Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1916
Page 8
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PAOl STERLING DAILY GAZETTE rife THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5, IdlM AMUSEMENTS, Vaudefte LAST TIM1 TONIGHT Metropole Four, Male Quartette Kt • ryfi"'l v x.'i vs mf-*i thr-m .\n,! . ?'!< t!!f<-« : \ h i:|f! I TT«»riii'v fi'FTH-ilv. *'N«ipo!*on." iii'- r rn.tti-?i films rm< l!l"ir L-f'.-i'. P'.n ' -A < > n! l • r lirf- rir*- :. !. ill "I I,,- I.t.ltl,•-.•• nti'l K.ViflA. ft-'' i' i' rii'iiii- >-v !'i t hr r. Sij.itt-v 7 rtrnl 1J AMUSEMENTS. HOUSE OF FEATURES GRAND TODAY ~^< ., Undine Featuring IDA SCHNALL t'"' , EXTRA! • BURTON HOLMES' TRAVEL 1 * T-i ; «/> > e» Afri-.rr.i- Ward T-sna?! U .<]•;<-< ?.'1\ ; TOMORROW- Wlfh uiir rrciilar n!,dvv, "THE YELLOW MENACE" f5fp how All Slni»h ihvuij,',* Awr!* n RDiJ IftiiKhn at t)i«- Imps !»«•? for liilti by ihf Rovf:rnrfi»'Mf, «•< rr-r fcix (<•<• and t rf >- llff. His MH'M-fiKf, kill flVi- -whiff flr-vila nml rriish that i;lftfit <>f th«- vvfs!, Amfrit-ji. Thousands of t' , S. trno|i*«, Ball»>rp, Hindii:', ' "hiniw, .lai'iitifsc. i.fc. T4tr- trmstwmtiirT-f rrt TrtrtTirrr TrtrtrrliTK" Mfitfrnrct <ial<>, .1. .\, Hall, r-'lorpiii-t.! Malotif', Kilvvin Ht<-\Mt*> HM All Sinuh. > Also new vaudeville bill- Three fine acts Show* 7 and 9—U»u«l prices. MONDAY/ Wm. Farnurti in "Th« Bondirrian," by Hall Caine. DANCING CLASS AT WOODMAN HALL, 8:00 to 9:00 Social dance 9:00 to 12:00 Saturday, Oct. 7, 1016 t< TOMORROW Marguerite Clark IN Molly Make Believe" EXTRA! BRAY CARTOONS Attend the matinee—2 to 5. • Night 7 to 11 Tenth week at LaSallf, Chicago [Where Are My Children 'Indorsed hy press, public nnd the prc- t 5 £ . 60o A PERSON FIRST HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OPENS MONDAY. OCT. 9, WOODMAN HALL, 8:00 o'clock sharp, 9t00 .o'clock social o»nc«, Mrs. f, R, BELL & SON tneditnted deslmelion of (lie •lit miborn. An oxposo of control. | .At VaudQtte Tuesday. One day only. No mil' under 10 admitted uiil«'S« wltli pari'iitH. Time <if Klmvvs, all day, rnmiiiiiK, nn'tn tuiil Mi^ht 10:0o a. in. In H:l.i|) |i. Hi. All Hfiits LT>c. M«. .-in,! Mr-- I..'-.)! Sitii.iv.t.- -,»;,,• •.,, \ i\\ ii:!,; 1!' i".-! i « > • k \x i ()i ff s•-n' 1 M: -i-i'i Mi -• I! ! > M: \!v!i- '!. i-- iK-'iTI. ;..H< >'<'i'-ri !>••- f'l':<t-|! 'if '.--'-- i" Hf !• f- ( r '. ' - ' • I •!.!> \ M. Crt! ).--.-r t ;« itnl-n.-. l- ; .e h ]-'-«;-^:\ i-i: r.Oi V. in?:.- >c-'. J.'.J.L/-'-'.. !!! ^*-'\V - i It. iV. J k^ :uM 'fi-in^' kV'I:*'-!. I '!:•!? mi' Mr. find Mr-: A. K. !':inn,'n!cr. ' Mi»rM>.iin. ."fftit \Vf-ili)"sf!riy In Str-rlini. with their dnttc)it»-r. Mrs. It". W. r?<-.«s. and family. l.i. I,. Milb-r arid \V. W. l>iivi« mutor-- t" !'i>)o this :ift»-t H'l'iM d> i-tj)t'ir<' tb wnulrrs of a. latiiC' |i|i\.'tt(> al«->-n:il n«-n i bat i!o,.i(ly 'i-il.i:, _ ....•-.- per biiHbi'l, at fJcrdi'S.* Mr.~'. Karl Dctwi il'-r, w!s«> IIJIH hf'ci vt-ry fii'h f'dl'nvint; an opt'i.-itiini ril (Ii f « : ^ Ask to see "Prostecto" Silk Petticoats. Thev Outwear f \vd others - - Cost no more. ; v J rt littl" li«'ttf-r >•••<( i-rd.'iy, Mis« Mitdrid llnyf-i. «>f Vi-nr-if, X. l r«':ichi'd Kt*-rtlnu \V'i-dlnMtnv f-it -i-nni for a Vi.*lt wit M frit'tids. Miss IMycs titiicht thf Ht'tur^Hifhool last y*'iir, Mr. asut Mrs. \\\ J, Huvli-tKh «n«1 family itrilvcil In>ni«' Tiiridiv ulul-t frntii it fcitr wr'.»'ks" nnt'»mt>liil*' trip tn N< v \v Yislk, MaFSiii'lnjs^ttr-s and. <»(!»>» •.•astern Mtat«.". 1-Nnirtli Htrn-t M. fC linlliif* nimmat«' Hah-, Filiiay :nnl Satiinlay. iMiuhfr '", anil 7 :it II 1C. l-'oorth street,* William t.niidwi'lir HIM! «on H. '* l^-iiHwilir. i>f ll<ni|*|iotr. wen- In Ktcrl- IllK Wt'dln (i !,IV illicl llnnlt. Thl> hull iK \i-iy--Vtloiifrl.v <>f. tnKifiu a in tin- Sd'llint? Ihivlni'is C'il- (NEWS IN BRIEF J AN AUTO ACCM •tf-r, drayman. 1007 Kasst Htrwt, Olxon. Hi'»tt Hull, of Amboy. and n woman whoce- nnmc .ban been withheld. W«TC victims of nn 'fjjitojn«i|iHi'' J iM'chlti i iii In Amboy at about SENATOR R008 HERE "Tl "'clock tiu-wlay nlRht. HIM a rwtiilt C~ - Btatc'K SPiHitor HIMW of l''orMt "f which Tettfr and Hull w«-r«- trtkffi t Park, w«« In 'ptorllnR • Wr-ilnpwJay to thn Amboy hrmpit/il. Thi- woman f looking 'over tlm jtavlim work whk'h! lu 'ittK unldjurfd. .wa« takon to her t th« Concluclvp I'uviiiK comiiany of hiH|hotn«.. Th«> accident occtirrcil on onu I' rity In doing, Tin- wimtor nays ho | s i of tlu-main corners of tbf bunlnonH «*fi-. « thu flnanchil bartu-r of tho romi'Utiy h llt " lu Am ' M »V Ull(l ' H h^llt-vi-a to have £ and ho In the man whi» him hppn put-1''«'«'" nin^-ii by tin- HliniK-ry pavement ^ ting up th« money here fvcry pay day, i wliit-b i-unscd the car to »kld and tlnni- * until Ihe payments start on tho work, jb' turn «»v<«r. . T<-< u-r nnd Hull miHtuin- f HP i*abl In" hun-knnvvn tbi- firm tnpm-i." r "''"'I* wound* and i|Uit«> Ht«ven- N*.-'"' I In tin' ad v«'i t Hcmi'iit »t the nMitcr . in Wcdm-i-fday's r!ii/' v lti- Ihf iii-S iH'i'iifnciiilM-ii'wh it'll iiijtiji- (JT»- lvcrtlMfincMt mlslcadlnu.. "Tlii- \A-I- iw Alfiiai'i'" dot « mil »t.itt until T'ri- d:iy nlKlit ami in a in f-i\-t''Hi TOlitH-r Hi«iiMi-i!. Aithnr nicvi-rHttiin 1 . Hoy Twombly and l.innafd Marry and AStwscH Itrrtlia ("h'vcr.stiinf, <«rac»> Ulohl and Kvt'lyn ChlldH and Mrs. J. K. CI«'V«>rHtotHt and won, Alvlri. of Lyndon. attended tin' Kock Kails Corn Carnival Haturday. Women > Are Busy These Days Choosing Garments and the Many Accessories of Dress for Autumn! •*(.-, •y,< ^ & m '& 'tf> $ % W 4fe W # •* ^ * |f The second floor offers irresistible attractions for j& women. The lovely garments, the careful service, are ^ ^ causing many comments of a flattering nature. | New Suits for Women That Are & Different, Distinctive, Charming! Each a Masterstyle Creation. Thi'tv arc sn inniiv (iilTd'cii! style'' that we. cnnnnt '•vi'ii list fijpm hciv except lt> s-iv that v«»u will find t r $>£;£.l^ SPECIAL 1,000 yards £ood quality pink and blue striped Outing Flannel, Saturday only, the yard 8 J2 c. This storeJs showing- an assortment of Fall merchandise that offers a wonderful selection for everyone. Women are coming here in greater numbers than ever "'" " "" £ * jiiifl mu tailorcii nils, and (wills. v<- you \\-ill it) ((»!' V'Lf'Ui' iti.'jkiiij/ WuiiiJ(s\ fiiid 1','iiitn'r I lie cnsf ouier we keep inosl in in'md is Ihe and appreeinte.s ilie liner 'points of tailoring. Suits range in price from $15.00 to $45.00 Goats range in price from $12.0010 $(55TOO A Few Smiles. nro All rl*rht. Hr« alnn nald ht« had j« broki-n tlnimb. given tin- firm a draft to buy a gooa nh«i> they could not and WI.T«» one as thej .* after a «<K!(itid hand one, Ht'nat.or Hoo* did not w«>in to i>«' In the k'a'Ht alnrtn- i>d over thw Slovvjii'HS of tho In Sterling. ' REOI8TRATION There n«em»t to bo ccinnUlenible .QiisUBdjyMttniUoiir .'conrernltiK l ho reg filtration d»y« thlM month. __Tho first t« *re»irl*trutlon ot'curs OftolM'r 7, it bvltiK |>," ju«t four weeka before election. Thi 1 P- JK>|| bortkn nre then ta'c.-keil up near the If » polling placcH and each pemon who fi. lr a voter »hould wee if hiH or her \' • name Is rettlHtred, If not th«y Nhould »• BB* one of -.thw JudKt'H. or appear on • the. next dny of rfKimm^m whh'h IH ^~—October 17. TK«lluJk('H may p""t"<Iow"h s< «H the nan)e« they can think of and tfTiTlB'll ' voto hy nw«mrliyK In II!H votr-. In large oltieii tln-y have another H>-H- tf*m whl«h. will not allow on»» to vote unU'tm hlH.or her naim- 1« t-nten-d on the jwll .hook. PROOF THAT AOSAR^ READ Quito often -'you ' lifinr in-oplc ««mark that. no one rwid« tlu> ' tho ada are read, wen ytvirH after ih«»y, ar« tiriiiiPd i« tflv«n in HIP following: Ahout fifteen yearn a «o The «utomqhllo coinimny n>anti fact u red what, wa« Hion callwl the "curved dash" •runauout. Within the laut your thfiy have two Jn- qulrlt'8 about that nutomobilf. u|- thnUKh that particular far ha« n«Tl ' manufactured lor.- almost .15 Whpn a»lvwilm-nii'iii»t hrlmr in- quirieK yearn after apif'iirlnK 1" print It certainly prove* that they are read. THE-QR'eiollNQ 8TOCK • The appraisers of tho bankrupt iit*M'k uf (fu» Wrttidiitjr huvt? tht'lr work, and a report 1ms. ___ ^JIU^IBJ<NO-W-N J*Y- WARDL_ "(\ a Welb-r. of Mnch«-ll, South. l>a- Uota, who wan thf Inventor of the oat- iTpilb't armored tank being u««'d ny thf British In their attacks on the (JennafiH, Itt well known by many In HterlliiK, n'montr them City Clork Itnrold K. Ward, th« HcitwlB and ituin'y olt'u<r« ' from '•'-.- thlw - locality, who lined to live at .Mitchell. They knew him well when he wan you UK, Mr. drew of such a tank and HUbmttted it tu the British and corrpKponib'ni'e -wan carried on back and forth between him and the Kntf- HH!I pcoplis,.,reHUltiiiff In the inakiiiK of siit'h an armored affair, DEATH IN STEAD OF VISIT. .Shortly ufttar— U* —ami—,Mrn. r. fi- Kmttb. of 'DTxo'ii, sot Tip, t-arly -yetiter- day morning, to prepare-for the arrival III,, wb<» had annoiinccil they would arrive in Ulxou yc.sU-rtlay for a visit, the doctoi* received a iel(>grani announcing the xtidden death of biH father. According' y \w and bis wife left immediately for Anchor to attend the funeral. Tim of bin 'death wa« not announc'ct) in tb«» li>l»»Bram, but a pa»t card re- elyed HiibNequeruIy IndlcatcH that ;i »everi> cut tin the hand- may.^fiyo resulted in death. DIXON WOMAN DIED. . It win be n Mhock to her many-friend* n lon'rn of the death of Mrn. Walter 'rcHton, of pixvin, which occurred ul he hoHpltal. lant night about 10:30 /clock, Mrs, 1'reston gave blrtli to a iniiuMful boy I,ml evt'liitiK, but .sai'l'llleil ler own life. Tho child; la alive and hi» phj'rtlcla'nM mty It IM a very Convincing Hard-Luck Story. "I thought you snld you were going to htivc th $100 you It-nt Jib way, or know ifie reason why?" _ ." I ..* Ut!o ' t ?1 4 "amTT" Wow~ t reason why." : "Wlmt is It?' "Jlbway took me to one side and showed tne by tho tailor's lobe liiflldo ills coat tlmt he >vos wear- lug a suit niado In 1912."' Point In Hla Favor. "We'll have to promoto this young rnan." "He seems to be doing good work." —"Yog. And furthermore, whcft- TurhH up am! ho has to Btay at the oflice hnlf an lumr, latej than us- •ttnlr-I-TiotJce r '1fB r ~rttlPSK*l call"tip tour or five people over the telephone and In a dcHpalrlnj,' voice tell them they will have to go on without hlui." TTTuT.anil will undoubtedly live, .. Mr«, 'reHton'H malde.ii name was Julia ««'iit to U«"> refuree. The a wer<( HallltU'l \Velzel, J. K. I'hllllps, and Mfttt \VHger, There wan not an much Block in the store IIH they ex* —Hw—ft>rH«v«—i invoiced letw than one thouvaiui do) Jan*. They would- coimidfrablo old junk wjjk'h wa« not Bajt-able. It 'Is thought the creditor* will not reul- o very much on tht« l dollar. BLACKSMITH SELLS A. E- Hosier who IIIIM been »>perat- Iriy 11 black »unlih i.Vi»i« on KUHI Third street hn« hiti to J>lH«li)Kt;r, anil Mr, Honer ban retired from the work Mr. Homer hu« been In that one shop for citfltt yearn and lUi«t -i'lui'lt miiith "lor fi great , many yew* longer. Mr. llcnit-r haw ' uecepted tho position .of UuveliriK mlesmun for • the XJngliT ItriHliern fQtt»pttny v '.i'l HUln niakeis of heavy Ittirdware and uuta fnun the Mr. TO NECK.'NOT HURT. llt>»j» had a .Shi- vva« born and H|H'iu her early life on a farm n«ar Dixon. * ' ««»>««•«* KNOCKS TOOTrf OUT. of Mr. and Mr*. W. !<'. Dennett, uf \V««t Seventh Ntri'ct, wan the Victim, of a peculiar accident Tuemlay afternoon. The HttU< nil! carrh'd a paid of milk In each hand and on opening Hie uri-fen JoiTF to- miter Uie Kilclu-u *\w lwt~nW the door, HI§ Specialty. "Haven't- you nny trade ,or profession?" Inquired the kind hidy, it« she {landed .Jhe.- husky hoho ffl_ linnk ^of homegrown ph» nnd a sandwich. "I U8t*?r bp ti intderHtUfiy fi'i* a prt> fcnhlonal boxer, luu'tun," answered the h. h. "ProfeMlonal'hoxeri" echoeJ tho k. 1. -."Yea, tnu'o.tti," be replied. "He was. ft.uudertuker," A Rare Spectacle. ay tlmt.cmupalga fo shertff of thin county in being conducted on a high plane?' "It couldn't hp riipro genteel if the rival CiUUlidtiU'H were Kecking the presidency of u youug ladles' Hcmln- bala.ncti and fell knoi'kinf one of her teeth which wa« a >«ccoiul tooth uut. The Up i-scu|>«d any brulKen, but the gum wun bruUed and Hwollrti .today. " MUCH SMOKE. BUT LITTLE FIRE Sonm vNciienient was caused Wed- n>-sduy afterniMn hy aho Ignition of a large ketile of boiling (ar back ot .McKctmci'ti hard wa ro i» Tamplco which i-jeated a deithe mnuke. and led to 'the belief that u. big fire, wan • in |JioKl**sa. The lar UI>U>K lu-ated f/'»ii) death i»r nertouh injury »»n Tucw- 4ay oftvnioon while at work In a con> , Jihilt hole at th« Wxon Home Telephone 7>5ftoi»pany building, iVoria avenue ami ' Btreet, when the earth eaved in bin), buryinj! him alinunt to hi* n«cK. Fellow workmen rnpiilh duK- him ttnd HMUU' from heniK b found to' bo utihutt, tor ici'tililng roDi., mid tiu> I^UIHC was soon Knt iiiiilei i-ontiol by a number of men sliuvclniK a«h»-n and dill ii|»ou the .kettle. TODAY IN (UtlWoiS HISTORY, i>n iH't ft. 179,'« lc<jii)ul|ili County witb Kaska.->kta ,if> tliu Looking Ahead, "Kow, this the kind f>f I-like, It'a educational." "Why, it's all about u vampire." "Just HO. I may meet a. vumpSro some of these day« and then I'll know Ijow to protect myself," Come In and See trigs Ju»t step into our silk ! goods department tomorrow ii and see the dainty and ex. quisite richness of pure silk at Hi oer$j bat. TKe ncw"Bcli3thg Silks are \\ certainly beautiful enough to | delight every woman. You'll find 5 ' Dress Silks Lining Silks Petticoat Silks All Gwrutet4 in Gift Salitltctoty Wttr When planning a frock, houte, dress or street clothes rcmcm- Ml Silk Fabric* arc -f>wl*H«J~;4» y America's best drwaed women and. that thin it the store that laelU them, Priced- from PER YARD Rugs! Rugs! Rugs! Over Three Hundred-Both Large and Small From Which to Make Your Selections. An assortment of beautiful high-grade rugs tHfy, can not be matched in the Twin Cities. Rugs from the best known mills, in soft, harmonious colorings, rich In their silkiness of textures, unsurpassed for their- beauty ... and durability. Rugs in which you can carry out any color scheme you . ™™ «M H J, an£ i may be pro.cured._in_any^sizcs,deBiredr Brussels Rugs, 9x12 feet .; .. r .... . $20.00 and up Velvet Rugs, 9x12 feet ..... v ........ $21.00 and up Axmiiister Rugs, 9x12 feet ,, ;;..:..-. .$22.50 and up Wilton Rugs, 9x12 feet ................. .$40.00 and up Blankets and Comfortables Tlic «rssnrtnioii( is larjro nnd us <iicr<» luis IMM-M s«^'cm ;nlv ani'<*s snce our "Ml ..nrc in n position to' save you money Ity buying your \\"inter supply iio\v, Wool Blankets, ' priced from . . .$5 to $10 OottoM BlaliketsT u priced from. ,$1 to $2.50 Comfortables, from ..., .$2.95 to $125 Ask to see Dr. Den ton Sleeping Garments Or. Ot'iiion "•jinnwit.s I'oviT body, i'cct, and I;a!i«ls. I'Vi* »n». a part of liic i?anm>nt. liaiuis aro. covi'ivd by ciiJTs 1liat Itirn down nrul close \villi draw string. l'oint» in (jnc j^nulf ^uJ'L-kl.J.i.t.-.ii.Miku.'uUs....Siaea... rjiitu't' from '_' (o 8 yours. Priced at from We to Munsing Underwear Assoftmenls are now complete, Many little differences not to be seen in ordinary underwear. Many different styles to please all tastes. A satisfactory variety of weights. Generously cut extra sizes for the stouter folks. V range* of materials which includes mercerized, lisle, w ool, and silk-and-wool, Prices, quality considered, are exceedingly reasonable, . .- v Children's UnionISuitsr 7 "" r r jirjced from .. ., ....... ,50c to $1.50 Children's Separate Garments, priced from ......; 50c to $3,00 Women's Separate Garments, Clillllt) h«ll. f-'j nl.»\ ilu, Yelluw V\ m Wright i<r X \VfdneMl.n HJ1 l>,nn'i< a i- jKfii'Hti Ot I , Utlt* H»-i t AIK.'II-U.X. ti( ("lucu^if u r m f.uiliilii\\t r .a iit-r«li-« * A I. Hli"in i,i\ 11" ('hii ,*KH > •; I \\V,Jfi- Mi is I'll, ,,ii hii-irit-^s HIT ON HEAD 8Y HAMMER j " l''-Mf..n ..i i'liuj s,. t,,« n •til XVi'lk lillUIU^H »'. ''II Ail-l'l' !(!!• U<>ll«-liv i'H t'UMl., A < { Ij.ii <5iii\< *M-1 tin- iiu-!',.j, ' Mi it •! \li.- I,.! Mitt '.( \\ . Speedy Effect. "Jt'H reintti'kiihle how llijuor loosens iJltjblcs 1 tongue." "Oh, a great many men ar« uffwted tliut wny." tw BST"BihtiU>H~TK»glu*-to get loquacious before the cork Is out." — ttf tSUHh lu the It'P "I ''»•< lit »•! t\ lU" i «l»if*tl jni 1 . t'ttu J(i-« t" '• w , .up Mor'a Qoati Than Sheep. *Th» jm^tor and his flock." "RulhtT H prt-tty 1«U'«, t'h? 1 "Vi's, but whllf our imxtor cull himself u Hhcplu'rd, I ft-ur lie is lu reality A gual-tu-rU." ST0CK 'SALE At tt u C, 0. & Q. Stock '» SatuV- day, October 7 I « ii! -,< II ' . lu , !_..! Ii. h ^\ . " "Til I-, .ll . ! . In." , •,, I ll OLD BOOKS I r N H. S. .Moiul T.iU-8 Ity Maiia' KtlKi'Wui'lh, Phll.t . |S<,">. An KiiBlMii uriter ul i>ha(U''U:r, whose luKikH ns»ut in jjrm-itition ln» fniiiiil in lilt- S, J^. Iibr.trieH. Mlti'hi'UV Tnivi-h'r'M ijuiih' in l'l)itf<1 Ht.tli-rt, 1M5, Kin- u jjrm-i all |X>>M anil 'KU'lH l (5eo«r.i|'hv and AiliiH. He^ramc nfli-r in >s4r) k Uur« WKIS UK t'nitfil \\nrth iM'i-aUlnj; '»f' w«"M i>f (l)t' .MishiS!-i]>('i livvr Just a bJir lmli:ul- terrltoiy MuyijUy in.irKftl witli stii'h i'I'lii.s Jului \vas an iiili'MKi' inltniier uf! Xaj oh'oti, uiiil |>ie|iareil *»i-vei»l vol- tinies :>l«nit liis lu-rii. Ht> ItH'.tureil s'liif iu Stt'illtiK in Wuliiii-n Hail, I.\inan Abbtif. c.luor uf the iiutl««k. Is i be M«'II '<( J.ifib, ami fcitotuiim the S.IUlil." »' |.|U.|I|"II., Here is t\ ti«-;i>.itu' tnr cur friends I u» Nrtie 'IVxianifni Jlcrui inn! iU-llaiufcH JCKUS Hiilli-. '17-.'i. '\\Vtl i.rinli.l in Si i.t. h |MID t, v\ tin (lu .1 »>t •n .t! f •> in l v -'T l'ti!«lt>tn i i li'lii.i I» 11 ( Hi' • 4 i i > i-i a- t in.HI Aiio -.(i»r *t— U mill .! !!• -i Ml Bush Lives a Man'« l.lf«tlm*.* I'ntli-r Mli'li, raMiralili' rnmlllhin.s HP in Hit' viiu-' hiirii'iis, Itjut'lu'ri'i' nilturt' Is to IM- cUisM-il. UN to ilu- ant- of ils> UrNf-lit'iirJut,'. nut \villi llu» sluw- orch.jii, tun \\iili ihu i jii-iii h, <U!h tlii* liiijuir- tiint Uiih-rt'iH-i*. l>o\\»'M>r, thai \\liilt> th«* 'iwitcli tr*'(* n»iuaiiiK In vitiuroiiH fruttitiK coiidltl'in fur cntti{Mr:iif>fl<r f«'w yci»r.s, tlu- lilufln-rry Imsh. vvitji s-uiUiiilf I'l-uhJu,:. luflh full ti» hist u lllHli"s» itfftlllli*, Ul'tl v.Vl'li lntllliT. PEARS! 'u uf I'aiii", (.nminj4 IH.U.V .tt ('•tiu- .il-' i.Iinr- iv* tn M.-U • , ,1 Hi '!,. .1- '«' S '' ">'•..' Ni« V"i, ;• ; \in .1 in i i i i S'. < r, IJi_ V 1 ^ '.12.., L_. 1^ ~l U-"-'--i i-' \v. J s r . ( | i. i ^ 1 ' t , - i, i t ' i , ! ,\ i' i , > i. 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