The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 22, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1908
Page 3
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THE BAKERSFIELD CAT.TPOBNIAN •TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1908. HUGHES Good Gifts at a Saving HUGHES Suitable Gifts for tile Men We often hear ladies say that it is difficult to select gifts for a man. There will be no difficulty if you come here. You'll find plenty of suitable presents here for a man, no matter what his taste may be. FOUNTAIN PENS—An ideal gift for a busy man. SHAVING MIRRORS—Stand and triplicate. KODAKS—Every man wants one. BRUSHES—Military, hair brushes, clothes and hat. SMOKING SETS-A practical gift. SAFETY RAZORS—Nothing will suit him better. BRUSHES The improvement in the manufacture-of brushes and the beautiful material used for mounting these makes a brush a good gift for any one—especially between members of the same family. We have them in Ebony, Roosewood, Cherry, Maple, and a variety of natural wood backs. Some especially fine ones in Military Brushes, Hair and Cloth Brushes, etc.., singly or in sets. Good ones from 50 cents up to $8. LEATHER GOODS All the season's choicest creations in pocket books, auto bags, vanity purses, etc. Many beautiful gifts for gentlemen in wallets, bill books, cigar cases, etc. Also large line burnt leather and wood novelties and cushion pillows. See them. FOUNTAIN PENS Fountain pens are practical gifts. They last for years and save time, and give satisfaction. Thousands of people should own them who do not. Some of these people are your friends. Better see that they get this practical gift. We are agents for the Waterman Ideal Fountain pen. $2.50 to $13.50. DON'T OVERLOOK THE KODAK A Kodak represents endless pleasure. There's not one gift that can be given which will give many people so much enjoyment. For the enjoyment does not stop with the recipient. We have an exceptionally large stock of Eastman's Kodaks for the holiday trade, and they are the kind that produce results in photo making. $1 to $H5. CIGARS If he smokes probably nothing will please him better than a box of cigars. The chances are that he buys his cigars here, so wi» know what he likes. We have them in boxes of 25, 50 and 100 cigars—$1.00 a box, and up. CUT GLASS Don't Delay Holiday Shopping There are only two more shopping d&vs left and time will pass with amazing swiftness. YoiiCannot imagine how easy it is to select gifts when you'v » a stock like ours to choose from. It includes just the goods ) ou want at just the price you want to pay SHAVING SETS, $1 to $6.50. If he don't shave himself make it an object for him to do so by giving him a good outfit. We have the kind of equipment that makes shaving both easy and pleasant. The best razors, strops, mugs, lather brushes, etc. Also agency for the celebrate'd Gillette Safety Razors. , There are not many gift man as a piece of rich er and durability make it showing are selecte- 1 •• , We sell cut glass • , -• enables you to • Single pie<- . u| •ether satisfactory to a wo- ...i .is dazzling beauty, usefulness •• ' ' ^ift. The pieces we are now i . •• best products of the best makers, lower price than is usual and this • • piece than yon otherwise could, .rom $3,00 up to .$15.00. * FANCY GOODS Always a favorite line because it affords such a wide choice of beautiful and useful goods. A larger line than ever here this year, and the prices are the lowest tor which such desirable goods can be sold. Boxes for Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Fans, etc., etc., in Burnt Wood and Celluliod; Leather Cushion Pillows, Atomizers, Ash Trays, Triplicate Mirrors, Sterling Novelties and hundreds of other items. MANICURE GOODS You should consider this if you have a young lady to please. Ours are made for service and will give-satisfaction. They come in Ebony, Cocobolo and Bone. 7">c to $8. THE BIG BUSY DRUG STOEE J. A. HUGHES, i The Leading Prescription Druggist * Phones Main 64 and 74. Free Delivery, Bakersfield and Kern Suitable Gifts for Ladies We here jrive just a hint or two. It is impossible to mention I or show all our goods at once. When you are in, just state that . you desire something for a lady, if such is the case, and scores || of suitable articles will be forthcoming. '•" TOILET CASES—Ours will certainly please. MANICURE SETS—The quality that pives satisfaction. PERFUMES—One thing that's always acceptable. TRIPLICATE MIRRORS—Will be pri/.ed for a life time. LEATHER GOODS—A swell line of these. FANCY BOXES—For handkerchiefs, gloves, ribbons, etc. TOILET OASES A large variety and in every desirable combination. Also a nice line of traveling cases, that a man will 'appreciate whether he travels or not. These lines are where we can't be bent as to prices and quality. $1.00 to $1000. EXQUISITE PERFUMES If you trade with us you are sure to be right in your perfume selections, for we carry the choice odors the world offers, and just now our stock is complete with the most exquisite and sutis- fying perfumes in beautiful holiday packages. All prices. 'Jot- to $10.0fl, v V » k TOILET ARTICLES No line affords wider choice of useful things than this. Maud- Home military hair and clothes brushes in Ebony, Staghorn and a variety of natural wood backs. Pino comb and brush sets, iu a number of combinations. Beautiful mirrors to match the brushes. Toilet and traveling sots in ample variety. Our stock of toilet articles of all kinds cannot lie matched in town, either as to quality or high grade, while our low prices put these finer goods within the reach of till. STATIONERY. You'll make no mistake if you select fine stationery as a gift for a lady. If you get it here you are sure to please her as our papers are in the latest tints and shapes. \Ve have an elegant showing of beautiful box goods put up especially for the holiday trade. 25c to $1.2o box.* ACCIDENTAL L DICT VER- BIGGY CASE, SAN FRANCISCO, Dec, 21.—Examination of half a dozen witnesses before a coroner's jury today failed to throw any additional light upon the manner in which \V. J. Biggy, late j chief of police, mel his death in the , •waters of San Kran-flsco bay. Coroner i Leland succeeded in accounting for every movement of the dead official on the afternoon and evening of November 30th, the night of his death, but all the witnesses agreed that Chief Biggy was in his usual spirits, that he showed no evidence of intoxication and that theje 'was no apparent reason why he should commit suicide. '•Our .lohuii; I' ! r, ic«v-. "?:.•'.',:\'". Vc's only .1 *' > " ••.'•.M thlng« must hav ;•. I'ejrlnnlnK. behind the ears."—Louisville Courier- The girl with the picture hat was looking at the baby hippopotamus. "Isn't he a cute little darling." she said.—Chicago Tribune. , Buy all your Xma Gifts at WEILL'S Christmas gift buying is a pleasure here. We've a store that is well filled with useful and acceptable gifts and any present from here will please the recipient. Choose from these : WtlsU Neckwear Hoalory Dreaa Good* Toy« Blanket* Glovea Underwear Belt* Phone*—Dry Gooda, 142 Hardware, 224. Qrocerlea, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street. HOLLY G ENUINE HOLLY HOLLY WREATHS Roses, Carnations; 1 -Violets and Chrysanthemums. First cluss Nursery Stock, Trees, Shrubs. Orders promptly filled. \ CHESTER AVENUE NURSERY ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. Cor. •lull St. and Chester Ave. Phone Mala 745. CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY .CAUSES MUCH LAUGHTER Judge Thomas' court and with him was a great array of legal talent. He was represented by A. B. Canfleld, H. W. Thomas. Charles P. Fox, J. A. Stroud, J. M. Holloway, Charley Allison and several others, a truly Imposing counsel. Judge Thomas called the case and In a statement to the court Mr. Berry It you had a great big red automobile 'and were a great big fat man yourself and the police officers saw your automobile going down the street with a big fat man at the wheel shattering the city speed ordinance to the winds, and the watchful police officers came and arrested you when they should have arrested the other big fat man—wouldn't that make you mad? lUmlgnt, but it did not make Clarence Berry mad. Instead It made him laugh and lots of other people laugh too, and they turned the laugh off on the police officers and a great big tall thin man better known as Frank Keller, And If you want to have a good laugh Just go and watch Clarence Berry laugh. It all happened- in this way. Yesterday Clarence Berry and W. W. Weinberger, representing the nutomo. bile firm from whom Mr. Berry bought his new machine, were In Coallnga on business. They left In the aftenoon for Bakersfield, reaching Selma about 5 o'clock. As Mr. Ber- of a y at man, he said" it was a long, ry's home Is in Selma, he remained I g j| m mai]i " 80 that's Keller." over until the evening train came by And the bunch went on a hunt for and the car with Weinberger at the Keller to bring him to the bar of jus- wheel continued on its war to this tlcei But ^ uttle birdie tipped off the city. Weinberger must have been ] p j ay ana Keller went into hiding and day. A. B. CanfleUl says ho can prove NOTES un alibi for Keller but Keller's taking j iio chances. ! FROM RECORDS IN THE CLERK'S OFFICE. THE TEROR OF THE ALAMEDA COUNTY JAIL. OAKLAND, Dec. 21.—Mrs. Isabella J.,Martin, sentenced to prison for life for dynamiting the home of Superior Judge Ogclon, still remains the terror and worry of th« Alameda authorities. On Saturday, after being sentenced she was taken with hysteria and a fainting At. On her person ,Judgo J. W. Mahon, who was elected for another term as Judge of the Superior Court, department one, at the last election, yesterday took hia oath of office before Bedell Smith, deputy county clerk. A marlage license has been Issued to Q. M. Applegate, aged 27 and ,» native of Kansas, and Flora May Athey, agd 31, of Kansas and a real- was found several powders. One waa dent of Loa Angeles. They were mar- of ground glass and the other suppos- j rled at no °n yesterday by Judge of before and that he came from Selma over to a chemist for analysis. Today on the train and rode from Kern to he reported to District Attorney Don- K'nelpal place Bakersflold on the street car. The counsel nodded approval. "1 know you would not tell a falsehood Mr. Berry," said the Judge, and with the consent of Officer Briggs, who admitted that the machine was going too fast for him to recognize the defendant, the case was dismissed. "But who was In the car?" some one asked. And some one promptly answered, "Frank Keller." Tom Baker the machine pass by, but Instead ahue that the powder Ing powder. contained bak- the removal of UiB of business of the Eclipse Oil Company from San Pratt cisco to Marlcopa was Hied yesterday. Articles of Incorpoatlon of the Foothills Citrus Farms ompany were filed yesterday, The Incorporators are Robert P. Howell of Los Angeles and A. A. Cox, J. II. Neff, David R. Glass Eminent Advocate—'Veil, my little man, what nrn you going to bo when you grow up? ) Liltlo Man—FiUhtr thinks I should become H lawyer. Eminent Advocate (highly Haltered) and George N. Haven of San Ber-Why deos e think that? IH It ' ' cause you arc m> defer? , Little Man—Oh, no; It's because H 1200 * ha res at $20 each. ask HO many silly quotations.'—London 'w-'" actually subscribed. Opinion. The capital stock is $24,000, 19,600 baa The stocknoiders of the Elks Hall Association will meet tonight to dla- drlving pretty "fast all the way down j "has not shown[ his™on'gTsl7m 'face"all CU88 building plans, the valley, for he made the '-'- '- - trip In very fast time and when he hit the town the heavv fog probably obstructed the slow up signs. At any rate he came through Nineteenth street at a pretty good clip. Police Officers Doll and Brlggs were standing on a corner when the machine whizzed by. These police officers say they have I seen a good many pretty fast things Pin Bakersflekl but that machine waa (the limit. "Going some," said Doll. ""^Ye'p," said Brlggs, "better get him." "All right. It looks like Clarence Berry." And so they startou out. Night- watchman Connors was taken in on the conp as in ht» wandering he would probably have laid eye s on that man Berry. The three went to the Southern. Berry was Inside. Doll and Connors remained on watrli whllo BrlgRs went after the big fat oil man. "Come here," said the officer t" the oil man. "WJiat for?" "I want to speak to you. Come nut. side" "Nothing doing. It's too fold. Tell me what, you want right here." "1U> lii court tomorrow morning at if) o'clock. Yon are uroslecl for fast driving." And then Berry began to laugh and he has been laughing ever since. And BO this morning ho appeared In Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Quackenbush have returned from San Francisco, where they have bene for the past three months. Holiday Suggestions!! Good Things to Eat and fine China —- — -W carry the finest line of imported goods to be found in the Valley. Imported Figs in baskets, Stuffed Dates and Figs in boxes and glass. Green Olives in bottles. California Glace Fruits. Pinard Prunes in glass. Shelled Almonds. Lowncy's Chocolates in fancv boxes. Beach Nut Preserves. Heinze's Mince Moat in stone crocks and btilj'. Remember we are sole agents for National Crest Coffee. A visit to our store will convince you of tin; superior qualify of our goods mid method of doing business. Our stock of Ilaviiuud and Imported Hand Painted China is complete. v^Pople who have culled at out 1 store in past week were amazed at our beautiful display of Jlaviland Hand Painted China. Cut Glass, Brasses, Carving Sots, Steins and articles in general, which appeal to Christmas shoppers. Bakersfield Grocery Company Tel Maine 186 1715-17 19th. Street I

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