The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 22, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1908
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* = Yol. XX. 'BAKEftSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, ', DECEMBER 22,1908 No. 122 TWO HOLD-UPS LAST NIGHT Two holdups oecurrad last night, one In the residence section of the city op F street near Eighteenth, and the other on the lower end of Nineteenth. Fred P. Hood, • a candy man who only recently arrived In Bakersfleld and Is living In the Haberfelde, was the first victim, he being Jitood up by in a heavy black overcoat, and the two men, one a tall dark man wear- Ing a heavy black overcoat, and the other a short man. The tall man held « gun on Hood while the short one went through his pockets, taking |46, Jour ten .dollar bills and six dollars in silver. The -holdup was on F street between Eighteenth and Seven. .teenth and after securing Hood's money the two men ran west on the alley Program for Christmas Tree in the rear of the Robinson, Glenn Packard and Warren homes. Hood immediately returned to town and reported the robbery to Marshal McKamy. * Rouse Bower was held up by two men on Nineteenth street and when they were able to find but fifty cents they took Bower's hat, which was lat- «r recovered; C. E. Page and Bert Clark were Identified this morning by One of the many churches that Will hold a Christmas tree is the South Methodist, where there will be an entertainment and tree on Wednesday evening. Following Is the program annoucned: Opening hymn, "All Hail," choir. Lesson and song, Young People's Bible classes. Prayer, pastor. Hymn, choir. Recitation,' "The Christmas Story," Flossie Garllnger and Montrey Edgar. Song, "Little Ones," Florence Lavers and Irene Cole. Recitation, "The Little Birds," Merrol Patterson. Exercise, "Helping Santa claus," > twenty children. Song, Irene Cole, Ruth Baker ( Flor- E GRAFT CASES EXPECTED TO Bower as the men that They were arrested. « robbed him. XMAS GAME From the present outlook there will he no football game • Christmas day. Efforts to arrange a game with a team from around the bay have failed and as the Los Angeles team Is disbanded, Fresno Is the last hope of the local management. The raisin city management has been written to, but as yet no answer has been received. The local team has temporarily suspended practice, but will be able to get Into .shape in a moment's notice should the game be secured. The local players are much elated •over the result of the league meeting Saturday at which the football pennant was awr.r-ieJ to the local high school. The protest of the Vlsalia aggregation was not allowed. "Jolly Old Kris," Glay- ence Lavers. Recitation, ton Mack. Recitation, "The" _ Birds' blnner,' Esther Purcell. Song, "Everyone a Santa Claus," Ir- PITTSBURO, Dec. 22.—-Following- the sensational arrests here last night of seven councllmen and' two bankers, charged with alleged corruption In conducting the public affairs * ot the city, It is intimated todajr that even more startling developments will transpire either today or by early to* morrow. People were surprised almost beyond description at the suddenness of the.arrests. During the night and early today there was no sleep for those Interested In the alleged scandal. The nine defendants and their attorneys and friends held many conferences for the purpose of discussing the matter, while the officials of the Voters' League, who worked up the cases, prominent attorneys, and high municipal officials also held meetings and plans were perfected for the arrest of other men alleged to be Implicated In the bribery scandali The"men are charged wlth'consplr acy and corrupt solicitation for bribery. Their ball ranges from $14,000 to $30,000, which was funlshed, and of othe medibers of the two branches of the council the passage of the measures -"enumerated , in the first charges- and also to control and dominate the committees and chairmen of committees. "With the exception of San Francisco graft cases," said' a member of the league tonight, "there has never been in this country such a sweeping and such an important proceeding against municipal officials as is In volved In this case." This afternoon reports are In circulation to the effect that owing to an alleged "leak" In the public safety department of Plttsburg, a number of men, said to be six, have left the city 'as a result of disclosures of the graft .scandal. Lady Minstrels in Auto Parade The ladles who are to give the minstrels on the night of the 28th are planning an automobile parade on the day of the performance. It Is proposed to decorate a number of autos and traverse the streets with the lady per formers, and plans are now being made to that end. The codtumei are being prepared and it is said they are wonderful creations of the modiste's art. The ladles thmselves refuse to disclose the details of the makeups—that is to be a surprise, but It will fall be "very nice." . . , Tickets continue to sell well and whn the box office opens on Saturday there's going to be a rush unless all signs fall. ma Davis, Hazel Brunk, Alta Fox, aggregates $178,000, The Christmas Tree," Belle Cole. Recitation, Silas Cole. Dialogue, "The Way to Santa Claus band," five children. Recitation, "aHrry's Christmas," Morene Patterson. Duet, Irma Davis and Belle Cole. Recitation, "How Santa Caught," Marshal Patterson. Anthem, choir. Was worked up and the ar- with great ROY WHITE LOSES MOREJLANKETS , Roy White's store was again burglarized ot blankets last night and suposedly by another gang ot hoboes. Entrance was gained, through the same boarded up wlndow~ana a^flozen or more pairs of blankets were taken. White had intended to have a man' giving and offering"to give money and sleep In the store overnight but for other rewards and bribes to Influence It Is said the sensational scandal will make San Francisco's experience pale into Insignificance. More arrests are expected. v The city Is starjtled as nothing has startlea It In years. The evidence w rests accc crecy. PITTSBURG, Dec. 21.—Seven mem. bers of the city council were arrested tonight at the instance of the Voters' League, a civic reform organization, charged with conspiracy, corrupt practices and bribery in connection with municipal legislation during the past two years. Alleged acts in establishing depositories for the funds of the city ar« enumerated In the complaints and il is said a number of persons occupying official positions In local banks will shortly be arrsted. The voters' League several months ago employed detectives and the ar rests are' based on the detectives' re ports. Three of the complaints against J. C. Wfcsson, chairman of the. finance committee of the common council, and John F. Klein of that committee and William Brand, president of the common council, charge these men with MTJALTQN Both Leonard Lauder and Eddie White were on the street, today, apparently none the worse for the encounter of last night. White Is crestfallen, but does not mind the defeat as much as he does the financial loss of his friends who backed him. Ed-| p " rogram ' ts ag fol , owg: ,11*. «.rkn •».*•••« *m«fl«li-v«+ f\f nrlnnlnn* on/I ' i mm CLUB CHRISTMASTIME The annual Christmas festival of the Germania Society will be held In Workmen's hall next Tuesday night. An excellent program has been ar* ranged under the direction of Profes sor Guorge U. Taylor, following which wllrbe the Christmas tree with a Sani la Claus, followed by a dance. The ARREST BERRY SECOND TIME Police Officer Frank Doll was not satisfied that Clarence Berry, the well known oil man, was telling the truth this morning when he appeared In to face, a charge of exceeding Hh« speed limit, the story of which appears on page three, and so about noon time today Berry was again arrested. The second summoning to made the oil man just as hot l( the collar as tne first arrest made "htm merry. He was playing a^game of cards at the time and without a word to anybody he silently made his way to the court of Judge Thomas /and demanded an immediate trial of the case. He said that he would hare neither attorney or witnesses, In «• ply to the Inquiries of the Judge, and would not consider a delay. The pa» lice had no case further than Beriy was seen, to enter his car in front of the southern. and drive It to the gar-age and that they believed that the oil man was In It at the time It was exceeding the speed limit. When It was evident that there was still no case Judge Thomas dismissed the second charge. The car started for Los Angeles this morning with wlnebergor, who was driving last nlRht, at the wheel. i some reason this was not done. WILL GIVE AWAY A TURKEY AT MORLEYS Beginning with tonight a live la G1LSEY HOUSE THREATENED the votes of other members of the I council In favor of ordinances and ; resolutions designating depositories tor the funds of the city of which BY FLAMES THIS MORNING., {beware five high bridge ordinances pound"turkey win'be" given away "each NEW-YORK, Deo. 22.-Flre started j and street paving and bond ordl- j night at Morley's theater until Christ-!'n the Gllsey Houue, one of the famous nances. . " »•• *•» * ... . . . . , , *.—j .1.1- 1— Another complaint names those three, together with T. O. Atkinson of nr~, tlrrr Ocirvris -111 be felver. nts'-t'y rrvl th'o d""v;!ns will be held . at f '-.o cnl of 'J-e flv 1 - nnrfortiiciace. ' Mr:. O. K. Korrs bp* nlrht v.-'>n t!'.c' 24 piece silver ~nt at the regular Mon- 1 day ,1rawlni. The new program was; " l-.atcU of Broadway, this morning, t"v— 'onlng tne building. The flames • "•?' ^ c^- "••-•! '— flyo-fi '.-> '.l:e fifth "oor. There wore not many guests. ------- ^T^Tu'co THE WEATHER pimidv warmer tonieht. Rain Wed- die was very confident of winning and during the afternoon ordered a duck banquet at the Turf for a dozen ot his friends to be served after the flght. The banquet occurred, but not much of a jolly-up ensued. Lander Is unscratched. He leaves with his father and wife tomorrow morning for a visit to Hanford, and .will return here and probably find employment In the west side oil fields The clever little ' Los Angeles boj up for some time as he has an Injured nose, which must undergo treatment. Manager Rehfeld has promised him a flght for February and In the meantime he wilt live in the west side where a number , of superintendents, with whom he made friends during his stay here, ure anxious to^lve him a position. Rehfeld w.lll endeavor to match him with Kid Dalton for February. The flght drew $865. Orchestra. Stllle Nacht, Helllge Nacht (Klauer) Germania Schaefer's Sonntagslled (Kreutzer) AUTO GUIDE BOOK SOON TO APPEAR Walter Hoist and Etl Germania seating the Auto Club Beck, repre- ot Southern California, arrived here this morning In an Autocar roadster after a trip Solo, "Behuet dlch Gott," Der j Thompeter von Sakklngea (Nes- j Fred Gunther from Los Angeles for the purpose of taking the mileage distance between tne southern metropolis and this city, Grusse an die Helmath UCromer) Germania Inder Feme (Silcher) .... Germania "Schlat wohl du suesser Engel du," and the distances between the different towns and land marks for the new , .... , ,, ™ ,. u -i 1909 guide book tor outolsts the south(Abt), cornet solo ..C. Weldenbeck ern c f ub annuaUy publ i 8heB . Tne two "Zleh Hlnaus" (Dregert) ..Germania Angelenos concluded their work "Des Liedas -Krystall (Schmidt) Germania with the trip to Bakersfleld. They came Into town 'by the fong way down ai~~ n i.. * in TI«^ m^«~*\ | from th epass, their speedometer reg- Sing mlr deln Lied (Greene) (istered 179.8 miles for the distance. F. J. Voll This afternoon they departed for ta« Untreue" (Glueck) Germania; south and will take the distance by Lauder $200, whloh Of tills amount was guarantee Landkennung (Grieg) ., "O du Froehllge, O du Sellge" Germania Ankunft der Wlehnachtsmann. the selec.t council, Jacob' Soffet and I him, while White's percentage amount Wi. H. Melaney and Hugh Ferguson of the common council and charges them ed to almost as much, $190. It cost almost $300 to pull off the show, leav- bribery 111 * the mana 8 er less than $200. Useful Christmas Gifts FOR Men Let your gift surpass his e pet-tations and be all he will later desire it to be in quality. • Such, gifts are sure to plfi-ase, and if Christmas morning you are quite sure each gift yon make pleased — yon are pretty apt to additionally enjoy your own Christmas. The Toggery is pfirely a man's store, conveniently located, and where men. and their tastes are known and understood. Fpr them, we have: '' ' The committee on 'arrangements Is composed ot the following: Henry Elchenauer, W. Lulck, John Goodman and R. Burger. The members of the dancing committee are Fred, Gunther, Christ Welchelt and Alois Klssman. The officers of the society are Fred Gunther, president^; Franz Buckreus, vice president; R. Burger, secretary; Heny Elchenauer, treasurer. Germania tne short way, through Rose's Sts> " tlon. The book will be published within the next two or three weeks. Mr. Hoist Is a member of the firm of. Hoist Bros., Southern California agents for the Autocar. DAMAGING EVIDENCE GIVEN AGAINST HAINE3. FLUSHING. Dec. 22.—"When you know all the facts you will think differently. I came down to protect my brother and would nave shot anybody who Interferes This was what J. C. Stephens of the Bayelrte Yacht Club swore to today at the trial ot Halns. This statement came from defendant's lips Immediately after tha shooting. He esttfled further that Halns swung his revolver and threatened death. McCLINTOCK'S RAMBLER '<• IS NEWLY PAINTED. H. H. McGlintock is driving hl» v old Rambler car again today. The bi( auto baa just been treated to several • coats of brown paint. It Is a member ' of the 15,000 mil club of th Rambler cars and by this time has traveled more than 5000 miles beyond that • limit. BATH ROBES FANCY VESTS SUIT 'CASES BAGS MUFFLERS TIES GLOVES SUITS FANCY SUSPENDERS UMBRELLAS HANDKERCHIEFS FANCY SOCKS CUFF BUTTONS SCARF PINS ' HATS OVERCOATS PLOT FRUSTRATED TO ASSASSINATE GOMEZ. CARACAS, Dec. 22.—The downfall of Castro was completed Saturday with the frustration of a plot" to'as* sasslnate Vice President Gomez. A prominent lawyer filed accusations, la court charging Castro with complicity In the attempted assassination and proposing Impeachment. A "Howler" cabinet will be given away on New Years' Day to one of ««r customer*—come In and we will explain Just how to become the winner of this valuable article. See the cabinet In the window. Get a nice piece of furniture for that will be appreclstedshrdlunputnupnup Olft; something that wijl be useful ss well as appreciated every day In ths year. Do Your THE Christmas Shopping Now! TOGGERY Do Your Christmas / Shopping Now!

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