Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 6, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1896
Page 7
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[Tliousantisoi Women] SUFFER UNTOLD MISERIES. [BRADF.ELD'S FEA\ALE REGULATOR, ACTS AS A SPECIFIC ! B/Arousing lo He JllhjAolion all h«r Organs. 5 It causes health to bloom, and J ! joy to reign throughout the frame. 1,., It Never Falls to Regulate .,.] "Mr wife ha* been under treatmenlof load-' C luff pbiilolai* threo yeara.'WtthoiK-bonetit. S » AflSru'lnl three Uoltle?of BHAIlF!KUyS< > KKMAIK RKGULA'l'OH >lie can do her own < t oooklDB, milking nnrt wailitnu." CUU.1UH. (j.srBKVAN.Hendenon.-Ala, > BBIDFIELD KEGUL1TOB CO., Atlanta, <la. < Bold bydrunglsWatll.OOper buttle. TIME TABLES. -lie Panrmylvanls Station- •Daily. Bradford and Col... Philadelphia * N. Y, Richmond & Clntl... Ind'pli * Louisville. Efrner ic Peorla...., Crown Point * Chi. Richmond & Clntl. Crown Point * Chi Montlcello * inner Bradford A Col Elinor local IrelRht Ind'pls * Louliville Richmond and Clntl Bradford and Col.. Phila & New York.. Montlcello & BtTne.- except Sunday. Leave Arrive. .13:60 urn • 2:45am • 2:45 a m • 2:20 a m • 2:30 a tn 12:30 a m .. ..• l:00am ..•12:45 am » S:OSam 2:55am •12:40 a m ,.t-5:4Sam tll:20pm .t 6:00am t 7:a>pm p in Chi A Intermediate. Kokomo & Rich am, ., 7:68am t 4:lEpm .t 8:30 a m f 2:15 p m .• 2:00pm • 1-30pm .• 2:10pm • 1:20pm .« 2:05pm • 1:10pm .• 2:115 pm •T:10-pm .t 2:20 pm t 7:45 am ,.«l:35 pra • 1:55 pro .• 4:30 pm «12:30pra .t2:30pm tll:00aro 't 4:30 pra tl2:20poi - Loganaport. WEST BOUND. I in ' 1 )I'll I imp . l rl'< O .'I 1 .. 1! :tl P m ' , J.tl> lljml.ct'iillj, 'riil!.««'..-...lOiJ j. m lltfl Jill-*IJ.'< f I' 1 ]* :-.-;• QVlFm K»i.(«» (III i>I«" flullj •«••"' o-",' ",. 8 -.7£ ™ -•II tJUi" I I ID OIIN < Id H 4c -Jli I' 1 " m Ko. EAST BOUND. 2 N T. * Boston lira a dallT 'old no 42.. 2:41 a m. 6 *Mt mall daily. 'o:dno4t) «:« a m • 4 AUaMIc Lira dall, « Sun 'old no 44. 452 p m 74 local trt. Accom. dalljexBon 12 60 p ra EEL, RIVER DIVISION. WEST, BOUND. Kn<K>iTlwt ' - 10:80 am noaoflrriw •*..... N087 arrive .' 2 JB p m EAST BOUND. N _oitt.«trti 10:45 a ni o do leave..... :"" No 84 leave VAN DAL! A LINf No' 1 flforftJos-ph.ili'li f. sun-liiT... l":3i n m No 14 tor Si Jwei-h, <ml y «-x bu-diii ..... C:iJ. a m o 4 tor i wei-, - - ..... . >0 in lor St Josci.li,. « bUi. . . , ......... i«> P ™ Ho 18 to St Jweph Summi on j ............ . W a m ^ 8 exSundaj foraoutn 8«n<J ............. b J6 p m No 8 bas Uironih parlor or, Icdlanapolin to Souta Bend »la Colm. No M has tnrough ileepers.St Looli toMackl "* W> FOB THS BOUTH No 13 Jor Terre Hiirte dallj ex Sun ........ 7 13 am No 11 forTeit»HauM.dall7e*Sun ..... 2:56 p m No 31 dalljexSundar ............................. Hj» »"> No 13 bas tbiouKta. parlor car, SonthBenato iDdlanipolli Via toftax. . • ., . • No 21 has tbtcugb Sleeper, MacWnaw to St •' ' ' . For oompl«t«.tlme car, and iUtlon», -ana tor full information ,aa to ^'* • . , Ind. Or, B. A. Fort,' ' Qeneral :.rPai«*nger A«ent, Bt Loul* Mo. .-....,...; • ...-; HEED THE BLUE SIGN. P-™~ B 'li'iirk^O — Jo .'• FOR:T,HE BLOOD, -" 'NERVES, —AND— KIDNEYS. 4 B B B B Cure?, me of Rheumatism, Yours, Lebanon, Ind. . ; J B3 BBi ar : e'pufe|y vegetable. Put iip In'papsule'g.'s.lxijr in.a box. Thirty days 1 ' treatment 'j'n^a box. Prlce^l per bpi;;or slx'for |5. . '; ..Manufaotured by.rl..,C.'.BRAaO, B. F. UM58LIIMJ, Druggirt. HouaOB Now Dooorated with Warnings of Burglar Insuraaco. A Company That O»»r«nteo|l to Hun Down, Arreat and Convict llnritlara or Mako Good Anyl.omi Duo to Their Depredationa, [COPYXIOHT, 1S90.] The fln-dc-«iccl« burglar, clever though he is, h«d bettor sell his tool:) for old metal and perceive tlie error of his ways, for he has at. last encountered his Waterloo. End of the century business enterprise will henceforth make -his calling flat; stale and unprofitable. The gentle-man of the monk nnd dttrk Inutern will encounter now difficulties, not because of his old enemy, the police, but because of a now adversary, personified in several insurance companies which .have just sprung into existence for the sole purpose of protecting their patrons against robbery. 'These several companies have already secured legal license ffom tho insurance departments of the various states. . Following out the line of policy adopted years.ago by the Jcvrekrs' association and, express companies throughout the. country, these new insurance companies will, spare no expense in running to enrth'a burglar or thief and guarantee' to 'spend any nmount of money to locate a thief, once- he infringes on premises protected by them. -. • . These companies have recently established branch offices in nearly every city and are now p-unrdians of many residences, stores, banks, safety tleposlt vaults and their contents, nnd innumer- nble articles of personal property throughout the land. They undertake to protect the, policy holders from the raids of the burg-lar, nntl, failing in the effort, offer through ^their policies sure insurance indemnity for burglar losses. It ia the purpose of the companies to direct a relentless pursuit of the burglar who invades the premises under its protection. In order to nceonvplish.this KM th* CatttTlnnlcrobr-afad^on cw» • ; Amon(, r tliu 1 policies''iKStied by these companies ure -\vbat is known as the "residence |wlioy," the "mercantile po}- icy," the "bunk policy" Kiiil the "bicycle poflcy." • . '• • . Tlio resiidonce ppliL-y covers ;uid in- siiiro.i plutc. brii'-ii-iimc, pM-intiiiR's, musical instruments, furs nnd wearing apparel. Thn insurance not only .applii-s. to'articles taJich n.wnyby lun-frlnrs, but nlso to any ilamn/T'! 'thpy tuny do to windows, doors or furniture, nud to any' household cffuds not rt'r.-.aved, The mcrcn.ntile policy ir.f-urcsngninsr. the loss of. contents of snfw nn<I vaults, including negotiable securitios; silks, velvet.?, glovi-s and almost, every conceivable article which i« stored in safety deposit vaults'. It nlso covers thi: damage done to safes and vaults when the festive burglar hiiK recourse to d.v- nnmite or any other explosive. The 'ba.nk policy is similar to the mercaji- tile policy,' and covers everything of value with'in the four'walls of a bank. The company depends largely upon its exceptional fnclllt.ies of protection from tlitevesorid biirg-lnrs. Each po.trori is provided with n. 1 means of instant communication with the nearest police, station nnd Pinke-rton agency. Then the matter is in the hands ot the company and it m their businws to seo that the criminnJ is run toeartli. Unlike the police detectives the tletcctives of this company ore paid to pet. on n. case a,nd stay on it until the: criminal is located and captured, A cnsh reward for each arrest is also offered by tho company. Mr. C. n. H. Cotti-ell. of No. 40 Cednr. street, New York city, who jjinn officer of one of the companies, said to the writer: "As every'known crook throughout the country nnd the-niajority of foreign criminals each lias his own peculiar method of operating, which i.s ns well known to the cleteettves' n.s to the crack himself,' the method of tricing- a, thief or burfrlnr is comparatively easy. As soon as one of our p'ntroiyi, no-matter in which port of the country' he or she may reside, discovers that he has been the victim of a burglar or thief, our detectives n-ro «* once put-to work. A jrrent advantage is that .they arc not THE SKIN THAT STRIKES TERROR TO THE BURGLAR'S leveral of the companies . have, estab-' lished detective bureaus,' whilc'one had- made- ao" orrangeinerit -with the Pink-| erton people whereby their services may be 'instantly .callW; into'. 'requisition.; Through' the 'sirne agency ttic heads of ; rilicc' 'departments in all 'cities and: towns throughout the country are In, almost: Mnstant- communication with each and every, patron of ^the company w.hen .occasion demands, thus spreading^ broadcast insjant no.tice, that a .bur- rlary has been committed, and. putting all' detectives and police offlcjals on the alert, " '' '" ..... . , . ' The striking feature' of this invasion: hi the burglar's domain -by capital, which quite'reverses the 'pr es(!nt state ofisociety In which^the burglar'regnrds tKti initiative "as -his -right, is -a white- lettexed.'blue enameled sign. ;^qw,-.at flrst thought it. would be. really, im- ng-ined that a hardened criminal would 'scoff at a sign, as h'e is wont at the lexis; which 'greet ihe'eye'o'f the evil doer on. rocks along country 'roads; • But-,' on the •.contra rv,' the blue- sign • is intended 'to! .strike tcrror'in'to his Heart on the very. threshold of his crime. He, sees the tol- lowjng legend on; a. blue. enameled sign Si-i by 2'/» inches'in size, the letters.upr peariT)g in white relief on the wall of the .house "he rin'tends' to 'enter, as.fol- ' ' ..,.. ''• ' ':" WARNING '•"'" . - : '•- . •-."•i'9. "-.''"'• 'BURGLARS AND .THIEVES. , .THESE 'PBEMfSBS . The nome of the 'company follows'the 'wam'lnif.' ' A stfpu'lut.lon of^'the cPntract between the insurance company, tind-'rts patron is that the-!.'.warning" shall be :icmxetl -to rtbV'bmMtngi'WcWteS '•aa'de; ,»criUeilin the policy ^IhiucTJ » po«Won .'by or, n le.ujn'. 'front Qr rear.' TJie flrBt'deiign,.aa6p,ted as a''alstinctive"warntng>y"th:e comr ''nanV was 'an alumlhirm^tai-, to 'recall ' ; '-'2Idwith v the M roll «tr«agtb, or naurly ^B»jF«T«. CM*p«m«MBt ysona- warning in the cdn'tef'.b'iit'thls htiBbeen replaced by the one described. • onjv working in. {the particular fity 'or town ''where the crime WIM committed Sut tlie 'aiffererit agencies. throughout the country are notified and all over the United Sta.tes and even in foreign cprun> tries a OieHCriptlon of the "jpb^and.the names of.' crooks/who 'operate in the particular way jii which it was/done "ta known as" soon'-as the telegraph lines con be worked; ........... "A wH.toh'liB.'theakepUrf all thecrooks who are known to'bc in diflerent cities and any sudden display of wealth, on the part of "any one 'of 'thiem is' at orioe traced, no matter what the cost or time- or trouble! 'It is simply a combination of money, time, experk-nce and perseverance a ? ain»fthe dodging !0f. the crook. It is our aim and intention to make the little blue enameled sign or warning an much feared as id'tne private mark of the jewelers' association, Th>t "warning" means' thht whon-'Uic'crobk 'enters a ho-usc or any build-ing on' which it is "displayed he -1* cliallehging'ins'to-arrest him and all our resources are, at .once :t«xed .'to their utmost : to trace-tlie criminal. We have been m;business.but.a Jew months, but. thu's'' far 'our' sucoess has'becn'iil aid" more' than we: anticipated. The'l'dea'flndrrcady ^avor'in tii ' MISS LANSING KOWAN. The Plucky' Young Woman Wlio Wants to Plifht Oortett •he H»i Been an Athlete fur heveral Teari, and Frorolsei to l>ut Up ft Good Fight It Her Challenge I» Accepted. Miss Lansing Itowan, tlic young worn-: an of Californin.-wh'o has challenged Corbett to meet her in a scientific sparring contest, and whose father killed himself as soon as he heard of the matter, "is'not; as'you" might, imagine', a brawny woman o'£ pugilistic appear-' uncc. She is, on the contrary, u rosy- checked lajis with-.a sweet voice and a very giTli«h manner; "' "" ' ' ' "' ' -,, She: took [to ;athletic exercise in the beginning merely for the sake of her health, but liecame so fond of it that even after she hnd built up u strong .ptryKi'qiic,- slie--devoted-•herself', nseidu- ously to some o£ the arduous forms of physical exercise. She began her" athletic career at Mrs. jReed 1 ? private school i'n''this city,' R'faahioha.ble"bbardin'ar- housii, where gymnastic* form an important part of .the curriculum. From New York she -went as an invalid to her iiricle In Los-Angeles, and here urie took to boxing-, bag-punching and handball playing. Five years ago she went on the stripe, and her daily exercise stood-'her" in'good stead; for n spite of tihe fatiguing- work she was called upon to do, she retained her jlooming complexion' and her clear eyes. She told no one of her intention o challenn-e the champion until she ittd carefully trained herself for the encounter. Her announcement cnmc to her friends like a thunderbolt out ot a, clcnr sky. " , "I am quite in earnest in my chnl- enge," she said to a New York World reporter. "1 know it sounds dreadful, jut I don't look on the matter in that vav. I have made a scientific study of joxing, and E feel convinced that I can meet Mr. Corbett upon, equal footing. "All I want'is'su'flicient notice and then I. will meet him anywhere he likts. )f course, I do not propose to fight hira. pilico. i nt; lut^i iiuwe, i ^«^».j *«••— 'pafts'-of 't!he :; cbunfry-tina febon^iou.'wil] erally used as was_ the old-fasMotiee fdoor.plaite.'a decade ago." • : ..'. •.'•'• Dcatli Reveale'd-Hei^Set- " For several yeanfarrxild soldier.nam<;c .'Otto.'Schaffer-hild lived'.tbe'life of.-aher- ,jnit In -a ;-hpt Ih- Butler county, rKarf During a recent storm ligh,tning struclj .the. hut. arid Sclialffef..wa.8" Jcille'd.' ;.Th< l rof6ner l wl|o\"]) i repa_rea'' i '.1fle''.'Way/'.fol Tbtirlal 'd iire'oyeria ; 't^at-"the''' sujiposed man, wlio w'as''tfnpWn /1 tb"tiay(> l fbught/in !*everBl b'attle"« f ln-the r '*ar;'was'rea11y a lwoman'. f ':DeJipltfi"thlB' 1 sct,~the'Qi 'A; rll gave, the-bod7'a-8old(erf*bnrial.-;c.-A,TOl • ley.-was| ftred pvpr the .opejJ.^rave. B ',h«ropened'|that.,pne'.,pf. the.^gjuns , wa« • ','„ j_^' '.'.'.•i*^ Ii ','nif nVwpn'nft'nowtl'el 1 .' .Thte ',. uck- a 'aofe:..flyihp 1 t '''' and r-e i 1 was ; b'mieS ' w{th' r f he'W myitterlou: -' 'The' thri-e^ccrit 'nickel' piece, now di« wmttnued. : weighs WANTS TO PIQHT CdSlBETT. t simply want to^spar for points. Of course, 1 know that if'he struck me one clear blow, it would be a complete knock-out. "I have been training.now for nearly a year. I take exercise in my.room and walk tn the;"p>rk every day.'' Early every morning I ride txj the beach, and when I find it deserted I lake a little run. Ifind that I get more exercise out of ten minutes' run on the sand than. I could get in half nn hour on firmer ground. I have met several professional boxers and have stood up before them five or six rounds. "When • I;box'l: wear a sweater and bloomerS,"mad'e of otia'rk cloth' and perfectly plain. I cannot tell you how anxious 1 am,.to put on the;gloyes with Corbett. • Uis work,' I•.'knowj.-ia? -'thoroughly scientific, and that is why I want to box with him." Tli»"deoth"of" her lather has "not changed {Miss Rowan's determinaiioD. Her''cndlTonge has been conveyed to Corbett and ;»as"lhrown him into no lit tie embarrassment. ...,-• ,' ."."' ;:< ' "It's the strangest proposition I ever received;* 1 ' 1 he iSiW.^'aiid 1 bBven't: yet decided what to do about it. If I decline h'er : clinlleHg(?'the'-championR!rip goes to Ji*r,.by-;defaT)lt.. -Ifil.accept^t.and^be- conie at all interested in The contest,.! •wbiild lie'terribly''afraid o'f ' htiTtin'g ' 1 : killed tojriiii-Anfa Bite. News :ofc.-a ,remar){a.l)le,;death near Pond Springs, Ga.,.'has been received. Ben Harris,thelS : yearWdsonof afarm- pr, was hpei,ig cotton in.a.-large field A laborer'working near'h'iin heard the boy scream. 1 -' 'Tne young man then 'ran 'ii few fb'et; : '9unk r to"tn'e'prbriTia wrlth- infr'nnd i-'creamiiig'in hpohy.' In ten'min- ritcs!the!iboy™-as|dead. .Examination showed'tha'tiH.arris.hnd.been stung'by ft .-bull ••G'nJ,";- M /'the;i.nsect,ta called in thnt country. ,Tho.ant.was found.cjing- fos' tO.' fa ': ' S j W °l if*?! 'fVfpfe -?.°^' •° t .$ t ; u>ifort'urin'te lad,''-nnd l was''8eVui*3!'and preRerveil b'y fiavid'-Mall," a'Chatfanon- '*irtv.-Vfio ! was 'in'fhe"ficili ity: 5 Mr; Hdll saui : 'tnnt;^bull'Dnts'"nre numerous.'Jn Ihc'PJpfeon'Tmountai'ns', the,scene:pf;the occurrtiDce,; They are;a.bout,an,-iDch.in, length and have a ptinger, which is fully a half inch lojij?. One other case is on record.-where? the bi,te.-,of v the insect ••,".-; .UUIld>'Att««:ltejl by •iRooater. The •three-Yjfarro1.d I son.-.o*; 1 S r P,. Surp- her, .af ..K^eV" t For.a, ..G.a., ; n slippcd away "from , h>, mother ana. went Jn&' ; tne ^.bi'rfyarji:'''Th>'71!ttl*;;,)fel r i iow 1 'waa''"atfac1tpd ; by rf'-lar^e- game TOQStef/'nWdtf'Hry'lhg: to ge't v 'awby etiinibTed'-'a'tfdf fell.'' The birdfpccked the child's face and thrust 1U apnr.'ilrt the little one 1 * throat,.severing an ar t** r **• iljfc,',™^*.^—•--««—*~V*'"-j«- Ul^yl akJ .teriv..The ; .,»cream«.,.or we^e 'Btim'moh^,ibijt:t,he. boy:hid,Tie»r- ly bled 1*05death, ! :*nd-i-hla reco»«r» doubtful. •.. '•...-•.. The Governor of North Carolina said to the Governor of South Carolina <*3 "BATTLE AX" is the most tobacco, of the best quality, for the least money. Large quantities reduce the cost of manufacture, the result going to the consumed in the shape of a larger piece, for lessf money, than was ever before possible. IM THE WORL-D th. a H..lthy Condition. SEES SPECTRAL DOQ. n Ua> dome Queer Bxp*rt»o«t with » Canine •Qbotuv , ' This is t^ - stof.3rof;a'Spectral dog. A clergyman" of "£lie Church of England, educated at Oxford and a man of remarkably ' acute 1 and powerful' understanding, one evening- recently was re- tnrhinglrom church apd wail surprised; several times 'to' hear' short,' - quick breathing beside him as of an animal spent with running.. As no living thing; was visible; he ; «tood quietly 'looking; about for an explanation, when he saw the dim outline of a shadowy dog at his strangest part ol this uncanny experience is that no physical derangement could be found to account for the «poc- ter. which appeared to him on two auli- sequent occasions in the same shape. TO BE ONE'S OWN MANICURE., Mat«rl»li and Implement! for Ire»tl«« - • the Flnccr-Nalla. Hot water js'lhe.&«t requisite, and a thorough washing or noeking ot th« hands. Thia^is best attained by ha.r- •ing-the'hpt;wo.tcrrpoured;1l)ito-a basin contlnuairy" for tWo'Vr tnreVmlnutet. The hands must be allowed to soak for -fully five -minutes, and,it ii. well, instead of soap, to wash tho hands Terj thoroughly: -to' branr which'/makei; th« ekin sottiond white. :• After thevhan^i have been thoroughly cleansed, the. nailt should then be attended to. With,* piece of orange wood stick.»harpened'to B po.ffit nnd'"a"b'!t of Jiweler'ifcottoii . rolled 'aroutia "the" pbirit and'wet with ''- 1 '.His : )urbse Bide, gazing into his •tercy.es.'.. "• ':•)..: - ' ; '. •••• ! . : • : '-.•• "••' •AVam-B bia stick, he struck, at his unwelcome attendant, but -the blow met ''with no resj»tan<;c"ih the anatomy of the cac'lnc "goblin,' passing airily through th'c-opuy. ' The clergyman proceeded hartily on hia-V;ay, keeping a watchful eye,-on .the - phantom, which trotted contentedly along with him as he'wiiikt'd:' Ilf, remarked that in'.size 'and «linftc''lt'wBb ; like'a'Newfoundland ,dog;'buf«(tfdiillfbluccolor;' Perfectly assured that it.wusran 1 optical delusion, - he nevertheless huiled ,t)ic -sight ot,an jpproachitig,vehjclc with inespressible 'relief.and bejirg<;d',a ride' homc.,'pn l.obk- ing'bocll lieT'ia.w the ^.Bpecter. leaphig aiyn'g'in' l [ heVnJrt:"'of t^he vfajgtin':; '''•'• I ' ''• 'Arriwti'-'h'ome'a fit bfishlvermgbore: out his excuse of sickness and he did not, mention-the circumstance thatevening, thinking jtanej-elyta balluaination. But ( , when he,*etlr<sdie.;yi-as,ter;rorized.wlui t ' Atiensatipn'M 'afS'lwtt dog'jumping on • . every particle orairt"Btia-8taln.Bho<ild be Tcjmpred.-. TJhe, bands: muat^'thea. •again be . washed,, .tb.is , Ume Jn ; wann, 'not 'hoi, 'water.' Scissors, very sharp and ' fine,' mutt. 'then be 'taken, and;»U 'lodse flesh' at'feach s'lfle of the'jinils'care- \fully trimmed. The nails> : m«'st 'foe shaped in a.pointed oval. All roughnea* TQliati bo. flled--;away and the, flesh' at .the .base- o'f" ; tjic.'naiJ pushed. smoothly and' firmly back, sd:that thfe'haaf-moon, supposed to be a-poinfof'benuty,,'.can ' be discerned: It is no longer considereO good form to have so much' polish 1 ttn the nails, that they look as .though they had been buttered,: as wa»;*^e fiuhibin two or, three yeara ago. . But* certain' ampiiDt of polish Is neceBMJy. liosaline p'iit' 'on over' the Vehtire^'n*!! and the end of 'the finger, then wesmd oil" again 'arid the '-nails polished bnaV- ly with a polisher makes the hands look ; very trim a-Dd.-pretty. : The first: manicuring is by- all odds the' moit; difficult: , After .the- nailis and hand»; un .once go,t into good. condition 15 mfnutea ,'coch .Stonday iii.orning' wlll.keep; them 'In'- 'proper' condition ".'all' the week through, if 'onlirordinary care'in-waah- ing the^han<Js,:with an :oceam'<>nal r nib from the polisher; i»,given.— Harper'* Bazar. ' . ' ,--.... ifiB,»n=«.OPTHBBKHr..-;- The iriicnte' itching and ismnnins; hi* ient t» eczema, wttcr^salt-rheum, andioUwr disease* of-Uie skin is maUintly. allayed to applvmg 0h»mberlain's Eye .. »nd V 6U», Tfintmcnt Many very baa asDS JiaTe beai ••> •:...__:ji_*i»t:A^M>H \\v ti -'It IR ptlliallT "heaii'. -th'iimpng'to'nocftpe '•Irern ih'fc 1 .TOota/conBCldnsIthatthc;bme, ;indl»t1nct- *orm ,was:/:Bqutt«ng•.>.«otn-,: nosedly, on his haunches, watching him the while, and roused a servant, whom he dispatched for a. physiciaa.^The Uintmcni. , jMi"'T »«-•.» .•""* -..^"^.--.* ; p\.rtnaricntiy i; crired' by h. ^ It is C.J1 M:emcicnt r6r.itcliinK.piics and a favoritercm-, .' e:ly for wrc; nipjilts;.. ciiaiipod i.-ioid*,. cjul: i.<lj:i.ni>, .j'"W'.-!«teS-sn-l cnrnnic «irc..rve«. 'Fiirtulq IJy oi'iiiijisis at S'/ccntf-iier box. TTRr Ont!v"fi C-^flitt^!? r^^^cr?, thef • ' »-|iiita V>,,r>-r. r.r-Hr r-!-,cr ill ba<lcODQ«- si* : ni;i;i;i liiiil vcnnifugft . • •-,. " .'• : •- •' ' - •>>. • . , '-•;•••. .•':.•',.•.,,•; ,;s-.- J .;>' '.' •; •-••' •• ' r '''v . ''•' ,''•','•••' ,' ••' ••.•'•••'',': ''. ,-. • •' \" ' ,'. 4 I»- .'.T""-'' .'"•*.' 'i'-"<l

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