Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1916
Page 6
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STAR OF MOVIES K YOUR ROGER iCK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE ROCK FALLS. ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 0, J01G _- __ _ ; ODD FELLOWS MET INT-TEACHER Holdi First Meeting This ROCK FALLS BRIEFS I'il" on the hit of Hurry • Meeting Held Last Evening—Election Edith Storey. wonvwn for E. II. Solhorn In his film prps to tin* Kin p." ii «f "An Knciuy jtr»t meeting uf !!,!•' ' -I,,I,,.I. r-r tfK- >,„, I.M. u- In-lit tu lh" i.:'-K •-. !•.«. lity fl Htifte'. < li ! ti. ilt 7.1." , •' ' oi.niiiti' ou« '<>rnl'U«tion, The *t raw Th«- 1- " » I'. h«-M a. meeimir last nil.. ticliMiu-'-il !•> the (Yhtrnl I!ox Hoard evening in lln-ir h.xll The f|,.ti|..n of ; Wii ^ m , lh() ,.;„;;.,,.,,,„,,. ,, r „ ,„„,„ -..-m..,,. : .,,.u ,,,,,, .,,,,5 w^ .-,,. f..iio«-« : , ( , |,,f,,,,. t) ,. tin- w.trf 1>\H out t>y tin- N'>i'i- >:i-ti>.J l';»5il M«-.MI(5«t"i . !i!< ili !' iPMIK'ht V'j-" M!:iln.l I'.'r llt'.xt '('' i|i)>itli: . l'i,i\'iu Mciiirn; .-it tin- Ah-tlmJist : lii'i'ftHMu M-i-ri'tiii \ .-)-*. ,1. r/<;ri;f. . th'!! Ji V.HI I-.' !»'-!•( -t« tifiial ttiiT'TTT-Ti ...... I'i-ilii.i iT«ji."i('\ t'utii'l in.i.-itei llaciv lunlty tlllU. "Y«at':« I'lL-p'tr.. ~J're,«. Canilin il UtJk, "H' hiinl I..IWN ,,,(Wry Method, of Today -. M..-M ;,. Will|,la,ii, and Hin-tihie »ynterrl of twic.hlMBr. CUM- If the prew-iM with tie- of trtielriK the ehild's _and hear »^'w your e.hild "the eat sal uti > cl;:t»'i:<\ Meptity t-'rand marshal -• i: )'• Tra<-h i'ft today for n l.iiclne.-» ' Kreetnan. . ,, i>*L' !!i|i t" Si:-"..;nii. South Pak»l:i. Oi.'Hiif \v;tlil«-ll fitly Kelley. ! \\illiani i;«<>n;i' returned honir- Ilii*! After (he l>u«lne?iH |.nt <i( the nnet- ' iiii'f.i.lsiL' from i! lio,w',iieR!-i trip In I.aibi,' Ini: tbe time wan ,«pent so.-hilly and tl.-firv Ke'S't)ci« nf Viunett, i;i .; I •• * refi'i-whiriMitii were- '-rrvtnl. -, j*it;iu; at ih«' home of Mr. iind MIK. ••-•—Frank Uglier. | TWA NEW HOMES ;• .f,,'iii T.'-i bone an.l family left today' JL TT V/ iTtUYT IIV/ITIUO rli'.i iu !• ' T.n! Jt!op"-iM moving tui!u> Ate to Be Erected in the Near FuiiiML tnso hi.H new hoiiie mi IHson avenue. \ n Jhi* City. i!!eiiM l!io.,ks nf V'«rkl>'iwn was heic ! '-,•<••• :<-id.iv on liiiyiheHM. J "- '•• H-m''heH Kt.irtV.J today to kli-.and Mrc. .1. K. Ilyan of |.'ree- ^on ak wrotind for the foi.mhif ton of a i,.,n |v i.Vr,, sisitins; at the home of "-w b-me t,, I,,, i.nilt in the Xlnm nd- Mr -UI.I Mi- 'i't"t.'i . < -t4-|>hen.HO!! '• 'dliiori mi A'.t-iiM 1 ' Is Ar.d aw I'oon a»t .MIH i*. KsMf \?eHt <., .liiplyn yew-- Ur "- l-"<-'ao <iio,>'»t m»>n r.. ,w»»rk he «TH.'|-< Uliit-K;* of her father. -.. ftreet. . The Utissd NviHhl»or>4 will JHfVt Krl-; lay <vtiiiir: :>i 7:.'HI In the \Vnodrn.iit'; FKOM THJK WEST Health and Beauty Hints, .Swinging Indian clubs will fatten the neck hy developing It. Glycerin or benzoin, a fexv drops of tho latter to the uater, inakeH H pleas- nut astringent for t>olh n throat gurgle und mouth If you nre troubled iyith Innomnla try driuklux n tcluss of hot milk lifter gettlrtK Into hed. Sip it very slowly itntl us hot its ,posslhle. Koine people llk« a pSueh of Mttptr or suit In It. Hot milk IHIH a KouihlMK effect on the "jvttett*trrtiv-e of all iiii«-rej<tei is IK di-nin-d, w fie- In i;»', <«i !illdit-n Htten.ttmi :.. h...o| ,,r no- ^^ ,..,, ;)|j „„.„„„.,..,. ,,,,. nr( . t ,,, ,„ ,;. you to". belj» " s dcnion?)trau fff "method" 'of I'.itiiu; a tbin«h" . j( ( (| . '' VISITING SfSTER ..and Mrs. Lo Bree Vttiiinp • From Clfehalftr Wash. Visiting Here at Arthur Palmer Home, ^_. ____.. 1'abner tirrlvrd here TIIO.S- Oivcn Cha», Whcelock' |«t Hi* Home in Huttie. u< party Alrn, ^: ^j'"'' • «•••• M"")'H"K H.e week i M,< } ,,,>». «»r Mtvuiid MI-H. .l«hn M is* W4>ek s H \ IcIt'wM.h Mr. rind SlrK, Arthur irt \ (fill here . l.e Uree. of |, |>|l|m ,. Pi . Arfi r r ' ',,,,,. I. I. Uree and 'Mr*. ^sUV llttllle . w , lOM1 „,,„• W|U M;(V ,„„„ ,,, <v ,. nl|lllt , ,. tin . .„ , ., fl , r ,,„ ,, xu ,, tll ,,,, V!H ,, ; were cerv »JrMr». Amanda PftHitvi-.n. Mr.'. Vtp. itl'ttninijii and family, i MJ Clyde l>.'!i!.^«.'!i. ami f':,n', - : Hiittle j-ienwM.M M,,) f.-.mily. *„ • Mr«. <?lar« t:i.e tl:i.'.il|-a.pj> ami AT, and AI'iH, \V.i!Mir \,m 1'i : t,-.Mr, anil Mr*.. .K t.rl | ^ ,••„•] atf- -sissers iH)d ItftV'e not f>f _ „_„__ ^:.Mcilli!iiAL_x^l i _i i i^^ Krin«irafe".%ir:iT,T Mr>. I.- I'.ree it re on their way I AuXILlAK I Mfc(l Th'<!">» pre; • ''<ii::i. ff'im a \ i*-!r in 'Xevy \*ork. ' * *.~~^.' I Tho Social Auxiliary Meeting Hold | Wednesday Afternoon. •- Thrcs. Loads Motor to tho 1 Caves j The S^-ial Auxiliary,of the Metb- jotils! ebon II Ill-Id their 'regular meel- yi'stentuy ;j(-(ei no<iii ii\ ilu' i hun h AUTO TRIP ii T j • - "it. CirroH Today, eii, M'rH. ' Phna. ' * Mr. GRADES |» Relieved by Addition of Two'* 5 ;' 1 ' More Rooms. . ! 'lM«l.:, 1 iA-U-j--^iuU-^——i.-:-.-'- -a»«'a.-j4t--'4»*. ''"' i: - • [ !-:tjt:-". ! ;; -niti- Mr. and Mrs, U. 10. fyj; - -,\.J.,|-T-T-- T"ni-fnTmnv""^tT;'Jirit7"7rrsr'F.'J HC* iii »-r;,.. ,/-,,,! f,,m>i,. iiinluri'il to t«h«* from ilu i.l Q-L i;. i '..;i-i. II tudiiy, where they ,JAK>, FRANK VERY (LOW. • . : ;•; ' "i i'!n •". '"liiltU received, word this t'r. ::i Jii" liiiVliaiid Unit Jake" to the rrnwdril' condition .of Hfr-ofrllin -Rrn-de "se.hoor tin^'rented H room ii.» the i'i,u*- 5- t .- i2 ;i;..\,,is-\vry lov,-.' They are think- tch und \vlll HMti nsi'room nino. -.j^j „(' ; (;:iu\ ini: him. to a hospital, in biiildbm'. »-Two. tn'V v -'1)i-n'. i v v.'iii'i • hetter • medb-al alien- a« Htmn JIM pns= - , ;!,.,•! f. - ;i !« ":iv« n bifn, * li-a« in ;• 'i.f (•)!• '- ..,_ Srnde fit the Thome .^i h«>«L has yiSH l.'.'lV AT R, L. STEPHENSON'S. 'hW^pOKflloU -as »ibe inteiiiJ;' ,',;,. : n-\ ''Mrs .Tom 'SUiphenHOri. MISSIONARY SOCIETY. . The W, F. M. jioi-iety will liu'ld n I'Yidny !ifteniiK>n at i:S(\ o'clo- I; ;it the liotue of .Mis, \V. H; Klil- lliioiK. A fiood inoKfiim Inns hecn ar- rnni;eil, .so all members are u('£eU to be present. ' Liquid vtts«llne may be employed on the wnlp or tonle eynt-alnlng oil and other stlinulatttif; Ingredients. For thlfl purpose Use it' drop stopper and apply directly to the ; sculp, not to the hnlr, In this way tho sklu quickly absorbs tho moisture, leaving the hair free. A Hkln bleach IH made from one pint of dlsttHwl water, two drnrns of 'trlplw iimnuler witter, one dram of iH>vvdered Special Prices w. -- at Thompson's Owing t« the fact that our windows are notrypt" completed and being unable'to display our line, we are makirfg: a special inducement to have you call and inspect our-stock. Ladies' all Black Kid Boot, 8 V 2 inch top, special $4.50 Ladies' Patent, Ivory Top, 8*2 inch top, special $6.00 Ladies' Tan, White Wash Kid,-8% in. top, special MM _ Ladies' Patent, White Wash Kid, 8 f / 2 in. top, x special $6.00 Ladies' all White, Wash Kid, "SVt in. top, special $6.00 . A comparative saving on Men's and Boys' Shoes FIRST AVENUE ROCK FALLS f PROPHETSTOWN NEWS >:ar,<l is ? hty. Mr. \ ' visitor ( In hi-- wife rind it 111,. this week Tues- SELLS ONE OF HIS FARMS, Mr*,A, 1". Ifnn*on frc'i-ntlv -old nn eights- nefe farm \vhlrh be owned and which waM well l!rl|iroved ' tec-i'lviiu; th'icf^ie $I'J.onij. It wax thi- horm \i\;i~ --«--'nnd wm.'i well worth the monex. He ha•< a .uff'itml faun <j| i'<,''i arrec which !« not fit well Improved and the i|iiiill!y of the jaiul IH juit *o KOI^I, *. Mr. ll;tn"on in nn<!<-ei<l< d what In- will I larl do fur tlH' future, not helm: willing to'and tf\\-». op work altogether. II. 1C. llan- wm imuttlit .<!>" home faun and. will false .-non Ml, ll;tn- can vacate. to Tout. iin« on I'hil l>avie«, who a fdiort linn ii'.'-e underwent an operation for Internal trouble wi> are informed I." do- in^T "nii-'-lv and with fine pronpeets of ultimate ffeovery and restoration to health. < ike ''rahtree, propi k'1or of—(be Model I'.iki-ty with hiN family are hark ff.'iH - n I wo wj-rkK 1 trip in v»irVnis of Iowa iil.xn In \VHron«in, Mr Mix. c'rahtree enjoyed their tr|p and tbey r-oiiii' home ft-ady for another !»b-fce of work. liloyd Hash, of Mar«hnlltown, town, returned home Tuwlfty evening after Get^the Habit of Drinking Hot Water Before Breakfast 8«y« wo can't look or feel right v wlth the fyitem full of polioni. a r.>iii riKJii r«-iurh«>d fay ni«ht tJi (In- Mn.l of Man.le from Mr*. VuiiKhan, of California, rt nMter l'ro|ili«'tnt«nvn Mon-'of Mr«, .l-t«»nry 8ti>witrt. who I'rophMfltown bnnd tind father. K. rollerftt'ow«r-wht»{unf^ In the Sn r vvart 7tonreT hill I'll' 1 !! JL»bi-i'lnK. a hme hund joirlni," j x( , u ^,, r (l , j,,,,..(„,„,„ IIH. nrc. Dr. Itrowii for nr-yen . ^ Vrinirhnn W,«kfi of her nbxtiice-wiiH routine,! in;^ '^ ^.^ it liofpital drochloric tU'id. ThJs is strong and sdioUld be itilxod hy a chetniHt; To «»«. the Hkln Is wet with It morning and night, tho liquid drying In. One-Third of Indians Left. : Dctnllt'il sludlt^s by Jnntes Sloonoy of tho bureiiU of Anjerlcun lend to the couelustou Tluit t he Indluii population of America, north of Mexico, at the period of the earliest white settlement, was about 1,140,000, of whom fioont 800,000 were within tho present .limits of tho United States. Air. Mooney estimates, tJ|atJ,bUi iiutu- twi>- -tm* ber Juts hewi reduce tl whlto iiiuu.- Will tnean !l for ,thtt. .grades. U very huni to Jn tins year. v;U':i. 111. are here viniltriK <'t ut their son, H. L. 'Stephen . w *' I'hi-fiHon Is' 90 yen rn old ;«nd N• ;*« iy nn ii man (if CO.. ^OPERATION Popular Idea Called Myth. • » i - •• . Thy popular notion tlwt stars can be seen in daylight from the bottom of u deep well, mini' shnft or i-hrmitey, 'bc'Uovcd to have bt<t>n first held by , ArJetoUe, Is .le.-buvd to bo u myth by . ; This n^kes n closing that will a writer lu tho Journal of thoJl'rJUsli 1 ««l !»»*, nnd newla «hout half Astrononih'«1 (maval of Tontili Adenoids RPRA.NS ANKLE I ««»«»»»»"«. «—»•„»,».,. .»,«: *.».» » tllft W"*** ***™** ™* ^ 5r? \mi.mla U^C*a«i^ U ^Jii'il os l? llf ' ro l""" 1 '"!^ ^ »• | ^^^^^^^SS!^' Tiu^MerHII' poi-k Tb«{«"»'» »'«>'»* mitler* "~ " T7T " -^«""*« » •»-*" .Tlio I I) InvMblo" ; on Athleen Bracken. '-it,kit. ifstillitiK : in-a had ijf'tlr'^kon jiiftimiti.'-d to- ' - OTIJ'Tll'C! Col' Hi«' H'tno\nl of her IJllVlllO oiish tho-Men-Ill park win- ""»'» •«*" »«-«"."•«« ••«- f»««" «»»«"•»•«" ;, -- •--. - .• <f f n hole whieb turned bur -In.the daytime ,,nd there I, no re«i«,m ;| ^Itt ttat •mIDf rtrtc* C11 ; IB her hom^ «ml t«« te- ii; to Mr. «nd Mia. Arthur j -why thin itlnro Hlioiild he sensibly dl iiilnished by u well, mine shaft or chimney, he sitvys. Stars and planets euu b« tp HOMO extent through u telo- IrrrtiiintnTttglTC hitter tiro inuelr lan« visible then tltutt the fbrruor," Vontw and Slereury, Jimv- ever, uro hotter observed In daylight ^ 4n-0« "Red und to 'solcH't it i>ji|><»r- lor your room thai 'O-ti- It's -bolter to liavo waif paper s ov<«r our Jinou-iK*' 1 HtoHt nf ian II-UII-I-H.. let UM dUiday'lt for iw tt'lKuit the Vuutn and how it Is .IlKhU-U and with our ««."* 1 you w(ll'»iurt<lv iln<l the i'a|»er flint ,v«»o want vi«hr h«>re In »ti«-K, j" •-''•• " '• •. . .\yhellu>f yOu WJUM ti» buy now or .Inter, *iS U |>U«£i»orts ; -|o H!HUV oui' tnasjuitlcelit 'line uf wall i>aivvs' ami we to *.'ce it. •••••• ORUftCJJST KOCK FALLS rii are »een mueh more easily iu daylight than white ones, » Don't Suffer From Piles .The Plaited Skirt. ^.Philted skirts often give trouble 1 "witir the buck closing. To ke(»p II from pnrtlug, do not ! '•' open It In (he center back seiun 'i- If you lutv« mi inverted or box '<• plait, btft -have-tho. skirt ready ' for the btrnU, till senms stitched. ; i rind pin tho plnlts In carefully, ; ' Thep shihh down on the rlRht In- ; ! croiw of the centor plait. ; can b» stltehed to position »t the oxtreuio edge on the under sldo. Thte is u good method for all cotton aud other wash'nhlo pleasure of IHIS-j in I'rophMfltown several months, s-'H'-jiiiS.-1-1" -the morning,--drink «'V«'tiltm. [-h.".t;:wrii_tvr. .with a teaK; was Arrompnniefl aft j . where «he underwent .•Ml 1 ". 1 ;."" -»oon Iowa where the tw*. j .,„,..„.„.. for Roller whleh it Id thought'will he jrne.vt* ln the home of pr*j. p.: will i>rove the makbiK of ht r return to' K. find Almlnn .Stewart for a few dnj'H ; health and wtrenKth; » ! wbe« Mr.«. Vauyhan will re«dime her j • ' I journey to the western ."tate of Heen- ,PROPHETSTOWN BRIEFS, j-ry nnd" K .ild. j in llinit-k paid (-'hioa^u a huflnef.H | j.'red <*4ir»,-tenm«n wa-i n thin week, John I-* a man Vvhoj ,-.-H In keeping, rhilii up to tin mark in pniKros.s, . Mrs J. M, fiJiue wa< out from t'hl- , , r,M7r,^a l ^H l 2^ul"V •"" her i ?.,;:,>;" in ;s.«,., .«,• H,W.« •..u,,!!^",!--. 1 ; 9 - ^-.^^ ^^ *«>»• f ' folkw Imtbe internally of InndinK their f^J'steni wltft ilrue*. "Wlint'H nn Innbb- l>ntb?" yon fay. Well, it JH Ktiaritnleod to perform rtilntch>H If you could believe thej4*> hot wnter en!bn.«lnKt». There are %-aHt nilinbefs of men (ind worni-n who. Immediately njioti of , of. lime. stone pbo.ophnte In It. Tbl« IH n very pxrelh tit lietilth m«i«ttre. It i« in- femjed to tlu«b the utomnclv, liver, kid- •ney»« and the thirty feet of inteHtinert of the previous day's wnxte, Hour bib- and indlcostiljle material left over Hi tin* body wlUeli If.not etlrnlnnted every day, become food for the millions .of (httslneKH -on ,,»'neterln whleh Infest tho bowels, the »n thir- ! anick 1 r»-.-.ult ^l« pobtonH nnd toxliiH • ........ •""( wbli-h are inert nbmirbed Into tbn |ili»xl after m-ver;»r weekn ! '' aUH ' M K Ueadaelie, ItfllotiH iittiiekN. foul \\VdneHdiiy.hiornlnjr jn'unt. He returned iJritiffbler. Mrs. Halpb AntU-rHon. Mrn. jU>w«. returned home Wednend* rrr—i r rn)itieT»rfiwn:~Ttr«— at IportH a plej««nm trip and sojourn. IraRri. n , u ,, v . A _ |.;;..ij| r j r h o f the M. K, rl " f 'af Wi<> work In whleh Khe | t « Mr.Ht, l.uflle Thorinif*, ,of t'l iiU'cn,.<»f MrH, .K, I'*, iSelbert. pl.ace has lieeli oonlined to 11 for Mi'venil 'weekK itml ln'tiow abb ••••., , , ,.,,., ,., h- ul bom... She ha« many frieii'dN in j 11 "* >'«'"rly conference of tbe |{oek Hiv- tbiH place who will he «UuL to. «et t bister aswmbly. Hev. Mr. flrlcb wjll im Idonhtjdly t»e returned'to tbl.s' 1 he I44lift- ri«humii"ii'""' * : borcb ;• to Ev'ftn«loi». Tit!, \Ved- mornlnii where- he will attend ble. kidney misery, nIw»pleHMnp»<x, I'eojijp who feel good one day and badly tlu> next,-but'^vh'o-ftlmply «i.n not K et : recttnarrrtjrh t *n> ' i irsed t • • obtain a quarter IHHHHI of- Jimt'«tone . ln«l wnik nn biihlnwitn. The cbirtor m»- in tiiHn-'whn "ntltHVH ffiVOiiijj' to with..hlH rbuivb diiticK. Kdjrar Itortee nnd Htiri, Hnimr-r, Uev. H. I!. Mitehell. wife and baby., . .. . . _ .- k v , wore pat«.senK«rH for Kvnn«ton, 111., Mon- "'•"> ^.r*?-.,.«•„.£• >wk#y. (tntl day inorntitK tfomlnK yenr their 'home. cbell will uttend the there to 'make tbe Itev,' Mit- phoyphiiie ,.|t tin. drug fit ore. will COM very littlo but IH xuffieient JM ( , a -j,*t<f*ttinkf nnywne a real-crank on the ]Q!t»Jfrt of Mffrtmr imnltatfl&i Junt as soap nnd hot witter act on the nkiri. clennwinK, HweetenitiK arid hot water act on the" Stomlu'V. liver. kklneyM and bowels. Il lit vn«tly moru Mix.x 'Siildreti"*were In Clinton; to'wlf. Tu(,-sd!iy, goliiK l».v ftuto, rctuvnln^ borne j important to on tbu biNldn than In the evetiitiK. ' I"" the outwide. bccnuKe tbo Hhln piiren University where be-*»xp««ftK to better prepare hlmnelf.for the work of preneh- ini; the gospel. He IIHH lieen al Leon for.'tbe pax t two yearn. _ jrl Mrs", llrt.try •HedgeH;and. jion "Svmi *Mi; : 7thd ""Mi ; t?.»" lienry""WidlTr an<i Hl«VerftT day¥ _ I'ro- >f, /nieMtri In tin:.borne of >Trx. Anna 'Heardfley nnd daughter, "MiM Kmnja. They mine arronw the country by unto,-from t'ediir ItiipblH, Iowa. ;jAfr«. Corbin nnd -non, of Aurora, lib; iTTter MpendbiB several dnyw In the home of. her «JOH, Jatnen Ifowery: und Tamily, returned borne TueHilay. l-;iTie Merrill, of KHIIWIM «'ity. i, Is lit town, it KueHt In tho home of MIH. Lucy Tlnimermun. Mr, and Mrx. J'hlw'in MeKadden were Kern to Arcade, 11!,. tbi« week*' hi i-otnpan-y with Kohert Ufitrhe. The trip WHH innde"'by auto in Mr. Hltche'8 enr. A; li. Clifton wan railed to Itoek U|K .Sunday by the MerloiiH illnoHH of 14 relative, .). S. rilfton, Who pn»M»d away Tuesday. He wa.s a married man Mrs. A. J.'Quli-k. of tiab-Hburt?, w:tHJ,; 1 " an arrival in town Tueudny from her home to be with her daughter. for not absorb Impurities Into d. -\vlillf dm bowel porew do. thi> "T.; who lmK" ^l!^ r ^ r £!L^ "lirT r ruphe"tKtc!wn and , . , -. , , , , . , vemlty for some -tine has »l»l«hei he, and Wednesday ronrnln*. wan 1'or' the. flr«t tilhe'xinr>e Coach die. t.n.K i-harKe of athletlcD .he annnDicetl at the ,,,,,, a • Wrts • •f ,., , e .cRnniiK o im«»enKer home. -Yin* \\.illiuinH UNe,lj,, K . „,.„,„„ , hal „,,, work . ()f ,}„» t . al) , u . . ' to «,,. a renident of the town and i. had |,oen a lonK time «inc,, sh«- -left the dale.H for th«>' Kchool eleven would be , , . ,, , j. ,„, .done m »«-erei with Die exception of place for un Ka«teq> hoftie. The stay !,„„. ,^ hl wu , h w(l ,, k '/ wart u mo«t a^rt'p'nfrle one. • . i TI,,, u ,,,i.,, t i, i > , , • • i lit- ttliulent body- ban pointed- nut et«town Wednesday n ecu! days in Omaha, Neb.. went-to buy Home RtOek'orK and he returned after hiiyitiK two car loads which be will immediately put in 'the yardH.-uid proceed ; K e t hi, money out of them und then some for good j tn , u • '£„".' l ' lu -i''~' ''" borne by the xc>io<d eleven '"and thut .11 i» not fair to the «pertn- tor» trt bar them from -practice. Tn« er iniiyresi If thi-y are altd\ved tb watch •practice each evening and interest. K ,, Ida IJrJuhma .was a lloek Is- 1. Mf e them play on Satur- When a Child is Noisy it' a Sign-That When t!ie cldhl Is quiet ther6 is sdinethlnj,' wrong with It, It IB sick or doing somethliiff which it ought not to do. NoUe ami motion are normal aetlvltlea of u fhll<t < glfyrhlng el«e In ubnortuui. The "blessed UtUe fellow** who hangs, tirotiutl his mother's npron strings all tho time .and doesn't BpeaU unle-ss spoUen to. or who doesn't romp _ , . _ . ., uiul piny with the other children and B«n<l roy Fw Trial Tw»t»«rt, , 1|)|ko uU nilinn ,, P ot n , )|(Mrti 18 not NoiuulUir-Jiow l«u« w bowlJaa —goto -ijyh* j»- Ut t,^ a nttenllon BUVS the four drttg«i>,t, twhiy iiud_«i't u M renft "*•'"• 1, uuas »»""«'"a, »«j» IMO your drttg«i>,t, twl«y iiud get u »» t-etn -•»."" -- -"-• i box of J'yrawJd Wlu Trwuiuont, It Dayton News. PH* 6U1 adug^ "A slitrh iii timo si rei I Tnoi'^7^'>j'vt'i"r*in>t« r 'lo'''a'fiy(liiiijii v ii is rii»m iiow yrnir ui;u'irui<'fy. Ihiiri |tf it tk'{mviaU i in valiu«. •allowing it lo htam! nil} hi alt IviiHJs o!'woailitM'.- Your .;Sliei|9; NOW'- It nn>.,i!:» nii-.uey in your )"M-Uet and Children eonuult a lot of mUsunee. They provoke till of us by running over the lawn und breaking dowQ-tUft flowers and lunUtng sso.nuieh, uolg0 we • (•antiot'.hi'iir ourselves think. It Is HO. noylng to have a butich of them yell* lug and fchotitlug about oui* doora. Tliey'get in tho way with their roller vkuu'H att'l disturb us \vlu>n they ride their blc'jelj-H-upon the sftdewjilKs. Wut —what ftiv 'we «<>i»g u> do ubout U? .It Is uittitniJ, and we ntu-st either sup- Pyramid Smile From * Single Tri.l. ,, M( J l( , j} ); , , U 'triuii'!U «»1 ! tbe huiu.UU will give rell'f, «nd B slnglo U'X often »•«<•,>. or t'riti aittl 'lw;ir it. wlille regu- Vtlri"4 A triut uMpkntfrtlUttlletllreoln T0jwWHe oi Who Drinks turning hontF to 1'rophotstown In the evening:. I have an Important confidential mc8« sage for you, v It will" come In a plain envelope. How to conquer the liquor habit In 3 days and maKe_homoimi>p,!^ WOTT(reTfO^~Sfffe77IaHttnK.~renable, Tn- expensive method, guaranteed. \Vrlt<8 .to Edw. 4. Woods. J»? H, Station K, New Yortt, N, Y. £how *.hl» to They Want Coach Zuppko to Eliminate' Secret Practice. (Hy JJi ed effort jrt heln« made by tin- bhrty of t!u< university to have tbe or-; der of I'o'ttch Itpbert Zui>t>k#> for M«- j crH practIco of tho football team, with- RAYMOND'S PectoraJ-Pfaster tk>l<4 by ttnlitein» OB iu ' Crottp, Tight Coughs i X Rirmoml * Co., US'HIVT ihrtiJ JiN best Wo HXUjVJiHl SAMPI-E COUPON It is *rtu», but \vi' I'riu't curry "yii the d IiUI,(,. Mui "Uill. Mlrll .e. I !/> • " \"f> •' nutl', 1 " 'f oat You should see the Heckman line before making yoflr purchase. W^ cannot help but dwell upon the superiority of the fit and workmanship of the garments, pur name back of every garment sold. We start them^at - ^ S$,50andup. m See them, op Display in east window 1, _• Wpr th f u Uy >2more.

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