-was I'm' last nf the three mrverft ffiHtlval"! . uiiu, iiH' it u.shered n the. winter Heatum wtieu rain .was , to the work »nrt makes It all tho mute ltni»eratlv« .Unit ,thoHt« whose diwpest intttreHtx a|f> hero > vhould help' in bringing our ultUeim Into closer touch with, the |iifluehce«; of the "Young 'Mon'H t'hrlstiun association, > Next Monday pyenlns tliero will be **» tneellnir in the dining rooimi of tho "V of tiii.' ciiptainx wnd their to which every omi i§ might care to • u««iBt in inv'ited who the c(nuin« MISSION FEAST AT DIXQN. Thn (Icrinun I'ivaii^rln-al Lutheran KmmiuiuelK roiiKi^KHtion t»t Dix^n. Jtev.TJfext'l, pjmlor, will bold its^ait., IHlUi MJM.Hluli l-'fiifit on IM-.M .Suitil;i>'- <H*t. 8jh, Hfi'Vlcex «t 10:30. u. la. and 2;\'.> ji, m. HpcukerK are I'rof. M, Hueter, 4>f Clinton. i»u4 It«jv, 1C. liityer. of Ster-' linjf. Tlie Indie* of th(! coiigrt'gation 'Will werve mnulw fur vi,*-itoi.-M ni noon. JKricnds invited, Quite a nuujMer ' 'f?[er- Jlng urid Hock Fal|n pt-oplt- inii-iid. to STOUN BIKE FOUND. The now' hicycl? which w«» night from tho IIO Thotiiuu WMM found. by early ye«t* > rda> uuirnint.;! had cyldfiuly I it-en u wlui tu the" man »-U'«Hnj,; tt, for eurryJiij; it for M ft-w block* IH* ed it in th,« middlu of the alley twceli Third' and Foiii Hi .avenues, -j.ate HTlTlV ttTU'TTi 00 n (Tie" I l"r iTfe f "wuTT torney for the plaintiff. Thui'Hday.' October 19, tho CIIHO 'of Warner aKuliist Warner will be Imard. I. h. iVeiiviT nnd J. J. Ludciui aro at- tonjeys for the plulntllT. J. Warner i in n b r'o ttulU— HI tU-4t ffa,i«»t-Ar4t, - Th for i» debt. On Frlcluy. Oct<dier 20. will h« tried the tiMtiumpMJt c.'tNit of Mtantcm ' Nctncn •ifaliiHl Munnon. ,Iud«e H. C. Ward is Attorney for the plaintiff. On Monday, October, 23. will be triwl the e»Hi< of Wolher^iiKHinKt lUdK*'. The ciiHit in from Kterling,' being an ;»ppf«l from the jiiHtictv court of Judge Weaver, The ciisn of Woodhurn iiKuinst HUM- sell will J'<>. lri»-d Tue«i|iiy, October 5M. Thi.s.iH from Stcrlinft; und involves the lection of ;t bill hoard on lotn wecun-d by Air. UiiHHell in the Woodburii ad- ditimi in lh<> weal end of the city. FUNEiAlTHOUE The finieral J.i-rvi< c» over the rt>- nutiiis of )ittU» '({olmrt (iuinther, the unfortunate child ^4.^ Air. und .Mrx. Henry -Uuiiuht?ivHiPfitr met with riwith Wednesday when, 'he rcn'Ued u liij.siijj Mkutl fracture, will he held at the late home in VVc'Kt Jord;in at l:3o ti'clnrk Haturdiiy. Hey, ({ohhitu*. pustor of the* t^tcrliiiK "Cliri«tjiiii eiitireh, will officiate, Interment will be iu iUveihiUe •netniet}~fnT7nejct-yerir'a' crop,—rr WHH held in the Temple; and day,the prayei'M for th« lawt Huci'oth include Mpeeiul pniy- raiii. whlrh aro continued In until thf> time when' the to Ihly <lay of «r« fo? tho Hy Hubert J. Hrnder. (Htn(T Corrpupondcnt of Pnltwl PT«»«O Clinton, la., Oct. 6.-—PresldPtit Wll- >sori Is returniiiK to hi* «utnm<>r Imtn*' nl Ivinjr Branch, a'happy man. It «•»» not be f tented thnt Xebrai>kn'ii tn the? ; PXo n tremrmlouH impr^HHlon on tho Bern- ocrntic Iradpni nnd »tlrr«»d the president to new (iptlmlmn rcfrurdUiK the mitrrime of tho election on Nov. 7th. The demon«trtittoius accorded htm were unlfjue NebrnsknnH declare. They reached a climax ln«t ni»;ht when thou- HHtidK of people llnrd the i»tre*t of Oniaha until a late hour to «<•<• the prenlclent. ThiiUHandM Jammed the auditorium to tho doors to hear his addr«'K«. There were many outburst* f ehcerinjj from the thronK. • Question after question wu* hurled by the audience imd each answer wa« a rouslnif Hon. "Who kept u» out of war?" wax one. '"Wilubn." wa« the itnawerlni: roar from the audience. "Who saved the nation?" and OK"In the 'answer wa« "Wilson." "\Vho prevented the great HTTItCC-T*-~WlTiT g'ftTe~H(rTtie~«lJ;h.l^Iiwir day?" "Who K«ve u» the rural rr«lit»?" Thene'ivere HOiiie of the (juentlonji anlt- ed and there witu always"' applause with the anHwer. *Il wan Wlltion." At the flrnt mention of the pr*«l- dent'n name by Gov. Moorohwntl In ht* rKlurton' H|)«HH'h,' ihe ttppearance of the president in the auditorium and his n to apeak, were each wlKnalu for ovntlonu that ..Justed for «everal ipln- uten. • These thlt)K*i the preHident's cam- palKti managers.are pointing today a« indioatlbiiN of..the frame of mind of the middle went. They refer to the reception accorded-ht* utterances on peace, it vindication they cull It of the adnitntHtration.'jj foreign poliey. As it By II. f, Hamilton Ifamton. MHVX.. Oct. «.~Worlil spf-culntors today ntml»?ierl Bowtoi and bngirnRe. Knvorwl by the weather the weather bureau could out, prenaRlng a ureat dny for op««nlnc title game .between the so.t nnd I>r«tKfrs tomorrow, hundreds I f neatly attirt»d young men button- i olp<l the pedestrians down town and I r*>r« i ready either t«! buy or itell tir-ketn ; l«r the 191fi Imxehnll Cla.*ie. f Perhaps never before In the hiMnry ] of « world's !<«>ri»*«, ^'BH ticket sralpinp; j bi*r>n »» prominent. In f'opley Pl»ga '•• hotel. whr«r<* the ttatiotut! commission i President Asked to Use Good Offices in Suing For Peace With Allies. j Bucharest Admits That the | Roumanians Have Retired ,„•-,,.. ! - Across the Danube. (By United Press) -I | New York, N. Y., Oct. .B. —j. , , Ambassador Gerard is bringing !„,.,," jto President Wilsoh an applica-!*•«>• Germany nl- tion from Germany for president to use his good of. flees in suing for peace, according to the Evening Post, here which says: "Germany has definitely de- d *i C n« ttnnotiticini: that world ison to U8e his good offices in »jt ticket* are mi ,«al«f I hern. arei *" most prominent thtmtn in the lobby, i suing for peace with the allies, Ticket Apcculatlnit I" Mdrut. on in lit- '',*~.-•-••« terd«r-natic«' of the n'StioVjai comtni.«Hk'n!This was learned: today and under !h«- very nones of Onrry aniirnpR in a nn«HHrm »« Herrmann and Ban John*...,. An »d..j S ? , * , * P 08lUon *° verttnertumt appeared in a itonton pap- ' absolutely trustworthy infor- ^e^'bT ,r Sr,,^^,," S mation - Jt is «»der 8 tood Oer. *««nti* wff* offered by /i'" real estate,ard will lay the Kaiser's request in iinother advertisement. have 'Wfth the -nrrlvnl of tbo Brooklyn te»m. the umplrfH and tlie mernbem of the.nntlonal commis«lon this afternoon, the utace nettlriK was t-omptete and all of the prinHpn!* were on- the ground I titid only the final Jam «t the natei* and i the \bhire of the bnrid and the call of! the ''Umpire" w«» tiwnited to send the' Ued Sos and l^odjsers nwny. Hy* 8 o'clock. toniKht when the distribution of reserved »«*«t«i clones there will not be n vncant sent left In the' h«K*' prey field where the tlr«f bnttle j will hf- ><tajif«Ml ; tomorrow.. A lonjr Una ! f fwn» wn« waiting wearily at th« ticket S (.Staff before President Wilson within a'Tweek." ~"~" ' ...... ~~ SUGGEST A BLOCKADE Qevernment, However, Doea Not^Take Kindly To the Von Tirpitz Scheme. _.. Hy Carl \V. i i.--*iiiii e*»rrt*s*p**iHlent office thin mnrninR. President l^annan Iierlin, «Jer., Oct.. of the Hed Hox declared that there blih-kade" nf certain have been 7S,0»« nppllr.itlonn for 30.IKMJ available rewfrved «ent». '• Batting Grew* Stronger." At-kermnn of l.'hlted l're«Hi 6—y\ submarine KnRli»h harbors hntt-be^n Hii(jRe«te<l to the government "' tn< * i by neveral of the leadern of the von Tirpit* faction which advocates th« they feel thlH section will swing IniaJlne luid-CuliEL to worry not. \t all about the vitdt of Hughes later this month, Pretddent Wilson's wpecial train pans- throiiKh Wterllii),' this morning about S:30 over the .Chicago & North Wi-xt- »rn on, his return trip from omit ha. I'lH' truin pulled in very Mlowly' and it looked for a time ak though a .stop nlBht be made, there wa« not however, ami-:the-tew_pi*oplfr—who—heard— the rain wan almut due and hurried to the 1 lepot were di«appointwl in nut get- IIIK a Klln>|ise of President i\nd Mr*. However, his Hpeelal train was «top>ed iii' \Vent Chlcauo at 10:40 o'clock hl« mornlnK on mju.e.8t of- the ( city iiiihoritied, The presUlent made his ippearanec and made a few brief r«* mirkK to the lar«e crowd <hai had Kiithered to _ge( a Kltmnne .of him. pry hour. Odds of 10-to ? are J}«ing freely offered that the K*K! SOK will take the series and many bet* hmv« been placed at 10 to 9' that the Red Sox will cup too opwiinif JWITO*,-. .- - ,. Not a word hiia come from Bill Cur- re«ardinis hlu pitching choke for the opening game of the aerlek Babe Ruth, Krnie Shore, Dutch ^^eortard and Carl Maye*t all worked «>fijt ypnterday while the Innelderw and «>»itflelders were Kettlng. imenl to the diamond, v . New York. United Prenm.) . N. Y., Oct. 6.~The bli? exodus began today -toward Hoaton, Inan army of fans*. ba«eh«|l uf-'|j^ u { the men who rail the balIn and J efforts Htriketi nnd I hone rompilninn th> Dud learned today. Th« von ThTittK member* tnadfc" the auKnestlon as a oompromlwe. The urged that'Kuch A course w f ouKI he in mccordance with the chancelh»r'» nn- nounced determination tt» procecuto vlKnrtnmiy the war agatnaf England and thin would cut off England from fowl and " ammunition without, en- danftrriiiK the lives and pru|»erty of nemratn. • ' The government' in not Impressed with the MiKKextinu am j W j|| pro)>a).ly not act on it. The wrangle betwei* the. Von Tirpitz nnd government news papers continues without abat.emen conviction is Browing that th to overthrow the chanc«»llo duotneil. to fMy Vnlted l're«o«.) ndon. Knc.. Oct. e. —Tho two «rml«'«i which nr*> fiKhtlnR tl the BulKar* in pitched battles and drlvinir them buck In diwirrter, South went of Monnstir thn and HiiFiHiftns who accepted the triwnn of Hnf and Popll are puohint; their advance toward the Herbn-Oreek frontier with vlKor. The nllle* are fishtinsc for posfipsslon of n hill leadlnK to Mon- uniir nnd >«|iout It miles away. The Serbia n who crowed th* 1 Ornek frontier a Week aco bnvn cnpturcd Kfllmkohalnn plateau. Thn Kerbiana Jire driving northward Ip tin attempt to ftank the I!ulK«r» out nf Monrintlr. fiffieial dlxpatches friitn ISucharent admit that th«* Ilotimanlnhi* retired across t h c Danube after & raid on ..Bui - - icarian coil hut do not confirm the Bulgarian official report that about 15,000 ftoumanlan* were -wiped out. DRIVING BACK BULGARS. i Hy United Pren».) Ix»nd«»n.. Kne.. Oct. 6. -Hrillwh troop* j are_.driviii«L .buck Jiie Bul«ar« In noverw IflghtlnK on the Htruma front It •*'«« officially announced today. The town iif.Nevolen wan occupied by the Hrill.'di without any Krent IOHHPII. The capture of Nevnlen wa« an'- noune*»i here nt «b<iiit th* 1 name time nn official report vrn* received from t!etu~.Serr»il, commanding the Balkan operation*, that the Hultcan* were retreating the BritiHh attnckn. A delay/M! Bulgarian official .iitate^nent had uihiHiiu'ed thn repulse of tho Britliih attnckn on Nevolen. The all'leH announced the capture of. 342 prisoners In the recent operation^ on, the Htruma. Not only on the rigfi't bank hut wouth MoniiNtlr the a!Hc« are oon- n vigorouH offeimive. . 'FW<id.OM.(..-. Wilttun. when hitr-lrn1n., was I'UIIIIK t.rcuklitJ*! through ' government duririR the war. AUTO ACCIDENT Unknown Driver Runt Driven By William Into Buggy Hoover httrv»'«i feant Of "1'HwMiiver. "Vvmr QUOTES THK LAW State's Attorney Ludon« Explains Tho Registration Day* " Koine eri'oiii'oiiH niloriri'ui inn has 'jt'Cn prliited by The Uiiisette aa well •IB other paperH iii retiard to registration duyM t'hlH year, and in re.HpoiiHe d> an inquiry .States Attorney lAideius '•note's the law-'jt.H f'oIh'W.s: HiH'tlon 147 of Hi?* Klection Iwiw pro.'idea tlu-.t the Board of Kf.giMtrce on I'lieiitlH.v, three week»-( preceding any •ii.'tto 'K^ec-tlon al Ni-'ne-«Vcli>ck~'7t7~ l if. md precede to nuikc n liwt of i : i|| por- «ilia ijtlHlitied to \(i|e. fiiHl they fcluill Hlf'el <ui Tui'Hday' of Oiii Wfek rtillg'tiny election' In |ht» pluco iljliLlti«.::iilctiUuH. *l—the--lioiiF—i-MT «r'eiock In the nuirning and rein f:i>ii,siiin iinlil Nine o'clock I rauin ThU inca'jii.s (hat' the (ii-yt reKis Jay » Hi he oil. Tuf.-uiay, ( »>;.ttibe.r tm_! the • second .on 'rite.-duj.' tletiiber H. Thin year is general' rcxiMtniiloii •i't.v, Ht'giMi ration b«>iirds will put mi thf. naiue« Uu>y CMH find, but it Tht.i morning while William Hoover was driving along east .of lowii with a-pony lk>il to-the-hHek^-ttf th , art* doomed, to failure and ger* Member*, of the national com. j wiu ,,^ no . chango In tin- mtamnn and umpiren l< t ft"nt~10'T(ctOCK'.r f the this morning and were duo for a meeting at 3 o'clock thin afternoon to complete details for handling the aeriea. The Impires were also to meet- thin afternoon to look over the ncenen of the battle and to agree on the playing rule*, there being *oiw «llgh,t difference between the American a.nd Na- j tlonitl league «iatute«, . 4 Borne of the fnn« left lam night, j Not a "Train thai W r aK~bouiid~for~Bo8- j ton town today' failed to carry Koine' faun who hoped tit «*•« the opener to- inoirow. Nome of the fan* who are so fortunate an to have their hotel and Iwll iMirk' reservation* will wait until ,the early train* tomorrow,. By the time the gateM open tomorrow some of BrrtoklyitpM... .and .many » will bo mi««lng from their 8,nd board. ' tiotml leaKuis, left for Uonton • ttt one u'chn-k th"i» afternoon. All.were.on liMijd curly Aoday and Mana«er Robin- .won anil owner Kbhftts »old there nev- »>r WBM a heiiittiie.r bunch from bat boy that there not an .unknown man driving -«. Six u<4dt«ntly. .ran into him hudly the buggy and fatally m- ih" pony. The man would Kive liin niiine Ini? jjav*- Air. Ht SliMi; trying to do the riKhl wn|i-|)_j5ir_ Hoover Krcaily uppreei FUNERAL ON SATURDAY.* The 'funeral of the hit e Mrs. Cfl Hu«h will l>e held at HI w'clock; , (i«y morning ut the Imi'u'e of her dullish'- ter, Men. Charlie (ieor^V i" »'lilitoii, la. !•' runt"' there UH> Undy will-.btv brought by iiulo. with the fricndt* and r«'lat,ive» lu aiilos. jo Htvrliii(;. rcuchiiui Hiver. side eemelery about J ti't'lut'k. There i nhort (*el vice will l>u he.ld. T.luc CM»- kt t 'will be- opened at the reuitery s«i that the tftcrlinj; fri'endi* may'' view 'the remairti*. The deceawHl-wHs thw wiJuvv if the late FM win Hu,sh. and they liv«l no»t of their lives* in -Sterling AM was to be expected the Dodgem were unable to get uwu.y without 4 bis demonstration. .-The team met at ihe ball park before noon, Headed by a bund which tried to rnukn itaelf SIX WERE INDICTED Five Men and Woman Are Held In Connection With Their Blackmail Attempt. (By Vn'itcd Press I New York, N. V., Oct.-6. --Five mei nnd -ii woman were' indicted by th< grand jury on the charge of imper HonatiiiK federal officerH and attempt ed blackmail tn connection with the uUWfiWt IWlng of Kdward K, Went, tin Chieago int-rchant, to this city. The Itiilii linetit.s charge, that liudu iioiiin.iii got—VVeMt' in!<»-<»—hotel—mou and that attei wardu the other defendants CM me in nnd threatened to arre«t tlim HS a vi.dator of the Miuin net whereupon the siri be.cjurie hysterical ' Those, indicteil today were: William tiaji, MI«H (iiHlitiHii and two int-n Whom are Withheld. Mrs. IHiali u'ccurrt-d at ihe. ier dauklkter, with whom Mhe home of luid bct'U CASE WAS SETTLED,' II K. Owborne. of tbin city, r lii.f morning a. check for $«5 in payment n fall for hi* cl.'iim uj;aiii*.t the. }I»n'.'cry l''rcuv'h v'.>iuie, Mr. lit 1 took csire- wf th 'before he died diyl did other wuk, the clutni 'was isewr all'iwrt! by the e. nor Kuncti»iu'd l>^' the "'' t« ;.i>ut u Ur«> in Tlie 'rtr»» t!vp;u tn fnvor of having of ih«- «i •hotil.v Vii;.i.t duy Jt wMi u-ui-b tT»«- >«un^stert> '.impftssilde nanu-s. l*if!h mU»t nejfiKter is year, lutve been ivt;lt<tci'"ed bef United tk-i. ?,.-- The 'allies ')ut.:h Mnvcrnment GRAVES t'.>at i OtUei' w plawd in I- "from' heard in Boston tlm temn panuled the city to the city hall where evory of- tlcial wunM'd to make n «pewch.' 'Yea, Kl»lie(s made one too, Front the Brooklyn city hall llif- parade continued ui'nxut the bridge to the grand central station, i!Wj,l,~-piitiiuurKh N'uiionale ve. Boston Americans; won by Boston five garnet to three. • .l'W4. ;-<No serien played.- • . 1905.--'New'York Nationals vs. Phil- adclphiit America!*!*; won by N'cw Vork, four gamt'« to one, • -. >l90i>. -<*liic«gii KutiomilK vis, t'hicRgii Americanx> won- by American^,' four j.;;ilil!-s |o two. t!*07. ChicHgo Natiunuls v«. -Detroit Americans; won by. <*hicMK'>, four in tione; i»n<* tie giitiii*. - -Chiciigo Nationals y*. Detroit -ail->>; won 'by ChicaKO, four _U» iino, PiitKhurgh .N'i*tio!ial»i v«. J)«-r troit Americaux; won ii.v four game* to THE FIRE CHIEF UiU«» Th«t Fire Pr»\renttorr~O»y~<y Fire Ob»«ry«d - Monday. Chief W, IX Hoelun, who had In-. makiiiK Fire 1'revention day this year <i day long to be remembered by the people hi Sterling, wa.« _.un«hl»>-i«i carry out his plans owing- to the imd- den illness und tiubi»e«nient death of wif«. tun he desir^M that the day IHH be without proper rqcosi>iliuii< Fire Prevention duy-'Jn most «f the Mates of the union is iyxt .Monday, Oct. 9. It is to be rctitgnised in nearly every ot> or hn'mlet in I hew Ktatrs. in KDIII appropriate III.IIIIHT. • "• It i.s the desire 'of Fire Ctiii-f {{i.ichn it hat' every ri-sidcnt 'wee to it next Mon jday, rhat iiiH chimney i» In a go«7tf U'oi!<ntit'o for the winter. AK the K'reat juntjiirity of the tin's t»tar| throutch de- jffoavf tlucs or defective chimi»«'j',s he j,sayi» it would t»t- H wi«t« thin/,; to -MIH^ «ii jit tint »Ji«y that -Uivy arc -perfectly *" (Conilnoed on I'age (Six) HUSSIANPOLIS rnrpr '~tit~ says i* ,.f viuti jimpurtiince is"~'thi> ihoruuglf cleantliij jput u'f ilu- attics. H«- twys ho baa «ev,u fia -HUH 1 * 1 Hi '--iHaiiy- i.'f the h<»y»t-.t -to ; wlw-h lit" i\4» ii«'t-n culled' to .put ,oni jlirv». piU'j* of old p;tpi-r' 'ii»d I<»O-H« rub- jlnsh uhich. ttii«ht- Im '.better .destroyed Itlwit kept, fur it takfw but very 1IMU' —HOUMAN4ANS-CHA»EO OUT, — v (By United Premi.) -. Sofia, Bulgaria, Oct. 6.™-N'ot a ninglfi Koumanian soldier «»f tlie 16,000 who crosfteo 1 thn Danube and WPM' enclrtslnd cut to piecn«, now remain on Bulgarian noil It w%« officially irnnoUnced. In MacedonU the Bulgarian troop* have repulsed British attack* against the town of " ' FIGHT AT VERDUN XOAtN. " (By United Prew.) PartH, France, Oct. 6,r-A violent bombardment broke out on tho north eanitirn front of Verdun ln»t night after Heveral week* of fjulet. s Thfl artillery action, taken h« a prelude to no. vere, wan ,heavlent on th* Lauffeo ArtUfwy was active on the on Somme front. »ide« BRITISH ADVANCE SOME. <Hy United PrwM.) , Enir.; Oct. 8,—Brlti»ih troops north of the Somtne advanced their poNltlonH further e»«t of •Knticotirt I.'Abbayw In IlKhtinK,, In th* direc<lon of Kapniime biKhwar, U Wa* Officially aniionced. , There wa* considerable artillery action duriiiK the nicht. RUSSIANS TAKE P08ITIJON8. (My United I'm**.) t'etrofirad. IUin«iii, Oct. .«,-— The KUH<i»n« have captured ponltlrmft Routh- ft nnt of I^emberg. repelllnK enemy at- lacks- A tierce l.atll*. 1« In progrexR near iSlotahov. the AiiMtro-(lennan« re- Mtubbornly «nd counter lUtnck- In Dtihriidja the ROBBERS GOT $8,000 Posse Exchanged Shots With Bank.Robbers At Rutland But They JEocapod, tor, III..* Oct. 8. 'The po||i> tot;iy Imd no dew to tho Identity of he b;u»k robber* who robbed the Kuland Mtate bank at Rutliitnl, IK niilt^i n>iii hex Hud ettcaped with fti,OUO. Knlering the town shortly Hfti*riiud- ilBh't (hey tun tilt! telephone wii«>« und et off ilv«. i Imih'fH of e)ipl(>«ivcM bi»- " ore the safe w«» broken. A lone elephoin- oi'erator in* the office tuvur- >y was win. .into hiding tiy "« hhot I red at her ihro'ugh ;th« window, i{i(;8 were fornu-d bWur»' 'jtlie.iob- M>r» ntHdi' their, geiuwny and « ilozen hotK were tired Isy <T\«» ImndttK and nemhcrtf of .the po«m-. The auto In vhtt-h tlu- K-tudits wcru riding -wua-1'tMt ra»-k of atj "it entered the city. AUTO BANDITS Hicago P » I i c • Qrjtgntt C*tch*s —Twelve Alieoed Robbvi'f Today. \CHy I'niu-d Prc««N} CliiiatJi.. iii, <H-t; fir-r- Twelve pt-r- ' HIM were t'utighi- in tlH> pOllc«s 'dragnet ' ' U.e i'li 'WHS* throw'ii- out i»> tito i.iiti.nUi.K Who" h'jiVi* been 1 tin- ^i.tlmii)keej-t>.n* Mltd*Hi'0 held at dfi»'< li'.t- iitirmu for 'l.'lit'y .wi'ie <-uught in- two btuidss, «>nu (if '-live (ifiil 01 iV i»f sn-ven. All di-ny •their It.

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