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Sacramento, California
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THli SACRAMENTO BEE WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 19 1934 PAGE ELEVEN IBACIKIrENCE Lamson Will Be Tried Under New State Law POSL CAMPAIGN COSTS $26000 Was Spent In Futile Fight Against Municipal Power System (Continued From Page One) OPPOSING SIDES STAND FIRM IN AMADOR STRIKE Deadlock Persists Despite The Threat Of A Long Closing (Continued From Page One) North City Auxiliary Postpones Meeting NORTH SACRAMENTO Deo North Sacramento Gets $15100 More For School Public Work Administrator Har- A meeting of the auxiliary of old Ickee to-day alloted an out-Amertcan legion Post No 447 set right grant of $15100 to North Sac- SAN FRANCISCO Dec 19 When David Lamson goes to hi second trial for wife murder in San Jose In January or early February first Important defendant California to fare Judicial on the evldfgice in I Revolutionized this both proeecution are drawing tight tinea which will be almost In its processes in the of America In state courts trial been precluded from on the facts of a case such facts being up exclusively by both law the truth of the matter it the vice vena it the way it it done Roy Waters of 2829 Street ooked twice at hit cribbage hand the other night to make certain ie was seeing right He held a ack and three fives and the other ive turned up in the cut giving him a twenty-nine hand That is about as good as they come "They can dish it out but they take 10 mused Deputy Sheriff Harry Bryant after be had watched District Attorney Neil McAllister and Lloyd Buchler Just plain on the wit-nms stand while being questioned by Leo Gallagher during the Juror intimidation Inquiry in the Bed trial Bryant said he has seen numerous attorney on the witness etand and without exception they all made poor IEUTENANT and Mrs Wallace 4 Browning of 1500 Fifteenth Street have the material for a short mystery etory which might be entitled either Lost Boy or Helper depending upon the denouement which they do not know One midnight last week the Brownings were awakened by the brazen buzzing of their door bell The lieutenant followed by his wife bumped his way against pieces of furniture to get to the door stopping long enough to push the release button permitting the caller to enter the apartment house lobby When he reached the lobby from his ground floor apartment Browning found a neatly-dressed youngster perhaps 7 years old The lad asked the price of a lodging and explained very courteously that he had come to Sacramento from Roseville and so far had been unable to locate the home of an aunt on Street the vice president and 8 Spel-man as the secretary-manager Sponsor Of League 1 The sponsors of the organization as announced In published advertisement were: John Maeill Hagglnwood Carl Johnston North Sacramento: Ronald Carmichael McClatchy Nagle Arthur Miller Alden Anderson Louis Breuncr Charles Matthews Ted Landsborough Louis Hornsteln Carl Koch Dr Frank Ochmer Joseph Ptpher 8 Wanzer Frank Atkinson Stephens Dr Turner Mrs A Crook Mat Rarnes Byron Dome Fulton Fred Wing Galt McClatchy A Brinkman Huth Dr Stevenson Dr Gustave Wilson George Spll-man Neubourg and Frank Lattnpe nri Through paid workers the for to-night has been postponed to January 3rd NORTH SACRAMENTO Damage caused by ftr In the north city tn 1934 ts estimated at $2235 by Fire Chief Fred Carlson In his annual report of the volunteer fire department to the city council This is the lowest damage record In the history of the cltv Last year the damage was $501)0 City Inspector John Murphy has been Instructed by Health Commissioner Charles Holtz to assist Poundmaster James Robinson In catching stray and unlicensed dogs Police Commissioner Don Bowles has advised the poundmaster to watch residents who keep their dogs tied during the day but let them run loose at nights An or-dinance prohibits canine from running without a leash on the atreeta Officers Are Elected By Sacramento Valley Society Officers for the new term were elected last night at the annual meeting of the Sacramento Valley Association of Optometrists In the Forum Building and attended by Superior California optometrists Miles McClelland Sacramento optometrist was elected president and Norman Da-vla was elected first vies president The other officers are Jack Hobson second vice president: George Beard third vice president Luther Cochran fourth vice president John Turner fifth vice president and Lewie Hulse secretary-treasurer The officers will be Installed by Geoffrey Davie past president of the stats aeso- elation at a dinner in the Hotel Senator January 22nd The new officers will begin immediately to plan for the state association convention here on February 22nd 23rd and 24th Norman Davis eatd the convention will be on of the largest and most outstanding meetings of optometrists held in the United States Optometrists from all parts of California will attend "NORMAN DAVIS amento to help finance the entv etructlon of the new Grant Union High School FRUIT RIDGE A pageant Christmas Street will be put on by the pupils of the seventh and eighth grades In the school auditorium to-morrow night at 8 o'clock Tha school orchestra with Wilmer Oakea directing will play several numbers and the com-titned girls and boya glee clubs will sing Christmas carols and glees George Heffleflnger and Donald tradition Johnston will give a vocal duet Miss Irma Studley Is In charge of the music for the pageant The school will close Friday The Fruit Ridge Stamp Club will meet to-night In lta new cluhroom at 5310 Santa Barbara Avenue the old library building This room hae been fitted up for the boy by their sponsor Levers Miss Lois Snyder and her mother Mrs Snyder of Fifteenth Ave- he will be the in romment his case Frooees Realizing and defense for a trial revolutionary state courta For a century Judges have commenting before them to the Jury At the people authorized to the well as the this In He may also creditability courte for power The effect Notwithstanding November election the Judges to comment Jury on the facts aa law explaining he is doing an advisory capsclty advise them Be to tha of a wltnees The federal years have had these new law will go into to-morrow his comment nue entertained at luncheon Mon-lmlut be edvlsory attorneys profess day Phil Herrman DeWItt Foster changes Initiated tn RIO LINDA The Ladles Aid of the Calvary Lutheran Church will hold lta semiannual birthday party to-morrow afternoon The Christmae forget-me-not party will be held at the sama time The members of a no-hostess bridge club met yesterday tn the and Conrad Mader here for the Job's Daughters hall Saturday from the Frultvals DeMolay chapter Mrs William Selpert of Siskiyou Street ts visiting her sister Mrs Lena Russell In Fresno Selpert and his son Iaiula will go there Sat- Thomas custodian at the old post office building is like Abraham Lincoln's story of the farmer who had such a big crop of wheat that after storing all he could outside he put the rest in the barn Only with Thomas the problem is finding office space for the various federal departments He has all the hall space taken up and requests for more room keep coming in every day About the only place left is the sidewalk home of Mrs Guenthner oflurday for the holiday the Lamson trial becauae of the Influence of an aasumedlv Impartial judge with his Jury Date Will Be Set One Important phase of the law will not arise in the Lamson trial a clause permitting Judges and prosecutors to comment on the failure of the accused to take the witness stand Iaimsnn told hie story on the stand last year and will do' so again The date of th Lamson trial probably will be set at a hearing Friday before Superior Judge Robert flyer In San Jose Judge flyer however Is not expected to try the cane and the trial probably will go to an outside Jurist Freeport Boulevard for a Christ mas party Lunch was aeived at a table covered with a lace cloth and decorated with red tapers and red berries The afternoon was spent with cards music and an exhibition of acrobatic dances by Irene Johnson Present were Meadamea Carl Johnson Charles Oldfield Lorkman Clark A Harris Devine Guenth-ner and Lester Thorn ARCADE Mr and Mrs Vickery of Eureka foimer residents here were guests this week of Mr and Mrs George Hcllesoe of San Francisco Boulevard Miss Dorothy Lapp was a guest this week of her relatives Mr and Mrs Bert Gale on Carlv Avenue Mr and Mrs Hammond of San Franclaco Boulevard will leave Sunday to apend Christmas with her elater Mrs Busenmhe and her husband Mlaa Barbara Sullivan who Is attending school here will apend the holidays with her parents in Little Shasta Mr and Mrs William Mirk of Houston Texas are guests for the holiday eeaaon of their son and hia wife Mr and Mrs Roes Mirk on Forty-fourth Street Burnett of Norwalk will arrive this week to apend the Yule-tide with his daughter and her husband Mr and Mrs Levers of San Benito Avenue Mias Elleae Glhhy of Stockton spent the weekend with her parenta Mr and Mrs James Glbby of San Francisco Boulevard and posted throughout Amador mining towns reads aa follows: "One day last week three mining companies announced that unless the etrtklng miners sacrifice their constitutional rights desert their union and Immediately return to work as out and out slaves they will pull the pumps and permanently close the mines "Have Called Bluff "We have called their bluff and they may pull the pumps but the miners have remained loyal to their purpose and will continue to contend for the right of collective bar gaining through representatives of their own choosing "SI hundred men In Amador County declare that they never will go back to work except under Improved conditions ana with their union duly recognized as their representative In the matter of col-lectlve bargaining" Marsh Will Go To Jackson I Marsh ecretaiw of the Sacramento Federated Trades Council declared the miners are prepared to stay out indefinitely and that arrangements have been made for their provisions and supplies until March at least Marsh will go to Jackson late today to assist in the plans for the relief of the miners Bays Pumping Continues statement follows: The mine operators are bluffing Water still is being pumped from the four mines affected by the strike In Amador County Only one pump has been removed from the Argonaut Mine which pump Is stationed In the auxiliary shaft at the 6000-foot level It will take four years for the water to fill this level and the four electric pumps in the main shaft still are in operation The purpose of the mine operators in making statements about the removal of the plimp is to play on the sympathy of the people Crew Of Twenty Quit! Work In £1 Dorado Gold Mine (McClatchy Newspapers Service) PLACERV1LLE tEi Dorado Co) Dec Dismissal of the foreman superintendent and assayer of the Kelsey Gold Mine in this county by Willlard secretary of the Kersey Mining Company Inc has resulted in a walkout of the entire crew of about twenty men This was admitted by Wil- Hard of Placerville brother of the secretary of the corporation who i said Hart was placed in charge v- of the property as foreman The trouble appear to hinge on employment of Mexican in the min by A Church foreman Paladine superintendent or both Williard on his arrival from San Francisco Sunday discharged the two officials together with Dettmann assayer It is said dismissal when learned by the miners caused a general walkout Is Protest Walkout The exact number of Mexicans employed in the mine was not revealed but one of the discharged officials said there are a few" while the new management said no definite check has been made but that "most of the crew which was brought to the mine by the former management was either Mexican or transient type of worker" Dissatisfaction with the former management was given as the reason for the dismissal resulting in the walkout The property now is being worked by seven or eight men with new miners being added as rapidly as satisfactory men are found There was no dissatisfaction on the part of the employee as to working conditions or wages it was stated and the walkout was taken merely as a protest to dismissal Mr and Mrs Krebs of Auburn Boulevard have returned from Santa Ana where they attended the state convention of the California Bee Keepers Aasoclation Krebs is In charge of the apiary division of the state department of agriculture and Mrs Krebs hss taken an active part In the work of the womens auxiliary of the organization The falling off of attendance at the Arcade School due to the alarm of parenta over the Infantile paralysla situation has necessitated the closing of th school It will reopen in January slon'a order the company feels obliged to point out thut publication of this information cannot possibly serve sny constructive or useful purpose On the contrary It will undoubtedly be used aa propaganda against private ownership and privately owned utilities and to depreciate the holdings of thousands of Investors who own securities in this and other public utility companies Lists Fxpendlturee The expenditures mad by the company directly were: News Publishing Company Sacramento printing 39510 Sacramento Bee Sacramento advertising Sacramento Union Sacramento advertising Sanders Oakland publicity service and expense 47248 Gerth-Knollln Advertising Company San Francisco advertising and publicity Kennedy-Ten Bosch Co San Francisco printing Don Bloodgood Oakland publicity services 8350 Recorder Printing and Publishing Co SanFian-cisco printing addressing and wiling Hotel Senator Sacramento hotel expense Forum Building Sacramento office rent Time and expense of sundry employes 91788 8250 6300 140092 George Nordenholt who as jfate director of natural resources figuratively found himself holding the ball in the Pratt forestry con troversy was a half back on the University of Chicago football team when Welter Eckersall was the quarter Miss Mary Judge head of the county welfare department and Constable Byron Myklebost of Center Township still chuckle over what once was a most embarrassing moment for both During one of the Communist-Incited food riots In the courthouse basement Myklebost who was visiting at the sheriff's office joined the officer In quelling the riot Myklebost his Identity unknown to Miss Judge dashed into the welfare office as the Communists were being ejected Fire shooting from her eyes Mies Judge demanded to know: "What do you want?" Before the flustered constable could reply Miss Judge followed up with the question whether he had a family Shocked the thought that one so young should bs lost lute at night the Brownings Invited him Into the apartment for a glass of warm milk He refused He Insisted that all he desired was information concerning the price of a night' lodging He asserted also that he was alone "Come la and sit urged Browning call the police department They'll send an automobile down here and take you to your aunt" No sooner had the mention of the police gotten out of mouth than the child bolted through the lobby and out the door And the Brownings went back to bed for little sleep however They wondered whether the child really was lost or had run away from home or perhaps the accomplice of a burglar who used him as a means of gaining entry to apartments They still have not figured out the answer PACIFIC organization solicited members throughout the campaign Numerous persons repudiated their membership after their name had appeared In a league advertisement contending that when they signed the membership cards they did not know they were opposing the public project but believed It was a movement to lower taxes Text Of Report The full text of the report follows: Gentlemen: This will acknowledge receipt of your request of November 26 1934 made at the Instance of State Senator Garrison of Modesto that we file with your commission a statement of expenditures made by this company In connection with the bond election held In the Sacramento Municipal Utility District on November 6 1984 and with elections to create the Bidwell Municipal Utility District In Butt County the Glenn Municipal Utility District In Glenn County the Tehama Municipal Utility District in Tehama County and to add certain amendments to the charter of the City of Alameda Cits Loral Election In the Sacramento Municipal Utility District the election was called for the purpose of voting bonds In the sum of $12000000 for the construction of a municipal electric plant and distribution system to duplicate the existing facilities of this company The proponents of the bond Issue openly stated that their purpose was immediate competition with this company and the ultimata destruction of lta business in Sacramento and vicinity Gives Firm's Contention There was not then and is not now any social or economic need for a duplicate system Sacramento and the adjoining territory are adequately served from the Interconnected system of this company under rates and regulations established by your commission No area in the United States has a better or more dependable power supply and the utility own engineers Ford Bacon Davis officially advised the directors that "tha present rates in Sacramento are low compared with the average of the United States" Hits Competition Destruction of utility systems by competitive methods Is frowned upon by the law in California The public utlltiea act passed In 1910 provides that no privately owned utility may engage in a public utility service or begin Rie construction of its plant without a certificate of public convenience end necessity from the railroad commission While this provision does not control the action of municipalities or municipal utility districts the economic reasons apply with equal force The construction of duplicate systems Is unsound wasteful and destructive whether done under public or private ownership Under the circumstances it was the duty of the officers of the company as representatives of and trustees for the 96000 Investors In the securities of the company to defend and protect the property of the company and Its stockholders A sense of responsibility to its consumers also Impelled the company to the same course for the cost of such destructive competition and wasteful duplication of set vice falls ultimately on them Tells Of Vote Appeal No publicity channels were open to the company or Its stockholders except through solicitation paid advertising and distributed literature It was necessary to communicate with and present the facts to approximately 70000 voters To do this adequately required the use of newspaper and other adver- The Cross Path Fairies a Yule-tide operetta will be presented tomorrow ntght In the Pacific School at 7:30 by the seventy pupils Th school orchestra will play The school will close this week for the holiday and reopen on January 7th got the luck of St exclaimed Joe Quire publicity man for the state fair Let him tell It: I buy a Christmas tree and take It home I put on the lights the trimmings the little ornaments Then I put the cord in the electric light socket press the and presto! It works Which is a record OH SUE OK 13th ta JAN 1st OE BUCK 01 UN 12th ISIS This year go by Greyhound Rida in comfort behind one of America's best driversFrequent service laves time low fares save money Example of Low Round Trips from Sacramento STOCKTON 5 175 SAN FRANCISCO 270 RENO 430 LOS ANGELES 1330 SAN DIEGO 1420 PORTLAND 1755 SEATTLE 2025 Similar low ftret to all other Pacific Coast or Eastern points TIh A I OIrOT rtionc raplfnl 165 Ht Walker A rnt Man Shoots Landlady And Calls Attorney To Get Medical Assistance OAKI-AND Dec Rudolph Andersen 33 a tailor telephoned hie ettorney to-day and in-firmed him had Just shot Mias Sally Neilsen 53 with whom he boarded John fleott th ettorney immediately notified the police who hurried to Mlse Nelleen'i boarding house In East Oakland where the woman was found fatally wounded 'T did It" Bcott told the police Andersen Informed him "Come right up Shea not dead yet Get a doctor" Anderaen opened the door to the police who found Mies Nellaen had been shot twice In the back and once In the chest went he told th officers "The run Is In my He refused to give a motive for the slaying until he had talked with his ettorney The police learned from Mrs A Biunk a neighbor that Miss Neilsen was afraid of Andersen and said ha threatened her Ha suffered a nervous breakdown recently and Miss Nielsen told Mrs Brunk she feared him to be losing his mind Miss Nielsen a divorces raised Andersen end a brother Total $458796 Commercial Bills The citizens' committee has furnished a summary statement of purposes for whlrh the money contributed to it was expended From this summary It appears tha money was expended as follows: Office rent 19645 Telephone 27432 Postage 129452 Office supplies stationery 4039 Newspaper advertising 258676 Publicity (writing and preparation 185610 Expense of meetings speakers ladio 406496 Miscellaneous advertising circulars etc 269131 Solicitors and house-to- house canvassers 856138 Accounting expense 12500 Sundry miscellaneous expense 20552 SERA Official States Sacramento Hooverville Must Be Cleaned Up Hooverville Sacramento's shanty town of 3000 unemployed situated near the filtration plant i going to be cleaned up Arthur Greenlelgh State Emergency Relief Admlnlati atlon field representative visited Hooverville over the weekend returning to San Francisco determined that existing conditions there must be Immediately remedied He law nearly 3000 men women sml rhtldren living In squalor of the slave "We are going to get to work and do something about Hooverville" he said "I find that many of the people there are eligible for work relief and we already have obtained Jobs for aom of them We will do something about housing first I saw seventeen Mexicans living in one room with seepage from sewerR and the levees trickling through the walls "Hooverville is a social and health menace and to allow it to exist Is unhumanltarlan and un-American" Greenlelgh will confer with the SERA officials this week about a building project for the ramshackle community The weather men have been exposed at last Walking down tha street the other day Meteorologist Fletcher and Vincent Stanich of the weather bureau office were stopped by a man who informed them "Now I know where you get your forecasts You go down to The Bee office and read them in the window" For those who do' not know "Yes Myklebost answered sheepishly got a wife but I haven't any children You sea I've only been married six weeks But but I came here to help you" He then threw back his coat revealing a star As the moment of embarrassment passed and each regained compo sure they laughed and then Joined together in the task of evicting the disturbers Where Is So NEW UNLUCKY PRINTER A penniless unemployed man found 25000 marks ($5000 at par) hidden In the mattress of a bed which he was given by a relief worker fifteen years ago But he li no better off financially The money Is valueless bills are prewar currency long since outlawed Total $2189671 Bidwell District Fight Agitation for organization of the Bidwell Municipal Utility district was likewise an attempt to disrupt the company's business and service in and around Chico In Butte County Advocates of the district campaigned for it by attacking the rates service and pereonnfl of the company The officers of the company regarded the proposal aa un economic and wasteful It appeared to them that the organization of the district would result in the company's consumers being saddled with an Inefficient and politically controlled district In which rates would ultimately be Increased either directly or through the levying of additional The Sacramento Washington correspondent said the grant is supplemental to the PWA al-loted loan and grant of $164000 last year for the same purpose and Is to take care of extra expenses of construction Real Estate Transfers Fred Lutz Ophir Merchant Is Deac (McClatchy Newspapers Service) AUBURN (Placer Co) Dec 19 Fred Lutz 62 died early to-day at the Ophir general store which he had conducted for the last twenty-five years Lutz was a ltfe-tlme resident of Ophir and was the proprietor of the single remaining mercantile establishment in the ghost town Mrs Emma Lutz his wife survives Tentative arrangements have been made for funeral services at Ophir on Saturday at 2 followed by interment at the Gold Hill Cemetery tiaing the radio the distribution taxes How Money Wa Spent A local committee opposed the organization lof the district To this committee the contributed $117257 whlrh of literature personal solicitation and a house-to-house canvass The two newspapers in Sacramento supported the bond issue and charged approximately twice their commercial rates for advertising In we are advised waa expended for opposition thereto the following purposes: Columns of space In these news- Photostatic copy of petl- tion for formation of district 10000 Newspaper advertising 31240 Canvassing and distributing liteiature 63000 Printing 6422 Copy of transcript 58 20 Typing 500 Telephone calls 275 B0YINGT0N WILL HEAD ROSEVILLE VETERANS (McClatchy Newspapers Service) ROSEVILLE (Placer Co) Dec John Boyington distinguished service medal man will head the George A Marshall Camp of United Spanish War Veterans as commander He and his corps of officers will be Installed Saturday Jan uary 5th in the Memorial Hall The auxiliary will Install Mrs Mary Williams cf Lincoln aa presi dent papers worth many thousands of dollars were devoted to propaganda in aupport of the bond issue and to attacks on the company hurtful to lta business and Its good will Neither paper gave any material space to facta or arguments against the bond issue Expenditure were mad by the company directly and In contributions to a citizens committee which aa the Excessive Tax Prevention League opposed the construction of a duplicate and unnecessary electric distribution system Stockholders ray Bill All sums so expended wets charged to the surplus and were In effect paid by its stock holders No charge was made In-1 against consumers or rate payers In complying with the commls- STMS SHIPPING Once you phone RAILWAY EXPRESS Those Christmas gifts packages shipments telephone Railway Express to handle them and save yourself time worry and expense In all principal cities and towns a telephone call brings us to the door of your home or business for your shipments We will them to their destination by using fast passenger trains and deliver them promptly by swift Railway Express trucks We give you a receipt when we collect and take a receipt on delivery When ordering from out-of-town ask the store to ship by Railway Express then you know that you will get your order and get it quickly and safely Ask your local Railway Express agent for a supply of free Christmas labels No Extra Charge for Pick-up or Delivery WE DELIVER CHRISTMAS MORNING For service or information merely call or telephone Express Annex Terminal Main 4380 Sacramento Cal The beet there ie in traneportetion SERVING THE NATION FOR 95 YEARS lammY More than seventy-five different diseases may be transmitted to mankind by animals including cows dogs pigs cats horses sheep goats wild rabbits squirrels rats parrots clams fish oysters and a multitude of sect the Men New Gift Corner Jim Patterson's new store has been the answer to many a gift question this year and has saved many woman and many a man too a lot of needless looking around This new corner is not only beauty spot but it is ready with a stock of practical he-man gift things that men actually would choose for themselves Dobbs Hafs Arrow Shirts Neckwear Hose Hickok Belts Handkerchiefs Together with a variety of other suggestions that will please the man they are chosen for But if you prefer to let him do his own choosing a Jim Patterson hat or merchandise order makes the perfect gift Jroy and Emma (wife) OehrU to Jullux and ritinnre I (wife) Iunloth (dead Decemhar 1934) Portion of lot Vs ftto Linda Subdivision 8 containing a crex The Capital National Rank of Sacra-mrntn to John Carlaon alngta paraon (daed December 11 Lot 213 lal Paao Park View Tract 2 Edward and Markaret (wife) Spauld-In to Arthur and Mary (wlfai Tallry (deed December 8 1934) Uaat hall nf lot 2 block 18 Subdivision 6 North Sacramento Sacramento Guarantee Rulldlns and Loan Aeeooiallon to Arthur and Myrtle A iwllel Sweet (deed October 24 1934) Lola 4 and block 12 North Sacramento subdivision 9 Potienxcr formerly Thomna aurvlvtna trustee under Trtiat Deed 293-272 Brown to Pottnrff glngle man (deed October 18 Portion of lote KS end AS Carmlrhael Colony and portion of that etrlp of lend ehown on map lyinx adjacent to and between aald lota Raymond and Matilda (wife) Chrle-tenecn to Le Roy and Delma (wife) Miller Meed January fi 1933) lote 1 2 3 and 4 10 11 eaceptlnx portion! thereof belonging to the railroad company flret partv quit claim unto second party all Interest of first party In lands described aa portion what would constitute weet half of Eleventh Street City of Sacramento extending from eouth line of allev between and Streets norther to south line nf Street aal- city ftret parly alert quit claim to lots 1 and 3 block 11 12 flret perty also quit rlaim to portion of what would con-tllute fart half of Eleventh Street extending from aouth tine of allev between andC Street northerly to south line of Ann Schweninger widow to George Crawehaw my brother (gift deed December IS All that portion of lds 23 and 24 block 23 North Sacramento deaertbed as rommeneing at point on weet line of lot 24 at corner common to lots 6 and 7 block 23 thence north 32 degr 32 mine weet along weetrriy line of lot 24 80 feet thence north 87 dege 28 mine eeet 21H48 feet to easterly line of lot 23 thence eouth 32 dege 4 Omlne eeet 80 meet thence south 87 dege 2H mins weet 2IS4S feet to pleee of beginning Capital City Title Company trustee under Truet Deed I0S-23S Warren to Minnie Heryford (deed December 17 19341 North half of eouth helf of lote 9 and 10 and east 18 feet of north ha'f of south helf of lot 11 block 19 Oak Park and South Sacramento Clyde A Maatln ilngte matt to Paul Lee Bernerdls Ideed December IS 1934) East half of lot IS 19 Paul Lee end Nellie (wife) to Albert Maatln Ida Maatln and Clvde A Maatln (husband wife and arm respectively said eon being single man) deed December 18 1934) Lote 13n 139 140 141 142 and 14J Orangevale Bueh and Omtr Cheek true-t undir Tmt tM 3474a bv Clark to Norman Wd May 2't 1934) North quarter ot lot 5 29 30 A Buh Omar Chk tru- Wi under Truet Deed 26V3tO Otlne to Hattie and Oliver fhuehand Talbot oded November 21 1034) Lot 112 MrKlnlev Bouvrd Traet 2 A Bush and Omer Cheek trustee under Truat Deed 26-73 Tompson to Meta Ppaldlnc and Paul ihusbandl Baur fdeed Heramber 6 -Lot 106 McKinley Boulevard Tract 2 $117257 Hits Proposals Users of the service are continually being approached by solicitors of various kinds with extravagant promises of cheap electric service all incapable of fulfillment Many of our consumers who can ill afford to do so have been persuaded to contribute to such solicitors In Tehama and Glenn Counties the evil was so great last Summer and Fall that local newspapers described It as "a Under such solicitation largely by outsiders not resident within the county proposals were submitted to the voters in Glenn and Tehama Counties to organize the Glenn Municipal Utility District and the Tehama Municipal Utility District The outside and promotional character of the agitation was so obvious that local consumers and taxpayers organized against and defeated both proposals No Part Taken No part waa taken by the company In either election and no expenditure wae made by It either directly or through any agency opposing either district The company took no part In the city election In Alameda and made no expenditure directly or Indirectly in opposition to any amendment or amendments to the charter of the City of Alameda Youra very truly DOWNING Vice President and General Mgr CLUB BRANDY RUM I YACH WHISKEY GIN A perfect Christmas present 1 The ONLY REAL DECANTER (wreppW hi Clfoke) Full Quarts All Strlhr llqvert BJIV Whiskey Rum ami Brandy $200 Gin $1-23 i Alto ie Gallon fifths Pint and Vi-Pic GLASER BROS DISTXIBUTOXS "All Ortr the 3 AGENCY Inc NATION-WIDE AIL-AIR SERVICE Sacramento'i Leading Hatter.

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