The Charlotte News from Charlotte, North Carolina on March 12, 1941 · 14
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The Charlotte News from Charlotte, North Carolina · 14

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1941
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11 anompoomm1111011MENSiMMINOMMIMIIIIMIIMO06341mifigKIMOMM mmoommommoomm emme01ftwa11641 dabt EIPM11 MOMMMil 4 A Gus Sonnenberg at first said It looked to him like he W118 being given the business later $aid It was okay that he would as soon beat the Indian as anybody else—he hoped The last time Gus disported at the Armory he seemed on the verge of Wiri over the Black Secret only to lose on a Soul The mat filberts ore still trying to figger out how anyone could be fouled by a flying tackle but Referee Jerk Reeder said that wets the way it a-as and it had to be that way All night the Black Secret had been eluding the old champ's flying tackles by leaping high in the air--and he can jump like a kangaroo—letting Gus go under him But at the last something went wrong and the masked man lay writhing In genuine agony on the mat He hadn't Jumped high enough or something and Ous' head had hit him from Underneath Gus wanted a return bout and it was all right with Brother Crockett The commission gave it's nod But the Black Secret said he wanted nn part of Sonnenberg the second time Them flying tackles hurts don't think they don't So Gus and Promoter Crockett and the commission finally settled with Gus getting another main event shot but with Joe (Little BPAVer the Cherokee bad medicine man of course it was okey with the Indian e'll grapple anybody never haggles over terms lust arunti and signs his little you that 730I3 EteVeykoern in DDIL :Vi Milt 0 By BURKE DAVIS A Pretty Piedmont prEDMONT League President Ralph Daughton all hepped about the way things look is almost wild with enthusiasm rites: 'Everything indicates the old cigarette loop will be the fastest thing in minor league ball this season and we are going to have a banner year in attendance" Part of that sounds good for our Hornets part doesn't Laurence Leonard former Greensboro News sports editor has landed on the copy desk cf the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot having been succeeded recently on the News by ex-Gastontan John Derr Shelley Rolfe once famous one on Chapel Hill's Daily Tar Heel' is setting a fast pace as sports ed of Concord's Tribune has just finished a roundup of football camps for his paper They say George McAfee isn't likely to play North State League baseball because there isn't enough money in sight for him But if he's there at all hell play for Concord Marion Diehl of the Golden Glovers writes that all hands are having a big time in New York anyhow and that he still expects a champion for the Carolinas At the Greater Greensboro Open next week they'll have Joe Kirkwood doing Ai trick shot show for the big crowds That tournament by the way Is exploding advertising all around this year has billboards in this town to draw an even bigger mob They've already had more than the National Open Business like that rakes some folks in Charlotte hungry for a big tournament of our own but nothing's come from several years of planting We Get Letters Before the North-South Carolina Golf Club may have a big exhibition starring four of the pros Clayton Heather Sam Enead Lloyd Mangrum and another will be invited if plans go through North Carolina voted 118 awards for Winter sports this week and on the list were eight Charlotte boys: Walter Lambeth Gene Davant and Charlie Tillett Jr for varsity wrestling: John Robinson John Tillett Jr and Herman Yoos Polo at Camden gets into high gear Sunday with the opening of the Russell Memorial tournament Billed as the South's classic the series will draw the biggest crowds of the season First game sends Mulberry against Camden then the winner takes on team from Princeton University Robert Dowst who has experted for Esquire magazine six years and finished in the money five times picks Whirl-away to win the Kentucky Derby despite his defeats He likes The Big Outcurve because of his breeding thinks that alone might bring him through The Whirler's ancestry ain't to be sneezed at anyhow because four of his family were English Derby winners at Epsom Downs others were: Twenty Grand Cavalcade Challedon So if he don't win breeding ain't what it used to be Tallest basketball team in the world so they say is from West Texas State Teachers College The center of that club is only six-feet-ten — and he's scored 311 points They have one gent Price Brookfield who's scored 416 and have seven who're scored over 100 apiece' four over 250- Coach Al Baggett only six feet four is a midget on the bench That team is tied up in the national intercollegiates at Kansas City this week A New Glamsek Right now it appears that you can go ahead and forget about North Carolina's great George Glamack They've found a new wonder He's young Henkle Lumsden of the JOAM child- ren's home at Lexington During the recent basketball season he scored 430 points in 22 games in the Salisbury Jaycee tournament the other night poked in fifteen points in sixteen minutes of play Some college should be grabbing him Opponents say they have no idea how old he is because they never see his face He stands six-feet-six already The Raleigh Grays a Negro semi-pro baseball team plan a trip through this section April 15-18 want to book games for those dates hereabouts Pete Wild- er 510 Montague Lane Raleigh is manager Prices are falling on Charlotte's Bill Gallon owned by R H Johnston in the Hambletonian to be run Aug 8 Now he's favored at 2-1 with E Roland Harriman's Florimel next a 3-1 UNC's Harry Dunkle was top punter in the nation a year ago rates thirteenth for the late-lamented campaign with an average of 402 yards Jim Lalanne was among leaders on punt returns with a 945 average But so far as the alumni go the record-holders don't look so good when compared with Badin's Joe Austin who caught that touchdown pass against Duke and made the Fall worth living That's the same boy who baked a cake for our Ray Howe a couple of years ago when he was a Shrine All-Star player The only male member of a home economics class he was Crockett Decides To Give Sonnenbertr Back to Indian his safe berause the State Wrestling Commission says thrre must be contracts and all ASHEVILLE CHARLOTTE WINSTONSALEM GREENSBORO DURHAM 3ESMInMer:stent MINIAMISEIMMI PORTSMOUTH NORFOLK RICHIMOND TWO ASHEVILLE Follow Apr 26-27' May 29-3(1-30-31 Aug 19-20-21-22 June 12-3 July 17-18-19-201 Sept 544° Apr 23-23-30 July I3-14-15-16 Sept 2-3-4 May 13-14-15 June 21-22-23 Aug 4-5-6-7 My 1-2-3 June 7-81-3-10 July 21-22-23 May 23-24-25s June 30-July 1-2 Aug 15-16-17I-18 CHARLOTTE NEWS SPORTS If You Can't Beat 'Ern Buy 'Enz Dodgers Recover From Near Shutout With Plan To Buy Torres For Royals Sharon Boys " Gil Admits Qr? Complete - Not Content flare With Bees e 'k 840 Sharon Boys Complete Cage Sweep Mecklenburgera found out last night what the good people of Landis have known all along— and they're eager today to pay honor to the ball club from Sharon which last night hauled the county boys' cage title out of the fire in a colorful 30 seconds For a few minutes it looked like the Sharon' great stretch drive during the third period when they came from behind a 4 to 7 disadvantage to take a le to 7 lead would be wasted as a stubborn Berryhill club evened up the score But with a half-minute remaining in the game and with the crowd making a madhouse of the Matthews gymnasium blond Walter Estridge slipped in a one-handed field goal from the foul line to give the Sharons their 18 to 16 victory It W LS the second consecutive title for the Sharons a great supplement for their victory in the Landis Invitational a week ago and was their first in the Mecklenburg cage history Tight defensive play an the way kept the scoring low put field goals at a premium None was smarter on the defense than Estridge the cat's-paw to pull out the Sharon chestnuts It will be a difficult assignment for officials to pick out five boys for the All-Tournament team It will be Just as hard to name the forwards as the guards Andy Downer for the winners and Carl Eaton for the losers played brilliantly at center ' Downer's six points were high for the night in a game in which individual brilliance was marked off the books in favor of team play Lemonds and Massey the Sharon forwards scored five and three points while Winchester and Hand of the losers tossed in two and one In the consolation game Cornelius romped over a deflated Paw Creek Club 28 to 13 Monday night the Newell team took the girls' title in the county tourney as a follow-up of their semi-final dethronement of the Paw Creek girls The lineups: Sharon WU Berryhill (14) rg pf t g fg pf to o ssevi 1 1 3 3 Handl 0 1 3 1 Lernond t 2 1 2 8 Winchesterf 1 0 0 2 nosvnerc 3 0 1 4 Eatone 2 0 A 4 l'trldceg 1 0 0 3 Dixon11 2014 F! Porter g 1 0 1 2 Person 2 1 1 5 TPorterg 0 0 0 0 Wither1ml 0 0 fl 0 IBrownt 0000 1 Totale 8 2 7 IR Totals 7 2 8 14 Halltime score: Eterrvhill 7: 8harnn 4 Free throws missed: May 2 11 Porter 3 Hand Winchester 3 Eaton Dixon Officials: Smith and Dawson 9 T Sumput A eiv In Slings- hots CHAPEL HILL — tP) — With his left hand still in a sling George Glamack used his right to toss in the basket shots today as the North Carolina White Phantoms made ready for the Eastern basketball playoff March 21-22 at Madison Wis The high scoring center has had an ailing elbow for some time and only last week-end was released from the infirmary He expects to be using his left hand by tomorrow or Friday All fifteen men on the squad are participating in the drills CHARLOTTE April 24-25 July 3-4-4-5 Aug 30-31Sept The June 4-5-8 July ei-7-8-0 Aug 272829 June 1s-2-3 July 10-11-12 Aug 23-2425-28 May 16-17-16 June 24-25-26 Aug 8-9-10-11 May 4-5-6 June 11-12-13 July 24-25-26-27 MRY 19-20-21-23 June 2748-20 Aug 12-13-14 May 10-11-1---11-May 7-8 June 18-19-20 June 14-18-18-17 July 31-Aug 1-2-3 July 28-29-30 Burke Davis Sports Editor 'cl: : Vi' c7i': 'N'k ' a ottill is rd it:s'":' s"::'''°' (4 W:'- 54- --trt --:::"" g ' '4 F::q' AINMO: -4 VLk ' ' ' tii$1A441 — - :r '—::':'-— :- 1k1 1 SHAR1N' THEIR HAPPINESS with a camera are these Sharon winners of the Mecklenburg County basketball tourney at Matthews last night Taken after their 18-16 victory over Berryhill are Andrew Downer Herman Porter and Jim Massey in the back row (left to right) and Walt Estridge Jack Lemonds and Horace Porter in front Eddie Brietz Says: Ted Williams Buries Press Axe NEW YORK—(The Special News Service)—The Phi Hies who'd get first crack may wind up with Van Lingle Mungo via the waiver route Ted Williams called off his feud with Beantown sports writers and gave the scribes the glad hand when he reported Said Child Theodore: "I got myself into a peck of trouble by popping off last season No more of this loose gab for me?' Billy Conn may join the Navy as 1111 athletic instructor tat $9620 a month) his duties would not prevent him from keeping that date with Joe Louis next June It would not surprise the boys at Havana if Larry MacPhall and Bill Terry agreed on a trade involving Dixie Walker and Harry' Danning before the week ends NOTE IN A STATE OF COMA Here's a bit of meticulous reporting in the esteemed Pittsburgh press "Early reports had the coach In serious condition When inquiry was made Irwin (the Coach) Charlotte News Piedmont League Schedule For 1941 Season MINSTON-SALEM GREENSBORO May 26-27-28 July 10-11-12 1-1 Aug 23-24-21-28 Apr 28-23-30 July I3-14-13-18 Sept 2-3-4 news Apr 24-26 May 29-30-Nito 31 July 4 PM Aug 21-22 Aug30-311-Sep1 NI May 1-2-3 June 7-8-9-10 July 21-22-23 May 13-14-15 June 21-22s-23 Aug 4-5-6-7 May 10-11-13 June 18-13-20 July 31-Aug 1-2-3' June 30-July 1-2 Aug 15-16-17-11 Dan roller Ray If WEDNESDAY MARCH 12 1941 replied: am not unconscious'" CAUGHT ON THE FLY Lew Jenkins has become manager trainer and chief adviser of Eddie Carroll Canadian welterweight champ Rnd will unveil him at Baltimore tomorrow night One reason Miami isn't rushing to see the Giant exhibitions is that whereas the Phil lies only charged 55 cents for bleacher pews the Giants are socking the customers $110 Maybe they are that much better than the Phils but you can't prove it They figure Joe Louis' draft number will go up in September The Herald-Tribune is tossing a cocktail party today for Jim Crowley of Fordhem and Steve Owen of the football Giants who'll be the opposing coaches in this year's Eastern All-Star game MORE ABOUT HARMON Here's a Tommy Harmon story you'll like When he returned to the campus from those broadcasts which June 4-54 July 66-7-8-9 Aug 27-2R-29 -MiY-26:21-28— July 17-18-19-200 Sept 5-67I Apr 25-270 May 3(17 PM July 3-4-Nite-5 Aug 19-20 Sopt 1 PM For Milky 4-5-6 - June 11-12-13 July 24-25-26-27 : May 16-17-18s June 24-25-26 Aug 8-9-10-11 Ittey 1-8-9 June 14-15-18-17 July 28-20-30 May 19-20-21-22 June 27-211-2941 Aug 12-13-14 DURHAM PORTSMOUTH May 19-20-21-22-May 7-8-9 June 27-28-29I June 14-15-18-17 Aug 12-13-14 July 28-2940 May 23-24-25' June 30-July IA Aug 15-16-17-18 My 7-8-9 June 14-15-18-17 July 28-29-30 May 10-11-12 June 18-19-20 July 31-Aug 1-2-3 Complete 1 ug 23-24-25 Apr 28-29-3n July 17-18-10-20! Sept 5-87 June 4-July 13'44-15-16 Sept 234 Apr 26-27 July 3-4-4-5 Aug 19-20-21-23 May 12-20-21-22 June 27-2R-21 Aug 12-13-14 May 23-24-25 June 30-July 1-1 Aug 15-10-17-18 Baseball Apr 25-26-2V May 29-30 AM July 4 AM-5 Aug 22-30 Stept lAM June 4-5-8 July 13s-44-1545 Sept 2-3-4 brought him his first real dough be went to the paxtor of the St Mary's Chapel and paid up the Sunday envelopes on svhich he was in arrears When In town Tommy Is a regular usher at 10 o'clock mass SPORTS COCKTAIL In three years under Larry MacPhail at Brooklyn Van Mungo was paid $27500 He won only nine games for each of which the Dodgers paid him $305555 Henny Andrews manager of Patsy Perroni says those Cleveland yarns that Perroni was turned down as an opponent for Joe Louis last year are a bit off key Henny says the only time Perroni was offered a Cleveland bout with Louis was three years ago when Patsy had a bad hand and couldn't accept The New York hockey Americans pay Madison Square Garden $90000 for a season's rental or $4000 a game The Montreal Star has discovered that Colonel Charles A Lindbergh once sold mutuel tickets at the Windsor (Ont) race track NORFOLK May V-5-6 June 11-13-13 July 24-25-26-27s May 10-11112 May 13-14-15 June 18-19-20 June 21-221-23 July 31-Aug 1-2-3 Aug 4-5-8-7 My 15-17-18 June 24-25-25 Aug 8-D-101-11 May 1-2-3 June 7-8-9-10 July 21-22-23 Gates Kimball knocked out of Southern Conference heavyweight title aspirations by Warren Wilson at Columbia last month will try for bigger honors at the National Intercollegiate boxing tournament at Penn State March 27-29 it was learned today by The News Earlier this month it was announced that Red Sanders and Andy Genett would represent the Tar Heels in the tournament but It was not until this morning that Kimball received the go-ahead sign from the athletic council Since Penn State is the alma ma ter of Coach Mike Honman the Carolinas are- eager to make a good shosving They are not yet satisfied that Kimball has reached his collegiate peak His bout with Wilson the second time that the Clemson cadet has taken the title was a one-punch a ffa ir with Wilson finding his pa - tiently wait ed opening in the third round He had back-pedalled for the first two rounds staking his crown on a knockout punch May 27-28 Apr 24-25 -- July 6-6--711 May 20-30-30-31 Aug 28-27-28-29 Aug 30-31-Sep 14 -- Apr 24 May 30 PM-31 Mny 26-27-28 July 3-4 PM July 6-7-8 Aug 10-20-21-31 Aug 28-27-28-29 Srpt 1 PM Coverage Atli: 2R-29-36 — July 17-18-19-20 Sept 5-8-7 Gates Kimball Ill Nationals RICHMOND 4 May 16-17-18' June 24-25-28 Aug 8-0-1V-11 May 1-2-3 June 7-8O-10 July 21-22-23 May 4°5-8 June 11-12-13 July 24-25-26-27e May 13-14-15 June 21-22Ø-23 Aug 4-5-6-7 June 1'1-2-3 July 9-10-1142 Aug 23-24-25 Sundays 0 HAVANA—The Brooklyn Dodgers the club which is lord and master of the Spring baseball circuit shook off yesterday's 9-1 defeat at the hands of the Cubanos and made sheep-eyes today at Gilberto Torres the spindle-legged chunker who dished 'em up a but terfly ball for nine innings So impressed with the five-hit performance and near shut-out were the Brooks that they approached the hawk-faced chunker with the suggestion that he join their Montreal farm Torres told Larry Mac Phial that he hadn't yet signed his contract with the Washington Senators wasn't satisfled with the terms He is scheduled to report to Charlotte N C in the Piedmont League the circuit in which he made the Ali-Star team as a utility man three years in a row MacPhall indicated that he may try to buy the Cuban from the Sens In yesterday's triumph the Cubans rapped fourteen hits off Casey Rachunok and Davis bunched five of them in the second to score six runs off Hugh Casey Curt Davis was touched for the other three runs Torres missed his shutout when Dolph Camilli grabbed hold of a pitch for a home run in the second inning The Cuban team was composed of players picked up from Cuba's leagues It was the Dodgers' second defeat in seven starts SAN ANTONIO Tex—Latest rule in the St Louis Brown's training camp: No horses! Johnny Berardino had tun riding a horse for the benefit of photographers yesterday But when practice started Johnny was hit by a ball which bounced off a clod of a dirt kicked up by the horse Don Heffner suffered a broken nose in a similar accident omillw AVALON Calif--Loo Stringer fancy Los Angeles rookie in tabbed to slick with the Chicago Cube He has been a standout at second ba‘e and appeared a natural at third in a practice game Lou Novikoff and Paul Erickson art the only other rookies certain to make the grade FORT MYERS Fla—Ttal Trosky Cleveland's regular first baseman remained on the bench today to rest a battered thumb while ttli Tribe staged its last regular-yannigan game before thP Mart of a rigid exhibition achPdule Utility Man Oscar Otinie5 tOdt over Trosky's job ST PETERSBURCi Fla-- Bill McKechnie's concern over a shortstop for Cincinnati appeared to lot lessening as the Reds came here today to play the Cardinals lie spiked rumors he's watching the market for a succesaor to Billy Myers because he wasn't quite matiaried with Eddie Joost and Bobby Mattick "J000t is my More on Second Sports Page Hobbit t's Dogs Take Two Prizes STATESVILLE-0)--The Iredell Sportsmen's Club concluded its annual field trials yesterday after an exceptionally good performance by Knowlwoad Carolyn liver and white pointer bitch owned and handled by Price Sherrill of Mooresville The pointer won firsts in the open senior puppy and open Junior stakes Peerless Jane setter bitch owned and handled by L M Babbitt of Winston-Salem won the amateur puppy stake the largest event and Babbitt 's Yankee wan the amateur derby FEATSofFOVIER 4---t FT v- MILLIONt 0-4f111isbt of MIGRATING i 4e EMISONI 4 TRAMPED OUT i44k tio EARLY AMERICA'S - 1 WILDERNESt TRAILS-MANY OF MICK ARE NOW MODERN WICIMWAYS i Essd 111T11 FOR MILEAGE AND DOWER TRY PUTS MUSCLE INY9tM MOTOlt b r ' kr410'43) PHONE Your Want Ads 3-0303 -40- r" '::-:::Pi : -'40:-qZC:i-13''": 4'71'7-H:::11ev''''':'''-'''1::'r":t'''':::'::i2!' 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