Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1895
Page 5
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Responsibility! Which in your mind carries the most the button or the suspenders. We can furnish you very responsible suspenders at a very moderate cost. DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Save. This Coupon our No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and \ve w.ill make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned your body. AL. T. YOUNG, THE, FEflRL STRBET TfULOR, At the Opera Hfouie.., The Intense sweetness of., Marie Walnwrlffht'* voice, at all times tinder perfect, marvelous control, Is'wonder- fully pleasing-. That she IB an actress of rare ability has long been from all quarters gracefully acknowledged. She thrilled a bmall audience last night, but It was not a large enough gathering- to make a stormy ; demonstration of approval, had it been of the excitable and noise .making kind. The pleasure in tha performance was there, but It did not show on the ' surface In tidal waves of applause such as the Individual work of Walnwrlght Is generally met with. Mlaa Waln« wrlght'a company was in a great many points fully adequate to "Daughters of Eve." Mlse Walnwright assumed the dual role of Rose Wypherly and Bhoda Dalntry, twin sisters of diverse natures and tendencies. The latter strayed from the path of virtue and the picture of Bohemian life in which she bad become notorious, shown In the third act was very clever if not altogether pleasing. The work of the star in the dual role was certainly fine. The part oi Mr. Wycherly, as phonographed and avtomatoned i>y J. P. Keefe was not agreeable. The contrast was too distinctly drawn. Nathaniel Hartwig waa good in his conception of a difficult part, that ct Eobert Hawthorns. The several characters in the story were BO taken aa to bring out the required effect when the strong Bienes and climaxes werereach« od from time to time.- The costumes worn by the ladies in the cast are what are known as "poems." OTTO KRAUS' Extraordinary Suit Sale. $15 Suit for Men •- $7.5O $20 -• $7.5O Also the celebrated Blackday Worsted, never sold at less than$15; Sack and Cutaway at $7 5O. These suits are a special lot (over 50styles) all new, strictly pure wool, made in UNION SHOPS and by far the best value ever offered at any regular or Bankrupt Sale. The sale continues until the 20th so as to give all our friends an op~ poJtunity. Respectfully, W. SeLEGUE, IVatchmaker and Engraver. I Corn or window Johnston's Draft Store, Broad- Iny nnd ycrarth streets. Formerly with J. D. lajlor. All work warranted. Glvonii DAILY JOURNAL I THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 9, I Natural gas bills for May now due lid payable. 1 Mies Mamie Gallagher of Cloott eet IB reported sick. I Our wask goods department IB our 1st at present—Tho Bee Hive. j There isn't any money In any ape- l.al sale, especially as Otto gives two Irilars for ono. Wm. Schreyer, the patrolman, la taking Improvements on his Mlohl- lin avonue home. IThe World's Fair Administration Jilldlng; will soon be exhibited in jbg-ansport—Bee Hire. lA farmer from Fletcher's Lake sold •Wagon load of mushrooms on the Ireots yesterday at 26 cents a bun- led. • [jHave you ever noticed how your stem seems to orave special assist- In the spring? Just the help quired Is given by Hood's Saraapa- Rla. suit on account of Aahford ; vs. Lewis W. Smith has been "led from the court of Justice bClain of Adams township to the tilt court. The great majority of clothing buy- Otto says, don't believe in his Itraordinary offer of $15 and $20 Tils for $7.50 until they happen to i one of their friends wearing a suit. {Defender Document No. 73 has just en issued by the American Froteo jre Tariff League. This is a new lltlon of the splendid speech of Con- lessman C. U. Grosvenor of Ohio, •titled "Protection ' to American In- Istrles," delivered in Congress on bruary 7th: The documents will be at to any address for two cents each. Idreis W- F. Wakeman, General loretary, No. 135 uWest 2Sd street, IwYork. DITCH CASES VENDED. And Sent For Trial to the Fnlaikl Clrcnlt Court, Four cases against the boards of commissioners of Cass and White counties, those of William Gundrnan, George Plotner, Jackson Holmes and Michael Freshour have been venued to Fulaski county. The cases are those In which the plaint Ida are trying to avoid paying assessments made against them on the Sheets ditch. The "amount involved is about $60,000. A Find of jAsphaltum. A druggist ^recently pronounced the gummy substance found In small quan- iltles at the Kenneth quarries recently ,o be aaphaltum of a finer quality than hat brought from Trlnadad. There 9 a chance that the find may prove valuable. White and black asphal- tum are found, the latter being the kind used In street paving and the former being good for making varnish. Another Ball Team. Another base hall team has been organized under the name of the "Ferdues." The players are as follows: Sulllvao, o; Hager, p; Bohman, ss; Burk, 1st; Washburn, 2d; Hartz, 3d; Reid, If; Newby, rf; andMoCloukey of. John Hazaltlne is the manager. Funeral of .Hlcbael D. Leahy. The funeral of the late Michael D. Leahy will be held at 9 a. m. today from the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic church, the-Very Rev. M. E. Campion officiating. A number of Catholic societies will attend. The burial will occur at Mt. Si. Vincent cemetery. Conaly Nnperinlendent*' Meeting. The thirtieth semi-annual meeting of tho county superintendents' association of Indiana, will be held at the State House June l&th and 20th. Pro. grams have already been received by county Supt. Gardner, who is first vice president of the organization. Tho Biff Tent Crowded. The tent of Sipe & Dolman, wherein the greatest dog and pony show exhibited, waa taxed to accommodate the people who thronged laat night to get a last look at the animal stars which have for several days led all attractions In public favor. At the matinee yesterday the children predominated and were well cared for and made as happy as every day little folks can expect to be made on earth. The orphans from the home were thero by special Invitation, and the perform, ance gave them much pleasure. As at all the previous performances the big crowds yesterday were sent away satisfied that no cleaner, neater or better dog and pony show was ever aent out to bring smiles to the on.the- way generation than that of Sipe & Dolman, which went to Marlon this morning, Captured In Canada. A special from Wabash to the Indianapolis Journal save: Charles Smith, a young man of North Manchester, who forged two checks on the Lawrence National Bank, of that place, signing the names of Strlokler & Co. and G. M. Nabor, was arrested today In Toronto, Canada, end will be brought here for trial. He was in the employ ol Striokler & Co. A dispatch from Brookville, Ont., says: W. H. Smith, wanted at North Manchester, Ind., for forgery, was arrested here today. He came over from Morris-* town, N. Y., and was recognized by the police. He has consented to re* turn without extradition papers. OTTO KRf\US, "OF COURSE." ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Awarded [Ifbest Honors—Worlds Fair. DR, CREAM IAKING mm MOST PERFECT MADE. wra Grape Crea me' Tartar Powder. Fret n Ammonia, Alum o. ™y other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. The Great Circus. Barnum & Bailey's big circus will show InLOiransport August 24, Saturday. R. G. Ball, the advance man {or the combination was hers yesterday arranging for the engagement. The tents will ba pitched on Cot. Sromer's property near the Peoria junction, WorM'a Colutnblui Exposition Was of value to the world by illustrating the Improvements in the mechanical arts, and eminent physicians will tell you that tho progress in medicinal agents, has been of equal importance, and aa a strengthening laxative that Syrup oi Figs is'far in advance of all Others. * Bitten by • Dag. A small boy named Vigus living on Blddle'a Island was bitten by a dog: Tuesday night and severely injured about th» face and throat. He wag attended by Dr. Holloway, who yesterday stated the hurts were serious but not dangerous. Att.MtlVB, IiOKM 1>1V. ««, V. R. K. P! Regular monthly meeting at armory tonight (Thursday), All members are requested to attend; important measures. Gxo. A. SCHAEFER, Capt. VPaa OD the Warpath. Richmond Item: Oliver Frame, who gives hie address Loganeport, but who looks more like a Bloomingeport, was arrested at 3 a. m. by Officer Lawler on Main. Frame was carry, ing a revolver in hla hand and was presumably on the warpath. He says that he oame here to sell eoreens and that he brought the gun along think, ing that he might bo able to .trade it off or sell it. He got $5 and coeta. Tue Walton Election. By the election at Walton Monday the following men were placed In office: Marshal—Dudley Bell. Treasurer—Frank Fair. Clerk—M. M. Minnlck. CouDoilmen — V. Flomerfelt and Samuel Lindersmlth. We lUve the Document* to provte that Zoa-Phora stands at the head as a remedy for all complaints peculiar to girls acd women. Mode«t ladies will not let their testimony be published in newspapers, but we mail in sealed letters to ladles who request it.—Zoa-Phora Medicine Co., Kalama- zoa, Mich. A Valuable ]>OK ttoes Mad. A fine thoroughbred dog worth §100 was shot Tuesday by his owner, Wm. Gregg, because of his condition from becoming overheated in the chase. The animal showed unmistakable signs of rable?, and was shot when te aeemed'llkely to attack his owner. Yoakey-Rfebtnson. Barry B Yon key, the well known tailor of this city, was married to Miss Mildred Robinson at noon yesterday at the bride's home in Lafayette/ The happy couple arrived In the city yes« terday evening. .'i . .. John Doe, suffering from a jumbled case of james-jams was placed In jail late last night Bead the Bee Hive's change of advertisement Ed Newcomb and family are preparing to locate at Marion. O. G. McOownick Is reported sick at his home on Helm street. Dr. C. S. Payne of Chicago, a dentist, has made arrangements to locate In Logansport. You must believe Otto's offer, no matter If It does seem impossible, if you need a suit, investigate. B. F. Louthaln and S. P. Sheerln made an expedition In quest of bass up the Wabash river, yesterday. Lewis ^Ostler, was yesterday fined one cent and costs by 'Squire Hlght for an alleged assault on Will Geppinger. j I will continue my sale of $20 suits for$7..50 to and Including pay day, giving all our friends a chance,—Otto Kraus. I. N. Crawford recently made guardian of George W. Immel, has qualified and given bond In the sum of $6,000. Fourth street was cleaned up by the street commissioner and his force last night. It presents a changed appearance this morning. A State convention of the Catholic Total Abstinence Union will be held May 28th and 29th at Terre Haute. The local union will send representative's. A coffee will be given Thursday from 4 to 7.p. m at the home of Mrs. T. P. Van Horn, No. 811 West Market street, for the benefit of Trinity Episcopal church The Logansport ., high school ball team will go to Peru Saturday to meet the team from that city in their own back yard. A large crowd Is expected to go with the boys. Frank Morris,. t the assistant manager of the Sipe & Dolman show. Is an old base ball umpire of State reputation, and was'in advance of a theatrical combination last season. Dr. Sterrett waa called Tuesday afternoon to dress a wound inflicted by a vicious dog on the face of a little daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. Joseph Morter of East George street. George F."West was taken sick yes terday mornlog while at work at McCaffrey's Sixth street stors, where be is employed, and la DOW in a serious conditloi at his rooms on Sixth street. Frunk Matney, employed at the Kokomo wood enameling works, waa permanently Injured by an • olevator falling one day last winter and now sues tho company for $20,000 dama ges. Otto keeps harping on one special price suit, fifty styles because as noticed In hli special- advertisement; there are too' many . stores, .and it requires extraordinary inducements to get a little more than one regular share. A $10,000 fire occurred at Kokomo Monday night. The damaged property belonged to Mrs. Simpson,millinery: W. H. Davis, clothing'; F. L. Bryant, jewelery; ». E. Meek, druge; Dr. Martlc, and Henry A Culver, attor- neys. Mrs. Simpson was the heaviest loser. Loss covered by Insurance. The Knights of St. John drilled last evening at Spencer park. They are indebted to Manager MoNary for the electric lights furnished by him for illuminating the ground. All uniformed bodies may use the park for drilling purposes. Last night Harry Toualey of No. 1910 High street, was given a very pleasant surprise by about twenty of his young friends. The occasion waa his 18th birthday anniversary. The evening was spent most enjoyably at various form's of amusement. Whooplnpt Coogh. There is no danger from this disease when Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is freely given. It liquefies the tough mucous and aids its expectoration. It also lessens the severity and frequency of paroxysms of coughing, and insures a speedy recovery. There is not the least danger in giving tho remedy to children or babies, as it contains no injurious substance. For sale by B. F. Keesling, druggist. D OLANS OPKKA HOI3NE. S. B. PATTERSON, MASAQKR. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Friday, May 10. The Slayton Jubilee Singers it Tlbbetts Hurt. Wesley Tibbetts was tangled In a bad runaway Tuesday, and was badly bruised and skinned up In a fall from his cart, the vehicle passing across his person. The runaway occured at Ellas Ervin's farm, and was caused by sheep. The horse ran a mile before he was captured. The injured man is the assessor of Noble township. WITH OREAT COMEDIAN'S * £ MOPKAXON i£ X COIVTRALTOH 2 A MALE qiJAHTETTE. AXO MELODY by the ACKK. Advance sale opens Thursday at Johnstons. Prices as usual. NIAGARA FALLS KXCCIRSIOIT Thnriday, Au£ii*l *, I8»5, via. Luke Erie A WcMern It. K. th« the While in Stockton, Cal,, sometime ago, Thomas F. Langan, of Los Banos, that State, was taken very severely with cramps and diarrhoea. He chanc ed to meet Mr. C. M. Carter, who was similarly afflicted. He says: "1 told him of Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and vce went to the Holden drug etore and procured a bottle of it. It gave Mr. Carter prompt relief and I can vouch for its having cured me." For sale by B. F. Keesling, Druggist. A Saloonlflt Fined. Robert Ray, the saloonlat, waa last night fined $10 and costs by the Mayor on the charge of violating the screen ordinance. Mr. Ray says he will ap peal the case. Hammock* lor the Million*. Call at George Harrison's. 617 Broadway, and see the largest line of hammocks in the city. Prices, from forty cents up. The German B«ptlnt'x Meeting Oeca j tur, IlllnolH. For this oscaslon the Wabash Railroad will sell tickets May 24th to to June 3d, inclusive, from all points to Decatur, 111., at one fare for the round trip, good to return any time up to June SOtlv This is the only line run- ing direct to the meeting grounds. Be sure and go via the Wabash in order to save delay and trouble in changing from one road to another, your arrival at Deoatur For time table?, printed and other Information call on or write to any ticket agent of the Wabath or connecting lines or C. S. CBAJTE, Gen'l Pass. & Ticket Agt.. St. Louis, Mo. On Thursday August 8, 1895, Lake Erie & vVestern R, R. will run their popular annual excursion to Cleveland, Chautauqua Lake, Buffalo- and Niagara Falls at the following verp low rates, viz: Lafayette, $6.00;; Indianapolis,;$5.00;Fort Wayne, $5.0«> Wltb corresponding reductions from intermediate points. In addition to the above, the pur. chasers of these tickets will be given privelege of special excursion sld« trips to Lewleton on.the-lake, Includ. ing a steamboat ride on Lake Ontario, for 25 cents. To Toronto and return by lake from Lewiston, $1.00; to Thousand Islands, $5.00. Tickets for the above side trlpa can be had when purchasing Niagara Falls tickets, or at any time on train. Besides the above privileges, with that of spending Sunday at the Falls, we will furnish all those who desire * side trip from Brockton Junction to Chautauqua Lake and return free of charge. Tickets will be good, however, to return on regular trains leaving the Falls, Saturday, August 10, for those not desiring to remain over. Tickets will also be good returning on all regular trains up to and including Tuesday, August 13. 1893. Secure your tickets, also chair and sleeping car accommodations, early. Tboie desiring can secure accommodatloas in these cars while "at the Falls. For further information call on any agent Lske Erie & Western R. R. or address C. F. DALV. Gen Pass. Agent. Indianapolis, Ind. Mummer Koti-w to CTaraio**—Laka , CTaxlnknckce. From Loganeport, Ind.I beginning May 1, tickets sold Saturdays good returning including Monday following date of sale *1: ticketajgood returning ten days from da>', of sale $1.50;tlckett- good returning thirty days from data of sale, $1.65. Family tickets good for any number of purcbaeere, family- including eervante and limited to Sep.. temberSO, following date of sale, 16 trips, f:7.50; 40 trips, $20. In addition to the above there will be party tickets cold to parties of ten or more, srolcg and returning In a body. Rates can be bad upon application to J. C.EDGEWOETH Agt.

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