Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1916
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READ IT TODAY IN THE GAZETTE AND STANDARD SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO, 81, U lSJfi , JLMIar AND DAILY STANDARD THEM READ IT TOMORROW IN CITY PAPERS HE DIM! STOP President Wilson Slipped Through Sterling On His Way To Omaha Today, Mrs. Wilson Is Sharing In the Plaudits Accorded To Husband. T*rr-.«li|r>nt Wllonn ^bpptv.1 •"iul<'{T'v- tttrnrtsrb SterlinK thin murninjj :it five minutes after 1 o'cb-ck "U a «t>erial ...train us i r the Northwcmcrn enroutr-- tft trmfjfin: wfipiN* Irt- ^peSk-i* -f-t^TSv"!- Al- thniiKh of course there wns 110 i rowd on hand at that time of the mornhiK to""tret a flcetlruf glimpse of the pres- offlclal.i wcro kept busy bc< ati.«e uf thn president's trip thioneh the (Ity. To hi'ifln with i very switch, i. ttlv»>t flnd brldSTt* bad to be inspected before I ho arrival of the- president's train. All rreiffht trains had to be phletrHeked nnd In the clear .1" min- wtfx bFff'ff 1 tlw» arrival of tlie tf lin, F*rt:itfht trains ea.«t l«nmd. althnuKh on another track, had to be stationary while the president')* tia",n i«i.n«e«l, ti> lessen the possibility of an accident of nny kind. Tbene- precautions were Hot out of Ihe ordinary but are always taken when tho president of rtn> t'filled HtateH travids. The prcHldeiits Hpeclal pa.oped Ihroiieb Sterling 1« mlnules behind Train No. 1. The prcshleti] \\il' Icft-ve^ (imaha. on Iho second s«'t'.on of Trnin No, 8 which; leaves at la.ia tonight and will pass throtiKh HteriiiiK early tuniortii"' "niofninu a« It H due to reach {'liloaKt* at 11:20'a. m. CAUGHT IN CABLE I G!pn Rfnnf In Finqpr and Accident U'.-f <l '< ••• ', >.' i 1 k M i!h i !--- The topi bruit! ' aiiL'ht. pi and thumb »f rnit to the palm Thumb dicdp. Wtlh • ,•) n - , Mr. HeMTier K<i! hi-< iilliiKf tii(- tint' llnu'-r hH rieht hand clean of the hrtnd Hut for rriirii! In icraPt' ••- in Ualr.'.it I tf ' it;- d ;-()«" %f ' i. k ^nd t;n klc i < j;. ;i ! th«- i-nt'irie ..,^1 ,,,.jj,.,j .,., , t ii. K\>- "n ! h'' dr 'im. hf •_ r-j-y 0,1, >:.) j,^- t i'nri!)f"t-t<»d « hen t Ii • WlXK !?!•• fn on at '.vtjst with his other hand his w-li ilKht asm v -nuld ' fi\ "• liei ii drawn nnri mnnjfh-rl;- A« it-i—-)t»--bn* a • t«- cripple hand wHch will bandirap him ill his \\nrk. FOILEDATHIEF Commissioner Landis Discovered One In His Home Early This Morning, LIQUOR DEALERS f Six Fui4w Men Entered Plea Of Guilty and Paid Fines Of $40 On Two Getmts-.---- Judge Ramsay Gave Opinion Of Their Conduct In No Uncertain Language. STERLING, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5,1916 A NERVY THIEF PRIC HE S\<i\e a Sieve!? And Food Frew Pivch And Cellar T!.. •;,-,, !•• .-• !:,,>„ rt 'r!e"-ni.-m «•;,<* .V.U'-..'W'. f.lri of 'tin- poljf- for \V:is onlv. nd it wrtn her of rn.ilfrr hey t)ic fat the • and it fill for Th. AluMi.-nn. Henry Wety.ifrin. John Mn.\hcim, , They \v4-r<- c.-iHi followinir if i.-i'iiferonee with lorneyy and th" proVectifor. hef.ife ihe r'i Iheir Kach cities have hff-n the ttfft arid the prdict> > iVii'.'.binBr for ittes nre GREETED BY CROWDS lly Ilobrrt J. llemlcr (Staff ('orreHt'ondenl of 'I'nltod He Yelled At the Fellow Who Beat a Hasty Retreat and Could Not Be Found. Missouri Valley, la., Oct. f>—(Aboard President Wilson's Hpeclal Train Kn- routn TO omaha.)—President Wilson wa» greeted by larse crowds thin morning »»t Carrol, DennlHon and here. Mm, \v*ll»on who Is accompanyiitB the president, wan on the car platform crowd*. "Whatever happens* to me iti No- ~for Mrs. president nuked. "You bet wn would,' tho crowd replied. The campaign life agrees with Mrs. Wllnon. Hhe like* It and Is having a find time, 'Incident-lily she IH KettliiH! a lot of attention from I bo crowds which gather about the president's oar jind jhejs •harin»£ JjflJjie plaudits of the fhronRH. Wearing a pfuTri~~bTScU" voile dre*n ov*r white, Mrs. ;WllBon'H brnugbt a" ttr-mon- mljdity Kood to» us.' and it took Mrw. VVlNon sumo' time to from thn tribute. ._JJM «nt|r« pitch of optimism by -tho dem- Hnnd ' Y,inniK«ionrr f*nndl<t of Sterling township. livinu at f.'Hi Third avenue this "city, discovered a thief in his bouse HliK rilornitlK about J o'clock und-ihu-fcll-tW heft! « -"»tt.«t-y exit v, hen Mr. Ijimdls yelled at him. Air. I^ihdls viiys he wax awakened at that hour by the creaking uf the floor boards In the kitchen, lie listened and heard a man walking in the room very eate- fullv. Ho thought It wan his son, Ira. and Maid nothltiif for 1%- time, Shortly afterward* be saw a flush IlKht gleam Into Ids room. Then he called loudly. "What do you want'.'" .Mr. Lnndife wild It did not take n second for the -man In the kitchen'to beat a. retreat, lie opened an outside door and made Ills l-etaway Instantly, Mr, l.andlx then called bin son from the "iip""stairs bcdroiJih and the "yt/iiiii: man came down vith a shot uiin and looked around uulsti'o. for tb« thief Jill Lll e-ttitiLJlt'Llu J_?e _£o UJiiL 5ir._LilUjL- 'dls found that both utitsld» doorn were open. It IK his custom to lock tho back door every niKht, but in some manner this was forgotten and it was an cany matter to enter the hotiMc. The thief wan discovered In time to" prevent him from ".stealing anything. It IH 'not known whether 'or Just eatables. Any'.way dividual ph ad .•mains! him. <if them $;'i> uf the flyc the iitbut* hi doim; tain t'-rni", etalde and i;ullty to the five counts JudKc Itatn^u fined each on < in b of twi' cinini" out . " . . -»••<•_—w ' and Ml' : li>e!ided ><i iitt-nct-.s of HO ,hid)-,e Ham-a> uave his their conduct in no itneer- brainhniT. It as "mean, mis- contemptible," and that if in\ complaint reached him ;•.« tu further violation* «>f the law liy any uf them he would call the offender be- hini ami utive him ;i heavv Jail Hctiteliee nil (he three lotinls 1111 which tin hail KU>prn.1.- 7 ,r;m-nt^rif : e ICacii of the -wholesaler* Kavt- the judi.;e his piumtHe Io obe\ the law In Ihe future, and appeared tu Kel out with a $10 line. Docket Called. Wednesday afternoon .Indue Kanisay called tin"' din-ket and Kit the crttirt cat- for the llrst part uf the term. followliiK ivhii h court adjourned. Tuesday Naturalization Day. Tuesday wan naturalisation day In the circuit court and an unusually larne number of applicant* for 'cliixeh- shl|i. foiirt«'en in all. aiiprared to l>>> examiiHtl before rec-eiviiiK their Una) ;iap'Ts, Samuel S. (iallagher uf the :*hfcaKo dl.KtricI of the I*, s. I'ureau -of IIUIIIIKIaliuii WIIK in charge of the i',x- •i.tnlniitloH. of whom 1.1 ,iMccesMfully an. bin i|ueMti«inH and received their certlflcnleH. Korelie.H Smith, of Kulton, lacked certain exKOiitiul papers and hi.< fuse in th'<«"' whli h was nt«n iin-itne back i«>rrh was rubhi'd ftf some <if lt« content. It v,as f 11 u nd i b;j i t ! tc. _ tUUif—w U<»--«st tijn — iho v. In > I pff.i-tired bacon, and other eatables from the refrlperator. lie then went, to the house of Mrs. lYeda f!!f- frow tii-xt dfMir and pnjnK' Into thf- ee1l;jr rtbftrncled »rtlc|e<t of food and then bar! !h«« ncrvfl tu sit on (he Mniffp between (|if> two houses uind eat lli<! lunch. H r»'i|iilred considerable nerve but he «ot away with It. * WHEAT TO SOAR Two Dollar Mark Is Predicted By Chicago Grain Men Before January First. j__._,_, ,,^ n * Produce Prices Are Trailing Close Behind With No Relief In Sight* KIRK ENGINE IN RIVER TOWN IS SWEPT BY FIRE CENTS. «nowe<l ho meant -Thi* R ' l^tfrtthrff hotn«r nt f avi.;mu« wa« hU» entviyd by but nothing was foniiTi -molenti'd morninK. Thi«y gained entrance 5 Thlnl Iuf»< this hy and APPEAL GASES Several Sterling Cases Will Be Tried At the October Appellate Term. Among Them Will Be That Of A. T. Scqyijl Against Road Commisisioner Lange. 'il«'|1af . grain iT.y t'tiffpd l*Tf>i>* } . Cniea«o.~rn';, ort, *".— Two wheat i-i prr-dlcjrd hy ("hlrag .men bffuto...lhc ..flr*tt..a£_Ja«uaTA tridav for hotli rash and funires ranged fthnut 10 cents lower than the record }irlr»» e.-itnhllnhed in January, \',<ln, f?d- lowitiK tlfr> outbreak of the Kuropenn war. The heavy decline In thM year'* crop. coiip.lint with discouraging conditions In Argentine and the demands of the allies for available Australian and Canadian wheat. ' Wf re pointed to an factor" In the pre»entjilgji prices. It waw Jlf :lt h' !'• late v.-«; Tt;«- f-r -u.-pt Ic, volllil re.'l .\ti< h . (>, -• :, '\v rri> v n ,it Men-!, in. • mi'tf-d to j.nt out far the a meat •ciib iital 'e JTHu th i>< : n .the a tityvn n small market v river. w;i« IH;< of f the dftachnu-nf Sturgjs drip residences wore iiurnfd was postponed until him to proctiri' them. lid not appear to lie Krldiiy to enatde Jidin Van Wieren will Im we)! represented In tbn "cluher- term of th« Appellal« ; court for there ;«rf» seveml ca«CN fruin here that will \n lizard, '.pie cunn A. T."Kcovill agaltiHt Albert I-aligo has hi-on taken there by H, \V. H«'Wi«« attorney for the • Ai^>«liant, A. T. Scoville, arid bis rt«Mntant (*. r. Mo Miihon of Fultuti. Thin cnm gaJnf<l connlderaldo notoriety beciuijio of the prominevel.of r the peotile 'coTmet'tfd with It and. tbp 'nature of the suit, All wil^ remembtr that a ''little civor a year ago tho rar driven by ... Frof. Scoxill In which were rldlnisr Hev. \V. h. f'ollln of the hVtirth Htn-et M. 1C. i-hiirch of ,.Kt<!rliiiK with the Scovllh- chll'dren, pitched down into a <-N'idc bridge bad been wnxhed away Mouth of .\iorri»on a few stated today on the l«»«rd of that the northwest has practically no wheat of need <|iiallty aiyl that irood Wheat w»« now HelliiiK fit from $4 to $Ti per- btlMhel. l)ecf-ml>er wheat ban reached $l.r>9^i a* iiKuiiiMt 'tl.OS a yeur tiKo. May l« 11.58% a^ fl.oTH a year a»?o. t'aMti I" NelHiu: around ll.lifi depenillnK on the Krade, AH the result of wheat conditlotiM mlllerH »>ay flour will continue lt« steady rise. Hpi'dat lirandrt are quoted at If'.l'J per barrel :whulej»aU!. AUJlura Hay that If the wheat* advance continued. Ibmr price* will have to keep pace. Produce prices are trailing clone iM'hind uralu, 1'otaloen are $1.4*1 per l)ttnhel wlude.s.'ile compared to <4X pentH a year awo. MK«X, butter, poultry' and other prmluce nuppllcM are correspondingly lliKh, Dealer?* blame (he bad weather for the potato Mhortaiii* and nay the hot weather damaged the poultry and that thlH accountHfor the hitch pricp of CH»TH. With the poor crops the' hea"Vy demand of the wnrrlnK conn- trl«>K for food and the dealer* ttald that lower -prlc-eg can «n>t be expected- thin winter mibiuM an ambarK't in **tnbll»b-- ed to keep the food In thlH country. NO HOPE FROM ARGENTINE. whore n on the road miles. onHtratJon not-ordi-d th^ prfjtldent yp«- turduy on hl« trip from I'ltuburph to C'hicoKO. They fff'l that Oiiio and ln- rtimi.v will awing Into ih*» dt>mocrnt« column with ft ban»f. Thrr« IH little «lti-'«ti<m hut that th« i inborliffr vott» If for Wilson If the words they wpoko yonUTcluy art< any indication. I»Vw «top» wfri* 'nuulo thin mornlnc liftfnrn UJP prPHhieiitM arrival- in Omaha at Cfitll" 1'itii th 11:40. Upon wan to immediately bu cheon. "At Oritalm h<» day. hl» arrival hi? lakon to lun- .faced ft INQUEST HELD Georg* C«p»nt«r Dt«th of A, J. of Exonerated H. Homer . ' afternoon a ""coroner'H M' ( L»Jent Io fn'iyli'' 1 lnt " Yemterday ' jury_held an _ th« fniue of lh« lieaih of tiie liUo A. J.TT. Horner. who paB«ed.awi»y at the hoBpttiil Tuesday .afternoon. Mr. Homer's waa i^auHed by Injuries received wh«n thrown to the In a collision between hi» antl Gf»org« «'ttrpenter'n auto Hunday morning, ' Th» Jury Wft» Ixduuun, foreman, obbti, ( T. iJ. "Hliiiw. PINNED UNDER AUTO Two Lyndon Men Had a Very Close Call When Their Ma- Over.—~ Robert Guinther, Aged Two Years, Died Last Night In t .nil Re l brought jiult e7*mnflii*SToner.~ '' against wfm««" appealed • the While In the Barn With His Father He WasKicra By Horse, Skull Fractured. " Head. Aiilone Jame« It ( I>uun, -'Chester Thoman, Fred TrouUl, Theodore, Harm» t»n«l M|HH 5^'ula Pre»ton w»>ro the wlt- neisen examined. "... All of Ihewo w«re -i-yo wltneWH»« of tht* accident and ull that Mr. Ilornrr and Mr. Monday night while W. H. Shaw and J, II. Johnson were motoring on tln« road leading notiih of Lyndon near the Mi'AlllMter Mchoolhoiise, Air. Shaw'H automobile, which lus wan driving turner .turtle. The night WUH dark and Mr. Hhaw turiu-il-a little too far from the main roadway when .the machine went over an Incline into a ditch, Both men were pinned tinder tiie car"while th" engine Ktlil ran at full Hpeed, wheclH up. It w«** an exciting moment luit by main force Mr, JnhiiMon w«i enable Ui extricate him- .self, ainl then, even thoxiKh UNlnn hlH utmost Htreiigth, he- WUH unable to rescue Mr. Shaw whom' 'he knew* to be. alive, yoi wao utu;ertain UH; to the extent of bin injuries, Mr, Khaw wald aftcruju-il that (bo- -wefeht. and pr'f'»- »ITF*'""of tlu* cue wa« HotiietltinK awful mill h" W'lH 'll'f^r to '''imp|et» nyli^ni'. (>he of tho saddi-HH nccldctltH IUIH occiired In thia vicinity for Unit time IH that of little Itohcrt Ominther tho two year ••]d..Hon__or.Mr,._anil,..>.U:!f l Henry rjuintiier who . live 'om- mile north of Jordan c. 'enter who wa,« jn- jnrcul by a horns at noon yesterday reuniting ii; MX dcntji, Tho little fellow went to the barnyard with his father ami In some manner om> of tho hunuiH In whirling ui'ound lift him knocking him tho water tank anil hl« nkull was turwl and thiH cayHed hln deatli at had Th<» t-n»n wnj pliUntiff. U «'«» iherefon to 'the bitjbor court, " The case nf j, it'C'llne ntrainwt City of fatu-rling linn .'I!HO been ap| '• t | -i t i TTrtr~T'viTiliVr''"Ti'Hl'nT''-TliiI^''wiT IrliMl in the city court before a Jury and the -vcrdh-t was In faVor of Mm; ciine for m-jirly the full Htim n»ked for—by-—the—piniTitirf.7 ~ This—C'liy. thrniiKh 'City Attorney John M. Staffer, has Hp(x>nled. JurvlM Dlnxmoor IK attorney for Mrs. Cllne amietexl by JohiiMiti <)i Johnson. Mrn. C|ln« iiljpp- «.-d on the corner of Klrat. nvonii* and Third otreet last November ~nnA bp<>H«« rstnff (VirVeHpoTident of I'nited 1're.iK.) lluonos Alre«, . Argentine, Oct. 5. — Argentine can off«»r little hope of re% lief from the high flour and bj-esid prlc*»* in the United Huitim by rending Its* wheat unrptiiH, Chief Ivililtte of the Ht.atintlcal, butt-ail of the IninUtry of agriculture told the t?nlted I'reiw u>- dn,y. _____ _ ______________ : ___ • __________ . ______ Tho Iiwt Argentine wheat'crop wan nnrinal but -there 'rfinalnwl a tii iiefltly_i.OM,OflO Thl« wheat will go or th«* United HtateH, wiiK-hitver, fern the hlgbext bid. One Hhiplniol of wheat already In route to the I Tidied HlnleM iitumrd Have Been Approved By the State Commission For the Twin Cities. The New Rates For Gas and Also For Electricity and Power Approved. 'Vhe State rublk I'lllitlert Commission has approved the new Ka;: rates fur Hterltnir ;ind Umck I-'all«< and (he new .de.-tri. and power rates for Hter- llmr and wherever pos-sllde the new fit ten ale to be chained in the November l«t bill« xi-nt. out by the llllnoiH Xorthein ("tiliiicM, Thfi ne« ruth's nrt* as per nn ment reached bet\\eeu (|u> City Htitlitut and .\sMorlatlon nf ( on one .«lde and lite Illlnoln Northern i ommJHHidii to abiillHli certain old ftnd unfair rate*-- and put tho new agreed upon into affii-t. PuttillK the new rates Into effect at once JH tfohitf to cutiHe an enorniiitiB arnouin of -extra work In the office of the IllirioiM Northern iMIIItien Company. I'owc-r and Unlit .-cu«toraers wid have the choice of two RfftH of rat en and it i» de.«lr*Ml that euHtotnetv Iw Kivep the lowe.Ht rate to. which • lu>y will be entitled an noon an POH- of LOSSESJJEAYY Bulgarian Troops Enveloped arid Destroyed About .15,000. Roumanians. • t The Invaders . Were Caught When They Attempted To Recross the River. ,4 jTiy Viiifr-d Prr'Rf<,X * Sofia. Itulgaria. Ort. S.-~-Bulgarhy» troops have enveloped, destroyed 15 TTT TTo i iTiWiifa rf Tin f {STioriSr fa Tjrit i t mm), which crossed the Rnnube and Invaded IlulKnrla • at Hlchovo, snld an official xt;tt*mcnt of the war office to* ilny. The defeat suffered by the Iloumnn* lans Is (he greatest since the liulgtiif the forlresK of Tulr&kan When 28,« f if») HoumanlaiiM were trapped and cap» hired. The Kotimnnlann were caught by no encircling movement when br-gnn tit stream- back ncmww the Teuton monitor* arnanlted some of th» pnntoofiM thUH Interfering nerloufdy with the retrtat to the northern bunk. Bulgarian artlllpry wa« M mined on the Houmanian transports which nil0ml t» lh«"' confuidnn In the ranks of the «m» ••my. The eiuot n inn her of prisoner* taken IH nut definitely known but it If reported large (itmntltleH of wfcr nm- tcrlal wan taken. Home win* w power fend re enjojing light what customers are called to . fiiniewbat more In thi> future, thoiimindsi of nt hern will pay !«>«». AH soon 4is n-celved, the new rate« will be on file at the office of the IlllnoiN Northern 1'tllitien Company where they can be examined. .SHELLEQ GERMAN COLUMN, « Hy t'nlfpd l*ri*«.r, I^mdon. Kng., Oct. .&.— tlrltlnh nrtll. lery played on a moving O*>rmdn Infantry column north of Kchwahen r«- doiii.t hiKt night inflicting many ca«but nxli|«> from Intermittent three wa« no activity north of the Kotnme. THE RUSSIANS ADVANCE. i (By United J're»n.) IVtrograd, HuHNla; Oct. 5,— Suddenly- re«uming- the offennlve in the Caucaaua arid co-operatltiK with the Black 8e» flwt. the KtiHMlanii ore advancing oh wide front, it wan officially announced. The- A «i«t rtfUermanH are flf tntnK~pttj^~ hnrnly. In Dobrudja th« KuR8O-HoU« man'lan otTerndvi! cuntlntie«. MO NASTIR^' tht t'urponfer were both truvellng \v«'Mt on Hwond. xlrei't. Mr, k Mortu'r. was nearer thfe left nldw of the Hlrwt and that h* Biiddenly ttirned over'ct- |y In f|-ont' of the oticiiinlnK ' unto the . t-ry effort to avoid a couini,»n tmt tliougli ha wan traveling Hlowly, , «ivi4|tnit waw Inevltaldi'. ,' Aftc«i' lieurliitf. (lie evidence the jury returned a ve.rdlct ' exoneration ...Mr. 'Carpenter from all blame in the ( axe. (Ion. Meanwhile Mr. Juhnwon had gono to tl»> Hh'hardMoii farm, where he summoned help to lift lli(> unto off tiio imprisoned man. Hltaiigc, to «ay, Mr, Shaw wa» not fatally or even »e- rjouMly Injured. Uotli inen weiv Seve r ii « 'd and hail hainlH from tiietr eHcapo TfuTH TJTi flieir tin* broken glawH, hut neeniH pirfeetiy mirafU- TliO tiltle. fellow wan picked up by hln father and ru«hed to the Sterling I'ulillo hoMpltnl where he U.IK given tho bent of medical attention but which proved to no avail. The pur.entH are heart, broken over tho accident and -today thoir many I'rlondM are trying to console them and them their nympathy. arrrrtn ...... Hir--- lit tip- ~frt I en v i<« one s Is l er. Kevt-ii ycarx old to her arm. The... Ahra-ii-Maim appear before the judgeK of tho Appellate court at thin term. Thin has been 'ii long drawn out case, and at the luKt term of circuit "-court when it was tried, the decitdon of the judges was tiuch that neither Hld« wa« satisfied and each IM taking an appeal. . . . . The case of Scngor asalnut tbo It H. & W. factory of .Hterlinf- 1 baa be*-n steamer I'ampa and other* will probably follow. The gie«tc>nt difficulty lies lu the fact thtit Argfmtlne VH un- ftb!o_t«i_.f.uiriiLi!h-.rnnny."Hhipii ta-tratuU- port the grain and tho United State* IN In a Himllur plight. Of IN MINNEAPOLIS. (Hy United 1'renn.) Minneupollw, Minn,. Oct. 6. With Presidcsnt Wilson Will Tut. Him On Commission To Study S^Hour Act. PUSH (My. United I'ariH, France, Oct. 6.— Allied troop* In the Balkan* have puwhed on toward MouuHtlr at*l occupied the town of Bus. . The KngllMh havo mado grew at other points. pro* ca«« was one heard before, an arbl- irator npiminted by the indmstrlal board, of Uu» .stutei and he trav hb» declHlon In favor of Mr. Kenger, JudKe. C. 12, Hheldoii wati attorney for the company, atuJJ 1 . H, Ward attorney for •Mr. SoiiKer nllegcu that ho ha« been Meriously injured hy reason of having thumb amputated in u machim* hi TTie rrtou/a his untimely xtH have been death. made <N« for in the enmt» "shop, and bbT funwral. ARE SORE ON M'GBAW IOIIH. The lop of tho automobile, wan crushed, the wiinlMhield broken # and the car uUiiu'wiaa—dumagiul btit aftttf nit both. Mt'.' Hli'uw luid-Slr. JolniHon nay they think they foriunalcly, n , very LOCALDOCTOES Will; Take Part Today, in Institute at 1 "- Clintoni • The KocK Hirer InHntute rif~ltTimr-n« pathy will hold il« lli>tli regular mect- iiiK, Thuruduy, t*ct. f.ib. l»'l«, at 11 uiu n. m, unit 1:00 p. in. at the public library, Clinton, Iowa. The following program ban been prepared: - • . Olaucoma A. K, Kmlth. M. !>-. Free- jiort, III. -- Dl»eii»»iou- H, K. Kchr. M. Ji..,.Stor- IIJIK, 111. \ Hi'inal piagnoiiiii" iii ViKcrral I>i«K, I'. >!org><n, M. l». J. L. S'linrri)-;- .M, P.. Hi, ' „ . Culiiia; "Hympnsluiu A ..Hummer'w Clinic \V. !•'. Speucjc-r, M, T>, Deiu'Hco. HI. Home Interesting and siu.lduirn.Caw4 -, {K'ni"«''!eVl« Tiukt'l, <M." l>, I.>aveil- port, ii>WH', t ,. Hvnicdita Thai Hj.JVit. H«'!j»i:'J ' Me C ttl'Utu'i', M. I', Clinton, l.t. -VIKltiKetf iu M 1>, IJoi k biit.nd. Ml. 1'ojnteiK Thai Sii«-j» || \'. M.trlio. LL- ip-.-lnit lif-lttMtc iiiomt. IS LAIDTO REST Services For Mrs. Carrie Waite of Xumo Were Held The funeral Hurvicew of'the late Mr«. Currie. \Vaite of Hume were held Tuesday afternoon at tho" hoitw of Ualph Ifrown, Hev. c. 1>. AhU'a'inmon oll'iciating ami interment wa.-< niade in VorkMtuwn cemetery appropriate HOIIKJ* were 1 - I'lTulcrcil hy Aiewdnmcs Jcnulc Maxwell and lic.rtha ilidlicr,' Mrw. X. 1C. I'lentaou MccoinpaiiiKt. CulTic S,'- Wuite \\{iu horn In I<otl- ilunhcry. Vcrniont. beinii tine of .a iaiu- ily j>f twelve children. Sht> vva» tnar- I Jed io John IlicliM at theutge of nineteen i.lZld. reMlded )Ti~(lit) lU'ighhoi hood of l,ondoiilH-ry until bin death ...whiff*, in the intiiiary service of hi.H .country, She W-UH married in 1S(>1 to 1'rcn- \\'!iitc and with him braved the Some Of the Giants May Refuse To Play Under His Man-, peiiin .of;., life lip the wes-t in the 'c.iily day;.', afnr. . I)M death maliitiK her bonne .with- rdn- ti-ve«'ln MiHHOuri and in the vicinity of Tatuplco. she -ICHVCH no near 'i'f- lathew but. is> m.iXM'i'ed by iniiny dlHt- iUI("*"T J eliitivef( ;iiu| chitM.. TljcndH tu Ny|.M.,iM.i. iiie si'as x-.juli-.-uv.d by It* r inany- admii ,-ili(«i uujUtu-.-t of- mind iind .char* 1 J(lty United Pre»m.) New York. N V.. Oct. B. -John IMc- C»ruw, dlxKrimtled manager of tin. fllantM. may yut -hiivv (u explain' hi« action in declaring. |I!H playcix did not him their hcMl effoi'lM in tiieir wltji lironklyn Tuesday. Mem- ei'M of the "national commiMsioii have i>ln«} to View IhJN iiKMertliill With feel, itlg. It developed l|day. Mcdritw waw not preHcnt to «e*» hlN teiutj win from the Oodyer* ^yesterday but inatcad, occupied u Heat at the i'olo gioUlld where lie Mayv the Vunkt'et) w.lii two fioni the jScitaioi'M.. IIi» r»-fiif.cil t<i modify his declaration in '-anyway'. . - : Mwonvhile' thi' Ni>w i'or'k club W highly*imllKnan( over the' ouibtif.stH and Homt» of'tlie- |day»;rsi iaiiiuuic they will not ugaln play under tlu- li-uilcr- fibijr uf. McrT (-a w, """• r ~ ------- cuiisnleniliK' extent. • -A Htilt'.broncht by the Sterllngr Wholesale Urueery ('om|rtiny of Hterl- int,' a Kill nut .1,. H. RtHeter and J, W. Hhoadu, of Dixon, for Hie »um of $5,15 waw heard in (he JL^'O county c-lroult -eoiirJU-and ttm y,tnt* \\-tut appealed by- the defendant H.-' The verdicl wan for tbe Kierlintf Wholesale company. J*. II.- Ward represent* tm> «terllntf com» pany. 20 oeittH u barrel U'HH In BoHton than In MlnnrapoliH, millers today predicted |in per barrel for Hour nt retail and $2 n luiHhel for wheat to the farmers Unlew rain fails lu Argentine- quickly, one wild, I"! wheat IK almont a certainty tblH month. Flour opened quiet today with pat- cnt» flrKk Highest grades had few buyers at JK.CO ami tX.SO. Home mill, ers this week are reported to hnve got |9 flour Iri. carload hitHjMlt that price f« tliouKht to have been the excepiiyn rather than the average. . BLE88 ALTARVTFrrT MARV!S Seryii'eH for the bleHslnir tjm new altars recently ItiHtalled Itj 8t. Mary's church at Tamplco wer« h*Id Wednesday. Hinhop Muldoon officlatlnR with a number of clergymen from other districts and nn iiiuiMUiilly <ny United I'reH«> : Omaha. Neb, Oct., 5—President WH*on 'It wn* learned today has asked -t-Jeri. iiiM-thHlH,r recently "governor of tho .I'nnama canal, and ComrnlHsloner Clark of the Interstate commerce, to bf> i wo oC the three members of the board in observe the operation of th? elgltt hour duy for thv» railroads. The etl file board i« exp«-cted to be an- today. ' Four We KriowOo Be And As Many Are Missing ^ fnCollei Christian Brothers College At St. Louis Completely Destroyed Today. -tt-rlur iilmdy- With the In- -mtd—beautiful' new aliam (be'parish ha* u, place of to be proud of. PEOVE0 AN ALIBI jgarl jBolfii of D»«r Grpva HQjRSE DOWN IN CAR. O, II. Walil, oV'xtou Cil^, .south of Ki-no»ha, U'la., lost u Jiot>e thin iitter- lluilll by l.l'illjj c,ulgllt ill a cjlJIlll Mhi.'ll U vv'a» jichiK m.n'cd from Ximi. City to W.y-omlni;, The car w«N Imob-d \vfth liillli IDurhltll'l \ and hoUM.chtdd iiud the IroiMi'; 'Tiii-^day no.nn. e.aj' aldMpcil ,uvw,. iUi:'.c. ^,s- N* .* it lilt-' ft.mi.lH-,1.1 nlUpmvn.»__ west..; .Vlmul lili<(nit;hl 'uTiTTill P.ENNY SAVINGS REPORT; The tcpott ol the I'l.oiiy Hav t-ociulion for tlu< rnoiitii...of H rhri^ \V;tllai;t« si-'bool; ^l.l.a?.' luli; Una Of Infantile Raralyiit Hat Entared th» Fred Sandrock Horn* ' _ ""' Uread Infantile paralyiiilH madey'itK appi'anuii't' at the homo of Pred »S;indlock on tiki old -A!. It. Thauktt- berry farm »outh of Vorktowj) last Wi'ek and about -hi no -ndleg from Tampico, lU'olyu tlw four year old daughter of Mr. a ml "Air*, IVetJ rock J» suffering fnnira mild of the (' according to Dr. \\e-b- er vif yorjvUnvu who ;s<tiu>a that be is Ktiro the di.KeuHe IK infantilp partil- >'«)«. The lit tie girl wu* tnheu si«.k tyvo weeks ago • Sunday and ut firwt other doctors, did not call tbn d leu si pHialyt»i«. ., It in«« affected but »«he IH able (•> lis.c them with a«*»ls*iamv and at pivsent lu recovering from what |)r. 'UVber terms a'-milti- attack of tbf« dieatic; The Tiro i)eigl ed-; l. are Forenoon. The First ^Satloiial bank of Jlock had Carl Uoiesw of Deer Grove arraigned this forenoon before ^ Y^ — ^ «jf ten a, week ago today. The man brought u dozen witness*** to GOETHALS WOULD ACCEPT ...... (By United Pr«§») ...... New York. X. V., oct. fi— "I am an officer of the army and a?n bound to accept any post." Maj. Ucn. George (icothuls >-aid today when nuked if he wciuld accept the chairman of |be committee. tr> be aj'iiolntt'd by Preai- dciu WII.HOIV to investigate (be Work- IngH of the eight hour law. lie said he had beau told that bo would: HiKualed a 'M .chairman of the board but nald he h7id- not- been officially appointe.l yet. Uoethals bud planned to retire. DEATiWcOUSIN George D. John Received tht Newi of hV-O»at4»-of~ momlng Oeo. (By l.'nltcd Rt. Lou IK, .Mo,, Oct. r». are tit-ad and :tt# many the Four persona TldH city D. life ~O7 of ft»r Saturday uiiil'er oniciK from •viffi.r^ .Thus. Druyinti 'and a bi.Nirt.l /of .health' official *»n ujjicr-. scbiud _jn the rhi».>d --luiM , luu'.n, ""otdeivd Uit> dirct IOI'H' mid all tak.'ii l.t prevent, id' the " family C little jVit'l !h:it l-'i iciul.s uf the , family titale for, cloy- that he. wat«_not in Kook Ffll}* tjwt »nd thti* he was freed oif the charge, John Kadel, i*n*hi«r of tho bank, ».wor» that this was the man who paanvd the check notwlthstu^dhujr. The ciieck''wa» drawn on tht* Walnut bank and had Jhe name of o man.,by 'the numo of While, Uvintr near IJecr Drove, Mljtmul to It, It ; was payable to Churles tJoieKS, but Carl IM Maid to have drawn the money -on It itt the Rock Falls btink. Ttu-re are rutnora to the eflVtft that Hcveral other Checku of a lik£ amount 'were Cashed In Itoi'k Falls, but none uf them have tihowii u'p. OJEA-I-H OF YOUNQ eov. ^ J, A, liutten received word ' this Tori'ituuiv that a son of Mr. and 'Mrji, Adttm "Jiutton, aged jo y»«ure. '."'iilT'Ai?. hany, died in the eariy numifii*; inilamtnation of the bowel*!, iifier a «hot't>lllne«s.' The funeral will In* lu?Id H.uiurday innrninK -at this C-Htlh*H<'- church at FulUMlput 1U (*'c|ock. Tht-te will lift a uhurt service af (lie hou«e at U u-cluck.- The liilclliji'Mt tvlll im in Iho Fulton ct'int'lttry. ____^_ John of this recelve^d news of life death of bin Dr. (J. «. John, of sriamokin, I'a'., at the age of elRhty-seveii. Uu died last Sunday. So"m'« Blsty years UKO the two schooled together, one a» the teacher and the other an a pupil, at Hear Oap, I > a^^_Aj^_^n_JLSM_tJiey_sol^. Hh7r?d~TZ>gel"iveF rhjfht after, the battle on the field of Gettysburg, one an hospital su-ward and the other us an am- bulatjce driver. This was In the 1'enn- »ylvanla militia, and we both carried at.cliiSe miiKe when the light was of the fire which doxtroyed Hr,otb»rM ('ollego thla morn'*" ins. Ten liremen were Injured. Brothers earmark- and Clement wera hurned to death in'the Infirmary on the fifth boor, jlniuls Noelean died of tho Injuries he received when he leaped from u tlfth storv window. , When a Wall collapsed nt noon g, dozen Hremen were burled in tbedcbrl*. IClKht of the firemen escaped. Lieut. Buifdio wa» hit by a, heavy timber and killed. -Ttescurers say they hftvo located thr,ec other bo<l|es. Fire Chief Han- derHon .and four tnen an« missing and It Is thouKht they are dead beneath th* timbers. ' , .. The monetary loss ia estimated *t $300.000, AN EARLlEflfREPORT. St. IxmlB, Mo.'. Oct. 6.—Brother Cm-. Jiick," H<J. Hintln-i OluiniFiTtr In, ana Bed uttendiint, ar« mimiintr and ara believed to be dead In the ttre .which iyod Christian Brothers col leg* thin niornii)K. The lire which started at 7:30 o'clock, , spread rapidly and In less than an ' tffiiT Tlio Shamokln papvr ban the following to way about Dr. John: Thi» announcement of th« death of pr, O. O, John will be r»»wd today with u 8i'iuse of personal lo»» by hundredu of ..Hhnmokin'8 citlm-ns, by* wttH loved fur his many^quullth's which viuh'arfd hini to ull who knew htm, Hhumnktn had no butter known oiti- atvn than Ur. John and with no one bad tlu» dt'y«>lopment, thw growth and tjut blKtoriiul piogri!«» of thu> town bt-cn j.nort' closely idonttiled. An u scholar, teach»M - , phvxiclan, hi«- tiirian und prtuiiiiieni citizen lie bud bot'ii • longer idt-ntiried with f^liunuH kin's pmgivjm than any other fltlmi und he i« tiim-erely muurmui "for hiw rlin^ worth and, his kindly charuc- «T;'..-.# ,.' . '' • To i'loso an ho)ioniliii> i;ureor with the 't'titirs- wijiniuuiiy vuii-in^ words of. love, )'et.|>eft aiid i ; ormiiendutioii IK endurhiu ii the liiHtiuitloii, oldeHt Catholic Stati-H. A fuw mlnutcM wjdch waH schoolH fn ' one tho of: the United before noon one of nremeii In .tini-riiliiH. fwu uf-ttre-nr»-j tho ruhia Im* .men were ,tak«n from 'medlutuly und uro dyinK. The collvBe iiouued . btftween 200 and SOU wtmluntH. tutoiH and attendanta. THBErilllUEO Superintendent and Two Labors Were Killed In Dynamite Implosion. (My I'nlted l're»Kj • (irufton. III., OH. S— la-o i'atterson. superintendent of, td,} Illlnolu I'uWder eorupitny near her and two laborers, nine killed today vvbeu threw carload* of dymtmite. on a »pur near th« plant WIUL SEEK MORg RIELCRUIT3. " rrbatia. ill.. »Ht. f> iiuttery F, I'jii!- i-Sity of il)'nui¥'arUll.ery corpj*, juwi tiiriu'il from Ti'Miti, '1st out with a call for Io(j,th«' purpoMe of iwrull- «IK to war »ti"cw«th. -tiiti IIH-II lio- MR9, gU8H. |Kininn*j loday the -battt-ry will dri'l Witid Itelis "toda'y f t wJ«:c a w»•»*}* the eniirc • w.intcr. i " • he cauHj. of I/IP' i-xplniilon is not known and officials way it i>robab|y never will be The CUTM we-r« belOf prei-ared i'<.,f Mbiiiineni when th« blajit occurred. \Viiido\vy liere and lu Alton, 10 mile* ax* ay. s\er«- broken and buildings wt*r« wrecked aa'-l»y an .VurUupiuKv. Th» WUH fell, in rltlet--. within ix of &u . TIl'A '.J.'!.an( W'asi ono of the in the country eov crltijj .several nun* dred,ucre0 of land.

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