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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida • Page 35
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida • Page 35

The Miami Heraldi
Miami, Florida
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SUNDAY MAY 25 1930 TELEPHONE 27401' THE HERALD' I A I FL I A HERALD TELEPHONE 27401 PAGE THIRTY-FIVE NOW AT ROSETTA Dennis King Star of Picture Showing At Present Vagabond King" will return to Miami today and will play two days at the Rosetta Theater In response to a popular demand for another presentation of this great production Dennis King is in the title role and gives a fine portrayal of Francois Villon the vagabond who saved France King played this role in the stage production and gives a finished performance Jeanette MacDonald plays opposite the star as the Princess Katherine Lillian Roth is in the tragic role of Huguette Warner Oland and Heggle are in featured characters Heg-gle playing the role of Louis the king a- s- It I Jf 'X'tfZ fr-yj MW04 3ja I' NANCY CARROLL 11 PHILLIP HOLME-T OLYMPIA Romantic Mcloilrania Based On Henry's Story With Fay Wray As Costar Gary Cooper the breezy hero of Is again cast in a similar role In latest romantlo melodrama now playing at the Fairfax Theater The picture la based on Henry's story Double-Dyed Deceiver" and is endowed with vivid action romance and the typical Henry surprise twist at the climax In Cooper is cast aa the Llano Kid a qulck-on-the-draw likable cowboy who finds unexpected adventure and love in the far-flung pampas of South America Impersonating the runaway son of a wclathy Spanish senora the Kid plans to work himself into the good graces of hla and then under "of night eteal away with the family gold But two things stand in his way Ona is his love for the beautiful Consuelo a distant cousin of the senora with whom he falls In love The other Is tha startling discovery he makes revealing that It was he wao killed the real son in a gun fight in Texas Packed with dramatic Interest that builds up in convincing fashion through one unusual and fascinating scene after the other and finally culminates In a surprise climax emerges an interesting and distinctive picture Gary Cooper es the Llano Kid gives one of the best permorfances of his career And Fay Wray as Consuelo interprets the most Important role she has yet had on the talking screen She plays with restraint and evident sincerity that bring depth and a believable quality to her portrayal Other In the cast who do good work are Emma Dunn as the senora Oscar Apfel as the suave crook and James Marcus as the psalm-singing gun-toting sheriff Added presentations In the sams program include a Pat he sound news a Paramount taikertoon a talking comedy and a Paramount novelty Actions Speak Louder Than 4 K-k-v 1 ifXl I 1 ''r 't it ilM Jm Nancy Carroll Seen In Emotional Role In Uhcat Belt Drama Nancy Carroll star of and will appear in an entirely different type of role today and tomorrow when comes to the Olympia Theater Those who have wanted to see Miss Carroll In a dashing emotional part will be pleased with her In this picture of modern life in America's wheat district as the gold-digging' manicurist who works hand-ln-hand with plotting salesmen of farm implements In putting over their deals with unsuspecting farmer propscets Much of the action takes place In a big hotel the rendezvous for wealthy farmers and tricky city folks Miss Carroll tries her bunco game on Phillips Holmes son of the wheat king of that region and later regrets her shameful trickery when she discovers that he loves her The play Is charged with dramatic dynamics and stirring emotional scenes Miss Carroll as the central starring figure has to carry much of the highly explosive burden of acting How she does it stamps her as an eminent genius in this type of role Nancy Carroll has become a motion picture star In less than two years after her screen debut because she Is fortunate In having the four requirements which make great actresses according to Edmund Goulding director of "The Devil's actress to become great must have Innate ability physique intelligence to acquire technique and experience necessary to acquire the says Goulding wM Conflict Stripped of Glory In Quiet On The Western By JEFFERSON BELL Quiet On the Western Universal's tremendous presentation of Erich Marla epic of the World war as seen from behind the German lines strips war of all Its glory and bares its sickening brutality with a tragic grimness that spares nothing and leaves the spectator shaken and speechless The picture cries aloud the futility of war the frightful wrecking and sacrifice of youth the debasing of human beings This picture which had its initial presentation last night at the Capitol Theater and will continue there during the coming week is a spectacle of carnage with marching ranks of men hurled in hopeless charges ghastly bodies on barbed wire reeking trenches vermin rats rattle of musketry rain of bullets from machine guns the ripping of flesh bombs smoke mud and unspeakable desolation against which the meager story Is woven The picture follows a group of schoolboys and a handful of men from the day these boys come radiant and burning with patriotic zeal from the school room to that last day when the last of them have been swept away In the holocaust More tragic than the maiming of young bodies the snuffing out of lives the pinch of hunger and hardship of battle is the dehumaning process through which they pass until all that is fine is burned away in the flame of war and only the brutal instinct to kill to be fed and to wrink is left The fear of youthful fighters and their sufferings in the hospitals after they are named and broken are depicted in great detail and the death agony of a French soldier who had leaped into a shell hole occupied by Paul Baumer and boys going mad from fear and horror are shown While the picture is elaborately photographed and shows wide areas of territory mutilated by war it does not depend upon that for its realism There is fine acting with men whose faces and names will never be separated from their characters Louis Wolheim is Katczinsky the commanding officer and comrade of his men John Wray is the despicable postman Himmel-stoss turned Into a tyrannical drill master Lewis Ayres is the sensitive high-strung Paul Baumer and Raymond Griffith is Gerald Duval Russell Gleason is Muller who steals his idolized boots after one leg has been amputated and Slim Summerville is the boastful Tjaden Ben Alexander is Kemmerer Mrs Baumer is portrayed by Beryl Mercer and is slightly out pf key with the rest of the cast Lewis direction is flawless and reveals his splendid sense of the dramatic He has given a truly great and moving picture which must profoundly impress the world The sequences in which the old schoolmaster Kantorek urges his students to go to war telling them that it is sweet and fitting to die for the fatherland and the later scene in young -Baumer worn and disil-goes back on sick leave and to talk to the students of war vivid and show the chafnged spirit of Baumer tell you anything you he said to the students live in the trenches out there We fight and try not to be killed but sometimes we are all And breaking out when he hears remonstrance he says: heard you here reciting your old stuff Making more iron men more young heroes You still think it is beautiful and sweet to die for your country you? Well we used to think you knew but the first bombardment taught us better dirty and painful to die for your country When it comes VAGASOND KIN ROt-rrA X'i i hORMA TALJviADQ TCNVt-R i ooy GARY CCOPE-R srvd F-AV WRAY at FAlRF-AX -tookv tiAy I RAT-H BONt-e -tnPPODROME MAD IS AT HIPPODROME YORK AT TOWER THEATER WILLIAM HAINES TIVOLI OFFERING DON DAY! to dying for your country It is better not to die at all I shouldn't have come up here on leave Up at the front alive or dead There we know lost and done for whether dead or The close is curiously tender and pathetic Baumer reaching out his hand to save a butterfly which had alighted on a log on the firing line is struck in the trench by a bullet His hand is all that Is seen as It moves then becomes limp In death A lull in the battle brings stillness and quiet to the western front French Spy German Wife Mix Love and Patriotism Mad is the first serious drama having a war background to bs made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer since "The Big Basil Rathbone and Kay Johnson are In the lending roles In the attraction at the Hippodrome Theater This picture Is not concerned with actual scenes of warfare but plcts an interlude behind the German lines Principal protagonists of the drama are Paul Parlsot (Basil Rathbone) a French spy who returns home on a secret visit to his mother (Louisa Dresser) to find Victoria (Kay Johnson) wife of a German general billeted in his home while wating to see her husband Victoria discovers Paul to be a spy and although she becomes fascinated by him determines to reveal his Identity to her husband She attempts to go to the German headquarters but Paul follows her and lures her to a deserted chateau to kill her Here they find themselves desperately In love The outcome of the conflict between love and patriotism Is a Norma Talmadge Is Seen In First Musical Talking Picture York opens at the Tower Theater today for a two run with Norma Talmadge appearing in her first musical talking picture The picture affords Miss Talmadge an excellent opportunity to show her interpretive genius Lavish sets music comedy and romance laid in that picturesque belt of New York known as Tin Pan Alley are intelligently woven into a pleasing entertainment by Lewis Milestone York is a radical de parture from the numerous plays about theatrical people that have preceded It It Is a lively story with a logical and understandable plot pleasingly presented DUNCAN SISTERS STAR ON SEVENTH A VE SCREEN a Great now showing at Seventh Avenue Theater Is a realistic story of vaudeville life Rosetta and Vivian Duncan with a wealth of stage experience behind them found It easy to give sympathetic portrayals of the two girls whose greatest ambition was make the the high epot In the lives of vaudeville actors A fine supporting cast Includes Lawrence Gray Benny Rubin Jed Prouty Dudley Chambers Oscar Apfel George Davis George Perlolat and Willis Marks Popular Actor Hard-Boiled Gob In William Haines as a hard-boiled gob washing out his clothes on the deck of a dreadnaught making faces behind the backs of noncommissioned officers or coming out of a free-for-all fight unscathed between the legs of bruised and beaten colleagues will not surprise his admirers who have long been accustomed to seeing him do that sort of thing In in which he Is appearing at the Tivoli Theater Haines not only gives his usual light-hearted impersonation hut goes dramatic something he has wanted to do for sometime Clarence Brown creator of Greta Garbo successes directed "Navy Blues Anita Page Carl Dane and gent are In the support PROGRAMS GIVEN AT ALCAZAR CLUB cided tendency to return to these tight waists and long trailing "Do you think the American women will really be foolish enough to accept such a I asked her difficult to say The United States the dictator In all things with the exception of fashion always accepts the edict of the Parisian I have always thought it was beyond understanding that a great country like this should be dictated to in the matter of clothes by another country Certainly the American woman is the best dressed woman in the world In Paris all the most smartly dressed women are Americans you really think women today will go back to the miseries of being laced Into their clothes and of being cramped into corsets that hold them together like a steel girder and of having their hair full of 1 asked Marion can answer that as well as I she said have fought for their political freedom for the freedom of their sex and they fought hard for the present freedom of dress Having won it some of them seem willing to give It all up without putting forth a restraining "There was so much said about the sensible style of bobbed hair and about the perfect figure of the Venus de Milo the comfortable uncorseted said Marlon "women sought to imitate it by wearing loose clothing and now the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction They are apparently returning to trains long gloves and long hair The Venus de Milo model Is completely relegated to the background "I should really like to know what the men and women of the country think whether they are in favor of short skirts boyish bobbed hair and modern styles or whether they really like the old-fashioned girl the young woman of the gay nineties period with JUNIOR SYMPHONY TO PLW The Junior Symphony orchestra will give a concert at 4 today with Walter Grossman directing at the Civic Theater Leonard Rose and Lewis Ely will appear as soloists Film Star Will Offer Prize For Best Letters Written On Subject By LOUELLA PARSONS Tniversal Service Motion Picture Critic LOS ANGELES May Marion Davies in a shell pink sport suit worn short according to the modem edict for street wear hat shoes and scarf of periwinkle blue looked very different from the Marlon I had seen posing for pictures in costumes of Floradora era I asked Marion watching her ready to play tennis do you like better the 1930 models or the styles of the gay nineties with the wasp-like waist and the leg of mutton sleeves that you wore in your last picture "The Floradora like both of Marion answered think the picturesque costumes of the girl of the gay nineties with the picture hats and long hair were unusually decorative The modest long skirts and narrow high heeled shoes gave her a feminine appearance that had Its advantages Yet she was uncomfortable I can vouch for that wearing a corset and narrow confining skirts And I think it would be difficult foi- the modern girl who is athletic and unused to tight corsets and hair pins to adopt the mode of the nineties "I said Marlon the freedom of short skirts the absence of flowing veils and bobbed hair without the annoyance of hairpins the styles sent out by the creators of fashion of today show a de Dinner Dances Are Offered Summer ourists Here Club Alcazar affords summer tourists a cool evening's entertainment on the roof garden atop the Hotel Alcazar Special dinner- dances are arranged every Sunday from 6 to 9 music being provided by Mannie radio broadcasting orchestra with an entertainment program of six acts beginning at 8 Six days of the week the club Is open from66 to 2 a with three complete shows and continuous dance music Artists Include Betty Royce novelty dancer: Don Costello tap dancer Nelller Rutter soloist Wanda Dawson blues singer and Helen Ward acrobatic dancer her conscious modesty and her long curled long-skirted long-sleeved bath Ing I added as well as women are Interested In this discussion of said Marion I should really like to know their opinion I am therefore going to offer two prizes of $500 each one for the best letter written by a man on the styles he likes best the 1930 manner of dressing or the excessively modest costume of the girls of the gay nineties The other $500 will be given for a best letter by a woman on the same Here Is a chance to win $500 Write a letter stating your views on whether you prefer long hair long skirts and a corseted figure or the modern girl with her bobbed hair natural waistline and short skirts Address your letter to the New Pan-tages Theater Hollywood Calif GEORGE BANCROFT STARS IN FOTOSHO OFFERING George Bancroft plays a vehement role In Love which will open today at the Fotosho Theater He rages and thunders and pounds with his heavy fists In his portrayal of the building contractor who has risen from obscurity to wealth and decides to marry Into society He managed to get an Introduction to a society matron who Is about to divorce her husband This romance leads him into many difficulties and provides the surprising climax Mary Astor plays the role of the society woman and Frederic March is the inconsiderate husband How Could Any Girl So Sweet So Smiling Do The Things Hallie ob art Does? Great Shows Best Sound in Townlffi A Price On His Head! issii rr if- 1 vi-Ty I The Star -jfi tit 4- Love a In His Heart! it Hounded By The Law Threatened By His Own Evil Accomplices This Reckless Texan Defying Death To Know The Bliss Of True Love! Henry Wrote The Story Which Puts His Hero In a Hopeless Situation And Then Works Out a Surprise Ending Exciting Different! W--? 8 tvs'll rm Ef1 NOW Nancy Carroll portrays Halli Hobart! A beautiful man-hater sought by all men! Her business to trick men! Her ambition to marry young David who is inexperienced motherless rich! She knows father will pav well to annul a marriage to notorious HaUie Hobart! But what when the schemer is herself tricked? A new and powerfully emotional Nancy Carroll is revealed in this dramatic role! Come thrill to the new NANCY CARROLL In The Devil Holiday With PHILLIPS HOLMES PAUL LUKAS HOBART BOSWORTH ZAZU PITTS JAMES KIRKWOOD A Paramount Ail Talking Picture Written and Directed by Edmund Goulding Maker of W'nu" III g'WV'l 'im phwwp i'1 ri s-h-A i2yj FROM THE BOOK BY ERICH MARIA REMARQUE NO SUPERLATIVES ARE USED TO DESCRIBE THIS MASTERPIECE THE PICTURE WILL SPEAK FOR ITSELF FOR NO GREATER STORY HAS EVER BEEN TOLD REFRIGERATED OF HITS As Cool As Nisgara But Never For Your Balts AU "Tl00 Broad07 iTOm including Janet Gaynor Charles Farrell Victor McLaglen Ann Pennington Walter Catlett William Collier Sr Continuous Today 2 to 11 AL New Summer Policy! Com plete Change of Pro gram Every Sunday Tuesday Friday! New Summer Policy! Com plete Change of Pro gram Every Sunday Tuesday Friday! A Paramount All-Talking Picture With GARY COOPER FAY WRAY Featurettes PATHE SOUND NEWS All World Events In Sound Paramount Talbertoon ThrHlinr Talkomedr TnlQiie Paramount Novelty Featurcttes TAKE A TRIP IN MY A Paramount Screen Song Charlie Chase In 'ALL TEED MIAMI AVENUE AT THIRD STREET FIRST RUN UNIVERSAL-FOX PICTURES PHONE 2X111 Now Playing! Today and Monday Only! fXew Show Tuesday) uiar AdmlMiioni THE HIT YOU JUST MISS! Also THIS IS PATHE NEWS Sportlight THE REALLY COOL REALLY COOL! For Each Seat In The Fairfax There Are Thousands Of Cubfe Feet Of Fresh Cool Pure Air Rushed Into the Theatre Every Minute! If i feature Berim At Ilf Matinee I-LOO tU 4:50 lreninc LIS 9:46 Anytime Flaarler and 3nd Aye Phone S-4309 Home of Paramount Talking Pictures- Home of Paramount Pictures.

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