Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1916
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

SIX. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE WEDNESDAY, OCT. 4, 1916. AMUSEMENTS, AMUSEMENTS. A«USEWENT9. •AMUSEMENTS. House of Features GRAND TODAY Wm. S, Hart in the "Apostle of Vengeance." M.H.. KEYSTONE COMEDY , "Undine." Different from FRIDAY MARGUERITE CLARK Vaudcttc TONIGHT VAUDEVILLE sell Kuppenheimer Clothing Maflery Hats Crossette Shoes Kenosha Closed Krotch Union Suits All nationally advertised lines* REAL ESTATE &0ANS | First Mortgage Investment* i *• ° i ''aiefuHy *H>-< t<'d l-'nirn Moit'.:;n:<-«! t -ep ]•«••? i-rir the high"?-'! <>'!"* of n»-rmH\.. Tin 1 iti'-iwo is »-It>aff'i tli.U» of any olfir-r Itn e^trnetit offer hit .'i h K » i ti t f s.ifelv. !nH-i<':<t and ptintip :1 l JOHN M. STAGER Law Office Stager A Stager 1 i f l'i;l. S\\nil- is \ innni <tH'.Mt. \|cf 11 >t:( >[c i "i»ur. itmlf i pi; ti'l !*'. i >nn '( mis-' f llPHI. "The Yellow Menace" "The Hidden Face" A!:,.! *)«.•! Li! I"' 'I' 1 "••', TOMORROW. vp.xLtl \i',!.::i !: in "This Danecr" -."'id * .-iud'-\ ilk-. A "" •'"'";•" FRIDAY—EXTRA! K?:\rttnc ;i|. 1*'. r f iv.uli >i JiiUl-r tlift II »h<> ll .iiiit pi'Hi '• . try so vnu-ti AH Sin Stsnw <t. « Mh i ;nt,i( Ulif>. IVnnl j'tu. DANCING CLASS AT WOODMAN H.\LL. B: f M. to $.00 • Social dance 0:00 to 12:00 Saturday, Oct. 7. 1916 50c A PERSON FIRST HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OPENS MONDAV, OCT. 9. WOODMAN HALL. 8-.00 o'clock shnrp. 9:00 o'clock social Mrs. F. R. BELL & SON 'TWPWC i ~ E* TT O USE THE CLASSIFIED ADS. 1 H, T, INVESTMENT BONDS Nf-t 4 to C per cent Exempt from Income Tax LOANS INSURANCE 310 Lawrenc* Bldg. Sterling. III. How Many Tons And What Size shall we include in your coal supply?Our yards are full of the highest grades of clean coal, and deliveries are being made rapidly. ft, People's Ice and Coal Co. Both Phones All grades in stock now 211 Second Avenue j DIED FN FLORIDA, j Hinv.-irt) ( ':im|>t>*'II. ' "" .<•( JMtH. i;.uri.-<- A. ' '.'ttnj't'f'II "f s- >v !,,,««. «vnldt n triticn! i linitif nf Itis t;:iiniltni'»ticf. Mis, HI-W n Jal SI, I'ci.-J-'lH-rK, l-'l:l. W.inl "f I •» 'ill til's- utilitni'ly d-'iltli w:i« fi-rt'iv"i in u ti'!<-ia.<m yi-sfrdny iift'-ti'i'-i-n. am' fHeii'K although tli!*y were p:itti:i!l> (in <l fi'i the Wot«d when n tne*- e;ir:t> i[<-i v - v i% «*'( Ir'itf MoiuL'ti fit;i»«jTLMi.\t hi* critical JJlfl"Kn vvaf! hjood t'oivoninir. i-aus'-cl In ft rarlniiu'lr on hl« ti«-vk. Mr •Hid Mrf f'jitnpJx II \i 1 1 liid- M"!i"l.i> fur St. !'(•!• -tvliffK. l>iit of roinsi- hml nut rcnrhfd Ms t"~f1 widf' lirforc !i« p'is REUNION OF SCHOOLMATES. SPECIAL AT THE GRAND THEATER TOMORROW ,iinl Mr*. \V. \V. f»nvK dt*vi' to .I'-r- H.III iiiul *|M»t)i si di'liuhjful d;iy uiih j.Mt.w. Tol'la* KmilTniim. .She » -i* f"i i marly H:it!i*> rnj>i», only iliuirhicr »( <| ( ^>rci' I'sH'S 1 . whoso litif f;irm iifU»m- <'d (In* wHl known (-'clu't'l hulls" . tiv- iTnil«'.« north uf Ktorlini; >MI th' >'<n- iiltiuton r<> id Mr*. Si'Mcl. Mrs I'.IVI.K anil ""MfS. t",Tpp tv?'tr Trtrls tr>i;r-1hfr hi school. .mid tlyy ttK^df rni-rtv in Vc- tallinir \li" K'ddMi days of i-ail> s.-uUi Shi'iild nultl .MC i|iiiiinl:'.n<'i> l«> forgot. ami days of atdd ISUIK sytK'" GAVE FICTITIOUS" NAME. Flint iffivlnu w>nr MrUohi'its' ci'ii'H- ln)t, eiift of N«'|son, I'uuxfd ;inot)i«T ;iu- totnoMlt 1 .'irt-tdi-nt Sundiiy fvi-nlnu, tl><> iiiuflilnc ptriklitt; tin; frtn'i' mid Jhrow- inn it* oi'citjtjnl*. :t man .'tint tt-ctprtn. nut of tlio cat, Th" .woman wax In-. jurcit ami i.ik'-u in (he Olxnit hi>*iil!jil. Tin- mint who at flisi ti' i" ili?'- rlo.M' hi* n,*tti,' ;ti!jl 1'ifrr KivttiK whin .is L'«'!ifVLtl to. In- ;i lU'tftioti* tuidif, li-ft town iinin'-iHiifclv. It is mniim-d !h;ti th< % youiiw man \va-« from Sli-rltnu ami that _J|i>«.__ Co.'lU'-LU. 1 IliUi.— I't'Ul'li'll ___ L'A-J.'ti.. .u_. triftiihi»r of n thrrilri»-al troop which n- i'1'Uti.V Iht'li 1 , DEATH FROM iLOOn POISONING. !"!i, i-'i-."-!-!) iiv,.n if hi--- hotn<- \<-st«'r- tl.'t\ ,-i.« lln> ri '-nit of ;iti ;tU;t!'l< of Idoofl' |M.)^iitiit)i-, «i!l! v hi' h h' 1 hud Itci'ti u -uffcit-r fur '"itii- linn- .Mr. Hurt had In-ill liiniUlii! with Iiif t«'<h for ;i lout; tiini- ;itid ri'i' ; -sitj\ hud ••iuht of tln-iri '•.vtr;icii d. Illood polsohini; l.-it'-r df- \-»'|o|>i.d mid h<- P:I.SMI-I| ;tway yi-!»lcrday. I I" WII.N !!l:l| I il'd-»1|id tx.fUIIV'i V-»l hy 1:1.1 w><!mv mid fi-tiv rliihlt.rn ' # BRIDGE INSPECTORS HERE. Tin hiiili:' ins|(i't'|iii« piiviili' i'ar «.«-)- tun. into .-Jt.-rliiur f.Tir thf. | lini:ttili 'I'm -il-ty ;if!i I tiomi siiid K:iii!ii| its Hiitltiu: for siM-iiil I'ourx. I'h. ll>r-pi<i tn|> i,nrhd I In il' oW II •;!' -tin- -•r.iphi i -. »\!th tin-in. ''Thi-\ Hindi- ^i hoii,)ii:h in- |n-"-l i"ii nf (h<' hiiditi' oy- i- (hi- l{iii-k ii\- i ,\\ tlii- point '"ii \vhn-h thi- r.-iih-o.-id i tih-< .AYdcUH.-r.. lii'..-. urti- l;i!>; di-fldi-d ii|i»n :l in H st flirt i|l'<- ov- i tin iiV'-r i" t.iki' tin- |>i;i'-«- of tin- ill ollf \V;|M lint ;intll'lllll'(.-(l, WHEELER NAMED DIRECTOR. Arthur \V \Vhifh-r WMM on Tin-day h i ti d .1. tni'iii)ii>r of Ihi- I'n.iid of |)j. i'i-|nr.s of the .Stvtl'ini.: Ai^ociidiotl of 'otiiiin-ri-r tii MII-I-'<-d {'iirj }'.. Shi'hhui, hu n-sintH-d a <«hmt tint-.' ;IKO. Mr. k'h'-c|f-r u;i--- \vt( li*7,,*lWM'tl('i' |!|ii,«. «d(ir«> Muriiinc to sti'fliiic from l'hi''.'u:o. hut i novs ili-voiinu his littic mostly to the 'IM1H s" of I |;ird\v,-irr I'rodUi t-i Coin;in>. \\hich h'' ;ind 11,in y (i, ISurk- SUFFERED PAINrUL INJURY. Thoroughly Endorsed by This Store You'll find these popular silks exquisite, soft and delightfully attractive. The wonderful richness and durability of flcldirtg's Silk Fabrics are due to the fact thai they arc made of the finest Italian long-fibre silks. -and- dyed with chemically pure dyes. Just compare them with any other silks at the i-ame prices nnd note the superiority of Helding's. We carry RelditiK s Lining Silks, Petticoat Silks and their wonderful at ray u! Dress Silk. All guaranteed by the manufacturer to give satisfactory wear. Come in and sec them. Prices range from $1.25 to $2,50 per yard. 1 Urnry H-trt. Kiilim: u »ln<r(, \\i>ll known r.irni.-c. *iii;d.iy while :il work ;it one of thn While lie W.I?, olll'llt; ;l ptllu'h left hand i;.it c:int:ht in the niirhliie, cjinsiim ;i (iiinpniind fraeln"**' "f the riiiK and IHtlt (liicer. He w.'ix tiilieji in a ihu'toi v. Inn. (hi- hand was l>loperlv cared for.. —DA IL Y-W E AT H E R RE PO RTr Tlie I'llil'.H-ii VM"ilhi'|- liilll',011 *l-'iy--rti»l -plrjrhttv .WTirtifr-r iii lion;. TjiiM'i»d;ty p;irll> eloiidy; cooler I ii M f (on Thjii-fday nftrr mion of Three Big Specials from the Corset Department— A Corset, A Brassiere, A Child's Muslin Waist -THREES DAYS-O-NtY—Sale begins tomorrow-^t" 8:30 a. m. and end* Saturday at 9:30 p. m. $3.00 Corset, $1.79 An Unusual Bargain—Offered to Intro-_ the Women^of ThisVJcinity. _IOUAY-iN-l L LI NO 18 HISTO R V. •^ r: ) & ;t ('lit n><- iii(-or|iiii;itlrif: tin- i.-i i'MU!il!.v svidi tin- luiivinei- of ' •Piv ,'iinl Mi:; \Vl .1 fc\v ihiys in ( 'hii-.u;n, Dr. Walil \\cui t<i T;it»|tlf<,i 'rii tniiriiiiiM.ini lni.Miu'.sN, Mr«. Milton i )||iif*Ii-,-nl. nf Milli-ih;i'. *4- /JI y/\ "HOME, SWEET HOME," is, in all probaMUtyj^^^^^^ and popular melody—because it deals with "Home"—the shrine at whit'h we all worship. All Humanity answers to the wholesome appeal of a real home —which is the very cornerstone of civilization itself. ..-.,.... f'i'r.s'"fr*-c Mrs. l),-uiie| ToUer left Wednesday for a . yisli in I'm thuid, < Mr«, I.elvoy I'tH'Kel.i anil J'.iiiie ;il ')';ini|i)i u l''rldiij I'ochran will 'fnrni.'di music-• .);n>et, of Morrison, sin-in Mrs' JI. I'aliner, of Lyndon, .spent Tlvis fiiii'Nol Is of tin* latotit rnorlols ami tlm.-, Myslif \ViifkiTM, iiesday in UI|M ''iiy shiippJiiK, ;Miv"niuV'Mr,s, John Ahhot.t.df i*liicit» », arrivj.ul4iern lodiiy for n \islt With Harry Kofi) and Win." IVrUins tno- toreil to ,Savanna 'J'lieHdny tnornliikf on Mi'SHrs, Seihle, UO.SM jind Huchill. of Walnut were hen- ']'•(« lm< ishv very jino tuid s I ro n sr, ilnndsoino (Muhroidory^aiKl rib boil tritunuul; four strony; liosc support • Fdays-y »humbh humble," *as in the song. You can have, for the mere asking, as beautifully furnished a home a you wish. Woods will show you the way. • . • Hmrrrtr-1*rn-p The largest, the most attractive displays of furniture, stoves and rugs in the twin-Cities from which to; make your selectmns. Think of the joy of It! Mjthe^MujflluUurnitujejQ^r^ dependable^malcers — great unmatchable assortments of epry kind of furniture desired,-jijcludin'g^Vliew.-periodydesiifns-in 1 a delightfully bewildering variety, = finding the things you want, at prices no other store can afford to duplicate, and the credit terms which pleasingly accommodate your convenience—is why you sh ould come straight to Woods, Alf we ask is for you to call and investigate our U>w prices, We are offering ouFe¥f!re~slock of stoves, rugs,Hininr? tables, chairs and many other articles at a saving of from 5 to 25 ^ , Special Easy Monthly Payments Gladly Arranged on^wreftases-Il neslred siile. l-'ridny nod Kiitunliiy, Ociitlirr »' and." nl M M. l''ou.rtli street.* Cluirlcs Karly, of Monttnorniicy, lu^ K«IIM> to KIIlisas City. Mo., to |>y two ot thrci' carloadH of cattle for' fi In- iirid .Mrrf. Win. I'aiUcr. of lij.xon, rr- lurni'd hoiin- Tin-Nd'ty from,a two days' anlo tri|i to DvviKlit. IH. Mr. untl 'Mrs. .lolin Wi-twl 'tint! Ml •'Hid Mrs. ,1; |). Iliinli-n. tnotor<<d loiijij Sieves Delivered and Installed Anywlicre Undertakers and Funeral Directors" fliii Lady and Man Embalmers , auC Mr.s. Frank Witlxii-r, who aro ino- 4«>rltiK lo ('alifornlfi. ' Mr. and Mrs. John Murray, Mr.s, I'tmrli-.s Ih-uvit and Mins ifilihji' Crov.> of this HI)', Iffi llti.H iiiurtiiiiK for n IVw days 1 vi.Hil iii rhifuxo. Tlicy \vciii in I lit.' Aluri'ay auto. SJi'-rllnp hicluc. .M.vvHi- VVui-ki'rsTli;iv»' a danci> in tiii'ir hull loniKlii. Mi-in-' IMI-.S five. {t|ll!,ldt'lw, L'.'ii-. Mu.-ijc l>y ci it W. ( Mi'licMtra.* \V'u|tx. IUO-.-.II-K, and <;atn'f!v .\|>M. ''II.- !•'. f L *Jt-*i ( t-rrt-. ---- ^Hrtrnr— 1 1 l-'lHlllll StjM-l -\» i; 1 •;alc. l'"i!i!av and Salii aird 7 ,i! II I'.', I' 111 At thu C. B. & Q, Stock Yards Satur day, October 7 I ^iir^.>!l :'.:, ln>.ol nl li>-f.l) I-O\VK iitid •ln'iii;,'-!--, itil'l •'" li<-;4'l nl I'luiii " yi'-ai -. linu >*i-i-isi. v,iiuht alujiit 'i'lMi. Sat«- ivill )"• at 1 o',-loi-ii,.S.itiii-d.-iy, nc-foln-r 7." a t » ', i: iV (j |i|>"'U \;nd.-. I ".*>',', i! i', un--- , .!. H. J-A Uuii C PEA'RS! ' PEAH6! .';!.!- nf.|'ai;i\v I'.miiJitf, |ii-;u,-t at I'aiu- »1 back" add to (lie -fiMnl'ort of Jhu wearer; .u'uaranUM'd not to rust; sixes from L'O to ;!0. Extra special for the three days only, at $1,79. -Regular $3.00 value. -— _ __,... 50c Brassiere, 39c v This is % front closing brassiere, made of good quality cambric; trimmed around arm with laoe edging, embroidery insertion in yoke, Th>is is a special bargain for the threejdays only^ -ajjHtejHRgj^^ I 35c Child's Muslin Waist, 29c This (.•liild's umlonvaist ij> iiu»^lo of uxtri! .s "muslin; gnri«?rs atdu-ln'il; tujied huttuu.s. 8i/,«K rango An unusual value at 35c; For the three days only, choice 29c. .-,...;, HEAD ALL THE ADVEETISKMENTS IN JOHN A. . . Attorney «t Law MONEY to LOAN (In Hi-al Plftnly ftl foal Prompt . On any-coal you want from $ 1,00 worth to a carload. Coal always on track BeJSfeeks Coiltcu

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