Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1916
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

mm. STCRUftG DAILY GAZETTE AITB DAILY STANDARD YI:AU W Tit \\f-K- Thin.) fit ?•• ffi. i, i that rify fj» rr-ft^n -*•>[ Th« Kn»t!i«h rtml b<!«>t> HI ;n)V tv. TERMS OF SUBSCRI Sy Mail, Outttd* of Sterling and Rock FjiUf*, Anywhert in the United State* or Canada €>W ywir In n>l< ant-" ...-.-. ..... t2.S<< Lew* ttmn month*. t>f»r m.-nth sT th-if err:i! b't«! tt;af 'fit-.- ir:.|»-r If ri. m.'irl I u> Carrier In Sttrlinq or Rock Fall*, Of by Mail at th» Stirling or Rock Paid Pestoffic* One yf>ar in Bix monthr In «dvanr«»,., ;.»,,., 2. so Three month* fr« adviuwe ..... . ., J 21 On* month In ndvanoe. . . ; ....... ,< 5 >£ the wp«-k, payaMta to tlw carrlpf .10 fiffi-mHs to «]<:i Fiim'-fhirie I tmvnrd MitMi!»iRg tho rotten n «•.«•< (,f jlip *v*t(>m nf graft- that ] m«\ti*»••«! nil hfg- f-hlf'S tn'«i official*, in- stu'A'i i-f fntloiviris: up hi* '-y^Ti'Mitrr ami ixmi.ohing t!if guilty, are mi>r lnc-llm><l fiff-nfraHy to trump up p«m k!n<! <>f c:1inrKf«i neainst flip v.'mili) b ITU •?'.'.<! U i's.' to arf» <*»ntfijr Tor nmmunitif.n ,nt4 . Thry h*v nn'thffr stores in '• th# * f thn ihratre of, is hnt'i'V. wf>f»?M-'r hn Js inim? K.-HTH- x>r nut.' j*i>«!- tii" ',-f'fi-"olafl«ti thnt fn }i<i can «!>rjrft ,1 fr>w m<!- :r<-.|!!f<in!i'i1 \vlth.Mi-*. r n ));i.s- s'inivHy been flTi<lft<! that '••rrtfrt m-fnt not tell thHr wo wfwi X'«?istr-r. Why *honi<! thfy? Men ..> »,,..,,.-,..^ lu tf .^ uteir ftj» 0 ln\v «'MfY>rc<>r ,'tml him" f OK- It A MIGHTY BAD HABIT pms that eminently at a Jmm'b of yntmff m«*r» «r mtfu boys ftlniuf «'ity hnvo th« habit of auwmbllnif and rutting up high An a rr-snlt it i« «(inif>tinif« to hnv*» nn officfr «n t.h« trr«undii to prp(w?rt-r* ont«>r. Th*> first poHewnan the r-dltor of Tho On?.f(tf «ver saw at a wedding w«* In Str-rl- Inu, Th»>«« tioyn posslhly do not intend to b*i annoying wln-n thc-y ntnrt out, but ono thlnjf I«'/K|«I ' to another, and »<"miPtlnn"H it takp* lite prefwnrp <>f nn offh f r, i»» i>rpv«>nt oon»- ftldwablfl (llsonlcr. Wliit«« tho Knit^ts «tr« In thn hnufff lltffiH.'. t>ov» «*.( nuton out of Hint*, and in many \vayp do annoying thing". Certainly In this enlightened ,-IK<', wtwn evfi'y boy find elri has the advantage of our school system, mid flhould luivi' nt ii'««t norn«» kind of r*«p*« training in tho home, there 1» no rxnisp fur fmrti rnrutltions, The parw'ntH nhoiild th«'in»t«lvo8 ke«'(> }iiind>i on tlu»ir yuuriK x«n» lung «n«URh to know that they wl'l nut \M rowdlPH when they K«'t out of xijtht. «»uld bo comtnondiH^ t>y In making nn example uf Jioodlumlsm at It.i Inrlpicnry. iMithering at a. wi-dtllpg If a « bad habit anyway. The IHH»P|P prMenco in drfdrod nt a winldlnn ore Jnvlted. Olhors ought t<> Imye. man* ner* enough to «t»y awny. And CH- peaially any evidence ' of 1 hoodlutnl«m •hould be prompUy nlpjiod In the Wd. way in the- Jnt^rfst fif the W.hl' h thf'.v fcf-m to ttirtv*>. 'of .1 hen Inxt year. There hen nn<t ih»»r*> GATHERING THE HARVEST Th> .nrtlon of thp grand jury in punning iff? work through promptly and ffnr]inR bills right and Ipft ns it sntfsfartnrj- tnr Bho\v» that thp ,b<wit ipjrglnKr hu«;inp«s In Whitpfildp county Is gfiing to havo ^he .iam<> hnrd ftl^dding it is having f'isf>whf>rp. Another faft stands on ns th»> result of thrs »itting of the Knind jury, and that Is State's At torney I.mlcns didn't Bide stt-p bp cattMe lu> wn« a candidate for rc-plfc lion as protMH'utorn frequently do. Thp «(>rk Went through promptly and tht fpsun hu» hf»*n tho Rathprlng of a !arg» hnrvpst of Indictments against men charged with violating tho local option ns well as other (statutes. JUDGE LAND?8MQET GOODS N'o troHbl<- for Judge Jximli.s to Ret tho goodtt When ht« beginft to ask qne«- tl«nn of \vlt!ip«wtpH thev suddenly dls- • •ov»r thnt they hnd better tell the trvitb, Chlragtt would do well to Invit TJiIidifi to become lietld of the A f-hir hf-n fm laid 3 fifi < rtwy be such "mn.yn't." Hnwball Mill havo Its In a f*-w days nml then footbntl will have ih<* n»ti vrny. The Rr*H*mf>n'« club of se<»tn«»d to run true to name. FHE PINCH BACK f'hirago pUy nip If ROTTEN one half TO THE CORE thn things each side police department for n fow weeks and ho would gels evidence enough agitfiiHt the gntfterw of that city to keep the courts bu*y for some tlmo to como Hut ('hiciigo evidently doea not want % the Ijindln type of law enforcement, It can have It If It does. Every city _getH JUKI what It wants whenever it makes up lt» mind to want any parti- brand of official government. CAUGHT ONHE FLY nnd one-half true then the munkMpal For Best Service ancL lent Call Forster & Sons Funeral Directors Tho great (Chicago Trlbuno other big city paper* make as well n R the small city dally. Ke- cently the Tribune copied nn edlton- «1— from — !{»/*!— Miw»«H>f4l» — Tr41>Hfi<*-h»- regard to th«v brilliant work of Mary Plummer Wright. Next day It corrected Itself by elating the lady referred to wan Mary Wright Plummer. The Onzelte copied the Trlbuno artl- clft-anil The Gazetto 'also correct* the Tribune mUtuke; _____ _ ! Tlmnkn, Mr, Weather Maker, one more right port of day. for Judge Land!* Findc Gambling (Chicago Dally New*) It l» a disgrace to the dity of Chicago that a federal judge nhotild h*" able to direct public atfetlon to far reaching gnmhllng evil* ift thin community which tho auth(>rltie^ profewed to know nothing about before the diKclowurejt were inude In court., Jiiune TjtndiH hn* hail no difficulty in securing .nmneroit* fuctf about the 'Working* of the gambling syndicate 1 . The, Dally News linn exposed thin Hituation tit varlotiB The secretary of the Citizen's ri«socia- tlon dwlares that he 3 h/w known for a liuig time the norry^karnbllitK con- lonN In thl.i city. That orgnnUn- t'iori not iirfr*<juetitiy lia« «ntere<I Itii protest ngalnat thene. condition)!. wan Influential uomij tlmo ngo checking gambling by* idot Jt In devTl-es",~ Vet tin* cioeping paral.viils In tho police department haw continued to leavr Mont Tonnes and his crow in control of Chelr extnnnlve gambling privilege*. Now thnt Judge Landlw as an Jncl- lent to 'i»roc«edlnK« In his court, han placed on record In a Bennat tonal nHnner the frtctn with reference to hi« city's bookmnklng concernn, the •niperimendent of inillce taken notice or the moment 'of matters' with which he. nhould hav«> been familiar all the 1 1 line. Hi» course toward the notori- IUH gambling syn'llc.lte IH contrmpt- ble or WOI-HC. .Mr. Henley should t=<trH— 1+> -4e»Hl- hln«M4f- — to — th*> — b»«^ ufM'K of tho gambling king and his .political HHHoclates. * How long will the Chicago public tolerate an administration of the police department that closeH It* «ye» to flagrant evil* except when forced by outMlde Influences to take notice of iht-m? - -- , ------- '— - D«y Call. Ml No. 9 -- Intw^tat* 0 Nioht C«ll» 8«l" No. 880- InttnUt* 191 IS NOT A VAGATIONrTHIS JOB OR BEING A NATIONAL GUARDSMAN rfl (United PresH Staff Correspondent) [vacation, thin job of being a national an dawa on tha~JHirdler..1 Na I matter what their, occupation in civil I lift*, the clvilfnn 8oldler» are, now I workfng harder thim they ever work- led .buforw. I cheerfully. U a gutt ;.rhere IS another drill 'it IM the. hottest part of t'h«» day. dULLIVANV MALLE Akoacl m It's the most sought after style in young men's suits. It's distinctly-^—young • man's model and this store always showing tfie"new things as soon as brought out-was first to show the pinch back in this community. : • ' : - Although we bought liberally of pinch back suits the unusual demand has made it necessary to double our purchase of this particular model. Now we arc'ready to tell all the TneiTortnTs"c6m m u n >ty" 1 Pinch st assortment of the new w^'have ever shown. Priced And they are doing It ^— &»y-. —If h most KJilllnfT work on .thfi_inen._ ;™Tlip'"a7tiBYiioo"n~'ar'lir'"'T»crlod" IM Jw-j Hponslble for the Bong cntltlpd "oh. wo'U re-nnllBt— Ilko hell we .will." ft I fuvorlto of the clvli^n.-»oiaicrn in| their tents Ht night. About' 4:30 "Htablcrt" nounds nnd the I New Shoes for __ II \ and Men [Is no hor«o to-caro for. At 6:30 tht* ''sunrvlUV rolls out of J hl« cot, .If lie htiH i>nr, to the shrilling 0f the bugle. ' Af^er drcaalnK and washing, ho has thirty minutes to jfepd .waler arid curry hl» liorse and I "iHillce" the* company street8." Policing IB only a s.wefter . name for the work" done "at home,'"by the "whlte- I wings".- •' . At 6 oli-iock the bugler blows the [most popular nolso on the border, the »sn call for breakfast. Then more I i)ollclng and tidying up of 4gnin. About I? o'clock attention IH turnetl to the able* and further policing ensues | for an hour, By this time the nun Is .blazing and liorseH must be cared for'agaJn. -JMtatj a rill-at j "retreat" and an inspection, and! "Kuniilio haw nothing to do .until to-1 morrow, exccpta be in his tent by 11] o'clock when tape sound. me N ewe si in Hats There's Jloom in Western United States for People Of All European Countries j them in our window ui very tasteful and attractive patterns. $1.00 NccKwcar Beautiful new shades shapes in big assortments. 50c, 75c and $1. and —You-will-flad^rery^interesting styles in bur splendid Hat displays; shapes and.colors fresh from the style centers where new things come from, $2.00, ~ $3.00, &00 •~i wiU display today real work of the day begines. From 8 until noo« the pratical work of I making citizens into soldiers The United Statca can swallow »ll of Europe—area, population and all. The entire combined computed aro* o£ tho foreign countries and the area of | the western United Statea |« verr nearly the »ame. wys popular "*~~ Monthly. The diBcrepancy 1« 15,000 sojuare miles on Europe's aide. At the Passing of the Kimono. Fortunately for the appearance 'and . wom- have abandoned kimonos tor house Wear excepting for the bnrnrobe and on I wwe tfme, however. Kuasla itt Europe j io <»»» of aickne^ Tbero'la no great: i .j. . -..A _.. it .:.. . . <r eaconrngement to Blopplnesa and buck of the hu'go encampment. The drilling oover'tt 'every possfblo activity of a Holdlcr. It la man'a yot'k. every ~ ~~~ 'the morning drills are replaced.' by a six-mile hike out into the desert. Again the horaea. havis ana tea be- part of our country, crowding it to the doors with its 111.000,000 of people, being the largest of all the Btoropeaa new shoes in fori> dinner. The noon mcHa-cull Mounda at 1? o'clock^ • From 1 to'S 1 o'clock '1^. fatigue, or ' blacks & nig- gfer trown^, There are & o m e v e r y clever fdeas in these new models. See them -in our .windows, W, J, Bell and Sons^Co 4 $% rebate / t checks ___ la ri& i'u>ii - conimfjuiioried of f i- cer« school nnd ti» Jnutruct th» men in Home of the fine poiiun In tht> care countries, The,state of California has Ample quarters for seven European countries, is only a Utfla^ver Taxiness thftn the kimono, altlibMRh It Is a great garment in its place. The steevoa are itlwaya in the 2,000,000, whereas littio Roumanla alone harbors Just about 7,000,000 inhabitants. NEURALGIA FAINS YIELD QUICKLY Hundreds Find Sloan's Liniment ^Soothes Ihiir Aclies; The slLDptiue'tou.rtkitc jiuliiB of neural- ttltt uiui «c Ulrica, uvw tjulokly relieved by the sootfiltk usti'Fiml application at Sloan's l;Uiliiu'iit. 'Quiets thtv iu>rv'e», rttjleyjvtf tlie nuiult- fei'liiife', ami by ittt tonic iiltcct oil nerve utui miiacutur tiaaue, across the shoulders In Texas, which has a scattered population 6f nearly 4,000,000, whereas Austria-fluogary has jnore than 51,000,000 of people accommodated within its boundaries, Mor« striking, however, la corpulent Idaho with its 325,000 InhftblumB Jiving in an area,'sufficient to quarter J6,QOO r 000 of Europeans living in foot large countries. Then there are Montana and Worth Pakota wltij their 600,000 people enjoying enough room for Spain eod Way, and the fronts huve a habit of presenting themselves directly under ' • '' ' " • " •ftaid it pottei* to mttfce bom« dres«es"to open all the way down ,4Jto front so they ceo be,Ironed wlth» ~" trouble. They c^i) .bo snapped to* Facts and Figures* iLJniiucnt IH cleaner and ua»^ to use t Imn iiiunny pUiattrB . and duos. nut clu|f the Just oit—it iw!wtrati«». Kills pain. You will lind ««ltef in;jt from i Ht'uiimti.sin, iitumlKiu, svtatk'u, ttiff nlu;b. toothiU'lH 1 , etc. - ' Y Fur etj-iiins, -spruiuH,. bj;uis«s, ant) - " ' IjHli li !f^ "• Uses of Paper. The uses i of paper are extending very rapidly. Bags mad« of spun pa- par are a growing Swedish prtKjIuct, and American ,j»anuf«;turer8 are b*- ginning to produce theia, Cojfce bi^gn are tnade of single straud, ypen ,t*n«|. United States last yer» produced JJ31 tons of asbestos. -r Alaska's 1816 mineral production V*a valued at 138,864,229, V Virginia, in m$, mined 18,122,690 tons of coaJ, valued at 17,862,834. Amerlcair exports of canned salmon •re vulued «t' IT^OO.WQ yearly. Cur of Russia's Income Is estimated to be >80 etery 60 seconds. President Wilsott has opened to settlement 148,679 acres of land In 8a* Vicarious. Buay Business Alan (after standing for a quarter of an hour at the te|& i>hone, cautiously behind his hand to tils.clerk)—"Here you. William, ts,ke the'receiver for a while. My wlfc^ got a lot to say to me still. You don' have to answer anything. Only when " ry?' you say very nicely, 'Certainly my dear. Jane.'" . . .,......' According to Inquiries, "It's wrong of me to take this food.' trump, ns he reached out for tho plo in the wliMiow j "but," he added, reflectively, 'Tvo had irepeattMfHln' for It from tho depa*ttoent_of-- the Interior, and 1 shuir now the goods." M., A with-a sheet of-paper pulp Inside. Onion bags are being offered. Several flra» are engiged In making some very Attractive furniture or watBr-proofedi paper reeds wm-pn over wooden and j rattan frorues. Yhe Swedes are uiuk' |1nr a three-straoded epqn-paper rope Itt...*&% for- general use thst Is well spoken of. Paper horse Wioiets sound queer, but sound sUH more odd, But 'tbeyar* making them nev.erthgltita or> a '* Optimistic Thought No omen can be bad to those whosa <Saslfin« wf good.- ••'•' •'• • -^ '•• JUI, Gsls. - Ttie'*Japancs0, who are tho most LflDfri .^rAi (Her, »re muklug aylutoi's suits of olted paper that ere very light and |ta cold. __ S&SMarkelCo.S&S " '.• • '* -'."'' ' •'• fresh Il8h for Friday Bull Heads, Luko Perrh,. White Fksli and (> rtt FLAVORING EXTRACTS . . Our Vanilla Extract Is '.made froin the Mexican Vanilla Bean with best (train Alcohol. •After preparing we Jet it .stand in a tightly cork' e<l demijohn for two years before altering for sale. I( sells at I*H? the' ounce. Kiglit ounces $UH). it |nm> Vunillu; .111.1 Tuukw Hwin <la\(ir io it. Try . wins tnitu'u tin<i hi? vonviucc'tl. 306 First Ave. Man Eats Much Meat,. Mankind at large uses In the neigh/, borbood of 47,000,000 pounds of meat a year,. » *l Olplomatlat A diplomatist Is one who never do«f with a club whut he can do with « hairpin.—Life. • - . questionnbly soil tor $0.00 had we uot bought them be- foi'o the latest riso in priuel. ! V Now $6.00 To Ohoose From: 1, Blnok glazed . k'id with White or Neutral* Gray Kid uitpora., . "2. jjusti'puH Brown with White Kid uppers, ""'«". l)ur ; k~ (Iray w i tit U#ht (iray Ki« in nil vr Uiuwn Kl> I6.QP Shoes Beady for Pall are now Ready for All »Seo our bountiful fitting Black Jv'ul sliac% s'hoym in IUCH and button, Glazed ; Ki<l or Dull Kid. 13.00 to $6,00 fll.G,Brf I •__ j,_ w********* iy 21 K. Third Ht. ^. W, Mason r^i t'lti^ shut' ivjiiiinui

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