The Paris News from Paris, Texas on June 18, 1998 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1998
Page 2
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M 3Hje #ttte-Rd»* Thumlay, June 18, 1998 Gibraltar Hotel to receive renovations The Gibraltar was considered a worthy project by St, Joseph's Hospital board of trustees, a project that meets (he hospital's longstanding reputation for renovating abandoned structures for medical use and community health needs, 'This is really a vision," said /o-Ann Parkman, board chair. "We've always been KO involved with seniors, and we needed u place for I he senior citizens center," she said, A campaign drive initialed in November 1997 for a new PrimeTime Place center generated $500,000. The Gibraltar historic renovation project crowns downtown revi- talizution efforts and the city's establishment as u Graduate Texas Main Street City. The hospital will seek grant funding for historic renovation ideas.-. "Part of the stipulation on getting some of the historical grant money is that we don't change the appearance at all," said Terry Davis, director of community outreach and PrimeTime, Future goals of the Gibraltar, not funded by ihe hospital, include renovating die other five floors into apartments and office space. Investors are needed to develop the rest of the building, Ragan said. As PrimeTime membership grow to 3,300, ihe board considered several options for a facility, "PriweTmie was looking for a place, ll was known that we had to find a place because PrimeTime has outgrown everything in Paris, Texas, to meet in," Mrs. Parkman said. Ragan commended the hospital hoard for initiating renovation of the Gibraltar. "As you stand there and look at that old dilapidated building, it takes a lot of vision and a lot of intestinal fortitude for our board to stand in there and see what can be done to that building," he said. "We really hope that this will be the spark for downtown," Mrs. Parkman said. "I see this as the beginning of transforming the whole downtown area, with the YWCA down there, the pubic library, the park, our beautiful fountain, the peristyle at the park. "It's just going to make that whole area a thing of beauty." Time running out in case of woman's maiming As&ru-Ufari PTMC ».., .. O IPress FORT WORTH — Unless law officers get a last-minute break in a woman's maiming, whoever rammed a boat into the victim's Mike Ramon, a DenUm County deputy .sheriff who has worked full-time on the case since the wreck, has waded through more than 2,000 tips, interviewed liiin- ,.,•.>*•, «„ r L i • 'II .,, '""" *••""" "I'-" 1 ' imiTvieweu mineral"! on Lake Lewisville will go dreds of potential suspects and re ^. _. c , , , , .. . . *enl divers to the lake bottom Ihe statute of limitations twice to search for clues expires today in the case that The victim and others have involved questioning Chicago undergone hypnosis to aid their Bulls star Dennis Rodman and description of the assailant hundreds of others over a three- year investigation. ' Stephanie Booker was left permanently scarred in the collision after midnight on June 18, 1995, in n no-wake zone near Pier 121 Marina. Ms. Booker, now 35, of Carrollton has since had 17 surgeries to receive new lips, teeth. skin and a new nose. (She takes50>pills a day to fight the swelling ancMo kill the pain, which she describes as feeling tike her face is covered with fiie urns, according to her attorney, Larry Rolle. "We've had all types of agencies in the slate of Texas checking out leads for us," Ramon told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "We've tried everything humanly possible to bring a suspect forward, but we've just had no luck." While Ms. Booker was silting with two friends in their boat, a cigarette-style speedboat ran over their craft. The companions, Sabru Scott ami Kim Colvin, were noi seriously injured. But Ms. Booker struggled (u hold pieces of her mangled face together as the speeding boat left. " Among the crowd of about 1,500 people on the lake that night near the marina were Rodman and friends who were using his boat, which resembled (lie one that struck Ms. Booker. Bin their alibis checked out and they were cleared as suspects, Ramon said. Although the case has been on "Unsolved Mysteries" and Texas Rangers have aided the investigation, no arrests were ever made. Under state law, a person must be formally charged within three years of the date of offense for most crimes except those .such as murder and manslaughter. The case prompted a $63 million negligence lawsuit that will probably go to trial this fall. Sen. Jane Nelson, R-FtowerMaund, sponsored legislation tx^&qiiiVe boater safety cyfi's^s.^rM b'TtieP measures on Bboke^Sehalf. : "Stephanie Booker has shown remarkable courage and strength." she said. June 18 PUBLIC LIBRARY Saian. 3 p rn in the t snow, stone-. about iab- Mis. airo ro»s K* maive a. tain slick rVsapro^teis will meet in itis Chilatcnt own iw >icvies ana c-c>i;i;ir>cj acliviiiss Friday, June 19 WUW* PUBLIC LIBRARY S.nvn=t; Reading £;j»lati, :t p m in ihe Saaeiy. Piogiam atou! iiorij. Pupp&l SX>tv. StOfieK ariuf c.faf!!. f '[fcichc^'leis i»«i!i meet in It>p UMiaijari-. uom icx slo- IN THE PARK a'. Evw tv iiiui-AS'.i S*!**;- v-'.v -v*.-:-* -r.Cfeio _>.*-• V. ayc ;>' Fija-v.' znc r ~\t s -*>2". wn, •_>•• : Saturday June 2O CELEBRATION .-; «Ull' " and Dmg-Fres Schools. Eis Mail) and Science. Migrant Education and Goals 2000 Call 737-2000 Tuesday, June 23 PRIMETIME LUNCHEON 11 30 am -I p m ai Love Civic Center Df BcincJel will speak on "Skin Cancel " To make- reservations call 737-3572 PARIS PUBLIC LIBRARY Summer Reatiinrj Safari, 3 p rn m ine Gallery Sioiif:f: hnn ,v,tiviiiec aDoui India l'if;'.r.h')CK-fr , M \\ r , lf . f .t in Crnicirer. 1 '; IV/,rr, \'>\ yrjriofi ana co!^-" PHRC QUEEN/ PRINCE88 CONTEST \y-;^-S ':>: IV 'sM.'.alS,!,^ tGI P : V!5 HCXiS a r ij («•. ••},-.', (,\ ,t, o.j(=f:fi ,-jricl Princess ;•.:••.'->;••.': l\.i-.vy, t f Jurifel'.'i Meeting / ;.• -• v. :•,*; H',ri,- ; f jutj r,,u:lf1ino on '. 5 p< --5' Co^''!/ r&ifyrr>diicl = Wednesday, June 24 MENTAL HEALTH SEMINAR ' ;- "• 'iVfe'j^rT-icJay, June 24. series con.', r'"', '"'"' ''-' t ' J ''- Gr ' l' | [' r 'l&i cJisordcf, "j'-'i'., f ..'j..<z'.j.y.t-. f.pc.ritorcd by |-.-.vx.'.5-.-c.-. ••(,(;., i, -.ttiidy anil hlbcalirjn ' i and Oon STEER VALIDATION State s*ee> va'^at^-ij for FFA and 4-H 3-10 a m Tn-jisiiay. June 25 at North La-ror project barn, Friday, June 26 PARIS PUBLIC LIBRARY S^rr-rxe: Reading Safar;. 3 p.m. in the •3a"e-y. S!o.-;es a.-xl acftvities about !-2 a Ptescnoolers will meet in C-^/dren's Room ie; stories and coloring 3r;v:es Saturday, June 27 AGGIE HULLABALOO ?t'3.~s at D o r- at Bi!i and Kathleen ?•}•<?•, s Ra-cn a'. Ga'fetts Biuff. Cost is 55 cer person Fof more information call ."2-3C94cr 785-73^7 Dressy, elegant knit shirts that will set you apart from the crowd. Cutter & Buck are Mercemed cotton gives these beautifuol shirts the look and feel of silk. Day Mon«Uy, Jurve ALL »TAM» Day ca-rci *> ,-:.>. Ropes Oa' f>w.-4 i PUBLIC fe<Jeral year. 6 p.m. Mc*xte,-. HAKIS fUBLIC LIBRARY ',,•"••• •<=• H.t;:'! r.-j Safan fi f, a, n, id/,. •'<'j -.'; '-', '••:;- fTbiC.hOGtef, W ||| m ,y_.| „, '•.. '•; -.3'fcv , Ho',j(, ',(,, tir.fifcb and r fjionng Thursday, June 25 HAREMYIHQ WORKSHOP PARIS PUBLIC UBRARY ^,,l(,r,,fcf l!taf| ^.aloJI '1 |j f|, (ri Hie (sbilof/ ^.K.fico infl o(,II/ilifta abfjul Hulia (-ftt.r,r,!,',!cfij /,,)1 f|,(;r,l in i.i.iiiiiti.s lv,i,n, »..( iiMida and (.oion MOBILE LIBRARY —f l.o. GAMMONS j— ^ T-i . . ,, ' JclTLoy/Sraff 1 he prestigious Gibraltar Hotel, photo left, in its heyday with seven ctf\r\iir f\t~*r\ "~)r\f\ „„„ T"_ . I I *~\ 11 * . ^ J ' Hospitals must report deaths to organ procurers Associated Press WASHINGTON — The federal government will start requiring hospitals to report every death to local organizations that approach families about organ transplants. The rule announced Wednesday shifts responsibility to identify medically suitable donors from hospitals to the local organ procurement organizations. For the first time, it also requires that people who approach families to request consent have special training in organ donation. Hospitals generally oppose the new rule but must abide by it to continue receiving payments from Medicare. Experts estimate that 12,000 to 15,000 people die each year from whom organs could be used, but there were fewer than 5,500 donors in 1997. A 1996 study found about half the families asked to'donate organs said yes, but. 27 percent of potential donor families never were asked. At the same ..time, 4,000 Can you A lot of people can't. That is where you come in. NIE PARTNERS a part of the Newspaper In Education (NIE) programs of Tfte Paris News'is inviting people like you to make an "investment in literacy" by sponsoring a class in the school or ISO of your choice. If you have no choice your investment will be applied where the need is greatest. Your $125 literacy investment will provide a class with 25 newspapers one day each week for one full term while $220 equips the class with newspapers for both the Fall and Spring semesters. At the end of the 1998 Spring semester, there were 50 classes involved in the NIE Program. Most of those and more will want to participate again but sponsorships are essential - whether individual or corporate Your investment will make a difference. Fill out the coupon and mail it today. YES! Count me as a NIE PARTNER. I wish to participate as follows: ( ) I have enclosed $125 for one semester ( ) I have enclosed $220 for the school year Name. NIE Address. City& State ~~_ .Zip- JPhone. I want my investment to go to the following school or district Please mail to POST OFFICE BOX 1078 • PARIS, TEXAS 75460 Men's Store 27Lamar 785-2113 Hit-. ruses j. r >* ^-x %- ; rrj* •tvi i,'j (,n/jrd(ii for Kids <,l an atje f .*=V |<^'ii<.:|,cjM Will fei ewe a dtu Express YouReifWiSr Wallpaper! large SeRctKHi With •IPatterns Arriving Daily ruts WEH1NO CHANDYS) /F1(M Sat K 9(^.7^2242 COMPUTERS . MiMsap Computers Z4M L, m •" • — —•—^^""•^"••••^^^^^^^^^••^ Announcing a new treatment to reduce the appearance of eellulite without surgery. Phillip 15. Handel, M.IX, is now ottering Kmlermologie, the most ,ulv«u\a-d technology available for reducing the appearance of ccllulite (tatty deposits) from areas of the skin like'the hips, thighs, and buttocks. This treatment is also very effective for improving the color and tone of the skin. . Kndermologie has been extensively proven in l-urope and is now available nuhe United States. It is a .sate, non-surgical therapy ami is conducted in the ottice. The treatment feels like a deep, therapeutic massage. Dr. Handel otters ,i wide range of stale-of-the-art cosmetic skin care treatments including laser skin resurfacing, facia! peels, laser hair removal, and removal of spider leg veins and broken facial capillaries with I'hotoDerm puKed light therapv. rr»\ A i 0 '.:...„_.._. __ _ _^ Approved C O M P LIM E N T A R Y C ON S UL TAT ION YOUR IONSUUAT10N Will iNOlUUt A MIC I INC. WITH Kl.M $Tm>, OUR COSMETIC CONSUUANT, A DEMONSTRATION AND VIDEO OF THE CNDERMOIOGIE TREATMENT PROCRAAt, INFORMATIVE LITERATURE, AND A TREATMENT RECOMMENDATION. Phillip B. Bandel, M.D. Aesthetic LJM.V ,ind Skirt C.m- Center Providing general and cutrnctic tiernintolitgy for over !8 years 911 Umar Ave. • Paris, Texas 75460 • Phone: (903) 785-SK.lN V

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