The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California on October 29, 1925 · 1
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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California · 1

Sacramento, California
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Thursday, October 29, 1925
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t I I t d 1 e Is d ko Lt !il 'n o iy kik 1- I ok td le Dr of ft is it ht E4T Ir tie Id ino ev:4 t 17 nd ith ro ire ita I ide hos it ass ob ood to at the ler Ile tilt' tI p oin but )11 7 ose red het o!" ole red 4 lir th ril ere ard j - The Most Desirable ' places to live can be found in the TO LET columns of The Bee—to-day ' and every day VOL 138-NO 22471 EAST IN 6111P OF Cc and 4 MILLS-CALIFORNIA WORST OCTOBER At Command NATIONAL MEER En ON RECORD IS CONSUMMATED Violent Gales Blizzards And Freezing Temperature u Hold Sway Through Nation SOUTHERN FLORIDA AND COAST ESCAE Icy Wave Extends East 4om Cheyenne And South As Far As Atlanta Geotg la (By tho United Pre) The nation was subjected to an unseasonable chill to-day its one of the worst October cold Waves in history descended upon (virtually every section of the country The lowest temperature( were reported from the Dakot( s where icy air drawn from Altiska over the Canadian Rockies dropped the mercury to sixteen below se fo One Nebraska cityreported a temperature of eleven below Snow In Midwest Snow fell in many seqtions least of Cheyenne Wyo and isolated Points throughout the Middle 'Vest reported snowstorms reported snowstorms The weather bureau held forth no hope of relief for this territotY Ohio Michigan Iowa and oth r states probably will be gripped even colder temperatures Cleve land storms caused several seriou 1 accidents Winter came to the South last night and gave every evidence of a prolonged stay First snows were reported in Louisville and other parts of Kentucky and Atlanta and Asheville were visited by freezing temperatures Strong winds of gale-like intensity preceded the drops in temperature Only Southern Florida escaped 6 Windy in New York Freak storms played havoc Jin several sections of the East In 2ShisA York a sixty-mile gale a0 Pt 1 over the city bringing In its wak 0 a heavy downpour of rain and hail The temperature reached 32 degrees at 5 o'clock this morning with predictions of colder weather tonight A strong wind sweeping in from the Atlantic also brought freezing temperatures to New England The 4 forecast in Boston for to-night was 20 degrees — MIDWEST SHIVERS CHICAGO Oct 29— (UntLd Press)—There was no letup to-day ' in the trumbing cold which has held sway in the Middle West for the past forty-eight hours ) Snow fell in some sections of this area while the temperature fel to a low of 11 degrees below zer0 at Gordon Neb with even Itwer temperatures reported in SouthiDakota Snow is sweeping eastward from Cheyenne Wyo Communication Hurt ' encrw and heavy winds calmed Atonsiderable wire trouble betWeen llinago and Iowa and Nebraska At Omaha the westbound air mall service was discontinued last night because of a snowstorm The (Continued on Page Five) ----- ----- 'GIVE ONCE FOR TWENTY-ONE' IS CHEST SLOGAN Theodore J Clark Southern Pacific Car Builder Wins $25 Prize Naive Once For Twenty-One" submitted by Theodore J Clark a car builder for the Southern Pacific Ttallway was to-day selected as the $25 prize slogan in the community chest slogan contest Clark was Informed of his victory while at work in the No 9 car shop of the Southern Pacific and was presented with $25 in gold by John H Miller chairman of the publicity committee of th community chest campaign To Be treed In Drive The slogan will be used during the coming drive and throughout 1926 Several IP others were given honorable mention "Well I thought of that One about 4 o'clock in the morning and got right up and wrote it" Clark said to-day in discussing the winning slogan Be submitted ten other slogans two of which went into the group of twenty which were given de tailed conelderation by the judges (Continued on Page Thirteen) a rucArEto coxvicT SLAM DETROIT (Mich) Oct 29 -- lntin Edward Jackson of St Louis the escaped convict who was shot In a street fight here to-day died in 4 hospital this afternoon Re was shot in the head chest afSalatomen by William Ryan who was himself shot twice in the chest by a patrolman Ryan is in a serious condition in a hospital For a little snack Try Ne RYE BREAD For cheese and cold meat sandwiches Can't Be Beat At Your Grocers Lod for the Perfection Label DAILY 'EXCEPT iliCNDAV I SACRAMENTO CAL THURSDAY EVENING OCTOBER 29 1925-26 PAGES (Continued on Pate Elthteen) tonee E SACRAMENTO BEE Stockholders Of Both tanking Houses Give Approval To Action Of Directors MORK ON BUILDING TO ISTART FIRST OF YEAR Combined Resources Are $39- 17nn Al 7 flalicnrylift Nntinn511 Combined Resources Are $39- 733317 California National Raises Capital To $1500000 - 1'' K:ii:‘i iiI -- 7 4 -- '- 1ii::4i'iii:::‘ii' The merger of the California Na-- ril--?Kfi ' tional Bank and the National Bank A:':::AC'g45'' of D O Mills was completed to-day fm f1' ':'::p:::: when the stockholders of the two V ' ' '-n:i:i:::::: institutions met and approved the ' faction of the boards of directors ' '10::iikin-: by which the deal was made The bank will be known as the California National Bank and the California Trust and Savings Bank Ai '' It w111 be the largest bank north of San Francisco and the largest in the state on the basis of population f of territory served Resources Of Buell The total resources of the Cali:: W 0 fornia National Bank as of Septem- x:: ber 28 1925 were $2866356716 :': The total resources of the D O - il Mills Bank of date June 30 1925 - ' were 61106985013 - - GENERAL SARRAIL ' This makes the combined re- sources $3973331729 REFUGEE DEPICTS The capital stock of the Califor ni - a National Bank was increased from $1000000 to $1500000 Board's Size Inc Ir fRENCH BUTCHERY IN Kiesel president of the I California Nation al Bank said that the merger will mean the increas- - ing of iltiethbaotartAheofnidnire ctecdttorre directors f IN mostEm CITY the bthseskio O Mills Bank will become members of the California National 0 Bank board as soon as the by-laws i - of the institution are amended He said this amendment of by-British Subject Describes De- laws will probably be made at the 1 struction Of Life And next regular meeting of the Cali- I fornia National Bank board in No- - Property In Damascus vember The amendment will also provide titles for the present offi-1 PARIS Oct 20--(A3)--It is re- cars of the D O Mills bank who ported on good parliamentary will be retained under the merger authority that Foreign Minis- but who will be given different ter Briand bas demanded the titles later C F Dillmhn presirecall of G I Sorrell as Well dent of the D O Mille Bank and commissioner in Syria ' the other officers and employes of ------- that bank will remain with the LONDON Ott 29—(c)—A din- merged institution Kiesel said that patch to the Daily Mail from Jeru- in all probability the banks will be Belem quotes the statements of a run as they are at the present until "reliable British refugee" from the frpot of the year as several legal Damascus regarding his experiences technicalities relative to the post-during the recent bombardment ing of notices and the transfer of there ' accounts will take at least sixty "On Monday morning October days to complete 19th" said the refugee "the French Capital Stock Increase vacated the entire Christian quer- Notice of the increase of the cap-ter which then was at the mercy ital stock of the bank was sent out of the Druses and Moslem robbers this morning showing an increase I realized that it was unsafe for from 10000 shares to 15000 shares the missionaries to remain unless Kiesel says this is an increase of protected 'from the fire of the $1250000 as the 5000 new shares French guns at the citadel and the are 'valued at $250 each while the Salehiye quarter so with a Moslem former capital stock was worth police escoct I took eleven British 1000000 and American- missionaries to the The approval of the stockholders British Bisspital e -e of the two banks to the merger '' -- An Wires Cut ' was practically unanimous as "On- their arrival the police Klesel said that 9404 shares of donned Plain clothee and hid their stock mg of 10000 were represented rifles About 6000 Christians (Continued on Page Five) availed themselves of the protec- CHAMBER Hon of the British Hospital Tues- day morning I tried several times mit to telephone the British and American consuls but all wires were cut through at the risk of my life There was nothing to do but to get "WAVE I met a servant of the American DISCUSS WAVE consul who had been cut off from the consulate for two days and we LEN6rrip or A I walked from the Christian quarter through the Arab-French lines to the Salehiye quarter where the LA L British consulate stands — Consuiste Hit Wooldridge Said To Have "We were unable to reach It as the consulate was cut off It had Been Bilked On Purchase been hit during the firing - In Stockton "I arrived at the Victoria hotel and found it deserted but the Isle- Th'e finance committee of the phone was In working order so I chamber of commerce at to-mortelephoned the American consul row's meeting- of the board of di-He told me he had been assured by rectors of the chamber will give a the high commissioner's delegate report as to whether or not the di-and the military authorities that rector should reimburse Major J the Christian quarter was quite W Wooldridge member qf the safe chamber's radio committee for a Moslems Guard Christians wave length license be purchased "I saw a Moslem mob loot the some time ago in Stockton French barracks and then try to The matter has been discussed in enter the Christian quarter but the board meetings for several they were prevented by about -fifty meetings and has been referred to other Moslems with sticks swords various committees the finance and spears committee getting the reports in "The Cbrintilm "aft" was en- the matter at the last meeting tirely saved by Moslems Seiler Dad No Wave Length write casualties were estimated at several lb d Syrians killed The first discussion of the matte! came when E M Kimberlin chair- and about SOO French There were man of the radio committee an many instances of cold-blooded n ahoottut by the French soldier flounced that Major Wooldridge had Purchased a wave length Reprint Tare of them wove - seen making a wooing dig ido own rm He from C O Gould of Stockton late" finding that Gould had no wavo then was shot and burled in it m oWbos I left Damascus by train length to sell Kimberlin reco bear irkratits was taking place" mended the board to take crimina' d Arabs Pillage proceeding against Gould and reim lack of current news from bursa Wooldridge Damascus tends to encourage the The matter was referred to th( oceptance-of the rumors from the laws and legislation committee ol Arab sources that many heretofore The chamber and Chauncey Dunn peaceful natives have joined ma- chairman of this committee report rending bands in the neighborhood ed at a later meeting recommend of Damascus thereby adding to the ing the chamber to take no action it seriousness of the situation the matter of instituting proceed League Apathetic ings saying that upon investigatiot The question whether the Le'ague he could find no criminal intent OT of Nation is going to intervene In Gould' part end that Gould's fl any manner in the Syrian trouble minces were so involved that tho continues to be asked here So far chamber could not collect th as can be ascertained no steps have money yet been taken by the league Reimbursement IIP The disturbed stole of the French The matter of the chamber's re ' mandated territory in Syria seems imbursing Wooldridge was then re to have been brought to the Notice fererd to the finance committeo of the league Es 1011I1 age On the and that body is expected to mako sad of September by Ssis"ss Pasha final settlement of the matter to Altraee tbe chief of the Dram morrow movement wins through Emir Clue kib Asylums asked tbe league to E M Kimberlin in commentini put as end to the boatilities and on the matter to-day said that th send a commlasion to Inquire Into radio committee was appointed witl Cho situation This appeal accord- a view to establishing a broadcast ing to the Westminster Gasette ban ing station in Sacramento som received no reply months ago The committee hal -- -el been informed that wave length 11 FRENCR PARADED CORPSE cense together with the call let ALEXANDRIA (Egypt) Oct 29— tors of stations could be pur ()—The report that the Patel riot- chased and the committee hear ing of Damascus last week was that Gould in Stockton had such 1 The finance committee of the chamber of commerce at to-morrow's meeting of the board of directors of the chamber will give a report am to whether or not the directors should reimburse Major J W Wooldridge member aJ the chambers radio committee for a wave length license be purchased some time ago in Stockton The matter bee been discussed in the board meetings for several' meetings and has been referred to various committees the finance committee getting the reports In the matter at the last meeting Settee lied No Wave Length The first discussion of the matter came when E M Kimberlin chairman of the radio committee announced that Major Wooldridge had Purchased a wave length license from C O Gould of Stockton later finding that Gould had no wave length to sell Kimberlin recommended the board to take criminal proceeding against Gould and reimburse Wooldridge The matter was referred to the laws and legislation committee of the chamber and Chauncey Dunn chairman of this committee reported at a later meeting recommending the chamber to take no action in the matter of instituting proceedings saying that upon investigation he could find no criminal intent on Gould' part and that Gould's finances were so involved that the chamber could not collect the money Reimbursement vv The matter of the chamber's reimbursing Wooldridge was then refererd to the finance committee and that body is expected to make final settlement of the matter tomorrow E M Kimberlin in commenting on the matter today said that the radio committee was appointed with a view to establishing a broadcasting station in Sacramento some months ago The committee had been informed that wave length licenses together with the call letters of stations could be purchased and the committee heard that Gould in Stockton had such a (Continued on Page Five) L iPPOINTED Executor you can depend upon The Trust' Department of this Bank faithfully carrying out the )ro- visions of your will - aLIFORNIATRIJ BAN ' Seerament4 Ihrattett Wad °Woo 4th Nadi J Central Unearth 1th end J She Gave Pasteurized Education 1 - G-74-71-4) mcql 4t z next regular meeting of the Call- c c--z- -: v---ii'- I Witd i:ti 1 il II city WEAK LEVEE STRENGTHENED ornia National Bank board in No- f ' --- "kA -T III P ttiut: In July 1921 shortly after the city manager government took over vember The amendment will also i te WC -- -- !I 0' 7 I 401)11 provide titles for the present offi- ' rk!N Ifii (-- - '‘'4' 1017 'I' t- 11111- the reins an inspection of the levees was made This inspection cers of the D O Mills bank who 1 1 4 "- i) I showed that a critical condition ex- 70) upstream sptsestdtredaaamlnong the Sacramento River will be retained under the merger ' I " -f--cl :c:::2 1 ile I Am but who will be given different I m - -----14-- ----- -N 4- —) levee from the southerly city limits gearobousutseelt0100k01 wfaesetther15'hoeo titles later C F Dillmkn presi- lent of the D D Mills Bank and the other officers and employes of e feet upstream that bank will remain with the The city entered into negotations merged institution Kiesel said that - - with the state reclamation board to In all probability the banks will be "UV' -------- run as they are at the present until -- procure financial aid in the protec- "Lessons as Dauer was the decree of Miss Katy Lacy above 20-year- tion of the levee and after several :he filat of the year as several legal techincalities relative to the post- old teacher at the Texas Orphans Home after she and twenty-one of conferences an agreement w a a ing of notices and the transfer of her child wards had been sent to time Texas Pasteur institute recently t reached The reclamation board set accounts will take at least sixty for anti-hydrophobia treatment All bad been bitten by a mad dog aside $2500 which with $15000 set days to complete which Miss Lacy heroically fought off from other childrea at the home aside by the city council was to be Capital Stock Increase i Daily el were continued for the orphans by the girl instructor while used in improving critical sections Notice of the increase of the cap- the Pasteur treatment was being given them 0 (the levee Danger Removed ital stock of the bank was sent out i This work has been completed for I some time and the danger from this this morning showing an increase 1 from 10000 shares to 15000 shares Builds Own Tomb quarter has been removed Some re-1 Mosel says this is an increase of onagenanan Bui — pair work to the lower section of I $1250000 as the 5000 new shares 000 000 000 - 48)0 - - - the levee also was completed are valued at $250 each while the s t The 1923 bond issue carried an former capital stock was worth vi item of $90000 to improve the levees 1000000 lki The Establishes Death Semaphore between the south boundary of the The approval of the stockholders OCK of the two banks to the merger 000 000 000 city and Y Street The bids for this work were considered too high and was practically unanimous as r Nh the city Kiesel said that 9404 shares of El Doradan About To Realize Ambifon Of Two Decades they were rejected vit proceeding to carry out the work --i— By HAMILTON L HINTZ OR the past eighteen years William M Bowman of Shingle Springs IFEl Dorado County has been gambling with fate Now at the age of 91 his beard and hair a flowing white and his eyesight almost completely gone he is on the threshold of realizing his big ambition—to meet death on a 'spot of ground beloved to him and without troubling any of his friends Inconceivable ai it seems during the last two decades Bowman has I know more of my friends who dug his Own grave prepared his have died than who are alive" coffin erected a house over it and Selected Iliga Hill built a concrete tombstone at the Upon a high hill comma!) ling a west end of the grave Many view of the surrounding OLIntrY times he hee thought he was going has BOWnlan prepared for the end to die and not realize his ambition The hill raises to an elevation of but now his work is about at an possibly 200 feet over the adjacent end and he is preparing to take up meadows and can be seen about 200 his residence alongside the grave yards from the road that runs from on the top of Bowman's Point and Shingle Springs to Latrobe The await death place is about two miles from Ready To Die Shingle Springs and forty-two "I will have no misgivings if I miles from Sacramento Tourists die now" says the aged veteran of on the road can by close scrutiny from the proper angle catch a many a hard Winter "I have pre- pared for death lived a peaceful glimpse of Bowman's "death house" life and when I die I don't want The sides of Bowman Point are covered with oak and manzanita anyone to bother with me I've outlived most of my relatives and (Continued on Page Nine) fiOVERNOR DENIES THREAT TO IIESIfiN OF WARDEN SMITH KIRWAN KIN6 DECRIES ATTACK BY THE CREEKS 'Boris Opens Parliament With Executive In Statement About Prison Bow Indicates He Speech Putting Blame On Upholds Warden Athens Government t V '- Declaring that the wardens of SOFIA (Bulgaria) Oct 29-44:1— the state primons "should not be The Bulgarian Telegraphic Agency mensenger boys for the prison to-day issued an official and cote-hoard" but should have full power gorical denial of the Greek report to conduct their offices and "be re that an attack by the Bulgarian nponsibie for results" Governor ' forces wax responsible for yeaterFriend W Richardson to-day is- day'x fighting near the frontier xued a statement bearing on the At the opening session of the break between Warden Frank J sobranje King Boris man address Smith of an Qtlentill and George from the throne dealt with the A Van Smith president of the state border incident board of prison directors Blames Greek In his statement the governor "I must regretfully announce" said Warden Smith informed him said the king "tirat dempite our de- that an interview published in a votion to the cause of peace the San Francisco morning paper to- Greek troops using a frontier inci- day quoting the warden to the ef- dent as a pretext rumhed into our fect he would rexign if Richardson territory subjecting' the Population did not remove Van Smith In Wee to heavy trials The governor geld he is convinced "Although painfully affected by of the truth of Amith's denial the Invasion of our native land the inviolability of which is guaran- Disagreed On Authority teed by international treaties the The ruction between Warden Bulgarian nation welded by pa Smith and Van Smith reignited from triotic fervor maintained a calm an order given by the prison board demeanor thank ii to its belief in president to officials at San Quen- the justice and high purpose of the tin over the head of the warden League of Nations The warden countered with a Appoain To L warning that any officiate who car- Taking advantage of Articles X ried Out orders of Individual mem- and XI of the pact the Bulgarian bers of the prison board would be government decided to apply with diecharged out heeitation to the league Governor Richardson' PtittemAnt King Boris was loudly applauded t that the wardens should have full the entire chamber rising a the power to conduct their offices is end of his address taken to indicate that he believes Warden Smith acted within his GREEK g WITHDRAW rights In countermanding orders ATHENS (Greece) Oct 29—("-- Igiven by Van smith and asserting It is oTholally announced that the his authority Greek troops have evacuated Butt re Stottnnent Winn territory t Declaring that the wardens of the state prinong "should not be meesenger boys for the prison board" but should have full power to conduct their offices and "be renponsibie for results" Governor I Friend W Richardson to-day 'mimed a etatement bearing on the break between Warden Frank J Smith of an Quentin and George A Van Smith president of the state board of prison directors In his etatement the governor said Warden Smith informed him that an Interview published in a San Francisco morning paper today quoting the warden to the effect he would remign if Richardson did not remove Van Smith In faint) The governor geld he Is convinced of the truth of Amith's denial Dinairreed On Authority The ruction between Warden Smith and Van Smith renulted from an order given by the primon board president to officials at San Quentin over the head of the warden The warden countered with a warning that any official(' who carried Out orders of Individual members of the prison board would be diecharged Governor Richardson's etetement that the wardens should have full power to conduct their offices is taken to indicate that he believes Warden Smith acted within his rights In countermanding orders given by Van timith and asserting his authority r's Statement The governor's statement follows: "Warden Frank J Smith notified me and the prison board membere that a statement in a San Francine() morning newspaper that he would (Continued on Page Eighteen) With our Title Innurnnee Policlee and our Free I4tar1dard Eecrow Servleen both buyer and seller are ac AGED DIIIDEtillogM VICTIMIZED "Warden milting J Smith notified KPRING VALLEY N Y) CPet O me and the prison board membera —A bridegroom of Ai paid $1500 that a statement in a San Francine() 'A to motorists who visited him to sell morning newspaper that he would him diamond for his 80-year-old (Continued on Page Eighteen) bride Ile has found they ere glas:1 With our Title Ineurance Policlea Quality Luggage indicates the es and our Free I4tar1dard Escrow Hem perienced traveler on boat or train leen both buyer and seller are no note this wherever you go Willeh corded abeolute protection Sac Abet Richardson Co have sold this des '41s WItle Co 101 "I" Etreet Agile 0t luggage tog g (age CITY is SAFER FROM 11I611 WATER THAN EVER BEFORE Levee Improvements By Present Administration Safeguard Sacramento TREND OF CITY TO SOUTH DUE TO Y STREET WORK - Council Found Old Levees Weakened And Safety Of City Endangered As a result of levee improvements carried on under the supervision of the present city administrationSacramento has been declared by engineers to be better protected from floods than ever before in the history of the city Work on the levees recently was completed with the placing of current retards to protect the new work from the action of the river currents Wharves Extended Other improvements along the city water front carried on under the present administration include the exetension of the city wharf and the construction of three new units Work now is in progress on the third unit in addition to the construction of a new unit financed by the California TranspOrtation Company under a lease agreement entered into with the city UNSIGHTLY BARMIER REMOVED Such protection was afforded by the levee improvements that the old y Street levee running through the center of the city was no longer neeessary and this unsightly borriere to the pro xxxxx of the south side has been removed It is now replaced by a paved street which has become one of the most Important thoroughfares of the city carrying a large portion of the rattle from the Oak Park and surrounding districts to the business section (Contintled on Page Lighteen) o———-4 - VICTIM'S MOTHER TAKES STAND AT TRIAL OF ORA6ON Mrs Oberholtzer Tells How Daughter Was Called From Home By Stephenson NOBLESVILLE Ind Oct 29-1 (United Prese)—Dressed in black and with head bowed Mre George Oberholtzer the mother of Miss Madge Oherholtzer took the stand as the first witness for the state in the trial of D C Stephenson Earl Kienck and Earl Gentry Stephenson a former grand dragon of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan and hie two aides are charged with first degree murder in connection with the girl's death Mother's Story In a voice so low It could hardly be heard she told of her daughter receiving a telephone call to go to St ephenson'e house on a business matter on the night of March 15th Two days later Miss Oberholizer was returned home slowly dying from hichloride of mercury taken after an alleged attack by Stephenson Mrs Oberho User told of ragged wounds on her daughter's body and deep bruises on her face The mother of the girl was placed on the stand Immediately after Charles Cox the special assistant prosecuting attorney had completed the opening statement for the prosecution Tore CIA's Flesh "We will show that these fiends shut up in a drawing room with the defenseless girl wounded her from her cheeks to her ankles until the blood flowed" Cox shouted We will show that these marks inflicted on Madge Oberholtzer by these fiends became infected and caused blood poisoning in their victim" An examination of Miss Oberholt:ter Cox said showed she had been assaulted Prosecution Scores The prosecution scored heavily this afternoon )n a ruling of Judge Sparks on the admissibility of evidence Judge Sparks permitted Dr John' Kingsbury to relate the entire story of the attaek as Mins Madge Ober-hoaxer told it to him as she lay slowly dying The defense attorneys objected repeatodly to Dr Kingsbury'm testimony Entered as second-class matter March 7 1903 at Sacramento Calif -4 Anton King's Widow Is Paid $1000 On Bee Policy Costing $150 IFI'VE months ago Anton King 55 of 912 141 S sub-ascribed to The Dee for one Year and paid 9150 additional for the Limited Travel and redextrian Accident Policy in the National Comm Ity Company of Detroit Mich A few daye ago Mrs Annie Et King now a morrowing widow received a check for $1000 King watt struck down and killed by a motor truck a few weeks ago on the highway mouth of Stockton while repairing a tire mNt hen I took advantage of the intittrance for my bumband and mystelf" Mrm King wrote to The lice after receiving the check "l wam made to feel I had allowed a antooth solicitor to talk me out of 9150 for worthiems inmuranee as the argument had been p ted that it iliont didn't seent rentionable that one could get NO muck 11'1mi-once paid up for a whole year with such liberal protection for such a little mum of money as 111150 Juott about three montha after that policy wax received my humband met with the horrible Occident Dint muffed out his life Now you know I ant grateful for thim service You have rendered me and the great blemming thim money will give I wish everybody bad one of theme poibele and you ntay be more that I shall lose no opportunity in telling everybody what I can about it" - me out of b1450 for worthless in- WASHINGTON Oct 29 — (IP) surance as the argument had Colonel William Mitchell failed to been p ted that it Poet didn't day in two attempts to halt the seent reasonable that one could court martial proceedings against get NO muck insurance paid up him for a whole Year whit touch llh The court overruled successively cent protection for such a little an Objection to its jurisdiction and sum of money as 191:50 Just an exception to the form in which about three months after that the case was prepared policy was received my husband Court Rules met with the horrible Occident that snuffed out his life An adverse ruling on the second point was brought in by the court “Now you know I ant grateful late to-day it being held that al- dered me and the great blessing for this service You hate eels- though the courtmartial charges did this money will give I wish not conform in everybody bad one of these poi-all respects to g !cs m ie and you ay be sure the existin that shall lose no opportunity in regulations tle‘- telling everybody what I can they could not about it" be adjudged STftt ARTlly vthoeyi d habdec tinhsetipgraetseiddent baY L tilrilezentmoatmtlehr t ' FREE AFTER Two arTmreandconuavryt resident as the -MORE ARE SHOT declared t h e 77teregulations has cmi) oaukr rm'It r ttihael the authority to MORELAND change or 'aPPli Ohicago Gunman Who Es- them in whatever manner he sees caped Here Fires Way fit who Ordered Cane Through Ambush In East In a sharp passage which Immo diately preceded the decision Rep-Martin J Durkin known in Sac- resentative Reid of Illinois the Chicago gunman n mEadn a uw ltitCa counsel for Mitchell pressed for in- added to his long list of crimes last investigation of the case" and Col- night when he shot his way through onel Sherman Moreland the judge cothief r tl formation as to "who ordered the i a police ambush in Chicago killing advocate replied: a civilian and slightly wounding a "The secretary of war by the di detective in making hie escape To-day the largest propor " the secretary of war Colonel Is rection of the president" Mitchell's commanding officer?" re mented by a detail of department the Chicago police departmenttloanuro-f of justice agents is concentrated turned Reid on a search Of the city for the fu- I "That makes no difference" regitive McCarthy is wanted for the totted the prosecutor EARTHY STILL FREE AFTER TWO MORE ARE SHOT Chicago Gunman Who Escaped Here Fires Way on a search Of the city for the fugitive McCarthy is wanted for the killing two weeks ago of Edward Shanahan a federal officer for the shooting last December of three police officers In — -Chicago for - ::::5: auto thefts and :: 44:''' for firing upon !" 41 a Sacramento policeman last : 1f V:k:i1:::ii:1- Maj3LWmpedFrom ' 4 ':-' hen cl 'a' :"" '' fn la Window ' ::Av :::::':: : 1::' affray McCarthy :::':::::' ::' ": ' ' I jumped from a '::-: i'i'4 e: second story ' !!:Ai 1 apartment win- :' ::::::4 dow after shoot- '''' ": "'': - 1 log a path for himself through 1 11 m u a squad of Po- -- t -'' 'icemen and de- : o : 0 P:i: tectives which :'!::r :: closed in on him '' '" when he came " — - - -- to the apartEDWIN MeCAIITIllment of Betty Warner who the police said has traveled 'about the country with him for some time Lloyd Austin in whose fiat the shooting occurred and who gave the police the information that led to (Continued on Page Thirteen) t 1 Penniless Bay Couple 1 I Die In Suicide Pact 1 SAN FRANCISCO Oct 29— (United Press)-01d penniless facing only illness and public charity James Mackey 60 and his wife Daum 63 died together In a suicide pact at their home here to-day Mrs Mackey an Invalid was taken from a public hospital two months ago by her husband when she said she would rather face poverty with him than remain a public charge A month ago Mackey lost his Job as a glass worker Unable to pay the rent unwilling to ask further credit at the neighborhood grocery the two lay down on their kitchen floor and let loose a flood of was from a broken pipe ------ Colonel Collier Quits Sesquitentennial Board PHILADELPHIA (Pa) Oct 29— (A))--Colonal David C Collier of Rhn Diego Cal to-day resigned as the director general of the Sesqui-centennial Exposition and hie resignation was accepted by Major Kendrick Colonel Collier resigned because the building program of the exposition which is to be held next year In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the aigning of the declaration of independence was curtailed from $12000000 to 53- 000000 lie will remain with the exposition organization in an advisory capacity until December Colonel Collier was appointed director general last February at $25000 a year his contract running to the end of 1926 I TO-DA 1141 TEM PERA TIRE I t4 A M 9 A 10 A M It A U 12 oon 1 P U 2 P U Loweal loot 24 bonne mimn' umn 54 8m The Sedan $955 Delivered in Sacramento Greatest Sedan Value in the World W I Elliott Star Co COIL Mb ATREP:TP FACTORY OKANCIR Opon 1i:wettings And Sundays - Program of entertainment from The Bee-Kimball-Upson Station at 7:30 to-night 4 Price Fire Cents per Copy R5e Monthly Moil or Carrier MITCHELL LOSES ) BATTLE AGAINST COURTMARTIAL Two Efforts By Air Critic's Couneel To Have Trial Declared Illegal rail REID WANTS TO KNOW WHO IS BEHIND CASE Contention That Only Corn mending Officer Could Take Action Is Ignored Detemse Contentious The court found that "the secre tary of war is the agent of the president of the United States and he has the necessary legal authority to direct an investigation and file charges" It had been the defense contention that Colonel Mitchell's commanding general instead of the war department should have brought the case to make It valid Representative Reid then launched upon what appeared to be an at tacit on the language of the charges against Colonel Mitchell phrase by phrase He objected that Colonel Mitchell's conduct was not "disorder" or (Continuedon Page Five) IlliFftiallANOITS KILL ONE MAN'IN $117000 HOLDUP Henry Harris Out On $50000 3ai1 Believed Leader Of Murdering Robbers - - BUFFALO (N Y) Oct (United Press )—Ilenry Barris bus pected of many holdups who recently forfeited $50000 ball in De troit is believed to be the ring leader in the gang of bandits who to-day held up the money van of the Bank of Buffalo containing $117000 after killing the driver and wounding two other employes The bank officials estimated the loss would be near $100000 Picture Identifned Twelve witnesses identifned Her ris picture at the police headquarters as the leader in to-day's outburst of outlawry Six robbers participated in the robbery Five got away in an RILI tomobile The sixth man mingled in the crowd and escaped unnoticed In the race for their waiting - automobile the robbers dropped part of their loot—a package containing 124000 Driver Miter Dead Charles W Clifford the driver of the car was shot through the head when he turned his head in answer to a mummons from one of the bandits to turn over the money he was carrying Guard John B Myers who carried two satchels containing the currency wan commanded to throw up his hands He hesitated and att' ' shot through the body Lewis M Yarington another guard then drew a revolver but he too was shot down and slightly wounded before he could firs The Kind of Optical Service You Want! Thorough in determln Ing the condition of your eyes And exact In correctIng them That's MEYER SERVICE For ri-k4AA ''''"'''-''''''''N 0 lut 747ii--1Ik:A f(' 01 - t3 - - - -I0 ?ZIQ'Ni''''':i : ::'i::-?:1:Ur:h-:1-::: k 014v '":4kz '1:: l' - ''Nl:':':::!:?:!1 vier f3r17:41:1 N$44rft f :1-t:t4:::f::e4:::::0!:: -7 -::! A : - :Aiii:-:a::-?::::::4:::1::-:1-:k1:::: -- '--- t- ' ' ii::'::4H':'::':1::::::i:-:!::::::-:: 1- :it!:1'::::':4A : -A-- -- : : r k‘:'::: -' :11114:1:'14 :: :':::::::::::::::: - - Vi13ii::::::11411?:NglAram iiiAe'' :':11::'' !::iit ' " 101? sk':-:: ---4gi-:-:':i-iimgr--- -711009::: -' " 'P 1t':::::::: t: 01'faiiii:NO:1116:v'X'''':!' 0: :2:4 f4014n:::::::::::::'::::4tirk'' - ' " A- 4114Z1VAN::41i"'K:"g: "'Ifikt--' :: -440QK -:5t0:i:-:-1'--- : io-"mow--:'- -7 -- " -:- - - - - - x : ::---4--" I- 4-v4-2:: -g:: !- - -- 44-- e'!il':--: :ip:':::f -w:--:---::- - k--s 4 --:-i--:-- --:--::--:x40k:o::-::-:-:- :::-:- T '6111001ttpv ot----:-:--::4:- -' ' -4r::tt:!m:":--rr4 :4e--:-:A:::::-":-15t43-7' '::1k:::1'''::''':i''''''''''''':i:::'''!:1:''''''''''::!''''''''-'''''::--1:41 '''' '':"':':''a!:':'1f'''':':'g':::''''':':''''"'':'::!''::!:'''!'::!-!'':':''':':':'::::::'i':"J AIEURtNsT:Tü : ) v:--:::--::---- :i-c-: - - --:::7: ----:-1 : : - - zA04 0 E:::' ''::::::':1'-'5''':::::::'':' liit' r - itlixs :::::: - 1 lit: : f:ii: 4 1 o ' F--:---2 — i t" I i ireili iltr --: :14pi rIti--1"-- I 1 1 -!'i kv c c-:- - ----------7 I bd A:fit ' ' ! - i'"(f)' 1 -1 titil' - - --- -: '-- w T ri ftp c fm c c 4- 71 -1 I -6 t 6 illirmoVil 6 ito:oillk4 -- V 1 Pc I— C ) I Lo iCk gm D meat eat ens Label I mEEMI rag &BEI) OPTICIAk 'YN'N E1031TE OWL DRUO kt f ::5w1 A 41004iit':':'IN 0 ::re401- iCeNtAr ''' A ' 4- 17!! ?' - 1 ' :ii:i::::: ::::':i : :: A' 01' : Fowl Si c: : ?:-7?seN 4:: ::N94p::::ii :::tff9:::::e' z1-- ::) : ::::::4i!?:19r::j L ':741'-Ait':kti:Z:'::::-!?:"' t 41:ta: :i:-:' ":'::::ip:::in::::: :' ": :4'" :i7ci:v:: -- :::ipm: ' ) :?:''::- $0 :: 0 : - The Most Desirable TH places to live can be found in the TO LET columns of The Bee—to-day and every day 1 I 1 :! Z) i 1 1 -a A74§-i:Li1:!::::13: '''''':--1":!1::::dittt7t : ' 'ils ::::::' ::: 1:1111 ''':':z': : Y-- ' ' ':' 1 : ' : '::::! - N - '!::11:"1 1 ' ill ' t'(1::::::'! ' t:t :f 1 110 - car (0) A

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