The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on April 25, 1946 · 12
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 12

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1946
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12-A THE MIAMI HERALD Thursday April 25 1946 Rose Gallo is now dispensing 1-er Torch In Velvet" from Ned Schuyler's Beachcomber Rose recentiv appeared at the now-shuttered Copa Mr and Mrs 'tarry Richman popped into Kitty Davis Saturday cackled trice and presented Kitty with red-and-blue Eater eggs " GLASS BOTTOM BOAT COMRADE taw 110-Passonefr Yacht SEE BEAUTIFUL UNDERSEA MARINE GARDENS AND FLORIDA KEY& SAILS AT 200 P M DAILY rm Sir MacArthur Criusseau Docks Inentod at East Ind et F rst Britian Span Miami Satt Caostwat AI Billtal and Jitneys twit MacArthur Caostway Pass Our Dick Pirrity it Fr Parkin" Fir pfriattort Pima 3-5196 $1500 plus lax FOR THOSE WHO ENJOY DANCING Non-Alcoholic AIR CONDITIONED E'ReElpe Liu 21 COMING Jaycee's 2nd Annual Ifiee0BRONii eatiacus kb 20 ALL FEATURE ACTS —6 NIGHTS — tiara 11 ORANGE BOWL STADIUM On With The MI A kool By GEORGE BOURKE ()hatpin l'autlerille a Review AVE SHOULD caption this one "Murder In a Minor Key"— ' which is taken from the title of a short story by Willis tiBiirItos --there were that many musical miscues at Mr lloovers variety house during the new bilrs first showing We are sure that Paul Haakon's reluctance to give an encore of hi fine interpretive dancing sternmrd from his misfortune with the orchestra Les Rhodes boys found Paul's unfamiliar music just too much for them But with or without complete co-operation from the orchestra liaakon's fine ballet-like steps are a terpschiCOreart treat The appreciative hand he received indicated that the audience felt that W ay too HENRI THERREIN the painter of songs who is- billed as an extra added attraction fared better in the musical department perhaps because his repertory is a familiar one He scored with "The Donkey Serenade" "The Road To Mandalay" and 'Begin the Berritine" andhad to beg off after throwing the show schedule off by five minutes THE MARSHALL Brothers were not only the victims of a couple of musical miscues but found themselves in darkness at another point But they recovered to prove they are troupers of the first water Their ribbing of the crooners and radio plugs is an entertaining bit of stuff and nonsense littRRY PINKt'S convulses with his Cleopatra and the asp routine and his other zany antics are only slightly less rollicking He's a Danny Kate with beef and muscres—ano in fact much of hs rolJino- is a erns betykeen KaNe and that other top funster Red Skelton Ruth Foster assists Pinkus with some nice singing and corned: THE THREE PARKS open the show with a fast-moving bit of acrobalancing 'Cada' Lincoln Miami Capitol - L EAVE the kiddies and the impressionable young folk at home when you see this Rita Hayworth-Glenn Ford sizzler TVs really good pulse-tingling cinema presented in good adult taste but there are sequences from which adolescents might draw the conclusion that all that shimmers is not heavenly light Gi Ida is a cheat and her beloved Glenn certainly wouldn't draw a passing nod from Diogenes In fact they are such a fine pair (bf Fimilarly feathered birds that the tune of "Frankle and Johnny" persisted in ringing in our ears throughout the film We meet Glenn In a South American dive where he has Just cleaned out a bunch of sailors with crooked dice Sinister George Macready saves him from a holdup man and later takes him Into his gambling casino as an aide There he meets Stevan Geray as a philosophic washroom attendant and Joseph Callela a police Ile also eventually meets Macready's beautiful wife—and discovers that she is the one woman in his life But now they hate each other or Fa they believe For three reels you see the pair spar for advantage Gi Ida finally professes her love for Glenn but is spurned But when Macready is believed to have committed suicide in a plane crash Glenn marries her—and then refuses to live with her She seeks solace with other men but Glenn has her shadowed and her nen er—rilverted It's no secret film plays being what they are that love evenrizes from the ashes of their mutual hate It's an absorbing fm w h some sharp dialogue wonderful gowns worn by Miss Ilar nrth and fine all-around production which was incidentally F TIPt-N iSPri 11N' a woman Virginia Van Upp Two song and dance riumhers by 'Miss Hayworth are recommended: "Blame It On Mame" which makes you whistle and "Amado Nlio" which will make you feel notalgic all over Miami After Dark rIIIS department has acquired an uncanny prescience for avoiding the inconvenient On so many occasions have we failed to show up at openings that didn't "open' for one reaz:nn or another that our friends are now convinced that we have a contact with the occult It was nothing occult hut 0 simply a tired feeling that kept from the Carihbn Starlight Little Palm ringsiders this past us ea week end included Johnny D'Au- Patio opening Tuesday night gustine of Rennault Wine and And front all reports we're glad Mario the lad who can take six we stood in bed We hear that pieees Of string and create a nearly a t h sand persons coiffure Kitty tArneul up at a place designed Davis is plan- ring S and equipped to hand a eries of Cuban Mardi le a frac- Gras to he called "A Night In tion of that number Ilavana" July will mark the SAND n OUR EARS: Riptide third straight year for Beth coses it how tomorrow night Challis at Bill Jordan's Bar of s s Unofficially we hear that the mu- Music Asked by a rival op if he s:cians union's refusal to grant woulci renew her contract Bill said "I've got her signed a summer scale was responsible forever" Latest Kitty Da- It carries on as a bar Mike vist Tarzan contest winners were Caldwell is rumored ready to take mer Chez Pare' and do Johnny Tucker of the Sands ho 11 tel Nat Siegel of the Georgian rxtly 'V hat we ye suggesteo a (Mt the center bar hotel and VI nee Massive of Eas e - f lp ton and mak the establishment look loss 1ke a saloon Cesar and IZosita open at the rittitiewk Sat- Si SIGHT-SEEING CRUISES $1 urday The rest of the show NIKKO II AND SUNSET holds on That "professional" vi hours continuous sight-scring show- contest is Slated there for next 001177 141117' la nlittak11ar:1 Beach Weelne!41dV not Sunday as was' To t2) grand trips daily 1:30 and erroneously reported Jerry tierjr-g ro1' and or atscilt:evavciaocgly Basin Hirsch AGVA chief has put his illiayfront Park) seal of-approval on the showcase i Fir R ions Plisse 341118 Idea 7 PARROT JUNGLE THEY FLY FREE! - tl MIL E44 SOUTH ON RED ROAD take S Miami liss—a E 1st at and 1st dse Moonlight Dance '---- CRUISE -- - 48-FOOT IIAN--"SETLIPS" SOUSLE OICK-1110-PASSENOIR Yacht Moonbeam $IMI Plus Tar SAILS MOO P M MICHEL" MacARTHUR CAUSEWAY DOCKS At the East End et First Or Idge Apse On the Miami Side it Causeway JUNGLE CRUISE TO "PIRATIC COVE" INDIAN VILLAGE AND TROPICAL GARDENS 2100 P M DAILY For Reservations Phone 7-0817 THE TRIP BEAUTIFUL A 2ta-Hour ride through the Water-saga and around the 22 islands of Miami Beach- A MUST trip of your vialt to MIAMI BEACH Sailing Five Times Daily $I50 PLUS TAX Reservations Must Be Made In I 1 PS You'll Re Seeing Ft-ankle More Often Brooklyn Tale Sinatra's Next International News Service - HOLLYWOOD Calif—Frank Sinatra kicks off on 'In Brooklyn" co-starring with Kathryn Grayson and be missing but thi-41 is the same setup responsible for yours too I bet) "Anchors Aweigh" Special music is being written0 for Frankie and Kathryn by Sam-day (ye s she sneal my Kahn and Julie Stein and the when her nurse's picture starts In :10 days turned) She is so hap There's one thing bobby- preciative that VOti ari soxers can count on: From here appear on her radio ! on Frankie's pictures will come Harriet Parsons next S much closer together With the she wants You to kno1 exception of "The House I Live so proud of her kid tc In" which was a short he made a lump in your throat l only one film in 1015 That isn't her Mary Pickford Av enough to keep Frankie first in of the guests of hon the hearts of his fanatics This Cinematographers' dinn little -matter will be remedied by starring Sinatra in two and per ' ' haps three movies within the next 1'2 ponths k DENNIS O'KEEFE is usually cast as a playboy or a comedian because he's plenty fast on the dialogue and wisecracks So it's news that he will slow down to a Charles Boyer drawl in the first really romantic role he has ever played on the screen O'Keefe's dramatics go into effect on May 4 when he steps in front of the cameras opposite Hedy LaMarr in "Dishonored Lady" in the role of the young doctor The love scenes are just about burning up the script—and why not?—they were written by Ben Ilecht Rohert Stevenson is directing the Hunt Stromberg production GABRIEL PASCAL peddling some of the George Bernard Shaw properties which he controls? Looks that way—at least Taft Schreiber of the MCA office has gone to England at Pascal's invitation to close a deal for Joseph Bernard and Milton Sperling to purchase at least two of Shaw's stories plus (they hope) the services of Deborah Kerr—the girl who was such a hit in "Vacation From Marriage" The two plays involved are "Arms and the Man" and "The Devil's Disciple" with Pascal stipulating that he will come to Hollywood to direct both stories when they are ready for screening CHATTER: The Crosby kids are raising the roof at the old family manse after reading the roles written in for them in "Welcome Stranger" which Bing and Dixie nixed The sequence called for the kids to go fishing with their old man—and at fishing they are most proficient When Bing still said "No" Gary yipped: "I bet if Bob Hope had-four boys he'd let them-play- in that scene!" This almost floored Pappy—but he stuck to his story The kids Just can't do any more movies EDITH HEAD who usually concentrates on glamour clothes for the Paramount charmers does a right-about-face R nd will run up some snappy aprons and ginghams for Veronica Lake and Arleen 'Whelan in "Ramrod" It's Edith's first fling at frontier fashions HOLLYWOOD SHORTS: Mitch Leiser' wants Marlene Dietrich for 'Golden Earrings" and has cab1o4'het4London about doing the picture Ited-Skelton gave his husband-in-law (or what would you call the man who is married to your ex?) a 16-MM set complete with projection machine and sound for his birthday Ralph Bellamy leaves the east of "State of the Union" In June and is heading back to Hollywood for two movies Personal to Jack Benny: wish you could have heard the grand things Louella Parsons said about you over the telephone to $1 SIGHTSEEING $11 UNCLE SAM 214 hours 40-miN rand Wale cruise The only boat leasing Miami shnwing Venetian Islands Miami Beach Florida Keys Featuring lass-so vie of 16-MILLION-DOLLAR JAMES DEERING ESTATE (original Millionaire's Row) EVERY PAY-10:30 1:30 4 00 P M Como Atli St Entrance Through Park Pier 314 tits Yacht Basin Make Reservations Phone 2-8326 COMBINATION Glass-Bottom Boat AND SIGHT-SEEING FAST DIESEL V ACIIT MERMAID 2 GRAND CRUISES DAILY 1:30 P M — 3:45 P M TO MARINE GARDENS—EL A REVS Pier 9 Bayfront Park Ph 3-7142 MUSA ISLE INDIAN VILLAGE 1700 N W 25111 AVE PH 4-9115 ALLIGATOR WRFSTLING ALLIGATOR FARM Bon and Rare Birds Wishing Well CURIO SHOP Buses 15 and 19 Yacht Seminole Queen or Sightseeing Buses DEEP SEA FISHING STORM KING$275 HALP-PAT TRIPS L at It--11ack 41 12 Tax lac Leaves gat I—Back at NORMA LU-- $325 ALL-DAY TR Mg S:30 A M to 430 P M Tax Ina Balt and Tackle Furniehtml Free Von Keen the Ellett Sa 'line ?rem— FLEETWOOD HOTEL DOCKS Sth St and Alton Rd AC B Phones 14092-5-9081 Owned and Operated by Capt Al Hodges NIKKO SIGHTSEEING CO Ticket Agents for WOFFOND—PANCOACT—ORAT Lin BOATS Mk Street and Collins A Miami limb SOUTH SAT CRUISE A 8-Hotir cruise showing Miami end Miami Bearh Waterfront the famous 1500000000 Deering Latate and the Florida Keys SAILING TWICE DAILY $250 PLUS TAX Advance—Phone 5-7033 or 5-7912 ) teatimes Us "Dangerous Blondes's Evenings $ee ROYAL 11:111 213 11:01 1 I :01 Children lea Servicemen 254 310 S E FIRST STREET "Days at Siory": Air-Cenditiened 12137 3:32 It3S I:31 ONE MISS that Changed a Grim Warrior into a Lover a Pampered Dancer into a Fearless Killer and a Wilderness of Death into a Paradise! "The of "DAYS OF GLORY" The Story or Michty Hatred and a Magnificot Love! Gregory Peck Tamara Toumanova ity Role That Brought Him to Enchoting Star of the the Screen “Ballet Busse" The Mighty linle That Brought Him to the Screen AND Here's a Thrilling All-Star Baffler Chuck Full of Hilarious taff-ter CASE DANGEROUS BLONDES the ALLYN JOSLYN -- EVELYN KEYES -- EDMUND LOWE -- ANITA LOUISE COLOR CARTOON and LATEST NEWS OF THE DAY - - - - day (Yes she sneaked a call when her nurse's back was turned) She is so happy and appreciative that you are going to appear On her radio show with Harriet Parsons next Sunday and she wants 3-ou to know it She's so proud of her kid too you get a lump in your throat listening to her Mary Pickford will be one of the guests of honor at the Cinematographer's' dinner June S By DOROTHY MANNERS FINE entertainment is on tap today in "Kitty" which comes to the Sheridan Paramount and Beach with Paulette Goddard and Ray Mil-land above cmd at Kitty Davis' where Berticct Serrano is back with her dynamic song and dance Errors or omissions in these schedules are entirely the responsibility of the theaters not The Herald BEACH-"Kitty" 200 3:55 5:55 7:53 9:53 BOULEVARD-"Road To Utopia" 2:00 3:55 555 7:55 9:55 BILTMORE-"Her Highness and the Bellboy" 7:20 9:35 CAMEO-"So Goes MY Love" 2:00 4:02 5:54 1:56 9:58 CAPITOL-"Gilda" 12:33 256 5:19 7:42 10:05 CENTER-"Notorious Lone Wolf" 2:05 4:02 5:59 7:58 9:53 CINEMA-"Vacation From Marriage" 2:00 3:50 5:40 7:45 9:55: COLONY-"Nob Hill" 2:15 4:10 6:05 800 9:55 CORAL-"The Dolly Sisters" 2:35 5:05 1:25 9:50 DADE-"State Fair" 2:00 3:55 5:55 7:50 9:50 DRIVE-IN-"Power r tho Whistior" 7:25 10:45: "Incendiary Blonde" 850 EDISON-"Be11s of Rosarlia" 715 10:15 "Naughty Marietta" 9:M ELAGLER-"An Angel Comos To Brooklyn' 2:00 5:29 9:05 Roughly Speaking" 3:25 6:54 10:30 GABLES-"Road To Utopia" 2:00 3:55 5'55 7-50 950 HIALEAH-"Scoiland Yard Investigator"1 7:50 9:50 GROVE- "Shock" 7'45 9:40 LINCOLN-"Oilda" 219 420 630 8:451 11:00 MAYFAIR-"Dragonwyck" 2:00 4:00 6:00 805 10:05 MIAMI-"Gilda" 11:00 1:03 3:06 5:09 7:12 9:15 11:18 OLYMPIA-"Tomorrow Is Forever" 11:30 ! 2:20 5:15 8:05 10:55 Stage Show 1:20 4:15 7:05 10:00 PARAMOUNT-"Kitty" 1200 2:00 4:00 6:00 8:00 10:00 PARKWAY-"Christmas In Connecticut" 7:20 9:23 PLAZA-"Affairs of Susan" 2:30 4:53 7:18 9:39 ROSETTA-"Duffys Tavern ° 2:00 3:59 5:5R 7:57 9:58 ROYAL--"Dangerolim Blondes" 11:10 ! 213 5:09 811 11-01 "Days of Glory"' 12:37 3:32 6:35 9:311 PEOENT-'Story of in 7:30 0:40 11616111IANIALKA Last Nits 645 BARBARA STANWYCK and DEN'IlS MORGAN in "CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT" AL WAY AT 12th h050 a W 706 AY 11 "THE NOTORIOUS LONE WOLF" With GERALD MOHR and JANIS CARTER Staff writer his new M-G-1‘1 contract in "It Happened George Sidney directing Gene Kelly yin my favorite musical of last year (and It looked like the barber shop quartet at the Brown Derby today with Sinatra Dick Haymes Tony Martin and Dick Powell punching there Allan Jones just back from Chicago returns there immediately for two weeks at the Oriental theater June Duprez has herself a wonderful -job with the American Repertoire theater in New York starting in August Her first show is with Eve Le Gal Ilene Film Features Begin REX--"House On 92nd Street" 10:15 12:15 2:10 4710 605 8:00 1000 SHERIDAN---Kitty" 2:00 4:00 COO 8:09 10:00 STATE—"Bandit of Sherwood Forest" 10:59 1:03 304 5:03 7:02 901 11:05 STRAND—"Johnny Angel" 2:00 3:54 5:48 7:42 9:36 SURF—"Dragonwyck" 2:00 4:00 8:00 8700 10700 TIVOLI--"Nob 11111" 2:15 4:10 8:05 7:55 9:55 TOWER—"Mildred Pierce" 2:30 4:50 1:10 9:35 SIGHTSEEING-I RESIDENTIAL ISLANDS WATERFRONT ESTATES Large Doublc-Deck Yacht SEVEN SEAS Daily ? P NT —Suntlava 1:311-4 P M FRF : 8100—PRONE 2-1825 MOONLIGHT CRUISE Wed - Sat - Sun-9 P M FARE: Oc—Service Personnel 55a Pier 8 Barfront Park SHOWBOAT Double Deck Twin Diesel Motors Moonlight Dance Cruise Large Dance Floor Bar Set-ups r Continuous Mosio-&Nightly P M Chamber of Commerce Dock 5th St- Alton Road M R Charter information and reservations Phone 5-3602- t arm $125 Inc Tax SUBSCRIBE TO THE CANCER DRIVE RELAX AT A WOMETCO THEATRE II ag-'J km e§ intsti §lit ft i)r0 4j)lJ 5 END WASH AVE MIAMI BEACH E KAOLIN AI I Vid AVE AT 79th 0 Opening KITTY at the Sheridan Paramount and Beach co-stars Ray Mil land the Academy Award winner and Paulette Goddard The latter is seen in the title role of a yarn which pictures the rise of a waif from rags to riches after Sir Thomas Gainsborough has painted her portrait and exhibited It at the Royal Academy The top supporting roles are played by Patric Knowles Reginald Owen Cecil Kel 'away Constance Collier and Dennis Itoey THE M11111 LITTLE THEATER will present three one-act plays at Wynwood Park community howe for a three-night run beginning tonight The bill will consist of "Fumed Oak" taken from a Noel Coward's "Tonight at 8:30" collection 'Gallant Lady" by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements and "When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet" by Charles George - Direction has been supervised by Doreen O'Neil Curtis Walden Greenwell and Maebelle Smith In the casts will be John Edward Curtis Dorothy Duncan Shirley Ann Forbes Mildred E Brooks Pauline Kern - John Paul Fox Lynn Bailey Rothalee Bosley Ruth Carp Joanne Pease Mary F Fox Elsie Young and Charlotte Bell Night Life THIRD and final preliminary of the Beachcomber Lagoon rumba contest with finals on May 2 is set for tonight Four more couples will be chosen to enter the finals making 12 in all who will vie for the $500 in cash prizes Music for the dancing will be handled by Hal Wayne and his orchestra Preliminary winners so far are Pepe Diaz and Penny November Ted Evans and Elaine Hyman Jose Cantaflo and Adele Sucre Tony Negret and Eileen Brown: Jean and Roy Porto: Ted Reith and Loerna Vara Chris and Sherry and Jose Reyes and Margareta Rodriguez The Miami Little Theatre Presents I neast -plays "Fumed Oak" "Gallant Lady" "When Sk 000000 are's Ladles Meet" Wynweed Park Camemenity Hansa N W Mk $t at 1st Ave Ses 1 ar Al April 25 26 21 at 11130 slam $100 plus tax 05110 wit 55 iPtit w55A so 00ovi 7 OW - "INCENDIARY BLONDE" With Betty Hutton—Arturo do Cordova (In Technicolor) iteoW VOW CAS AND MiC SAAllt t S k4-4 TOOPINilleler) COMIT - "POWER OF THE WHISTLER" E SW N4 11 N 911k AV AT 7' SI El 0SON SHOW STARTS A 1123r2allakkEll 7 lo N ROY ROGERS In "BELLS OF ROSARITA" With "The Sens it ato Pi " "NAUGHTY MARIETTA" NELSON EDDY JEANETTE MAADONALD I Now 'THE itaimg As NT" day I Pf! to insiders at MGM Clark Gables number one stipulation in demanding a new contract IA the privilege of making one picture a 'year for another studio or if he chooses independently Looking over the records I cant help wondering why that particular bee has invaded his bonnet Gall le has been Avith Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for 15 almost unbelievably prosperous years From the very start hossman !Antis It Mayer realized that he Was a hest het and handled his career accordingly The studio gave Clark the best of everything—and everything in MGM's case is plenty for Metro traditionally has been the most expert of all picture companies in the fine art of star-building Gable was given the best stories available Ile was cast opposite the hottest feminine stars and assigned the studio's outstanding directors his publicity needs were given maximum attention The net result certainly leaves him small cause for logical complaint During the 15 Years Clark has been among the top 10 boxoffice stars more than 75 per cent of the time! In keeping with his popularity his salary consistently has been I Ray's managing ler romanceswith a lot of other men! But Kitty's set her tap for the "Oscar" King himself and nothings going to stop her' V- :-011 IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD Cal—Accordingone of tho bizgest paid to any insiders at MGM Clark Gables screen celebrity For Gable In the face of that miler one stipulation in de-record to pine for other employancling a new contract IA the ment st-Pmf stranv! To an outivilege of making one picture a sider at least he resemble‘ a man Nho Nearns to leae tho luxuriona oaorsefs7 jannfoletilipenrciestnitullNio inh safety of an ocean liner for th er the reordA t cant bell) clubiOus security of a lifeboat- ‘11m1 Zinnamie Tidier GIVE TO CONQUELCAN'CER7 idL 4 17 -- ODYIMPVe FA FLACILI ST — A HONE 2-3113 No I III 1 ON THE SCUNI L ' The toys Story That Dontwati snow' On no 'Ilieme I gull Ez IN n E"SeN - Paid Ant 4UN "aak In Robb on Pink " lis gay awl Plairas i abbisrbt by torfor r rh Marshall 1NX Three Parks H os enri Therrien L Rohde and Band 444n TODA Y 3S110 N W I? Av 114 3-21110 eo"-- ON THE SCREEN! -'1011 The toys Story That Will Live With You Forever! CLAUDME COLBERT Orson George Welles Brent TOMORROW Is FOREVER prO4SPOOnOMI06111141111 CINEMA 1 01fi V1 I OPEN 14S LAST DAY! ROBERT 0011AT DEBORAH KEN! "VACATION FROM MARRIAGE" 123S WASH Av OA SC PH SA202 1 BOTH OPEN ItIS It 111111J STARTS TODAY! DING CROSBY BOB HOPE DOROTHY LAMOUR "ROAD TO UTOPIA" t00 Mt OW001 GABLE4'M 2112 PONCE eito LEON Blvd PH 4-11:21 BOULEVARD COLONV ettetortc I OPENS Ig4S LAST DAVI DANA ANDREWS JEANNE CRAIN "STATE FAIR"' ' In Teennttolat pie P we PS UM'S Iv DADE LAST DAY! 1457 N W 36111 SC' Pa 7-4161 REGENT LAST OAT! BURGESS MEREDITH ROBERT MITCHUM OPENS 7:111 "STORY OF G pE" OPEN II:45 TODAY ONLY! WILLIAM EYTNi LLOYD NOLAN "The House on 92nd St" 207 I- 14A GLIM St P14--IT-4 IVOLI Co 11:141aL1 NOIN OPEN 1:45 LIAM TODAY ONLY GEORGE RAFT JOAN BENNETT "NOB HILL SLUr LLU rwiam Ur 10S UNCOLN SCH PH 6-20)2 744 W FLACrilit St Pk 231112 ILinc 1-11) 411111k0080110001104 55s LINCOLN ROAD MIAmi REACH OPEN 1145 r() I "Mkt' opus Moog b EAST ILAGLEA 3od OPEN 1045 Late Show 11 pm EL N NIAMI AVE m 31 OPEN 1145 :::: ti 4 Ecsit-A m Ea trITER "THE NO' LONE 1 With GERA and JANIS I WASH AVE-N 15th MAUI BEACH OPEN 1145 A Small Town Girl With Big Time Ideas 'ARKW111 N 70 7-- - - 7 t" With the fancy firefighters the Brooklyn Blades II C111 1 I Irta loy Von Ameche - rioa 1 k"1" MAYFA IR CONOI ItIOMILD HiSCAYNE BL0 m 16o OPEN 1145 CAMP P' a 221 - HiiI LACA X N OWER OPEN 1145 Joan Crawford I Nor Academy Award Winning Nolo "Mildred Pierce' NIMEEmi S W Stk ST AT ISth I I) IOU 111ACIal L9N Glenn STATE Rostulqi AIN CONOMIONED N I 1 ORT APØ irsr r FORD i I "SHOCK A VIM VINCENT PRICE add LYNN MARI 001111 121111241 OPEN 1145 JOAN FONTAINE GEO BRENT-OEMS O'KEEFE "Affairs Of Susan" WI OPEN 1145 OPEN s411 CORNELL lArILDE ANITA LOUISE—Tochnleolor "BANDIT OF SHERWOOD FOREST" BILIM0RE Lest Nits SM HEDY LAMARR "HER HIGHNESS AND THE BELLBOY" With ROBERT WALKER 40th AT t 2nd ANTI G RTOVe DCOW0r6MV ellinemeo Last Nit eves The Case et the Murdering Doctor 61111 kl211114 Last Day 145 GEORGE RAFT and SIGNE NASSO "Johnny Angel OS 3033N W 7th AVE 't1Duffyis Tavern COO CROW-BETTY NUTTOW PAULETTE 0000ARO--ALAR LAOO Donmy LAMOUR i FiTtlt A Girtiv -Ai -ifititislotAGIE lo " a6" 4 ROUGHLY SKOOG" wtik SOSILIND SUSSILL ACK ORSON "MI MIGEL COMES TO BOOOILTII" wit viat Was NostRI Dula ------- "Mt Iti01151111 E 41 O" 0 ART TODA1 milliratile ONOITIONED :S my from the daring novel about - that notorious beauty who made a career out of love! CQ 5 MI5 ) ID 412 all CONDITIONED 14 1:411 Oil 4 IP OUR No- 1 ENEMY STARTS TOMORROW! "ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF MI" dZ 0 THE ACTION ta k en Ix- tha Nintinn Pictu re Asociatinn ef America (the Erie lehnonn office) in summoning llovkard Hughes to appear hefore it!-- director and 1- fend himself against charges that he has violated the azsociation "rules of good taste- in advertising "The Outlaw" k encourazinz Whether Hughes be acquitted or found guilty a-- charged thp most responsible group in thp motion picture industry has at least do-211 on s t rat ed a proper concern about the growing trend toward "sexsationalism" Its a lead pipe c:nch that this trend must be stopped unless movies are to become a ee- basing influence in American life instead of the contribution to good citizenship that they should be It will be much healthier for the industry to apply the brakes cf its own volition than it will be if public indignation is left to do the job OPENS It4S OPEN OAS III 11 lo Technicolor STARTS TODAY! SETT! 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