The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on March 6, 1934 · 20
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 20

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1934
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rAGE TWENTY HERALD TELEPHONE 2-7401 THE HERALD MIAMI FLORIDA HERALD TELEPHONE 2-7101 Tl FSDAY MARCH 0 1074 'HOTEL CELEBRATION SAY FAREWELL AT EMBASSY TONIGHT SHOW C 4LED iR §!ow iy Edgir H&y M IN ME of ‘ v- of cn c o -nirers P 1 e gc“- If Uncle Sam F er cm IL tctth v F urope tev il Be gold pi c1- it niriNU om n!ir MYTIR THEATER INTFRf STING heoi e it show- Cvk Gabe nci Ciaude'e Cuirt In re 1 Ve n crrerts- and Gab’e ‘s nueh i 1rosrtrTer ’his wax than wen re a'fet’s a d’atna c -ei ouv ne-s - It Hapjiened One N ght is pvert land keptl to a zestful 1 t' Pi!'d m nod and f lav ed with ito" of - r -iMon diftt ai'msf get" 1: o fa rce 11 rv il d me of Sam Hopirs Ada"' sjFt-OGO- as a basis for t s one w p mno of tl e arnon ard su :a ms rUve op'nz in tne ro i -e of a bus r p f n’r' M i:r I o Nev Nor Claudette ( rihe t he oaughter pf a wrahi n an WMer Conne I who Ua K dm peri rr abort’d h - a 1 n tip Will rmr ce her m'rc! about rrat-’’in a four-f’nsh me chiseling ‘ htt r h ot e of ti e rlcr O annexe rie-f ua’en’al autho’dtv does a Brodv o'f tp i ht v no ashore and grab t-p Npw York bus Mearf n t Gable ’s Introd red a a d’unken rppo-te' being furd bv lorg d vancr popp Gab p and C’a iriette hip a pielmimiv sk’misb for seats on the bus and get hotter acquainted In a f-iendlv -enemv sort of wav In the course of the tup the newspapers hp aid tl e ri appearance of the heiress Gable and one other passenger get w ise to her ’dentitv and the succeed ng even’s hinge on Gables watchfil protection of his fair companion whom he sees in the light of a sensa-’onal news scoop that will reinstate him wuh h's o’d boss He Tlie Ior£rel Combination F t rfi s — ' esh veee anV ’ ri a proper v roored Ah’ Tha is the perfect roTb ration which TiftNfs one feel aMvfed with f® d p m ’he s lrf-rnrn w hojeome food we’l prepared b' a man who nmis the Jew H ngar- un ruhnarv r' Innrli— llin nor :u)c i c i:t th &t Hestaurant Cop Ifh and Wahinrton MIAMI BFACH GRANDMA'S KITCHEN GRANDMA’S SUGGESTIONS FOR TODAY BREAKFAST Oranr Juice 1 Egg 8 Bacon or Sausare T o i § t Jelly and Coffee 19c LUNCH STUFFED PORK CHOP 14c GROl N D FLOOR OF1 THE Y W Coming — KATHERIKE :4r t nc lr o mucn fus boti gua n pon to ee her through to her f nue n New Ymk f sne 11 not gr e e -t tv to ant of the other news hounds In ere piate aion1' The roure the b s passengers have to put tp In a vi ’-L camp bee cuse of a wash-ou-p t ip ’oad 11 e newspaper man anci r e 1 e 'p'-s I are to pcse as being mar--t d s a-p tjie same cabn for the n’iit and quife a bit of amusement s oe cloned thpiebv discreetls ct (ou’m W 1 cn the b is pulis o it lea -vj cm ilat-prscd ’f not flat-foe’ed tht have to hitch-hike thclr wav Gables demonstration of the a”o is methods of hailing a ride H piuuvaMe of plent of laughs also h s n ethod of scaring off te sus-pCiOiis uie guv iKoscoe Karnsi who v irs o horn in on the reward of-fe’-e d fo- the he -e-s Caudctte s retmn to New Yoik and te rtiden’s of 1 er m'pendlng mar-’lage to The ftur-fiU"l ng King Wet-iev Momeson Thomas are decidediv farcira' especiallv’ the f ance s thea-treal criance in an autogno Gables swagger nonchnian e and toughness sis i n the interest to the end which o' course is as ou expect it though vou don t knov jus how its gong ’o be worked on- Ca1 rlPMe Colbert is a Dartcnlarlv hapv fo 1 for Gabe Thev ought to he tPATtd up again the spunkv ard incirpcndcnt he res she has hei ci’ngirg-Une moments and she s most appealing in them In conflict or harmonv with Gable she is alwavs an inri i v i dual — which is whv she s a star Walter Connellv Is alwavs dependable H s few scenes as Claudette s frtthe- a-e invested wth his usual uave conv'ction and slv humor Allen Ha’e reg’s-ers in one nit a s the tou-led driver of a ramshackle Ford wno picks up the hikers (after Cla idetc had haled him with a ictching glimpse of her legs) sings to them of the beauties of the open road and then tries to swipe their u teases when thev get out at a filling s’aton TVs us gnrsM'v eood-natu-ed entertainment with mood and tempo we’l su-tained b Frank Capras di- ODO EkSON GroacEiciB 3ep fTrrro fiTiTi crTn DINNER Hardrnr Corned Boef with Cab-baf e 23 c C A— 10S S E FIRST AVE HEPBURN in “SPITFIRE” Mu-ii-al Itraaana Io Hr (lien t Umplf Ihpater On Man li 1 6 Tl e Mian ’ Wor'ir's club m'l p-e-sont tbe ‘ Mi-if Box Reiue ’ a m'lM-cal ptra atranza under the direction of Gene Trader on Mrrn 16 at the Tin p'e Thea'er C'olorfil eneenbles and ‘Dec’alUfa w -cenes wth approp “-et ings Ore scene is tn i’led ‘ Yuon cf the Oi ent ’ The s al’ics include a solo dance rv Ruth Rvder and a song On tne Road to Mandalav’ b T urn Wn'-toh G iT n the cvmbal dance w II be Malt' tut Bowen Ahce Guvton Jane Allen BsVis Dale Rith MaHiews biu lev Pemberton Maltha Peddtv Pd’i Jane Ihilant Jeannet e Feater Adde I-ee Fes’er BTioara Tvler Dor Lee Tvler Ctm'le Giv'or M trv Jane WhFe ana Mar-o’ e Pr u e Tne Dance of tne Cse Uo'-lov ak- aih w 1 be pif’soied r OprtL B 1-io k Jocelvn Sn-ir- Fiarfes A-kv pgiHiR Devane and Fed Copeland Milton B ulo k arid Glenn Iongbon Members of the ras’ and of the M’aml j Womans cHb aiP se’Png the t c kets ret - on and b We gav fl ppancy of Gabe and Coibeit MIAMI OFF PA SOCIFTY W’’l bold fhons trv-outs torucht n tie Mat-fa r Tl eater $t ido t op-a-tahs of Mrs M laied Hinro lor ther nov P’oduction an original comic opera ' A I nrd For a Dav Mus c was written bv Lais Soensen of Birmingham and the libretto has been autn-orzed b J i tor i Dor Uon plavw right p-p'v- aeert doctor e-Northwest mount'e and cood fe 1 -w Thee 11 be a casv of 19 cborus of 60 Wiliam J Kopp tne societv s musical director will have charge of the mus cal rehearsals while ‘Doc’ will put the folks through their spoken lines Leading comedy role will be handled bv J S Russ°ll-R’gbv Mabel Bror son will plav opposite The piav date has not vet been set Evervbcdv irve-e5tpd n the "ocietv s e'fos To fur-p- inte-est in opera both grand and comic is :n-v red to be present at torignt s roundup of taenu SPECTACULAR musical numbers HAiItrpHed with trip’e m rrnrs in Warners "Wondfr Bar' will take over the screen in the Coral Gables Theater todav and tomonow Oh veah — AI Jolson s in it too — DRAGON' GRILL - 9 W Kih f at 10th Ae TFAK DIVNFR sn FFfI LAR I I N( HFON PI ATF LI N( HFON 2Ve PFCIAI CHOP sf FT Pi ATF 2V HOMF-MAPE CHlIt ?ftc Dinini Room and Curb Srrvic CROP SIFT A SFFCMITY Phone STATE “BEGGARS in ERMINE” With Lionel Atwill Mat Ifta Nlte S0 — Always Better Entertainment At Sparks’ Theatres! Vv4 igv m pin ard olanda dam pr w ill appear for Hie lat time tonight at the T mheu ( lu h Thev ai e leati ng for eng icemen t s on the Pu Iflc C oast FOR ONE-ACT PLAYS ill Be Gien Bv Drama Inti-t tute MutlentA In Bav front Park The cas s for the three one-ac’-plavs to be given in Bsvfront prr- arrnha’f r Ma-ch 13 bv the sri-der’s of te drama lns‘u e oe corducted bv Charles eu of a t 1 oi al RecreaMon Assoiation ard sporsored bv the Miami cUv recreation department W'ere announced vesterdav The plavs represent three d’fferent tpp of ri-amatic literature — comedy drama and fantasy The easM are as follow s "S-ars and Gocpr’es ” a fan’asv b’ Ursula Conk MarDougall Fierro Lucie M1 trr’rr p'e-ette Theda Mi i- er and ’ a-iequ:n O’enovn Muthlrr The fantasv is hing directed bv Bessie Fcwa’cis and Frances Fllmbcth Frvnr stage manager j ‘Thev Were Deceivers Ever’’ a so-i cial sa’re bv Richard Melvhle Is I beng d rerted bv Marv McCann who I the follow!! e cast Betty Ruth Ra-Vernal Zitt as the meu- 1 field Mabel ern ladies Ladles of 1090 will be Honchar and Chester M Davison Jr plaved bv Thelma Stewart Cu’eton directed by Sidney Christie Lil I v and Lillian Canadav as Rose Pauline Sowers recently returned from a season on the professional I stage will offer Forbes deTamble Elm Wisman Mary Boggs and Ashley Ogden In a character comedy “Stepmother “ The plavs will commence at 8 30 p m All members of the theater are eligbte for part Trv-outs for the next senes will be held on March 24 V REGENT Xi r THEATRE ' PHONE 3 2R10 3510 V W 17th F Matinee 3 — Evenin 7-D HELEN TWELVETREES — VICTOR JORY 10c “MY WOMAN” 20c La i ei of 1490 will be plavd by Mrs Edward O Scnultz as Lady Lucinda ard Fm'lia Hurlbut as Penelope Ladies of 1090 will be placed by Vivienne G”ace A cn ?s Dorris Etliel Crawford Hihs aa Irene and Helen Blsz as Se la ‘The S'ngapore Spider” a melo-dran a bv Eauard Fdnnecan will be dlrccted ty Sara Rountree with the foUowug cast Jason Harndew George Fnghsh Saiah Meggs Mar-gueiue Ha’-vev Jim Meggs Paul Linz AL t Hu do' Dav d Alden Thie’e a’Al Jo'’f WL te Eleanore Zweiner F b S( er c’v recreation director fifl d traf an adnision charge cf 10 cer’s w 1 be n ace on night of ti e p-esenafion to cover toe expense of p’operues The institute Is now n its cion week LITTLE THEATER ANNOUNCES PLAYS irt Group fT ill Pp Prrstntrd i Thursday Ari( Tl f 't 1 tbrn’irr p'avs of the c i ru wi 1 bp p-ecrtpd at I t e Trea’er 203S Flac’er street Ihnrsfiiv evening Lvira Sm(th Irglev will direct the cue-art comeriv B nod Will Tell ’ Vx'h a cat of Nell Scot Glenowen ODowd Juila Ramball and MTa Pea-c ock ‘ T- v4n ph a ore-act tragedv of French sage I will be presented bv Ralph B-iil Frances Barrow Fred PHILH iRMOMC PL iSS “ MESSIAH ” REHEARSAL Final rehearsal for the 125-volce Philharmonic Singers will be at 8 p m today at 230 N E Fourth street All singers will report to their captains before the rehearsal which will be the last before presentation of Handels Messiah ’ on the all-request program at 8 p m Thursday In Ba-frort park Professor Alfred Wile Wail be conductor and Laurlne Evans will be at the 'Yj’dno HOIM sIIOW I If II RFX SHOWING News pictures depicting scenes at the recent M ami B ltmore Horse Show are bei g shown at the Paramount Theater and will be continued today tomorrow' and Thursday 1 msmss Biseayn Blv at 16th Tomorrow art t Hol- wo(il Hra h Hotel Will 1 nrmluto mlnr Ii turo j HOLLYWOOD F’a Mvh 5 — Rome of the dvs wufn fnprese Agnppa bullied he7- slaves v nl Up represented in tl e deco-at or s of the Ht’lvwood Beach Wednesdav nph dinner partv w’h of Edd e Cantor Tl p par’ known as “Scon an Ran t’ stunts wn’l tia’e’v 1h Fdd e Car or j talking picture Ron an n hi clai ’ j Decorations lncluue a Romm batn I at the entiance wrh beauteo m mads In attendance a marble ro u h wih I huge mi-ror reflecting the bath where the Empress Aeiippa with her fem -nine slaves will receive the guest The interior of the d n’ng room wi 1 'be festive with Roman p la s ard cartoon decorat ors ca-'cat e of Eddie Cantor horses ard rar ot-Cages of ’make be 4eve 1 niu aj-'d tigers will flame the orcrestra piH’-form where Gene Zemsa and h s iHolhwnod BPRch Hotel oThptn w j 'entertain for tne n nsical i un be s and for the general rianc ng Each 'guest will bo expected to wear a Roman toga preserved to h m as he enters the d'nirg rorm end the per- tlemen will be further transported o classic times bv rtonn rg papier-marhe helmets of the Roman so de tvpe I Bpglqning at 7 30 p m the d n-1 ner’s special program of eite’-'a’n-ment will Include Hazelle and Klat-l loff European ait sts in dances the Bud Marcellos adagio companv in ensembles and a slave g rl numbp which wTl feature Mar etta “the Dancing Venus Some exceptional effects are promised in a revolving auction block on which ‘Mate' g ns (will be posed and in a dance rumoer jwhe’-e girls will mipe-sona’p tigers Following the rinner at 9 guests will be lnvted nto tl e oceanside lounge where the motion lecture Roman Scandals’ wl! be exhibited An illuminated sign fishing on the hotel lobby lat Surdav morning apprsed the hotel cs-e’s of ‘tdue Cantors Theater ’ Ins-ne a transformation of the lo rge had been effected w ith c elo'ex wal m b -u k and sMver Into the senb’auce of a tl cate auditorium Here wll be si own the film af’er te ‘ Scoman Rardals’ dnner on Wednesdav Oniv ri'nner and hotel guests as well as fi’ends of Mr Canor w 11 be admited chow IftP MEIN rmr STEAKS Chinese and Amrriras U’NCHES 40c l’p DINNERS 65c Up FkA6Lt a-d A PHONg 2 3 52 10c Box Office Opens SO P M — Rirardo 1 1 17a bet h Lorle Hunt f Mat 40c E 5e MW I IK — It Happened One ight ’ OI MPI Hi Nellie “ niMMIMn-'HiMlh Takes a IloliililV II I ul — (all ml I Hi l‘KMOl I— Him’ I is htiiinj ’ l — I in No ne! Kf — J he Iloue mi Jlftv-lth sj reel ' '-I I I — Megyarv in I rrnine ” I I oil — I nr n Bu k the Mim k ’’ M I N I Al Nil - Big ie a- tne’ HIM WNl M — iut to t tie love lorn IOW K — Bioidwav 1 In u a Ke-hole ’ liH I MOHI — Private life of Hem 111 ” OHO I — Roman m imlaN ' t OK l ( Mil I s— w omit r Bar ’ Itlhl I I — ! he ''on of Kong ” II O I I K — I tie Wav to love Id I N I — Mi Wiiiiiiu ’ Z I EG FELD STAR BILLED AT CLUB Mutual ( amerv Pmtlurrr and 7gr ''tar npaped Pcggv r f -rn er 7 ecfr'd sa wl o ircrntlv acmevecl piou rence in N'ew In’k us a tieatrcaL producer njiers a iinh’ed engigement Thuis-dav mcht a the Deau1 I’e Yacht club north cf li HoLvwood Bearn Hotel M ss Fea-v esablisrd herself as ore of toe fe x women to become s’ c-ressful producers with ‘Must In tie Ar” wt nh enjoved an ex’eucied run on Broadwiv She fo lowed tms with 'Child of MarhaMai ’ whuh also won the acclaim of crtic and public AI Siecal who wnl a compare M Fears at rhe piano is c recited bv he how world with having “disco'' ered Bee Pa me ” L 11 an Shade Ethel Merman LJllian Miles and other performers who have risen to stardom on stage and screen It’s a Wonderful Way to Relieve Ugly Eczema Soch up roolig healing Zemo rc’ves lulling d stress usuaLv in five a e o n d ard clears up stubborn a ‘fb of I 7H ii Fcr 2' ea-s this vv o n d e f 1 renedv has p"od’ced s i r a a ms 7 r g- reils bfri I'-e of its i?re ing-edcr!s not ufd i n oher rfTrdi Get Z-no todav — to c ear up Rahe? p n pies R npwnm and I ("Aim W (fth the prie beraise voi pet r- ef All drugg-'s’i 2'c 0 r J 1 d V grfgBKqyimi uwmjii— m m mwm kJ CARTER S MILLION DOLLAR PIER BALLROOM Over the Ocean Miami Beach TQMITE LADES FREE DANCING— FLOOR SHOW Ml -If B EDDIE MARTIN And His Gulf Stream Orchestra ADMISSION 50c Plus Tax THE NEW YORKER INNT CORNER 12 TH SIRKKT AND WiSUINGTOV A1EMB MI AMI BEAf H North Side of the City Hall DELICIOUS HOME-COOKED FOODS CH RC0A L BROILED CHICKEN CHOPS AND STEAKS’ i BRE4KFAST LUNCH DINNER y 2Gc to 50c 50c 55c to $100 Dcliirhtful and Charming: Surrounding TONIGHT CINDERELLA BALLROOM 8 P M 110 T I I I IYFI 55 MUSIC BY LA OPERA SOCIETY IMXNS FOR PLAY! nrd 1 or a lhi" Cat To Bt ( hn'ri I nflnv Te M irr Ore'a Sc e' ai 1 Mtp M’ldred a o n t-e Mayfair ' e ra-t and r(rrlc opera 1 b selected ra" o' i e ern and a chorus of - xtv a’-e ien i 'ed fo- th s work and I'f rcirbfC p o' the Opera So-c c as v r 1 a o’ltr s r erested At n c and Const 'e o' tasng partf n t ’( ore-a a-r r r -ed -o be p’A-P-’ Twe ir-t": o' The 1 bretto D' J Victor V ’ sen m I be on hand to dis'rbu f '!( par s ’o the members cf "he cas' j MucchI ’ehea's-tls 1’1 start at j once under d re -ion of Mr William J Kopp The Ofera faoceTr s musical mreooi Mr Centre Storm will direct the rnsemb es wh’e the author wll put 'te p-im 'pa s th-oueh thrlr paces The mu-xd scoip to ‘A Lord For A Dav ’ w d ccn po-eri bv Lard Soren-r a j-f r'prt of B lncham Ala i nr vc ii (on nicwE v V If I ir00Y STAR Paulette Iji rene rVeni h com-ed’enne Jrnm the Club Rtnale Chi-ago will oprn an engagement at Aubv a Lagoon ton ght Al Friedman ' c I -'ito is featured with th enter une HIT VIFTSHKL’S BIG GLASS-IN-BOTTOM PHONE $100 I ril Tift DIM R LEAVES FROM PIER 8 CITY YACHT BASIN MIAMI : r M Return about ft P M sr SMITH’S CASINO 300 BISCAY NR STREET — FOR — OCEAN ard POOL BATHING H l US ADMISSION 35c and Basse stop deer A Wonderful Place To Dine — Ample Room for Entertaining CLUB BREAKFAST T TNCHFOS 60c $1 06 FTLL-COtRSE DLEK S5e flM Hotel Urmey 32 S E SECOND AVE For Reservations Phone t-0147 iMMimiMuu tfUMipiiimiii'Hijii iiiiiyjumJii 165 MONACAL BAND

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