Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1916
Page 2
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ItOREISOH, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, OOtOBIR 0,1036 CARNIVALS !• WHi B« Mtfi-l Seen arc »*mt: t Tfom <"*M..X DAILY GAZETTE A Genuine Ruplnre) Cure Sent On Trial To Prove It 4 ' 'Htfll iiMii«i«^**»rt*rt**il«**t*»*M*«M«««*sW!JWiiinili*i!iii Don't Wear a Truss Any Longer. Alter Thirty Years'Experience I Havel Produced An Appliance for . Men, Women and Children That Actually Cures Rupture. Writing- frill >> <;r-".< Kir!. 10 Htxl PAVING FINISHED pteted CeMract Wfdn**f!ay. '- kmi -f ii," ' *' Mtr.'tl f'n .x 4 ))n\»h--.! plains t';. :i«ph,i!t nll'T <>T) Xr,» t Si <'li»rrv S U'. ,ifj«.«f'!;i v wiit'h ninth'- tbf r.trritit« •£ifif«'rim: titt, U-'tJ _______ At.. » • f H-<- t.,w f-vent* Hint i''> !h *' '"^nti'sni it worh, <!•>!»> -•;.*«' ?»<•»•««••• •'• Cts «M< Ti tfi't *>•• hHO that all »b" J«<'h<"d>t of •: .,, Will W «'!'< !'' t'l'' «'-f'!Ml. Mt. Wwtunt C«pn»v*J. bnaetmll «unw will • t>u!!t Irli.vk, ,} ' ! \( -at-' < t flK'-, J •;•', H" ',u •!•'. < t"ii! rr.;'it' ' >!-<•• half »!*"?(• TI 1 »«••>•• t b -i«l!n. 1" vt'.irs ahtl «iv* hol«s in will Will »»'• :-.t t'l ,tn. 'Vi>r t" a T)s. .1r>tiTtTr>- raK t, . ake. ifom t. dash, f"tf' v, . Athlelic*. V.' • yp- m Six Iji Mv< Grain and Ve0*i»bi»k. at ruara yfflow JcnNi, HI i iiT>! wliiti* corn. x! rf'atM of pop coin, tnitnpfeln. lip«t Irtt* lu-ad of e thii « T!ir«'( onion?. broad. Jump. !»>• '° '»n«1 r«"| onions. turnips. hflfjti , b»\v« .-<?. *». vt nnd II, IM'-V* 15 iiiul OVP st apple, Uttick Corn Carnival. At the I'MIck t'artilval the , ;j,, K will wear ribbons «f itr'ren for Inns and plrls. iag and olpherliig match. ^-Orawine. Of fto^uth Amerloi* "th l V^iH^sldc 'county. 5th, tnd 8th grades. < '\>«ttllni» of pumphlrt, by 4th, 10 and ana yellow, respectively, and will compel* In the various exhibits and events given below: i be&t ear* yellow corn. fi.bent enni white cum. if u-.f Whir-re olV>«r T"il:i\ Hi- I't.trird -if I,.* l! <'«mpo«f»*tl "f Mn.V'ti !•'; A i mi Vim wr<- :iH o . city | wif;ine*r > fiown HiorSon, »?ity .aM*»un-y an. I F; ii paiiii-'l t.v .1. A uiul '>!»•! '; J «'«.-!itt;il l-:hiiiii'« •line t:t>ti»trtK j ll''>n <•' Will XL- u\ iff : -U!«.jeaiirc £outS-£if-lh«-L i-:i iriK. rnakiFiK si thonusitli inspi-rtl'iti «f wurk, iin.l if thf-y find tlnii th-- t-nn- tr««t has bM'n ftflttsfnrtttHly rcinpN-t- *-d. thf 'ntli'-r formfiKltifts r«(iilr»'d b\ law will 1m compiled with rtrnl th*' work Commit y urwptT-d byth»* i-lty. INSTALLOFFICEJiS Orov* Led0« Mtet* and Hdlcit Inttalla- titfri tu«td«y tvertinfl. Urovt- ly>d^ft>,Vo. aSl, 1. O. O. r., UH Ir ri'Kiilar nip*tlnn' Tmwlay thffir sleeted -«ff»- . f > bent c-ur« popcorn (small). 5; beit ear« poprorti (large). lirst nuart oata. I*ft«t quart barley." V*a»t«ble». *i be«t early p<itatoe«. 6 best late - pn1»to*«. ft bi'Mt onions. S best tieetii, ttirnl|m. pumpkin. _ , »n't hurt 'rot! That'« lute they're made with Calu— • and' that't why they're Fruit. 5 be*t pears. 5 bwt apples. -l^argeRt apple. Baking. Best yellow loaJT cafe. Bent Hoft ginger breadr* Beat half dossen fried cakow. plate nut fudge. Beat plain hem, children under 10. JH>«l «iullt block, -children under 1f Children 10 nnd over, Hcwt Aix InUtonbolea and buttons. Best I'renoli H«-nJ. . , . ' . nrs. H. W In u oftirer* and the wfflc<?r« . w^re as fiilloww; • X. <}.—\Val««*?W. Walnon. V. (3.--Waller "r. .Trihn«-.». llerordinfc - Hecri'tary~-Fr«'d *'. I'nr tnirrt. . Warden-1^. V. Conductor" K,.C. I. »;.~H. I*. Malhew. II. S/ R—O. A. CarlHon, Jx 8. S. J. A, Irioii It. H. N. il.—M. IV Humphrey. I A ». N. U. A. 1>. Wtiuio. It. S. V. O.—-A. K. Wwkw, 1,, H. V. (1.-.-H. A. O.Hbuiri. Br«<uH<>n. INJURES LEG CUTTING CORN. While cuttiur Coru_iia._,VVcdtn'R<lny momlnjt. ' Ilfrbert Nicholson was the vU'tlm of a palnfnl arcldeiit. Thn knifn accldently «llpp«-d Ntrlkltijt bin leK nnd aitttriK a tlevp KH»K TUi*"" injury" re-' colv«Hl « phyHlclan'* att«>ntlon Imtnc- dlattdy and. ulthouKh ptiiuful will not be serious. _ WESTMINISTER GIRLS. The member* of the WeittmlnUter hold their rc-Kiilnr mct-tinK «>n Huth Dykema on I'nrk Ht. -Tho ir\K WOM Hpent with need I o work lunch %n* wfved by tin 1 .ho*'. Th*» nest will IK- held pntcb H^t In chocfceft _ B*»l/'piece'"fancy" hei^Hework. lltinkr-n ami Nod,~1 strand .' Hol)i-rt of Lincoln, 3rd and 4th '".' ;•....:'— .. .,:.' " ... -- -.. mid HIM tith Village ninckwmlth. 7th and Stli muscular movement exercixe. tempting; tasty whole- .woa't- pencil drawing of animal. J>«at pMicil drawing of barrel. colored WhiteMlite county'map, 50 y^rd daelu _ Jump. broad Jump. Kunnlng high Jump, high Jump. '; Race. Director* race, NKU driving contest. Jtelay j In tWo woekM on Oct. 17th, at thw home of M|HH Helen StHner,' : • , MARRIAQ¥lLICEN5E8. Mnrrlaee day afternoon to Thorna* ICubank and Minn <Jrai*o Kdtin :rT: tie*^vrcj,~ "both- ;of Sterling Vind Hudolph koster of Hopkins and 4Ma-He— IH On Wi'dnemluy ItoJiert UoxH and Mias KHai Mnc Allen, toth of -!»., iwet'c maiitcd u UCMK tir«-d..- It oHntv fait. lvfR. tio. h«rnrs«, no If ftp.- ti tn t>rt.'\ f what t Kay Yi.'i are the jmlK' 1 IUKI muc li.i»it:jur «i-''n rn\ jllu^trafd bunk ,ind ?.-,id it ymi will ->••* ft* - f no 1 ?K-ti< true, ..x uu. .tun-uLHii .read L'UL..o>.i»... fr''f.. «"?"ii. i_ II.MI hfh'W ttitl rft.ii! t«M|fU, It'H well i w<>r1)t y«»ur titisr> wiK-llHT yon try-my! Ap1jjl,in'>'«' «>r i'"t 1 Pennsylvania Man Thankful Mr. r, K. Hr««'t(«, Mi. li. T-X-nr Sir: l>rlHym il will inion-st to know lh»t I ltnvi< hr-eii rupttir»-i| six yt-nrs tiiiVT- sil\vjty« \\T\<\ with It Jill I (?«t your AppHfim*. II 1» vpf y ; fH*< »<*at ftrtd Hniijr, and i\«»t in the way ««' any tliiiCi dtiy 'it| Iti fm I, at tiinf.M 1 did not know j f hs»l it on; il just ridsiplfd lls»df tn j the sliftt*' «f <h* h»«ly nrwl w^fflfd t» ! b.. a part of thfr -MMy. >u..U Hunft to !li»> "|M.(, no WsrtT WBat prmttlon t wrt« in. H wnultl I"' a \rH1aht*' O«>d-*Mid «» tlifnrifortniiatf Alif> nuff^ tr«>tn rupture if all cinilil prtifurp III** UrooUs Hiipturc AppllniK'^ 'Hid w«-ar it. .Tln-y would i.-i'rtniti!y_n'cy.cr_r«aj?.? > .l..lj ! ..... ..... ... My rupture if now »ll ln'alwl up and nvpr did it »»»t your Apt>llunct>. [ Ten Reasons Why You Should- Sfcftd J*ot Rupture Appliance • ' for !-< v !;vir, tnis thlliRn O!)t -if ' f j. 2. H'-in;.' ;;U ;i!J <f>--l>f>>n Of <--.,ff till' '• !' • lin:;«! . h-y.-K i,, tin- >.-f .'.:_.. '.'.rijifef'. the ..orilitwrv....*U-*A.U««J il",. IT?-'-(1 in ofhf-r trusses,-it H not mJi'Tsnrn'-. or tinicaiiily. "' . .._... posit iu-h- r.-innof !.«• di-«i-< n-l 1 the •. J.s-hin?. ' «. Th«« «r.-,ft. i.ijMld** Ui" Aptdl'tni '••• <1n mvt t»i |i|c;)w«nt si 'n«.'(t ion uf w , 7, Tl)i-r«« l«i nothiiit: nUont it In K' 1 * f<nil, nn I wlu-n it l»»'f omcix noilf»l It <-!«n In- •w-ns!n'd wilhont liijtiriiiK il in t)i<- !r-A*t, - ' N. Th«-t«* nr^ tin m< tnl pprine* in DIP Aip!iaiH')> t(, torture <m« l«y *'<il- The nbove it C. E. Brocfet, inventor of the Applinno*, who cur*d himwetf and who i* new giving other* the benefit of Wit experience. If ruptured, write him today, «t Marshall. Mich. ntid wervrnl tbri-e yearn in )-.;< Mc'w Ar., , opportunity preM-ntH It- nil<«ry, 'iKlHliorpi' Co. 1 hope Hint will self I will »£>y « Kiwnl word for your |,., lWftr< j ymi for the «•«».! >..u at.- .lolti« Appliance, and ivlm» the honorable way ..... In rthlch Vou deal with ruptured pco- ,pl««.» jt»lH a plejimtre Vo reroranvend n thftiK j-ntir friends or SO am. A.MKH A. 1|UITT'»N, l!i'lhl»hem.-I'si. Confederate ^.-... Veteran Cured Commerce, Ga., Tf. .Mr. C. K. Hrookf. . t>. Noi 11. I am now Houitd iiml \|'i>]l and can plough t»r-d<» nny-h«AVy work. I ran suy your Appllnnw* tw« *-ffik v t«d a p«-r- «^ure. JJefore ««tlnir j*»»r Ap- I wax in n terrible «)ndltl«n nnd had Rlvi'n up nil hopt> of fiver he- ny bfttt»r. ' If It hadn't. ttt-ftl for Applla»ici» ! would rimer have Iwen cur«>d. J am *lxty-olKhi ytjarB odl for svifTerint: humanity. 11.'lV li.VNKS. Remember !', All of thf Aiiurrhil of tvhlfh »h«' AppJiiuirftR an' »Bii(Jf> is of tli»> \pr> l»-st that money tan buy. makiriK it « ilurafdf anil ftjif« i Appllutirf tn wear. I'!, .My jrr.pur.'jiiun f<*r honf-ftty-nrrrt f<Ur «1«>«Hi)V I* 6 f<» thorijiiuhly V-stnti- i.y nn »>sji»Ti«>nrp of ov : f-r thirty irs <>f dcnllnc with fti<> puhlif. nn<! prh'c?< «!•<• «ii rfiisotifihle. my t**rm« fair, Oini thfrt> Ti>riair»ly wlunild 2>«» lii«it:iii' v in «>« ii'lins; fri'«' c'»upon t«- Child Cured in Four Months j 21 .isnarn St., .Dubwi««. iown. j Mr. <" K. Hh«>k», MnrBlmll, .Mich. I t>''i»r Sir; TlH»,lmby'» rupture is j nltn»:<-tlier ' urot, thnnkn to your Ap- I ft-nd my.Appllftnro on trial to Others Failed But the Appliance Cured plbitn-f, ;iinl we (ire so thankful to If we (tuiNl i»nly biive knowjii of It I wiy JH true. Votj are to |H> ! *aAn<-r, «ur little ht».v • Would rtot have i Hii' jiHlRi-. Fill nut fret-'cuupun beluwthml tu MufTcr n^-nr n'« niueh as he dltl. 1','iiul mall tmluy, — . Up wore your brace a Illtle over four month«. Votirs very truly, j , I AXDUKW Mr, C, K Sir: .MuralmU, Mltih. Your Appllftncp did all you Halm for 'the little boy and more, for Iti him wear It for ntKiiit a year in all, { nltlmuKh It cured him 3 .montim after hud -had to H. W«' had ; ireveral nthr-r remedlt«» niid got j ik» relief, and I nhall •••.•rtJiinly rerom- \ mend It lf> jfrlend*. for w Burely owe It Id Yourn W.M. 1'AtTTKItHON. ,Vo. 717 H. .Main St.. Altrort, •». FREE Iniormatlon Coupon I Mr. C. E, BROOKS, -j _MMshidlJ8!Hch._ ._ - TT«"/iH«> w»nd me by mal In plain wntppcr y-ur. illnntrrtti'il book and full Information nbout your Appllanve lyr th* euro of rupture. Xnmr ...... ................ .....,..,,.,,......,...,.. ........ '. . . ........ ; A ddrpwr. ...... ..... -...:.., ______ , .......... ............. . ..... . ...... ....... ilF.V ........ . .......... City ......... . ____ . ,, ____ Htatc .................. rr* WILL. ENTERTAIN. Mr. and ' Mrs. *t lUimsay .and Mr. and Mr». O. AVoods will entertain at th* Morrison club on Tuesday evening, Oct, 17th. , Dancing will be the amusement ft»r the evening, v MORRISON CLUB DANCE. Tho AlorrlHtm c*1pb.' wilt give jtn Im- furmal tbrrrro -at -^the - phih~ rdnma ~ on j ortft ffilnute your APE R*Utiv»» Rec«!v» Word of Death of • • Mr«. Fr»d H«n»«l. Mm. Caroline Fe)dmttn hae received the «ad "menHUK<t felling her of the death of. her aunt, Mrs. Fred Hensfll, which occurred on Tuesday at her She IM the at Weal Chicago. inulhcr at ,J4i»tt Lena well known In. thin city, having Hpant ch t>tn« at * F«ldman home. dropsy. went )M) attonfl the funeral Krjday evening;. Th.l«_\vMH beUl Tnfdnncefof the Reason. They will be v«»n rejjulary once u month through- ojit the winter, . .. ENJOYED A PICNIC. • Twelve of the Camp Fire OirJ« «ath- ere»l at the IJnlonvlllw Pttrk Tuenday evenlnu and enjoyed a del.lctwt*. picnic The early evening hours deliirhtfwlly nyent with gnmus^ after which tin* glrfa walkea to town, hav- Jn« enjoyed a plenHant outing, Dr. and Mrt«. fj. U Clark, of C.len- wood Hprlng«, Col., who «ro enrout« to New York utopped in Morrison. Wednesday for a few days' visit at th* H. B, homo, to Si«>r|lnK' Wednesday to funeral of Mi»» _UlftJ Brick- . nbntrdft will open, tha air l»a»*ag*s of your head will *lfe*r And you Wtn Bf eat he freely. No more hawking, umifflinKV' blowing, headache, dryness. No utruggling fo t>r«ftli-'«t njtht; your o(Hd or catarrh will' be gone. beetle* «JH51» Cream HOPKINS NEWS , DEDICATION SERVICE. tliJii '-'week nt "~tH<» home of her *1»- Twhwi «m«< '-'Iritrtiducf^ tw « community A IJU-KC rrowd tifaB tu attendutvco at! Jth'linrd *' . . iKm8i?wiUin. ; ii liitit incriams in pay ' f'roin yvar -to mukf> hlK homo with the i ,, . ' , , ,. .. . • "•••• "•-•" 'Vf-nr -ttnttl rhpy rpnphrrt tiia-Umtt r.t •• ...... house Krlchiy nlRht, th« house bHnx' fltlod to UH f ult«Ht ctipadty. uk^l prouram wnw fltu-ly' Th<>: talk by th« fhr«n» r - «'«l »H Ined- • tt» a Imn purchased a newil >1 '' ir "'I'^ity «|^J^J I «l«,"'y._ _ _____ urliik car, -. • ~^~~^ — ~ —~™—"~— ~ Carl HJnrlcks enter-j Milk » Pain KOIer. TPtmlrm Sunday .1:t ^ "Everyjjodv «ho«td know Utat.mlifc J« Balm l Saturday with friends in, l>ttlj,of -11>W -through every air passage of membrane and relief comes _ Don't stay ntuffed-up w!U» a .cold or nasty catarrh—Relief comes* no quickly. • hie. iherefom harmled*. arw attf-ndlnR the Orand dhapter *J!/S. ac SprlttKflwld. Uils week, Miss Allen I>lp and Afliuj Covllle, of HturlliiK,' ware Morrlmm vinltorti oii Tuesday. airs, Ollfford McClun* went to Ster- Un« Wedtjf»dAy *or- '* visit with hw mother. '"Wirs- Shirley Card. Mr- and Mr*. WilHftin B&Uou and cldldron leave tho latter par* of; the yre«*k in thta .M«> • two Mrs. Robert Sleth visited' friends lu StBrtlnif Wednesday. *— Mrs, W. It. Ultttr .went to Chicago Wednesday for a short visit with rela- e Automatic Sealing tturtal ViUlt ;«. -.,k "^' 1 ^ ^ a **• • '" •••••• , ' More Beputiful than 8t*»« or; iVSati:: of ifinfurrwl <x>n'Tete, with a mineral «laze that makes it a* ,. to jirolKturo an glaus. Th« • Automatic seal cannot fail, ii.jvur finer under any condition)*. Thy only vault t,h*t cusket pcrffftly for«vt>r.. " , 't uw/the pc<rl«httb|e woode n box which soon crushes under ure, or joltitt'O \vtuiis, w&U-h.«annut be made tight and noon fill water of the earth. ' - — •about tho Automatic Sealing Burial aud iut him uumuirLiiUjTite tlut tiutomuii*: »«'ul with modal vvblcb has? Vou'll Inj pltuuuul with the perfection of this vuujt aud 41 tiiv low cost. Hhould be u«0d for every burial. AIT . TirlownKe anfl flaugliter. Ma^ went to Sterling Wednesday wher» they spent the da* "with friend*. Funny Hhotwell IH utnyig .thoae \VTTiTatn "Anuell left Wednesday for a vi«it with frlfiidn at La Orange " and Uel«hts. Mi«« Kdlth Norrldh viHlted friendH in Httirling \Vedua»<3Ui»'. -M'r.'ttnd 'Mrn. W. fiingamen went to Polo Wednesday to attend the goldwn u| Mr». J. ,11, Wilson, of Rock Falls. spent, Wednesday '-^t til* hojn* of her parents, r> and William Jwdd. >lr. *njl, Mr*. Jtlehard jP«?rt . returB* yd U!t-d»BHtiuy fl'onorvT8Tr"wlth friemUT In Mis* ' of Gait, ;came Wttjnwiday for a»vt«it with her sister, Mrs. Holier' W«U. * That seal, witrj Hlf'lt means tb the public, might, well be put oa every bottle that contaUis 1>EJRUNA ' No other remedy ever offered tho Americajn people bar ntonJf}§Qd« «ft«jr two ptieraUoiii oT»wcc««« ^lio otbejr remedy to Hiorej}*n«aUy uwxl i|i the bomw of the people ; no othw lias been so enthusiasUe*Jly ejsdwrs- ed by the thouMnda. The f«««ip |« found to i«»t merit. For caltt/rh. whether SCOEEPVICTORY Chri»ti«n 8oi«no* Htnlsr W«« Qr*nted . N*w Tri*l. Albany, N. Y., tJct, 5.—CHirlMtlan »a»)red a victory in the Court «rf Appeal^ for .which It IIHM been tljfht iiiM In the legit*! attire for year** when that trlbunai irratitvii a new trial \o AV^Hiatn Veition C«le; that .New York City.ta»ri«tlan Science healer. The effect of thl|» decision will pave the way for th* "recognition for which the swa iy« eni it • ) Peruna jaay b« obtainpd in tabiet form for convenience. Chief Jfidge llartlelt t.-vt-n exceeded the «enfr(il opinion handed down by tho courf. %hjf h wu« written by. Judge. Chase. In hi* ineuio Judge Bartlett saitl; • , x "' "\lui I would BO further. I deny the puwnr of tlu* lfjr>i«lftiur«' to make ,it u ui'inu> to U'vut jibje»«<e by pniycr." Jud^e t^ius;* i« Ju^ tiplnion. concur-' rcil on by all the judRi'*: tl\« Vl«'W Unit .H -^-0111104 In* ivgiri'dtsi u»' 'u " enuie by ' itxejf tn'trv.-u tlihtu>o l>y wiy< ,' enjoyed by the lart?«' au- cri'i»ni and "rtike. nil of which wrix free. Thus bouse hfti* .^M-rn''ad^li-d . tu the HOPKINS BRIEFS. Mr. and Mrs. I'aul Dettmun and family npent Sunday at tho home of Mr and Mr«, 'William Dettmnn in Oenc- _ liobert James, of Clyde, has rented hla farm to t'ieorue Bquwluk for "the* rendered, l-tonm number,of her rolrttlVt-8. At th«'i_ n ,, vr . u n« Mt ., »« , ,„ „ .noon hour th« hont'ess Bfst-ved a bpuntl-1 nn t>stH "« l nt l»«ln klllw." snys Tul three.ouut-Hf* dinner, whjch wans * n<l I'lrwldp. ")lr«l becoiiw It glv««M til- hi-artily r«-llftlV»>fi by tho«e 'present.. Tht«j'(noHt liuuicdlntu rtsJi^f, am! Ht'ruixl, lw- If n |M»rsioH slMxihl jret tnr year. Air. iteuwlck -will 5»ofi««Hsfon the tlr«t .of next March when Mr. James and 'family .will move- to I^eona .Newell spent the week of hejr |»arentH, Mr. end at the and Mrs. Marry KuweU hi Sterling. ' Velma fwirxon npent .Haturday and Bumlay with MMf MA \Vol- ber In Muiyern. Richard shultz is helping ti'lth his farm" work for a few weeks. R*v. W. E. Leavltt has returned to )iome In Summitt Stwtlon, Ohio, after a week at the home of hl« .„...,. ... . ;. jvlr-^and Air». C. W. . hell in M«rrlitoiv \vhllc on ntM wTSy hom« from & "Three moriTbH 1 «tay " in northern Michigan. Mr. and'MrM. c Clyde tpwifi Cask t-y, of ./entertained at their the t>»8t Week ft«r aufjt, Mr«. Sunan Itowfey, of^ Ktewart»Hl, Mr«- Hojiry Hurhow, of Coleta. Hpent Monday at th(} lipme of Mr. and Mrs. t^nrt- MV, fly accompanied hy hifi mother, Mrs. JoHeph Crnnu>. of • Morrison, motored . JameH Otuhip and fitm- the in Clydo »Suiuluy, whljii Mr. and Ml*, Charles- Balater and family are homo thin, week her auttt, Mr8.\Ffed Truppe, Mr«t. Jane Tucker, of Morrittctn/Mpent e paat w»»iH at the home of Mr, a IK) rs. Wfllard Murray in MiUvi-ni. The ymiMg daughter of Mr. and Mr*. fid. Kraft,- who is ill of vholeru in- 'antum, In reported better. Wr. and JMra. ili-or^c, Fleming nntl Mr, and Mrs. tlrant l''leml«K, of Mill- Ml«« IvVtt WooUti, of Ourwtn. !owa, r. and Royor timl fumfb' of thl« vi- coili carnival in rhnrle« HirduaU'v inity, attended thu IttH-k l-'alls Saturday. Mr. and Mr*. Harry onkon and tiitighter spent Bunilwy at the home >t Mr.. and Mrw. Jamem -vywlhi-r In Jor- Utn. ' ., _ Mr«. Htmton, of Su'illng. l« spend.' '• 'A •••"••..• DEPENDABLE ChnrU'K Mitchell in Morritton. l\\vu Woods, of (iarwin, Jowa, in I this week with relatives and M'tilh- Ffophammer hn» had the Mor- ri*r>n i»hon« placed In bin rewidence. , Allns IVorothy Mltct^ll went to Kter- Hn« l-'rWay where Htn? upent th« week fend'at the home of her grandmother. &»•». C. X Barnes, of Hock Falls, «he alko took In Uie corn nirnlval while then-. N.M. CROOK HAS BESN A TEACHER FOR FQCTY YEARS X, M. Crook, of Brophelstown, when -of win have completed forty years as a pedagogue, and IB without doubt ifw oldest teacher in the oownty, In point of'HorvJce In the wohool room, Mr. Crook has always been nble to make a of lomtion HH to where he would and haa alno been an Instructor, ability as to demand th¥~better clns of pay for bin work. dim* <»f pay- for his work. of Prophotstawn.for many -years and Today's news today J* The Gazette way. K rumbles (9 made from- i selected Durum wheat, the whole of. the wheat, cooked, "krum- bled" and deli* cately toasted. Look for till* ftlgnatur* National - ' '" 'N .' . i ' •• Bank Cause for Thankfulneo*. Since \v*» en» told that \vlwr« our i»unl«hraeut tti lyy HOSTETTER'S Storaadi Bitlers The Money Business Kvt'ryhody is intt*rosU'<i in UHIIU'.V. 'riu* nioiloy- busiiu«» in out- husiiu^s. Wt> aiv oflVriiig youlhTi ht'.st plm^/t'Vfr jlt»vi,sei| i'*»r making tlie gettiiig » J t' inoiit'y an Kisy-.imil Tf'V.-...O.i"»U.ll.»j.i.i % i 4 .(i.W' iiui olU^vuy u,T suviiuf. ,<.'aw i'xjilaiii it (o you in jivi' luiniitt*^. Ad\v» t!.- Tla- ftvir

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