Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 25, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 25, 1898
Page 19
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P/iyate Money to Loan No Delay- C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. JJOS Fourth Street. flENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor , does Bret class work. Stylish and.well fitting clothes made Cleaning and repairing neatly done. Bee him. 324 PEARL STREET. WEAK MINDED PEOPLE Kroeger & Strain. CJNDRRTAKRRS Ctlli promptly attended to Day or Nl*bt. 818 Broadway. TKLBPKONB - Office, 88. Kroeger, 1« «ir&ln. M. SETH M.VELSEY Loans Money ftt « per cent. Makes Abstracts and "Writes P iro. Tornado and Plate Qlasa Insurance, W.J. Buoo«K*to C. L.WOU, Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. 417 Market street. Call* atwnded day or night. The n»e« outfit In the D. S. Col. C. L. WoU, win remain with me, IDU» M «.C. Office 16. Besldenoe-Mutual' Irnones K-.O.U.IW. When You Need »n ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GOTO- P H. Wipperman, »e Fourtt Street Opp. Court House Entrance. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Comer of Fourth and Broadwa^ •Central SCelepkone No Office 363, residence 34!! Are Protected, if Tber Knew It, b the Law of 1897, From the Qnaek Doctors Who U* the Joss Sticks or Consult Spirits. IQ giving a decision of the law o 1897."which applies to physicians Attorney-General Ketchum says: "I is not the great body of worthy and honored physicians who are com plaining of the act, as they might i they considered it simply a useless burden on themselves. 1C Is the holder of a purchased! diploma, the holder of a license obtained by per jury or fraud, the Chinaman with roots, herbs and joss snicks, the man who cures by psychic powers traos mitted through letters and locks of hair to unseen patients, the circulator of advertising matter full of indecency and obscenity among the young and impressionable of the community, and the scouadre who proposes to sell youth and vigor to those who have wasted their lives In licentiousness Jind debauchery, who comes Into the courts asking th constitutional privilege to continue his wrong doing. "To say the state Is powerless to protect itself agalnut such men Is to deny to civilized government the right to protect Iteelf and its own existence." ITEMS. MORE CHILDRELS'S SCBOOLS. E. H. GRACE, D. D. S,. DENTAL PABLORS, "BIG Market Street. New Aluminite Rubber Plates. gANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand Goods. •Give us a sal:. 1209 6th street D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET Opstalrs over Bruggeman's Millinery Store. OITY NB.WS. Miss Lillie Bowman is Tisiting at Veru. Miss Madge Kline of Peru visited in the city Sunday. S. M. Velsey is laid up by an attack of indigestion. To 'Mr. and Mrs, Fred Mader, of the Westslde, a daughter. Auditor Brooks, of the Casparis stone company, is In the city. Will Lynas is at Terre Haute •looking for a location for bis Turkish bath. Thomas B. Hutchtnson, of Frankfort, Ky., is a guoat of Harry Me- Sheehf. tt. L. Ullery returned last evening from OoYlugton, Ohio, where he was •ailed by the death of a relative. Mrs. Julia Chapman, mother of "Walter and Harry Chapman, of the Taadalia, is visiting at Indianapolis. The "Shanty Town" company disbanded at Milwaukee last week, and Tom Sawn will return to the TandoTtlle business. Mr. John Tarn and children desire to thank the neighbors and friends for kindness shown them during their late sad bereavement. The work of rebuilding the Vandalia station and office building was aompleted today. The building is bandsomer than ever. A warrant has beien issued for the arrest of James Hall, manager of the Pottmeyer saloon, upon the charge of selling liquor to a minor. Prof. Dalby, latei director of the Indiana State band, Frankfort, was In the city yesterday, a guest of Jos. Bembusch. He will locate la Chi•ago. James Mack, tbo Vaodalia operator, received a telegram from Dan- Tiile, Ills., yesterday announcing the dangerous illness of his olece, Mrs. John Stephens. Mrs. Stephens was formerly Miss Rena Stereos, of this city. The funeral of lihe late Edward Johnson will be held at 10 a. m. tomorrow from the Si. John's church in Clinton township, BeT. &. W, Lambers officiating. Intel-meat will tie made in the cemetery adjoining the cnurch. Kindergartens to b» Opened Monday on the Norlhiiide and Souths ide. The truthfulness of the old adage, "Nothing succeeds like success," has been demonstrated fully in toe kin dergarten movement In this city, i charity not yet two years old. In September a free school was opened on Twelfth street; the attendance has steadily increased and at this time there is an enrollment of sixty children in this class. Miss India Kandall, with three assistants, have been most successful in conducting this large class. The demand has been urgent for some time for free schools on the Northside and Southaide, aad only for the lack of funds and teachers, schools in these localities would have been opened last September. The ladles rejoice that with the co-operation of the good people Interested ia the Sunday- school missions In ubese respective localities, they see tbelr way clear to open schools on Mondav morning next—Jan. 31—In the Baptist mission room on the Scmthslde and In the Trinity mission room on the Northslde. Teachers will be at these places by 8 o'clock iklonday morning- to receive all children who may come —the eligible age being between the years of three and six—and all children who are not able to pay tuition will be taken free into these schools. In this growing work, the need of teachers is apparent; at the present time there are seven teachers in the training school, five of these young women give their time for the train, ing and practical experience which Is gained in the braining school. Miss Nichol has charge of this school and each afternoon of the week is devoted to theoretical instruction. Young women willing to devote their time and wishing the kindergarten training, are earnestly solicited to apply to Miss Nichol at her quarters la the library building, or to any of the ladies of the board. The association is in need of small working tables and chairs, and donations of money will be moat gratefully re- received. MRS. MTBRS, Sec'y., F K. A. SUPPOSE!) MYSTERY Hon. Patrick Keefe will deliver a lecture tonight at South Bend. Chas. Williams, of Hartford Cit Is here :for a visit witn bis parents. Mr. Alvie Freeman, of Peru, spen Sunday in the city, the guest o friends,, The damage done to the telephone lines by the wind storm of Satnrda; night have been repaired. Tte Woman's Belief corps wll meet In regular session this evening at their hall over Dr. Bell's office. A project ia under way to establish a sugar oeet factory at Kokomo o some other point in Howard county Bev. Charles Little, of Wabash will preach at the First Presbyterian church tonight and tomorrow even ing. The stockholders of the natura gas company will meet in this city on February 9th to elect a board of eleven directors. The Dorcas Sewing society, C. of I. O. F., will meet at the home o Mrs. Pacton, 717 Miami street, on Wednesday, January 26Dh.—Alice McGowen, president. Miss Mayme Fallbush, who has beea visiting here for a week or more, left last night for Washington D. 0., where she Is employed in one of the government offices. The Deer Creek band will give band concert at the Plank church In in Washington township, Carrol! coauty, Saturday evening. Several persons from this city will attend. A social will be held at the Cumber- landPre terlan church Wednesday evening. All the members and friends of the congrsgation are urged to come out and become acquainted. George S. Klstler was today ap pointed administrator of the estate of the late William Campbell, the Panhandle conductor who was killed between here and Chicago several months ago. Twelve counties of Indiana, out of 92, furnished 42 per cent of the divorce suits closed last year. These counties contain cities of manufacturing population, such as Allen, Delaware, Floyd, Grant, Howard, tfadlson, Tippecanoe, Marlon, St. Joseph, Vanderburg, Yigo and Elk- lart. John Cambine, the dan jerous drunken character whose exploits have lately beea recorded, will be returned to Longeliff hospital for treatment. As he had been an inmate of the Institution within six months, he affidavit of Dr. 3. H. Shultz that e Is of unsound mind, was all that was required to secure his re-adm.ls- fon. HISKEY DISK, Cissj's a Hit, Kit. I Don't Explained and the Minds of the Carious arc Again at Rest. Considerable comment has been caused ID the past week by the fact that the millinery store of Mrs. Charlotte Tucker, on -Market street, near McCaffrey's grocery, was locked up and a large dog imprisoned therein that barked and carried on as If something terrible was happening. People were mystified, and the police were called on more than once, but they found by looting In at the windows that evervthlng appeared to be all right. The supposed mystery was explained this morning, when tne proprietress appeared on the scene and opened up her place of business. It turns out that she had been on a visit to Cleveland, and as a matter of precaution, had locked the dog in the store to prevent burglary. Each day the animal was given water and food by Mni. Mary Hare. Its barking and wll(( demonstrations were doubtless caused by its desire to get out, or from seeing strange faces at the doors and windows. Smoke the Cnlxunbin cigar Wink, Made Think, Soft-headed cHtics of the m&tro- illtan press, ha"ing Indulged In a world of gush concerning Cissy Fltz- eraid and her wink, naturally a arge per cent of the theatre patroas f Logansporc took advantage of the first opportunity to see both, and It might be well said here and now that neither Sissy nor her wink could ever again win a cent in this neck o 1 woods. There is really nothing to recommend Cissy. She Is fairly good looking, bat she cao't sing, and her dancing ia absolutely awkward in comparison to that of many of the hlgh-kickingaort who visited this city. Just why her name should appear on the bills In capital letters while those of the real artists are printed in lower case, is one of the things theatrical that can't be explained. "The Foundling r is a good comedy and It was well played. The dialogues and situations are very funny. Charles E. Lothian, as Dick Peniuet, the foundling; Thomas Burns, as Major Cotton; Laura Booth, as Mrs. Cotton, and Lucille Le Verne, as Miss TJsher, played their parts well. A comedlette entitled, "A Ha.ppy Pair,' 1 served as a pleasing curtain raiser. It was cleverly presented by Mr. Lothian and Miss Le Verne. Two Drainage Commissioner*. Some time ago the Pnaros published an account of the complications arising In toe office of drainage commissioner by reason cf the election of. Hiram F. Hillls to that position and his efforts to take possession before his predecessor, D. J". Gal vert, disposed of business that was well ander way. Hlllls brought suit and Judge Cbase yesterday decided that Mr. Calverc should retain possession of the books so far as they related to tne unSnished ditch work, and entered judgment against the plaintiff for costs. It is said that Hillis will appeal the case to the supreme conrt. Two Small Robberies. Two small robberies occurred yesterday afternoon. F. F. Foglesoag WRS -'touched" for $30 somewhere in the business district, but just when or where he does not know. His pocketboofc was neatly extracted by some light-fingered fellow. The home of Mrs. L. O. Soft, near Brooks' poultry establishment, was, entered during her absence and! her pocketbook and »13 stolen. KXIGflTS OF ST. JOHN Installed Officers Last Erenlug for the Ensuing Year. At the armory of St. Mattbew commandery, In Dolan & McHa;e's hall, last evening, the officers of St. Matthew's commandery, No. 256, and St. -George's commanderv, Ko. 279, Knights of St. John, were installed by Sir Knight J. B. Wilkln. The installation was marked by elaborate ceremony, and following she regular installation the Knights and their ladies remained to celebrate the occasion. Dancing was indulged in until a late hour. A few friends of the order assisted In making the evening an enjoyable one. The following are the officers installed: ST. JtAT.THE'W COMMANQERY..- President—J. B. WHken. First Vice President—Chas. W. SeLegue. Second Vice President—Thomas Welch. Corresponding Secretary—Edward Clarke. Financial Secretary—Wm. Wfiite- head. Treasurer—John E. Irwln. Commander—John B. Fox. First Lieutenant—John F. Kelly. Second Lieutenant—Wm. Whitehead. Trustees—Charles SeLegue, John E. Irwln, John W. Holland, John E. Fox. ST. GEORGE COMMANDBRT. President—Henry Peters. First Vice President—E. Schmitt. Second Vice President — J acob Cook. Treasurer—George Schneider. Corresponding Secretary—Leo J. Leffert. Financial Secretary -Cbas. Becker. Captain—Chas. Buhl. First Lieutenant—Wm. H. Baker. Second Lieutenant—W. J. Keihm. Trustees—E. Schmitt, Leo J. Leffert, Geo. Fettig, Henry Baker. Joe Klnney. FOE LITTLE FOLKS. NUTTING WITH RACCOONS. How » >"ew Jersey Man Ha» Solved th« Problem of Gathering Chestnuts- A correspondent of the Philadelphia Times says that Reuben White of Bin- goes, N. J., has tamed six coons and trained them to gather chestnuts. When "White sets out in the morning on a chestnutting trip, the coons follow him like a pack of dogs, and when a tree is reached White sets a basket with low sides on the ground and, snapping his fingers and waving his hands in different directions, sets the coons to work. The animals spread out and range over every inch of the ground, pawing over the leaves and sniffing like dogs on the scent of prey. When a ooon rnns across a nut, he snaps it up with his lips and stows it away inside his mouth like a chipmunk. The animal has a capacity for carrying about half a pint of chestnuts in his month, and when the limit is reached he trots to the basket and drops them into it. The hunt is kept up until the ground has been thoroughly searched. In the meantime White is pelting the tree with clubs, and when clubbing fails the coons are sent up to shake the tree. At an order to go up the animals traverse every limb, going to the tips of the small branches and shaking them vigorously. When they have gone over the tree, there arci not nuts enough left on it to fill a qusxt; cup. White says that when the season for chestnuts is good he can gather focr bushels a day with his sis coons, and when the market is ordinarily good that means between $10 and $12. He calculates that each coon is worth to him aboot $60 a year. Youngest of Trick Rider*. The youngest trick rider in the world is said to be Master Arthur Czekowski, a 6-year-old Berlin boy. "Little Arthur," as be is called, fell into the trick riding habit by accident, so to speak. His father is an acrobat and juggler, but bad no intention of having his son follow in his footsteps. On<3 day, however, before the small boy IT AN ADVANCED AGE. Mother of D. B. and S. T. HcConnell Dead at Indianapolis. Mrs. Sarah D. McDonnell, an estimable lady and former resident Df this county, died at Indianapolis yesterday afternoon, after a long hlnesa, aged 85 years. She and her late husband, Dr. James T. MoGonnell.came !rom Oalo at an early day and settled n Harrison township, Cass county, where a large and honorable family were reared, of whom the following •hildren survive: Dyer B. McOon- nell and 3. T. MeConnell, of this ity; John McDonnell, of Montlcello; Mrs, W. B. Kendall, of Indianapolis, and Mrs. G. S. Kendall, of Greensburg. The funeral of the deceased was to jave occurred today, but was post- oned until tomorrow. The remains will arrive from Indianapolis at 1:55 m. and be taken direct to Mt. Hope cemetery to be burled beside he husband, who had gone before. The two sons of this city and grand- on, E. B. McOoniiell, are at Indian- polls, and will accompany the remains htre tomorrow. Death of Mrs. McQrew. Will P. McG-rew received a tele- ram this morning bringing the sad ntelllgence of the death of his mother, Mrs. Nancy McGrew, of exlngton, Neb. The deceased was a resident of this ounty for many years and WES a most estimable woman. She, with er husband, the late Milton Mc- -rew, emigrated to Nebraska some fifteen years ago and settled on the Platte river near Lexington. She leaves three sons, of whom William P., of this city, is the oldest, and two daughters. Bimetallic League. The Cass County Bimetallic club will hold a business meeting Wednesday night, and all members are urged to be present. Hereafter the meetings will ."be held on the last Wednesday night of each month. C. E. CARTER, Prest. N. W. PHIPPS, Sec'y. After Twenty Years. Mrs. D. A,. Patrick: of 2022 east Market street was agreeably surprised Sunday by a visit from Mrs. D. A. Stoner of Bensselaer, Ind., a cousin, whom the family had not seen la twenty years, Mrs. Stoner is attending the poultry show, where she has & very fine exhibit. Old Injcnc. Nelson & .Myers yesterday brought suit in the circuit court for Dr. J. H. Shultz to enjoin John J. Hllde- brandt and others from erecting a wall on the line between plaintiffs property and that of defendant on ]?ourth street. was out of bibs and skirts, he astonished his parents by his mimicry of his father's feats. He developed such an astonishing ability, both as a gymnast and a mimic, that it occurred to his father abont a year ago to make him a trick bicyclist. The youngster has succeeded so remarkably that all Berlin raves over his performances. Don't. I might have just the mostest fun If 'twasn't for n word, I think the very worstest one 'At ever I have heard. I wish 'at it 'nd go away, But I'm afraid it won't. I s'pose 'at it'll always stay- That awful word of "don't." It's "don't you make a bit of noise," And "don't go out of doors," And "don't you spread your stock of toys About the parlor floor," And "don't you dare play in the dust," And "don't you tease the oat," And "don't yon. get your clothing massed,' And "don't" do this and that. It seems to me I've never found A thing I'd like to do But that there's some one else around 'At'a got a "don't" or two. And Sunday—'at's the day 'at "don't" Is worst of all the seven. Oh, goodness, but I hope there won't Be any don'ts in heaven! —Niion Waterman. --THR- New Furniture Store. C*r. Market, 5th ;ind Brie Sts. Look at this Bargain. This entire 3 piece Bed Room Suit Finished Oak, Well Made, worth twenty dollars, our price is ^1 O Of) The Dresser alone is worth all we ask for the entire Suiie' A Car Load ••" —of the Celebrated— Estey Bed Room Suites "Will arrive in a few days which we will place on sale at special reduced, prices for a limited time only. If you will have to purchase a Bed Room Suite this spring ymi should taKe advantage of this sale. 25 different styles to select from. A Gentle Reproof. me two apples for luncheon Hood's Pills Are much in little; always ready, efficient, satisfac- "Give today, please, mamma. I want one for Jane Woods." "Why, my dear, do yon want an apple for her?" "Because yesterday she stole mine from my basket, and I don't want to tempt her today;-so I am going to give her one." The child did so, and soon Jane Woods brought the apple to her and asked her to take it, as she stole one from her tie day before and wanted to pay it back. Jane did not take any apples again without a request to do so. A Slight Mistake. Little Johnny See startled his teacner the other day by announcing that his mother vras going to make an inquirium. This was her first term of school,, so gbe wondered wbat bad gone vrrong, that Johnny's mother should need to inquire into her methods. "How will ehe make it?" she ven- tnred to ask. "Oh, out of glass aad wood," he replied excitedly, "and she's gointofill it with water an git the fish out of the river." A Dropping: In Party. Surprise parties are rather cnfc cf dace now, but there's a "dropping in" party that's heaps more fun. The gnests ii stead of coming in a crowd "drop in' ut intervals of five minutes. Of: course the "surprised ona" never knowB •when all the gnests have arrived. Each one brings some goody—cakes or ntits or oranges or candy—and when all bar* "dropped in" the spread takes place. Of coarse the sarpraed one's mother must be in the secret The Logansport Commercial High School. If you wish to gecure a position to work for Experience Only. 1>OXT attend tbo Locanap'ort Commercial High School If you wish to secure a position that will p'ay "yo\5 from tl to 12 per week. Don't attend the Logansport Commercial High School If you wish to attend a School whtsre, you ean havn plenty of fun. do as you please, and have a"HotTlme"ingenerai,l>..n > t attend the l>ocannport Commercial High School But, If you wish to attend an I Tn 4f\ fla-tp School where yo'J will receive V V w l/»ws the best Instruction and the beat preparation. for the recponslbiliiies of life: woere you will receive a thoroush mental and moral discipline and tralnmif that will develop yo'r intellect, arouse your ambi ion and equip you so that you may live worthily, thai you may lead a life of usefulness and that your life may be crowned with the laurels of succei-s, the esteem of your fellow men and the approbation of your own conscience, theo, Attend The Logansport Commercial High School. M. W. MUHPHY J W. BOOKS Over Ml, 32? and 33s FoHrth Street, REMOVED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tucker wnere you are invited to call and see a fine line of Winter Woolens For Suitings and Over- coatings that cannot be beat. W.D.Craig, Merchant Tailor. Pe&rl St-Next to Dr. Bell's Offio*. The Detective Wins Ye«, th» tfa* rtory of hcrw ta* dtd ft t» one of tho matt mothiy •«•• told. Y<mc«niMdHiffl*H» solemn*. A Conflict of Evidence »* It •*** written by Ottoleogtrf. ttM*attar<9( "A* Artvt in Crtmt," «od «w «K the rttwagert wrfem tf £•»

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