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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California • 4

Sacramento, California
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SACRAMENTO au wrintrizny OCTOZZ2 1 15chsel Oieratet On As Carol Stands By III0 1(111E0 1111E11 COD POLICE 11611Ist CITY'S DIVORCES MAUD PAGE TOUR DESTITUTE FOLK CITY NAME 't' IT 1100110111111P CITY Oct Divorces granted in the city of Cuernavaca Morelos were adjudged to be invalid in Mexico City in a decision by the supreme court Many Americans have obtained divorces in Cuernavaca Seventy-Five Men Women And Children Settle On River Bank A BUCHAREST Oct Prince Michael underwent an operation for the removal of his tonsils yesterday while his father Kinq Carol who hid Orol put on a iur 4 geon's as ep tie apron StOOCI by and held his hand Afterward King Carol blued his son and called him "a little hero" prince's Awskiiiuk: condition is de- BucHAEL scribed as normal to-day 0-7-: A 10C- rjA'''''''''''''''- ::44 sal $4 0 i- 1MMM000 Chapter Of De tfolay To Confer Legion Of Honor Degree Friday The Sacramento chapter of De Molt)' will confer the Legion of Honor degree upon DOugai pine Elmer Wilksning and George Collins Friday night at 8 o'clock a a ceremonial at Scottish Rite Tempie Jesse Whited deputy grand master coimcilos of the order will confer the degree and will be as-slated by past legion members past master councilors and other members of the local order Those participating will be Charles Fuller commander in the south Russell Thompson commander in the west Stephen Paxton grand marshal Robert A Stevens grand chaplain James Brigp grand standard bearer William Warner interpolation chaplain John Drew and Page Ellis flag escorts David Joslyn scribe and Archie George Hinton Fred Knott Walter Laidlaw Jack MacNeill Thomas Eschelman and Robert Harkness preceptors Miss Theodora Black will act as organist and Mrs Marie Laid-law will be the soloist A dance will follow the ceremony CLEVELAND Oct second man died to-day as the re sult of rioting last night which the police said was touched off by a Communistic demonstration against the eviction of a Negro family 4 John Grayford 54 a Negro died i few hours after another Negro tentatively identified as Edward Jackson was ehot to death and two other rioters and two policemen were injured Three policemen went to see why a mob of 300 had collected in front of the home where the family had been evicted As a woman shouted "All right let's go" the crowd attacked the officers One Negro was shot to death and two others were wounded Lieutenant Owen McAdams was injured and Patrolman Walter Wingate was beaten on the head with clubs Eleven men and two women were held for investigation 0 Monday night 600 unemployed and Communists invaded a meeting of the city council A new city the unincorporated Municipality of Hooverville has Joined the list of Sacramento County communities even though it is not recognized by the census bureau nor the postal authorities With a population of seventy-five virtually destitute men women and children who have banded together to help each other through the Winter the little city already has kb elected "mayor" a "city sanitary officer" and a "building inspector" Hooverville is located on a bank of the Sacramento River on the Carden Highway approximately one-half mile north of the bridge across the mouth of the American River Get Little Aid In Tole Ernest Parker Funeral To Be Held To-morrow The funeral of Ernest Parker 40 Sacramento butcher who died Monday in San Francisco will be conducted to-morrow afternoon at the Miller Skelton home Union Lodge No 58 Free Accepted Magus will officiate at the service Interment will follow at the Muonic Lawn Cemetery Parker a native of Sacramento left his widow Mn Maybe ile Parker and a daughter La Keine Parker Nis mother Mn Louise Parker also resides in Sacramento Other immediate relatives left include a sister Mn Ross Sick Parker's death wu due to injuries suffered when he slipped on a aidevralk and fractured his skull in the bay city Wet Bourbon And Dry' Republican To Race SAGINAW (Mich) Oct A Republican who hu the support of prohibition organizations will oppose a Democratic advocate of prohibition modification in the November election when a successor will be chosen to the late Bird Vincent as representative in congress from the eighth district Foss Eldred Republican won the nomination with a plurality of 1600 yesterday from a field of The New City Of 'Hooverville The New -City Of HooVerville 1 4::: 7 ct "z4 1 4 r-: 1 i ti ker i i'll'7-4 1 Ire 4: ili4 11 13 TO' ::17: IA 1 0 -v 1 4' ro''' 1 1 'nome 40 s' i 1 0 c'l'i 1 'i 44i 710 4 it' 1: e'it CD rt77) L--- to 4 1--Yr4 1:: e40ier' Aw 1 77-: -A)T- 5 77714: 5 5: 4i1 :4 0 5 5 ro4 6 :1::::: ii41ModiC if L-4- 7 -41 7 8 (1 0 414- 0 At :::7:: ''t rit t'' i i il: 1 lib Ao i 'ii4 14 i Af'1 4t 4 o1 Iv 't lt -z--- i 1i' 4k4 li i 'rie 4 fit) 0 gitot 1 orr') I -1 Aati 44 It s'" -e 41 -A'i -V4 4 'owl 710'1 1 e40' -I' ::4: 740r: II gstatim: BUTLER HAS ANNIVERSARY NEW YORIC Oct 7--4411--Dr Nicholu Murray Butler who with Prealdent Hoover holds more hon omit- decrees than any other American completed thirty years as president of Columbia University to-day thirteen candidates in a primary and Bagel Hart Democrat defeated William Mershon also a modificationist by about 300 votes RESMENT HOOVER'S "Re- publican prosperity" is blamed largely by destitute lehabitante of a tent city on the Garden Highway Just north of the bridge across the month of the American River for their inability to obtain employment The seventy-five inhabitapts of the "city" who have bet up a miniature municipal government call their conunnnitv Hooverville The scenes portrayed in the above protograph were stumped at the new "city" Upper left is the "city hall" Upper right is Welch who makes willow furniture in an effort to tide himself over the present period of unemployment Lower right is a view of three of the eight children of Mr and Mrs Keller busily engaged in demon-strafing that Monday is wash day in Hooverville just as in other more prosperous communities )RESIDENT HOOVER'S 'Ito- publican prosperity" is blamed rgely by destitute inhabitants of tent city on the Garden Highway tst north of the bridge across the Louth of the American River for teir inability to obtain employ- lent The seventy-five inhabitants the "city" who have bet up a Ilitiature unicipal government ill their conunnnity Hooverville he scenes portrayed in the above rotograph were snaopcd at the Etw "city" Upper left is the "city ecaukppprwrlilgohwt IfsurRnituS el'itcteicahn' 'fort to tide himself over the pm- it period of unemployment Low- right is a view of three of the ght children of Mr and Mrs eller busily engaged in demon- ng other rati that Monday is wash day Hooverville just as in oer Ore prosperous commurilties 1 WIEINSTODIWallffC0 The new city was started three weeks ago when several of the "first families" then temporarily camping near the Yolo County end of the Street bridge found themselves close to starvation An appeal to the To lo County authorities for relief brought instead a command to "move on" Opposite the ranch of Fred Jones Natomas district farmer was a strip of land lying between the Garden Highway and the Sacramento River used during harvest times as a camp ground for migratory workers Jones appealed to for permission to allow the families to stay there rent-free the city of Hooverville was officially launched Settlers Organize The original settlers promptly organized and at an open-air mass meeting Slater was elected 'mayor" A simple set of rules was drawn up to form a "city charter" and MacKenzie was named "sanitary officer" Keller was appointed "building inspector" Mayor Slater said the four principal regulations are: 1 Do not cut timber within the "city limits" 2 Keep grounds clean: put gar dren of grammar school age who are living in the city The third objective is to find jobs for the members of the community Additional Woe Additional trouble piled upon the camp esterday when County Truant Officer Harehner appeared and threatened several parents with arrest unless they placed their children in school by to-day The nearest -hool the Jefferson School is about two miles from the camp Slater said the children's parents informed Harshner they would like to have their children in school but that they had no clothes nor food nor means of getting the children to the school Harekner said the school district did no maintain a bus nor could it afford to furnish the children with a lunch or clothing but he insisted that the parents compel the children to attend in nomIllance with the state law None of the children were sent to the school to-day largely the parents informed Slater because none of hewn horl fleovif I Sophisticated! Utterly Smart! New and Chic! ADVI RTISFMENT PATENTED ROASTING PROCESS CAPTURES FLAVOR OF COFFEE opo ot lap fir i4 Better Frocks Accurate Control of Heat Boasts Every Berry to a Perfect Degree In Man Francisco hATUIDAY Register at the Hotel Flase refresh yourself in a beautiful cark-view room accept corsair for the lady dine and dance at gar Bat Tabarin or Woe the Plasa's delicious course dinner Breakfast in your room mat Mee at an) Fox West Coast theetre dine at the Plata between 11 and 3: or breakfast late at tend a mid-afternoon matinee dine between and 3 11111 covers le sill Smyth's' for two All reservations meet be made In is too scarce for that but the fur niture maker Welch occasionally sells willow chairs and other articles to visitors to the camp or to Sacramentans Mayor Slater said the city's population usually changes from day to day families moving out when the men succeed in finding work "None of us can be sure Just when we're going to get jobs" he said "so we figure on making conditions here just as good as we can both for ourselves and for other families who comer in later" No Family Barred Slater said rfo one is barred from the camp but that newcomers are promptly interviewed by an official reception committee advised of the city regulations and requested to help observe the spirit of community helpfulness Oddly enough practically all of those in the camp come from old American stock Their grandfath ere and great-grandfathers were born in this country or came here as immigrants long before the days of the Civil War Slater said the "city officials" have three main projects they are trying to complete at present Helping Hand Withdrawn "The first and most important job" he said "is to find enough food to go around The Pioneer Baking Company for a few days gave us thirty loaves of bread a day but yesterday Mr Schnetz the head of the company told us they can't help out any more because Sacramento merchants have complained the practice of giving away bread hurts their business "We have been trying to get milk for the children as well aa clothing but haven't had much success" Slater said Hooverville's second civic problem was to secure schooling for the fifteen or twenty chil bage in cane and burn trash daily 3 Help each other and share food and clothing 4 Do not "bootleg" 1 Mayor Slater who has not been able to find work since September 1st is supporting hie aged mother and uncle Otheni Worse Off "I am not nearly as bad off as most of the others" he said "Many of them haven't been able to find anything except a day or two of temporary work since last Spring It's been a lot tougher than a good many people unemployment problem" Slater explained the naming of the city Hooverville with a chuckle end the simple remark "Republican prosperity was responsible for the founding of this communltY so we thought we would make It a monument to President Hoover" No Work Since July MacKenzie the sanitary officer has a wife and two children He has been out of work since July and recently sent his children to relatives to be taken care of until he can get employment MacKenzie comparatively young said he had been delegated to watch over the city's health because he had "once served a hitch in the army medical corps" MacKenzie shook his head as a little girl poorly clothed limped by A makeshift bandage dusty and ragged was wrapped around one foot "She ought to have that taken care of" he muttered "I did have part of a first aid kit" he added "but it's gone now" One Of Eight In Family The girl was one of the eight children of Keller the "building inspector" Keller his wife and their eight children come from the Carolinas and he has had but two weeks' work since last Spring A 1 carpenter by trade he was prompt-1 ly delegated "building inspector" even though his principal civic duty thus far has been to undertake the construction of community toilet facilities The city has one principal thoroughfare a winding dusty bumpy road that straggles through the trees along the river bank It is called Broadway for no reason at all except that more of the "voters" liked that name better than Main Street Has Two Industries The city bee two industries fishing and furniture making No attempt is made to sell the fish food Lae in cane and burn trash daily 3 Help each other and share od and clothing 4 Do not "bootleg" Mayor Slater who has not been Ile to find work since September is supporting his aged mother al uncle Others Worse Off "I am not nearly as bad off as )st of the others" he said "Many them haven't been able to find ything except a day or two of mporary work since last Spring been a lot tougher than a good my people realize this unem- Wment problem" Slater explained the naming of f''''! 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