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7 Ur Jfyl EIGHT THE CHARLOTTE (N C) NEWS TUESDAY JUNE Id Sensible Leaders Needed How Fortunate We Are The Charlotte News Once Again and As Usual The Over By a PHILLIPS And Evening Chronicle Published Week-Day Afternoon and Sunday Mornings by The News Publishing Company Inc Dowd Jr President and General Manager 9 (W 0 Dowd 1865-1927) MM Entered at the Postofflce at Charlotte Second Cissa Mall Matter The dally edition of The Charlotte News was established In 1888 The 8unday edition was added in 1910 The Evening Chronicle established in 1P08 was purchased by and consolidated with The Charlotte news May 8 191 President Twltchell' Baccalaureate Gentlemen of the Graduating Classes: You have completed four years of study In dear old Gowanus and are now about to go forth to carve a career in a cold and practical world You could not have chosen a more Inopportune time for the undertaking Were the college alive to Its responsibilities It would keep you here another year or two until the outlook becomes a little more cheerful Those of you whose parents still have money face no Immediate terrors but my heart goes out to the boys of 1931 who must find a way to make a living without delay Not until someone who has been devoid of something which the rest of us have always considered a birthright suddenly calls our attention to the wonder of our possession do we realize how fortunate we are Dr Moore who operated on Earl Musslemm in Philadelphia the other day did more than open the eyes of the 22-year-old youth who had been born blind He showed the rest of us who have a habit of looking at things without seeing them just what we are mjssing Musselman is eager to start to see He has an enchanted world before him A strange world for he know blue from pink when the bandages were removed and he saw form and color He know a sunset from a moonrise or a blond from a brunet The scenery around may not always be pleasing but there should be infinite comtort in knowing that we can see instead of having to rely on the sense of touch Scientists such as Dr Moore mean infinitely more to civilization than did the warriers who set out to conquer Gaul Mere conquest of territory no longer receives the highest accolade Humanitarian service comes first The News is a teased wire member ot the Associated Press and the United Press Association The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication cf all newt dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited and also the local news published herein Republication of copyrighted articles herein is prohibited Special dispatches that are not copyrighted may be reprinted by giving due credit to The Charlotte News Ths News desires to be promptly notified of errors in any of Its reports that proper correction may be made at once There are times and this Is one of them when I have my doubts whether I am carrying out a necessary college function or merely contributing to the unemployment situation For four long years gentlemen you have been preparing yourselves to take part In the battle of life and now when you are ready to cast off your ukuleles and leap into the fray what do you find? An armistice! SlBhURIPTION RUES One six Three One One Year Mos Mos Mo Week By Carrier liooo 15 oo 12 50 I 85 20 By Mall 800 40Q 300 75 Bunday Only 2 00 100 Subscriptions (except weekly by Carrier) accepted only when paid In advance Uncommon Sense It has been my custom on this occasion to say that the world la calling to you Today I frankly admit I hear nothing but static And even that is negative By John Blake mr TUESDAY AFTERNOON JUNE 16 1931 Inasmuch as decisions in all important matters should be arrived at without haste the responsibilities involved behoove the public to begin now to give consideration to the position each individually will take regarding the problems and major issues of the approaching National campaign Almost eighteen months must elapse before the citizens by their ballots will determine the results of the budding political contests In the meantime however many major decisions must be reached public sentiment must te crystalized as a preliminary to the making of nominations in primaries or conventions opinions must be expressed with the spirit of assisting political leaders in shaping policies which are calculated to work the greatest benefit to the State and Nation These things lack any element of the spectacular but they do offer numerous reasons why popular interest should be heightened steadily for thereby will be raised a strong bulwark of protection for the National welfare and a powerful inspiration for the men who will be chosen for positions of leadership The campaign already is progressing through its earliest preliminary phases The present situation gives abundant assurance that the outstanding issue will be one of economics The unprecedented extent and duration of the present depression in financial and commercial and industrial affairs has reached with its unfavorable effects into every office and factory in the United States High authorities go further and declare that more than three-fourths of all the people of the world have suffered Nothing particular is to be gained by attempting to ascertain whether or not the United States have suffered as much or more than any other nation or all the rest of the world The fact remains that out of this depression has come opportunity of many phases for constructive leadership wise planning calm thinking and persistent action on the part of those holding high places in government The greatest single source of helpfulness for those executives in governmental affairs is an enlightened confident encouraging public sentiment Aside from the values of public opinion 83 a source of inspiration for shaping of policies for the developing campaign the public should be mindful of the fact that present administrations yet have two years of service in tjuir guiding positions The good that thoughtfulness on the part of the public may do is not limited therefore to the privilege of formulating in some measure the policies of excutives who will assume their duties at some fu'ure date after being elected next year Popular guidance means just as much the assisting of present administrators in avoiding mistakes and in providing the essential able leadership as it does the impelling of campaign leaders to avoid demagoguery and platitudes and to demonstrate their abilities in well-rouided sensible formulae for a national forward movement Bible Thought Borne of you gentlemen have studied with the Idea of a career In business trade and finance: the pity! A new recruit In these fields is at the moment about as Indispensable as bicycle bell on "The Spirit of St Louis" Some of you plan to enter the medical profession and for you I can only hape theie are people who can still afford to be sick Otheis will go forth to be engineers lawyers chart makers hook reviewers Tom Thumb golf attendants and radio crooners a truly depressing outlook FAITH AND faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cam by which he obtained witness that he uas righteous God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet 11:4 The Trouble Dodger Once while I was working on a newspaper in New York the editor in charge died and a man from another paper was employed to take his place The second in command was a well Informed man who had been with the paper a long time and knew all Its requirements I was surprised that he was not promoted and said so one day to the owner "Doesn't long service and ability count in promotions?" I Inquired ought to" replied the boss "and It often has But In this particular case It didn't and for Just one reason "The man who was In line for the editor's Job Is as everybody in the shop knows competent and able and understands all the ins and outs of the place "But when a crisis comes up he will not take responsibility He Is always afraid and a man on a newspaper which is continually up against questions of policy be afraid I'd forgive him for making mistakes but I never will forgive a man for dodging" A noted archeologist has discovered that mankind had no conscience 3000 years before Christ Come to think about it it has nore too much of it 2000 years after But as I stand here adding to the overproduction of gas nothing tears at my heart like the realization that in this ggraduatlng class there are as always a certain number of boys destined to become bond salesmen I can Imagine no field where the prospect is so bleak unlers It be In the business of designing neckties for Mahatma Gandhi When I think of a young man trying to sell securities In these days I go weak all over Copyright tv PttAHe Itdgtr i Everyday Questions Lest I seem too gloomy let ms say that I am aware there are some members of this class for whom the immediate future is not dark They will I know get work and go on to fame and fortune I refer to the students who during their college ypars have shown ability as southpaw pitchers radio tenors and dance orchestra leaders Manhattan Days And Nights Answered by Dr Parkes Cadman By WALTER TRUMBULL This same condition I am sure exists In many concerns besides newspapers The responsible man must not be afraid of responsibility Some of his decisions are bound tod go wrong but even If they do and he gets In hot water over them that Is better than running away from trouble I have known men to lose their Jobs through over-confidence but rarely and the men who thus euffered had more confidence la themselves than their abilities Justified I have known trouble dodgers to keep their places for a long time by "passing the in an emergency or doing nothing when something should have been done But they all have lost out In the end aa they deserved to This world is full of trouble and It is better to meet it even if results are bad than to run away from It As well might a prize fighter follow the motto that he who fights and runs away will live to fight another day A good many pugilists have modelled thetr careers on that plan but none of them ver got a championship Come what may however your years here have not been wasted You have absorbed certain invaluable things that will be a satisfaction throughout your lives ask me to name them That is my story and I am paid to stick to It I pause and call attention to our outstanding graduates Where are they And how murh are they out? Let us not be material Glens Falls Will you give a list of books which will assist a man twenty-six years old who is endeavoring to readjust his attitude toward life along -moral lines! He now has the idea that Fate governs everything and takes the attitude that nothing therefore matters icry much This man is a friend in whom I am interested Into High Gear This is the week that Charlotte's municinal government goes Into high gear For a month now preparations have been in the making and the motor of the municipal machinery has been warming up Now everything is in readiness for the new city manager to take to the controls and start things humming Pridgen the energetic young engineer who has made such an enviable record with the State Highway Commission during the last 10 years Is expected to appear at the city hall in a few days and assume charge of the administration of our government We are confident that the new administration is going to measure up to the expectations of the public The five members of the council are seriously concerned with the problems that have been presented to them and in the month or so that they have served they have conducted themselves in pffice in a manner that augurs well for the future now comes the fulltime city manager who will take over the responsibility of running the government and we repeat we believe that things are going to work out splendidly Problems enough to try the souls of men are appearing and must be solved Let us as citizens give our governmental leadera every encouragement and support They are working for our benefit and it is to our advantage for them to make a huge success Yount: Christianity And so gentlemen I wish you luck as you go out into the world You will need It And If you have enjoyed this hour you may write station WXYZ and ask for a tube of Weemlsh's Nall Polish I thank you You are bound to have troubles In your work some of them will be serious But even if you are afraid of them tackle them and keep at It Every trouble you lick gives you the confidence needful to lick the next one I have never known a great or even a fairly successful executive who was a coward and I never expect to The race may not always be to the swift but It Is almost Invariably to the man who has nerve and stamina and isn't afraid of taking a chance now and then mi pwi Sd i Once Again and a Little Sinner! "I am fascinat'd by the childishness the charm the beauty of American women" said hlR Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Alexander "I was first fascinated forty-four years ago It was In Shanghai but no wait till the publication of mv memoirs" I want to hear It 1 well listen They may be cowboys In the morning riding horse-back In the park and all but In the evening they are transformed chic exquisite because they are clever enough to be that most important thing truly In New York Journal More Poetry By James Montague a1 character? The effect on our young people is most harmful Motion pictures of an objectionable character present an extremely difficult social problem Considerable ability is necessary to invent and dramatize a plot that culminates in a striking and popular representation of life which at the same time illuminates and elevates the mind and heart of the average audience But if there is not sufficient demand by the public for pictures of the latter type what are we to do? As the case now stands the lack of originality now apparent In the average scenario is pathetic Hence the tendency on the part of producers to fall back on appeals to sex instinct and morbid curiosity These purveyors to National weakness draw aside the curtain which is supposed to hide the immoralities either of the city the countryside or of history The results thus secured are cheap easy to produce and what is more to the point they pav well Until genuine artists with a conscience come into the business as producers directors and creators we shall be at the mercy of those whose animating purpose is all too often to exploit base impulses for private profits At any rate that will be the situation until the cleaner ideas of censorship become either a written or unwritten law Then business men and investors will not be so ready to put up their money for the production of films which may be rendered worthless by an adverse judgment or an injunction against their release to the public It will take some time to make such censorship truly effective but if necessary it will be accomplished If the leaders of the motion picture industry do not know how to conduct it as they should they will have to be taught The cost to them may be high indeed but the preservation of the Nation's morale is of infinitely higher consequence We can do without if we must but we can never do without morals if we are to continue to exist as a civilized nation Charlotte will have the opportunity to see a very practical demonstration of modern Christianity here this week when the several hundred delegates to the 33rd annual Christian Endeavor convention gather tomorrow for a three-day meeting Embodied with this gathering will be that new age of Christianity that combines smiling faces with worship to the utter banishment of the proverbial long face of our Christianity These youngsters have been taught and are learning that a singing and a happy heart can worship the Deity with just as much and more reverence than if the service is overcast with gloom This is getting away from the old theory of sackcloth and ashes It is the modern theory of sunshine and freshness replacing things and places concerning worship that are dark and stuffy And this new viewpoint of religion and religious worship is just about the only thing in this day and age that is attracting the bojs and girls into the church and church activities Christian Endeavor and Christian Endeavor methods conform with all of the ideas of the joy of living that young people are given by nature to hold as an inalienable right It will be interesting for Charlole reputed to be the second greatest church-going city in the world to watch these several hundred young people and their activities and programs at Queens-Chicora College Wednesday Thursday and Friday Not So Very Tough If all who know some man or woman who has fallen by the way would emulate the Good Samaritan as you do we should salvage a great many more social derelicts than we do Be sure and tell your friend that no matter what he reads the struggle and its outcome are decided by him with God ever present at his right hand to aid every upward motion of his heart I suggest the following books as a possible source of assistance: "The Lure of by Vaughan (Holt Co Psychology" by John Adams Doubleday Doran) "The Enlargement of by Denison (Seribners) Motives of by George A Coe (Scribners) Stream of by Geoffrey Parsons (Scribners) "Morals of by Ralph Sockman (Harpers) and Victor" by John Oliver (Macmillan) "Fear: The Autobiography of James Edwards" by John Oliver (Macmillan) "Microbe by Paul de Kruif (Harcourt Brace) History of Science" by Dampier Whetham (Macmillan) "Since by Philip Gibbs (Harpers) Second Twenty Years at Hull by Jane Addams (MacMillan) and in a Changing by Abba Silver (Richard Smith) Fort Wayne Ind If you and your church members were as honest as you pretend to be you would admit that rich men have no place in the doctrine of Jesus your founder? Why not fellow His teaching? The Catcn In Husbandry Last Spring I observed: "If a garden I grow Filled with lettuce and spinach and beans Mv dally expenses will run very low And perhaps I shall husband my means Why pay out my cash for the green-grocer's stuff When my family all may be fed From a garden that furnishes more than enough And at merely a few cents per head?" Somehow It still Isn't quite clear Jeas Sweetaer famous golfpr has re-entered Wall Street What the average Investor would like to know Is whether It ir all right to use aandwedge to get out of the I always have been Interested in Inventions I do not mean tne steamboat eewlng machine telegraph telephone gas engine or airplane I know that those are wonderful things and that ws couldn't get along very fast without them but any one of them la too complicated for me to understand I like to drive an automobile but I have no great mechanical knowledge of what make It go And I like to ride In an airplane without any too clear an Idea of what makes It stay up Besides we Just take thoae great Inventions for granted and let otheis worry concerning their construction and operation I did try to find out once about a sewing machine It was not a successful Investigation As I remember I was trying to sew a patch on a pup tent and I haven't heard the last of It yet Of course It might have been a Just a small jib or something of the sort It was a long time ago but I well remember that It resulted in words You might have thought I was trying to ruin the machine Such unjust things were said that I haven't taken a sewing machine out of its garage since But the Inventions in which I always am most Interested are the smaller ones the gadgets and thingumbobs the inventions you see around the house in the windows of drug and hardware stores I know that Ericsson was the Inventor of the monitor that Davis Invented the refrigerator freight car that Lake Invented the submarine But those are not gadgets for the home The real benefactors of the fireside have been such men as Hunt who thought up the safety pin There was a humanitarian Inventors are supposed to lead hard lives although I notice that Tom Edison George Eastman the Pullmans the Goodyears and a few others seem to have done well But as a rule Inventors are assumed -o be a class who make money for others Then too Inventions go out of style Hyatt for example Invented celluloid but you rarely see a celluloid collar nowadays I did see one on a noted Englishman who visited this country but aa a general thing they are out Inventions along feminine lines are especially precarious Women are notably fickle addicted to change Where now are the curling-irons kid curlers bustles and other inventive elds to beauty which used to grace the home? I know a man who like myself Is deeply attracted by inventions for the kitchen One day he bought a sort of maglo cabinet which was supposed to do about everything for the family except the actual eating It would peel potatoes beat eggs wash dishes but It was not a big success It seems that the machine really was Intended for a hotel It scorned to peel one potato its minimum capacity being about a bushel Besides the man's wife was on a diet and eat potatoes I got Into a hardware store by myself some years ago My wife always has said that nobody who was not present when they arrived ever could Imagine the number of useful inventions I bought It took a couple of days to put them away and several seasons get rid of them to So I bought me a spade and a rake and a hoe And a few dozen pockets of seeds And read up on methods of making them grow So they shortly might serve all my needs The aphldea and beetles did mischief of course But these vermin on poison I fed And watched them with never a pang of remorse While they fell from the plants cold and dead Frank McErlane long called the toughest of all Chicago gunmen seems to have gone completely insane He was picked up by police after he stood on a street corner and blazed frantically away at empty space with two shotguns and when he insisted that he was beating off a swarm of foes they prepared to ship him of! to some quiet hospital Those familiar with the situation saj thst fear of his underworld enemies caused the man lose his mind and that fact sheds a repealing light on the stature of the average gangster This McErlane remember was the toughest pf the tough But common every-day cowardice drove him insane I Where then is the tie-man ruggedness the emotionless self-control the square-jawed self-reliance that the gangster is supposed to possess? Or is the average gangster perchance just a powardly rat? A "worry room" has been set aside In the White House We hope strangers are not allowed to look In when the President Is having hla dally fret Iceland says a dispatch hae no army no navy no national deficit and practically no unemployed But It Is still Iceland Jut Another Problem But the beet tops soon withered the beans failed to sprout The lettuce grew flabby and pale The early fall strawberries failed to come out And wholly Inert was the kale So I went to a neighbor and asked him the caue Of the course that my garden pursued And he told me that following natural laws A garden would have to have food Presidential Forecast It may be Roosevelt Ritchie or Al Joseph or even some gal But the Banshee regarded by some as a faker (By others upheld as a candidate maker) 1 Is Inclined to believe that an eminent Quaker Will rare with a gent known as Newton Baker ROOD Little Note Book By Lee Pape A Little Bit Mixed Now here was a alip-up of nature indeed 1 No sense In the thing could I see lor I had on my hands a great garden to feed Which I fancied would shortly feed me So I know why the farmers are In such a plight And for yearly relief must entreat The poor things must labor far Into the night To get food for their oat and their wheat IIow It Started By Jean Newton UP TO DATE We are afraid that the plan to voyage to the moon Is Just a rocket racket The Idea of the chairman of the Board of County Commlssioneis of a job for everybody who wants to work rather than charity payments is a good idea and as the rhairman said all that is needed is a workable plan Millions of dollars worth of brains can be found in the United States but they yet found the answer to that There's Andy Mellon supposed to be the last word in financial sagacity money-making money-saving ideas and jet the problem has him stumped There's Henry Ford Tom Edison the Rocke-'cilcrs Schwab and many others who have conquered problems by the bushel but this one is too much for them This Job for everybody who wants to wok problem is like the wheat problem a surplus of wheat yet many people are lacking bread like the cotton problrm a surplus with the grower getting nothing for cotton but other people going ragged fiui pluses surpluses everywheie stuff piled up bushel on bushel ton on ton and yet thne is also a surplus of people lacking Jobs Mr Sherrill's plan is for public works give the unemployed a chance to woik on desuable construction It just needs working out Rome folk think that evcrjbody should have a government Job then there would not be any kicking against the Job-holders But ibat would be it la objected socialism or It is something of a commentary on the kind of civilization in which we live that a big New York musical revue recently put Into effect a minimum wage of $100 a week for Its chorus girls Not of course that anybody ought to begrudge a chorus girl a ntce fat pay envelope If she can get her hundred a week mwe power to her She's lucky But while this was happening every city was filled with skilled workers at useful Uadvs who could not get jobs at all Every industry was full of trained mein who had had to take sharp reductions in their pay Every town from the largest to the smallest had plenty of men who were glad to get half-time or quarter-time work It is a queer country isn't It that offeis 1100 a week to chorus girls while it can't pay some four or five million useful workers anything at all? ITS CHIEF BERWICK About the Only time Congress affords the country any relief is when it adjourns First let us find out what it was Plainly Jesus did not discriminate against men of wealth On the contrary He accepted their friendship received a prosperous publican into His discipleship and loved the young ruler with great possessions who failed to meet the test He imposed on him This attitude harmonizes with all we know of the Master since we cannot conceive Him repudiating a teeking soul of any rank or condition Yet Jesus also thoroughly understood the peculiar perils of wealth and warned those who heard Him against them "IIow hardly bhnll they that have riches enter the Kingdom of Heaven" is a divine verity enforced by human expr-rience Not a few rich men of the predatory kind need to be taught that there are ministers who and churches which cannot be bribed into rondomng their offenses The fortune of one man which is built on the ruin of thousands of men or obtained by methods outraging every instinct of right and justice will yet sink his soul into the gieat abyss But the fortune of another man who honestly accumulated it by creative ability and also by Its means increases the welfare and happiness of his fellows entitles him lo greater functions and responsibilities hereafter This is Christ's doctrine in discourse and parable and they are wise who heed it He did not oppose wealth as such though He preferred the poverty He exemplified He absolutely revoked the rule that in hard game the weak must go to the wall He as LOOK AT THE FAY-ROLL Some economists contend thst the country hag outgrown Us government but It our belief that the government has outgrown the country Copyright 1931 for The News Some arc almost ready to submit 'he Ten Commandments to a Rev Dr Hugh Kerr Pittsburgh Pa We was eating supper being stake under onions and rna sed Perfessor Rambler gave us a very intrlsting tawk at the club meeting this afternoon it was on the subjeck of making the beet use of our time and ho delt In particular with the habit of reeding newspapers in general He claimed that If the average person spent the time In serious etudy that they spend reeding newspapers in a few years they would have a nollege of history sufficient for a llfe'lme or else they would know so much about astronomy that If they just looked up at the sky they would know Immredttly everything that was going on up there ma Red There a a lot of truth In that pop Red After all what ha a man found out after he's spent 2 solid hours poring over the days paper? He's found out that some man he never herd of has shot his wife for serving him cold splnnltch Bnd that the Duke do Noodles la engaged to marry Violet Smudge the heiress to the Smudge millions and the Smudge pointy nose and thst Senator Skttts has called Senator Htts an old fathead because Senator Fitts lefuied to vote for a 3 million doller post-office for the village of Tanktown for the reason that Senator Skitts objected to the government paying for a 5 million doller drawbridge over the O-kahoola creek Now am I sn intelligent man In spending 2 hours in finding out that sort iff thing when I could have mastered 2 Frentrh verbs in the same amount of time? he sed Exnrkly ma sed and I sed ma pop that reminds me I saw the paper boy around the corner and I got our paper from him so i could look at the funnies and then I forgot about It and left it on somehodys frunt steps and I net its not even there now For Feet sake do you pieeu to lay Modern Fagin The "Land of Dixie" A reader inquires about the origin of "Dixie" Not a single reader of this little story but has thrilled to the martial Inspiring strains of "Dixie" that wonderful Southern song which wa written bv Dan Fnimett for the old Bryant Mlnstiels end which more than any other one thing popularized as the name for the South It Is Interesting too in this connection to note thst "Dixie" was first sung at a performance at Mechanic Hall In New York til the year 1859 But why did Dan Emmett pick on "Dixie" aa the name for the South? Many explanations aie forthcoming One Is that Dixieland Is so railed bemuse it lies south of the Mason Dixon line A mote plausible explanation Is that It got Rs nams from the fart that one of the laigest landholder and slave oxnera in the South during the prr-Clvll War davs wa a ft man named Dlxte People go) Into the hnhit of referring to hi territorial holdings ss "Dixieland' or the land of "Dixie" and both these expressions soon became entrenched in the Southern lexicon Another and perhaps reasons explanation is the fact that in the early dajs of our country's history the ten-dollar hank notes which were Issued In the fctate of Louisiana had the word "dlx" engraved on them meaning ten In FTeneh This was due to the large Freni population of that section And It 1 Just conceivable that in the Course of time the extreme South era pm Mon of the country should have come to be referred to as th land of "Olsioa" Limitation of armaments has not yet gore so far as to include merchant vessels but it is evident that merchant fleets are indispensable auxiliaries to war Captain George Steele Jr naval officer The moat successmul Inventors ol today appear to he those who are working on liquids I know one msn who claims he can make champagne out of parsnips end he certainly ha succeeded to some extent It practical deceives the Is only when you taste It that you dU cover the invention is In the formative stage Inventors of labels they tell me have achieved even more sucres Economy Is Responsible Mrted the principle of stewardship and not of absolute ownership in A rcv) title study of the 18th amendment by some of the best minds of the Country reveals the fact that it does not curtail ror destroy ordered Dr Walter Dexter When Dickens wrote "Oliver Twist" it was generally taken for granted that Fagln the professional corrupter of youth was about as aeoundrelly a character as any novelist could invent too seoundielly to exist in real life Compared with tome of the underworld rets of today however Fagln looks almost like a gentleman What for example would Dlzkens make of the Cleveland bootlegger who was convicted of hiring a 15-year-old boy to undertake the dangerous work of liquor from rival bootleggers at $5 a gallon? Dickens piobably would be interested tod to note that this modern Fagln got off with a year in the wotkhouse and a $500 fine There are times when the charge that we coddle our criminals teems to have a bit of truth Prohibition has established the speakeasy as a National Institution -Mrs Cortlandt Nlcjll the use of material means This principle has but to be obey'd to i retire the maximum of brotherhood peace and good will And though He entrusted its application to the conscience and judgment of Ills followers this trust was qualified bv His assurance that they must give an account of their stewardship The people of both the city and the ounty and for that matter the entire State are going to find that the schools will not be updated as lavishly as in the past when (lie new State law gets to work and there may bo sonic rather serious points of retrenchment but wo may as well get it into our heads owe and for all that there is no such thing as having our cake and eating It too If we want economy and we have got to have it whether we want it or not the only way to hate it is to do without some things even in educational hues that we have become uzed tc The West is too materialistic selfish end narrowly Mahatma Gandhi Im not Rning to have a newspaper thi evening? pop aed How am I going to smoke my cigar without a newspaper? he aed and ma srd 1 cant imagine a more Urltatlng thing for anybody to do than to go and do a thing like that how can you be so thawtless now youll Just go nut and get a paper If you haff to try a duzen newsstands Wlch I did the newsstand In frunt of the cigar etore it 111 having on left We should have allowed the war Inflitlon to be squeezed out 10 years Melvin Harnsbing Pa Is theie anything tie can do to rid ourselves of many "movies" til either questionable or degrading 1 4 SAW Ki3SS Ji AmJMfUx UtfJ A A io-a.

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