The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California on November 26, 1928 · 14
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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California · 14

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 26, 1928
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interest to a large group n friende In 811V1 aniento ill the announcement of the betrothal MIPS Kathryn Ellen frown of Welnut tlrove end hands Marion Await Jr Of Lott Angeles he i'PVelileti fin Friday p ning at a dinner party gr‘en bv Miss Brown in The ifotel Mark Hopkins in San 'Francisco The bride-elect I tho daughter of Mr and Mrs Arthur Itrown Walnut Grove She i well known in Sacramento having received her education here During her high tchnol dive she was affiliated with the K Club and later when eil lending the CniverAy tf Calitorimi 4ma m member of the l'i 1c41 phi Sorority The proie4 I hi eirgroom from city resided In Sacramento mot w a Moldier of the Phi Chi frateinitv and tatr attended the University of California where lie wax a tilt her of the Sigma Chl Fraternily Ile le the Pritt oi4 Mr end Mre Await of Los Angelett and although be hes been making hilt home In that city he will reside In Seattle In the ftiture It is their that the couple will probably matte their honie after the nuptials which nro anticipated In the Spring The dinner party 4n Friday eve !ling was giVell in one of the privete rooii in the hotel A !Hive hinueout of thoweis centered the table Red betrothal raids were eon-rented benhlth It Silver ribbon stretched from the cards in h Those Invited to the fiffnir In Messrs end Mesdnitie1 thIr(Inn Hughes Boyd ()liver t'llarles Marshall Hale Fisher Milburn MIlls: Urn in Sently Eleanor Mayden Mary Beth Kaihtyn Messre Al Smith Caove Ilye end Dr J Ivan Taehney all of Stteramento tluestri from the bay region and other citIPM ittellnled Mr and Mre Myron Brown: Misses Ileorgearitie Diggs Henrietta Hallman Helen ughson Roberta Duncan end MPF114111 WIIIIHrit Daniels Melville DeVoto William Illas fluster Ulric Leland Kaimer end Jerk Newnan Nino' Crithetine Sparks hes returned from a visit in $an 14ranrisco She attended the hig game on SFitlirdliy Alia Mended the dinner dance given In the Sir Yratteis tirake Dote' that penning hi 'HA Edna Tomassetti became the bride of Jullum Favilla of fax at a nuptial mama performed yesterday morning lit SI Mary's Church Several hundred relatiVelt and friends witnessed the veremoray at which Father Taverna officiated The bride was given In marriage by her father John l'oniasettl Miss Blanche Toinasetti sister Of the bride was maid of honor and Allem Itose Itaroll end Mime Hazel Costa were the other attendants Paul Pavilla acted as best man for him brother end the usherm were John Braditite and Dorothy Petioni fly N I 'IAN p gL Little Hotly fllfule dreamed in blue and Dorothy l'edoni tiresiied In pink were the flower girls Mettler Inck Roberta was the ring bearer rind Mie-i Marjorie fedind via train bearer 'file wedding march wits played by ey tirayes and Mr and Mrs flerman Lehne sang the bridal songs and tho Ave Maria at the of fertorV Mrs leavilla wore it white French mono roils tie 14tylfi gown 1t had long sleeves and wee trimmed with mewl nearla A long tulle veil was caught irk a cep of hien which wam adorned with ()Sling4 blossoms and roe it shit sell nodule tarderilas lilies of the valley HMI tuidea romem iii it anowec (0111 I Ii htido (010 lIii iiiilil dd Iiiiifli Wt1 t a Ripen moire taffeta flock fashioned with it straight Insilco and full skirl Tito bride's maids weia attired in frocks of pink and gold cangeable taffeta All the at it MR 1111A bead bands to match their !melte and silver silimerm and pooh carried an arm botplet of pink carna l lone A reeonlion lit the home of the bride followed the ceremony and later about too gliestot were entertained at n WP(11ilig (liniiPr in the San ent Jo Care Alice a wedding trip of a fiat night in the southern part of the state-the collide will return to 8tic Htilltitto to reside 'The groom la the son of Mr and Mrs Angf111 leaving it Coltlix 141 Ix connected with the Pacific Ilea and Electric Company Mtki N'oung and Ws ()Ail Paquin entertained the Sac-I ania° Alumni Club of Pi Dela Phi one recent evening The group gathered In the borne of Mrs young Those present included Memdames if A Aoolefunst Frame John Peterwin J J Keane Litter Sabra Hayden Harry b'rfct and A A Rowland Mrs Frederick Betz waft Among tI e Maftesses last week entertaining for MFR Ernest 'flimflam Mrs Thomas recently returned frmil a trip ahrond and the hostess invited it group of her friends 10 gl'014 her on thia OCCHHil11 Bridge wait played and after tworem WV10 tPa Wft0 served a I small tahlem Chrysanthemums and bright foliage were 110011 deeorating Mrs S Doling watt among SiteramentHIM W110 littPlidPri the big game in Berkeley on Satiirday A group of Sacramento matrons motored to Folmom fate recent afternoon to be the guestm Of Mrs Lewis Sanborn The home t the hostess Wttli prettily decorated with Auburn 1011100 and truffle and the football motif was also carried out Iuu t he a opoint ments A buffet luncheon wam served and at itH conclusion bridge was Rathbun's End-of-the-Month Sale We have taken a liberal quantity - -of good looking high quality --Dresses from regulaT stock and offer them at special prices to round out a big month's business 100 DRESSES of Flat Crepe Satin and Novelty Silks and Georgettes in frilly missy styles as:well as tailored effects 81275 Reduced to 75 Better Dresses of Satin Crepe Gorgettes Nov Silks iks and Wools —suitable for sport street or afternoon wear Many are late arrivals in stock 824 75 Reduced to I ROLLINS LIGHT S En VIC E AvElcouT SILK HOSE full fashioned first quality bilk from toe to narrow hem Sandal sole and Nock toe reinforced with fine lisle made with Rollins Runslop iiood assortment Fail shades Pr S129 'yr $250 CARTER'S RAYON BLOOMERS outdo or best grade rayon full cut size elastic knee and waist Special S129 value Mc SUM PRINCESS PAT FACE POWDER AYERS MEDALLION P IV D E R A Y E RS LUX11111 CREAM Limit 2 to a customer Special 59c each tiENLINE ROTES Limit three to a cue- 95c 3 boxes OS 95c tomer -yzacisaiKazzim-az7-rizaL 1016 K Street I IN the endeavor or Amerieftri de- hignerft and manufacturers to immte weft fitting garments for all figures t he little woman has been taken into account A number of houses specialize on frorim coats and RUHR Wlih this figure in HI ind TM se dreem for Installer RIP eontt roil NI not cut to fit t he ehort wOhlOin whose problem has been to find frocks t hat e e not shortened HI hem and sleeve in it (311(IIIIR8 fashion Rather t he act itI requirements for t he short figure have been taken into careful considerstion The short upper at ni the fleshy upper arm I he short forearm t he broader hip and short limb have played Prizes were awarded Mesdarnea Roy Green Dixwell nerve and Edward Babcock Those invited to share thn tmspi(alit y Of Mrs Sanborn on this occamion included MPHdHltiPfl Margaret Sanborn of Henn la Mrs Stanley Ritchie of Folsom and Mesdames Bov Gippn DIXWPII pierce Edward Babeock A K Dunlap Donald Dunwoodie Ernest Sevier George 1111118n June B Harris A MacDonald Max Isoard James 1 1 Designs For The Small Woman i v hetet4(1re been the bete noire of the woman seeking well-designed garments Jost AR many fabrics are at hrr command as are shown for the aver age figure Velvets lace crepes printm and PVerl wool( na are now designed with greater assurWIPP of comfort and smart appearance Lines are studied to over-any discrepanclem in the fig-me which might otherwise be too tip pn 1011i Partieularly flattering to the hbort woman is the printed frock In the center This im cut front one of the interesting jacquard tie silk patterns and 114 designed along trimly simple lints The bodice blouses softly above the narrowly-belted pleated hkirt and plain-colored Natin bands add the wanted Travis Vance Russell Dunwoldie T link ley and Miss Theresa Marston all of Saeramento Frienda of the former Miss Jomephine McDermott anti John Rummell Deterding are learning of their recent marriage The bride wam formerly secretary to Dr W VV Cress of the Baeramento city health department The groom is Intuit manager of the Walworth California Company with headquarters in this city The couple will be at imme to their friends about December lat They will be established in the Villa Marquise Apartmenti A delightful reeeption was given Friday evening for Rev and Mrs J 1 Evans and the new member of the Had Christian Church Rev EVAnS is A new pastor of the church and the affair was planned as a welcome for him A program was presented and at its conclusion refreshment ti were served Mrs C L Green chairman of the refreshment committee WAS assisted by Miss Rose langlin Mrs John Chesson MIMS Treva tlarner Miss Viola Cox Miss Maxine Babcock Mrs Ptill litIP Bulatovich and Mrs Jeanne Wingo The program consisted of the following numbers: Song of welcome by choir and congregation: welcome address by Carl O Brown chairman of the official board vocal S010 by Mrs J EWeida accompanied by Theodora Black: remarks by Otis Babcock president of the church federation violin molo by J E Weida accompanied bi- Theodora Black: remarks by Mitts Ethel Freeland Y W C A secretary readings by Dell Showier GWilirt and presentation of gifts to Rev and Mrs Evans Fey It E Al ilnea president of the ministerial union and H P Demand secretary of the Young Alen's Christian Assoctation made a few remarks Mrs A B Taylor president of the general ecelesia of the church was general chairman of the affair The rooms were decorated with red berries and greens Decorations were in charge of Mrs B J Mi lbe Black Favored In The Furs Broadtail and caracul are prominent in fur fashions that speak the language of youth Black furs R IT cited for members of the eager twenties or the sophisticated thirties Seal-dyed muskrat also is MI-loving a vogue especially for the a1b4icr7iiion type of coat Careen' is individualized by flat moire effects and lovely shades of beige Both black caracul and black broadtail will be important furs of the Winter Broadtail fabric is meeting with the approval of women whose needs require coats of less weight and warmth than those of fur Fashion Plaque A novelty Just introduced is tlir muff-bag tnade to match the fur cost or the fur trimming of I cloth mat TIis one is of hisek broadtail with tortoise shell frame touch of color contrast without detracting from the long and slender silhouette An attractively designed afternoon dress is fashioned of plain toned canton crepe with an individual cut and seaming of drapes at the skirt Lace over metal cloth elaborates the round neckline from which extends a lace edged self tie (Jr more formal character is the lave frock which may be worn for afternoons or as a dinner gown This rather (Wile model In beige lace makes deft use of the flounce treatment and dipping back hemline with emphasis on the slender swathed hip Long sleeves are singularly free from ornamentation in designs for the little women thereby preserving the svelte lines of the figure Hats And Hosiery Alliance 1l In Style By BAZEL ItEA1 ( A0eitilVd PTe44 Fashion Editor) PARTS---41--Hat stockings and gloves have struck up a style entente They are combined against the fashionable ell-black COH111111e assorted in tones of beige approaching sunburn The beige bats are usually justified by a beige dress under the black coat or in the case of a black suit by a beige silk blouse Handbag Included Handbags REP also included in the combine at times Freneh women sometimes match hat and handbag and sometimes gloves and hose with hats and handbags of bright shades of blue or red It is the younger French women who are most partial to the sophisticate' all-black color acheme Even debntantes sometimen wear plain black ensembles if the line and material IF1 sufficiently youthful Beige HEIN The beige color scheme for hat glgves and stockings is used with other colora than black particularly hunter's green and navy blues Reversing the color scheme a few ultra-fashionable clients of French dressmakers are wearing black hat gloves and shoes with beige fur coats e I'ELLINI RED IS NEW A very light bright red with a decided yellow cast is appearing in chiffon georgette canton flat crepe and superior satins as one of the most important gay colors of the season This particular shadn is vastly different than the usual reds and has been introduced with a view to Its suitability for combinations with black and dark brown coats shades of this kind having assumed prominence for contrast with coats 4 "And you saw Jean's wedding dear? Who gave the bride may?" "Oh nobody said a word"— Answers RICIVargtVVVVICIV:1 Longshores 514 AT 113 GIFTS t9 Fitted Cases 41 r! GIFTS Traveling Bag 9 GIFTS tt Suitcases 40'1 T V V II Traveling Bags GIFTS - GIFTS Wardrobe Trunks 41 GIFTS Hat Boxes AMON -S I1 2 GIFTS i lin i J- 19 Billfold andWallet N V t It Pays You to Buy at g g A IgONGSHORE'S A A Al srq TRUNK FACTORY A g 514 J STREET ili Ve 0 Illmi o t tdard 'I 'm 'a etre A D3 I 6 n i CAatt tilt:CHI A frilairlailliValaaltia Julia Gardiner The 21Year Old Belle Who Astounded The Country By Marrying 5IYear-Old John Tyler fly J P Probably Washington had a good right to be scandalized when President John Tyler slipped away to New York in June 1844 and on the twenty-sixth day of the month married young Mins Julia Gardiner His admirable find wife mother of his seven Children had died lees than two years before He was now M years old while his bride was but 24 As soon as the news became known they were the laughing stock of the capital His children were chagrinned But in love as in politics John Taylor was thoroughly independent He had been the first vice-president to fall heir to the presidency He was nut to act a record by being the first president to bring a bride to the White House It turned out that those who predicted disaster were wrong Julia Gardiner made him a very fine wife She was of an old New York family Lieutenant Lion Gardiner made the first English settlement in the state et Gardiner's Island on the Long Island coact in 1659 The estate came down by primogeniture and entail to David Gardiner lath of Julia She was tie third de ter icated in this country she late traveled all over Europe in conioany with her parents and then returned to New York to make her debut in society She was a great beauty Con-treating with her raven hair and "Fresident Tyler fell in love with her clear olive complexion were large gray eyes She had a handsome figure and an exotic personality Her suitors were legion She was the object of numberless poetic off usions Mr and Mrs Gardiner took her to Washington in the Winter of 1844 Congress was in session and the social season was at its peak IV! MS OF WE PRESIDEIV7 S MONTH-END D EDIJC:LI§ --u-- ---at AUSLENDERS! COATS 0 onlimommmIEE imi)00 REDUCED! ---- )resses too come under the scope It these sweeping Month - End Re ductions at Aux-lenders! And If youll compare the sale prices with the original figures you'll see Just why you should rush down hers tomorrow morning and grasp this timely pprtunity Startling reductions—the kind that make for immediate selling! And that's -what we want Month-arid means clearance —and at Auslenders clearance means stritcIng reductions and a great opportunity for bargains Those Include some our our finest ocats—all new Winter modes -- richly fur trimmed $ $ GLASS She became an imniediate ensation At a reception she met President Taylor That gentleman fell In love with her at sight What were her reactions? It seems impossible that this girl not yet twenty-four years of age could have fallen in love with a man thirty years older But the glamor of hie distinguitibed personality and above all of his station must have entranced her She gave every evidence throughout the remainder of hie life of a deep and lasting affection for him Particularly after her father was killed by the exploaion of a gun vhile a party of distinguished guents were being entertained aboard t h e steamer Princeton did the prealdent's suit progress A month after that event President Tyler went out for a carriage drive with his friend Henry A Wise and confessed that he wits in love Wiae was shocked when tie named the object of his affections He advised caution telling the president that he was pact middle age and the damsel might though now dazzled by his office tire of him But Tyler pooh-poohed his objections declared he WWI in the prime of life and inaisted on carrying through his suit On June 25th he appeared unannounced in New York The next day the marriage was nolemnized In the Church of the Ascension Mr and Mrs Tyler at once return her at sight" ed to Washington and as soon as possible held a grand reception It was the opening gun of a brilliant White House social campaign The young bride turned out to have a masterly mind She managed so skillfully that in due season she silenced all the talk her marriage had caused Nevertheless the public astounded by the succession of dazzling events which called so k ie re kind $ 95 4 e for im selling! t's what : Monthns dear- s and at rs clear- ing strik- I u o t ions $3g95 rreat op for barnolude $5 r our fin--all new modes — ilr trimE ss E s REDUCED! I del) to the home of the president called it the Cavalier Reign Mrs Tyler took a Wrong intereet in politics She was firmly for th annexation of Texas in which her husband played such a prominent part and upheld him on other is-NUM With the nresideney ended John Tyler took her to "Sherwood leorp est" the 11PW estate t had purp phased in Virginia Nearby was "Brandon" retate of the Harrison "Westover" honie of the Seidens and "Shirley" the residence of the Carters Life was gay and luxurious when she wasn't bearing children which waa rather frequently Like his first wife she presented him with seven Seventeen years pammed South split from North and although Ty ler was against dinunion he was bound to Fide with his native 'date He was elected a representative in the provisional Southern Congress Ho was too old for higher office In Li he was at Richmond while Mrs Tyler wan at Sherwood Forest reparing to visit some friends when she dreamed that she saw him dying Taking her youngest child Pearl an infant with her she obeyed a premonition and hurried to Richmond That night he fell from his chair as he pet at dinner victim of a stroke which brought death before morning He left her all his estate but it was rendered almost worthless by the Civil War Thereafter life wam none too easy for her until congress remembering the services of John Tyler granted her a pension She died in 1889 LOOKING FOR A FALL Large Girt: I hope father won't know I've been to a dance Partner: Rae he a Reit M100 graph 7—Judge THE MIRACLE STORE AND La NOW CO‘l 1 44 Oi (17' 5 Fall and Winter COATS during this the greatest - N) the Miracle has ever held! $246513 Eser Sport and Dress font In this entire Group Must to: Here Is your opportuoltyl Mont are lo fah ly furred with the snout popular pelts Every new Wiwi and mode la represented Take drantate of the waving' "which thia LOW PRICE offern you: THE MIRACLE STORE 724 "K" St gLZatitCA 1016 K Street 1lis n et py (7 7 11' 1101 i': 1 1 r i li 'sfr eir 01 I '114114 ' 11 4 1 - a V ! J7til I MWOMOMOW - 1 ': ''l'pr'' 5'' ''' ' ' ' t ' ' '' ' ' ' 1 M g ' I 6 ---- 1 '''' 1 i t ' A ) -" ! ' ' ' tt i i ! ! o I 1 1'1' 4i4"' ! i e 14 -A ' )11 1 "i f : i ' 1 1 :: ' 14 11'4' ‘ : i''' "I A' e 0 : l! i 1 4 ' ! '' 111$ e k te r 'b K IS'''' t I e il ' ' —7 ' : ' "' '-110'i '' '‘-! 4 ' !ir - '4''-'!::'' ''k ' ' i ' 1 1 1 'i - t ' 1iLti :-" 1::' i- r ' ! r —tir!iik- 1 - ir i ' i i' - ' 7wtty' 1:— 1 1 ti 1 I v421 N t'l ::'''! 0'' l' !': v 111 i f rk 1 :4 1 'HI '" ' ":u:? 1 1i '4 ' ' -4 ' i - ti4ls''1 ( 4 i?"'4't ' 1 - t - i 4r411:)) ' 1 1r tf-- lt ' ' ''' ' i ' ' ' kii 51:!'imii:''''i4e ' ' : ' ' ''''''''l c 1 l'''': 1 '1frl'7 J 4 --41t4I'Iri ' ttz!q'ki' ' - I ' - - ''-- r '' I '' '''' i ' ' eiziltli " ' r4-5A c el' f''' li - rAGEFOURTVEN AO" — 411P1' 9 OZoingessawassmasint—- Viik T 0 HE SACRAMLV—7(37E11‘ 111 It c I le) 11(10111 re 1 tit to t Monday November 26 01) rErEL jt-firsto:71 ) 1 0 F 1') t r (4 1 4 1 S1 r : IQ 1-11: ( 'S) A") )v-)11 " (Y) Ali) tr'k-4441- '‘' ''' l'ili' 1 II) '' 3 f-Xii ( t ! i kN PI ) ) A - ls x 4' 'i Ail lir- I ‘'1 t5A--- ' 'N s '- 1tor 1 4 iy 'i t-t ‘ ) L-- 1 i NI r- fiti -9 r Itq I 4 ----54(t 1 1 -- i Yilf! 0 '1' 1 11s' -'Li ' i i iv it --No i'll 1-ii1 01011 i - s- 144 i 5 14— t - '-- V ::- RC - 4 Ii - 40 1 att 4'' tt :tti I - — 11:' s 4 pit k I '' Ns ferfr01111 ' p ‘ 4: 13 1 ' de 1 itgall v7 4111 -A i A 4 Clf--k'' t u IA oe- 1111 kii I'l A I ' LAI- a A Nice:4 ( 5- 1 i ictill 1011 op " On 0 IIII Agr4 ' AV --- 40 us qn 1) e sip i k v 111 i ‘ i C' ' CA ô w E a -- — - -------- 4 CoW al he IV TM TiltilrV LOAM ANC' Lilt or k — 411 WS so 11 If tip "V li $935 475 2475 11' It

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