Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1916
Page 3
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Writing. '• -,• is in r mV'\ •••»*!••;;! ;tni? un» lij v<-r.« !.>v first ami yrroirul r t. O (U:'t Weht?( n! n r •! n i • i m • -:; w f: • • 7 : -- ! <• , \ s S • ,,;•* *M.«, »- 'I. r.TIB >M>V« 1 I' uruU-r. ffil 1 t yr>:i:- rf ,"»nd ovpr. -tinfif «• f.T (!•.. .-•Hi d';-! •i <i.i.«h •U- |:l«-'t Cif!«r. for fii-ut ,S!vi«i''n. [Wonderful for Bath JAP ROSE i*w**fid "S«*<l«r Wtnfct fet^ 1 itfully refreshing and invigorating, €!e*m« perfectly and w»fc« off fcully, Tfie tolltt to*p /•• but little-It' »alllath f r r Ihrw Simpte Writ* }»frt« R Klrfc & Co , D*pfc3JB,Ch{e»fo,U.S, A. • >:>.! ;>itn[i 0 fri-rn f. Sark r.-u-f. DrmtrJintif rn T(nv«-l r;iff. Tni; iff \v;»r_ rt »•• !;!! t for fuur t*>,'ini.i II »"-Mf h Sld«', Kivf-ri In \V. .1. -|iri?'- in w«n»i|- Seymour fde Placed On Trial Yesterday At Oixon For Death Of His Wife. The First Panel Was Quickly Exhausted and New Was Gaffed For Today. "\ rri'tMf ldl<- tnnrdt ! r (: tin- '..iii in! . i ..--,!!! > • M tint thf» rfRnlur r w?«s *'^!iriHitr?l .m iw-n had t>*-fu ftce**! 1 * ^ -•'' ril.iy ti''! of only . with -Ix writing CORN CARNIVAL re Held All Day Wednesday, October 18th At Fenton. |he FVnlon i "urn t " will lie at l-Vntmi on Wedn^ndny, Oct. Th(*re will be it Imll «ame nt ('clock In the. niornlnK Aid. the ev- ship, will start »t 8 o'clock.' and n IT as fol- i r M. Presttty, 2f,c fur I in >'iuh f1ivl«fon, j \V, ,!, Ki>r(lt. JJ.."i't p.'iir jtho lif'-:t yHlow fiin. I.Jhhy MrNVil nnd 5ftc for i(f<<» jwhite cuke. Hoc for h*>«t dark rak#. ttOc jfur Ijcst rrcM-kPtlhpfi'hy pupils 10 yt-nrw |;unl iivt-r. fiOc fur hfpi whltp Apnin. Z5o Jft\r lii-st c'llnrfii apron. 2Br fur l»c«tt Inlr [f»»tlnti>«>s<. i'.'c fur 1>«|!! 3 titittonhnlr'n hi pupH* uiiclnr Hi ytoirs. '250 for bt*l ixil- llninjt. L»HB Wright. $l,nn iiox cnruly for ,t. K, Liki-M, A t2.r.i> I'arkfr's ("nrv»* finintain pm fur HIP In-st corn. M. It. I'ntld-. Sue for the lipwt curly potnluen. 2i'r "for ti(>.«t <btrninj{. LTic f*Tr 'lii-fit pa fi<ir for hf.«t mni» »ton~-Cora M. Honk ami Nellie teacher. ™ Rf.fa l>eter. olor green lie oppoRed by Kntertrinc Horning teai'tier. pburn— Mnrtha BurrtH. ikiit Bandrldi?.' Maude Hlckey'. olor— Yellow. lie following 1-xhliiltn will cunslK follow) UK; • Of yellow wi n. C earn of whit S par* of |it>|i corn, tnllest nliU i com. largpHt Mimfloww. lnrg«»* cucumliiT, bPut hdk< 2!vr fur tb<* bpsl tnnp nf l-Vn(on .. for bo*»t fipplcH.^ IT intprPHtlHK ii nt tho town' hall that «»vi'nlriK, cin- your at S p. in. uhnrp, the dntc' and eimu', frlcndit with yoo. f JORDAN jrc, 5 best firetX fi bent onionx Bt turnipM, 5 bent enrly potntoe* apple*. 6 bent pearn, bouque tera. He cake, dark cake. 6 light cook- dark cookie*, chocolate Ite candy. Need Is Work. x, 9 yenr» nnd tmd«T. 10 yearn nnd over Chetlhg, tattirm. patching, darn- Venchhemi 3 -button hole*. Work rpuplln, Jjy pilpll* 10 year* itnd over: " white npron, embroidery", od work by ptdpll » years ir» and in and oVer. ' : or apple with » few leaves col- -tin- fuuttlt luitf "Map of'I'Yntmi township. HI<C- ilwicca,_rjillruiLdL._ . . .cr.'i«'JL f locate Mchonln, by puplin of fifth ra»a under, MIIJI of !3u»r Ceir •tate«', contitlnlnR capl'tala, kV«nr Little and ,rer rally kn<m wb«t i ln% up you* «u u«fc«;'imtttjypu J* famous hoine-nmde. remedy, inly navo $2 aa compared with ' ktnd. but you will also I'll everv way. It overcome* tlto ^h*. throat or cheat edW« in lira—relieve* <svca whooping cough oupce* of^ .Fjnex _J 60 cont» plain Rranujntwl iwcor you havi) a full pint—» family --of: tbo most eucotlva oouffh win bior—tfr » ewtrpf «ptl8. »iit .wntiiur cough eyrup JORDAN BRIEFS. Hfvivnl wrvler* b«-Kln al Kast Jordan Hiindny, t)«'t, *. . r • • A Ifi'j'K'f' numlif<r from Jordan attend' «] th»' oiirnlval In Hock Falls last Krl- tluy nnd Kitturdny, Mr. 'nhd. Miw. A. X. Shaw "nnd chll ur*»n, of ffaturdny nltthl . un'd HutuUty ut the J. A. OHbort IHHIK-. Ainu MlHm'N L,«>nurft and Mildred BaUi<y were dinner K«e»t». jtif^ KiU<' John gxpof-t* to hftvi*' a plunt iimlalled in her «oon. Mr. nnd Mr». Frank Millhoufw i»t- iftiddtl thw Mrs, W. D. Boelun funeral In gtertins' last Wedn««lft.v. Mm. Itot'hm IH a cinmln of .MfM. MIIIhoiiHt-, iilat) llvi'd moirt of h«>r H(o In l.'almyra townuhip. Hh*' bad many JricndH in Jordan and 1 vicinity, who Were »»cl to bear of' her »udd<'n tU'atb. tmtil ;• n'i i li»:K= thin rniiur nrnl Juifjf'* M>-:trd !t:i- ..n{f.|-- :i"isi-',v t'lil'i"! nf J v. finv-f lvi> (lifDl'.* tic in (fiiiK nt lisa! thru. hf Jurorc nf ff>t« -d '. s sr<' 1*. 15. I 'hi, firk-s Hfn«--chf-l JIIH! \\'il! Hui-k- 'Vlth sis other) 1 . who Imvc hr-en IMfiwwil tij'iin, will I'*' kept utid«'r the rjire of 'mltiff* until mint t c ri:iv» t.<.« .'lenln ihlM (MiitiiiiiK A !irl»>r fcftiinic (>!' tttf <-!ise ftriil th*» prfnHpalJ* . Is j>-4 fi,||n«s- Hf>- niour Idlf wns nnln--d Iti ninrrlft.«r> to Ml««s' Al-ttSffft-ft lj«!W« i- in 1f"if>;' Inter ttiey esfntillphcil ih*>it IH.ITII- in T'lxon w-ti»'i<' Air. lili«> liml work. Thr« niftii in i-luirRt'il with hnvlh^; ticfii 1-rinl (A hi« liiinily mid that he often !>fii! his wife. < >n .liinnnry 2S, ill Dixeitt. where, on .Miitfll 1A *MiB' !>:i«s«'tl jiu ay.. ' • It IK f'lHirrieil thai K^V'-tiil (if hefttliiK ocrtirrfd while MI - P Idle In n d«'ll»'-nU' Condition and this the rniiff of tx'r d«ath. Tlie man .w*M IndleJed nn thfa eharxe. Only a fe«v pe6|>l»' were present nt «i-s»li.n i)f the uinl yes- It w.'iH undcrHtiiuil that notti* n _dt»n<> --other ttinn t4»p •eleettr.n V>f a J»'ry. However it l« thoiiKht tnnt when the trinl . |iroi«-r j»tnrt«. It will atlriK't eonsldernble attrntlon. ) At thf urnxlon ye«ienlrty I 1 " 1 prisoner Hct-rned to l»e the lenHt con- Liernrtt -of anyone In tin' room • • nnd took very llttlf* Inli-n-si -In the work ;>f. th«» attorney* In iineHlJunnng th^ )iir<ir«, The peofiln'ii I'ntc Is In the handfl of Htnte'H*Attorney Kdwnrds. \vhlle H, A. Hrook« and W. U. Kfnt are rej'resentlnK the defendant. Dry Goods Co. Sterling's Acknowledged Style Center . "Biter and Mrn. I. II. Kline Httrllnjji vl«ltors Thursday. , s Mr; nnd atr»rJrA: OilWert accornpiin- ed Mrn. Ilarbarn. I'fundHteln,' Mr». A, Pfiihdatein, who motored to JSmer- ...^tfilud_ay nftpTn^ioj^ to_rall on _thf \Vm, Zlgler family and alno to lay In u aiuiply of StewHrt'M honey. Htt-ea vialted: Coleta Sunday. JKI£ DetweUer JIUed hl« H!!O on Fri' "clay arTTTRiiiiurilny. DEDICATED SCHOOL Services Were Held Al tlie Woodeido School Last Friday. A Iftrj5r number of iln< patrons. frl«tnd» ntul foriti'-r -pnpllH ' of th«« \Vi KidHldo Ht-liool 'g«tK«'rod t>n tin* old TuTriTJifir «lt« luXi Friiiay ('Vi'iiliTirTo" ili«< now ni-arly e«tabrntA tlw hoiiso whh'h- ht»f< The fijllowlntr protrruin Fall Millinery Hats for the Children in a Great Variety. See ftis New Assortment Our Millinery Department is showing al the new features for the Fall and Winter season. Each day sees new creations from our own work rooms as well as the new di rect from Chicago and New York. (Tnk<» Klevator -to-Second Floor) 1 utif ui itew Coats selling $10.00 to $75.00 WFall Suits seflhi* $15.00to$65,00 of Silk and Wool selling $8.00 to $55.00 Fall Woolens and Silks .jMkUJfi_£or;_JJio ncwt'Mt hi silks or voii riutnmllv look lo (be loaders in •• ' * . ibis class of niorcliandis«», to bavo wbat yoti want. ^\nd \ve will• noi-diKappoint yon \vith_ onr showin^-for tlit» Fall and Wintt'r seasons, stripod taffofa in all tlie beautiful color eomhinat ions. Plain colors, too, in taffeta, iw.sHaliiie, georgette crepe, chifTon. and crepe de. chine. v Woolens 50c to $3.50 the yard. For Ladies and Children CYvfton Stilts; Wool Suits, Bilk and "tfftfclf or silk niul wool; we .have your aizeJn the various stylos. "Babies' Coin fort'" .Vests mfd Bands in several stylos and maicrjflls ~25c to 76c. Xow is" i lip time .to supply tlio Children J noedfs for tho Winter season. Stocks are complete. Buy now. . Supt. --•far- ::: --N«Jowa, and» from tiMgrw to* Connrtl KlnffM and Omaha to vlHlt retailveH. She IH pant eiKhty,' but travels alone, Mr. and Mr». Arthur Majenkle. Hpent Saturday and Himduy in Kifrling nt' lh« J, M. Warner and J. J'. l-'rank hoinei*.' Mr...and .Mr*. Hny Oulnther wer« Hterllnjf "viMitnni Monday. Arnoir~Haate~tnHt n~ grond^worlc horMf e IttBl 01 tlie wei-K ot MpTnai ,. lOdHt -Jordan MlnMionury tm.'«tn Thursday with MTH. Archie Maxwell nt an all day ! JPurkH and Allen Wade nt- a stoiHc mile near Kuhlotte luxt Mabel and Ina -(jlruuh, who uive heen n vlHitlng friends in Kreeport, •aine to Mpend Friday at the C. PurkH' tome. Friday evening they left from Jixun for ..their homo in Faila Oty, Neb,. ., ...... ... * ... ,- • . . Mr, and Mrs. Louis Scholl acf-om- l»y Mr. and Mm. C. 1'arks at- the, dedication nervlco of tin- S'orili Hldlflivungelical church In Dlx- Mr». John Aly Dolly Marie Mnunlck. on Treru~« Acquainted. Hiding Home, Kdward Arm- l>i«Joguo of tlm Melon Patch f Hoyw. ... Vocal Huln — Ml«» Helen 1'ttiipenM Kxerv'lHe— Fall Colorn'by Bdna Cat Myrile Modlor and Alta Knift.- Holo—Mr. /Henry Kurch of MorrlHon. Mm. Al«*ta xinttnian, Mr$i. Julur Hinloe. of l»ine 'reek and Mrw. Itnland, of Hart wick, a., spent Wednesday at ' the Charltt* Pnrks* home, Mm. Roland l« a oounln f Mr, l j ark» antl lefI Thurwlay for Viola Kraft, — TJiu Book'w Hec Her Charles I'lnno Holo— of Morrison, . Complaint. 1-Vlltb.. MiitlunvH Supt. H. H. Price. . Alex Mather's, , --. , XAddreus—by AH»lBtant Btate Supt. .Mr.''Hootb. " Coronet. ftiUo»?.-l>y Mr, Henry Hurch. After the program Ice cream wa* »prvnd by t)w» board, Me«»r» (,'hnrle» "^ - i _-j . •or ttgfat And bronchial turn*, and re- with ffU»iR«>l »ulF¥aa been generation* lor throat and n**9- <ajnm*«fi.» your with thin preparation. _ Tlie er hom<> irt Itiwa. Ku«t Jordan im»yt,*r church will *1 1 U J-'rlday evenlngM preparatory t<» re\lvul nerviou rfo Sunday, Mon , day evenliiK Rev. Long, of Decatur, in Hi i« bo prewent. ( Hev, fl. Auman 'will preach at the PeijroHt>, chureh next Hunday evening. PaiirciHC MlHslonary ooolety Oct. 8. . , Minn Lena Winkot'N lecture on Africa was very t;oud laat Tuenday evening, Hbe bad quite n, nqnilier of cjirioii with f ^=0*: In weuvlng and basket .. and bend work, «U'., *di« had-with hei I were done hy the native children,'under tfitt^v<WJtttaign tit »tyl» in Park Brown and _• Bteek *t . $3,60 to |7,OQ 'OR MEN If yon want footwear with "(Jet lip and &o," it will cer- .tainly pay yon to see what The Bootery is showing. Its • clever footwear. •/ Two numbers in tail and black, button ami lace, with that new sole "Neolin"; it itm't rnbbiH' or leather, but will \vear better,.at $4.00. Classy slmes for boys_on Mnirlish ^.-Wr MASON .shoe r<*pairini![ done prmnptly Matxnlrk.-I'Vunk Ariiwtrong and Will- lanr Mohnlon, who will lon|r be rej memhfired an having h*H»n Inatrn- mentnl In the erection of n home for th* children thn.t will not only he comfortable and fill tbft nwjnlne»n#nt«, law but wUI.-wltbth- lt»'lf-«»ll and stattdttrdd of" Hf». ATTACKED GIRL PotM ant) Ploodh«und» Ran Down a (Hy arlhe O'Connor. l're*») 4.^.Whlle Cath-. wa« fljthtlnwr the "f M H'""M* '""»• rhf rry' VftUay». euine nlonij Rw* tlie man (led,- A tKMtfiti and' bleedhaundM from WIIH put on tlie trail and caught th« man In *b»ut a he IB now In tbe Hpck(«»ttl Jail. The girl l« suffering from a .nervous WAS Inland, Jll.. Ort. 6, Hherwood, while hammer in uil t . , »e readied to recover the ham- ihe rover of the box fell on'hit* nHI! hu WIIH «truiutlc<l to Uttfoiv hl» mother could, ('fiiciu 1 him. In 8arr Junn. t)»«». of about Hun Juan IH ils (Jilnt; IH us >.jilrU HUJ! H|HUI an tln> Cvnctlug honSfwIfp could dt»;irt', Kven tttf fruit vviUU'** Inivt* ilttlt- bitck 1 ' 1 ^ 'I*'*' utiiltT tlit'lr oa r I,-s Into wtilclt they iiislHt discarded KkliiM hi* Th<" jtfrtu'ts ntv nil neully ur asphalted.. The brtgibt MUU-. Jlght" nf ibo I*orlo JUeau sky In ruj'K of Joy Out of ri- «!utist|dm.i wbu tlMK thi> Jitney eanUtttuxl «ts Warib uf iiu-tHl Is'j'ytiirotUvtt'iJ by ««Jl- iiulli"rl!y whldi rtivts'ilic valiu' <»f ' ASEMENT SPECIALS i '-f~. •>» 1 i'S^ll " i <i (i. s , S' t . . . " --•.•••.-••.,- _-- / will alwavs find ifleiieto i meint But Friday and Saturday will be unusually busy days m-this department We I!sf ««*** j • ^ rtf .-! J* % * !%*•* ;- «-• •- A '• •- - ' ' - ** ^ * . • * ...-•- • • • - * • • . ' just a 6f Aluminum Kettles Toilet Goods Eeduced Prices—Always OOc IM Blache Face Powder ......... .f.....39c lY{V" ( jf ( juiliow handle Kettle with lid< specii/l at 2 (jt. lipped Kettle, wire bail, Yd hie* to C3ei . .. Extra Specials * 'i K llV T T nbleaehpd Mnwlin, 41) inch good , quality •..., At*ft J0c» IJnbleaobcd Mnslin, ,'tti inebes wid*; • spociid '..'.. •flloaeliuir M\wliri,'3« iiu wide.. «f> 1 7 o Famous Berkeley Cambric No. GO, TJfl ^ yard :.../.-Iffi 3 v. Ort Berkeley Cam- line, No. 100, yd.'., -y, Me l r hl)leaehe'd ard yaril .. ilfje Blenched PepperpH, 3lc Fin, P/Jjdw Tubing, .411 iudi, yard ^Hc • Linen Fin. Tiibing, 40 ineb, yard —, I8t' Pillow fa^os, . 4«,\.'5(j inches ...... I * ii'tt i \ ^ ^^ .)C(l-UlUW V tlSOh, l-*^/* 4'JxHU inch * A V I.V-Seot Tissue-.- -ft/* Toilet Pajjer '. ^^ ,'} bar-s ivory Soap, T Ap 5c' NiX-C'lVir—n-rr-r-v-, -i-"V H burs \ Money Savers j :K)c Bleaclfed Turkish Towels, large' size, good .quality; pink, blue and Ol[ ^ lavender ,Iava Hice 50c Hinds Honey &^ Almond Cream ....... .39c oOc E s ]> e y s Fragrant Cream ." ........ . . . . .35c 40e Pondre de K5z....29c r>()c PclM»co Tooth Paste for ........ ...:...,. 39c £v Colgate's Dental Eib- boh fnnun ...... ../.- .19c 2 5 e Colgate |s Talcum Powder for , , . ..... .i5c 2 5 e . Mention 'K .Talcum 7$c 2l'e fancy colored Table Oil Cloth, f>,4 wide; 15 puUwrns to seJIeet from 7e ^u.uliiy C^liQA > c sxe ,,.,,..., , 2 bars ht>ry"Soap. *| ff 4-M bar Palm Olive 25c t^olgnUv's tJoki Cream for ...v..,,. ,..,..;.. 19^ 2.1(; \'autiue. 1 ^ Talcum Powder .......... ,,..21o for . ....... . ........ 21c 40tntoger & Wallet Pack- Powder slfeeF batiste; ribbon draw around top; elastic "bof- toiii ; sliort sfeevoa of 0)n- broider>'. 'An ex- J[Qp cellout special, . . . , *?'*•> $1.50 Crockery Sat of 10 pieces One .1). 5n. Casserol)?, OAP n in. Mixing Howl, one 8 in, Mixing Bowl, ono 7 in. Bowl, and six ~brow?n Wure, * 1 1 "•' •? 8e and dark patterns . . Cnlk'O, Bleachetl Sheets, p;ood quality, wfxe , 72xf*0. This price cannot be duplieated again IW Pillow Cust' J ^H Shaving Stick .... 21o ; r . _ o Stillmau's FiwVl 0 Cream .......300 2fM< Pond's' Vanisbinff ,,.,,..190 *»j Fuwal Hoap .',.,.^,20c li5o Cuticura Soap.,. .^Qo T5c Vnntino'M Fueo Powder for ».. .64c 75c Vanl!no'« Toilet Water for ..............<Mfi ir-U'S PiVi'i-V Toilet Water for ....-.-,.... ,> ,"..W^ $•1,^ Paver's. Faco Powder for j..,.,.......,980 Axurea, ] Floramye, and haTreffe, ' ,^1 .50 Vuutlnols. Toilet \Vnter, lur^o sixti,,-..'.$1.20' 'Jac Pro-pba lactic or Uubbor Set Tooth Brush es for ,.... -.-,-vv.-. I^ce " bOS; -: Towels, /i _phii(te .jiuf Htrlpea and" Stfl|r your Xmas work eady. ! iBWr'V All aiKtis, . J» gingham and i)orea!e. wyll .nud qeat styles. You not liuy the nmteriul for , the price of tbo* iinlshed J ' 65c Aprom, si>,es 'and extra i.t and dnrli col- >; buuga!o\v and cover , all styi^. AVtll jiol sell • fuur tt> a eus-.

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