Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1916
Page 5
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IS* ( SOCIAL AEFA1USJ A PRETTY WEDDING Was Solemnised Last Evening , At the LoFevrc Home On , . Seventh Avenue. : », ****4******4******4?rM^*4^ .&•:>— fr-i. ' fV; -7# > : ^'IVli? *• '*T$T7 r ~T "M'V " Al n 4JLfv-<*t >;.>•""<* *" Mr ! 'i i:« \ \vi;s. in, MI : t- •: '• • .if tin- i if -! r-,!:v.t • .;,?;.•' r ni!(.; < • t< ll!'-M\ -i!' Pf |.i'.---< "•< <-n! \ V :!>•»! » i! t h.- .!,'!•• •!!•'••• 111*-. v,.f[ «;t.iir-,< "f Mi '..;•'!< <-• by Mi<s V<f>!-\ U""\fr. i'i-'i- itlril. Ill'' l'fii!:il p;'H U IS!;,it ! ' !•.-]. >! Ii.i'V their r« s|'< ci ii •• plm fi in r !u (•f.uiti f'lllv dff.'r.i'» il piu!"i. d'-e»i ;>!••! iii Hi' i.ljijf"^ i ))••:• M . i-'oj «. ' \\ hitc ,i!;d v«'l- !i.w and ««"-k .!•!.<• • * !•»-!>< .-1! ! < :i il<.rtil <r< .(i''«pv i.f «lil!< "Slid s- : -'.T<T '"iv'T-;. if Ttii mat i i:t':<- «; •• p> i fi-Tni.-d Thf l-iidi wa« n piftui'- uf l»\ ' hii"---'* :t<!il \ntiili attir«'d a* '•tc 1 «;>< m a I"'"-! i uitivnl- \l\K If own of tt)ii<« lafYft i with 'id II ffll ill'' Hll-itV f..)il.« of n Ollft ••( White In--, -i :ili-l iiiii'-; ,.{ thf valh-y. l.iltlf Miti; K:llil> Illl StiaVflv d:lll^h- III uf .Ml, ,'lli.J Ml* ll\i!l ;-':!.\\ • i.\ illid a (on. in of ilii- t.i ii!<- \v,i- it,e tlifurr cirl and m.Mlf- a clr.i»nim>. pi< t-iif in hfl Htllf i/. own i'f while -Mini \\n'i Vflhr-W "UI**!!" .1 lid h.M! i'OU< utnl i IM> iiii.*. n t lit y»''liu\\ !<>:•>•->-. After the .inliinn m.-itu-iit li.i.l p,).-•«id, fotiKi.'HUt.'i tii >l!« :U|il Mttilfx i-p.ii irvvav f-irin.ililv ;!!<•! i l.tauhm-.: *i.ipp> iiiitipiiiv p.iv*fd HI!" I';'-'iiH ilin- lur ronin. when- tin- lafi!.- ami ro«.ni tn (-I..U.I, ... i. — !- ... I ih.. U....J .:.;!.; rU-i: ; ,i':, iv ,,,.,,,. M; -. .1 t; .MiM--. >•( I'-- .-•• :•'»• s-'i-?'-i ; -,..!'. M.H;. Mi-' X K If.'i'i- i.f i'!.:..K-. 1-i! 11 »i, I i;!ti-.^;,.ri, t 'i.iH H'-III •• :itnl ' ':ivl f :,i!.;mS; • I \n ti ;u !!)••_ ,,f |>, , \. i i -,,i . ,, f ,! I.;,,.. ,| ( ' ir.-'.i" > ' • :•'•• .';•! . f -. v - : roitH'll, i,i . ' ' V!r .-i-"S .' -ill' !•• i ... " ! '!'•!! - .-'-i •• f<i| i! % •••••••••••• B^BB BBBBBBUBB f tl i i.!|. -• .,• r :i ! i I /'I ! i< .i) - "f Ml'.^ ":V"rt.7vuiii Myrr: ;ii- tt/r "IT'-" Mt - .\.'i !••!!. fa(!i.r of th<- ! Mr CHURCH WEDDING .,,- in<» Mr.t. Cnlt. tin- t I'-ft nl rtiMnlfiht al. HiiMod, X'-w i «ii>.(<ni )i|jic-«.«. rrfif - "'iTiHr t(i>TU-y- ; \t> t-'hirnim lhf\v «_. ... .. . . —11 il»i him fi'i ,«f >fai« Miss Mary Norton and Thomas{,,. ((ll , lf ,^.. „„„„.,. tin The "Prinlzess" Showing oi Authoritative Fall and WinterlFashions Gait Were Married In Chicago, ainj <i\fi tlllfl' V«l j An -oiiUof-t'HVti_ Wf'.liHii!-. tt'idi-h will •[Hi- of int<!»it In tnStiy* ;-ti i IHIJ; pfi'plf j,- ih.-i! of MJJ:~ Mary Noitmi and i tjnitfd in mrii'i.iate Tti*-. u «i;>> '-^'iiln!: '.it > 3n o"i In. I; in thf .)•'!!. : ( Pi.'lA- ! I'oi l\ -li'r*l Mlifi-t. I'hiifii:'. ! The itnpr iv.- i-ti.-iiioM> \v. t »-. i ; f..i m> (1 liy In i!. tl." p.i- i"i •Jit i-'uili-'i. thf lint. s. i 1 'I ,.vh'. Ii ! |.Ill i Imp h II' III i li-iri )i wac til!- »! With fri'-ini ;itnl uiad-vf. of Ilii i-criii I-.M I • mi'. p;irtif«. Tlif pulpit pl.ttfr.irn Va" l.ank'd with Tli< *- -i\ <-.! • v. i«. if < ' ,'it.i ln-u»»i->- Mail us your films and film packs and get them developed for a nk'kie. FILM PACKS I5c l'l.-ti»M-« :''i%n''4 iiiiil »»u!iiitT Sc i-ai h. ii|fi''f *i«r?< '.i!' I" l"'f-l idlil.*. <> f»t -*>'•. 1'i'^t infill, ,V. IK" B; M^Farland's t'|»-l<' . Amiilf'iir ' I ic|i.irtiii»'itl .-<! liv Mr«. .«-Vh<«.|||.>|.|. sit!>' frlrml. Tho yiui.iil wa« at("itl(i! In ! lil-< fil»iul. ll«-iiry XVat^Mii, ..t ( 'In,, i i tn Thf t'liiiK'h ••hull' i ut ni-ht il ihf f fui Hi' ..ri'axitiiiijfiiiil tlii f Ihi- I'liurrh playi'i! Iwn | t »!if isf lawn iw.i'.' Ml. an. I Mt- K l,«l!u\ Call nn<l I -i'ii. r.<.lii-il, uf >'ti-t i-t'l'. 7\tr, aiid Mrv. I I ii. nalil <;,i!t, <..f l'i C<-|IMI t';i IK! Miss Mar• .ir.'t '('ill. of Cart y. Iml. THE WOMAN'S CLUB i - - - .... _..,.., i //ill Hold Their Fir»t Mealing of the ' Year Saturday. j r l"h,- I'M. i iiii'i-tiiiu "f Hn' yi'ar uf th« | -'!.<.I B :!M!.' \\'<.ini'i>'« t hth will )"> hf'ld i * .;! ill day. '"I ". Ill thi'ir InolIl.H. lit III' 1 !{ ii, ii. I-' hall "'I'll-' hiitllirH.M Ill'-'-i i i "• v, ill I.f li'-ld ill - • ?!'» an<l lln- fnl- i !'i\vln»: (iriiKt-um al •"! ii'i-lni'h: I ".", l-'i.iv.-iid l.i»>k for the Viar" j \ti.i. S S Ki-iir. Aiidi-f.-M Mi-< U'. Iv TuNi-r. Morri; ', ctitidtv |iic.->idi-!)i. . i j 1 "\'. i- nt on ' K\|.ff ii'it' i '<" Sonic nf j'..iir Uavilli'd mt'inln'i's.. 1 )'j^,»»<» iinut. ...... -Mix.- iliiaJ und NU.VII.. i \1iift-ll.nilNi'. f \'o. al r-iilo Mi«« Itiith Thiirnc. j j ". \nifl h a", hv II"' rltlli. i l!i-( i (i« Ion uiiil i«'fifnh»lif nl?J.' fidlovv- | ii|i: tin- |iii'«iaiii. i Tin' itfamiri'i will hi- a! the rooms Hi I . , ! I "'._••! VI' illli'.tt. hf i orif-:|iondim; hfi'iflary will i <!islrllni|f III'- y«ar S ^THT< r n>V liiirli i»rn«lo inntli-M in tlif sinnrrst I'nl.l slyli^. l-'int 1 nuiloi-ifils ntul* rntilth-ss tnilnrinir. In Ihis ,-is Inirnl of Suits and Coals \vc offer you I he jirnilin-j nf xunc nl' (lit 1 Ix'-t dosi.triMTs of women's appiwl in Ann>r- ica uHniif.'iifs that not only follow tin* trend ol' fashion, hut an- splendid t.'XJiniples.of fhe lies! lailoiin^. Xe\v inod(>,ls ill lliw ^'iisotr.K u«nve,sl materials, .laekets arc of the eorn^et lenirtli and handsomely lined. Tndv one of the most dislinetive uronps of coats and suits it has ever been our pleasure to'show. Suit Model No. 3 Mailc of (iiii* \vi>'») |HI| Hn. .'ill- silk HiMHl, v«-lv«>t trlnuiH-il, '^s tnniU-l. Tutvlffl mul Price $27.50 Suit Model No. 1 Made nf i ltirr«in ; hr«ad. loth, martin fur ttiniinf.l, l'rlntxf«<5. nimlfl, navl»'H nnd l.l.n-liS. ^Price $35.00 Suit Model No. 4 M!nlt> J>f all wool imtilltiK. vd- \i'f i r iniitH'il, plMiti'il liai k, 1'it'ioin ininli'l, navies mill III I i\V !!.•'. Price $22.00 Coat Model No. 1 lar .'iiul I'liffi, Milk lin>'il l;u>, n«\ if.o. lilnckfl _ Price $27.50 i Th** hriilf. wax handsonielv altir.ilf ,ili u KIIWII of ivory Kalin and wolf a ^ veil. Httraftivi ly .sldrreit »•« J»rin a ^_____ frill that fiM-iielfil her In ad a row of-! ;orange.hh.sH,.m« trimming the l.ane ..f| A FAREWELL PARTY. 'the -frill. Hff hon<|tiel \viu> a hiiKe | Minn Marie DaVi.-*. of T-ourtli avi-niif, )fi%nlilnalion of valley lillies and l.tide't; wan tendered'n furewi'H party hint ev- • iiiiiK h.v foiittiH'ji of her friend*. The in' Many New Blouses Being Opened To-Day Here at Sterling's Blouse Store, Georgetts, Crepe du Chines, Soisetts t Fancy Silks in Large Variety and Ail Sizes. ( Read Them! There Isn't a store in this vicinityrwhich is giyingrthe values— At the height of the season, just when they will dq-you the most good, we have de-' cided W oner our beautiful line of this ; fall's suits at a reduction from our regular prices, which have;-been- throughout the season ^lowjtlw^qTiioted"elsewhere. f At the new prices these suits~WiTT"move"' ; in a very short time after this announce-, ment has reached the notice of our patrons— ,. Who Know Our Advertisements Are Genuine If high quality and lower prices than vou can find elsewhere appeal to you, it will be : worth your while to respond quickly to this ; unusual opportunity, . Credit to reliable parties will be given as \ ysual during this suit sale. THE G. L. ABBOTT CO. tii>ui)i>i't "f rii'-t-H, Mr«, (ialt IIIIK SlirPetticoats Novelty warp .j>rltit« niitl fancy Nlri|H's u« wt-ll us I'lain«, c li a n K i»« h II<N and white's In cxcdlpiit vurioty. Dress Skirls 0 CoiiMlnntly anivlnw i-\|ir<»H.i nhl|imontf ki-fp o\ir ntnrk comidctf with tin 1 vt-t-y hfw- •«Mt Ulllt ht'Ht hll'HM ill till' l>ft - t»>r tailiii'fi New Styles Kimonas i'if|>fs (Iff i cil antl .liu r-mhrojilfi-f-it fjihrirn in nld lilui-M ami ftrot'iiH; new uiVil nttriuiivf MtylfM at Good Wool Sweater Coats Attractively Priced Tin- |io|i!ilur oliiikQr knit \V<MVr.H Jlllllho, ailll fllHT ff» ffi-tH; fjiloi'H, ln'iithcr, ««mrr-, nil), old IdllC and $3,95, $4.95, $5.95, $0.95 $5.00, $5.95, $6.95 to $10 $1 ^ iQ $2 95 , $2.95, $3.95, $5.00 Knit r«ps t Knit Sweater-Sets. Gloves. Mittens. Infants Kimonas. Petticoats, Night Gowns, Bands and Fine Wool Under Vests in Best Qualities and Improved Style! New Fancy Bath Towels Just Opejed Pink. )!«ld and hln«v early Hhlpntent of hollduy Buy Blankets and ^OpmfortaibtesTl _ ^ Now when t|ie v««r'y beat ' are ohtalnulile. "Famous for Good Coats and Suits" tt************^ '^^m^^N^s^snprBSR^ raN»n.iaR,r^^ Which Will B. of .Intoml to Manyjof the Conor. B .tion.l Mi..ion.ry So-jGiv e n at the Gait Hou.c Proved to bo j ^\,^ 1 ^ . SterliBa Pwpl«. 1 ' • ' oloty Wa« Held. j •. Delightful Affair. l a ,,d Mm. B. 1'. He The foHowiin, oUppinK waH takenj TheMh, »*™^»<^«>^ " ^ ^ : E'S : n ^TK.r««.K^^ , :: :.: ! ^'r!:"!i>^'!:j-!»!':i .i^r.,^.r:,i ..«•-• ^ •" Kireft iiHt' t*v«»nlng. M| Schmidt and daugl)t olippiiiK from the Km-kford papitr, which he of Interest to muny WterUm? fi'U>ndM. auMlHM IIIII hiiN viHltwl at the A, I'. hoini» in this city on miim>ruun Mr. <!forf, r o W. Hitl annonnwH the o «°f hlH dnughter, (luhn'Imu, t«i t'lar«'iu**' Hlf-lun-il LindHtroiii, whloli look plat'u thUs liioniiiiK ul iu o"i>hn'U ut the r«**»UH'nct» of tlw* bvld«»'« *lHl»»r. Offii'Udt! lone Hill. 813 North ntr«**t, tfm n»ly ••»» hrWe'n Btstt»r«, .i John Gorduh rend in--th'o of Olud Hill lirliU'Hjnuid, und, Mr. Frank Und- I rum, hroiher ^if t,h«* groom, heHt man. "Tliv lirldo wore'Tu'r, jfolnB-uway unit f-hhTP-ytth~hiH i uf hhnr-ttnd-Knt was of .if the Hea- i itiiDif)- VVfiliifNday eyeiiinj; at the t!a(t HIIII WedneKilay iiflernoon at the flmreh ' Honxr. The KUCMIM inrliided thi> elerii'al very i of thf \V) in'-Dcavcr mirlot'H, Ihe- i*t»............ ....,- .*..'! .. • . . . * in few otllmdi'lx win, and Mrn. K. W, Wheeler ha.t pre-j s , vlu h|l(ivy um ,-,, u . an excellent' pio«ram for the j ,,,„,„ ,,„', llf ,„,,„.,.,,< Which wax -UK followx: |'\II'|H i work done III reKurdH to thi and MV the was Klven • tho good Storm* Felt In Sea's Depth's. tln> m>it iiia.v be ilUlurbod- to u dojjih wjual to H50 (linen ' lu-li,'lii of Uu- waves produtvd ift u MlHSloiiafk'H tln« fiKji cotintrit-H and un itpiicul to ib« «•)•«,•• WUH nivfii by a, . ;'. . Of IMDIinl rat inn : of ..- rnt'U i.;i ntnt rj . Ttij"k«y WHM r*i»r«'HpnlVd !<•>• Mr«.*^1a WUklnu.iiH a MiwHionary. Jll»» Id Huixllotl n« a Turkish woman in » H »m tuuu*. Tim I'livato UiiiiiiK room of the (Jail bou»i> \v iw owed lor the oct'utihiii und llu* Kiit»fit« wcro Mrutcd 'at -'two Mr. and Men. LiiiilHtium left Iroim dtntwly for Boot Autumn New Cities atGrebner e.rn 'arnps. daintines MART <Mid Detroit. wl>«r« will visit, und on tlu'ir rctuni wtl I if at liuiiui nfiei; Nov. 1 ' to thui in tluilr- new uiuirtmontii in th< "The hrldf, whu i» a gruduttto <i Nortli Ulxnn hl«H school and UvKulb Normal vchuol, is H Mlnter uf Mix* I UK jihjVHieal director of tin* high year* nnd has heen n w»tfnUer *oi the Cni; Kllln m-hool fuculty uf tide olty for Ihe pant two ye;tr». Whe lum the finest of honor ut tv munbei uf pi't--nuptial parties. i'Mr. I.lmistrum IH connocted th»« D, J, Stewntt store Hliot ment. jsi u uu'mher of the Klks* p clut> and (iootlffllowxhlu i-lub-and huw muny in thin city to wit<h llu i)* ti son of Mr. untl H. I-iiul.sin»in, G15 Nii|»;l<Hiii wn* fveninK a " 1 LHul«itr"«i>m~lM>«T»' tit • .and on tlu-Jr return u uf uthcr SiH'i.i in iht'lr bonor." uit'ail'M THE BETHANY GIRLS. Hethtuiy tlirls of tht> Trinity chii.ri'h In-lil u pleasant uifeiliiB, last -liMfle on w«<(it Kourt'h street,' were nvadc fur different enler- nts to he given 'thin wiitU>r After the mcftiug tlit? pyoning -ivits spent socially -and refreshments yttsrv ,-d, MISSIONARY SOCIETY TlK' U (EMlar tllvi'tlftg Of tile I'ltli'l^li } SMiiel> uf llHf Filft Melh ihuuh vvili hv In Id Kitd,») aUt-l-' \vitn ,MiH .Vijiie*' I.lnKlf all II tt>" I M . Ill* II Ml. -i. '1 t 0 tt" I'I «•>•' »t €. W. B. M v SOCIETY TO MEET. i' \v u M -ut !<•?y jif ii.> t 'inis Ti irc'li will nuit litiliv .tilunoo _with _Mr-v K.I Hti.tile at «i'Q \V'i i It. IM pi,, -t nl. in a na part of a Chin k'ery ehiiriniiuiT" • toll! V the Mtory «)f her life, watt reiirewenfed hy llnrr IIH rt native Afrieai Miw, .1. D. India wa» ulven hy ii uroup of woinan in and ctilldr«»n, uhly. took thf part nf the Hindu moth IT, M.ra, Andrew Hither wan the moth er-lii-jaw whll" her iw»->ininK datiKh (erti r»pren4)iitt'd u hride und a whh>» WW of hit Ity their ciin- MIM, Kmiiiu tlra> u deserted widow.' Mr«.'\V,' M. JOIIM* «avi> n very ex- ilem'i'Ipllon of her life an at native JdU*loimry, , A wwlul Hn»' £uHowi>Ui tiiu Mid the J. M. |iu'kf"i\ tnd her aj*niniaiUM t-fi v< il A Kt'lieryux folli'i-lii/ji \\.IH taken ll| for the \tlinnk ofl'eFiiiK and over ID* WHS lurried /iitu the "liolilen Jntiilei •'und." 'l^he was ;t'|ttlonally «'Mjoy*'d and wa,s MI v Jbc ladifn have J *>(>'d to I'fpi'Ut It ut (hi 1 IIU*I-tihM jt tin; 1'Miim'i'naHimal Hiv,.|- an- MI on 'rhiii>(lfi.s-al'if i IIMOII, Oct. ;ih. SURPRISE MI3S RUSSELL. Wjliys lUitll Ittl.SKeil VVa.t givelfa pleuti- lit »«vtri>rj»ie lj|»l eVi'llllljl itl tile home 'f J)ui* niQihiT, MIH. lit in y ^iii'ii,'.e.Si,7i | t 'tu'k I'lart",' when 't A p ent>-live of' her I'iunds called uiiexpcii.'l.t'dU ll) remind i'l: iif ..luii'. eiK.htfj'tiih liiriiulay TU' \'fi\lnj; \va« .HPK lit in pl.i.vinu K.MIU^ uut H plt'Si'Dt report 4 line UllH' Mln > tilth \Mit> the lif]pl'-ll! of III HIV pletiv leAetitt Al Ih" close ut Ihe t \ininu ,tint> letlt-.illtt! 11!-, Vi«H- ft'ivd THE CL.A89 IN THE CORNER. The t'la #i in thf-i.'miu i ••! the TIUI- v *liii££itjJillL'.L-.ilL-iiilt, 1 *..'"."' ""Jift. la-it !\i IK- Mir> r M \\\ 1 1« ill in! ui in iH -i I him: sable-, in iliri-i' ruii l ilu- nii'iut .wait Kor\'i'il s. ' Tho talilf ilc< ora.tloim I'/iilhiKlfil of y, hugti tuilli(iiet Ml" xulvili .for thi« centerpiece, nurounded with tiny ie<l e.-uitlh'H and hoiniueiH of red JliilUifl: Itlui—tiiUijLii won* iiuy njil havilu-lh ttllh red rltihon hon«|iiet.s on tin* handlen, TlK-color «chetne was ml and the effec.t W!U» he;mtlfi^, |''olU»W- ing the ilniii'T ttfVfi'al mil.irnial liUk>- Mi»rr ' given and latt'r a iht-atic party was formed and thoy went to two Will•!««*— R — H«trt— tH— thf- hy tht»' i' (illleo from Inbonitory, * At n dejitji of Hourly feet, un IHVUJI cahlo eriiHSos tl dp, slmi in tln> rldgi* Bi'iiariitliij,' the ha^i of the NiirUi' Atlniillc- timi the No wculim wen, and this cnhlo {9 kuown have heeii moVtti in HtOrius. Viol* ,lelii|ie»lH must |>4> f<.|t ovon at. IUUC -tfl't'iiler Caroline Hamblock, Chiropodist YOUNG COUPLE WED j»t_thj : __Qalt Hout» Proved to be • D«l. a htful Affair I ho handh'S. Tlu» color m'hemo wn« red M'isa Darlone Berye and Cm^ltc W«ro .Misss DalrU'iu* town and Mervin Hbnlt% of j.yndun wuit< 'mariK'd liiy. Hoth yoi)ii« pfdjile. are well '. SShllitv. He ha.H lived in [-..vjld^til ;iiu'e he was a ' <«-liihl .'. amF ii»i frifiiilM are many -and iiiu'i-if. The m'oiuu in a farmer and •,V|iet'ls in follow that' oeeupation. TJle '(.<i(de will live Iti -Lyiulou \vjM-r Trt«tm*nt. • • 808 Firit Av«. 0*11 Phant 871- riends ar I hem -wjlb hest she.s fur ;j ) happy. IOIIK and t(U.ot«'»s- 'ill- niaYru-d 'jjie. ,' HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE CLU8. The t'olfta Hou.Hehiild Wcicnce elnl.i vill meet NVi'dnej^day afti'moon, Oet, Mh, at the hvine of .Mrn. Arthur Deetri, \'l| nu'iniuM'ti Jirit mgeit' to ho pri>«*t*iit, "lu 1 (opic« for ili.scu.SMJuii will he, \Voinan'.s. .Share of Hie- Finatu-e,' 1 ' and {^onie Ih'lp in (loiifiekeepins," • q. E. 8. THIMBLE CLUB. * * The KaM; I >l J^I.UH Thimble flub tt ill "III a imeiiim Miuul.^ af^finooii ut he home ol ,\llt< I' II, (JllnMeiul .It '! i.c» u-.| !»liff( f^he will In- a.s- li ii II! « n|ci I.IIIIIHI; hj ,\li>. I Mi 1 - l;.nli All tiu'iiilit i <x an i in- iU m v lied,. >. An Windraere Bordered and Tinted Stationery , FAREWELL DINNER. ( 'In t-t\(hn i y <iuniiiy of populur Kliseti'ln hoth white und limn. Hew iiiur window ditiplny, , .. - > •j Specially Priced 29 cents C i,, Hendricks Drug Co, ^ Skow leht >vli,t u hl« ii v\ i • I' M.X» i>il -'In lion*. At l_L'' cl'"»e of ih" i \t 111114. Ali it tii .him nl .. !•» tfiven * •i i '•". 1. .1,1.1,1 i . HII m_'Jll_ii I'-iiit 'in is a I'utivttll ici .\ir .ui'l MIM. K I" hMiiHi'li and ii,«uj.'hUi' JtuUi.

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