The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 22, 1908 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1908
Page 11
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THE HAKERSFIBLD CALIFORNIA!)- TUE8DAT, DECEMBER 22, 1908. tlOAL SHERIFF'S SALE. No. 28457. Matteson and.Williamson Mnnuf turing Co.. Plaintiff, vs. Oldereh Bros., a copartnersnln composed or _. p. Oldershaw and F. H. OlderBhaw. Defendants. By virtue of an execution issued out of the Superior Court of the County ?L_ko8_ Angeler. Slale .of California. fac- aw C. u^ Lnjp Angeler. State o. _ _.. Herein Matleson ,& WIlTlamBon Mant acluffng Co.. Plaintiff, and Older- aw Bros., a copartnership composed C. D. Oldershaw and F. H. Older- aw. Defendants. UPO rendered the Bin dav " p., 1908. for the sum tul money of the United States, be- Inleresi. I have tins title. _. money sides, costs -, , - - .nlereil. I day; levied, upon .all. the. and chalni antTintereat of safd id to the follo^'i of. In and real estate All die said d i ind to _ n the Cheslef t'fa an addition to the L..-.. puntv of Kern. State mo all the right, title an said defendants or and to that certair store now occupied sha.w 4. Co. .at.N? right, , defendants. e descr ' be<1 . interest of LCOAh LEQAU LEGAL. NOTICE OP ASSESSMENT. Bakersfield Fuel and Oil Company, n or nrincloal place of business California. Location of works county. Calliornia. .Notice .in nereby Klven. that at a meeting of the directors or the. above named corner- fction held ou the 5th day of Decem ber. 1908, an asseaament of one faii uotjars per gharo was levied ORDINANCE NO. 02. of December, 1908, and shall be published prior thereto for one week In . ..*. ••"••**« ft*l4v>l tUYJIDVW k\Jl VUV WW& IU An ordinance granting unto the Mt The B ak e rfl flei d Callfornlan, a dally Sn fiiF Notice IB Whitney Power Company, a corpora tion, its successors and assigns, a franchise for fifty years to erect polei and stretch wires and other appll- hun- ances thereon - purpose of con, ne »Di cD t coreomtn ces eeo - o * o , oayaBTe ImmeWtefi! -to Vc ^secretary ! ducting and transmitting electricity 01 said corporation. Charles A. Lee. at' nnrt ins ouice at tiie orhce or the County I Recorder ot Kern county. Any stock upon which this assess ment r ~ day o uay 01 January, laua. win ue ueiui- uuent ana advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment Is made before, wilt be sold on the 30th uay ot January. is)u». to pay the delin- mient assessment, together with the COBU ol advertising and expenses, of f .the .Bakersfleld FueY current for light, power | and other necessary and useful pur. , poses, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of the un newspaper of general circulation printed and published in said County of Kern. The foregoing ordinance la adopted by said Board of Supervisors LBQAL. LEOAL. dav of Oct.. A. D. 190, (Seal) 1. L. M LI-ER, Clerk. Geo. E. Whitaker.Atty tor Pltff. 11- DOQ LICENSE NOTICE. Notice is beretjy given to all n«i sons owning and Keeplne doits, wlthli Cltv of BakersnelQ - • -' year.laOS |,,,, 1U , of ttie License Ta by said Board of Supervisors of the i that License Tags tor the yer n^Mh*!,™ 1 S , tat S ° f ^ a " f01r ±' aceSfThe^yfcWyn'^e^ on the llth day of December, 1908, 01 Producers Savings UMHK o incorporated town of Delano, in tho j HS on the llth day of December, by the following vote, <to-wll: Ayes: Supervisors Petersen, Woody, Corsett and Jastro. Noes: None. County of Kern, State of California. | jj ^ JASTRO Whereas Edwin Alderson did here- j chairman of the Board of Supervisors tofore make an application in duo f of sald county of Kern, form for a franchise to erect poles anj j (Seal.) stretch wires and other appliances: Attest: I. L. MILLER, thereon, for the purpose of conducting county Clerk of said County of Kern, Producers Savings, and on utter the tot ary. j will does found i 1UK and" on" "ufter Irie"T6>'th~ilay of Janu 11 proceed to. impound .al) logs found runnlne on the streets thai a>e not wearlnir the license lag KH the year 19,08. „, _ _ . . J. K. CpJwPoundmaster. Dated January Tys 0 " NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. transmitting electricity, and elec- ! and Clerk of said Board of Super- f^ofiSSSLiS' T h r o m ^1?2 i Rlon B a^ "P° n tne streets, alleys and iive |t e hls olftce. room 1.1 avenues of the unincorporated town of o nla. : -„„„,, ..„„. ^, ubllc jnotlce is.hereby .given that I i tem."ut"the DoTnt wJTere'it is"cFel! r of Janu-1 through the outfall sew p. of Seclon 3. T. 30 S. R. 28 -.- •„•-.<•- -A— „-- -a-rf fluse and tor the cultivation and door of the County of,Kern, sell nt. ment of said land for a nei.wu .».**- publlc. auction, for of the ing, from ten to twenty years, united States, all the right, title, claim The successful annlicant will be re- aacj interest pfsaid. defendants, of. in quired to give a gqotf and sufficient ar: sa '&&$Am*WMv F% cr * sS ^^ a^W^^rn 111 ^]?.^^ UlirSr8bo^al«°^o 1 r TO A? D »aV% of California, for a period of fifty ruoiic notice ;s nerepy given 111. on Friday, the 8th day of •y. A. 1>. 1909, nt 2 o'clock n. .Id dav. In front of the Court 1 ipr of the County of Kern, s ' a ,u ct ' Sta ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Arralnta Oil.ComDj the sewage from the City Sewer Svs- years, for the purpose of constructing, --B. at the oolnt wjiere it is J - Y/ - ' rqiiKti the outfall sewer clon 3. T. 30 S. R. 28 B. ....d tor the cultivation anu . ment of said .land for a nerlod ranc- to the above or so much ther •alse BUU_. — judgment. costs, etc.. to tne nlehest an lafv y to rase su said lud fendant.. ... ._ ..escribed nronertv. i jf as may be neces-! clent mpney to sat- 10*$ de K with interest d best ated Dec. By T. A. Ba NOTICE. Bakersfield, Cal., Dec. 13, 1908. 1 hereby assign all my rights and interests and money also outstanding debts since November 21st, 1908, to Elmer Lundeen, prop. Building locat- in alt its forms in said town of Delano; and ,, ,, , , Whereas, said application was made ins l&m Bu& I OT*okerw?M en A e at mav !under an * P««uant to an Act of the «5u!t ) SoS? l tSe 0r d8SlSaf ! o!'iaff iew V -! Legislature of the State of California, I entitled "An Act providing for the sale {of railroad and other franchises in counties and municipalities and providing conditions for the granting' of such franchise by legislative or other governing bodies, and repealing con Is hereb ne or the directors of the Armln 1 .ConiDanv. a corporation, hold on .. th day of December.,19u8, an as- essment of six ana one-fourth cents t'ViO per share was lovfed upon the 'iiwtal stock, or salqcoruoratlon. Day- able on or Derore ^Tuesday. January 9th. 1SJ09. to A. B.JElmore. secretary. nt 1047 I street. Fresno. California. 12 ' 1 ° ted. Dccembe A, . fc City Ulerk. NOTICE. • ' To all whom it mayconcern: •settle cmintyo" fllctin * acti". approved March 22, t any biff, or mils 1905; and *oPl ed at 1818 Chester avenue, in Bakers- sitlon In wrltliur.fs'j'i field, California, knowns as Tracy's an.<| cers orby nersons f said v. a'iJDoIntmeh't oi unless a reaui- Whereas after due proceedings had and taken by the Board of Supervisors of said County of Kern, and after due Inn. (Signed) Attest: J. ton. PATSY DORMER, Mgr. H. Ruberson, A. A. Hamp- 120 tton In writing is first nreaentea to i OI SH1Q ^ ounl y o 1 *- ern - ana Bller uuo nk eraate^ byWe Bolrd ' notice given and advertisement pub- By order of the Board. 1Aq _ Rn , lished as required by law, said fran- nhiirmon nrM?,a;,i ', chise was duly sold, awarded and Attest: !. L. Ml^cTe^k.° ROAD NOTICE. oard. 12-15 was duly sold, granted to the Mt, Whitney Power Company, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of California, and having its principal ing to receive two coats of paint com- hereinafter described posed of best quality of white lead and tice, that the report , lands take no- ; avnK been the nlghest and best and of the viewers ' ou ly bidder for said franchise; oil and the roof of said building to on proposed County Road No. 271, de- Now - therefore, in accordance with receive one coat of paint) will be re- scribed as commencing at the corner | the -premises and In compliance with celved by the Board of Supervisors nt to sections 1 and 12 on the east i the laws of the State of California in Court boundary of township 26 south of such cases made and provided, the County their rooms in the House in the .City of Bakersfield, lange 25 east. M. D. B. & M., thence j Board of Supervisors of said County County of Kern, SJute of California, up west along and SO t'eet on each side • of Kern do ordain as follows: of 10 o'clock a. in. of Janu- of the line between sections 1 and 12, 1 That a franchise be, and the same is and 11, 3 and 10, 4 arid 9, and 5 and (hereby, granted unto said Mt. Whit- the hour of 10 o'clock a. in. of Janu ary 7th, 1909. No bid will be receiv ed or considered by said Board unless 8, a distance of 5 miles; liiey Power Company, a corporation, it Is accompanied with a certified Road 271 A, beginning at the quar- j u g successors and assigns, for the of fifty years from and after the or cash deposit in ten per cent ter section corner on the east boun- of the amount of such bid. The said dary of section 12 o: Board of Supervisors reserving the south of range 25 ea right to reject any nnd all bids. By order ot the said Board of Supervisors. H. A. JASTRO. Chairman of snld Board of Supervisors Attest: I. L. Miller, Clerk. 12-17 SUMMONS. along nud 30 feet on each side of the line between the north and south halves! of sections 12 and 11, a distance of 2 miles; Road 271 B, commencing at the corner to sections 11, 12, 13 and 14 of township 26 south of range 25 east, it township 26 j date hereof, authorizing and empow' sr, thence^ west er i ng> an d said Board of Supervisors does hereby authorize and empower, said Mt. Whitney Power Company, its successors and assigns, to erect poles and stretch wires and other appliances thereon, for the purpose of conducting Court or t CaUfornlaj. e. Plaintiff .In the Superior Cs of Kern. State of Ca Ethel Rouauette. . - Rouauette. Defendant. Act'on brouent In,, the _. jrt of the County of Kern. Sj Ifornia. and uje Complaint ' County of .Kern. In the o Clerk of said Superior Cpu rt ot tne County thence west along and 30 feet on each . ffi, ,e Clerk of said Superior Court. The People of the SState of Califor- 1 e to Peter Roucftette. of the line between __ vs. Peter and i 4> a distance of 1 mile; Superior ! Road 271 C, commencing at the corner to- sections 13 and 24 on the east boundary of township 26 south of range 23 east, thence west along defendant. Yo ifou are herebv required to appear in an action bronchi a^al " the above-named nlai and 30 feet on each side of the line between sections 13 and 24, a distance of 1 mile; also extending easterly perior Court of the Countv of State of California, and to answ Complaint filed therein, wiin ua l- s (exclusive of tlie dav ol si st you TJV from starting point 1 Kern! No. 99; " Road 271 D, beginniug at the quar and transmitting electricity, and electric current for light, power and othei necessary and useful purposes, and to maintain, repair and operate the same, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of the un incorporated town of Delano in salt County of Kern, together with al proper, useful, convenient or deslrablo appurtenances and appliances to fully carry Into effect the aald franchise. asexclusot v aVr serv cc pn vou of Al if served within said Countv: elsewhere, within thirty days re wer the ofervlc?" , And you uru hereby you fiii to so atiptar and auswor. the plaint riKinev or i,n,i ?n feet on oach side of the line, between the east and west halves of: notified that if o'-te».n ine easi ana v,ts,i nai\es , 01 -ocatlon of Dnnclual .01 {akei-sneld. California. Notice is herebv giv a corporation. ace or business. Tven: That at. a )any, a cqrno 1 .place or bu ... .stock uoon whfch tL,_ -,, r . s -~ s ..« ijiall remain unpaTd on the 9th da> 1 ebruary. 1909. wjir Be depnauent i advertised for sale at nubile auct - paymenf is " and unles wifl be so- March. IS fuesday.' [essment day of ~' ind on. ade before '"nd day of j9. to"bay 'tKe. delinouehlt" a essment. together with. vertlBlng and expenses of . ^Dated. December 7th. Seal) . A.J Secretary Arminta O Location ojToniqe. Fresno. California. ^MORE. omnanv. 1 St i2-8 NOTICE OF SALE OF STOCK FOR DELINQUENT ASSESSMENT. \\elllng Oil (sompnu)'. vocation of il place of nualness. OaKland. ountv. California. Npdce fs principal p Alameda Cc™ v . ^_, rebv.Kiven that Ihere IL , ... ...on the following described stock ol lie cormration. on account of aBsess- .evied No- i.% delmauent Springfield Oil 8 f .principal place o eld. Callfoinla. Notice Is hen Cwiptmnv of b .... f . . usiness. Bakerr meeting of t'hV 23rd dav o f f .N K ltl the. •epy given that uirectorB held ,11 « .,.. — r — _.. . on th* (lav of November, iwis. nn ns nun of two (2) cen'« uer share levied upon the ciinltnl stock p. .lion, payable Immedluteh tales gold coin to tne see ._ said cornoratlon at office, ol the company, room l._ P.n Kb bank . Auv stock the rornpra In United 8 retarv of s dav o llnruent nubile Huctton beiore. •w . room 1. Producers ,-?ay i'".uiTng. Bakersfleld. Cal. upon which thin assess- enyiin unjHild on ,tl\e M.tti ill the Copklln Building., in the BiikerBfleidY Countv of Kern.._ , California, the same beine the .oil tor the,transaction of business or estate In Bald Ker eh» «( ttW « .nlacf t MM At w* D* UAfci-itl'l* „ Administrator 01 ,tn« testate of „ .Emily A., Snurlln. Deceased., Matthew S. Platz. attorney for M muustrator. " .JDote 01 first publication Novembe It. INI. I i-l For Sale... Second quality scwor pipe, suitable for sewers, ditches, nud culverts. GLASS & FISCHER, Q and 10th Sts, ment shall renyiin unpaid on the f December. 1TO8. will u ecember. . and advertised will ue Je- for sale, at unless payment j» J ^e sold on the 17th ay of January. 1909. to nay the deponent asseament. together w.ith .cost of advertlsin . °- ings _.. streets. 3y order of of sale. Directors. . . k huldlnK. fiorner akerafleld. Calif nient 01 vember 9th. 1908 cents per share • . the severe . . onposlfe the name live shareholders, as amounts Names F. M. MTllikan K. M. Dearborn U. W. Adams „ H. L. McRoberts -10 V. A. Gilbert H. E. Childs F. M. Lee . .. F. P. Fa eel y Henry Nuess I.ora F. Cook Marthn Stone 1'4 o'A 2915 go iiiso J. HrAHlsoii .'.'.'.'..'.'.', 02 2y7 "si'jl K. A. publtz ROl 1&G5 BS.95 M. Cahalen 305 I40S 42.24 Sabrina. P. K\ Mills ..308 1«2 3.06 A. j/'Miiis ::.:::.:.::309 100 Kstate of Chan E. Cain. (deceased) 311 John E. 00 S1S 25.1-1 Eaton 313 314 9.4215 p. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given that th* taxes on all personal property, »nd one-half of the taxes on all real prop erty, will be due and payable on thi second Monday in October, and will be delinquent on the last Monday it November next therafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and unless paid prior therett fifteen per cent will be added to thi amount thereof, and that if aald on* half be not paid before the last Mon day in April nest, at 6 o'clock p. m. an additional five per cent will b» added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half ol the taxes on all real property will b« payable on and after the first Mon day In January next, and will be d» llnquent on the last Monday in April next thereafter, at 6 o'clock and that unless paid prior five per cent will b» added to th« amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid at the time th first Installment, as her* in provided, IB due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid In tn» office of the Tax Collector In th« county courthouse between the houn of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. and p. m« t&enrt* And In accordance with law. and un order of the Board of Director.? mmle on the ninth dav of November. 1908. so manv shares of oacn narc ck as ... publi_ Secretary •" and 19 stock as may be neeesary wul be sold " inctlon. at the office of the of said corporation, rooms . 1008 Broadway. Oakland. Countv. CAlifornla,,,on .thg n. of A ameda 2Sth d o'cloc' ay a. m. atieut assessments with costs of atlver of sale. , _..J, , . 908. nt , 8 that day to DRV delln- ecember. Office of jf Wel'lfnc 18 and, 19. 1068 Alumeda County. thereon, together and expenses Secretary, imoany. rooms 12?11 » 11 Con ;roadwav. :airrorhla. NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice is hereby elven that the — r Iner. of stockholders.™. I Oil ComDany wf ,neorornv,r demanded in the Poniolalnt. &;Sr V g 1 ourt^ 1 f n t\ l e tll 6oSniv "f . State oTCaHtnrniM. this Kith Seal) 1.'L. MILLER. Clerk. By Bedel Smith, Deputy Clerk. Rowen Irwin and J. W. P. Laird, attorneys for plaintiff. 11-IS NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Grand Prize pal place of Kern. .C( in the County Court House, in City of Bakersfield, Kern County, M.i'te of Cnllt'ornla, at. the hour of 10 o'clock, a. in., of the 4th day of Janu' ary, 1909, where any and all persons I interested therein may appear and 'make objection thereto if deemed proper. The said proposes road or public highway will pass over, through and 119 feet to roaci Tnlg gra nt of franchise Is not exclusive, and the governing board of 4 . . snid County of Kern shall have the ter section corner on the south boun- „, n( . (o u s j m | la r franchises U tlary of section 13; thence north along, . (h(ir pci ,r gono> flrnia or corporations. It is futher provided that the con Kortinn n n 'aMwo 0^ mTle^haa ' struction. operation, maintenance and .o so niiutar aim HUSWOI-. HIL- section i.!, a difctanco or 1 mile, naa j , . ,, nn i pl . w iren nnn otbur will take iudsment tor anv bepn SPt for hearing before the said H ?pali of sad poieb, wnes and omtr r damages demanded HI the ,, , nf «3 nnnrv i snr « n t their rooms appliances thereon, over, along and f ',a nriulnir llTinri ( O71lr'K't Or 11(1(1 I (I ill o'l |l<- 1 \ ItoUI a u 1. mull IUUU13 Lr '.. «.„„.,„„ I as aiiBine noon LOMH.H i t <>r _ _ __ ; ^—^ TT t _ ^ > upon the streets, alleys and avenues of said town of Delano, shall be under the direction of the Board of Supervisors of .said County of Kern, and the erection, construction, operation and repair of the same shall be done so as to be no Injury to the paving, planking, macadamizing or grading of any such streets, alleys or avenues, and so that public travel shall in no way be obstructed beyond what is necessary in the act of erecting, constructing, operating, maintaining and repairing such poles and wires, appurtenances and appliances. It IB further, provided that the wires placad on the pole lines to be constructed hereunder shall not be less than fifteen feet above the surface ot the ground, and at street, alley and avenue crossings shall not be less than twenty-five feet above the surface of the ground; and that the poles to be constructed hereunder shall be so placed and used as to afford the least interference with the use of the streets, alleys and avenues of said town of Delano, by the public for traveling and other highway purposes, Office, r ines Bank streets. UaHer find such „ , _ broueht before the meeting. ' T. L1C1HTNER. Secv. .... No. 3. Producers Sav- ulldlne, corner 19th and H ersilold. California. 12-31 business ..a meet! NER. Secy. Dated October 1, 1908. C. B. DAT, Tax Collector, 0-1 Kem County, California. SHERIFF'S SALE. Nicholas ' lax C..,,m vfendant. mn-Alax nv. Di Jacobs. Plaintiff, vs. Consolidated Minim: C Kar Comna By virtue of a the S rtue of an execution Issued ou lUDorlor Court of tne Countv p 5ta.te of California, wherein cobs. PMntfff. nnd Knnur ildated Minlne Co.. Defenda iudement rendered the Sta OLD KEL1ABLE Painters WTDEB & JAOKiON Painting in all branohat. Interior Decorattone a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING •IONS Phon« Main 1138 1627 Wall 8t •<k«rafl«ld, Cal. * * E. H. LOVELAND Wholesale Produce Merchant ITay, Grain. Potatoes, Beans, * Eggs, and all farm products. * ****************** leilhet&laylor Good vegetables arc hard to get these dnys. The local supply is limited; the rest is old. We keep n fresh supply always on hnnd. Give us n trial nnd he convinced. 1423 19th 8'» Phone Main 401 NO"rcOF ASSESSMENT Korn-Utan Oil Company. Principal place of business. Bakersfleld. Kern . County. California. Notice Is, hereby meetine of the clven that directors, <«c a held iiJV'^kiiiriH v*i t-tic. ^tii^^Luto, 11 civ* on tho 3rd day of December. 1908. an assessment of one-quarter of I tis levied upon the ...j corporation, nayi— telv to the undersigned see a 1 .. ment unon tion. oavable imm derslgned aecrejtj Oil Company. Prlncl- upon the lands of Kern County Land business. Bakersfield. i Company, E. E. Sherwood, J. L. Robi ertson, F. Kvert, Chas. E. Lawrence, Chas. Benton, J. R. Melcher, M. Perkins, McFarland-Laird, S. Tucker, W. .ern County. California. , Notice is nereby given thai leetlng of the directors, held 1st day of November. 1908. an ipnt nf nnn cent nor share Was ;it at a on the, [issess- iately ,._ of said the un- corppra- Uon. aVro6m¥ JfJ3-204 Producers T 8t. ings Bank building. Bakersfleld. Kern County, California. ,, . ... Any stock upon which this aasess- § it shall remain unpaid on Tuesday, llth day qfjanuary. 1909. will bo fitment and advertised for sale at lie auction, and unless payment is made before, will be sold on baturdav. tne Bth day of Pebruarv. 1909. at hour of 2 o'clock D. m. to nay the Unquent assessment, together wit costs or advertising and .expenses o: sale F. E. BORTEN, Secy, pro tem. Rooms 203-204, Producers Saxlngs bank building. BakerBfleld. Ki tv. California. mer, J. B. Rae, S. A. Stlmpaon, J. B, Yoakum. L. L. Kaler, J. L. Nethaf, E. Schumaker and M. M. Cecil. By order of the said Board of Supervisors. H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of said Board. 12-16 IU MILLER, Clerk. ROAD NOTICE. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (Civil Code of California.) Kern Countv Pipe line an Office of the Cleric of the Board of ern"Coun| .Supervisors of the County of Kern, 11-2 ^Toan non-consontlng owners of the | and the"poles shall be P^ 0 ^^ ^ hereinafter described lands, take no- " ' .--«-- - --•- -.-..- »« tlce,- lhat tho rqport of the viewers on proposed County Road No. 268, de- Company. Location of princ , San. F _pmpai ot business. San . •Uton of works rancisco, . Kern County. Cal d Storage cipal place Cal fornlft. 1 the edge of the streets, alleys and avenues and property line ns can reas- a. ll- scribed as commencing at the Intersection of the eastern boundary of onably be done. This franchise is granted upon the condition' work thereunder shall itlce IB beri .inn ot tne „-... nelil on tlie 23rd da 1908. an ive en T County Road No. 99, and tho line be-1 |i e commenced in good faith within (ween sections 20 and 29 of township ' Ilo t more than four months from this 27 s.nHh of r an ge 2G east, M. D. B. & that at a Directors, ... „.. _ ^oyombiir^' M.. thence east along and 30 feet on oast sido of said section lino, 340(5.7 feet to corner of snctioiiH 20, dale and prosecuted with reasonable to completion, and if the B hall fall so t« do, ih.-n and In ° nB a '- F 1 , to relay the 26th dav of December. 190S. i' <IIM«IIHBI ill be dennaueut amd advertised for for heating tie at niiPlfc auction: and unless nav- i SMm>rvlBor« lent is mado before, will be sold on i "" ''/, , ; 'ridav. the IBth day of January. 1908. ; County Con 3 pa'v the dellnauent assessment, to- Bakersflelil, ml e r xp^n 8h es o 8 f safe 8 ° a<lvertl8lnff said, at the tlv brier of tUe^oard of Directors, m., of tho Office. No. . FrancUco. Ca oard of Directors, j !, JR.. Secretary, llfornla Street. San a. 11-26 and 29. on iMinh side tlons 21 assess- | Q ro rner of sections 22, 23, 26 and 27, llstanee of 2.C4 miles, has been set heating before tho said Board of s at tholr rooms In the urt House, l n the City of j Bakersflelil, county and state atom said, at the hour of 10:30 o'clock a. 21. 28 . lhat , p , u th|s £ranr i,|8e shall be TOP said corporation BaKerBflelu. .Kern at the Bherfj County. ned ry OL pfflce. . fornla. Any _., nent shd day. the ' De delin it Dubllc-. IB made \>< day. the 26th, day. OL _„„„„ at theflour of 2 o'clock D. m. to lne, delinauent assessment. toge... r . with.costs o.f advertising and expens- Dlrectors. ecretary. h cos of th . to pay together es of the sale. _ of ti 11-5 . By order of tin SUMMONS In. the Superior of Kern. "State of •a 3 - xii HPWWUB. •a- Bow ila send 3omoany. You a~ n un, a ;he abovi jerior C< State .of Complain If served w elsewhere. of the County srnia. alntifl vs. Silver *fendanl.^ .n the Sunerio. -ty of Kern. Btate of ie Comolalnt njed In iaia'Bunenpr Cpurtt . of the Stale of Calif or- eeflng to Silver Bow Oil efendant. eret moany. brouKht the Co la. ana unty. or ..icholos JIK Alax Contiol .t. upon a Iudement rendered the th day of November. A. p. 190S. for .he sum of 1586.65. lawful monev of :he United States, besides coats and merest, I have this day levied upon all the rlcht. title, claim nnd interest of,,said defendant, of. In and to tlie rpllowfne described real estate, to-wit: the Karma-Aiiix mine, together with the mill, machinery and appliances located thereon, situated nbout four milei! south of the town of Moiave find more imrticularlv described nt nitre "0. Book S of mlnlni; records 'if Kern >f California. Tlie mild In Kern County. State . nronert.v bfinc of Callfornln P will, pom.- on Saturda . will, on Saturday, uary. A. D. 1909. at, pi said dav. in f Mouse doo sell at pub . ev of the United State ficreiiv clven th"t I the 9th dav of Jan, IMSO o'clock n. m front or tlie Court e C the Countv of Korn. c. .nu.ctj.on. for Iriw.ful mon- tltle." rliilm and Interest of "sal< of, in - - the riibt. feiifl'nnf. Of, in "mid" To" the"nbove described nronertv. or so ninch thereof UB in.iv be necessary to rnlso sufflelont pionev to satisfy snld Iudement. with Interest anil costs, etc.. to the Iiiuli- est and best bidder. Dated Dec. |6th, 1008. 12-16 B.v't. % A. Baker!' l^imt?.' E. L. .. v _ 1ax Conso endant. Jv virtue of a the Superior. ern. State S SALE. RIFF'S , ;m. Plniniirr. vs. Karma ated Mining Comuanv. execution Issued out mrt of the County or k . State jpr California.. wl""-'n E. ecmaji. Plaintiff, and Karnia-Alax olinated Mining Co.. TJefendant. a judgment rendered the 6th dav —ernper. A. p. 1908. for the sum OS..lawful money of the Unities, besides costs and Interest, I,'have this ,dav levied unon all right, .title, qlajm and. IntgreH} jjf DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY If the cost worries yon consult us. We will agreeably surprise you. Again you can tlo it so quickly. MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. Comes in rolls, quickly ap- r-osts so little, plied, comes in any width; Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. Out Icommblin I 0ft . title, claim and Interest o efendant, of. In ann to tne foflowinK the aid i required to appear :)it against vou by iialntfff. in the, Su- ,_je county of Kern, orpla. and" to answer the ed Jtherein. w" the dijv o thi i is thin ten aervlcex ummons, , ounty: If served v days, notlnod that it pear ano answer, the ludgmeiit fo.r any nt dernHnclfid In 1 estate, to-wit: . - ..e Karma-A.fax mine, toget— the mill, machinery and anrmances located thereon., situated nbout four miles south or the town of Moiavi rtlcularlv described at rma-A.fax mjn§. togip.ther^ ..., or'thp"fown~qf "Mofa've"and more, nartjculaflv described 50, Book 8, mining records ern Countv. State of California. The said in Korn County. State nron-'tv bnlnc _ ,,-lc nollce la herebv _. I will, on Saturdav. the 9th January. A. D. 1909. at It p v cl( of said dav, In front of tl „ . .^dav, In^Jrorjj of lha Cpurt House door of the County ol .Kern, sell at jiubuc, aucnon. for lawful rnon- ftbo. unlten States, ail the right. and interest of said de.... in and to the above do ..- 'iropertv. or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise sufficient money to satisfy said iudtment. wltli ev ote. U title, claim fendant, of. scribed nron . —rising upon Contract, or will apply to the, Court Tor any other | reUef dornanded In the Comulaint. tuoss my,land and tfie seal : porlor. Court ol the O leited and shall thereafter bo of no This franchise Is granted for tho consideration of tho sum of Twenty- five 00-100 dollars, paid in cash by said Mt. Whitney Power Company therefor, and upon the further condition and . covenant that the said Mt. Whitney Power Company, UK successors and ntini, cvi. L*H; »i\jiii ui j u. au Q U1OCK U. * u " i: * \_.«.'*»«*'«•».' i •»" -• Ttrvif m., of tho 4th day of January, 1909, assigns, shall pay, and said Mi. \\hit- whore any and all persons Interested ' noy Power Company, and Its succes- 5; therein may appear and make objer- ; ,ors and assigns, are hereby obligated DELONEQHA HOT SPRINGS. ""Moat remarKaTile armerai springs <n California. An aosoiute cure for RHEUMATISM Forty-five miles from BaKersfleld In f)i*rra Nevada Mountains. Finn mim. mer climate. Good accommodations. Terms reasonable. Stage loaves Bak- •rotleld Thursday rnornlng» between i and 9 o'clock from Art"ngton and Occidental hotels, and fro-u M*tronole In Kern. Returns Tuesdays. Ad- Ur«iB, BARBEAU & ROQUETTE. U Proprletoi tion thereto if deemed proper. " jt>ud reQiilrt'd to pay, to said County of The said proposed roan or public Kern two (2 f r ( ) per cent of the gross highway will pass over, through and annual receipts of Itself, its BUCCOS- upon th e lands of unknown owners, i KnrK nn ,i assigns, arising from Hie use A XT f!V*».«n (~*j-. IT *~1 T^U I It I-,... __i_j , ***-"" «*".» n ff-nrt operation or possession of said franchise; no percentage to be paid for ,, , , ., ,, „ , „ i the first five years succeeding the date Falconer and the San 1- rancisco Sav- <j{ MR franf ; hlBei but thereafter such ings Union. percentage shall be paid to said County of Kern annually, and In tho event said payment is not so made, Chairman of the said Board, this franchise shall bo forfeited. Attoat: This ordinance shall take effect and I. L. MMJLflR, Qterk- 1246 bo in force on and after the aiat day I A. N. Towne Co., H. C. Phillips, estate I of H. P. Bendo" deceased, 8. W. Hoot, Olllf Thomas, W. A. Prick, W. ° f H. A. JASTRO, of the said Board. 'Glief liOiuctuvidU IU LUW VJUiUUlltlUt,, wltuoss my,land and Ifie seal of stild Superior Court, ol the Countv of Kern. State of California, thla 2nd day of November. A. D. 1908. (Seal) .__ , I. 1^. MILLER. Clerk. Oep. E. WTiltaKer. Attorney for Plaintiff, ll-o .i. „ SUMMONS. w „ the Superior Court of the County tate of deens. ^JNes Bow Oil Comna .Action brough< of the Co U>! fjirnia. an^ ty o' Count Clerk ilu ^'He People "o" y. in rLthe Kern, rn, e Comnmln ern. In send oany. U f eeunp ml th Silver oerfor Court tale^qf called In said Ice of the fondant, fou are hereb leflor Cou._ the State of Callfor- to Silver Bow Oil In air action . tlie abo^e-nam perlor State Com plaint . reaulred to anoear brought against you Jpy ned Dlalntlff. In the Su- of the Cpuntv of Kern. nia. ilavs (exclusive after service on v if served w elsewhero an<T to answer the In. this Si . answer therein, within ten of the (lav of service) within BL... i. within thlrtv days And you are herebv of service ummons. if i ' Interest iind costs, etc.. to tho an f i best '>ldder. Dated Decembor Ifith. 1008. .1. W. KWf.LY. Rberlff. 12-16 Bv T. A. Baker. Dnpntv. NOTICE'TO CRErarroRaT TO NBW YOEK 'OUOH South- In of K the ern, In th oi the Luoerlor Court of the Countv State of California, .•latter of the Estate of Alex- ...BsuMlle. deceased. Ngtlce IB hereby given, by the un" ndrrifnlslrntor of tin- os.tatc '111; e Ro AlPMinder Ben ... rredltora of. nnd all Fields 01 — '»» a* •'" ! la. * FOUR AND ONE-HAUF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN 'TRIP. ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED 'SiBiinlllo. decniiHed. to ,.._ . „ „.. norsuns Having omlmB Rgiiinst the said decoaHod to exhibit thorn with the nneohsarv voucliecs.witbki four niontha after the tlr«» DiuntcBUon nf this notice, wblrn IB tho aate hereof, to said. ndnilnlstrn- tor at the Inw office of O. L. Cmtlln. -..Bonk of BakeriifluM rooms 31 and 32. Bank of Bttkorsllolil liulMlng. Bnkorslleld. Kern Countv. California, the name lielmt tho place for.the.lranHactlon of the business of 5ESIRK BRSSUEILLE, r of the Estate of Alex- uellle. Decoaaed. ilier 19. 1908. 11-19 Bald estate. DBSIRR nRgsUKn ,L15. Administrator anner BOBHI Dated Novem vountv: If nerved notified that If ml answer, the rou fall to HO annear nniT answer, the dersjgni l J lHln(Irf will take ludgmeiit for any of Emll demanded. In the crnnltor NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Tn the Suimrlor Court In nnd for thi County of Korn. State of California. i In the matter of the estate, of Hi 1 A. ppurlln. dcceasnd. UTI't)' monoy .or relLef demande ce Is lifrebv glvon bv tho un ed administrator of tho estar* ...."v A. Spiirlln. deceased, to th» aniitKes demanded In the creditors of, nnd all persons havlns a arising upon contract, or clnlniH aRalnst tne said deceased, tc .1 & iv ..!».— ..^.H..,. f h w)th tne ,j eoesi aj,. v I'lthl romnlalut KB arising noon will apply to. the. Court n or any other he Court for any -. id. In the cornnlalnt.. the WltnesB mv "nand and lne a said Superior Court of the Cpu! Kern, Btate of California, this

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